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    Car perfume diffuser

    Many of us drive a vehicle these days and it has become an essential purchase to get us to and from work as well as travelling around for personal use. Just like our home, we like our mode of transport to smell good too.



    The car perfume diffuser appears to have been hidden under the radar over the years with drivers opting for the cardboard style air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror or the gel pods that attach to the dashboard.

    Depending on how much you have paid for the air freshener and where it’s been purchased, some struggle to hold their scent and we are left disappointed when it needs replacing after just a couple of weeks.

    Car perfume diffuser

    Whilst some have a delightful and delicate scent, there are some on the market that are a little too overpowering, so it’s worth choosing wisely.

    Just like your favourite fragrance of perfume or aftershave, passengers don’t want to be hit with a strong scent as soon as they grab a lift from you. Subtle fragrance notes are far more pleasurable and more suited for a confined space.

    Car air fresheners are a great addition to your vehicle and can help to mask any unwanted smells such as pet hair, cigarette smoke and food. Many of the air fresheners are produced with the scent of vanilla, a popular choice but not everyone’s favourite scent as it can smell too sickly when use in a confined area such as your car.

    Another downside is that unlike perfume diffusers, the scent can’t be adjusted for comfort so it’s often all or nothing.

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    Car Air Freshener Men’s Millionaire Perfume Oil Diffuser Inspired


    Car perfume diffuser

    Car perfume diffusers are devices designed to add pleasant scents to the interior of a car. They work similarly to other types of air fresheners but are specifically designed for use in vehicles.

    These diffusers usually come in small, compact forms that can be easily attached to the car’s air vents, placed in cup holders, or hung from the rear view mirror.

    They are often designed to be visually appealing and complement the car’s interior decoration and come in various shapes, sizes and designs to match our individual preferences.

    SAUVAGE Men’s Perfume Car Air Freshener / Oil Diffuser / Car Fragrance

    Car perfume diffuser


    The diffusers use a scented medium (material or substance that carries and releases the fragrance in a perfume diffuser) to disperse the fragrance within the car. This medium can be in the form of a liquid, gel, or solid scent pellet.

    Many car perfume diffusers are designed to attach to the car’s air vents. This allows the air from the vents to pass through or around the scented element, carrying the fragrance throughout the cabin when the ventilation system is turned on.

    Some diffusers use heat or airflow generated by the car’s ventilation system to help release the scent. Heat can accelerate the evaporation of scented liquids, while airflow disperses the fragrance more effectively.

    Some diffusers have adjustable settings that allow you to control the intensity of the fragrance release. This is helpful for finding the right balance of scent for your preference and also helps your perfume diffuser to last longer.

    Depending on the design, car perfume diffusers may require refills of scented liquids, gels, or pellets after a certain period. Refills are sold separately and are available in various fragrances from places such as eBay.

    When using car perfume diffusers, it’s important to consider the safety of the product. Ensure that the chosen diffuser doesn’t obstruct your view while driving and doesn’t interfere with the proper functioning of the car’s ventilation system.

    Car perfume diffusers come in a wide range of fragrance options, from traditional floral and fruity scents to more unique and exotic blends.

    12 x Magic Tree Little Tree Hanging Air Freshener Freshner Car Assorted Bundle


    Car perfume diffuser

    Another bonus is that many on the market today come with the same fragrances as the designer perfumes. A perfect accessory to the car if you have a particular celebrity perfume that you enjoy wearing.

    It is a personal preference and scents vary widely, so it’s a good idea to choose a fragrance that you find pleasant and that won’t be overwhelming during long drives.

    Cleaning your car’s interior and the diffuser itself will also prevent any buildup of residue and keep your vehicle smelling good for longer.

    Traditional air fresheners come in various forms such as hanging cardboard or gel-based air fresheners, aerosol sprays and scented sachets. They have been widely available for a longer time and are often more affordable and accessible than the perfume diffuser.

    These are usually classed as more premium products with a sophisticated and long-lasting fragrance experience compared to traditional air fresheners.

    Lynx AFRICA Vent Car Air Freshener Fragrance Scent A1637


    Car perfume diffuser

    Safety considerations

    Visibility and Distraction: Ensure that the diffuser’s placement does not obstruct your view while driving. Hanging objects from the rear view mirror, for example, can potentially block your line of sight and create a distraction.

    Ventilation System: If you’re attaching the diffuser to the air vents, make sure it doesn’t block or interfere with the proper functioning of the ventilation system. A blocked vent could affect airflow and heating or cooling performance.

    Fragrance Intensity: While a pleasant fragrance can be enjoyable, an overpowering scent can be distracting or even cause discomfort, especially during longer drives. Choose a diffuser with adjustable settings so you can control the intensity of the fragrance.

    Allergies and Sensitivities: Be mindful of any passengers in your car who might have allergies, sensitivities, or asthma. Some strong fragrances could trigger adverse reactions in sensitive individuals.

    Product Quality: Choose reputable brands and products to ensure the quality and safety of the diffuser. Poorly made or cheaply manufactured products might pose safety risks, such as leaking liquids or melting materials.

    Temperature Considerations: Depending on the design, some diffusers might use heat to disperse the fragrance. Make sure that any heat-emitting parts of the diffuser are designed to operate safely within the car’s environment.

    Regular Maintenance: Keep the interior of your car clean and periodically clean the diffuser itself to prevent any buildup of residue or mold, which could affect air quality.

    Flammability: If the diffuser uses a liquid or flammable material, be cautious to prevent leaks or spills that could create a fire hazard.

    Child and Pet Safety: If you have children or pets travelling in the car, make sure the diffuser is not within their reach, as they might accidentally tamper with it.

    Compliance with Regulations: Depending on your jurisdiction, there might be regulations regarding the use of certain car accessories. Ensure that the diffuser you’re using complies with local laws and regulations.

    Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, usage and maintenance.


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    How long do they last

    The longevity of a car perfume diffuser’s scent can vary based on several factors, including the type of diffuser, the quality of the fragrance, the ambient temperature, and the frequency of use.

    Liquid or Oil Diffusers: Car perfume diffusers that use scented liquids or oils typically have a longer-lasting fragrance compared to some other types. These diffusers often come with a small bottle of scented liquid that you pour into the diffuser. The duration the fragrance lasts can range from several weeks to a couple of months, depending on the amount of liquid used and the settings of the diffuser.

    Solid Gel or Bead Diffusers: These diffusers contain scented gels or beads that slowly release fragrance over time. They can last anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the size of the diffuser and the quality of the scent medium.

    Scented Cardboard or Paper Diffusers: Hanging cardboard or paper air fresheners are often less long-lasting than other types of diffusers. They might provide fragrance for a few weeks to a month.

    Heat-Based Diffusers: Some diffusers use heat to accelerate the evaporation of scented liquids. These can potentially have a shorter lifespan, as the heat can cause the liquid to evaporate more quickly.

    Airflow-Based Diffusers: Diffusers that rely on the car’s ventilation system to disperse fragrance might have a longer lifespan since they release scent in smaller amounts when the air is flowing.

    Black Car Diffuser Air Freshener Free P&P with 2 random fragrance sticks


    Car perfume diffuser


    It’s important to note that the perception of fragrance can also change over time. You might become accustomed to the scent, leading you to believe that the diffuser’s effectiveness has decreased when it’s actually still releasing fragrance.

    Factors such as temperature can impact the diffusion rate of the fragrance. Higher temperatures can cause the scent to evaporate more quickly, while lower temperatures can extend its lifespan. Additionally, if you have the diffuser set to a higher intensity, it might run out faster.

    Car branded cologne

    To maximize the lifespan of your car perfume diffuser, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for usage and consider using it at a lower intensity setting if adjustable. Keep in mind that individual experiences can vary based on the specific product and usage conditions.

    Car perfume diffusers also make a great gift for Father’s Day or as a stocking filler for Christmas gift ideas.

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  • Perfumes

    Psychology of perfume

    We have discussed many topics on fragrances within this website, from choosing the right scent to the best places on the skin to wear it so let’s take a deeper look inside the psychology of perfume.



    Psychology as a topic has always been an interest of mine and we usually associate it with the study of behaviour and the mind, including why we do the things we do and how our thoughts and feelings are processed.

    What about how a perfume scent makes us feel? Many of us wear a perfume or cologne on a daily basis and there’s a reason why we do.

    To make us feel happy, content, desirable, clean and fresh. It’s a fascinating area that explores the powerful effects that fragrance scents can have on human emotions, our behaviour and perception.

    Perfumes have been used for thousands of years for various purposes, including religious rituals, personal grooming, and as status symbols.

    Today, the fragrance industry is a multi-billion-dollar market, driven by the psychological impact of scents on individuals and their social interactions. Scents can make a huge difference to everyone’s life so let’s take a look at some key aspects of the psychology of perfume.

    Psychology of perfume


    Psychology of perfume


    We know that as soon as we sniff a certain fragrance, the scent has the ability to trigger emotional and memory associations. Perhaps you wore a certain perfume for your wedding or a particular scent that a family member once wore  triggers a memory of a loved one that has passed.

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    Smells have a direct connection to the limbic system (the emotional control centre of our brains). The part of the brain responsible for emotions and memory.

    Certain scents can evoke nostalgia, joy, relaxation, or even trigger negative emotions based on experiences associated with those smells.

    For example, the smell of a certain flower might remind someone of their childhood or a particular event and the smell of peppermint is associated with increased alertness and improved concentration.

    Perfumes have the ability to influence our mood and emotional state. Certain scents are known for their calming and relaxing effects, such as lavender or chamomile and can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

    Something that we all experience during today’s demanding world.

    Fragrances can be used as a means of emotional regulation. Some individuals may intentionally wear a particular scent when they need to boost their confidence before an important event or soothe their nerves in stressful situations.

    This association between scent and emotional states can create a comforting and familiar foundation.

    Psychology of perfume

    In previous years, perfumes and fragrances have been manufactured specifically for men or women, maintaining the idea that certain fragrances are more suitable for one gender over the other.

    Nowadays, things have moved on and there has been a huge rise in unisex fragrances which are very popular today.

    Additionally, citrus or fruit scents are often uplifting and can promote feelings of happiness and energy. I am definitely a lover of fruit notes to help with my well-being.

    It’s like wearing the sunshine on my skin and now and then when the scent reaches my nose, I feel uplifted and happy.

    Many of us have heard of signature scents and perfumes can be an essential item to bring self-expression and define our personal identity.


    We tend to choose fragrances that align with our personality or the image we want to project to the world. Some people may prefer floral scents because of their femininity, while others may opt for wood or musk notes to express strength and sensuality.

    Each of us are unique so our scent will be too.

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    Perfume smells plays a significant role in human attraction and sensuality.

    Pheromones, which are chemical signals that animals (including humans) release, can influence mate selection and attraction.

    Although the effects of pheromones in humans are still debated, certain fragrances are marketed as having aphrodisiac qualities, aiming to enhance attractiveness and allure.

    You can see a collection here at FM World where we have our range of pheromone fragrances for men and women.

    The psychology of perfume is also evident in how we perceive and interact with luxury brands.

    It’s no surprise that many of us a drawn to the higher priced perfumes but it’s not because of their price tag. Celebrities have a big influence over us and we enjoy following the lives of particular stars.

    By purchasing a scent that our favourite celebrity wears or has endorsed, makes us feel that bit closer to them.

    Companies are clever too with the way they market perfumes and cologne. They design and position fragrances to align with their brand image and target audience.

    For instance, a sports brand might create a fresh and invigorating scent to appeal to active individuals, while a luxury fashion brand may opt for a more sophisticated and elegant fragrance to reflect its identity.


    psychology of perfume


    Each of these will result in having an impact on the purchaser.

    If you have ever been into a large department store such as Debenhams, you will have noticed a specific counter full of fragrances and an assistant poised, ready to spray you as you walk past.

    It’s worth remembering that these extra details are just a snippet of what we pay when purchasing high end perfumes such as Chanel, Baccarat Rouge and Creed.

    Quite often, the scent can be smelt as soon as you walk into a large store as it wafts in every direction.

    This encourages the shopper to investigate the scent and retailers know exactly which fragrances to select for the biggest impact during that particular season or time of year, such as Christmas.

    High-end perfumes often come with a higher price tag, creating a perception of exclusivity and sophistication. The scent itself can evoke a sense of luxury and prestige, influencing how people view the brand and its products.

    We have learned through this website that affordable fragrances are just as luxurious as the top end expensive brands and we should go with what we can afford and what suits our skin type.

    Perfume scent can be influenced by our individual experiences. Some scents may be more appealing for certain events such as a wedding where a more delicate fragrance is suitable, especially where a lot of people attend.

    No one wants an overpowering fragrance that takes away the beauty of the day. For a more relaxed event such as an evening out and perhaps during the winter, stronger scents work very well and are often more suitable for making an impact.

    It’s no secret that perfumes play a big part in aromatherapy. This form of alternative medicine is hugely popular and utilizes the psychological impact of scents to promote well-being and address certain health issues.


    Many people try to avoid taking medication so whilst essentials oils should not be a replacement for medical treatment, certain oils and fragrances are believed to have therapeutic effects.

    Alleviating stress and calming the mind or improving sleep quality. Lavender is very popular for helping those who suffer with difficulty sleeping.

    You must not rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider

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    It’s important to recognize that we all react differently with perfumes and it’s the individual who will find the perfume that most suits them and the occasion.

    The psychology of perfume is a complex and intricate field, blending biology, psychology, culture and personal experiences to understand the profound influence that scents can have on our emotions and behaviours.

    Perfumes have such an uplifting experience for both men and women and the joy that hundreds of scents can bring us as individuals.



    The psychology of perfume is a complex field that delves into human behaviour, emotions, marketing strategies as well as sensory experiences.

    The way we respond to scents is deeply ingrained in our soul, making perfumes a powerful tool for shaping emotions, memories, and social interactions.

    Whichever perfume you choose, enjoy the power that each individual scent can bring.

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  • Perfumes

    Perfume that smells like flowers

    With summer well and truly here to stay for a while yet, many of us are reaching for the floral scents. Something delicate to wear and perfume that smells like flowers are suitable for the heat.

    Of course, it’s not just women who wear floral scents. Many male fragrances have a touch of feminine flowers in them.

    These scents will fall more in the Chypre family so there will be a hint of more oriental and woody aromas.

    With so many unisex fragrances available on the market today, many of these will have a balance of masculine and feminine scents in their bottle.

    There are lots of flowers that perfumes are based on too.





    Be careful how much you spray

    Floral based perfumes can often smell a little too sweet and sickly if too much is sprayed on, so less is more for the summer months.
    The heat from our body as well as the atmosphere can increase the vibrancy of a perfume so it is best to find a delicate scent or spray a smaller amount.


    If you are new to the fragrance world, it can be hard trying to find the fragrance scent that is suitable to your skin.

    Samples are a great way of trying a new scent and well worth trying on a few different ones from all the different fragrance families.

    Once you know your family type and what suits you the most, you can then narrow down what other ingredients you want in your fragrance.

    When we think of floral perfumes, we don’t just think of flowers.

    The floral family consists of so many elements so we will find scents from fruit, citrus, woody, aldehyte and water green notes.

    Flower perfumes do seem to dominate the fragrance world as they are so popular and in the majority of our bottles.

    They are also suitable for both male and female scents.



    Female scents

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    Flower Bomb- Victor & Rolf

    Flower Bomb was launched in 2005 and is classed as an explosion of summer scents.
    There is no doubt that this fragrance was created with pure femininity in mind.
    Very sweet and unforgettable in its ability to linger and turn heads, Flower Bomb is still one of the best-selling perfumes of today.
    There is a mixture of flower scents that include patchouli, rose, jasmine and freesia.
    With base notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli, it’s of little surprise that this perfume has a very sweet aroma.
    This perfume will suit any age and is particularly suitable for the spring and summer months when the floral dresses are dominating the shops and the garden flowers are in full bloom.
    Perfume that smells like flowers


    Alien-Thierry Mugler

    Another scent to become hugely popular in 2005 is Alien.
    Thierry Mugler has created an acquired scent with this very feminine perfume.
    Just like its deep purple bottle design, Alien gives an instant scent of summer with its simplistic floral notes.
    There’s a strong scent of sambac jasmine as soon as the first spray hits your skin and with a heart note of cashmere wood and base note of white amber, every woman will feel sensual wearing this scent.
    With its touch of woody scent, it balances out the floral notes perfectly.
    There is even a hint of musk after the first spray has worn to its middles notes.
    Perfume that smells like perfume

    Buy now on ebay



    Good Girl Gone Bad

    The bottle alone shows class, elegance and sophistication as we experience the floral, summer scents of this 2012 perfume.

    The history behind this creation being one about Eve, Gods creation.

    She started off being pure and innocent before trying the forbidden fruit and this scent belongs to the Killian collection of fragrances based around women of today, unafraid to be sultry and bold.

    A wonderful combination of fragrance notes which include jasmine, rose, amber, cedar, orange blossom and osmanthus gives this perfume a very feminine feel.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

    Buy now on ebay

    Daisy-Marc Jacobs

    The name alone speaks volumes when it comes to perfume that smell like flowers.
    With its very distinctive flowery bottle cap and soft edges, it gives a real sense of pretty Daisies, lavender fields’ and summer.

    Created in 2007, Daisy is a classic in the perfume world and has stayed at the forefront of many of its competitions for the past 15 years.

    The perfect scent for youngsters as well as the more mature, it has a proper aroma of freshness.

    It bursts with fruity scents and is a fresh fragrance that sits perfectly on the skin during summer.

    Daisy has a very distinctive fragrance and this is why so many women love it.

    What’s not to love about wild berries, musk, jasmine and vanilla?

    Some vanilla notes can be overpowering in certain perfumes but Daisy has just the right blend with the musk and white woods base notes to still be able to enjoy its pretty delicate scent.

    Perfume that smells like perfume

    Buy now on ebay

    Perfect- Marc Jacobs

    Another “perfect” scent by Marc Jacobs that is a fairly new release to the perfume world when it was launched in 2020.

    A very similar style to Daisy, Perfect also shows off a wonderful and creative design in its bottle cap.

    This time with charms in the shape of dice, a star, a shoe, a peeled banana, MJ initials on gold cubes and a hair bow on its cap.

    All created by the man himself to give a very feminine, playful and elegant scent.

    This perfume really does bring out the summer in everyone as soon as the bottle is sprayed.

    A combination of fruit, almond, wood, sweet, nutty and musk notes gives this classic bottle its popularity.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

    Buy now on ebay

    Unisex scents

    Rose prick- Tom Ford

    Tom Fords fragrances have become very successful and popular over the past few years and it’s easy to see why.
    Rose Prick is a unisex scent that almost looks like it belongs in the ladies section of any perfume store.
    In fact, this unisex fragrance is very much inspired by Tom Ford’s own garden of rose scents.
    To match up to its name, Rose Prick contains fragrance notes to give its name justice.
    Rose, pepper, spice and patchouli give this scent a wild and open fields’ kind of vibe.
    Even though its aroma sits in the Chypre family, there is still a scent of flowers and summer scents that fits and is balanced perfectly for both men and women.
    Perfume that smells like flowers

    Buy now on ebay

    Fleur De Portofino-Tom Ford unisex

    Another of Tom Ford’s creations with perhaps a slightly more masculine looking bottle, is Fleur De Portofino.
    The name itself instantly transports us to far away places and tropical flowers.
    With its floral and fruity scent, it works well on both men and women.
    Launched in 2015, such notes of citrus, honey, bergamot, jasmine and violet leaf almost veer towards a feminine approach.
    Cleverly, they transport us to a tropical paradise where we envisage clear seas, coastal sands and wild flowers cascading around the high rocks of the coast.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

    Buy now on ebay


    Male scents

    Fahrenheit- Dior

    There won’t be many who haven’t heard of this fragrance. Launched in 1988, Fahrenheit cologne is a timeless classic.
    Although it is another scent that sits in the Cypre family, it also consists of floral notes of bergamot, mandarin, patchouli, vetiver, carnation and violet leaves.
    The packaging and bottle transport us to far away places with its unique ‘sunset’ colours and is suitable to wear all year round.
    The initial smell comes across as woody and leather but after a few minutes on the skin, there is a delicate smell of fruit and violets that comes through, giving this fragrance a delicate, yet masculine feel.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

    Buy now on ebay

    Light blue- Dolce & Gabanna

    Launched in 2001, Light Blue has a gorgeous fresh summer smell when it is first sprayed.

    Almost instantly the citrus and fruity notes hit your nose and it holds a masculine yet playful vibe and this is what makes it such a popular choice for men.

    A wonderful collaboration of grapefruit, bergamont, juniper, pepper, rosemary, musk, oakmoss, Sicilian mandarin to name a few of its notes.

    Light Blue reminds us of open spaces, holidays abroad and linen shirts.


    Perfume that smells like flowers

    Buy now on ebay



    So there you have it. A collection of male and female perfume that smells like flowers.


    Did you know ?

    Fm World have a collection of designer inspired fragrances for men, women and unisex that have very similar perfume notes to those of the designer names.
    If you love fragrances but not their price tag, take a look here for our collection of alternative perfumes and aftershaves.

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  • Pillow mist,  Reviews

    Pillow mist spray review

    Have you ever used a pillow mist spray? Here I write a review on one of my favourites called Tropic So Sleepy.


    Pillow mist spray review

    There’s nothing worse that feeling tired before going to bed and then finding that you’re wide awake for the next hour trying to sleep.

    We’ve all been there as adults more so than children. They seem to have a knack and the ability of dropping off as soon as their head hits the pillow. If only !

    Being sleep deprived can have a huge impact on our day to day activities, especially if we’ve had several nights of desperately trying to dose off with little success.

    Waking up the next morning feeling like you have been awake for most of the night is not a nice feeling.

    Many of us are already in the habit of watching TV til late, working and looking at our screens before bed and these combinations don’t assist us in any way.

    The perfect solution in a bottle of pillow mist spray

    I had a bottle of the Tropic So Sleepy bought as a gift for my birthday last year.
    I have never used one before but was willing to give it a try to see if it really did work.

    Looking at the ingredients alone was enough surely to help me drop off to sleep.

    Notes of lavender, chamomile and frankincense essential oils in a 30ml bottle sounded heavenly and was surely going to help enormously with getting a good nights sleep.




    I have always been a bit wary of spraying products directly onto my pillow. Not keen on the idea that my skin could potentially touch the product as it soaks in whilst I move into different positions in a bid to get comfortable.

    The great thing about using a pillow mist spray is that although it is a pillow mist you don’t have to spray on your pillow.

    Like other topical products that help sleep and the respirator system, I like to put the product onto a tissue and then have the tissue nearby my pillow so that I still benefit from its properties.

    By doing this, I know that the product is not going to come into contact with my skin and potentially cause a reaction.

    The first whiff of the Tropic So Sleepy product is definitely the lavender. A beautiful flower not just for its vibrant colour but also for so many of its healing properties.

    Pillow mist spray review
    A beautiful scent to assist in a peaceful nights sleep


    There is almost a sense of instant calm as soon as the fragrance hits your nose, giving you the confidence that it will assist in a better nights sleep.

    Having not used it for several weeks, simply due to forgetting that I had it in my bedside drawer, and having a few disturbed nights, I was keen to revisit this little product once again.

    I’ve been used to waking up through the night regularly for several years and that’s part and parcel of how my sleep pattern has settled. This has never really bothered me that much.

    Clock watching

    The fact that I was finding it difficult to get to sleep in the first place was what bothered me.

    Every five minutes looking at the clock to see if the time had moved on as much as it felt like it had or indeed if I had even fallen asleep and woken up again a short time later.



    Pillow mist spray review
    Nothing worse than constantly checking the alarm clock to see if we have been asleep or still very much awake



    Sleep definitely felt like it was overrated when we were younger. Why do we need to go to bed so early? What was the importance of sleep?

    “I don’t want to go to bed!”

    As we grow older, we start to learn and realise that sleep is an essential part of our everyday living.

    Without a good night rest, it can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, our well-being and our physical being.

    We spent so many years in our youth fighting sleep and not wanting to go to bed and now as adults we are desperately going the other way in trying to get as much shut-eye as possible.

    The 30ml bottle simply requires 2 to 3 pumps at 30 cms away from your pillow to aid a peaceful night sleep. It is 100% naturally derived and can be purchased on eBay.

    Take a look at my article on pillow mist spray where I show a selection of sleep sprays and the benefits of using them and the benefits of their main ingredient Lavender.


    The ingredients in a bottle of Tropic So Sleepy pillow mist spray

    Tropic So Sleepy contains chamomile so let’s take a look at the benefits of this ingredient.

    Chamomile is a wonderful mild tranquilizer and it contains apigenin, found in many plants, one of the bioflavonoids and helps to reduce anxiety and causes sedation.

    Both needed for a restful nights sleep. Chamomile tea also has huge benefits too.

    In order to have a peaceful night, our body needs to be in a relaxed state.

    So by using pillow sprays that contain such ingredients as lavender and chamomile, we are well on our way to heading in the right direction in preparing our body for sleep.

    Most of us will aim for at least 6-8 hours if we can.

    Another ingredient that this little bottle of magic contains is frankincense.

    With similar properties to chamomile, frankincense helps to overcome stress, it has aromatherapeutic benefits and promotes relaxation.

    Sometimes it can also be the added obstacle of having a winter cold that stops us from dropping off to sleep easily.

    Pillow mist spray review
    Colds and flu put a stop to a restful l night










    Many of us have attempted to get to sleep but our nose is either running or our sinuses are blocked up.

    Why does this always happen at night ?!

    By helping to relax the body and mind, along with added aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus, this can help to relieve such symptoms.

    So many people prefer to have topical solutions to help with every day situations rather than taking medicines or supplements and the pillow mist spray is a wonderful creation and highly recommended.

    Those with children I’m sure have used Olbus oil in the past to help children with stuffy noses and coughs to help them sleep yet we forget to do similar things when we are adults and are struggling to sleep too.


    Pillow mist spray review

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    pillow mist spray on Bay.co.uk

    £20.00 for 75ml if you buy direct from the tropicskincare.com website.

    They also have a selection of gift sets instead of buying individually. Some contain hand cream and temple sticks as well. A great gift for someone who struggles to have a restful night.



    Size of bottle : 30ml

    My rating: 9.5 out of 10.


    Avoid Spraying onto delicate fabrics and furniture. Do not apply directly onto your skin. Avoid contact with eyes with water if contact occurs.


    Alcohol free.

    Vegan and cruelty -free. Perfect !

    This product has great reviews online and it really does help especially if used regularly.

    A gorgeous combination of fresh and calming aromas that help with the night time battle of drifting off to sleep naturally.


    Do you struggle to get off to sleep ?

    Let me know below and perhaps you can try a bottle for yourself.

    Join the Wealthy Affiliate platform and earn passive income.

    Pillow mist spray review
    Sleep well …
  • Perfumes,  Review

    FM perfume no.413 review

    FM perfume no.413 review

    Have you tried Fm World’s fragrances yet?

    They believe in simplicity when it comes to packaging and style of bottles and FM 413 is no exception.





    As we head into the spring and are perhaps looking for a fragrance that sits more in the oriental/fruity family, FM are not short of choice.

    No. 413 has been a very popular scent over the past few years as its fragrance notes are very similar to those of La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme.



    Fragrance notes:

    Head: blackcurrant, pear

    Heart: iris, jasmine, orange blossom

    Base: chocolate pralines, patchouli, vanilla


    This fragrance gives a sense of sweetness and flirtatious vibes and a very popular scent to own.

    What’s great about this fragrance is that it also comes in a PHEROMONE perfume, INTENSE perfume ( which contains 30% perfume oil) , a fragrance candle, reed diffuser, a wardrobe fragrance and wax melts to name a few.



    It’s wonderful to find a scent that can be extended into the home to carry the beautiful spring/summer notes through every room.

    So what makes this fragrance one of FM’s most popular ?

    Many women love the smell of fruits and deep scents such as vanilla and patchouli.

    The Lancôme perfume, which was launched in 2012 and advertised by the beautiful Julia Roberts, has very similar fragrance notes.

    When we see celebrity’s endorsing perfumes, it encourages us to try that scent to give a sense of feeling and looking just as gorgeous as our idols.

    The only missing ingredient from FM413 is Tonka Bean. If you were to try a sample of FM 413, the smell will be almost identical.

    Whilst FM create their very own fragrances, they do use the same perfume oil as the designer fragrances which are created by DROM in Germany.


    You can read the story of DROM here.


    We already know that no one sees the packaging or fancy bottle when we purchase designer scents and they can leave a huge dent in the purse/wallet, yet many are still hung up on the idea of owning expensive brands.


    FM is a cruelty -free fragrance company and one that stands out from the rest not only for being affordable but for also creating long-lasting fragrances.


    As they have no celebrity endorsers or TV adverts, they can keep the cost down and therefore fans of the fragrances can indeed buy several bottles of their favourite perfumes.

    Having tried several and having a large selection of my own perfumes over the years, I have to say that no.413 is one of my favourites.

    It’s also a favourite for one of my customers!


    FM no.413 perfume review


    It’s suitable for all seasons as it has an oriental feel for wearing during the winter but also a selection of fruity notes that pop through to give a spring/summer vibe.

    Many women who currently wear La Vie Est Belle have said that they can’t tell the difference between their own designer bottled scent and that of FM 413.

    It’s an ideal scent to wear during the daytime in the office or out for a lunch date with friends. If you fancy a stronger version for an evening there is the option of the intense version too. How many designer fragrances give us that option ?



    FM 413 is a long-lasting fragrance without a doubt and will certainly get you receiving compliments as I do, when wearing it.

    Some will compare the Federico Mahora fragrance to that of La Vie Est Belle without understanding that this fragrance isn’t supposed to be a replica for the designer scent.

    In fact, none of the Fm perfumes should be compared to the designer scents because they are their own individual brand and company.

    Read my article about why buying cheap perfume will cost more

    If you love sweet and long-lasting scents then FM no.413 is definitely worth trying. Order your sample here.

    Some wearers have even noticed this particular scent lingers on clothing the following day after being sprayed.


    Another great reason to purchase if you want your clothes smelling gorgeous without having to wash them after the first wear.

    Due to its very fruity and oriental notes, this perfume only requires a few sprays as it is instantly noticeable.

    It will last around 6-8 hours and is one of the fragrances that does linger more than others so less is definitely more with this bottle.

    I love the idea that this bottle is designed with such simplicity that it fits perfectly inside a handbag if you did want to re apply throughout the day.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    : £24.00

    Available to purchase from FM World 

    Size of bottle : 50ml

    Sample size (1.4ml) available for 60 pence from FM World

    My rating : 10 out of 10!!


    If you are looking for a more intense scent, try the Pure Intense bottle.

  • Reviews,  Scented wax melts

    Scented wax melts reviews

    Scented wax melts reviews

    It wasn’t until the early part of last year (2021) that I came across scented wax melts. What a wonderful alternative to candles! Elegant, simple to use and a cosy atmosphere instantly created.




    Scented wax melts reviews
    FM 413 wax melts. A great gift for the home with a choice of scents to choose from



    These wax burners are so quick and easy to use and with so many stylish holders available, I knew I’d found myself a great purchase.

    Many of us currently have a scented candle to give off a pleasant fragrance or a reed diffuser that work similar but without a naked flame. Long lasting and an instant fragrance to fill the home.


    Candles used to be very popular during the winter and especially around Christmas time, but we are seeing more and more homes having scented candles lit throughout the summer too.

    Our gardens have also enjoyed a naked flame whist we sit watching the sun go down.



    Did you know ?

    Wax melts are a fairly new concept and a new product on the market. They were first created as a way of using up excess wax that was left over by candle makers. A great way to reuse left over wax.

    Candles have been around for thousands of years and are still popular today.


    How to make your own wax melts at home 


    Why are wax melts so popular?

    Having a wax melt dish in my own home and a new addition I might add, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.

    There are so many pretty wax burners on the market with different types to choose from and it’s relaxing to watch as the wax slowly starts to melt away under the flame.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Wax melts holder with saucer candle holder on eBay


    If your home is occupied by pets or young children, buying a wax burner that you can plug-in is safer than the burners that use tea light candles as the heat is generated from the powered bulb.


    Please bear in mind that even when using a plug-in wax melt, the wax will still be very hot when it burns into a liquid and therefore can still harm young children or pets if it is accidentally knocked over.


    Placing the dish in a safe place is essential.

    Unlike most candles that will have a burn time between 30 and 40 hours, depending on the size that you purchase, using wax melts are much more economical. They seem to burn on forever.

    Having never used them before myself, I was very ambitious in using four small cubes and placing them into the tray and then lighting the tea light candle.

    Over two months later and burning the cubes every day for approximately six hours, I am still on my first four cubes. A lovely aroma fills my home as soon as it’s lit.

    One cube will suffice for several weeks but if you like strong scents in the home, of course, use more than one cube for a more powerful scent.



    Wax melts are a great way to fragrance the home for a long period of time, without overpowering the room.


    Scented wax melts reviews
    There are some very elegant wax melts holders available online



    Being so easy to use and lightweight so that you can take them on your travels, makes wax melts even more popular.

    If you fancy having a change of fragrance, wait for the wax to become solid and gently remove from the top of the dish.


    The dish can be wiped easily and a different fragrance cube can be added. Plug-in or light your tea light candle and away you go.


    Like most candles, wax melts are also very relaxing and therapeutic and with so many styles and fragrances on the market, there is one to suit everyone.

    Everyone loves the smell of clean, crisp and a scent of freshness in the home.



    Benefits of using wax melts

    Lemon is a very versatile scent that instantly lifts our spirits, makes the home feel clean and gives us a kick start to the day.

    Pine is a reminder of the Christmas season, with its woody and fresh smell and is a great scent for those who need a little pick-me-up as it helps to lower depression and stress. Something I’m sure many of us could use from time to time!

    Vanilla This is one of those scents I feel that you either love or you hate. Whilst some will enjoy its sweet, warm and sugary scent, others will find it too sickly. A positive benefit of using vanilla is its ability to uplift and bring joy and relaxation.

     Lavender Possibly one of the most popular fragrances as it has a very delicate floral scent that is very subtle and has huge healing properties. For those who suffer with anxiety, depression, disturbed sleeping pattern or fatigue, a touch of lavender can make a huge difference.

    A very popular scent that is used in aromatherapy and added to essential oils.




    Scented wax melts reviews
    Most homes these days have a fragrance in some form of another.




    There’s nothing quite like sitting at your desk on a winters evening, with a gentle scent of fragrance filling the room and the flicker of candle lights to give a cosy feel.

    If you are feeling creative, you can take small portions from a couple of different fragrance cubes and pop them in together for your own unique scent.

    Besides using them for your own benefit, wax melts really do make a lovely gift for someone.

    The burners, whether you choose plug-in or the tea light candle style can be bought from places like eBay.

    If it is just the wax melts that you are purchasing, these can be bought from several places online and it’s good to know that FM Cosmetics also have a selection of wax melts that match some of your favourite fragrances.


    FM wax melts


    These delightful home ritual wax melts come in a box of 25 cubes and are available in seven different scents.



    Scented wax melts reviews
    FM wax melts have become very popular since they came onto the market earlier this year



    • Lemongrass
    • White Sandalwood
    • FM 900 ( inspired by Tom Ford- Lost Cherry)
    • FM 910 ( inspired by Baccatat Rouge 540)
    • FM 472 ( inspired by Aventus Creed)
    • FM 18 ( Inspired by Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel )
    • FM 413 ( inspired by La Vie Est Belle- Lancôme )


    I currently have FM 413 burning in my home. A beautiful, delicate scent that helps me relax. We also have the same fragrance as 50ml perfume bottle sprays so you can carry your favourite scent to work or into town.

    FM 900 and FM910 are unisex so are perfect for the home or office. You can purchase your box here.

    Price £22 per box. This works out at just 88 pence per cube and with each cube lasting for several weeks, they really are affordable!

    Box size 75g

    My rating : 10 out of 10.

    A must have for every home!



    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Check out eBay too for their selection of wax melts.

  • Pillow mist

    Pillow mist spray

    Pillow mist spray has become very popular of late and has been a great product in helping with restful sleep.


    The closest thing I ever knew of a pillow mist spray was a few drops of Olbus oil or lavender on my pillow to help me sleep.

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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Pillow mist spray on ebay


    Pillow mist spray
    Capture the ambiance of a peaceful nights sleep with a pillow mist spray



    The Olbus oil was fairly strong and was mainly used to aid a cold.

    I also remember using Bach Flower pure essential oils as a sleeping aid. Concentrated oil that had so many uses.

    • Stress relief
    • Tea tree for healing
    • Relaxation and calm
    • Rescue remedy for reducing worry and anxiety


    Lavender has always been a good fragrance for helping with sleep and calming the mind for a more relaxed feel.

    Pillow mist spray
    Lavender- aromatic, antioxidant, calming, sedative and antidepressant













    It’s unclear how lavender actually does work with helping with sleep but there is the suggestion that Linalool, a major component of lavender oil, produces a sedative effect.

    GABA (Gamma- aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter which sends chemical messages through to the nervous system and to the brain. This reaction plays a major role in aiding better sleep.

    Lavender, with its vibrant colour can be found in so many items on the market that can help us sleep.

    • Soap
    • Candles
    • Spray
    • Plants
    • Body lotion
    • Sleep balm

    Pillow mist spray

    The benefits of using a pillow spray

    When you find it difficult to switch off and sleep at night, a pillow spray could be just for you. They are infused with aromatherapy ingredients such as lavender, Jasmine, Rose, white musk, lemon and geranium.

    The delicate scents help with relaxation, restfulness and calmness. All of which will aid to a better nights sleep. They are safe to use, reasonably priced and easy to apply.
    We have all had those nights and mornings where we feel that it is taking hours to switch off and fall asleep or wake up in the morning feeling like we’ve only been asleep for a few hours.
    Especially during the winter months when it can be difficult to get up and out of bed on the dark mornings.

    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.

    Pillow mist spray

    The importance of sleep

    It’s vital that we get enough shut eye. Not only for our well-being but also it allows us to set time aside to switch off from a busy schedule and relax the mind.
    Over time, lack of sleep can have an adverse effect. We may start to notice that we feel more burnt out, more irritable, excessively tired and genuinely feeling unmotivated for the day.
    Pillow mist spray
    A good nights sleep is essential for our wellbeing



    Our bodies do a lot of repairing whilst we sleep. Changes in the way we breathe, our heart rate and brain activity all takes place when we rest through the night so it’s important that we get enough hours to make sure that our body rests fully.

    To feel refreshed when you wake is definitely a sign that we’ve had a restful night.

    If you wake up still feeling lethargic, forgetful and dragging your feet then a lack of essential sleep may be part of the problem.

    Pillow mist spray

    Sleep helps fight off infection such as a cold so it’s important that we get enough rest through the night.
    We are all guilty of staying up late to watch a movie or enjoy an evening with friends.


    Whilst this is OK in the short term, over time our bodies almost cry out for us to listen and take note to rest.
    Many of us don’t get the recommended seven hours sleep that’s needed.
    Gone are the days when it was a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa to help us sleep. Although these do work to relax the body and mind.
    Nowadays there are other ways to help us and they don’t involve taking medication either.


    When you find that your brain just doesn’t switch off before bed, then a pillow mist spray really can help.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Pillow mist spray

    NEOM- Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist Spray, 30ml

    Often we can find ourselves in a catch 22 situation. The worry and stress caused by not being able to fall asleep quickly and easily, mounts up and therefore keeps us awake even longer.

    Why should we use a pillow mist?

    It goes without saying that one person may not notice any difference using a pillow spray compared to someone else.
    Having a safe and easy to use product that can be sprayed onto the pillow or bed linen can help to alleviate the restfulness that so many people suffer from.


    Life is very much fast moving these days and many of us will often go to bed with the days worries or things to do on our mind.


    Listening to calming music has a very similar effect but unlike using a pillow mist spray, the music needs to be switched off automatically so that it’s not playing all through the night and potentially waking you back up again.

    The best scents to use

    So what are the best scents to use when it comes to a pillow mist spray?
    Chamomile, an ingredient that is often in pillow mists has been shown to alleviate anxiety.

    Pillow mist spray

    Elysium pillow spray on ebay 

    Lavender is possibly the most common scent found in pillow mists. Its benefits include reducing the blood pressure and help in the body to produce melatonin.
    Have you used a pillow mist spray before?
    Let us know what you think of them.
  • Perfumes

    A passion for fragrances

    The fragrance world continues to grow and more of us wear a scent and have a passion for fragrances.

    When I was about 8 years old, I had already shown an interest for perfumes and I used to enjoy making my own concoction of ‘perfume’ and loved the idea of being creative.

    Many of my friends were keen on making a scent too and we would find ourselves picking flowers from the neighbours garden to make our wonderful creations.

    The neighbours weren’t happy about their flowers ‘disappearing’ and when approached by them, we would deny any knowledge of picking their flowers. Truth be told, we had a wonderful collection of their roses, lavender and jasmine. The perfect fresh flowers to make our perfume.

    Fancy designer perfume bottles 

    Having picked such beautiful flowers from the neighbours cherished garden, my friends and i would find a suitable bowl from my mother’s kitchen, pop them in the bowl and crush them up with our fingers into tiny little pieces.

    It was a very messy job. Our fingers would be a mixture of green and brown and boy did the flowers stain!

    A passion for fragrances

    A passion for fragrances- the recipe 


    Once we had our crushed petals, we’d then add a little water to gain a little liquid consistency. The idea was that by having a bowl of crushed petals with a drop of water, we would end up with a gorgeous scent in the bowl.

    Instead, the colours would start to drain from the petals and we ended up a with a bowl of mush.

    We left the bowl overnight in my bedroom to infuse the scent and the next morning we drained the petals to remove the excess liquid. This went into a plastic bottle that we had randomly found in the bathroom.

    Adding the best ingredients

    Our scent didn’t smell particularly strong so we decided to add another ingredient.

    The best ingredient that we could add to our slop of brown petals was a bottle of perfume to give it a bit more authenticity. The next task was to find a lovely bottle of perfume to add to our liquid. Well, there was no better place to look than my mother’s wardrobe.

    The collection was endless. To the point that she really wouldn’t miss a little fragrance from her collection and it was one from the back so she clearly didn’t wear that one very often.

    There we were, ‘borrowing’ a bottle of my mothers very expensive YSL Black Opium fragrance. She wouldn’t notice her favourite perfume was missing. In fact, I was convinced she wouldn’t miss a single drop from her expensive bottle.

    The scent was so distinctive that I was sure that I would have remembered such a scent wafting around the house from her wearing it.

    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, i may receive compensation.




    A passion for fragrances

    YSL Black Opium 90ML EDP Spray Woman (BRAND NEW & SEALED)


    Mum hardly wore perfume anywhere because it was expensive and adults only wore expensive perfume when they went out somewhere posh and it was worthy of wearing it. I was safe to ‘borrow’.

    ScentBox.com is a unique designer fragrance subscription box service. Customers get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for only $14.95. Every month they will choose from over 750 designer fragrances and get them delivered right to their door in our signature keepsake box.

    The complete creation of perfume 

    After mixing mums favourite perfume into the bowl with our discoloured liquid from the petals we had drained, the complete creation smelt absolutely lovely that I was convinced I could have become a millionaire!

    My mother finally noticed that her expensive bottle of YSL had indeed disappeared. As for myself- I discovered that I was a very fast runner as a child!

    From that day I was banned from going anywhere near my mother’s wardrobe and the neighbours kept a watchful eye on their garden and beautiful flowers whenever I had friends over to play.

    Being creative as children 

    Making perfume allows children to express their creativity and individuality. They can experiment with different scents and combinations to create unique fragrances that reflect their personal preferences and imagination.

    Perfume making engages children’s senses. They get to explore various aromas, essential oils, and other ingredients, stimulating their sense of smell and enabling them to discover new scents and their different properties.

    Children often enjoy imitating adults or fictional characters they admire. Perfume making allows them to engage in role-playing activities, mimicking the actions of perfumers or their favourite characters from books, movies, or TV shows. Influences are there from an early age.

    Perfume making involves basic principles of chemistry, such as mixing different substances to create new compounds or reactions. Children may find it intriguing to observe how various ingredients interact with each other and how different combinations result in distinct smells.

    Creating perfume offers children the opportunity to make personalized gifts for their family and friends. They can design unique scents that they believe would be appreciated by their loved ones, allowing them to showcase their thoughtfulness and creativity.

    Perfume making can be a fun group activity, allowing children to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to create their fragrances. This assists with social interaction, cooperation, and can be an enjoyable way for children to bond with their peers or siblings.

    Overall, making perfume when young provides children with a chance to explore their creativity, engage their senses, learn basic scientific principles, and enjoy imaginative play. It certainly did when I was young.

    Perfumes today

    We no longer need to pick flowers from the neighbours garden to create our own fragrances these days as we have a world of perfume and the finest perfumers that create beautiful scents for us to purchase. Affordable fragrances are at our fingertips with FM World.

    Even though a part of me missed creating my own remedy as a child, I learned that I was never going to become that millionaire and I had better put my creations to a better use so I became a hairdresser instead.

    Take a look at our online shop for a better insight into the collection of perfumes and cologne we sell.

    related article: FM World perfumes 2023

    online shop 

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  • About me,  Business,  Perfumes

    Life without perfume

    Imagine life without perfume. No scent lingering and no memories coming back to life from the whiff of a scent as you walk past someone. No smell from the flowers and beautiful scents we have around us.

    I have been a lover of perfume, especially floral scents, from an early age. The days of using flower petals as a child and mixing them with my mums expensive perfume without her knowing was great fun…

    Until she caught me !

    I learned that I could create a fragrance of my own, albeit with a few weeds mixed in with the petals.

    At the age of 9/10, I thought my creations were amazing ! I also learned to be a very fast runner….!

    My late mum had a wonderful collection of expensive perfume and I’m sure she didn’t get to wear half of them.

    The expensive bottles sat on her bedside table and inside her wardrobe for years so one day I thought I’d help her out by using some for my own creations.

    She would surely appreciate how creative I was being and there may have even been a chance that those that I did create would potentially be used by her.


    Choose from the wide array of fragrances and perfume oils. Visit www.genericperfumes.com

    The 1970’s and perfume



    Back in the days of my childhood, in the 1970’s, petal pressing was also a big thing for girls to do.

    Creating our very own album of ‘flattened’ flowers and the friend who had the most ‘exotic’ flower that was pressed was clearly delighted with their ‘win’.

    The neighbours garden flowers took a battering whilst these creations were happening but it was all part of growing up and experimenting with different perfume scents.

    I’ve grown up wearing perfume daily. It became part of my morning routine and a daily spritz to make me feel good before I left the house and it became a daily occurrence.

    Every day is special so why not wear a perfume even when we have nothing planned ? If it makes you feel better and happy, it’s the perfect excuse.

    Fast forward to 2015 and at the age of 43, I had the opportunity to work with a perfume company. I love the freedom we have today to choose what suits our skin type the best.

    Not everyone can wear the same perfume as our skin reacts differently.

    Life without perfume
    Fm fragrances have perfumes to suit everyone


    Helping others choose their perfume


    Having worked in the fragrance industry for the past 8 years,  I enjoy helping others to find a fragrance that is perfect for their skin.

    With so many fragrances available, we can choose one that suits daytime in the office/workplace and a stronger fragrance for a night out.

    We all love to smell gorgeous and a fragrance that suits our skin is just an added accessory to our outfit.


    Even when we are pottering around at home, it’s still good to wear a daytime scent.  A passion for fragrances



    Life without perfume

    Related article: Fm perfume 413 review 

    Perfume lifts our spirits and with so many perfumes today to choose from, we really are spoilt when it comes to feeling good about ourselves.

    Fragrances vary so much in price too. Most will shop online as it is the easiest way to purchase products nowadays. Delivered direct to your door without the endless walking around from shop to shop.

    We can often  get online products cheaper too and everyone loves to save money as much as possible without missing out on treats.

    We find ourselves searching for comparison prices online and shopping at trustworthy sites to ensure we are buying the best quality.

    It can easily go unnoticed if we accidentally purchase fake brands so we have to be very careful what we are purchasing.

    Life without perfume


    Perfume has long been a ‘go to’ product for both men and women for many years and with the fragrances of today, they just get better.

    There are so many new perfumes to try these days so we really are spoilt for choice. The list just gets longer when more fragrances are created.

    Of course, wearing a scent isn’t everyone’s choice. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of not being a scent wearer.

    Reduced Sensory Overload Perfumes can be overwhelming for some individuals, especially those sensitive to strong scents. Living without perfume allows such individuals to avoid sensory overload and enjoy a more subtle and natural environment. There are also alternative options such as body lotions that give a subtle scent on the skin.

    Allergen Avoidance: Many perfumes contain synthetic chemicals that can trigger allergies and skin sensitivities in some people. By avoiding perfumes, individuals with fragrance allergies can minimize the risk of adverse reactions. I have a few friends that don’t enjoy wearing perfumes for this reason and it’s only now that I understand why. I have learned so much about how perfumes work that I can appreciate their choice.

    Environmental Impact: The production and disposal of perfumes can contribute to environmental pollution. By choosing not to use perfumes, individuals can reduce their ecological footprint.

    Authentic Personal Scent: Without the influence of external fragrances, a person’s natural body odor becomes more apparent. Some individuals prefer this authentic scent and find it appealing.

    Cost Savings: High-quality perfumes can be expensive. By not using them, individuals can save money and allocate it to other priorities. There are lots of different articles within my website that you can read which will show you that there are affordable options available. We don’t need to spend large amounts on the right scent. Smelling gorgeous can be affordable

    If you need help or have any questions, feel free to get in touch or comment  below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



    Perfume For Women available at HOTTPERFUME.COM



    A great way to take a small perfume with you on holiday or just to pop inside your bag for work. The 10ml Collection by KIERIN NYC are great for this.


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