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Duty-Free perfume

Remember the times when you’d go on holiday and indulge in a visit to the Duty-Free perfume store? It was one of those little joys to anticipate. You’d find yourself in a vast shop right in the heart of the airport, surrounded by products that were often marked with hefty price tags.

Yet, somehow, customers seemed to account for these prices within their holiday budget. It became almost a ritual, an essential part of the holiday experience, to explore the aisles of the Duty-Free Perfume store.

Duty free perfume

Duty-Free perfume

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Duty-Free stores were always staffed with impeccably dressed cashiers, often looking as though they were adorned with half of Max Factor’s product range. It was like an extension of the airline’s cabin crew.

We’d approach the cashier with our boarding pass in hand, even though we never quite understood the need for it. The store shelves were a diverse mix of alcohol, travel accessories, cigarettes, and perfumes. The ‘gadgets’ section was a delightful area to explore first, where you could discover the latest items—something to enjoy while basking in the sunshine during your holiday.

The perfume section unfailingly captivated the attention of shoppers. The moment anyone entered the Duty-Free store, the elegantly arranged bottles were right there in their line of sight.

Stacked high, resembling a pyramid or a precarious game of Jenga, each bottle was meticulously placed to entice every passerby, especially the women. There seemed to be an endless selection, almost overwhelming. It was as if no one dared to pluck a single bottle from the shelf, fearing that the entire ‘pyramid’ might come tumbling down. To add to the allure, every bottle appeared to be colour-coordinated, enhancing the visual appeal of the display.

Duty free perfume
Chanel display

For customers who knew exactly which fragrance they wanted, a quick in-and-out visit to the shop was all they needed. However, for some, it was a different story. They saw this as the perfect opportunity to explore new scents. After all, there were hundreds of bottles, all neatly stacked and visually enticing, offering the temptation to try something different.

The men accompanying their wives or partners often braced themselves for a lengthy wait as decisions were pondered. Meanwhile, a glamorous shop assistant was never too far away. She was always ready to extend a hand and offer perfume fragrance strips, allowing customers to explore as many scents as they wished.


Testing perfume fragrances

However, there was a drawback with the fragrance papers. After trying three or four new fragrances, they often started to blend, and customers would struggle to remember which one was which. Things have evolved since then. If you ever find yourself at a perfume party, you might receive a tea bag in your welcome pack. It’s not for making a cup of tea, though.

When you smell several fragrances in succession, the previous scent can mask the next one. To ‘neutralize’ the previous scent, it’s recommended that customers sniff either a tea bag or coffee granules.

It’s only after the perfect fragrance has been chosen (if you’re fortunate enough to remember which perfume strip it was on) that customers finally check the price tag. It’s a moment that occurs after they’ve handed the bottle to the cashier, who then takes their boarding pass and tallies up the price.

Midway through the transaction, there’s often a brief contemplation about whether the same perfume might be cheaper on the plane. Nevertheless, the perfume is purchased, and the customer looks forward to taking it on holiday to enjoy.

Duty free perfume
The classic designer perfume display

Do you often indulge in the luxury of Duty-Free perfume shopping? Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just someone who appreciates the allure of fine fragrances, I’d be delighted to hear about your experiences and preferences.

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with me below, or email us. Your insights and personal stories can add depth to the discussion and provide valuable perspectives for fellow perfume enthusiasts. So, please, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment and join the conversation!

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Duty free perfume

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