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    Rihanna’s favourite perfume

    We don’t have to look very far to search for Rihanna’s favourite perfume or latest performance.

    Google anything to do with the superstar and of late, the first video that pops up is her incredible performance on the Super Bowl on 12th February 2023.

    Looking absolutely stunning in a pillar box red jumpsuit and heavily pregnant with her second child, we watch the hugely successful performance by the Barbadian singer.

    Every social platform you visit will show the performer strutting her stuff to a mash up selection of her most successful tunes to date.

    Watch Rihanna at the Super Bowl




    There won’t be many artists who can get away with such a performance on the Super Bowl as Rihanna has pulled off.

    Being away from the limelight for the past four years, she certainly made an amazing return to the stage during the halftime show.

    As she began her performance, suspended on a high platform, Rihanna started the show with a medley of hits such as We Found Love and Rude Boy.

    Rihanna’s favourite perfume

    With more than 100 back up dancers, wearing white hooded jumpsuits and sunglasses, the dancers themselves were superb.

    Every dancer was in unison, every move showcasing every line of the song that she was singing, and it was near impossible to not watch over and over again, just to revisit such a unique performance.

    Even the deaf sign language interpreter, Justina Miles, got recognition as she danced and signed her way through the chart topping tunes and went viral on social media with her own enthusiastic performance.

    Rihanna would be forgiven for not jumping about the stage as she would normally do and still managed to look elegant, sexy and sophisticated with her subtle dance moves and powerful vocals.

    Her back up dancers left no room for anyone to notice that the singing sensation’s moves were more subtle.

    A 13 minute fast paced dancing and top 10 hits, gave the performance a world record for the most watched Super Bowl performance in history as it reached 118.7 million views.

    That’ll take some beating!

    The Queen of pop’s performance actually had more viewers than the game itself.

    Her performance has been recreated in many forms by young and old on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram reels and are just as entertaining to watch and admire the skill of copying such fast moves and sultry vibes from the pop legend.

    The unique dance moves, created by choreographer, Parris Goebel, A New Zealand singer, director and actress was seen being rehearsed by over 14 million people on TikTok with Rihanna’s backup dancers the Royal family Dance Crew.

    Rihanna’s favourite perfume

    A brief insight into the singers history

    Rihanna, born Robin Rihanna Fenty on February 20th 1988, is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actress.

    The pop singer is one of the bestselling female artist of all time, selling over 215 million records around the world.

    Rihanna has also launched the cosmetics brand Fenty beauty, has appeared in several major acting roles and the fashion world, that saw her design clothing from lingerie, to sports wear and leather goods.

    Rihanna-Reb’l Fleur

    In August 2011, the superstar released her first fragrance called Reb’l Fleur to the United Kingdom.

    With the very fitting tagline of ‘Bad Feels So Good‘, Rihanna creates a beautiful scent in a uniquely designed bottle.

    According to online sources, her grandmother used to call her ‘Rebel Flower‘ and so she began layering fragrance notes to create a scent that spoke a thousand words and said “Rihanna was here”.

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    With a beautiful selection of fragrance notes, the bottle design alone reminds me of the Eiffel Tower as it tapers inwards to form a vertical shaped bottle.


    Rihanna’s favourite perfume

    Top notes : plum, berries, peach

    Middle notes: Hawaiian hibiscus flower, coconut water, violet, tuberose

    Base notes: Vanilla, amber, musk



    Very long-lasting” said one purchaser.

    A beautiful exotic scent ” said another.


    Rihanna’s favourite perfume

    More and more celebrities are creating their own fragrances, as well as endorsing other brands.

    It may come as a surprise though but there are many celebrities who don’t actually wear the perfume they endorse.

    Some will go for a reasonably priced scent whilst others have more of an expensive taste.

    Kilian-Love, Don’t Be Shy

    Besides endorsing her own fragrance, Rihanna has another favourite scent that she loves to wear and get heads turning.

    Love by Kilian with a tagline ‘Don’t Be Shy‘ seems to fit perfectly for such a carefree, creative and talented star.

    If you ever wanted to smell as good as a pop star, then this is the fragrance for you.

    Rihanna‘s favourite perfume

    Purchase Kilian-Love on Ebay

    Launched in 2007, it may not be a fragrance that you have heard of before, but it certainly packs a punch when other celebrities comment on how good Rihanna smells when wearing it.

    It possibly goes without saying that it is not the most affordable perfume on the market, but do you expect anything less from Rihanna’s taste in designer perfume ?

    Fragrance notes 

    Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, neroli and coriander

    Middle notes: jasmine, orange blossom, honeysuckle, Iris, rose.

    Base notes: vanilla, sugar, musk, caramel, civet, and labdanum

    The French perfume is very sweet for those that love this type of fragrance and has a feminine but simplistic bottle with a gold top and is also refillable.

    Something that Kilian wanted to introduce and sustain with his belief that “True luxury should last forever”.


    Kilian Hennessy wanted to launch a brand that lifted the perfume industry back to how it first began in the late 19th and early 20th century.

    He added his own twist and bought his own memories to life in each bottle.

    Other Kilian perfumes available on eBay

    The master of such scents believes that perfume isn’t only for those who wear it to be noticed or seduced, but also as a protective layer that we can wear to shield us from the outside world.

    Over the years, he has created a simplistic line of fragrances that are strong, long-lasting, noticeable and speak power on their first spray.

    Conclusion: if you want to smell like a superstar and have heads turning like Rihanna, try a sample of the perfume before you purchase a bottle.

    Rihanna‘s favourite perfume

    It’s a great way to know if the scent will suit your skin without committing to a 50ml fragrance that could sit in the cupboard for years.

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    The benefits of wearing perfume

    In this article, I want to find out from you, the reader if you wear perfume and to also share with you the benefits of wearing perfume.

    It’s no surprise that the perfume industry is huge. Valued at 50.85 billion USD in 2022, its annual growth rate of 5.9% is expected from this year (2023) to 2030.

    Every other person is wearing a fragrance, whether it be a celebrity endorsed perfume or aftershave, cheap copies of the designer fragrances or ones bought from companies that sell designer inspired fragrances such as FM WORLD.

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    The benefits of wearing perfume

    There is a long list why many of us will wear a fragrance from giving confidence to going for a job interview so let’s take a look at the benefits of wearing the perfect scent.


    Everyone needs confidence at some point in their lives, and whilst some almost have it naturally built into them, some need a little extra help to give them the positive boost that anything is possible.

    Confidence does come from within and often from an early age.

    Those around us can have a huge impact on how we feel whether it be negative or positive.

    As we get older, we grow in confidence as things that were once difficult seem to become easier as we age.

    The benefits of wearing perfume

    A Spritz of your favourite perfume at the start of the day is almost like putting on your best clothes and doing your hair.

    We always feel more confident when we look smart and wearing a gorgeous scent helps to tweak that confidence enough to get through the day.


    Life is full of memories, good and bad and wearing a perfume that perhaps reminds you of a place that you loved visiting or a loved one that’s passed away or a happy time in your life.

    Such perfume can bring back those memories that can also assist with how we feel inside and our confidence as mentioned earlier.



    The benefits of wearing perfume


    Date night

    Whether it’s a first date with someone new or a partner who you’ve been married to for 20 years, that extra boost of your favourite perfume works wonders.

    True Pheromones

    Even better if you know the kind of fragrance that they enjoy on you can set the scene for a lovely evening for two.



    The benefits of wearing perfume








    Job interview:

    Over the years, many job interviews have been conducted by telephone but at some point, we still need to see an employer face-to-face.

    It’s not just about the smart clothing, clean-shaven and tidy hairstyle that counts and makes a good impression.

    By wearing your favourite perfume or aftershave to a job interview isn’t 100% guarantee that you’ll get the job by any means, but the employer will certainly remember you for the scent you’re wearing.

    It goes without saying that less is more so a light spray of a delicate fragrance is most suited.


    The benefits of wearing perfume








    For many of us that wear a fragrance on a daily basis, will know that it becomes part of our daily routine.

    Just like showering and spraying on deodorant, adding a touch of our favourite scent is uplifting and puts us in a better mood.

    The benefits of wearing perfume



    Some, like myself, will wear perfume as a daily occurrence, no matter what we’re doing.

    Whether it’s going straight to work or a little spritz on a Sunday just for chilling around the home, it’s a part of us and there are so many fragrances that are suitable when the occasion doesn’t require anything too strong.

    Body sprays are also a very good choice. If perfume seems a little too much for that particular day.

    FM World’s body mist

    Freshen clothes

    With the cost of living nowadays, sometimes we are encouraged to wear the same pair of jeans or the same jumper for more than one day so that the washing machine isn’t on longer than needed.

    Some people will therefore spray their clothes with perfume to give them that fresh feel to wear on the second day.

    I would recommend spraying the perfume into the air and walking through with your clothes on rather than spraying your clothes directly, just to make sure that the mist doesn’t damage any of the fabric.

    The benefits of wearing perfume


    Personal hygiene

    There are lots of products on the market today and layering fragrances has become popular too.

    Sometimes just spraying a deodorant isn’t enough before we set off for the day so little spritz of perfume or aftershave can make us smell even cleaner and fresher.



    The benefits of wearing perfume

    Signature scent

    Lots of men and women have a signature scent, which they will wear every day without fail. There are, of course benefits to this.

    Having a familiar smell to those around makes you more recognisable.

    I would always say if you do have a signature scent, be mindful of how much you spray.

    If you are wearing it every day you are likely to be very used to the scent yourself and therefore won’t smell its strength.




    This can lead to more of the perfume being sprayed and becoming a little overwhelming for others around you.


    The benefits of wearing perfume




    The benefits of aromatherapy are huge. From skincare issues to health to our well-being.

    Lots of perfumes are built up with fragrance notes that we use in aromatherapy too.

    So for example, if you need a fragrance that is calming, then choose a perfume with lavender Ylang -Ylang or bergamot.


    The benefits of wearing perfume

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    I remember the days of being young and single and going out to nightclubs and pubs with my friends and carefully choosing a nice fragrance that could potentially enchant the opposite sex.

    Something soft, and not too overpowering, yet a fragrance that would last the whole evening so that I didn’t feel the need to reapply.

    The use of pheromone fragrances is also popular to increase desirability, and these sense work with your natural body odour.

    Use Pheromones to attract the opposite sex

    Similar to hormones, pheromones work outside of the body. They increase sexual arousal in individuals.

    The benefits of wearing perfume








    A better nights sleep

    Some people are known to wear a fragrance in bed to help with a restful nights sleep.

    Perfumes with lavender, frankincense, and Ylang Ylang can help to reduce stress, switch off the mind, provide relief from mental health conditions, and therefore let your mind switch off and your body relax to get a good nights rest.

    The benefits of wearing perfume



    If, like myself, you work within the perfume industry, wearing a fragrance and a different one every day can help to sell a product.

    Someone could comment on what perfume you are wearing and this gives you the opportunity to let them try a sample if you have one or a spray of the bottle if you have one in your handbag.

    I always recommend trying a perfume before you purchase, no matter how much the perfume costs as not all scents are suitable on everybody’s skin.


    The benefits of wearing perfume

    Eliminate odours

    Smokers that may have cigarette smoke lingering on their clothes, may feel that spraying perfume regularly on their skin, will omit such odours.

    Perfume can indeed mask unwanted smells as long as the fragrance is not sprayed too heavily.

    This can sometimes lead to the worst mixture of scents so be careful if you try this.

    You don’t even need to be a smoker to catch the smell of nicotine on your clothes and hair either.

    A short visit to a customers home recently where they were both heavy smokers, left my clothes, coat and hair smelling of tobacco.


    The benefits of wearing perfume



    Not a pleasant aroma and one that I have to quickly fix. I used a few sprays of FM World’s body spray into the air and I walked through the mist.

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    Smell gorgeous

    It’s as simple as that. To smell gorgeous. Many people wear a fragrance just because they like to smell feminine or masculine and it takes them to a happy place.

    Especially when those around them complement their choice of fragrance and say “you smell nice. What are you wearing “?


    The benefits of wearing perfume











    Express individuality

    We all like to be unique in many ways, so by having a certain fragrance or choice of fragrances, puts us in that bubble of individuality.

    A place where we can feel uplifted, confident, sensual and glamorous, just from a spritz of a bottle.


    Everyone loves a compliment too and if you happen to be wearing a popular scent the others recognize, and you receive a compliment, it can only be a good thing.


    The benefits of wearing perfume





    What ever your reason for wearing perfume, I’d love to hear from you so please drop a comment on the box below with your answers to the following questions.

    1. How often do you wear perfume?

    2. Do you wear a scent to match the season?

    3. Do you choose a particular fragrance to take on holiday ?


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    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Whenever we hear someone mention Julia Roberts, we perhaps think of some of her most iconic films that she has played the leading role.

    I personally always think of Pretty Woman. The iconic film that had us all believing that fairy tales do come true.

    The American actress has been the face of Lancôme since 2012 and is a wearer of the famous La Vie Est Belle alongside another favourite perfume, Spring Flower by Creed.


    A brief insight into the actors’ history

    Born in 1967, to parents who had both worked in showbiz and were talented actors, with Julia Roberts’ mother being an acting coach and the couple met during their performance in the play George Washington Slept Here back in 1955.

    Although the Hollywood actor started her career in the late 80s, she became a household name when she headlined alongside her co-star Richard Gere in the worldwide box office hit Pretty Woman. 

    Since then, she has starred in many successful box office hits such as My Best Friend’s Wedding and Notting Hill. Another two fantastic films that have us laughing and crying.

    The list is endless for her lucrative appearances in many films and has seen her play a variety of characters within her role of comedy and drama films.

    Julia Roberts signed a deal with Lancôme in 2010 which began with her being the face of their cosmetics line.
    The fresh-faced beauty has caught the eye of both men and women over the years as her gorgeous looks never seem to age.

    She has been Lancôme’s global ambassador ever since.



    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

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    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Launched in 2012, La Vie Est Belle eau de parfum, translated from French meaning “life is beautiful ” is one of those fragrances that not only lasts a long time on the skin but has a lasting impression.

    Although it was created for women to wear to the office or a lunch meeting and is most suitable for the daytime, it certainly makes heads turn with its gorgeous selection of fragrance notes.

    Top notes : pear, black current

    Middle notes : orange blossom, jasmine

    Base notes : praline, patchouli, vanilla, tonka bean

    It’s easy to see why this perfume is so popular.

    Having such beautiful fresh fragrance notes, this bottle captures the femininity and grace that every women strives for.

    Its elegance and charm in a simplistic bottle continues a natural beauty and happy journey for every purchaser.

    With silver leaves around the neck of the bottle, it almost reminds me of a delicate silk scarf that women used to wear in the 1950’s.

    The delicate material offering elegance, poise and charm as many were worn as a glamour accessory.

    Such iconic actresses, such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor were known for the delicate material draped around their neck.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Roberts is the perfect match for such an iconic fragrance that omits femininity, elegance and perfection.

    The video, which is set in Paris, shows the radiant star having a wonderful time surrounded by female friends as she boards a boat and sails along the river.

    With soft music playing, lots of smiles and a glistening Eiffel Tower in the distance, the perfect mood is created for a wonderful atmosphere to match this popular scent.

    Relive the popular video here

    The star celebrates life, happiness and affirming that life is beautiful in a 30 second advert.

    La Vie Est Belle is one of Lancôme’s best-selling fragrances because it combines sweetness and charm alongside a feminine touch and popular perfume notes.

    Lancome La Vie Est Belle 100ml EDP Spray on eBay

    Julia Roberts’ favourite fragrance

    Not only is it a popular choice for women but also one for the men too.
    It has a long-lasting scent that doesn’t overpower or need reapplying throughout the day.

    Some may say it is a little too sweet for their liking but what I love about this fragrance, along with a few others, is that other products can be purchased in the same scent.

    On eBay, they have a lovely body set that includes a 50ml body lotion, a bottle of perfume and a mascara.

    Lancôme La Vie Est Belle Gift Set 4ml EDP, Mascara & Genifique New & Boxed on eBay

    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    The perfect gift for any Lancôme fan and fragrance layering is very popular.

    When there is the opportunity to use a body lotion that matches your favourite perfume, it can really make a difference to the scent you carry around all day.

    Women can be difficult to buy for but if you do know that your mum, friend, sister or partner is a lover of the La Vie Est Belle fragrance, then treat them to a gift set that you know they will love.

    Did you know ?


    FM World sell designer inspired fragrances and FM 413 is no exception. With very similar notes to La Vie Est Belle, this enchanting perfume  is almost if not identical to the famous scent as is a popular choice for shoppers of FM World.

    Type: very sweet, slightly flirtatious

    Fragrance notes:

    Top: blackcurrant, pear

    Middle: iris, jasmine, orange blossom

    Base: chocolate pralines, patchouli, vanilla

    You can see that FM has very similar fragrance notes and many of our customers will say that the similarity is incredible.

    One of FM’s best-sellers that also comes in several other products to enjoy the gorgeous scent elsewhere.

    Pure perfume– a great bottle of 20% pure perfume oil to spritz throughout the day and suitable to pop into a handbag.

    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Pheromone – it doesn’t take much for this scent to seduce so having a pheromone bottle will definitely have the men falling at your feet.

    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume


    Sample– it’s always advisable to try a sample of a fragrance before you purchase, especially if it’s a scent that you have never worn or smelt before. Not everyone can wear the same scent so click here to try a sample for yourself.

    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Candles– every home feels so much cozier in the winter months when a candle is burning and these not only look elegant in any room, but they also have a burning time between 35-40 hours.


    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Wardrobe fragrance– freshen up your clothes with a hanging wardrobe scent. Perfect for hanging inside the wardrobe or anywhere in the home.

    I use these in my car for a delicate scent that we don’t always gets from a car freshener.

    I do find some of the shop types a little too strong and prone to giving me a headache being in a confided space.

    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Intense – with 30% pure perfume oil, you will get an even longer lasting fragrance which is suitable for a wedding or holiday.

    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Room fragrance sticks – if you’re not a lover of lighting candles or perhaps prefer not to for the safest of young children or pets, the room scent sticks are the perfect solution.


    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    Another favourite perfume, worn by Julia Roberts is Spring Flower by Creed.

    This scent is a gorgeous floral and spring flower perfume with peach, apple and melon as its top notes.


    Creed Spring Flower ladies 2ml EDP sample spray x 1 on eBay


    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume


    Much the same as La Vie Est Belle in regard to its floral fragrance, this 1996 perfume has a wonderful blend of juice notes and has a pretty pink bottle that shows femininity, elegance and style.

    Just like Lancôme, this bottle brings a touch of Hollywood to the wearer with its enchanting fragrance. A timeless classic.



    Top notes: Grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, green notes.

    Middle notes: Apricot, jasmine, white flowers, peach

    Base notes: Ambergris, musk, cedarwood.


    If you are a lover of this popular fragrance and also want to smell gorgeous like Julia Roberts, try a sample of the scent.


    Julia Roberts’ favourite perfume

    If your budget doesn’t allow for the designer bottle price, take a look at FM World and try their sample.

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    Zendaya’s favourite perfume

    With so many celebrities endorsing perfumes, it’s one of the reasons why such products sell so well. The fragrance world is growing each year and another celebrity that we’re keen to learn about is Zendaya.

    Zendaya’s favourite fragrance is Lancôme Idole and it’s easy to see why, so who is she?


    A brief insight into the actress/singers’ history

    The world is full of beautiful women, and this American actress, dancer and singer is no exception.

    At the age of 27,( born in 1996) she has the world at her feet. She has received Golden Globe awards and two Primetime Emmy awards. Zendaya Marée Stoermer Coleman began her career as a back – up dancer and a child model for Macy’s Melvyn’s and Old Navy.

    She went on and made her television debut in 2010, starring in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up and has featured in several films since then.

    Zendaya’s favourite perfume


    Her feature film debut came in 2017 playing alongside her current partner, Tom Holland in the film Spider-Man : homecoming.


    Just one of the fantastic Marvel films that both myself and my two sons have enjoyed watching. She also starred in the films’ sequels.


    Zendaya’s favourite perfume
    Marvel film-Spiderman

    Another popular film, based on a true story,The Greatest Showman sees Zendaya portraying a trapeze artist who falls in love.

    The film was a massive hit when it was released in 2017 and is still very much watched today.

    Zendaya’s talent doesn’t stop there though. She has also taken the journey into the music world with her delicate vocals on the hit record Rewrite The Stars from the same film/musical.

    Her biggest success as a musician, collaborating with Zac Efron. A song that reached the top 20 charts.

    Zendaya’s favourite perfume

    Zendaya’s favourite perfume

    Lancôme Idole

    This is a popular scent from the Lancôme range of fragrances. Being a fairly strong eau de parfum that lasts for around eight hours, a light spray is recommended so as not to overwhelm.

    Any fragrance should be subtle on the skin.

    Lancôme Idole was created in 2019 with a bottle that shows femininity, class and simplicity.

    This female scent doesn’t necessarily need lots of sparkle and glamour to be popular.

    After all, we don’t wear the bottle. It’s the scent that matters.

    On its first spray, this fragrance gives an instant hit of rose, musk and fruit notes.

    It is a very womanly fragrance and has a strong kick to it. As the fragrance settles, there’s a definite scent of Pink Pepper and Bergamont.

    The White Mask and Cedar are very noticeable as the base notes come through later on.

    It has a very clean scent with such popular fragrance notes.

    I’m sure it will be a hit for many women who like to make a statement yet still have that touch of class and summer vibe.

    As the name suggests ‘Idole‘ brings the fresh fragrance to life for any women who dares to be outspoken, strong and empowered.

    I personally would say that it is a more suitable scent for an evening out as opposed to daytime perfume.

    It might be a little too heavy for perhaps an office or retail shop working environment.

    Lancôme know how to create a variety of scents. When we compare this one with La Vie Est Belle, there is a noticeable difference as the latter is a much sweeter and more versatile fragrance.

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    That said, there are plenty of women who love strong scents and can carry them off well without being overpowering.

    There are lots of positive reviews online from customers who have bought this classic scent.

    Beautiful, long-lasting and elegant ” says one. “Perfect for the confident women”

    Lasts all day and smells so fresh and sexy” said another.

    Hottperfume.com coupons 

    This fragrance also comes in a refillable bottle that can be taken to selected refill points of sale so you will never have to throw your bottle away.

    Zendaya is Lancôme’s youngest endorser for the company and is not only a wearer of their fragrance but also the face of Lancôme Lash Idole mascara.


    Fragrance notes in Lancôme Idole

    Top notes: pear, bergamot, pink pepper.

    Middle notes: rose, Jasmine.

    Bass notes: white musk, vanilla, patchouli, cedar


    With such a wonderful selection of fragrance notes, Lancôme has captured the perfect scent and combined the perfect ingredients that gives this perfume its uniqueness.

    Online places such as eBay have a great selection of different sized bottles and strengths to match the individual.

    Lancome Idole L’intense Eau De Toilette 25ml Spray

    Zendaya’s favourite perfume

    Grab yourself a candle to match this gorgeous scent and bring your favourite scent into the home.

    Lancome Idole Scented Candle 75g

    Kendaya’s favourite perfume

    Did you know ?

    FM World sell an inspired version of Lancôme’s Idole.

    No. 835 PURE ROYAL fragrance has similar notes and is a more affordable version of this popular scent.

    Take a look here to try a sample.


    Sweet but edgy, feisty

    Fragrance notes in FM835

    Top notes : apple, pear, bergamot, lemon, peach

    Middle notes : lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, iris

    Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla, ambergris, musk


    Zendaya’s favourite perfume
    FM 835 inspired by Lancôme Idole

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    Johnny Depp fragrance

    Whenever we see an advert for Sauvage by Christian Dior, we instantly know without even looking up at the TV screen, that it’s a Johnny Depp fragrance.

    Dior and Depp teamed up back in 2015, when Sauvage was first launched. It was a huge fragrance back then and still is to this day.

    Watch the advert on You tube

    With a heavy-metal theme, as soon as the advert for this fragrance starts and Johnny Depp playing the guitar, the music sets the scene for a dusty and solitary drive to the dry heat and barren surroundings of the desert.

    Depp’s husky voice can be heard over the scene as he tells the story of looking for something that he cannot see but can feel.

    Johnny Depp fragrance

    He removes a spade from the boot of his car and approaches a deserted area, under the watchful eye of a wolf standing proud on the roof of the Dodge Challenger.

    He then starts to dig a hole in the sand and proceeds to remove his necklace and bracelets and drops them into the hole.

    Depp has always come across as a mysterious and intriguing actor that tends to play certain parts in films where he can almost hide behind his own persona.

    Being the face and a wearer of one of the most iconic Dior colognes to date, Depp reflects the fragrance perfectly when we learn of the perfume notes behind this classic men’s scent.

    Fragrance notes :

    Top notes: pepper, Calabrian bergamot

    Middle notes : Sichuan Pepper, lavender, pink pepper, vetiver, geranium, patchouli, elemi

    Base notes : Ambroxan, labdanum, cedar


    Johnny Depp fragrance



    A brief insight into the actors’ history

    Born John Christopher Depp II, Depp first appeared on our screens in the film A Nightmare on Elm street in 1984.

    One that I have to admit I have never watched as I don’t like horror films! In fact, I don’t like anything scary on screen!

    The first I really knew of this unique actor was Johnny’s incredible role in the romantic fantasy film Edward Scissorhands in 1990. A film that is much more suitable for my eyes and mind.

    Johnny Depp fragrance
    Edward Scissorhands

    He almost seems to be one of those actors that you never really get to see what he truly looks like.

    He has played a few unusual characters that make his appearance look contrasting from his actual features.

    Especially for films such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice In Wonderland.

    Johnny Depp fragrance
    Alice In Wonderland










    In Edward Scissorhands, a young Depp’s face was mysteriously hidden behind pale and scarred skin and dark circles around his eyes.

    The character who wanted to touch but couldn’t and despite looking scary and weird, was indeed a gentle man who fell in love.

    15 years later I am then watching his performance in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in 2005.


    Another film that captures Depp in a different light once again as he portrays a candy maker who guides children around a sweet factory.

    In a bid to find a child who avoids all the temptations that a sweet factory brings, he indeed finds a good person who passes the test to become an heir to the factory business and ‘winning’ the golden ticket.

    Having many a Golden Globe Award, academy and BAFA awards, Depp is also a keen musician.

    His mother bought him a guitar at the age of 12 and he started playing in a few bands.



    He clearly had talent as when he attempted to return to school two weeks after he had dropped out, the principal saw potential and told him to continue to follow his dream of becoming a musician.

    Sauvage by Dior is a gorgeous and very masculine Fougere scent that instantly smells of your classic scented aftershave.

    Johnny Depp fragrance
    Sauvage by Dior

    Buy now on ebay



    The type that you recognise as soon as you walk past a male that’s wearing it. The strong and bold notes reveal instant sex appeal and it’s definitely a head turner.

    Even after its first spray, the initial pepper and Calabrian bergamot scent lingers and we’re left with a crisp, clean and welcoming cedar and lavender sillage.

    It’s a very appealing, a touch fruity and definitely wearable scent.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Why do we love Sauvage so much?

    Dior has created a sophisticated scent in a clean, and simple styled bottle.

    There’s no fancy design or cap to grab our attention to purchase on first sight.

    It only takes a sniff of this wonderful scent to have men and women falling in love with the iconic fragrance.

    Dior wanted a scent that matched the scene of nature, earth and have a distinctive yet popular scent.

    Sauvage ‘ is a French word that means ‘wild’ or ‘unspoiled’ and refers to nature and animals.

    If we use the word to describe a person, the meaning is totally different and refers to someone being ‘unsociable’ or ‘fierce’.

    There’s definitely nothing fierce or unsociable about this fragrance. Quite the opposite.

    Not a bad price either for a designer fragrance. It’s one that won’t break the bank.

    There are samples available on eBay which is great to have the option of trying before a purchase.

    Johnny Depp fragrance
    Sauvage by Dior samples on eBay










    Did you know ?

    FM World sell an inspired version of the famous Sauvage by Dior.

    With similar fragrance notes and considerably cheaper, our FM 473 in the PURE range is definitely one to try, especially if it’s a favourite scent that you perhaps wear every day.

    Johnny Depp fragrance

    Other items we sell in the same scent:


    Intensive perfume – this bottle contains 30% perfume oil so you will get a longer lasting scent.

    Johnny Depp fragrance

    Suitable If you are wearing this fragrance to a wedding for example and you want it to last all day without having to reapply.

    Pheromone fragrance- get heads definitely turning with this bottle!


    Johnny Depp fragrance

    30ml Sample – It’s always a good idea to try a sample before a purchase just to make sure that the scent is suitable on your skin if you’ve never worn this one before.

    Johnny Depp fragrance

    300ml shower gel- we’re a great lover of layering fragrances at FM and know that our customers like their favourite scent as a shower gel to start the day off smelling great.

    Johnny Depp fragrance


    50ml antiperspirant roll-on small enough to pop into your briefcase, bringing you comfort and freshness throughout your day.

    Johnny Depp fragrance










    Room fragrance sticks- every home welcomes a fragrance stick and what better way than to have your favourite notes fill the room all day.

    Johnny Depp fragrance

    Wardrobe fragrance- clean, crisp and fresh smelling clothes get the day off to a great start so why not try keeping your wardrobe smelling just as good as you.


    Johnny Depp fragrance


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  • Celebrities,  Perfumes

    Harry Styles’ favourite fragrances

    Aah… Harry Styles. Who hasn’t fallen in love with the 29-year old charismatic pop star? He has certainly become the man of the moment of 2022/2023.

    With three Grammys and six BRIT Awards to be proud of during his career as a solo artist, we’re curious to find out what Harry Styles’ favourite fragrances are.


    A brief insight to the pop singers’ history

    Harry styles first showed up on our screens as a curly haired 16-year-old contestant on The X Factor back in 2010.

    He was formed as part of the hugely successful pop group One Direction, with Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn, after the judges decided that he lacked experience to become a solo artist.

    After the huge success of one of the biggest boy bands in the world, Styles embarked on his own successful career as a solo artist in 2016 and has seen the past 13 years grow into the huge success that he is today.

    With sell out concerts, film debuts and an endless stream of pop/soft rock to be proud of, Harry has become an endearing, humorous and stylish icon that young and old alike follow.

    There seems to be no stopping the charming and entertaining lad from Worcestershire, England, who first began his music career as the lead singer of a band called White Eskimo during his school years, alongside working part-time at a bakery in Holmes Chapel.

    After winning seven Brit awards, releasing countless numbers of top charting music, the One Direction group went on hiatus in 2016.

    Harry Styles favourite fragrances

    Harry has turned into a style icon that sees him wearing the likes of Gucci, and Louis Vuitton clothing.

    Wearing nail polish, flowery/glitter blouses and shirts has always been a talking point for many journalists and interviewers.

    Styles says the reason he wears unique clothing is that he feels it “looks cool “ and we have to agree.

    There aren’t many males celebrities that can carry off such flamboyant outfits that somehow look better on him than on women!

    Fans around the globe love him no matter what and he enjoys the freedom of being able to wear what he likes.

    After all, it shouldn’t be about what other people think, right ?

    When it comes to style, Harry certainly stands out in a field of his own.

    From the designer clothing, the most talked about trademark floppy hairstyle, cheeky charm and a great choice of designer fragrances to wear, it’s no wonder why people have fallen in love with him.

    Harry Styles favourite fragrances

    Harry styles favourite fragrances

    Harry Styles favourite fragrances

    Many celebrities have a signature fragrance and Harry is no exception.

    The face of the Gucci campaign, sees Styles signature scent Memoire D’une Odeur by Gucci released in 2019.

    A gender neutral fragrance with its simplistic designed bottle, it balances well to match a scent that is suitable for both men and women.

    Harry already had this one as a favourite scent before becoming the face behind the fragrance campaign.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Harry styles favourite fragrances




    Its clean, almost Ancient Greek style pillar and mint green glass bottle shows that Gucci wanted to keep this fragrance neutral yet have enough of an impact for both gender.

    Something that has become very popular in the fragrance world over the past few years.

    Anything goes nowadays.

    The more catchy and flamboyant an artist is, the more they seem to create positive attention and a sense of freedom for others to do the same.


    Harry Styles was chosen to be the face of Memoire D’une Odeur due to his way of seizing the day and having a strong family support that give him freedom of expression and a carefree approach.

    Whilst this fragrance may not scream out like many others in the perfume world, it certainly makes an impression.

    The perfect scent to wear during any season and wears well in the heat.

    A suitable daytime fragrance, Memoire D’une Odeur brings us closer to the summer weather yet also fits well as a night time scent for its energetic and fun appeal on a night out.

    The celebrity loves this fragrance so much that he admits that he goes to bed wearing it. “I like a fragrance with some emotion behind it “-Harry styles.

    That’s love!

    Memoire D’une Odeur available in different sizes and strengths on eBay.

    Fragrance notes:

    Top notes: chamomile and bitter almond

    Middle notes: musk, jasmine and Indian jasmine

    Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla and cedar.


    Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille

    Another favourite fragrance of Harry’s is Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford.

    Harry Styles favourite fragrances

    A perfume that was created to leave a powerful impression, this scent is also unisex and is the most popular of the Tom Ford collection.

    The tobacco and wood infused scent launched in 2007, is also part of the “As It Was” singers’ collection.

    It’s of little surprise that a world superstar would opt for one of the best-selling luxury fragrances to date.

    It has elegance, seduction, and sophistication all in one bottle and the notes blend seamlessly into one another.

    Tobacco Vanille is a strong, creamy and warm scent and definitely one to spray sparingly so that it doesn’t overpower.

    Its all about making an impression first and then catching the gorgeous scent midway for maximum effect.


    This fragrance sits in the oriental family and has notes of spices and vanilla. Although it is a gender neutral perfume, some would say that it is a little too masculine so it’s worth trying a sample before you buy.

    Fragrance notes:

    Top notes: tobacco leaf, spices

    Middle notes: tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao

    Base notes : dried fruits and woody notes.


    Tobacco Vanille is more suitable for wearing during the cold, winter months as it loses its appeal with the heat and sun and is an acquired taste if you love woody and strong fragrances.

    Did you know ?

    FM World sell designer inspired fragrances for men and women.


    If you love to smell as good as Harry but can’t stretch to the high price tag of one of his favourites, FM has an inspired version of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille so why not try our FM906 and see for yourself.


    Harry styles favourite fragrances

    Related article: affordable fragrances

    A sample of our version is available to purchase here.

    Harry Styles favourite fragrances


    Our fragrance is from the Pure Royal collection and has similar fragrance notes.

    Type: passionate, sensual

    Fragrance notes:

    Top: bergamot, nectarine, ginger

    Middle: jasmine, clove, cinnamon leaves, rosemary, heliotrope

    Base: vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood, tobacco, patchouli



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  • Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy oils

    Aromatherapy oils have so many benefits and their scents are uplifting and gorgeous too. Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, lemon etc can all have a positive effect on our mind, body and well-being.

    What is aromatherapy ?

    Whether we are treating or preventing an illness, aromatherapy is a popular therapy that many of us will go to when other methods such as taking medicine are not the chosen option for us.

    Headaches, anxiety and skin inflammation can all benefit from the use of aromatherapy oils. Breathing in an essential oil has a big impact on the emotional part of the brain as the molecules hit the olfactory nerves and send a message to help with a particular aliment.

    They can also be mixed with carrier oils to be applied safely to the skin.

    Many of us will try to avoid taking medication for things such as a headache or buying expensive creams to alleviate dry or sensitive skin conditions.

    There are lots of ways that we can use aromatherapy oils.

    Scented sticks, body, creams, and lotions, diffusers or adding salts to add to the bath and facial steamers all work well.

    Lots of these scents are also used in the perfumes we wear today.

    By using a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba to mix with your essential oils is the safest way to apply to the skin.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    Aromatherapy oils


    This is one of most popular essential oils that are used today and has a very distinctive scent that is recognised by everyone.

    The lavender plant gives off a beautiful scent and is a rich colour, therefore a great addition to have in the garden.

    Relieve headaches- By breathing in the lavender, oil, lavender can help treat migraines and headaches.

    When we get a headache or migraine, which can be triggered by anxiety, stress, dehydration, as well as hormonal, Lavender is a go to oil to help alleviate such issues.

    Improves insomnia and sleep- I have personally used a lavender scented pillow mist spray during times when I have found it difficult to sleep.

    When the brain just doesn’t switch off, we need a helping hand and lavender is the perfect scent to relax the mind and switch off from the days worries and stresses.

    You can also apply drops of lavender to the temples to help soothe and reduce inflammation to the blood vessels.

    Antioxidant- very much like Tea Tree oil, lavender has great healing properties and helps to heal cuts and burns on the skin with its antibacterial qualities.

    Promotes healthy, skin, and hair – Add a few drops to your shampoo to promote hair growth and stimulate the hair follicle.

    Potpourri– With such a delicate, yet, distinctive scent, lavender is commonly used in potpourri and perfumes.

    There is the benefit of instant relaxation to help you wind down, a positive effect on the nervous system, anxiety and depression.

    It’s a great oil to add to a burner to not only give a beautiful fragrance in the home, but also to bring a sense of calmness around you.

    Lavender can be used directly on the skin as it is gentle enough, which is what makes it so popular. For those who may suffer with age spots, wrinkles or ache, lavender is perfect to apply directly onto the skin.

    Aromatherapy oils
    Lavender plant



    Having been a drinker of peppermint tea for several years now, the benefits of peppermint oil is a great addition to our health.

    Digestion -For anyone who suffers with IBS which is a chronic gastrointestinal condition, will know that peppermint can help to ease the pain and digestive issues. Sufferers in general may notice an improvement from drinking peppermint tea or using capsules.

    Headaches and muscle pain- Peppermint is a versatile, essential oil and can help to soothe headaches and muscle pain.


    Aromatherapy oils

    Carrier oil on EBay. Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Castor, Argan, Hemp, Neem 


    Drops can be rubbed into the temples to relieve the headache, provided the drops are mixed with a carrier oil if you are applying directly to the skin.

    It is also a great essential oil for helping with congestion, respiratory conditions and to relieve sinusitis.


    Aromatherapy oils Aromatherapy oils

    Essential Oils 10ML Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil Fragrances Diffuser Burner


    Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to a diffuser will give a refreshing and energizing aroma to kick start your day.

    For anyone who finds it hard to concentrate some days, inhaling a few drops of peppermint oil can help to stimulate the brain and increase the blood flow, which in turn will help you feel much more alert.

    We all go through stress and anxiety through life, and whilst mild experiences are natural and we need to go through such rollercoaster journeys, peppermint oil can help if it all gets a little too much.

    Oils can be added to a nice warm bath and inhaled as you soak and relax.

    Aromatherapy oils



    Apart from being the main fragrance note in the iconic bottle of Chanel no.5, Ylang-ylang is a very popular fragrance in many perfumes and cosmetic products.

    Reduce stress– Ylang ylang is a very versatile oil that contains antioxidant properties and gives us plenty of health benefits. Inhaling ylang-ylang oil can help to calm and alleviate stress.

    Self- esteem– Feeling a bit low and need a self-esteem boost? Inhale Ylang-Ylang essential oil for an uplifting and positive impact on your mood or apply to the skin.

    Hair and skin- For those who suffer with hair or skin dryness, a few drops can be added to your skincare products to help with skin health and regulate oil production.

    Aromatherapy oils


    As soon as we hear or read the word lemon, we can almost smell the citrus scent from such a powerful oil. Lemon has so many uses, and it’s not only refreshing but can help with lots of ailments.

    Anti inflammatory – As with many essential oils, lemon is just as effective to help with anxiety and stress.

    With its anti-inflammatory and anti stress properties and some say that it can have a positive impact and help to improve cognitive ability.

    Teeth and gums– For those that have problems with their gums or to help remove unwanted stains from teeth, lemon, essential oil is a great alternative to expensive toothpaste, mouthwash and cosmetic dentistry.

    Colds -We are all victims of the dreaded cough and cold so try using lemon to help lift the symptoms.

    Add a few drops of the essential oil to a carrier oil before applying to our throat or chest.

    If your nose won’t stop running, add to a carrier oil and dab a little of the mixture to your nose.

    A great idea for when we desperately need to get a good nights sleep and sneezing and coughing are keeping us awake.

    Hair– If your hair needs some added gloss and shine, lemon essential oil added to your shampoo or conditioner can help reduce dandruff and dry skin.

    Aromatherapy oils


    Help with sleep– Another great essential oil to use for when you don’t always have a good night sleep is frankincense.

    You can inhale frankincense directly from the bottle or add some droplets onto a tissue or a cloth and pop it under your pillow.

    Frankincense blends well with other oils, such as lime and lemon, lavender, ylang-ylang and sandalwood, so it is a great all-rounder.

    Wellness– Frankincense is wonderful for our emotional wellness, and for relaxing and alleviating stress, like many of the aromatherapy oils.

    aromatherapy oils

    Respiratory– For those who may suffer with respiratory issues, frankincense can help to provide relief from congestion and issues with the larynx and bronchitis.

    Muscle aches- Add to the bath water for a relaxing soak to help alleviate muscle aches and pains.

    Skin disorders– Anyone who suffers with skin disorders, such as eczema or acne, frankincense essential oil can provide the ideal solution to keep the skin in good condition, fight against skin disorders, and help to tone the skin.

    With its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic product properties, frankincense can help to reduce and soothe the skin and fight bacteria.

    Scars– Reduce the appearance of scars or stretchmarks over time by applying frankincense with a carrier oil.

    Aromatherapy oils


    Digestive system- Another scent that is very commonly used in perfumes and cosmetics products, Bergamot essential oil has many benefits.

    From stimulating the digestive system to working as an antidepressant, this oil is suitable for most ailments.

    Infections– As a popular ingredient to skin care products such as soap and body lotions, this essential oil has great antibacterial properties and helps to fight infections.

    Mental health- Provide relief from the debilitating mental health condition that is depression. A very common feeling for many of us that can prevent simple day to day tasks from being completed.

    Inhaling directly from the bottle can help lift your spirits and reduce the severity of hopelessness, fatigue, and apathy by stimulating the hormones that control our mood.

    Aromatherapy oils


    Mental health– This essential oil is very popular in the use of aromatherapy as it helps to relieve depression, anxiety and stress.

    Skin infections – It can help with skin infections, has anti fungal properties, anti-inflammatory properties and is an antioxidant.


    aromatherapy oils


    Always patch test before using any essential oils directly on the skin

    Wash the area with warm soapy water. Apply a couple of drops onto the skin and wrap in a bandage for 24 hours.



    Essential oils have huge benefits and are widely used in many forms. Try for yourself and see what health benefits you can improve with the variety of oils available.

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  • Perfumes

    Zodiac sign perfume

    Perfume scents are a personal choice. Not everyone will like a strong or overpowering scent in the same way as wearing too strong a perfume.

    Zodiac sign perfume can make a difficult choice a little easier when we may struggle to know what scent to buy someone.

    It’s also a nice touch if we want to go down the personal route rather that just picking a pretty looking perfume bottle off the shelf.

    There are several ways of finding the perfect scent. Buying a matching fragrance to someone’s perfume or aftershave collection, to asking what fragrance family they like to wear.

    Let’s take a look at a fun way to find the perfect scent.

    Elements of the zodiac signs

    Every zodiac sign will fall under one of the four elements. Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

    Fire– Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

    Those who fall under the Fire element are known for their passion, inspiration, creativity and competitiveness.

    Earth– Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

    For people who sit within the Earth element are down to earth and patient.

    Air– Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

    The Air element are typically those who are social, naturally friendly and communicative.

    Water -Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

    Those who sit in the Water element are shy, reserved and sensitive.


    Zodiac sign perfume

    Zodiac sign perfume



    Capricorn- December 22nd – January 19th

    Capricorn traits are the disciplined, serious, independent and tenacious type. They like to be in control and don’t believe in waste. They are very generous when it comes to others and offer help to those who need it, but rarely ask for it themselves. Capricorn women are great at finding the perfect gift and will buy months beforehand with the confidence that the recipient will love it.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    Perfume for Capricorn women

    Bright crystal for women by Versace is a simple and classic fragrance that oozes sophistication and has the balance of amber, redwoods and musk.a beautiful light scent that will suit the workplace, romantic date or a party. Capricorn, women like woody and floral scents and ones that are versatile to any occasion.

    Another popular choice of fragrance is the classic Chanel number 5. Possibly the most iconic perfume ever created, Chanel have never failed to the point in any of their fragrances.

    Chanel number 5 has gorgeous notes of peach, bergamot, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine, Iris and Rose to name a few.

    It certainly speaks sophistication in a bottle


    Zodiac sign perfume


    Cologne for Capricorn men

    Capricorn men love a woody and earthy scent so any fragrance that has sandalwood, tobacco, cedar or cinnamon will be sited to this star sign.

    Tobacco Vanilla by Tom Ford is a classic scent for the men and women as it is a unisex fragrance so it will suit the Capricorn female too.



    Aquarius- January 20th -February 18th

    Aquarius people are imaginative, original, deep and uncompromising.

    They love having fun, listening to others and spending time with friends.

    Perfume for Aquarius women

    Good Girl by Caroline Herrera brings a sense of sophistication, power and fun all in one classic shaped bottle. Its sweet and floral notes gives a fresh yet alluring appeal that captures the heart of the Aquarius female. With its elegant and unique bottle, Good Girl brings out the sexy and sensual vibes with its combination of almond, jasmine sambac, tuberose and tonka beans.

    Cologne for Aquarius men

    Cool Water by Davidoff screams ‘aqua scent’ with its sea blue bottle and has the scent of pure freshness. Fragrance notes include lavender, mint, rosemary, sandalwood, musk and ambergris.the scent is fresh and pure masculinity in a bottle, whilst the Aquarius male enjoys socialising and having fun.



    Pisces February 19th – March 20th

    Pisces traits include being affectionate, empathetic, artistic and wise.

    They are romantic, love listening to music and sleeping!

    Perfume for Pisces women

    Diamonds by Armani sets the tone for the Pisces women who love notes of vanilla, patchouli, amber, vetiver and freesia. A timeless classic, Diamonds brings a feel of romance and art, whilst the topical and fruity scents show off their romantic and affectionate side.

    Cologne for Pisces men

    The Pisces men are often sensitive to those around them, wear their heart on their sleeve and are easy going. Their favourite scents include vanilla, lily, musk and rosemary so The Dreamer by Versace fits the bill for the Pisces male who has the charm and romance to whisk you away to a world of dreams.



    Aries March 21st -April 19th

    Aries are known to be eager, quick, competitive, dynamic and assertive but hesitate to tell you how they feel. They are headstrong, make better leaders than followers and love to take on challenges.

    Perfume for Aries women

    Aries women love a scent that captures their zest and fire personality. Fragrances that include tonka bean, jasmine, almond and orange blossom are the perfect match.

    Libra by Yves St Laurent is packed with orange blossom and lavender for a boldness yet soft approach for the dynamic Aries women.

    Cologne for Aries men

    Invictus by Paco Rabanne boasts fresh woody notes and for the Aries male who doesn’t hesitate in going after what they want, the design if this bottle says it all. A ‘trophy’ style bottle speaks ‘victorious’ and with a scent that’s undeniably fresh and sporty, its of little surprise why this fragrance is so popular.


    Taurus April 20th – to 20th May

    Taurus characters are strong, dependable, sensual and creative. Naturally having a lot of ambition, they are also trustworthy and can be a little stubborn, overprotective and materialistic. They also love to make money, being around friends and completing a challenge.

    Perfume for Taurus women

    Hypnotic Poison by Dior maximises the strength and emotion for those who sit within this star sign. With beautiful fragrance notes that include vanilla, coconut, musk, almond and jasmine, this scent responds to the Taurus adversity.


    Zodiac sign perfume


    Cologne for Taurus men

    Bleu  De Chanel sprayed on a man really does benefit from this masculine, self confident and masculine fragrance. With woody and fruit notes that include sandalwood, white musk, cedar, ginger, jasmine and vetiver, it is a hit with the ladies for any man to be wearing this popular scent.

    Zodiac sign perfume


    Gemini- May 21st – June 20th

    The Gemini traits include being expressive, kind, curious and versatile. They are fun, gentle and love being creative and meeting new people and learning new things.

    Perfume for Gemini women

    Pure Nectar by L’Eau D’issey is a fragrance that suits the fun-loving and gentle characteristics that embrace the Gemini sign. With notes including pear, bergamot, honey, peony and rose, it’s easy to see why this scent is a popular ‘sweet’ choice.

    Cologne for Gemini men

    A typical scent for your easy going male who sits within the Gemini sign is one that is sweet and light without being to heavy and based around citrus notes.

    Light blue Pour Homme by Dolce and Gabanna has lots of citrus notes and is a light fragrance that will suit the clean and crisp feel without being too overwhelming for the Gemini male.


    CancerJune 21st -to July 22nd

    For those who fall under the Cancer sign can be insecure, moody and suspicious, but love spending time with family, showing affection and helping others. They also love to socialize.

    Perfume for Cancer women

    Black Orchid by Tom Ford is not only suitable for the Taurus man. Being as unisex fragrance, it is suitable for the cancer women to.

    It is full of adventure and strong fragrance notes. For those who love a heavy blend of oriental notes including plum, patchouli, truffle and rum, this perfume speaks luxury and power with its aphrodisiac effect.

    Cologne for cancer men

    1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne sits in the woody family of scents and Consists of green plum, hazelnut accord, patchouli, amber and grapefruit for the Cancer men who like to make a statement and being noticed.


    Leo July 23rd- August 22nd

    If you’re a Leo star sign then you are outgoing, self-assured, dramatic and can be fiery.

    Leo’s are passionate and funny and don’t like being ignored, thus loving the limelight. Subtle scents just don’t tick the boxes for this star sign. They love oriental scents that match their fiery personality.

    Perfume for Leo women

    Very Good Girl by Carolina Herrera matches the attention seeking and fierce Leo women. A dramatic design of perfume bottle to match the mix of gorgeous fruity fragrance notes. Redcurrant, vetiver, vanilla and lychee will certainly make heads turn and that’s perfect for the outgoing Leo sign.

    Cologne for Leo men

    Le Beau by Jean Paul Gaultier is a great scent for the Leo male who loves to catch the eye of others.


    Virgo August 23rd – September 22nd

    Anyone who sits within the Virgo star sign are practical, gentle, loyal, analytical and hard-working. They love animals and cleanliness.

    Perfume for Virgo women

    Daisy by Marc Jacobs is one of those perfume design bottles that speaks volumes with its creative mix of quaint fun symbols on its cap. A popular scent of amber floral notes has us enchanted with the notes of rhubarb, cashmeran, cedar wood, daffodil and almond milk.

    Cologne for Virgo men

    Guilty by Gucci is no shy fragrance with its seductive and bold woody and citrus notes.


    Libra September 23rd – October 22nd

    If you are a Libra then you are fair-minded, gracious, social and diplomatic. You stay calm in situations and love sharing.

    Perfume for Libra women

    La Belle by Jean Paul Gaultier has beautiful flirtatious fragrance notes that are an intense collection of the oriental family. Full of elegance, this perfume is sure to hit lovers of the vanilla scent and with its elegant bottle designed I the shape of a woman, it will make you feel just as confident when wearing it.

    Cologne for Libra men

    Azzaro by Chrome gives the Libra male his creative and romantic side that he desires. With its earthy and sweet scent, this fragrance captures the grounded Libra and offers scented notes of lemon, bergamot, pineapple, rosemary and neroli.

    Scorpio October 23rd – November 21st

    With that sting in the tail, its of little surprise that the Scorpio are stubborn, resourceful, brave and passionate. They make a true friend, enjoy making friends and being truthful.

    Perfume for Scorpio women

    Daisy dream by Mark Jacobs has a wonderful collection of fruity floral notes to that include blackberry, fresh grapefruit, pear, jasmine, musk, lychee and white woods. This fragrance brings out the passionate trait within.

    Cologne for Scorpio men

    1 Million by Paco Rabanne is possibly one of the most popular scents for men. Paco Rabanne has hit a true winner with this scent with its superb concoction of spicy and wood notes. Blood mandarin, mint, cinnamon, leather, Indian patchouli, grapefruit and rose brown this scent to life and will definitely have heads turning towards the Scorpion male.

    Zodiac sign perfume










    Sagittarius November 22nd – December 21st

    Sagittarius star signs are optimistic, generous, funny and extroverted. They are the perfectionist, impatient, outspoken, and love deep and meaningful discussions. They dislike needy people. As a Sagittarius myself, this is true.

    Perfume for Sagittarius women

    Joy by Dior is a beautifully combined scent of fruit and floral notes that are perfect for the Sagittarius floral lover. A captivating blend of vanilla, sandalwood, neroli and rose blends brings the fresh bouquet as she walks past.


    Zodiac sign perfume


    Cologne for Sagittarius men

    Green Irish Tweed by Creed is perfect for the outdoors Sagittarius male who love fresh, woody and musk notes. With a wonderful collection of scents that include lemon verbena, violet, ambergris and iris.


    We can find the perfect personalised scent when we think about our loved one, family member or friends star sign.

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  • Candles

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    February is the month of love and traditionally we give flowers or chocolates to our loved ones. Candles for Valentine’s Day have become just as popular as we search for the perfect scent.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day



    We use candles for so many reasons. From making the home feel warm and cosy during the winter months, to keeping insects at bay during the summer when we have family and friends around for barbecues.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Aromatherapy candles can be used for relaxation in an exercise class or lit when having a massage to take us to a tranquil place as we switch off from the world.

    Earth gifts candle



    Strong, scented candles can uplift the home with a delightful fragrance that you instantly smell when you walk through the door.

    There’s definitely something about a fresh, clean smell in the home.

    There is barely a day that goes by that I don’t light a candle in my home. Whether it be unscented tea lights just to give the feel of warmth during the cold evenings or lighting a scented candle to bring freshness and omit cooking smells.

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching for another year, we begin to look for gifts to buy our loved ones.

    Chocolates and flowers are often the popular go-to items to gift women and perhaps the shaving kit or technology gadgets are purchased for the men.

    We don’t need to spend much when purchasing Valentines gifts.

    We all know that special dates throughout the year will always see a hike in prices from the retailers as they know customers will be purchasing for that particular day.

    Flower prices double and chocolate boxes are increased.

    I love you’ should be spoken every day after all, not just on February 14th.

    Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas Day will have plenty of choice of gifts, so we need to watch how much we spend.

    Candles set a delicate and soft light to make an evening romantic, cosy and inviting.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    Delicate scents fill the room with a gorgeous fragrance that enchants and relaxes the mind. The perfect way to switch off.

    Just like an open fire, the flickering flames of a candle will have you mesmerised as they dance and create soft shadows on the walls and ceiling.

    If you purchase candle holders that have engraved shapes, these look particularly pretty as the light throws a silhouette in a low lit room.

    When we have the lights down low and candles burning, our mind tells our body that it’s time to relax and switch off from the stresses and strains of the day.

    Something that all us benefit from in such a busy world.

    One of the best ways to find the perfect scented candle to purchase is to find out what perfume or aftershave your partner enjoys wearing.

    There are lots of designer scented candles that match perfume scents so this would make the perfect choice.

    If it’s a new relationship and you have no idea what scents they like, you really can’t go wrong with romantic fragrances.

    You can purchase a delicate scent that gives the room just enough fragrance without being overpowering.

    There is of course the option of unscented candles if you do want to play it safe.


    What scents are romantic ?

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    Valentines Day Gift Set Love Heart Holder & 5 Red Glitter Tea Light Candles



    Exotic – These are your comforting, luxurious, warm and indulgent scents and will often consist of strong, noticeable fragrances, such as vanilla, cinnamon, saffron, or rosewood.

    Woody– When we think of these types of fragrance notes, we often think of nature and the great outdoors.

    They can be quite heavy scents as they contain notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, juniper or oak.

    Floral – Everyone loves a floral scent, even men and  possibly the most popular. This scent is used for candles, perfumes, wax melts and incense sticks.

    Floral scents have such a feminine and soft aroma that is sure to help the body and mind relax.

    Lavender and Rose are often the most common scents and many candles will have a touch of jasmine, yang -yang, chamomile, or geranium.

    Fruity– The sweetness we get from fruity candles can bring an invigorating and uplifting vibe as we experience gorgeous scents of strawberry, apple, cherry, apricot and peach.

    Romantic music, wine and a candle lit meal for two sets the mood to celebrate being together, no matter how many months or years have passed.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day




    Candle scents for men and women

    A man’s romantic scent would be something spicy nutmeg or cider fragrance notes.


    This scent is very popular, especially in incense sticks and scented candles. It has the ability to mix well with other notes.

    It is a warm, sweet, sensual scent and sits in the Oriental family and is suitable for men and women. Perfect for a cold winters night.

    If you are a wearer of Obsession by Calvin Klein or Alien by Thierry Mugler, this scent is the perfect accessory.


    This delightful, earthy and sweet scent is often found in many candles and perfumes and is suitable for both men and women.

    It is a rich scent and very distinctive. Sitting in the wood fragrance family sandalwood is very similar to patchouli, which gives a musky, sweet and spicy fragrance.

    Some of the top most selling perfumes and candles contain sandalwood as one of their scents.

    Ylang ylang

    This little beauty has so many benefits from reducing blood pressure, helping people to stay calm, as well as a favourite choice for aromatherapists.

    It has been a popular scent in the perfume and cosmetics world for many years.

    With Oriental and floral notes, it is the perfect choice as an aphrodisiac and for setting the tone for the perfect night in.

    A great choice of scent for using in aromatherapy too as its scent helps to calm the mind.

    Tonka bean

    This scent has a gorgeous and natural aroma that has a mixture of spicy, nutty, woody and sweet fragrance notes.

    The perfect scent for a cold, winters evening by the fire and often found within the Fougere and amber fragrances.

    A sensual scent that emits a deep aroma and named by some cultures as the ‘love-wishing bean’ with its aphrodisiac fragrance.

    If your partner is a wearer of Tom Ford Noir Extreme or Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male, choosing a candle with tonka bean will be a suitable choice.


    Vanilla sets the scene for a soft and romantic ambiance with its sweetness that everyone loves.

    You will always find a vanilla scented candle in the shops or online and the smell brings happiness and stress relief as it contains sedative properties.

    Most definitely one of those scents that is easily recognised too.

    Rose- There won’t be many women who don’t like floral fragrances. A scent that immediately gives us the feel of femininity, a touch of class, warmth and coziness to the home.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day Collection Candles | Perfect Gift Idea | Soy Wax | Love Romantic

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  • affiliate marketing,  Review,  Work online

    Wealthy affiliate review

    We’ve all had tough times over the past few years and more and more people are searching online for ways to make money or add to their current income. I did the same in 2021 so I want to share my experience for others who have perhaps come across Wealthy Affiliate too.

    Wealthy affiliate review

    Wealthy Affiliate review

    Name: Wealthy Affiliate
    Cost: FREE to join with the starter membership
    Upgrading to premium is optional.
    Premium is the most popular package and is priced at $49.00 / £40.14 per month/ Or $497.00/ £407.14 per year.

    Domain name: $14.99/£12.29 per year

    My rating: 9 out of 10

    When I first searched the web for how to make money online back in August 2021, I was surprised by how many companies there were.

    It was a little overwhelming to say the least. When covid hit, millions of us were looking for ways to earn money whilst being stuck at home and with so many online businesses, how do we tell which ones are genuine and which ones are potential scams?

    I glazed over several companies before I came to Wealthy Affiliate and something caught my eye and I was intrigued to read further into the online world of affiliate marketing.

    What is affiliate marketing?

    The basics around affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an online platform that has step-by-step guidance and tools to help you build an online business.

    A platform where commission to an external website is paid through traffic, affiliate links and referrals.

    Wealthy affiliate review
    Photo ©️fragranceswithlove.com



    Who created Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate was founded by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim back in 2005. They remain very active members of the community and offer help when needed.

    Where it starts 


    Finding a niche

    Possibly the hardest part is finding a niche.

    We need a topic to write blogs about. We are all passionate about something but we have to be so passionate that we can write articles for our website on a regular basis.

    Niche ideas

    ■ Weight loss

    ■ Cooking

    ■ Sports

    ■ Art and crafts

    ■ Parenting

    ■ Clothing

    Wealthy affiliate review



    The list is endless so there will be something for everyone.

    Find a topic that you enjoy and build your website around your ideas. Once you have set up a website and started to publish articles, Google will find them and index them.

    This means that they have been found online and over time, the more people that find your website and find articles that you have written that are helpful to them, the more traffic you will receive.

    Over time, the more traffic you receive the more money you can potentially earn.

    Adding affiliate links by companies that you have joined, which are relevant to your niche, recommending Wealthy Affiliate to others, and having adverts placed on your website can all earn you money.

     The pros

    Step by a step training at your fingertips

    The training is easy to follow with videos to watch alongside reading  information.

    Tick boxes at the bottom of each page allow you to keep track of which tasks you have completed if you need to go back to where you finished.


    Free to join

    People like to know that they have the option to trial a platform before committing to paying money and this is definitely one of the reasons why I joined.

    It gives everyone the opportunity to see how they get on, if working as an affiliate is actually suited to them and if they have the time to commit to it.


    No direct product selling

    We are all sales people yet most of us don’t realise it.

    If you’ve ever recommended a film at the cinema, a restaurant or a holiday to your friends and family, you don’t commission for it. If you were to sell a product through an affiliate link on your website, you would be paid commission for that recommendation.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, you advertise affiliate links to products that you choose relevant to your niche, so the pressure is off trying to get friends/family and strangers to purchase directly from you.

    Full support from the community

    We all need help and support when we start something new and this platform is exceptional for the help they give.

    Every question is answered by other members of the community and they will link resources to their answer to assist you further if needed.

    With so many members in every part of the world, (195 countries) there will always be somebody online to help with a question.

    24/7 Site support

    There is a designated site support if you have any issues with your website and they are very quick to respond to any queries, to keep your website continuously running efficiently.

    Website security 

    Websites are monitored 24 hours a day to offer you the security to ensure that your website is kept at bay from hackers and spammers.


    The cons

    A little overwhelming

    Like any new business, there is a lot to learn and do to get things rolling. If you’re a thing like myself, I want to learn everything all at once but it’s not possible.

    Little steps and consistency are the perfect combination.

    The hardest part is starting.


    Wealthy affiliate review







    Basic computer skills are ideal

    Although it does say that you don’t need to have any computer skills as you will learn everything through the training, I feel everyone would benefit from basic skills.

    Having experienced it firsthand, I found it much easier to learn the different tasks with the knowledge that I already have of working with an ipad/ computer.

    Upgrade option can be expensive

    In any business, we need to pay out money before we can earn the money back.

    Paying for a yearly premium is more cost effective than paying monthly but you do need to have the money in order to move forward with the training.

    The free option allows you to complete 10 training lessons.

    Once you have reached your limit with the free trial, you will need to upgrade to premium to access the site further.

    This will benefit you and your business with all that the platform has to offer.

    Training updates required

    Some of the training is a little outdated but there is an option above all of the training lessons to request an update.

    If you do come across any training that’s asking you to manually do something on your website and your device doesn’t have the option, an update can be requested or you can ask the community to assist.


    Is it a scam?



    We are all too quick to assume the negative with anything we read or see and looking for ways to make money online is no exception.
    We try to find fault in something if it sounds too good to be true. I always believe that if something does sound too good to be true, it usually is.
    What about wealthy affiliate?
    With over 2,600,000 members in the community, they can’t all be thinking the same thing.
    We often label things as a scam when it’s something that we fail at or lose money from.
    “It must be a scam because it’s not working for me”.
    Wealthy Affiliate state an ‘endless opportunity and zero risk’.
    This is because there’s no obligation to continue your journey if you find that the free starter membership isn’t a fit for you.
    Behind the platform are real people helping others to succeed.
    I strongly believe that we all have to fail at something in order to move forward and be successful.
    With over 23,000, people helped daily and over 1,800 expert coaches, they’re surely doing something right.
    Wealthy affiliate review

    Should I sign up for premium?

    Most definitely if you’re serious about trying to make money online.

    The free platform will help you to a certain extent, but in order to start seeing an income you will need to sign up to premium.

    You will then have access to boot camps, online classes, unlimited support to name just a few of the benefits.

    Within the premium amount you will get all the help that you need 24/ 7 and a keyword research tool called Jaxxy that helps you to find the best keywords to use when writing your articles.

    Something I feel is so important in any online business as there is a lot of competition out there.


    With Wealthy Affiliate, we can create an online business with a niche that we are passionate about.

    Having so many ideas that we can choose, I knew straight away that I wanted to incorporate my love of fragrances.

    I knew I could write lots about the topic and help readers with their queries when they search online.

    What is premium plus?

    Premium plus is the top Level of Wealthy Affiliate and gives you stacks more training at your fingertips.
    The advantage of hosting 10 premium websites, instead of 3 with premium and advanced options for those who perhaps work full time in the industry and can put in the hours required.

    My story

    Alongside being a freelance hairdresser, network marketer and a 1-1 support teaching assistant for a special needs boy, I felt the need to add another income.

    Something to fall back on through my later years when perhaps my full time business in hairdressing would become too much as I grew older.

    I had no idea what affiliate marketing was, so the nearest I had come to this kind of business was working in network marketing.

    I was introduced to a company called FM World in 2016.

    A perfume company that began in 2011, selling designer inspired perfumes and cosmetics.

    As a lover of fragrances, I was sold and have built a small dedicated team who have the same passion for helping others as I do.

    Being in the network marketing space for the past 8 years, lead me to connecting with lots of people online.

    Those connections became friends. Through those friends, I have received many messages from those in my Facebook community who already work in affiliate marketing.

    I shied away due to a lack of knowledge for the business. Besides, I wanted to find out for myself and in my own time without the pressure.

    I decided to search online as it seemed that so many of my connections were into this new way of earning money.

    I typed in ‘earning money online ‘ into the search bar to see what would come up.

    Wealthy Affiliate stood out from their competition. The page looked inviting and I had the chance to join for free to test drive the platform and receive my first 10 lessons for free.

    Unlike many affiliate companies, you don’t have to put any payment details in. Everything was broken down into small sections, so that I could take in all the information at first glance without feeling overwhelmed.

    I wanted to know how much it would cost after the free session, what affiliate marketing involved, and what time I would need to put aside to allow for this new adventure.

    I’m sure that most people sign up for projects, products, etc when we see the word FREE.

    We have nothing to lose when something doesn’t cost a penny. Having a new opportunity to trial this new online business gave me the chance to find out if it really was something that would suit me. It had to fit around my other full-time work and self-employed business.


    Get- rich- quick

    Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

    Some people may join an online company in the hope that they will earn a lot of money with minimal work.

    Like any business, it takes time ( and money) to build.

    Don’t join Wealthy Affiliate expecting to be paid hundreds of pounds in your first few weeks or even months of joining as you will be bitterly disappointed.

    There isn’t any business out there that and you can earn quick money with minimal effort.

    As much as we may want there to be, if you’re looking to earn instant cash, this kind of business isn’t for you.

    The training is very easy to follow, albeit a little overwhelming if you try to take on too much in the beginning. Little steps are recommended so you understand what you are doing.

    There is no rush. It’s taking things at your own speed and there is no pressure to catch up with everyone else. It’s your own journey. There are enough pressures in life nowadays so we don’t want to add to them.


    If working online fits in around your family life, in between other commitments and you enjoy helping others by writing useful articles, then sign up for the free trial.

    Surrounding yourself with successful people will improve your success. Truth.

    Wealthy affiliate review

    You have nothing to lose and so much knowledge to gain!


    By signing up and joining premium within 7 days, you will receive 3 bonuses!

    Join today for free and become a part of a wonderful community that aims to help us all reach success in our own way and unlock your FREE bonus’ and potential!