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Hydrotherapy sheet mask review

Our face has spent so much time under a surgical mask over the past two years and contributes to one of the reasons why many of us have suffered with dry skin.

What better way to look after our skin than to use a hydrotherapy sheet mask.

Hydrotherapy sheet mask review

It’s not just women who reach out for products to help with their skin.

Today sees many men taking just as much care to use skin products and they’re not shy about using any either.

We don’t use hydrotherapy masks as often as we should, I’m sure.

A lack of time plays a huge part and then when we do decide to buy one, we’re undecided about which one to buy.

There are so many available and they all do a similar thing. Hydrate, add moisture back into the skin and soothes any irritations.

Through different times of the year we can all suffer from dry, flaky skin, even when we are on top of our game, when it comes to our own skin care routine.

Sometimes, no matter how much we cleanse, tone and moisturise, it’s just not enough to keep our skin looking and feeling fresh, soft and glowing.

Women in particular are very conscious of how they look and are always battling against the aging process.


Personally, I feel we don’t need to. We all age differently and it’s a natural process.Our skin is unique.

Some of it comes down to our genes, whilst other factors will be due to what we eat, drink and how much exercise we participate in.

Whilst we can correct many of the factors by doing more, eating healthier and drinking plenty of water, sometimes our skin needs a little extra help.

Hydrotherapy sheet masks are a quick and easy way to provide the skin with moisture and a boost of vitamins.


Hydrotherapy sheet mask by FM World


Hydrotherapy sheet mask review
Fontainavie Hydrotherapy sheet by FM World



This product came onto the market during the first lock down in 2020.

Great timing as thousands of us were forced to work from home or trying to find other things to do and having lots of nights in.

A face mask, accompanied with a glass of wine whilst we were left to socialize in front of a screen, on zoom with friends, seemed to go down a treat.

We finally had the time to pamper ourselves. Hair masks were used, our nails painted and we kept up with our skin care routine.


Hydrotherapy sheet mask review
FM world gel varnish – Blinding Neon

During that year, we had a beautiful summer. We enjoyed several months of hot weather and had the time to sit outside and enjoy the garden with family.

We soaked up the sun’s rays, had golden skin and felt relaxed and healthy.

One of the consequences though of sitting in the sun for too long is dry and dehydrated skin.

Celebrities wear sun screen protection as part of their daily skin care routine and it’s a good habit to get into.

I decided to purchase one of the hydrotherapy sheet masks.

My skin felt tight, lacking in shine and no amount of moisturiser seemed to replenish the lost moisture that my skin was feeling.


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How to use the Hydrotherapy sheet mask

It’s important to do your daily skincare routine as normal and cleanse the skin first before applying the mask.
We want to make sure the skin is at its cleanest before we apply our sheet, by removing any grease or dirt from the skin.

Another useful tip is to apply a toner before applying the sheet mask.

FM World have a wonderful toner within their Aloe Vera range.

Hydrotherapy sheet mask review


This will balance out the skins pH level and will help to open the pores.

When we have open pores, this gives the moisture from the sheet mask the chance to soak deeper into the skin.
The 150ml Facial Toner is a part of the Aloe Vera Collection. It restores the proper pH value of the skin and ensures the right level of moisture.
It is in the form of a delicate mist that is convenient in use. It contains no alcohol and is hypoallergenic.
It has quadruple soothing power: aloe, panthenol, bisabolol and jasmine extract.
The aloe included in the toner soothes irritations, has moisturising and softening properties.
It reduces redness, helps to restore tissues, fights against free radicals and leaves the skin with more elasticity.
It’s important to remember that by using the hydrotherapy sheet mask, it won’t exfoliate the skin. You can use a separate product called Aloe Vera Peel Off Facial Mask. 

Hydrotherapy sheet mask review




What’s wonderful about the hydrotherapy sheet is that it is dripping in moisture.

At first, the sheet looks far too big to fit anyone’s face.

Once it’s on and gently smoothed onto the skin, there is enough sheet to fit the face and the neck.

Sit back, relax with some music and leave the mask to do its magic for 15 minutes.

Once you take the sheet off, use the excess for your neck. There’s plenty of moisture in one sheet so add some to this area too.

Rinse your face with cool water, gently pat dry and feel the instant benefit of smooth, hydrated and glowing skin.


It is recommended to use face masks around once a month but we all know how busy we get and this isn’t always possible.

Just like our daily skincare routine, we need to get into a habit of using other products because we will certainly see the benefit later on.



From the FM World website :

Occlusive properties of the sheet significantly increase the penetration of nutrients into the skin. Thanks to this, they perfectly tighten it, smoothing out fine lines, intensively nourish and effectively regenerate. • rich in active moisturising ingredients • provides a beautiful and healthy look • ensures visible skin rejuvenation effect.

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Saccharide, Isomerate, PEG-12 Dimenthicone Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronic Acid, Methyl Gluceth-20, Allantoin, Sodium PCA, Urea, Glucine, Lactic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Polyacrylate, Crosspolymer-6, Glucose, Polysorbate 20, Chlorphenesin, SODIUM Benzote, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Citrate, Parfum

After using the hydrotherapy sheet on three or four occasions, I noticed that the fine wrinkles around my eyes had improved and appeared smoother.

These won’t be visibly noticeable with the first time you use the sheet so it’s good to keep using regularly for maximum benefit.

As we get older we are constantly fighting the signs of ageing.

The first sign that many of us see, for both men and women, are fine lines around the lips and the eye area.

Skin needs more of an intense moisturiser than many of the products that we see and purchase in shops and online can give.

They often sit on the surface of the skin and don’t penetrate to the deeper layers.

By using a facial sheet regularly, this will enable the skin to keep its elasticity and prevent it from drying out from elements such as the hot weather and central heating through the winter.

When the skin is moisturised, women will find that their make up will sit better, be much easier to apply and will last much longer.

For the men, this will give their skin the opportunity to stay moisturised, especially if they work outdoors in all weathers.

It will also prevent the skin from tightening and feeling uncomfortable.

Price : £11.00 A very reasonable price even if you use once a month.

Where to purchase : FM World

My rating : 10 out of 10

Try one for yourself and feel the difference with softer, replenished and glowing skin.


Have you tried any of our products in the Aloe vera range? Comment below.

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  • Anusuya

    Hi Louise,

    Proper skin care is equally important for men and women.

    The products from FM world, the hydrotherapy skin mask hydrate and moisturize dry, flaky skin. They soothe and take care of the irritation of the skin.

    I like your procedure to clean the skin thoroughly, maybe use some toner on your face for optimal mask performance. The side-by-side pictures of the expected set of the mask actually add the detail not to expect total perfection. However, it does not affect the performance.

    Protect your skin aging and preserve your youthful, refreshing skin. It is just 15 minutes of your dedicated time once a month. The money you spend is very reasonable compared to the benefit.

    HYDROTHERAPY HYALURONIC SHEET MASK 20 ml: the composition of this mask contains many chemicals. I particularly looked at Phenoxyethanol (hey, I am a chemist!). Do you anticipate any skin problem or have anyone written about it? I might work well for many. I am just curious.

    Absolutely awesome images make this blog more meaningful.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Anusuya,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my article.

      It’s very true, both men and women do look after their skin these days. It’s an important part of our daily routine. 

      Yes the hydrotherapy sheet does contain phenoxyethanol which is found in many cosmetics as a stabiliser as I’m sure you know.

      I have never had any of my customers react to this ingredient. Perhaps there is such a small amount of it that it has little effect in regards to allergies. 

      My skin in particular can flare up on rare occasions for no apparent reason and I have never found that to be the case when using the sheet mask.

      It’s very much helped my dry skin since using it.

      Thanks for reading,


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