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    Charlotte Tilbury Collection

    Allow me to guide you into the lavish realm of the Charlotte Tilbury collection, a brand that’s carved a prestigious niche in beauty. Renowned for its luxurious makeup and skincare lines, Charlotte Tilbury has extended its artistry and glamour to the olfactory experience with an exquisite fragrance collection.

    With Charlotte Tilbury’s expansion into the fragrance market, a narrative of allure is woven through each scent. The collection reflects the brand’s philosophy: to empower through beauty. It isn’t just about smelling great; it’s about feeling like the best version of oneself.

    That will include insight into how the perfume collection stands apart in a saturated market. You’ll find out about the signature flacons, which are as visually arresting as the aromas they encase. The brand’s storytelling and design give each perfume a memorable and coveted identity among fragrance aficionados.

    Decoding the Aromas: What Makes Charlotte Tilbury’s Perfumes Stand Out?

    So, you’re curious about what sets Charlotte Tilbury’s perfume collection apart. I’m here to help you with that. The collection boasts a range of fragrances that are as enchanting as they are distinctive. Each scent is crafted to evoke a different mood, designed to smell good and make you feel incredible.

    Take, for example, the celebrated ‘Scent of a Dream’. This perfume is a complex blend of floral, citrus, and woodsy notes. It builds on the allure of confidence and femininity.

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    Charlotte Tilbury Scent Of A Dream Eau De Parfum 50ml

    Now, what makes these perfumes stand out is the brand’s commitment to creating multi-sensory experiences. The balance of notes in each bottle aims to transport you to a place of confidence and glamour in true Charlotte Tilbury style. They also fuse traditional fragrance-making techniques with modern innovation.

    The collection doesn’t stop at the smell, though. The packaging is a testament to Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic vintage-inspired glamour, with each bottle exuding elegance and luxury. This combination of olfactory pleasure and visual delight forms the bedrock of the brand’s unique position in the fragrance market.

    Suitability and Accessibility: Who Can Indulge in Charlotte Tilbury’s Scents?

    I will zero in on who can enjoy the aromatic offerings from Charlotte Tilbury’s perfume collection. The brand primarily markets its fragrances toward women, infusing the scents with signature femininity, which Charlotte Tilbury is known for. But don’t worry too much about strict gender lines; fragrance is a personal choice, and anyone who connects with a scent can wear it proudly.

    Now, let’s talk about sensitive skin. I understand that this is a big concern for many. The good news is that Charlotte Tilbury considers those with allergic sensitivities. While not all perfumes may be formulated for hypersensitive skin, it’s always best to review the ingredients for potential allergens or consult a dermatologist if you’re prone to reactions.

    Choose something that resonates with you, especially if you have ethical or lifestyle preferences. For my vegan friends out there, you’ll be pleased to know that the brand offers some vegan-friendly options. They’re committed to ensuring that you can enjoy luxury scents without compromising your principles.

    With this information, you’re well-equipped to make a choice that fits your nose and your needs. Whether you lean towards vibrant, floral aromas or prefer something more subtle and woody, Charlotte Tilbury has crafted options to explore.

    Luxury Within Reach: Pricing, Affordability, and Availability

    You probably wonder if splurging on a Charlotte Tilbury fragrance will break the bank. I’m here to help you with a transparent look at how luxury can be accessible. While positioned in the luxury segment, the Charlotte Tilbury perfume collection offers a range of prices that cater to various budgets without compromising on the brand’s signature sophistication and quality.

    Select something that appeals to your sense of smell and fits within your budget. I’ll break down the essentials. The collection offers sizes and formats, from travel-sized sprays to larger, elegantly designed bottles. This variety caters to different price points and allows testing the waters with a smaller investment before committing to a full-sized purchase.

    Now, where can you find these scents? That’s pretty straightforward. You can always swing by Charlotte Tilbury’s official website, which provides the entire range and often features exclusive online sets and deals. If you need to experience the perfume firsthand, major department stores and beauty retailers are your go-to, as they usually stock Charlotte Tilbury’s creations. Don’t forget to check out occasional discounts or loyalty programs that could make your purchase even more rewarding. Online shops like eBay have a selection of perfumes for a more affordable price bracket.

    What stands out with Charlotte Tilbury’s perfume collection is not just the fragrance itself but the thoughtfulness behind its accessibility. From innovative pricing to widespread availability, it’s clear that the brand wants to invite as many as possible to experience its take on luxury. So, when you’re ready to elevate your fragrance game, Charlotte Tilbury’s scents are waiting to enchant you—with a bonus point for being just a purchase away.


    Charlotte Tilbury’s foray into the world of fragrance marks a seamless extension of its opulent beauty empire. With a keen eye for luxury and a dedication to empowering individuals through beauty, the brand’s perfume collection emerges as a beacon of allure in a crowded market.


    What sets Charlotte Tilbury’s fragrances apart is their captivating aromas and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each bottle. From the intricate blend of notes designed to evoke confidence and glamour to the iconic vintage-inspired packaging, every aspect is meticulously curated to provide a multi-sensory experience that transcends mere scent.

     Charlotte Tilbury Eau De Perfume Magic Energy 100ml

    Moreover, Charlotte Tilbury’s commitment to inclusivity shines through in its offerings, ensuring that individuals of all preferences and sensitivities can indulge in the olfactory pleasure it offers. Whether you’re drawn to vibrant florals or prefer subtle woody undertones, there’s something for everyone to explore and enjoy.


    Despite its positioning in the luxury segment, Charlotte Tilbury’s fragrance collection remains accessible to a broad audience thanks to a range of price points and widespread availability. Whether browsing online or perusing department store shelves, the brand’s scents are readily within reach, inviting all who seek to elevate their fragrance game to experience a touch of its signature sophistication and glamour.


    In essence, Charlotte Tilbury’s perfumes stand as symbols of luxury and invitations to embrace the transformative power of beauty, one captivating scent at a time. So, as you embark on your fragrance journey, let the enchanting aromas of Charlotte Tilbury whisk you away to a world of elegance and allure, just a purchase away.


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    FM fragrance list 2023

    Embark on a scented journey that captivates your senses with our latest compilation of beautiful perfumes from the FM fragrance list 2023.

    Each bottle in our collection tells a unique story and delights our emotions with its distinct scent. As we transition through different seasons, it is important to choose fragrances suitable for the weather and the occasion.

    Our current selection offers a harmonious blend of aromas. It includes timeless classics that take us on a nostalgic journey and luxurious blends that redefine modern elegance and class.

    The perfume world has captivated us for many years, and our collection of FM World Perfumes is no exception.

    With a symphony of aromatic taste, our perfumes are carefully crafted to entice, enchant, and evoke your emotions. We are committed to excellence and dedicated to crafting perfumes that tell stories.

    FM World Perfumes invites you to explore a universe where each bottle embodies elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness.

    FM fragrance list 2023

    Whether you are looking for a signature scent that resonates with your personality or for purchase as a gift for someone who sends a message of thoughtfulness, our range offers an exquisite bouquet of choices that cater to every preference and occasion.



     FM World- an insight

    FM World is a company known for producing and distributing perfumes, cosmetics and other related products through a network or multi-level marketing (MLM) business model.

    The company operates by having independent representatives, also known as distributors like myself, who promote and sell their products directly to consumers.

    FM World, also known as Federico Mahora World, has gained attention for its extensive range of fragrances inspired by well-known designer scents but offered at a more affordable price.

    These are typically called “FM perfumes” and are marketed as high-quality alternatives to expensive designer fragrances.

    NB Our perfumes are NOT copies of any designer fragrances. We use the same fragrance wheel and purchase perfume oil from the same factory (DROM) as the designer perfume companies.

    FM fragrance list 2023

    FM perfumes have gained popularity over the years for several reasons.

    Affordability: One of the main reasons FM perfumes have become popular is their affordability. They offer high-quality fragrances inspired by well-known designer scents at a fraction of the cost, allowing consumers to enjoy a wide range of scents without breaking the bank.

    Variety: FM World offers a vast and diverse range of fragrances catering to different preferences and tastes. Whether someone prefers floral, fruity, oriental, or woody scents, there’s likely an FM perfume that matches their preference.

    Quality: While our perfumes are more affordable than designer fragrances, they are often praised for their quality. Many users find that the scent longevity and overall experience of wearing FM perfumes are comparable to more expensive options.

    Similarity to Designer Scents: FM perfumes are often inspired by famous designer fragrances, and they strive to capture the essence of these scents. For individuals who enjoy the aroma of high-end perfumes but can’t afford them, FM perfumes provide a more accessible alternative.

    Accessibility: FM perfumes are typically sold through independent distributors who may operate online or through social networks. This makes us readily available to a broad audience without the need to visit a physical store.

    Social Selling: The multi-level marketing (MLM) model FM World uses involves independent distributors who sell the products. This approach can create a sense of community and personal connection, as distributors often share their experiences and recommendations with potential customers.

    Personalised Service: Many distributors offer customised recommendations based on customers’ preferences, helping individuals find scents that match their style and personality. Look at our reviews section, where I reviewed several FM perfumes.

    Word of Mouth: Positive reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers and distributors can contribute to the popularity of FM perfumes. Personal testimonials and social media posts can generate product buzz and interest.

    It’s important to note that while FM perfumes have gained popularity for these reasons, opinions about them can vary. Some people appreciate the affordable and diverse options, while others may have different preferences regarding fragrances and purchasing methods. As with any product, it’s a good idea to research and try out FM perfumes for yourself to determine if they align with your preferences and expectations.

    We’re always happy to answer any questions, so get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how to purchase samples.



    How did it begin

    FM World was founded by Artur Trawiński in Poland. Artur established FM Group in 2004, which later rebranded to FM World.

    FM perfumes are generally considered affordable compared to many high-end designer fragrances.

    The main appeal of FM perfumes is that they offer high-quality scents inspired by popular designer fragrances but at a fraction of the cost.

    This affordability makes them an attractive option for individuals who want to enjoy a variety of scents without the hefty price tag associated with luxury brands.

    It’s important to note that the cost of perfumes can vary based on factors such as the specific fragrance, its ingredients, the concentration of the scent (e.g., eau de parfum, eau de toilette) and the size of the bottle.

    FM World offers various perfumes at different prices, allowing customers to choose options that fit their budget.

    Travel size perfumes

    Remember that affordability is relative and can vary depending on individual preferences and financial situations. It’s a good idea to explore the offerings and prices of FM perfumes through official FM World distributors or the company’s website to understand better their pricing structure and how it aligns with your budget.

    FM perfumes often come in simple and understated bottles for a few reasons:

    Cost-Effectiveness: Using simple bottle designs, FM World can reduce production and packaging costs. This cost savings can then be passed on to consumers, allowing them to enjoy high-quality fragrances at a more affordable price. We are very much focused on putting the customer first.

    Focus on Fragrance: Simple bottles allow the fragrance to take centre stage. Without elaborate or intricate designs, the emphasis remains on the scent and its quality rather than the packaging.

    Versatility and Mass Appeal: Simple bottle designs have a universal and timeless appeal. They can cater to a more comprehensive range of tastes and preferences, making the perfumes suitable for a broader audience.

    Concentration on Brand Image: FM World may prioritise building its brand image around the quality and affordability of its products rather than elaborate packaging. This approach aligns with their mission to provide quality scents without the high price tag.

    Minimalistic creativity: Many consumers appreciate minimalistic and clean designs. Simple bottles can exude elegance and sophistication that resonates with individuals who prefer a more understated aesthetic.

    Environmental Considerations: In some cases, companies may opt for more straightforward packaging to reduce their environmental impact. Less elaborate packaging can result in less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

    It’s important to note that while many of our perfumes come in simple bottles, our focus is on the quality of the fragrance itself. Different consumers have varying preferences regarding packaging and design. FM World’s choice of simple bottles reflects its commitment to offering affordable and high-quality scents to diverse individuals.

    Can anyone wear FM fragrances?

    FM perfumes are generally suitable for individuals of various ages. FM World offers a wide range of fragrances with diverse notes and compositions, making it possible for people of all ages to find scents that resonate with their preferences and the most suitable ones.

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    Here’s why FM perfumes can be suitable for any age.

    We offer a variety of fragrances that span different scent families, from floral and fruity to woody and oriental. This diversity ensures that people of all ages can find scents that align with their tastes.

    The range includes both classic and contemporary fragrances. Classic scents might appeal to older generations who appreciate traditional aromas, while modern and trendy fragrances can attract the younger generation seeking more current olfactory experiences.

    We provide perfumes in various concentrations, such as eau de parfum (EDP) and eau de toilette (EDT). This allows you to choose a concentration that suits your preference and how long you want the scent to last.

    Fragrance preferences are subjective and can vary widely, regardless of age. What matters most is finding a scent that resonates with an individual’s personality, style and mood.

    Our perfumes’ affordability can make them attractive options for people of all ages. Budget considerations are relevant to everyone, and FM World’s pricing allows a broader range of individuals to access quality fragrances.

    FM World offers a wide range of products beyond just perfume.

    Our product line spans various categories, so sign up for our latest newsletter to access our current catalogue and news on perfume.

    Look at our perfume list for men and women, which includes products with the same scent as some of our most popular fragrances.

    As you can see from the list, we have written a designer perfume next to the relevant bottle of FM perfume. This is to be used just as a guide so that you can easily see which fragrance from FM has a similar scent to the branded bottles.

    Take a look at the lists below. They include other products produced with some of the most popular scents, such as wardrobe fragrances and solid perfumes.

    FM Fragrance List 2023

    FM Fragrance List 2024

    Pure and Pure Royal perfumes-The difference explained.

    Many designers opt for fancy bottles and elaborate packaging, but as you can see with FM World perfumes, our bottles are simplistic yet sophisticated.

    Visit our online shop, where you can purchase samples of all of our fragrances and explore our other products.

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    The best perfume brands

    The world of perfumes is vast and individual, and what may be considered the best perfume brands can vary depending on personal preferences. However, here are some well-regarded fragrance brands known for their quality and craftsmanship.

    Chanel: Chanel is an iconic French fashion and fragrance house known for its timeless and sophisticated perfumes, such as Chanel No. 5 and Coco Mademoiselle. I love Coco; it’s a gorgeous scent if you like fruit and floral notes.

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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    The best perfume brands
    Coco Mademoiselle

    Marilyn Monroe’s endorsement of Chanel No. 5 in the 1950s greatly boosted its popularity. The iconic Hollywood actress famously declared that she wore nothing but a few drops of the fragrance to bed.

    The best perfume brands
    The iconic Chanel No.5

    Related article: Chanel No.5

    Dior: This perfume house is another French luxury brand renowned for its elegant and creative fragrances, including J’adore and Miss Dior.

    Whether it’s the timeless femininity of Miss Dior, the captivating sensuality of J’adore, the alluring warmth of Hypnotic Poison, or the fresh and vibrant nature of Sauvage, Dior perfumes offer a wide array of options to suit different occasions and personal styles.

    The best perfume brands

    Miss Dior perfume Guerlain: Another French perfume house, Guerlain, has a long history dating back to 1828. They are known for their luxurious and refined fragrances, like Shalimar and La Petite Robe Noire, as well as their attention to detail. The brand’s bottles are designed to reflect elegance and sophistication.

    Creed: This reputable British perfume house was established in 1760. They are famous for their high-quality fragrances crafted with exceptional ingredients and attention to detail. Many of Creed’s fragrances are designed to be unisex, appealing to both men and women and are still very popular today.

    Tom Ford: This American fashion designer has taken his artistic touch into the fragrance industry. The brand offers diverse, sophisticated, luxurious perfumes, including Black Orchid and Tobacco Vanille. Many of his fragrances have become popular and adored within the community and have timeless fragrance notes.

    Jo Malone: This British fragrance and cosmetics brand is known for its elegant and understated scents. It offers a wide range of fragrances that can be layered and personalised to suit the individual. Lime Basil & Mandarin, pomegranate, Noir, and Peony & Blush Suede are among the most popular releases.

    The best perfume brands
    Jo Malone- Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne

    Hermès: The French luxury brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Their perfume collection includes classics like Terre d’Hermès and modern creations like Twilly d’Hermès. Perhaps not so familiar with some, but a delightful combination of wood and earthy notes.

    Hermes periodically releases limited edition or seasonal perfumes, allowing customers to experience unique and exclusive scents alongside soaps and deodorant.

    The best perfume brands
    Hermes- Terre D’Hermes

    Acqua di Parma: This Italian brand incorporates Italian elegance and sophistication. They are known for their citrus-infused scents and iconic signature fragrances like Colonia. Acqua di Parma also offers a range of grooming products and bath and body care items.

    These include shaving creams, aftershaves, deodorants, shower gels, and body lotions. All are designed with the same attention to detail and quality as their fragrances. Great for layering scents on the skin too.

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian: Kurkdjian is a renowned perfumer who established his brand, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, in 1995.

    The brand offers a range of luxurious and artistic fragrances, including Baccarat Rouge 540 and Aqua Universalis. Baccarat Rouge 540 has become a hugely popular fragrance and a modern classic.

    It is highly regarded for its unique blend of saffron, ambergris, cedarwood, and jasmine.

    The best perfume brands
    Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Baccarat Rouge 540

    Amouage: The Omani perfume house is known for its luxurious and oriental fragrances. They combine traditional Arabian perfumery techniques with modern restyling, creating unique and captivating scents.

    The brand has gained global recognition and offers a wide range of perfumes for both men and women.

    Remember, personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the best perfume brand for yourself or as a gift. It’s always recommended to test and experience the fragrances firsthand to find the ones that resonate most with you.

    What makes a perfume brand popular?

    Certain perfumes will always stand out from others, and there are factors that contribute to this.

    Quality and craftsmanship: The quality of ingredients used and the craftsmanship in creating a perfume can significantly impact a brand’s popularity.

    Perfume brands with high-quality materials and a reputation for exceptional artistry and attention to detail tend to attract the admiration and loyalty of fragrance lovers.

    Signature scents: Having iconic and recognisable signature scents can help elevate a perfume brand’s popularity. When a brand creates a fragrance that becomes widely loved and associated with its name, it can generate a solid following and demand.

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    Signature scents

    Innovation and creativity: Perfume brands that push boundaries, experiment with unique scent combinations and introduce innovative techniques or ingredients often attract attention and gain popularity. Consumers appreciate brands that offer something new and different in the fragrance market.

    Brand heritage and reputation: A long-standing and positive reputation can contribute to a brand’s popularity. Perfume houses with a rich history, high respect, or association with notable figures can bring to mind a sense of trust, sophistication, and luxury, which attracts consumers seeking a certain level of prestige.

    Marketing and branding: Effective marketing and branding strategies play a crucial role in the popularity of a perfume brand. Clever advertising campaigns, appealing packaging and designer bottles, engaging storytelling and strategic brand positioning can help create an aspirational image and resonate with consumers.

    Celebrity endorsements and collaborations: Partnerships with celebrities or influential figures can significantly boost a perfume brand’s popularity, as we often see with Christmas adverts. When a well-known individual endorses or collaborates with a brand, it can attract attention, generate buzz, and create a sense of association with a desirable lifestyle or persona. We often look up to celebrities and want to have a touch of their lavish world.

    Consumer experiences and reviews: Positive experiences and favourable reviews from consumers can contribute to a brand’s popularity. Word-of-mouth recommendations, online reviews and social media buzz can all influence the perception and desirability of a perfume brand. We tend to trust what others think about products, so reading reviews or listening to word-of-mouth can benefit us greatly.

    Accessibility and availability: A brand’s fragrances’ availability, in terms of distribution channels and price range, can impact popularity. Brands that make their perfumes accessible to a wide range of consumers through various retail channels, including online platforms, tend to have a broader appeal.

    How to Get The Best Deal On Discount Perfume Online

    The world of perfumes offers a diverse array of brands, each with its unique characteristics and appeal.


    While the recognition of the “best” perfume brands is subjective and varies based on personal preferences, several well-regarded brands are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, as we have discussed.

    They are recognised for their exceptional fragrances and brand reputation, which continues to grow.

    Ultimately, the best perfume brand for an individual aligns with their taste and evokes a sense of pleasure and confidence when worn.

    It is recommended to explore and experience different perfumes firsthand to discover the scents that resonate most with your preferences.

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    Perfumes that last all-day

    There is no doubt that men and women love fragrances, but how difficult is it to find perfumes that last all day? Whether looking for a fragrance to wear for a wedding, a day at work, or sightseeing, we all want a scent that will last the day.

    Very few designer and expensive perfumes and aftershaves will last for 8 hours, so there is the need to re-apply at some point during the day.

    Not everyone wants to carry a bottle of their favourite around with them.

    This is especially true if your taste in perfume includes a designer bottle that is more fitting for your bedside table than your handbag or briefcase.

    Affiliate Disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Perfumes that last all day

    We are often drawn to a designer bottle before we try the scent, and the celebrity behind a fragrance will also influence our purchases.

    Another factor alongside a perfume that lasts all day is the cost. Many of us have expensive taste in fragrances, but not always the budget that goes with it.

    Welcome to FM World- affordable fragrances

    Perfumes that last all day

    Buy FM PURE no.9

    This is where FM World perfume bottles for men, women, and unisex scents come into play. With a vast selection of scents that suit any budget and inspiration from the designer perfumes we see on the shelf and online today, it’s little surprise why so many people buy their next bottle from a successful company.

    FM WORLD knows just what their customers are looking for in a fragrance.

    ■ Affordability

    ■ Longevity

    ■ Gorgeous scents

    ■ Matching products

    Have you noticed that we don’t have fancy-design bottles?

    Perfumes that last all day

    Buy FM Pure Royal unisex 900

    FM WORLD knows it doesn’t need to create a flashy, glitzy designer bottle to sell its fragrances.

    Simplicity and a scent with beautiful notes are essential to suit anyone, including children.

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    Why is FM perfume so popular?

    First of all, FM has created perfumes in simplistic bottles, as we know that the customer wears the scent, not the bottle.

    Perfumes that smell expensive

    Secondly, the company has no celebrity endorsers, TV advertisers, or sales reps in-store, as its products can only be purchased through a distributor or preferred customer. More details about that later.

    They have created perfumes that contain 20% perfume.

    When we look at designer bottles, we most often purchase a bottle of eau de toilette.

    Purchasing a bottle of pure perfume with a designer label could cost around £100-£350 ($112-$393).

    This will also depend on who the designer is.

    Many designer fragrances are diluted, whereas FM perfumes use pure oil.

    Using pure perfume oil

    FM can afford to use pure oil because, as mentioned above, they don’t use endorsements or advertise anywhere, so they are not paying for these external sources. This is a very savvy way of creating perfumes and aftershaves.

    FM bottles are numbered.

    The bottles are still elegant, there is no doubt, and instead of having a name on each bottle, FM uses numbers for each of their perfumes.

    Customers know that if they purchase a bottle of FM perfume, they will have a scent that lasts around eight hours if they buy a bottle from the PURE range.

    A great benefit to these perfumes is that a selection comes with an INTENSE range.

    Perfumes that last all day

    Did you know that FM also creates pheromones?

    Related article: Perfume pheromones

    The INTENSE range means that the perfume oil is 30% instead of 20%.

    With a higher rate of perfume oil, you will most certainly enjoy a long-lasting perfume for men and women, as the scent will last around 10 hours.

    In today’s world, money is a big problem for many, and shoppers see buying perfumes as luxury, costly, high-end brands.

    10% OFF At Orders $50 & Up

    This is another reason FM has created beautiful fragrances that everyone can afford.

    A range of sizes makes it a better and affordable option for many. There are 100ml, 50ml and 15ml bottles.

    Women love perfumes that fit neatly in their handbags and are small enough to take on a plane for a holiday.

    With such a vast collection, it’s little surprise that both women and men have fallen in love with FM fragrances’ gorgeous scents.

    Many have heard of the fragrance wheel, which is used when we want to try a new scent but aren’t sure what type to try.

    Looking at the fragrance family helps to narrow down our choices.

    Perfumes are based on different fragrance notes, and when we combine similar notes, it becomes more likely that the scents smell identical to other perfumes on the market.

    We have previously discussed designer perfumes and FM fragrances and their similarities here, so we know that FM does not have copycat perfumes.

    How to save more money on your fragrances

    FM allows everyone from all over the world to join the company for FREE! Many companies, such as Avon, Arbonne, or Scentsy, have a registration fee. Something that not everyone wants to pay out, especially if it turns out that the company isn’t a fit for you.

    Perfumes that last all day

    Signing up as a preferred customer:

    Anyone over 16 can sign up, and the link for those who live in the UK is here. If you are interested in signing up and living outside of the UK, please comment below, and I will assist you with signing up in your country. We have offices all over the world.

    The benefits of signing up:

    You are saving up to 33% on selected products in the catalogue to use for yourself or to sell to someone else. Friends and family gift ideas can be purchased from your account; every product you buy will give you points. The more products you purchase for yourself or sell to others, the more commission you can potentially earn.


    Signing up as a distributor:

    Working similarly to a preferred customer, the added benefit of signing up as a distributor is the opportunity to build a team while purchasing the products at a discounted price.

    You still earn points and commission; your team’s points go into your group points and their accounts.

    Are you a pyramid scheme?

    No. Besides illegal pyramid schemes, let me explain why all businesses are pyramids. Below, you will see a pyramid structure.

    Perfumes that last all day

    Most businesses will have this structure—big companies such as McDonald’s, Boots, M&S, and Wilkinson. Everyone starts at the bottom of a pyramid, and some employees work up to the top to become managers. We all have our journey when we begin a new job and reach different levels at different times in our business.

    The same goes for Network Marketing. We all start at the bottom and build our structure, and that structure creates its own, and so on.

    Perfumes that last all day

    Everyone has the potential to earn commission and profit, unlike your 9-5 job, where you get paid regardless of how much work you do. With FM World business, every member is required to do the work to see the results. We have always been taught to look for a job, so we miss opportunities.

    Comment below or get in touch if you would enjoy an opportunity to save on your purchases or sell to friends/family and colleagues.

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    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive

    Discover the secret to affordable perfumes that exude luxury! We’ve curated insights into the best fragrances that not only capture opulence but also offer unbeatable value for money. Who doesn’t love a sensational scent without breaking the bank?

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive

    The perfume industry evolves each year with a myriad of fragrances—from celebrity endorsements to designer dupes and in-house brands. At FM World, we offer a vast selection of perfumes and aftershaves catering to every budget. We believe nothing is satisfying about wearing a scent that feels cheap.

    Navigating between heavy scents that linger for hours and weak ones that fade too quickly, finding the perfect fragrance is an art. While many are drawn to trusted designer bottles, the allure of a celebrity-endorsed fragrance can make it even more appealing, despite the potential cost. It’s worth noting, however, that the market is flooded with cheap imitations of designer brands. To ensure quality and authenticity, it’s best to steer clear of these counterfeit products.

    Read our article on why buying cheap perfume will cost you more.

    Scent matters

    We believe in the perfect trifecta: a fragrance that not only boasts a delightful and fitting scent but also stands the test of time—all without putting a strain on your purse strings or wallet. Because who says you can’t have it all?


    While some may wait for special occasions or opt for Duty-Free discounts to indulge in designer scents, what if you want your favourite fragrance without the wait?

    Explore the world of options beyond traditional choices. At FM World, we’ve crafted unique scents for both men and women. Our extensive range caters to everyone’s budget, ensuring that quality and longevity are never compromised.”

    How can they do this?

    While we understand that perfumes and aftershaves consist of perfume oil, alcohol, and fragrance notes, the question remains: what makes a perfume so expensive?

    In a previous article, I delved into the reasons behind the hefty price tags of some designer perfumes.

    At FM World, we’ve demystified the process, crafting unique scents in a way that keeps them both exceptional and affordable.

    It’s a common sight to see celebrities endorsing the latest fragrances, with advertisements often surfacing around Christmas, featuring top actresses, models, or film stars showcasing a particular bottle.

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    It’s a clever strategy to present a product to a vast audience, and FM World seized this opportunity brilliantly.

    Recognizing the desire for beautiful fragrances that everyone could enjoy without breaking the bank, FM World created scents for both men and women that are not just reserved for special occasions. Customers can regularly purchase their favourite scents, ensuring a constant supply when needed.

    Moreover, customers have the flexibility to build a collection of their preferred scents, giving them the option to wear a different fragrance every day if they so desire.

    By eliminating middlemen, TV advertising, and relying on salespeople, FM World manages to minimize costs while still producing exquisite scents that customers love.

    In recent times, names like Tom Ford and Jo Malone have surged in popularity, joining the ranks of iconic perfumes from Chanel, Paco Rabanne, and Lancôme, which continue to dominate the perfume industry.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    Jo Malone is a popular scent for both men and women
    Affordable perfumes than smell expensive
    The iconic Chanel No. 5

    We might find ourselves shelling out anywhere from £70 to £120 for these high-profile scents. While many are willing to pay such prices for their favourite perfume or aftershave, it’s important to recognize that a significant portion of the cost often goes into the packaging, the celebrity endorser, and the associated TV advertisements.

    Nobody appreciates cheap perfume and aftershave. They often carry an unfamiliar scent and lack the longevity we desire, and in instances where products are ‘copied,’ you may find yourself dealing with fake packaging and counterfeit liquids in a fraudulent bottle.

    An affordable range at FM World

    FM fragrances for both men and women maintain unwavering quality despite their more affordable price tag. As previously mentioned, FM utilizes perfume oil from the reputable company DROM.

    DROM is also a supplier of perfume oil for many of the designer perfumes and aftershaves available on our shelves and online today.

    When customers inquire about our fragrances, we highlight that FM scents share very similar fragrance notes with designer perfumes. To assist customers in finding their preferred scents, we use a fragrance wheel that helps identify their preference among floral, oriental, woody, citrus, and other fragrance categories.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive

    After discovering the fragrance notes a customer prefers, we can then curate a selection of perfumes or aftershaves that specifically contain those notes. For instance, if a customer expresses a fondness for fruity scents, we offer a variety of perfume fragrances with prominent fruity notes.

    To provide customers with a firsthand experience, we offer samples available for purchase from our online store. This allows them the opportunity to try the scent on their skin and determine if it’s the perfect fit for them.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    FM have over 200 perfume and aftershave samples to choose from

    We always recommend trying a fragrance on the skin and allowing it a couple of minutes to settle. This method is crucial in determining if a particular fragrance suits an individual.

    Fragrances interact uniquely with each person’s skin, and what complements one person may not necessarily work for another. The availability of trying fragrances before purchase is especially beneficial, especially for those inclined towards expensive perfumes.

    While many perfume stores and departments offer to spray the fragrance on a test paper strip, this provides only an initial sense of the scent. For a more accurate representation, it’s highly effective to try the fragrance directly on the skin, allowing you to fully experience and assess the new scent before making a purchase.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    Samples are a great way to try a new fragrance before you purchase

    Similar fragrance notes

    All the fragrances offered by FM share very similar notes with designer counterparts. For instance, if a customer has a favourite perfume like Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, we can consult our perfume list to find a scent that closely resembles that particular designer fragrance.

    It’s important to note that we can’t sell a bottle of Coco Mademoiselle since we don’t carry it. Our FM fragrance bottles are uniquely numbered, housed in their packaging, and distinct from designer brands.

    FM doesn’t engage in copying designer fragrances. Instead, by incorporating similar fragrance notes, FM perfumes offer a comparable and familiar scent to well-known designer fragrances.


    Our range of quality fragrances

    In our fragrance range, we offer the PURE and PURE ROYAL selections, as well as the UTIQUE range. Notably, all our fragrances contain either 20% or 30% perfume oil, with the 30% being our INTENSE range. You can explore and shop our collection here.

    It’s worth mentioning that many designer fragrances are Eau De Toilette scents, meaning their perfume oil is diluted down, resulting in a shorter-lasting scent compared to Eau de Parfum. At FM, we can afford to use 20% pure perfume, offering a longer-lasting experience.

    This ability to use a higher concentration of pure perfume is due to our unique approach. Unlike brands with celebrity endorsements, TV advertisements, and in-store sales assistance, FM operates without these elements, allowing us to focus on delivering quality at an affordable price.


    Giving the customer what they want

    By eliminating the middleman in our manufacturing process, we can offer customers high-quality perfumes and aftershaves that last approximately eight hours when opting for the 20% perfume range.

    Opting for the 30% pure perfume range ensures an even longer-lasting fragrance—a fantastic choice for those seeking an extended scent experience.

    Explore our tips on maximizing the longevity and enjoyment of your fragrance here.

    Celebrity fragrances- Paco Rabanne-1 Million


    I mentioned popular celebrity fragrances that are around at the moment. Let’s take a look at Paco Rabanne1 million.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    The Paco Rabanne scent is pure class. Distinguished, unique and popular with both men and women

    A popular men’s fragrance, this scent could cost around £70 when purchased from stores such as Superdrugs. At this price point, you’re likely to receive a 100ml bottle. However, it’s worth noting that it is an Eau de Toilette spray, providing a lasting fragrance of approximately 4-6 hours.

    The perfume features top notes of fresh grapefruit, mandarin, and peppermint, combined with middle notes of rose absolute, cinnamon bark, and mask. The base notes offer an ultra-masculine leather scent.

    FM shares a striking similarity with Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million, both belonging to the oriental notes family. A comparison of notes between FM199 PURE ROYAL (our inspired fragrance) and 1 Million reveals significant similarities, although they are not identical.

    Type: rich, multi-threaded fragrance notes:

    Head: Italian mandarin, peppermint

    Heart: cinnamon, Turkish rose, cardamom

    Base: leather note


    Indulge in the opulence of our rich, multi-threaded fragrance. The journey begins with vibrant top notes of Italian mandarin and invigorating peppermint, setting the stage for a sensory experience like no other.

    As the scent unfolds, the heart reveals a harmonious blend of warming cinnamon, luxurious Turkish rose, and the exotic allure of cardamom. This intricate composition captivates the senses, creating an aromatic tapestry that lingers throughout the day.

    At the foundation lies a bold and enduring base note, characterized by the unmistakable essence of leather. This final touch adds depth and sophistication, ensuring that the fragrance leaves a lasting impression.

    Elevate your senses with this meticulously crafted scent, where each note weaves together seamlessly to embody a truly indulgent olfactory experience.


    Saving you money on the things you love

    For a 50m bottle, you will get 20% pure fragrance oil and an affordable price tag of just £27.50. Another great fact about some of our fragrances is that other products in the same scent can be purchased too.

    Alongside FM 199 fragrance, they have a range of products to complement their perfume.

    As FM World enters its 14th year, it continues to celebrate mastery in the fragrance world by offering scents with similar notes to designer brands at an affordable price.

    Indulge in the luxury of smelling gorgeous with a long-lasting fragrance that rivals your favourite expensive brands. The best part? Your friends won’t be able to tell the difference.

    What’s truly wonderful is that FM World extends an invitation to anyone over the age of sixteen to create a FREE account. This presents a fantastic opportunity to save on perfumes and aftershaves by purchasing them at cost price. Don’t miss out—sign up here for the UK and elevate your scent experience affordably.

    Connect with us, no matter where you are in the world.

    In a world filled with top-designer brands, we offer a compelling alternative. Save your money for other things while enjoying the opportunity to make a switch to a different brand, allowing you to purchase your favourite perfume or aftershave.

    We don’t compromise on quality. There are no fancy packaging or celebrity endorsers. Our perfumes are crafted with you in mind.

    Explore our diverse range available in our online shop. Embrace a new scent experience without breaking the bank.”

    Perfume and beauty resources 

    Unlock exclusive benefits and a world of captivating fragrances by joining us today! Sign up now to enjoy:

    Access to a diverse range of high-quality perfumes and aftershaves. Connect with fragrance enthusiasts from around the globe. Exclusive savings and promotions. Special offers and limited-edition releases. Stay updated on the latest trends and scent inspirations.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your fragrance journey. Sign up for free and immerse yourself in a world of scents tailored just for you!

  • Perfumes,  Shopping,  The cost of perfume

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more in the long run so why do people opt for this as an alternative? Whenever we hear the word designer, we instantly think of expensive brands, celebrities and quality products. Whether it’s a clothing range, cosmetics, shoes or perfume.

    We do get what we pay for although many would agree that some designer brands are overpriced. Customers can be left feeling ripped off when they see a huge price tag that perhaps doesn’t justify the item being purchased.

    We’ve all been there. A spot of retail therapy works wonders to lift the mood but at what cost?

    Men and women love to shop, especially if they know what they are intending to buy. Whilst women are more prone to window-shopping than men, buying something new really can lift the mood.

    Some may say buying impulsively can have the opposite effect and leave you with the panic of overspending and falling into the debt hole. Especially if one’s purchase is on the more expensive side. It’s important to balance the two.

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more
    No one wants to see their money wasted

    Affiliate Disclosure

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    I’m not a big lover of shopping, aimlessly walking around the shops in the hope that something will catch my eye. I prefer a more purposeful visit, to know exactly what I am shopping for.

    My sister and late mother on the other hand would shop till they dropped! We all have the idea of shopping and saving at the same time, so it’s very much done to buy more for our money. That makes sense.

    Looking for cheaper options

    There will be certain products on the market that will work in our favour.

    Clothes, for instance, can be bought much cheaper and some will still last just as long and come out of the wash the same size as they went in!

    What about products such as cosmetics? These too can be bought cheaper but if you are prone to sensitive skin, purchasing a more expensive brand will always be the better option to avoid skin allergies.

    When it comes to perfumes, we all know the price we pay to have a designer bottle of Chanel in our possession.

    An iconic perfume

    Chanel perfume was also the most popular and highest-ranked brand for women in the UK in 2020, with an estimated 4.9million women enjoying its unique fragrance. That’s a huge amount of sales for just one designer bottle.

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more
    The iconic bottle and fragrance of Chanel. A fragrance owned by many women around the world

    So what about when shops sell copies of designer perfumes at a fraction of the price?

    We already know that we can buy the real thing at the Duty Free and they will often be a little cheaper.

    A cheeky purchase for the upcoming holiday that we all look forward to having. Almost obligatory to visit one too, before boarding the plane.

    Some wait until this time to purchase their favourite or ask their family member/friend to pick one up on their way through or on the plane because the price is a little lower.

    Copies of our favourite perfumes

    Recently, Poundland has released a selection of fragrances, all in the same packaging and bottles as the designer brands, but with a huge difference.

    The price tag.

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more
    Savings on perfume isn’t always the best option

    For as little as £1, customers can purchase a copy of their favourite bottle but at what cost? We’re all bargain hunters inside. Even those who can afford the real thing more than some. Everyone loves a saving. It leaves more money and opportunity to spend the rest on something else.

    A walk into Poundland is everyone’s idea of the perfect shop. A shop that everyone loves for the fact that they can purchase household products, cosmetics, birthday cards and food for a bargain price.

    Carry on walking through and we now see a display of designer fragrances from such names as Chanel, Creed, Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne. Or are they?

    We all know that Poundland is just that, a pound shop. A place that almost seems too good to be true when we can purchase hand wash or toothpaste for just £1. Some would argue that such items can be bought cheaper from the big stores such as Asda and Sainsbury’s. Indeed, they can so it’s important to be savvy when we shop.

    So what about buying your favourite perfume for £1? A fragrance such as Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million would leave your purse short of around £83 for the real thing. Can it be bought for £1 instead?

    Of course, we all love to save money but at what cost?

    Perfume and beauty resources

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more


    On the first initial spray, we are surprised by the similarity in fragrance notes but the real key is how long will the scent last.

    Lady Million is a very popular fragrance and the third most favourite scent for women.

    Containing notes of Raspberry, Jasmine, Patchouli and Amber to name a few, this perfume scent is instantly noticed with its first spray.

    The packaging alone suggests that this isn’t the real deal. Poundland cleverly uses slightly different names for their duped fragrances. This allows them to sell a product that has similar scents to the real perfumes. Trying to sell a fake product off as the real thing is counterfeit.

    So Lady Million is labelled as Queen in Million and although the design of bottles may be similar, companies do change their bottles so they are not identical to the real item.

    A clever marketing strategy


    We already know that purchasing a bottle for £1 won’t give us a designer brand in our shopping basket.

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more

    Many will be on a shopping budget so buying such an affordable fragrance will seem very appealing. What about the longevity though?

    Whilst it’s a great purchase to buy a similar bottle to one of our favourites at a fraction of the cost, is it worth it?

    Cheaper alternatives

    A spray of a cheaper alternative will save money for other things for sure but at what cost? Imagine you have picked up a dupe bottle of Black Opium by Yves St Laurent which is named Black Dust in Poundland.

    A great bottle and packaging inspired by real designer perfume, it doesn’t look out of place on the shelf.

    A pleasant smell, just like Black Opium, with a sweet scent but instantly too overpowering with sweetness. The depth that Black Opium carries wasn’t a match though for this alternative.

    When we use perfume, we apply it in the morning, preferably on clean, moisturized skin so that we get the most out of the fragrance. 

    Purchasing a Poundland alternative will leave you using it as more of a body spray as the initial spray was gone within minutes. No one wants to keep reapplying their scent throughout the day just to make it last.

    Speaking of making perfume last, this bottle really won’t last very long if it constantly needs reapplying throughout the day.

    The chances of anyone around you noticing the whiff of scent will be very slim too unless they are standing right beside you when you spray.

    So the £1 bottle of fragrance that initially saved you a fair amount of money, will eventually cost you more. You will constantly be spending money on replacing the bottle that’s only lasted a week!

    Purchasing for the younger generation would be the only reason to buy a £1 fragrance. They don’t need overpowering scents to make an impression and will still feel like they are a part of the grown-up world with a bottle of designer spritz.

    If buying a dupe bottle seems to be the only option for owning a scent that’s similar to your favourite designer perfume, there is another option.

    At FM World, we sell designer-inspired fragrances.

    What does that mean? Check out my article on Do you sell designer perfume

    Looking for gift ideas?

    pop along here at our perfume resources page for some great products!

  • Perfumes,  The cost of perfume

    Fancy designer perfume

    Have you ever wondered why designer fragrances always come in a fancy designer perfume bottle? Let’s start with the box. Quite often we’ll have a posh box sitting on the shelves of department stores and perfume shops. Huge detail goes into some of these boxes before we’ve even opened it and then we’re faced with the bottle inside.

    Shaped like a woman’s silhouette, a high heel, a man’s torso, or even a star, some of the bottles we see today don’t have an ideal design.

    Especially if you keep your perfumes on your bedside cabinet or like to take your scent with you to spray during the day. Bottles such as Angel, look lovely but this particular design needs to stay in its box as it won’t stand up on its own.

    They won’t fit inside your clutch bag easily either when you’re going out for the evening. Clumsy, bulky and unnecessary designs are very creative but are they really necessary?

    There’s a lot of detail that goes into creating the perfect bottle and they often come in fancy or elaborate bottles for several reasons. Let’s take a deeper look.

    Fancy designer perfume

    Perfume bottles are designed to catch the eye and evoke a sense of luxury and elegance. The intricate and beautiful designs help create a visual appeal that complements the fragrance itself. Luxury brands, in particular, use fancy bottles as part of their overall branding strategy to convey a sense of exclusivity and sophistication.

    The perfume industry is highly competitive, with numerous brands and fragrances available. Fancy bottles serve as a means of standing out from the crowd and creating a unique identity for each perfume. By investing in distinctive packaging, perfume companies can make their products easily recognizable and memorable to consumers.

    Perfumes are often associated with personal experiences, memories, and emotions. The design and aesthetics of the bottle can enhance the overall experience of using the perfume and create an emotional connection with the user. A visually appealing bottle can contribute to the pleasure and anticipation of wearing the fragrance.

    Perfumes have often been a popular gift item and fancy bottles make them more attractive and desirable as presents. The packaging itself can be seen as an additional gift, adding to the overall value and charm of the product. The receiver of the perfume may feel a greater sense of appreciation when presented with a beautifully designed bottle, especially f the purchaser has taken the time to find out what type of scent the recipient enjoys.

    Some perfume enthusiasts enjoy collecting bottles and displaying them as decorative items. Fancy perfume bottles, especially those from limited editions or prestigious collections, can become sought-after collector’s items.

    The bottle design may be a significant factor in the decision to purchase a particular perfume for collectors. There are some beautiful and very creative bottles on the market today and these would make a lovely display.

    It’s important to note that while the bottle design can be appealing, the quality and composition of the fragrance itself are the most crucial aspects. The choice of perfume should be based on personal preferences and match the perfect scent for those wearing it, more than just the bottle’s appearance.

    Perfume and beauty resources

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    Fancy designer perfume

    Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum Refillable 100ml EDP Spray

    Fancy designer perfume

    Other factors come down to the celebrity creation behind it. Advertisers and celebrities want their products to stand out for the customer to notice their designs. They’re not worried about who sees their fancy bottle once it’s sold.

    We don’t invite friends or family up to our room to look at our wonderful display of fragrances. Yet, we are often influenced by the packaging and design of the latest perfume.

    Perfumes should be stored in a dark place for longevity. When we have a wonderful display of different perfumes sitting proudly on the bedside cabinet, the only people who will see it are our immediate family who live with us.

    Some may even keep their perfume inside the original box, hidden away inside the wardrobe, in between uses, so the fancy bottle is never going to be seen.

    Do we buy a fragrance for its design?

    No, of course, we don’t, but it’s the first thing we see when we go shopping, and it gives us our first influence.

    Designer bottles may look pretty on your bedside unit, but if the fragrance doesn’t suit, you could potentially spend £40/50 on an EDT that you’re never going to wear. No one likes to waste money, and this is a prime example of how easy it is to spend lavishly on a product that won’t be used.

    While some people may be attracted to perfume solely for its bottle design, it is not the primary reason most individuals purchase perfume. The main purpose of buying perfume is to enjoy and wear the fragrance itself. The scent, longevity, and how it interacts with an individual’s body chemistry are typically the key factors that influence perfume purchases.

    Bottle design is often a bonus or a secondary consideration. People may appreciate the visual beauty of a fancy perfume bottle and find it appealing, but it is typically not the sole determining factor in their decision to purchase a perfume. Other important factors include the brand reputation, the fragrance notes, recommendations, personal preferences, and the overall experience associated with wearing the perfume.

    Fancy designer perfume

    Perfume companies are known to invest a considerable amount of effort and resources into designing attractive bottles to enhance the overall product appeal for their buyers. However, the quality and structure of the fragrance itself ultimately determine a perfume’s value and popularity with its customers.

    Saving the perfume for the best

    We’ve all done it, but it’s money down the drain when we keep perfume for a special occasion. What are we paying for when we buy perfume? The fancy packaging or the bottle’s amazing scent?

    People will comment on a fragrance that you’re wearing, regardless of the bottle design. Many men and women will recognise a scent, especially if it’s one that they wear or are familiar with. No one asks to see the bottle either, yet we somehow spend a fortune on the overall product.

    When we learn that there are other choices out there that won’t break the bank, we start to appreciate that money can buy more than just one bottle if we know where to shop. So…the next time you need a new perfume, remember that simplicity is key.

    At FM World, we have a selection of fragrances for men and women that prioritize simplicity. Simple bottle designs, straightforward packaging, and no hefty price tag that many high-end designer perfumes always have.

    Get in touch if you would like to see a list of the inspired fragrances we sell.

    Bright Crystal Perfume for Women by Versace on eBay

    Fancy designer perfume

    Designer perfumes 

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