FM Candle 413 review

If you’re familiar with the scents of FM World and their perfumes, then you will already know about the candles they have created. FM candle 413 Is one of the most popular in the range, and it’s easy to see why.

In my previous articles, you will learn that our fragrances are inspired by the fragrance notes of designer perfumes.

I have already covered this in my review of FM 413 perfume from the Pure Royal range, and this will tell you that the fragrance notes are inspired by La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme.

This is a hugely popular fragrance in its own right.

Not just for the elegance of Julia Roberts that endorses the product but also for the floral and sweet fragrance notes that uplift our mood and put us in a relaxed mood.

FM 413 candle fragrance notes

■ Blackcurrant

■ Pear

■ Iris

■ Jasmine

■ Orange blossom

■ Chocolate pralines

■ Patchouli

■ Vanilla

The FM 413 candle has the same fragrance notes as the popular FM 413 fragrance.

Fm candle 413 review

The scent pops such wonderfully fruity notes that they will have others asking what fragrance it is.

It’s not difficult to see why this scented candle is just as popular and a big seller within FM WORLD.

Candles are popular, especially through the winter, and make our homes feel cosy and smell nice. With the simplistic jar that FM WORLD’s candles elegantly show off, they will suit any home.

Why do we love candles?


The flame alone on a candle can be mesmerizing, and there is something about watching a flame burn on a winter’s evening.

The dancing shadows that a flame creates in a darkened room and the atmosphere of the ambience that they set around us is magical.

Candles can bring warmth, colour, and romance to any room and are suitable for any occasion.

People have them as table decorations at their wedding, tea light candles in the bathroom to set the mood for a relaxing soak, and many like the idea that candles bring a sense of calm to the home.

A romantic evening for two with a candle lit on the dining table can also be enchanting.

FM candle 413 review

Candles also give any room in the home a focal point.

Having scented candles burning in your living room creates the perfect ambience for a relaxing evening, and they are elegant and subtle when other lights are switched off.

Many people use candles for aromatherapy, especially scents such as lavender.

This flower has relaxing and healing properties and can help to relax the body and mind at the end of a busy day.

When we get closer to Christmas in the winter months, spices like cinnamon, apple, and berries are popular in scented candles.

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This brings the season to life and a winter feel.

Do you struggle with finding a gift for someone?

Candles are such a great present to purchase. You don’t have to worry about if it will fit the person you bought it for if it will be suitable in their home or if they indeed like candles.

The majority of people do. It’s even better if you know what type of fragrance notes the person in question likes but even if you don’t, buying a subtle candle scent is always gratefully received.

Candles and music fit perfectly together so if you are creating a romantic evening, soft music playing in the background with a scented candle burning, it is a sure way to bring the magic and romance into the home.

Lit candles in the home can bring everyone together. Sitting in the living room watching a film, with no lights on except candles burning, can bring a great sense of happiness, calm, and peace.

Candle sales have always been popular and not just for the winter months. Many of us use them all year round for different uses and they will stay around for many more years to come.

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If you were to Google candles, you would face thousands of pages talking about candles in every sense.


The different types, the different designs, the different smells and you will come across affordable candles as well as the top-end expensive ones.

Whenever I speak to candle lovers, I always tell them to burn the candles and not to leave them collecting dust on the shelf.

So many people have candles in their home that they haven’t burnt and that’s usually because the candle looks too pretty or it has cost a fair bit of money to purchase and they don’t want to ‘waste’ it.

FM candle 413 review

If you buy scented candles, you won’t benefit from the scent if you never light them.

If you want to have a candle simply for decoration, there are unscented and cheaper options if you’d like to use candles just as a display.

Unscented tea light candles are a great option as these are very affordable to purchase and usually come in a bag of 25/50 tea lights.

They are ideal at the dining table where you don’t want a strong scent spoiling your meal.


Preparing your FM 413 candle

FM World wants every customer to experience a candle that meets strict requirements when it comes to burning correctly with minimal smouldering, and reduced soot and uses hydro-refined paraffin.

Each candle has a strong cotton wick that is resistant to breaking and drowning in the melted wax.

Everyone wants a candle that burns evenly and looks elegant whilst it’s burning.

There has been many a time when candles have been purchased, not properly prepared before they are lit and therefore they burn into a ‘tunnel’.

Top tips for getting the most out of your scented candles

FM candle 413 review
FM candle 413 review

■ Try to avoid buying candles where the wick is uneven and not centered.

■ Make sure you trim the wick before you burn the candle.

■ Place your lit candle away from any drafts as any slight air in the atmosphere can disturb the flame and result in the candle burning unevenly.

Avoid burning your candle for too long. This will build up the carbon on the wick the reason why the candle can become distorted and result in the flame burning irregularly.

Not only does this ruin your beautiful candle that you have just purchased but it also creates soot which is not good for your home or your health.

■ Ideally, you should burn a candle for a maximum of four hours at a time. Blow out the candle and give it time to cool down and reshape before relighting.

Each candle has a burn time between 35 and 40 hours.

That’s a long burn time!

Our home can be filled with an amazing scent that matches our fragrance and is instantly recognised as soon as we enter the home.


FM 413 candle fills your home with a wonderful combination of oriental notes that bring the room to life and burns a delightful scent that isn’t overpowering or too strong.

Where to buy: FM World online shop 

Price: £30.00

Size: 150g

My rating: is 9 out of 10.


A delightful scent that instantly brings calm, joy, and warmth to the home.
Not the cheapest scented candle to purchase but sometimes cheaper can cost you more.
An added benefit of FM World is being able to purchase products as a distributor instead of a customer if you have an account with the company.
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  • Vlad@GrowToLevelUp

    I enjoyed reading this article; thank you for sharing this candle review. I love candles and always buy and try new flavours. I never heard of FM World, but for sure will try and experience new candles. 35-40 hours is great for candles and long, but it’s great to have something long-lasting. Great post. Have a great day. Regards. Vlad

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Vlad!

      Many thanks for reading my article. I love candles myself and this one in particular is a favourite of mine. You can read about FM World here to learn about the company and what they offer.

      I love to light candles, especially this time of year and having one that smells as good as the 413 makes the home feel more comfortable, relaxed and welcoming. The company sell male scents too so feel free to take a look at the online shop.

      Enjoy your day too!


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