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FM Perfume 359 Review

If you love sweet fragrances with a touch of vanilla and jasmine, our FM perfume 359 review will cover everything you need to know about this fragrance.

This was one of the first fragrances I purchased from FM World and is still one of my favourites today.

Its first spray has a sweet and feminine scent, and the notes of jasmine are noticeable as soon as the scent settles on the skin.

I feel that the ideal scent to wear during any season is most suitable for spring/summer, with its citrus-based fragrance family.

With FM perfumes, they choose simplicity over anything fancy to keep the cost down for their customers.


This fragrance suits a night out with the girls on a summer evening.

What does FM 359 smell like?

Those familiar with our scents will already know that the fragrance notes are similar to the designer fragrances.

Some say they struggle to distinguish between the designer scents and our perfumes.

This perfume has very similar notes to Alien Essence Absolue, a fragrance released by Thierry Mugler in 2012.

FM 359 perfume review
Jasmine plant
FM 359 perfume review
Vanilla scent

It is a prevalent scent today, and FM has created an excellent alternative without compromising quality or cost.

Of course, many will only buy the original of any product, especially when it comes to perfumes.

If you can step aside from the celebrity-endorsed fragrances and try a sample of FM 359, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

FM 359 perfume review
FM 359 perfume sample

Their bottles are simplistic, and this one comes within the Pure Royal range.


Pure Royal Range

The pure royal perfumes contain 20% pure perfume oil. They use a more expensive oil than the Pure Range, and the scent lasts around 6 hours.

It’s not bad for a perfume that we can all afford. We won’t have to worry about wasting the bottle or keeping it locked in the cupboard for a suitable day.

Every day is unique, so we should be allowed to wear whatever scent we wish without feeling guilty that its price tag is a little high.


FM perfume 359 review

I loved the instant whiff of jasmine as soon as I sprayed this on my skin. Although it has notes of vanilla—a scent that I avoid as it’s far too sweet for my skin—I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

The vanilla base note isn’t overpowering and sits beautifully within the rest of the notes.

Vanilla scents give me a headache, so by choosing products with this scent as their base, I know that I will not smell the sickly scent.

One that I experience commonly with heavily scented vanilla fragrances.

Although the base notes are what we should look for when finding a perfume, the touch of vanilla that balanced well with the rest made me realise that we should try a scent first, even if it contains a note or two that we don’t particularly like.

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The beautiful floral and woody notes are just as popular with men. Many men like this scent on their partners as it is flirty, sweet, and playful on the skin and awakens the senses. When I started wearing FM 359, some friends commented on my perfume and asked what I had sprayed.

Some liked it so much that they ordered a bottle after trying a sample. I always believe a perfume’s scent should be noticeable but not overwhelming for the wearer or those around it.

This perfume does just that. It’s a delicate, gentle, and feminine scent that beautifully captures a woman’s art. Delightfully, this scent also comes in a 15ml slim bottle. Perfect for your handbag or holiday.

FM perfume 359 review
FM 359 15ml bottle

Many men and women buy fragrances for their fancy bottle designs and scents or because they are influenced by the celebrity who wears them.

Whilst nothing is wrong with this, when we learn how much of what we pay goes where it can change our way of thinking.

■ Celebrity endorser

■ Packaging/bottle design

■ TV Advertising

We can all save so much money, especially nowadays when everything costs so much more, and the prices keep rising.

Fm 359 perfume review

No one sees the bottle we purchase. They only ever smell the scent as it drifts past. After having this perfume on my skin for almost 30 minutes, I could instantly smell the ambergris and cashmere wood. All the notes compliment one another, and the feminine scent is a beautiful one to wear for any occasion.

FM359 is one of FM World’s most popular fragrances, and it is easy to see why.

FM perfume 359 review
FM 359 50ml perfume

All the Pure Royal bottles have the same design, each with its own number to identify the scent.

Price: £37.00

Where to buy: FM World

Size of bottle : 50ml ( also available in 15ml )

My rating is 9.5 out of 10.

You can be assured that you are purchasing quality and genuine bottles when you buy from the company.

For those who don’t like sweet notes and prefer a more sandalwood or tonka bean scent, this perfume isn’t for you. Try FM 900 instead.

The smell makes them feel that summer is coming and the BBQs are nearby.

Floral dresses, summer sunshine and family sitting in the garden fit perfectly with such an elegant and classic scent.

For those who wear it for an evening out, it will have heads turning as the floral notes linger in the air.

Type: magnetic and intense

Fragrance notes:

Head: jasmine, heliotrope

Heart: iris root, cashmere wood

Base: ambergris, vanilla

FM 359 perfume review
My favourite scent. FM 359 in its elegant and simplistic bottle.


FM Perfume 359 is an exquisite fragrance that captivates the senses with its alluring blend of notes. Its opening bursts with refreshing citrus, while the heart reveals a floral symphony that evokes elegance and femininity.

The base notes provide a warm and sensual embrace, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter it.

The longevity and sillage of FM Perfume 359 are commendable, making it a reliable companion for day or night. Whether you are seeking a signature scent or expanding your fragrance collection, FM Perfume 359 offers a timeless and enchanting experience.

With its high-quality ingredients and affordable price tag, this fragrance truly exemplifies the concept of luxury without breaking the bank.

If the fragrance notes of Alien Essence Absolue are one of your favourite perfume scents, try a sample of FM 359.

With very similar perfume notes, you will experience a wonderful scent that is kinder on the purse strings and will still get heads turning.

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  • MurryMerch

    Great review of FM Perfume 359! I love how detailed and thorough your analysis is, from the packaging to the scent notes. Your personal experience with the fragrance also adds a nice touch. I appreciate that you provide both the pros and cons of the perfume, making it easier for readers to decide if it’s right for them. The comparison to other fragrances is also helpful in understanding the unique qualities of this one. Overall, I think this review is very informative and well-written. Keep up the great work!

    • Louise Allen

      Hello and thank you for reading my article. The perfume is definitely one of my favourites for it’s gorgeous fragrance notes. With our fragrances it helps the reader to get a little insight into what it smells like when designer scents have similar notes. It makes choosing a perfume easier when the buyer already has a favourite scent that they like.

      I’m pleased that my review was a pleasant read and hopefully it will help others if they decide to try FM359.

  • Sariyah

    Hey thank you for this review!

    I absolutely love perfumes and reading this post was great, knowing other people opinions on it is certainly interesting!
    By how you have described the perfume it has got me wanting to purchase a sample. 

    I personally purchase perfumes which are often endorsed by celebrities, not any celebs but my favourite ones. I like the undertones these perfumes you have discussed here have.

    Thankyou for creating this interesting post and have a great day!

    • Louise Allen

      Hi, thank you for reading my article. There are so many gorgeous scents available today that we really are spoilt for choice.

      Absolutely, feel free to try a sample. Many of us have been used to purchasing celebrity endorsed scents so it’s great that there are other options out there and perfumes that have very similar fragrance notes.

      I love the fact that there is very little difference, if any, with the FM range. 


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