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Summer scented candle

Everyone loves candles, and they’re not just for the winter months. Summer-scented candles are just as popular. We already know that candles have been around for many years and have many uses.

Summer scented candles

Summer sees the BBQ lit, garden parties, windows and doors open, and pretty garden lights around the edges of flower beds. There’s a real chilled vibe when sitting in the garden, listening to the birds, and feeling the breeze on our skin.

Outdoor candles have their uses to keep pesky insects at bay. After you’ve spent time preparing food and eventually sit down, a fly appears before you’ve even taken the first forkful! Citronella is popular for keeping insects away from your food.

Candles also make our homes smell gorgeous, and during hot weather, we want our homes to smell fresh and cool. When we think of summer, we envision fresh-smelling flowers, citrus, and fruity scents.

Days at the beach or on holiday, sitting by the pool with an ice-cold drink, or just relaxing in the garden and listening to the birds and wildlife are the perfect ways to relax. As the temperature starts to rise and we feel like we’ve reached the summer season, we begin to look for lighter fragrance candles to match our environment.

Seasonal candle scents

We don’t want heavy scents such as cinnamon or spices like nutmeg or ginger. These are much more suited to winter and Christmas time with their strong and crisp fragrances. So, what type of scents should we be shopping for when the weather is sunny and hot?

There are plenty of fresh, summer scents to choose from to create the perfect candle blend. Fragrance notes such as lavender, lemon, floral, citrus, and fruit make a lovely combination.

Summer scented candles

Sometimes, we run the risk of purchasing scents that are too overpowering, even when we buy summer candles. If you have one burning in a small room at home, a candle that emits strong fruity or extremely floral scents could potentially be a bit overwhelming.

We don’t want an overload of sweetness, as it can become sickly and unpleasant. Larger rooms are better suited for stronger fragrances because they have more space to disperse their scent.

Just like perfumes and aftershave, their scents can evoke memories and happy times, making us feel good when wearing them.

The same principle applies to scented candles. They can uplift our spirits and make us feel good with their fragrances wafting through the air.

Burning a summer candle can transport you to a tropical place even when you’re sitting at home.

Summer scented candles

Why do we use candles in the summer?

Apart from keeping pesky insects away when eating outside, scented candles are also excellent for masking unwanted odours inside and outside the home.
Entertaining friends and family is a favourite pastime during the summer months. Having a BBQ becomes especially popular when the weather warms up, but the lingering smells from cooked BBQ food or the food waste bin can be less than pleasant.
Masking these odours can make indoors and outdoors more enjoyable for hosting and relaxing as you watch the sunset with a glass of wine.
We don’t need to spend a fortune to get a lovely fragrance candle, and just a few hours of burn time will provide enough of a scent to last a few hours.

Summer scented candles

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Colonial Candles have a beautiful collection of summer candles, ranging from lavender, blood orange, bergamot, raspberry, spearmint, pink peony and lily. A wonderful selection of fragrances that bring a true feel of summer to our homes.

Along with stunning scents, their candles are also made with vibrant colours to give colour to any room or brighten up the garden. They have a premium candle collection and a summer scents collection.

Lavender sprig

Deco Collection

Whenever we catch the scent of lavender, it instantly transports us to open fields, filled with gorgeous purple hues and hot summer days. Lavender thrives wherever it’s planted, so witnessing it in full bloom in open fields or nestled in the heart of the woods not only presents a beautiful image but also releases a delicate and delightful fragrance.

Summer scented candles
The beauty of nature and a gorgeous flower

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Pop of colour collection

Blood Orange

This unique collection does live by its name. The pop of colour in this large selection of candles.

Blood Orange gives a vibrant colour along with its citrus scent. Combined with wild basil and pomelo leaf, this candle gives a zest of colour and an energetic aroma.

There are 25 different vibrant candle scents to choose from. Take a look here.

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Colonial Candle Classic Gift Tins

We often see candles in their traditional form- as a solid block of wax that requires another dish to place them in. However, this little collection of nine different scents features candles contained within very elegant tins. In this age of up-cycling, it is a wonderful idea that after the candle has burnt, you can reuse its container for something else.

Eucalyptus Mint Candle



Colonial Candle Classic Cylinders-

Another elegant candle is their range of cylinder-style candles. They come in two different sizes and 18 different scents, with a great choice of summer fragrances.

Pink Grapefruit Candle

Grapefruit can give sharp and sweet scents at the same time. With its mixture of orange and pomelo, a wonderful fruity that makes great recipes and is found in many summer perfume fragrances.

The bright colours alone give a sense of summer and what a wonderful scent to enjoy whilst sitting in the garden.

Travel Collection


Do you love to travel but have not yet had the chance to visit your favourite place? Why not try a candle from the travel collection to bring your favourite destination directly into your garden?


Many of us love a holiday, especially abroad. We work throughout the year so that we have the opportunity to pack our bags and jet off to somewhere tropical.

With rising costs of holidays, some may not be able to get that far so the travel collection from Colonial Candle gives us the perfect excuse to bring the holiday vibes to our home.

Having such a great name as Santorini Sunset, we are automatically transported to a gorgeous holiday destination.

With the added scents of Valencia Orange, water lily and beach juniper, it’s not hard to bring the hot, summer vibes of somewhere like Greece or Cyprus, into our garden to enjoy.

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Inspire Collection

We all strive for good vibes only and what a wonderful collection of four candles to do just that.

With the scents of tangerine, strawberry and sweet currants, this wonderful combination will surely give the best vibes when lit.
Popping those fragrances into a glass of cold water is refreshing in itself so why not try a beautiful candle to give your home and garden a happy summer vibe?

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Unearthed Candles have a wonderful variety of summer-scented candles that come in beautiful containers. They also have a lovely collection of reed diffusers and wax melts.

Summer scented candles


Fresh Lavender™, Large Jar Candle

Summer scented candles

If you prefer fresh scents, there is a collection of perfectly enhanced candles that drift us into the summer nights of sitting in the garden with beautiful hints of lavender.

Watching the sunset and when it’s dark enough, being able to see the true beauty of the skies when it is lit with millions of stars gazing down on us.

Clear skies, beautiful floral scents and the peace of late evenings give us the relaxed state that we all crave during our busy lives.

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Cinnamon Rum Bananas™, Large Jar Candle

Summer scented candles

If there’s ever a candle to bring a Caribbean feel straight to your garden then this is the one.

With such an incredible mixture of fragrance notes including bananas, cinnamon, Bergamont, cedarwood and sweet mask, this candle will ensure that you are transported to a faraway country.

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Scented candles

Take a look at’s new spring scents for 2022.

So whatever scent you like in your home and garden during the gorgeous weather we all experience, wherever we are in the world, there are some beautiful candles from these companies. Candles that will make us all feel the sun on our skin, and the cool liquid in our glass of drink and put us into a relaxed state as we enjoy the garden, outdoor entertaining and summer food.

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  • pasindu dimanka

    Thank you very much for such a valuable detailed post about Summer scented candles. My girlfriend really likes these scented candles. I will definitely buy her a summer scented candle. She is very fond of levender sprig. Also orange has good reviews. I will definitely send her this post as well. Keep posting like this.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Pasindu,

      Thanks for reading my article.

      Scented candles are popular nowadays, just as much as perfumes. 

      There are some lovely candles that I have shared here and with the summer season well under way, they are great for indoors and in the garden. 
      They also make a lovely gift too.

      We all love our homes to smell wonderful and what better way than with a gorgeous candle!

      All the best,


  • LineCowley

    Candles add such a beautiful touch and creates a special ambiance in all seasons. And the scent of candles can really change the feel of a room or space. I use candles throughout the year. In winter I use them next to the open fire and put them on the dining table to add a cosier and more intimate feel. 

    But summertime is when candles really come to their full for me. We always eat outside in summer, so from providing light, to candles that ward of insects, to the beautiful, and sometimes intoxicating smell of the candles, nothing beats a summer scented candle.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi, yes there are so many uses for candles these days and there are some beautiful scents available too.

      Candles really do give a feel of summer and with so many scents available, we are spoilt for choice.

      Thank you for sharing your experience with candles. 

  • Anusuya

    I love your post with such pleasant pictures which are capable of awakening your heart and spirit to add to summer vibes.

    All these candles you have reviewed are helpful to your mind and taking out the pesky insecets around you.

    they all enhance the feeling of a summer at home if you are not visiting either because of a pandemic or the cost of travel or both.

    Just curious to know what is used for setting up the candle. I know bee wax is one of them. But elsewhere I read petroleum products also can be used for this purpose. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Anusuya,

      Thank you for reading my article. With regards to the type of wax used. I can tell you the following: use Soy-Based White Wax Blend use soy blend for their candles. 

      There are some lovely candle scents available online and a great excuse to buy some for the garden with the lovely weather we have been enjoying.

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