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Pillow Mist Spray Review

Have you ever used a pillow mist spray? Here’s a review of one of my favourites, Tropic So Sleepy. There’s nothing worse than feeling tired before going to bed and then finding that you’re wide awake for the next hour trying to sleep.

We’ve all been there as adults more so than children. They seem to have a knack and can drop off when their head hits the pillow. If only!

Being sleep-deprived can have a significant impact on our day-to-day activities, especially if we’ve had several nights of desperately trying to dose off with little success.

Pillow mist spray review

It is unpleasant to wake up the following day feeling like you have been awake for most of the night. Many of us are already in the habit of watching TV until late, working, and looking at our screens before bed, and these combinations don’t assist us in any way.

The perfect solution in a bottle of pillow mist spray

I received a bottle of Tropic So Sleepy as a birthday gift last year. I had never used one before, but I was willing to give it a try to see if it worked. The ingredients alone were enough to help me sleep. The notes of lavender, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils in a 30ml bottle sounded heavenly and will help enormously with a good night’s sleep.

I have always been wary of spraying products directly onto my pillow. I am not keen on the idea that my skin could potentially touch the product as it soaks in while I move into different positions to get comfortable. The great thing about using a pillow mist spray is that although it is a pillow mist, you don’t have to spray it on your pillow.

Like other topical products that help sleep and the respiratory system, I like to apply the product to a tissue and then keep the tissue near my pillow so that I can still benefit from its properties.

By doing this, I know that the product will not come into contact with my skin and potentially cause a reaction. The first whiff of the Tropic So Sleepy product is lavender. Lavender is a beautiful flower not just for its vibrant colour but also for many of its healing properties.

Pillow mist spray review
It is a beautiful scent to assist in a peaceful night’s sleep

There is almost a sense of instant calm as soon as the fragrance hits your nose, giving you the confidence that it will assist in a better night’s sleep.

Having not used it for several weeks, simply because I forgot that I had it in my bedside drawer and having had a few disturbed nights, I was keen to revisit this little product once again.

I’ve been used to waking up regularly through the night for several years, and that’s part and parcel of how my sleep pattern has settled. This has never really bothered me that much.

Clock watching

It bothered me that I was finding it difficult to get to sleep in the first place. I looked at the clock every five minutes to see if the time had moved on as much as it felt like it had or if I had even fallen asleep and woken up again a short time later.

Pillow mist spray review
There is nothing worse than constantly checking the alarm clock to see if we have been asleep or are still awake.

Sleep felt like it was overrated when we were younger. Why do we need to go to bed so early? What was the importance of sleep?

“I don’t want to go to bed!”

As we grow older, we learn and realise that sleep is essential to our everyday lives. Lack of a good night’s rest can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, our well-being, and our physical well-being.

We spent so many years in our youth fighting sleep and not wanting to go to bed and now as adults we are desperately going the other way in trying to get as much shut-eye as possible. The 30ml bottle requires 2 to 3 pumps 30 cm away from your pillow to aid a peaceful night’s sleep. It is 100% naturally derived and can be purchased on eBay.

Take a look at my article on pillow mist spray, where I show a selection of sleep sprays, their benefits, and the benefits of lavender, their main ingredient.

The ingredients in a bottle of Tropic So Sleepy pillow mist spray

Tropic So Sleepy contains chamomile, so let’s look at the benefits of this ingredient.

Chamomile is a beautiful mild tranquilliser containing apigenin, one of the bioflavonoids found in many plants. It helps reduce anxiety and causes sedation, both of which are needed for a restful night’s sleep. Chamomile tea also has enormous benefits. To have a peaceful night, our body needs to be in a relaxed state.

So, by using pillow sprays containing lavender and chamomile, we are well on our way to preparing our bodies for sleep. Most of us will aim for at least 6-8 hours, if possible.

Another ingredient in this little bottle of magic is frankincense. With properties similar to chamomile, frankincense helps to overcome stress, has aromatherapeutic benefits, and promotes relaxation. Sometimes, a winter cold can also be an added obstacle that stops us from falling asleep easily.

Pillow mist spray review
Colds and flu put a stop to a restful night.

Many of us have attempted to sleep, but our noses are running, or our sinuses are blocked.

Why does this always happen at night ?!

Relaxing the body and mind, along with added aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus, can help relieve such symptoms. So many people prefer topical solutions to help with everyday situations rather than taking medicines or supplements. The pillow mist spray is a beautiful creation and highly recommended.

I’m sure those with children have used Olbus oil in the past to help children with stuffy noses and coughs sleep, yet we forget to do similar things when we are adults and are struggling to sleep, too.

Pillow mist spray review

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pillow mist spray on Bay.co.uk

£20.00 for 75ml if you buy direct from the tropicskincare.com website.

They also have a selection of gift sets instead of buying individually. Some contain hand cream and temple sticks as well. It’s an excellent gift for someone who struggles to have a restful night.

Size of bottle: 30ml

My rating is 9.5 out of 10.
Avoid Spraying onto delicate fabrics and furniture. Do not apply directly to your skin. If contact occurs, avoid contact with eyes with water.


Vegan and cruelty-free. Perfect!

This product has excellent reviews online, and it does help, primarily if used regularly. It is a gorgeous combination of fresh and calming aromas that help with the nighttime battle of drifting off to sleep naturally.

Do you struggle to get off to sleep?

Let me know below, and perhaps you can try a bottle for yourself or get in touch.

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Pillow mist spray review
Sleep well…


  • Siobhan41

    This spray mist does pique my interest. I buy certain fabric softeners to wash my bedspread and sheets in for the very purpose that this mist serves. I also use Febreeze to spray on my pillows and sheets in between washes so this mist could be very helpful for me. I am glad I came across this review. Does the mist come in other scents?

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Siobhan,

      Thank you for reading my article. This one in particular ( Tropic So Sleepy) only comes in this scent but if you take a look at my online shop, FM World, we sell 5 different pillow mist spray scents that you are most welcome to take a look at.

      They each contain relaxing scents such as lavender, rosemary, sweet vanilla etc and come in 100ml at £18.00.

      If I can be of any more help, please feel free to email me at louise@fragranceswithlove.com 

      Many thanks,


  • Anastazja

    I have never used this kind of product, but I have found that essential oils can have a calming affect.  I would think that this kind of a spray would do the same thing.  Your suggestion about applying the mist to a kleenex near the pillow makes a lot of sense.  I was wondering if the mist would leave a stain or residue on the pillow case.  This seems like a great idea for gifts especially if there are gift sets.  I am going to do some research about scents and application toward buying some for myself before purchasing gifts.  Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Anastazja, 

      Thanks for reading my article. Yes I do tend to spray mine onto a tissue just in case the mist does happen to leave a residue. The gift ideas are great and there are so many online these days.

      If you would like to take a look at FM World’s pillow mist sprays, please feel free to take a look here.


  • Wes

    Hello.  This is a topic almost all adults are familiar with for sure. I work nights so I’m an expert at sleepless nights. The description of the tropic so sleep sounds amazing. I wish I could smell it through the screen. I always heard lavender was a natural relaxer but I didn’t know that frankincense and chamomile had the same effect on our overall stress levels. Very well written and informative thank you for the detail.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Wes,

      I can well imagine your sleep pattern is difficult to adjust to and it’s hard to get to sleep during the day. 

      Yes, the scents are incredible and really do help when trying to get a good nights rest. I sometimes find it hard to switch off at night right before bed and so I use my pillow spray to ease me into a better sleep.

      Lavender has so many benefits and is a beautiful scent. Grows like wildfire but the smell we get off of it is wonderful.

      Frankincense and camomile do have soothing benefits too and once we’ve had a great nights sleep, it really does help us get through the following day..or night for you.

      Thanks for reading and I’m pleased that you have found my article useful.

      If you are interested in trying any for yourself, pop along to my online shop where FM World sell their own bottles of  pillow mist.


  • Bojana

    Hello. I like it because I’ve never read anything like it. I didn’t even know there were sprays like this. I guess they have a calming and relaxing effect, and I honestly think that everyone needs it. I like the chamomile and lavender spray. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping, I think this would solve my problem.

    • Louise Allen


      Absolutely. They have become very popular over the past few years and there is a great selection to choose from too depending on the types of scents you like. They can really help when trying to get to sleep.

      FM World also have a selection to choose from should you wish to try any for yourself.
      Thanks for reading,

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