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Shimmering body oil review

As we start to enjoy the warmer weather, one of my top summer products is the Shimmering Body Oil Gold Regenesis by FM World.

Shimmering body oil
A beautiful spray to add an extra glow to the skin

The weather starts to improve as we head out of the Spring months and Easter approaches.

We can start to get out into the garden to enjoy the long Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK for Easter.

There’s nothing quite like sitting in the warmth of the sun, feeling the heat on our skin after the winter months have passed and feeling our skin glow as the sun beats down.

Shimmering body oil
Summer vibes bring out the natural glow in us

Last year (2021) saw a new product by FM World and what a wonderful product to launch.

shimmering body oil
Moisturise , shimmer and drench your skin in anti-ageing grape seed oil, almond oil and vitamin E

We all long for the summer glow and some may prefer not sit for hours in the sun, trying to get a summer glow on our skin.

Here I take a look at a very popular product that is perfect for the summer vibe.

A product that gives the skin a natural shimmer even when we may still be our natural colour from lack of sunlight.

When it comes to feeling good within ourselves and confident in our skin, we almost feel like we should have a gorgeous tan to show off to others.

It’s lovely to have a sun-kissed glow and we do feel so much better after some well needed vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) after the cold months.

We can still get a similar look and feel with this suitable product.


The ingredients in Shimmering Body Oil


The Gold Regenesis Shimmering Oil makes the skin look more radiant, silky-soft and long-lastingly moisturised.

Grape seed oil smooths, regenerates and nourishes the skin, and, together with vitamin E, it slows down its ageing processes.

Sweet almond oil improves its flexibility, preventing the occurrence of stretch marks.

Sunflower oil strengthens the lipid barrier and shows normalizing properties.

Shimmering body oil
Almond, sunflower and grape seed oil give the skin a natural glow and help to moisturise














The benefits

◾ Thanks to gold particles, that beautifully underlines the skin tone to give an instant summer glow and healthy look to the skin

◾ Contains a valuable cocktail of rejuvenating components to bring the skin to life

◾ Quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving an oily layer on it so you can carry on with your day

◾ Perfect for every skin type

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How to use

Only a couple of sprays are needed in order to achieve a wonderful glow to the skin and this product can be used all over the body, including the face.

Those who already have a suntan perhaps from a holiday abroad or even in the UK, will have the added benefit of its shimmer.

It really does show the skin off to its best and with every movement of the body, the light reflects to give the perfect shine and glow.

I would recommend spraying onto the skin after a shower or bath to ensure the skin is free from any residue and has the perfect base to soak into.

Exfoliated skin will always look better and if you’re planning on purchasing a bottle, you want your skin to appreciate it’s full potential.

The same applies for any fragrances you spray on the skin too, like your favourite perfume or aftershave.

Lightly spray where you want to see a natural shimmer and wait a few minutes before getting dressed to allow for the product to absorb into the skin.

This way it will prevent any oils from coming into contact with your favourite outfit.

Wash your hands after applying onto the skin so that any oil doesn’t transfer onto your favourite clothes.

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A great alternative to make up


Many women prefer not to wear cosmetics during the warmer months as it can be too hot to layer the skin with added products.

This product makes a great alternative when we still want to feel and look fresh-faced, without the need to apply a foundation or a bronzer.

If you do still prefer a light base perhaps for an evening out, a light mist over the top of foundation works well too.

I loved the shimmer it gave my skin especially on the collar bone and arms.

The perfect accessory for summer days and nights to show off the skin and your favourite outfit.

Shake the bottle well before use. This will help the particles separate.

The scent

Whilst so many suntan lotions have a very distinctive scent and one that I personally have never been keen on, the Shimming Body Oil is the complete opposite.
It has a sweet, floral and fruity base and smells similar to FM 413 perfume that is inspired by La Vie Est Belle perfume.
A delicate flower scent that stays on the skin and acts like it’s own body fragrance. Not overwhelming or heavy.

Price: £24.00 from FM World

Size: 100ml

My rating : 9 out of 10

The only downside to this product is that it doesn’t have any SPF so be careful when wearing it during the daytime.

The skin could potentially burn if you decide to sit out in the sun whilst wearing your shimmer oil.

Ideally more suited for use during a summer’s evening when the sun’s temperature has dropped.

This product is great to take away on holiday to spray onto your skin after being in the sun during the day.

With added ingredients to add moisture to the skin, I loved the idea that I could apply a few sprays after being in the sun.

You do get a wonderful shimmer when the skin already has a tan.

Take a look at the shimmering body oil by FM World video here

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  • Bojana

    Every part of natural products and people who can last all summer only with coconut oil, but for glamorous summer skin, something a little more refined and lasting is still needed. You probably won’t spend the whole summer in dresses that look like you’re wearing nothing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have that glow that makes your skin look like it’s glowing on the inside.

    • Louise Allen

      Absolutely ! We glow from within when the sun is shining and warm on our skin so why shouldn’t we glow on the outside too.

      We see lots of celebrity’s on TV who have shimmering skin throughout the year to give that extra sparkle to their arms and neck so it’s great to have an affordable bottle to do the same.

      Thanks for reading,


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