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    New year perfume

    The new year often sees resolutions made, most commonly losing weight, drinking less or perhaps giving up nail-biting. It’s not always about making resolutions though, especially when most are given up within the first few weeks.

    According to research by, 47% of people felt the need to set wellness routines, with only 6% of those people actually sticking to their resolution.

    New year perfume
    Getting fit often falls short when it comes to new year resolutions

    67% of those surveyed said they were more focused on their looks, rather than how they feel.


    We all know how we feel with a new fragrance. Many will see a fresh calendar page and maybe the January sales to purchase a new year perfume instead of a resolution that may not last.

    We can often get stuck with purchasing the same bottle of perfume throughout the year, our comfort classic that reminds us of memories made.

    Some men and women perhaps change their scent to match the seasons.

    Unless you’ve been gifted a new perfume for Christmas that you have never tried before, the same scents come back again for the following year and we never get to try a different one.

    Perfume adverts

    Christmas time is the perfect excuse for a new fragrance and we see countless TV ads with designer fragrances and their celebrity endorses on our screens.

    That last push from the advertising companies to pop a perfume advert in between every commercial possible as we begin watching endless Christmas films and shows.

    One thing I personally notice each year is the popularity of summer scented perfumes being advertised during the run up to Christmas.

    Whilst there are a selection that are hugely popular and best-sellers throughout the year, I always associate floral, sweet and delicate notes for the spring and summer seasons.

    We need lighter scents on the skin for the hotter months.

    La Vie Est belle by Lancôme , Angel by Thierry Muglar and Daisy by Marc Jacobs appear on our screens most commonly during the Christmas period as men and women frantically search online and in the shops for the perfect gift.

    Each of these perfumes I feel more suitable for summer yet we see them highly advertised during the run up to Christmas.

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    Advertisers know what sells and we are all guilty of buying a fragrance that is endorsed by our favourite celebrity.

    They have a big influence over our purchases and sales rocket every year regardless of an economic crisis.

    Christmas and winter for me should see the woody and oriental scents. Those strong fragrances that turn heads and work well during the colder season.

    Perfumes that contain heavy notes such as sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla can be worn much better during the winter.

    Such notes are too heavy for summer, where we should look for more floral and lighter scents.


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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    New year perfume

    Perfumes such as YSL Black Opium or Paco Rabanne by Lady Million, are very popular scents for the cold, winter and festive season.

    When we purchase a fragrance, whatever the season, we should always concentrate on the base notes.

    These are the notes that will last the longest and that others around us will smell and be influenced by.

    We predominantly see female scents being advertised more than the male fragrances even though the fragrance world is just as popular for men.

    Whilst there is no hard and fast rule about wearing selective perfumes to suit the seasons and it is very much a personal choice, I do believe that winter scents should be on our screens for that time of year.

    If you’re not fazed by trying a new scent and steering away from your traditional scents, then a new fragrance could be just around the corner.

    The great thing about trying something new in the perfume world is the samples that are readily available to try beforehand.

    We could potentially spend a fair amount of money on a new scent so it is important to try a sample first and to leave the scent on the skin for a few minutes to determine if it is the right one for you.

    I’m sure there will be so many who have had a perfume bought and it never gets worn. Too strong, not scented enough or the wrong fragrance notes can all play a part.

    Perfume and scented skin care products sees sales sky rocket during the Christmas season more than any other time of the year.

    We will always see the timeless classics such as La vie Est Belle by Lancôme  and that’s possibly why it appears on our screens every year. Possibly one of the most versatile scents too.

    Other scents such as Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & sea salt cologne for men has become popular over the past 12 months even though it’s a scent more aimed for summer.


    Popular winter scents for women


    Black Opium- Yves St Laurent


    Deep and warm autumn notes are a popular choice with this 2014 perfume. Passion and energy in a bottle, this classic woman’s perfume has a seductive theme with its vanilla and coffee fragrance notes.

    On its first spray, Black Opium has lots of fruity notes to enjoy, and once we get to the base notes, we smell the deep, winter sense, as patchouli, coffee, and vanilla strike through.

    Top notes: Green mandarin, cinnamon, pear

    Middle notes: Orange blossom, Jasmine Sambac and solar notes

    Base notes: Vanilla absolute, patchouli, coffee and vanilla orchid, bourbon vanilla, Madagascar vanilla.



    New year perfume



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    Decadence Eau So Decadent-Marc Jacobs


    Many women who already wear Daisy by Mark Jacobs will know that it contains very floral notes, so when Decadence Eau So Decadent was released in 2017, we had a more velvet and woody aroma that instantly pours out sophistication and sex appeal.


    Top notes: Plum, saffron, Iris

    Middle notes: Orris, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambac.

    Bass notes: Vetiver, papyrus, liquidambar



    New year perfume



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    Good Girl- Carolina Herrera

    The perfume bottle alone has always been a fascination, although not the type that women can pop into their handbag easily mind. If you do have a perfume decanter and the money to spend on this fragrance, then it ticks all the boxes for a winter scent.

    A popular perfume, launched very recently in 2021 and often gets advertised on TV, This little gem smells just as good as it looks.

    Whilst the fragrance notes appear very floral, the base notes bring out the winter theme for this delightful perfume.

    Top notes: Litchi, red currant

    Middle note: Rose

    Base notes: Vanilla, vetiver

    New year perfume


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    Popular winter scents for men


    Viktor & Rolf- Spice Bomb

    Viktor & Rolf have a male version of the ever so popular Flower bomb for women which hit the fragrance world back in 2005, called Spice bomb. The male scent was released at a later date in 2012.

    The bottle alone screams masculinity compared to its female version, which has an elegant feminine bottle.

    With a powerhouse of fragrance notes, it’s of little suprise that this scent is just as popular as the female version.

    Designed like a bomb from a James Bond film, this fragrance reaches out to its male customers with a wonderful combination of heavy base notes.

    Leather, vetiver and tobacco will be the continued scent that last for the duration whilst its top notes of grapefruit and bergamot give a gentle feel to the scent when it is first sprayed.

    Top notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, pink pepper, elemi ( an oleoresin obtained from a tropical tree and commonly used in aromatherapy oils, varnishes and perfume.

    Middle notes: Saffron, cinnamon, paprika

    Base notes: Tobacco, leather, vetiver


    New year perfume


    Another popular winter scent is the classic Savage by Dior. Packed with plenty of spicy and winter notes, sitting in the aromatic fougere family, this 2015 release is a huge hit with the men and a great scent for women to appreciate.

    Top notes: Pepper, Calabrian bergamot

    Middle notes: Lavender, pink pepper, vetiver Sichuan pepper, patchouli, geranium and elemi

    Base notes: Cedar, ambroxan and labdanum.


    New year perfume


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    Armani Code-Giorgio Armani


    This masculine bottle is another classic for its woody notes and sits perfectly on the skin during the winter months. Launched in 2017, this was Georgio Armani’s first oriental scent for men.

    Sensual, charming and with a combination of beautiful notes, this fragrance is designed for the modern man.

    Sitting in the oriental family, Armani Code is a spicy fragrance that was launched in 2004.

    Top notes : Bergamot, lemon

    Middle notes : Star anise, olive blossom, guaiac wood

    Base notes : Tobacco, tonka bean



    New year perfume


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    Gucci Guilty Absolute-Gucci


    If you’re looking for a woody and masculine scent, Gucci Guilty Absolute is the perfect option. Launched in 2017, its fragrance has all the notes for the perfect winter scent.

    Top note: Leather

    Middle notes: Cypress, patchouli

    Base notes: Vetiver, woody notes

    New year perfume

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    D&G -The One

    Another popular scent for men and a masculine classic that was launched in 2015 is Dolche & Gabanna’s The One.

    If you like spicy and oriental fragrances that are suitable for winter, then this fragrance fits the bill.

    Top notes: Grapefruit, basil, coriander

    Middle notes: Ginger, cardamom, orange blossom

    Base notes: Amber, tobacco, cedar



    New year perfume


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    Unisex winter scents

    Tom Ford Black Orchid

    If you like to compliment your scent with your other half and struggle to find fragrances to do this then Tom Ford has the solution.

    Launched in 2006, Black Orchid is an oriental scent that is suitable for men and women.

    It has a wonderful combination of scents that balance well with the floral side whilst still keeping the fragrance suitable to the males to wear.

    Top notes: Plum, truffle

    Middle notes: Rum, Ylang-ylang, black orchid

    Base note:Patchouli


    New year perfume


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    Baccarat Rouge 540- Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    A popular unisex scent with heavier notes is the Baccarat Rouge 540 and has been a popular choice since its release back in 2015. An elegant yet simplistic bottle, this fragrance is inspired by woody scents with gorgeous hints of floral notes popping through.

    Top notes: Saffron, jasmin

    Middle notes: Ambergris

    Base notes: Cedar, fir resin

    New year perfume

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    Conclusion: A new year doesn’t have to be restricted to New Year’s resolutions.

    Bringing a new scent into the home for the winter months can be just what we need to cheer us up and keep us out of the January blues.

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    FM perfume 489 review

    FM perfume no.489 review

    For those who are familiar and wear FM perfumes, you will know how good they are. They are perfumes that last for the duration of the day and are affordable for all of us, which is definitely something that both men and women look for in a purchase.

    One of the most popular female scents that the company sell is FM489, so let’s take a deeper look to find out why it’s one of their best-sellers.

    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM pure perfume 489

    Similarities to designer scents

    FM World perfumes were created to bring a uniqueness to the perfume world and a collection of beautiful scents for both men and women.

    With such a variety of choice of fragrances, there are similarities between FM perfumes and those of the designers.

    FM489 is inspired by the very popular and gorgeous scent called Alien by Thierry Mugler.

    Released in 1992, this scent is still hugely popular today and a bottle can set you back between £55 -£100 approximately, depending on which size you choose and where you purchase from.


    FM perfume no.489 review


    When we look at the fragrance notes in a bottle of Alien, we know that the designer has created a feminine and rich perfume with its bouquet of floral scents.

    They are an instant hit to the senses and bring summer vibes to the skin.


    Perfume notes in Alien by Thierry Muggler

    Top notes: mandarin orange

    Middle notes: Moroccan jasmine, white flowers

    Base notes: white amber, cashmere.

    If you’re a lover of very floral fragrances then this little gem will certainly whisk you off into a field of flowers and gorgeous fruit notes to make heads turn.


    Why choose an alternate perfume ?


    One of the benefits of wearing an FM perfume is that they are long-lasting and concentrated with 20% pure perfume oil.

    There is no need to spray excessively or even to re apply during the day.

    This also leads to your favourite bottle lasting much longer.

    Perfume notes in a bottle of FM489

    There are similar fragrance notes in FM’s bottle and that’s where the similarity ends.

    Top notes: blackcurrant, green leaves, anise

    Middle notes: orange blossom water notes’, lily-of-the-valley, green leaves, cashmere wood

    Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, tonka bean, ambergris



    What to expect with this scent

    Labelled as a futuristic and eccentric scent, this inspired perfume is an acquired taste for those who love sweetness and fruity notes that instantly whisk us off to holiday destinations.

    It’s definitely one of those scents that can be a little overpowering if too much is sprayed as it is very sweet. Less is more as they say.

    On a recent visit to a supermarket, I walked past a lady and within an instance I noticed her perfume scent. I was instantly hit with an overpowering concoction of heavy musk and flowers.

    Working in the perfume business for the past seven years has allowed my nose to often guess what perfume notes someone is wearing and sometimes I can even name the perfume if it’s a popular scent.

    Musk can be a heavy fragrance if it’s sprayed too much and this was most certainly the case.

    We sometimes forget that even when we can no longer smell the fragrance on our skin, others around us can still smell it.

    Our nose gets used to the scent as it settles and whilst we may be led to believe that the scent has worn off, it is still very much noticeable to others.

    By spraying more or too much in the first place will not only impact your own nose and could give you a headache, it will have a negative impact on those around you.

    Every women loves to be noticed and admired by her choice in clothes, hair, make up and fragrance but no one wants her chosen scent to linger long after she has walked past.

    Fruit and freshness

    There is an instant smell of freshness when this scent is sprayed and the top notes pop through, especially the blackcurrant.

    After a few minutes of spraying, there is a gorgeous smell of sweetness with the orange blossom drifting through and a woody edge from the cashmere wood.

    Whilst some woody perfumes can be a little heavy, the blackcurrant and orange blossom balance this fragrance perfectly.

    Towards the end of the day, the patchouli and ambergris are noticeable as the scent has settled nicely into its fragrance.

    Whenever we choose a scent, its good practice to look at the base notes. These are the notes that will be on the skin for the longest time and will be the scent that those around you will notice.

    When we compare the bottles of both fragrances, the simplicity of FM bottles shows that they don’t need to have expensive bottles and packaging to sell their perfumes.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    Fm perfume 489

    Price: £21.50 purchase direct from FM World

    The cheapest place to buy: eBay

    Size of bottle: 50ml

    My rating: 8.5 out of 10



    FM489 perfume is slightly too sweet for my skin but nonetheless it is a very pleasant summer fragrance that lasts very well.

    If used sparingly, it is a delightful perfume that will turn heads and have others asking what fragrance you’re wearing.


    Products available in the same scent

    Intense perfume- contains 30% pure oil for an even longer lasting fragrance. Suitable for a night out when you don’t want to carry the bottle in your handbag.

    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM489 Intense perfume











    Pheromone perfume – A fragrance that is designed to attract the opposite sex and is made of synthetic animal musk and chemicals to stimulate the nose.


    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM 489 pheromone perfume


    Air freshener -these are suitable to hand inside the car or wardrobe or to hang inside your kitchen bin to keep it smelling fresh.

    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM 489 air freshener











    Perfumed Body mist- perfect to take on holiday when a light spritz of scent is all that is needed on the skin during the hot weather.

    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM 489 perfumed body mist


    Home fragrance sticks– these are an elegant way to fragrance the home with your favourite perfume fragrance and look great on the cabinet or bedside table.

    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM 489 home fragrance sticks










    Vacuum freshener– no one likes their vacuum cleaner smelling of dust, dirt or pet hair.

    These creations are perfect and will fit into any hoover that has a dust bag. They come in a twin pack and last for around 2 months per pad.


    FM perfume no.489 review
    FM 489 hoover fragrance

    All of these products and a sample of this scent can be found in the online shop.

    FM perfume no.489 review










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  • FM World,  Perfumes,  The cost of perfume

    Perfumes that last all day

    Men and women love fragrances, there’s no doubt about that, but how difficult it is to find perfumes that last all day ?

    Whether it’s a fragrance to wear for a wedding, a day at work or out and about sight seeing, we all look for a scent that can stand the longevity of the day.

    Very few designer and expensive perfumes and aftershaves will last for 8 hours and there is the need to re apply at some point during the day.

    Not everyone wants to carry a bottle of their favourite around with them.

    Especially if your taste in perfume has a designer bottle that is more fitting for your bedside table than in your handbag or briefcase.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Perfumes that last all day

    We are often drawn to a designer bottle before we try the scent. The celebrity behind a fragrance will have an influence on our purchases too.

    Another factor alongside a perfume that lasts all day is the cost. Many of us have expensive taste in fragrances but not always the budget that goes with it.


    Welcome to FM World- affordable fragrances

    Perfumes that last all day

    Buy FM PURE no.9 


    This is where FM World perfume bottles for men, women and unisex scents come into play.

    With a huge selection of scents that suit any budget and inspiration from the designer perfumes that we see on the shelf and online today, it’s of little surprise why so many people are buying their next bottle from a successful company.

    FM WORLD know just what their customers are looking for in a fragrance.

    ■ Affordability

    ■ Longevity

    ■ Gorgeous scents

    ■ Matching products


    Have you noticed that we haven’t put fancy design bottles?

    Perfumes that last all day

    Buy FM PURE ROYAL unisex 900 


    FM WORLD know that they don’t need to create a flamboyant and glitzy designer bottle in order to sell their fragrances.

    Simplicity is key, along with a scent that has beautiful notes to suit anyone, including children.

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    Why is FM perfume so popular?

    First of all, FM have created perfumes that come in simplistic bottles as we know that it’s the scent that the customer wears and not the bottle.


    Perfumes that smell expensive


    Secondly, the company has no celebrity endorsers, TV advertisers or sales reps in store as their products can only be purchased through a distributor or preferred customer. More details about that later.

    They have created perfumes that contain 20% perfume.

    When we look at designer bottles, more often than not, we purchase a bottle of eau de toilette.

    Purchasing a bottle of pure perfume with a designer label could set you back around £100-£350 ($112-$393).

    This will also depend on who the designer is.




    Many designer fragrances are diluted whereas with FM perfumes, they use pure oil.

    Using pure perfume oil

    FM can afford to use pure oil because as mentioned above they don’t use the endorses or advertise anywhere so they are not paying out for these external sources.

    A very savvy way of creating perfumes and aftershaves.


    FM bottles are numbered

    The bottles are still elegant, there is no doubt and instead of having a name on each bottle, FM use numbers for each of their perfumes.

    Customers know that if they purchase a bottle of FM perfume, they will have a scent that lasts around eight hours if they purchase a bottle from the PURE range.

    A great benefit to these perfumes is that there is a selection that come with an INTENSE range.


    Perfumes that last all day

    Did you know that FM also create pheromones ?

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    The INTENSE range simply means that the perfume oil is 30% instead of 20%.

    With a higher rate of perfume oil, you will most certainly enjoy a long-lasting perfume for men and women as the scent will last around 10 hours.

    We know that in today’s world, money is a big problem for many and shoppers see buying perfumes as a luxury, especially the high end expensive brands.

    10% OFF At Orders $50 & Up

    This is another reason why FM have created beautiful fragrances that everyone can afford.

    Having a range of sizes also makes it a better and affordable option for many. There are 100ml, 50ml and 15ml bottles.

    Women love perfumes that fit neatly in their handbag and are small enough to take on the plane for a holiday.

    With such a huge collection to choose from, it’s of little surprise that both women and men have fallen in love with the gorgeous scents of FM fragrances.

    Many have heard of the fragrance wheel and this is used when we perhaps want to try a new scent and aren’t sure what type of scent to try.

    Looking at the fragrance family helps to narrow down our choice.

    Perfumes are based around different fragrance notes and when we combine similar notes with one another, it becomes more likely that scents smell similar to other perfumes on the market.

    We have previously discussed designer perfumes and FM fragrances and their similarities here so we know that there are no copy cat perfumes within FM.

    How to save more money on your fragrances

    FM gives everyone from all over the world the opportunity to join the company for FREE!
    With many companies such as Avon, Arbonne or Scentsy, there is a registration fee.
    Something that not everyone wants to pay out, especially if it turns out that the company isn’t a fit for you.
    Perfumes that last all day



    Signing up as a preferred customer:

    Anyone can sign up over the age of 16 and the link for those who live in the UK can be clicked here.
    If you are interested in signing up and you live outside of the UK, please get in touch and I will assist you with signing up in your country.
    We have offices all over the world.
    The benefits of signing up:
    Saving up to 33% on selected products in the catalogue to use for yourself or to sell to someone else.
    Friends and family gift ideas can be purchased from your personal account and every product that you purchase will give you points.
    The more products you purchase for yourself or sell on to others, the more commission can be potentially earn.


    Signing up as a distributor:

    Working similar to a preferred customer, the added benefit of signing up as a distributor is the opportunity to be able to build a team alongside purchasing the products at a discounted price.

    You still earn your own points and commission and the points that your team earn go into your group points as well as their individual accounts.


    Are you a pyramid scheme ?



    Absolutely not. Apart from pyramid schemes being considered illegal, let me explain why all businesses are ‘pyramids’.

    Below, you will see a pyramid ‘structure’.

    Perfumes that last all day



    The majority of businesses will have this structure.


    Big businesses such as McDonalds, Boots, M&S and Wilkinson.

    Everyone starts at the bottom of a pyramid are the employees and some work their way up to the top to become a manager.

    We all have our own journey when we start a new ‘job ‘ and we all reach different levels at different times in our business.

    The same goes for Network Marketing.

    We all start at the bottom and build our own structure and that structure build their own and so on.


    Perfumes that last all day


    Everyone has the potential to earn commission and profit but unlike your 9-5 job, where you get paid regardless of how much work you do, in the FM World business, every member needs to do the work to see the results.

    We’ve always been taught to look for a ‘job’ and therefore miss the ‘opportunities’ that are out there to find.

    Get in touch if you would like the opportunity to save on your purchases or sell to friends/family or colleagues.

    So there are perfumes available that do last all day. If you need any help in choosing a scent, get in touch or add a comment below.

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  • Perfumes,  Review

    FM perfume 910 review

    Fm perfume 910 review. This is a unisex fragrance and a wonderful scent if you like delicate fragrances that sit in the wood family.

    So many of us love perfume but the price tag isn’t always suitable. So when we have a fragrance that is influenced by the fragrance notes of designer perfumes, it’s definitely worth trying.

    As previously discussed here on my website, FM WORLD create perfumes that are not only affordable and long-lasting but also contain very similar fragrance notes to that of the designer perfumes.

    When we look for a particular design of perfume, the price can be a bit of an eye-opener.

    Inspired by the designers

    Whilst there may be many designer fragrances that are within budget, the comparison that FM perfume 910 is very similar to is Baccarat Rouge 540.

    A fragrance that was first launched in 2014 under Baccarat’s name and then relaunched in 2015 by Maison Kurkdjian, this scent captures a delicate collection of gentle scents, contrary to sitting in the wood/oriental family.

    If you purchase a bottle of the Extrait De Parfum as a 70ml bottle from their website, you are looking at parting with an eye-watering £320.

    Can anyone justify that price? Well, if you happen to be a pop star named Rihanna, then indeed you can.

    This was her go to fragrance before she launched her own brand of perfume.

    Regarded as a very flattering scent for both men and women, it became a hugely popular choice on such social platforms such as Tik Tok and has transformed this scent into the success that we see today.

    There’s no denying that it is a beautiful bottle with its gold and red vibe and a very classy looking design but there will be many women and men who can’t or won’t buy such an expensive scent.

    FM perfume 910 review


    So, what do we do when we love a fragrance but the cost is just too much to part with?

    Some may buy ‘copies’ of their favourite scent and end up disappointed when their new purchase doesn’t live up to their expectations.

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    Buying a similar scent for less


    Another option is to purchase the inspired version from FM World.

    Those that are familiar with our scents will know that FM perfumes are not copies.

    They are unique scents that have their own design of bottle and packaging.

    The fragrances note themselves will be very similar to the designer scents but not identical.

    They are simply ‘inspired’ by other scents. Their bottle and packaging design is unique too.

    When we think of the fragrance wheel, it’s impossible to create a scent that doesn’t have similar notes to other perfume scents.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    FM perfume 910

    Price: £27.50 purchased direct from FM World

    The Cheapest place to buy: eBay

    Size of bottle: 50ml

    My rating : 9 out of 10


    FM perfume No. 910 fragrance notes

    Type: dry, flavoured with a hint of sweetness

    Fragrance notes:

    Head: Jasmine, saffron

    Heart: Balsam fir, cedarwood

    Base: Cashmere wood, ambergris, moss, brown sugar.

    We already know that we don’t need to purchase fancy bottles to make an impression and the simplicity of FM World’s design is just that.

    When a perfume or aftershave sits on the beside cabinet in between uses, there is no need to spend a fortune on the fancy packaging or bottle.


    After all, it’s the scent we should be the most interested in. This is what those around us will notice.

    We are very much influenced by classy and elegant looking bottles and this is what catches our eye first before we begin to decide on what scent we like.

    Retailers and perfume designers know this and customers are drawn to fancy packaging and the celebrity endorsers of certain fragrances.

    Familiarity sells much easier than unknown brands.

    Any scent that contains cedarwood or jasmine has my vote.

    This is the perfect scent for any season as it has a very delicate and light feel even though it doesn’t contain your classic delicate selection of flower and fruity perfumes.

    Why FM910 is so popular

    FM 910 has a wonderful balance of wood and oriental notes and the head notes ‘pop’ as soon as the bottle is sprayed.

    It’s easy to see why this fragrance is so popular. Once the scent settles on the skin, we are left with a ‘clear water’ smell.

    Crisp, seductive and very pleasant on our senses.


    FM perfume 910 review

    Some people may shy away from a unisex scent for fear of being too masculine for the ladies or more importantly (as women can get away with wearing a ‘masculine’ scent ), smelling too feminine for a man.


    What to expect with this scent

    I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

    There is a touch of sweetness to the notes yet it’s not overpowering or sickly. The scent almost reminds me of a fragrance that you would wear to a wedding.

    Delicate with just enough impact to be noticed without everyone turning around after you’ve walked past, with the screwed up facial expression telling you that your chosen scent is far too strong!

    It has a sense of seductiveness as the base notes reach the nose and definitely a scent that can be worn all year round.

    When we compare the fragrance notes in Baccarat Rouge 540, we can see that FM has similar notes but they’re not identical.



    Top notes: Jasmine and saffron

    Middle notes: Amberwood and ambergris

    Base notes:Fir resin and cedar.

    With such similarities, you will find it hard to tell which scent is the designer one.

    As with all perfumes, the base notes are those that will linger for the remainder of the time.

    After spraying on my skin around 8am one morning, I was pleasantly surprised to still be able to smell the notes at 5pm.

    A delightful and simplistic bottle that sits in the PURE ROYAL range, the FM 910 is definitely worth trying and a sample can be purchased here.

    I would always recommend trying any sample of FM’s perfumes first as scents do smell very different in the bottle to when they are sitting on the skin.



    A delightful scent that is very light and wearable and definitely suitable for both men and women.

    I would perhaps like a touch more scent and slightly stronger to pop through but overall the FM 910 is a very pleasant and a popular perfume within the PURE ROYAL range.




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  • Perfumes,  Royalty

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear ?

    As the nation celebrated the life and bid an emotional farewell to Her Royal Highness and laid her to rest on September 19th, we see a new King (King Charles III) and a new Prince and Princess of Wales.

    Watching the Royals looking very dignified and graceful, we’re curious as to what fragrance the new Princess of Wales wears.

    As discussed in our recent article What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear, our attention was very much drawn to the beauty and elegance of our new Princess.

    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear



    There will be many women I’m sure who look up to our Princess of Wales and admire her complexion and beautiful locks.

    Kate always stands out in the crowd and in such an elegant way so it’s no surprise that she chooses a wonderful scent to match her own sparkle and beauty.

    Being one of the most talked about women in the world, Kate has influenced those around her, not just with her sense of style but with her choice of perfume.

    According to sources, she created her wedding around this beautifully fruity scent and wears it during every day life not just for royal duties.

    Candle making for you  


    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear

    Whilst Kate’s choice of signature perfume may set you back a little with its ‘Royal’ price tag, especially if purchasing from the designers’ website, she certainly has a wonderful eye and nose for gorgeous fragrances when choosing her favourite perfume.



    Jo Malone-Orange Blossom

    Kate Middleton (now know as The Princess of Wales) is very much a lover of Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom.


    This fragrance, launched in 2003, by Jean Claude Delville, brings the delights of a summer garden to life with its wonderful selection of ingredients.

    It is also one of the most popular scents worn by many celebrities, including Emilia Fox and Katie Holmes.

    Although a very floral and elegant spring/summer scent, Orange Blossom is a unisex fragrance and therefore has a great balance of notes to be suitable for both men and women to wear.

    Jo Malone has created a unique scent that works wonderfully as a unisex choice.

    When we have citrus based fragrances, there is a distinctive mood- lifting vibe that is instantly created.



    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear
    Orange blossom is a very popular perfume scent


    Citrus scents are perfect for spring and summer occasions and create energy, happiness and memories with its sharp and tangy notes.

    It’s important that we choose the right scent for our skin as not everyone suits the same scent.

    We should also choose a fragrance that is uplifting and memorable for ourselves. A scent that reminds others of our presence also shows a great choice of perfume.

    Fragrances notes of Jo Malone Orange Blossom

    Top notes: Tangerine Blossom

    Heart notes: Orange blossom, water lily and lilac

    Base notes : Vetiver and iris


    Although this perfume sits within the oriental fragrance family, as soon as it is sprayed, there is an instant whiff of orange and citrus fruits.


    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear
    Citrus- based fragrances are perfect for spring and summer




    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear


    As the top notes settle, the heart notes pop through and the lilac is very noticeable with the water lily.


    The base note of vetiver is a stunning scent and another reason why this fragrance is so popular.


    There is a distinctive smell of freshness as the notes settle on the skin and the reason why it is such a versatile perfume.

    Some may be led to believe that it is too fruity or feminine to be fitting for a male wearer.

    Once the heart and base notes settle and are left for the remainder of their longevity, it’s easy to learn why it is just as popular for men when the crisp freshness sits wonderfully on the skin for that touch of masculinity.



    Being one of the most popular scents from the Jo Malone collection, another advantage with such a popular fragrance is that you can also bring this gorgeous scent into your home and garden with its added selection of products.


    Jo Malone have also created a candle, diffuser, solid perfume scent, body and hand wash, and body crème in the same fragrance. Just delightful!



    Everyone loves a candle. Indoors or outside, candles give a sense of calmness, warmth and relaxation.

    With such notes as mentioned above, the Jo Malone candle enriches the home with the same beautiful freshness.

    With its elegant and simplistic jar, it will suit any home. It has a burn time of approximately 45 hours with a lid included for when it’s not in use.



    Many people have reed diffusers around their home and they create a wonderful atmosphere whatever the season.

    Solid scent refill



    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    These can be worn alone or layered with perfume. The choice is yours. Perfect for those who travel and want to avoid taking liquids on board.


    What perfume does Kate Middleton wear

    Buy Jo Malone products available on eBay


  • Perfumes,  Wedding

    The best perfume for a wedding day

    A special day deserves the right fragrance so what do we need to know about choosing the best perfume for a wedding day?



    The best perfume for a wedding day


    Whether you are the bride or groom, finding the right scent will make the day more special and memorable, so we will take a look at both female and male scents.

    A few years back, weddings seemed to be more of a summer season function due to having the best weather we could hope for.


    The perfect backdrop for photos with the sun shining, the flowers in full bloom and the wedding party wearing gorgeous summer dresses to compliment their suntan.

    For those living and getting married in the UK, summer weather was often unpredictable and so the bride- to- be would opt for the summer months in the hope that the weather was perfect for their important day.

    Nowadays weddings take place abroad and during the winter months too so it can be difficult to find the right scent for the right time of year and its special occasion.

    The best perfume for a wedding day

    First of all, we need a scent that makes a lasting impression and has the ability to re create special memories each time it is worn.

    Perfume, very much like music, has the wonderful ability to bring back memories and the wedding day for both the man and woman is one that is to be forever treasured and remembered.

    Secondly, we need a scent that lasts for the whole duration of the day without the need to reapply.

    Whether it’s for a male or female, there are plenty of scents to choose from for such an occasion.


    Depending on what time of year/season that the wedding takes place, this will help to narrow down the selection accordingly.

    For anyone who has ever attended a wedding will already know that it’s a very busy time surrounded by lots of family, friends and special guests.

    Everyone involved wants the day to run smoothly and be perfect for the bride and groom.

    Wearing a scent that is overpowering for those around you will be noticeable and memorable but for the wrong reasons.

    The bride


    The best perfume for a wedding day


    The bride is the first person that everyone looks at and so the guests will notice every small detail. From the hair and make up to the beautiful dress she will be wearing.

    Whilst perfume isn’t seen, wearing the right fragrance will definitely have an impact on the groom and the guests.

    As the bride walks down the isle, those attending will notice her elegance and beauty and as she walks past.

    Any scent that she may be wearing could be significant or subtle depending on her chosen one.

    Some may be led to believe that in order to have a fragrance that lasts for several hours or indeed all day, they need to wear one that has strong fragrance notes.

    Wearing an overpowering scent will most certainly spoil your dress and first impression as a bride. We don’t need to wear a strong perfume to stand out and be noticed.

    Having a subtle and elegant scent that softly lingers as you walk past your guests in the church will have heads turning just as much as your outfit so it is important to choose the most suitable one.

    The groom

    Just as important as the bride is the groom at the wedding. Whilst many eyes will be on the bride as the couple walk down the isle, the groom will still have eyes watching him and the perfect scent will be noticeable too.
    The best perfume for a wedding day
    There is definitely something quite exquisite about a male wearing a crisp new suit, perfectly groomed and having the most incredible scent lingering as they walk past.
    His bride will appreciate it just as much as their guests.


    The season- things to consider

    Are you getting married during the month of spring?

    Look for scents that are floral based to bring the outside smells of fresh flowers and warm days to life with your perfume.

    Possibly the most popular scents around today as they are so versatile and can be worn day or night whatever the season.

    If your wedding is held during the month of summer, regardless of the country  and the weather is forecast to be as hot, it’s important to choose a perfume where the base notes don’t react with the hot temperatures.

    One option as discussed in a previous post the best summer fragrances for women, is to opt for a body spray.


    The best perfume for a wedding day

    Buy now from FM World


    These will be much lighter than perfume and therefore will rest on the skin without the heat from the weather or your own body heat reacting negatively.

    Wearing the wrong scent during hot weather can make your choice of fragrance smell more extreme as the heat reacts.

    If your wedding is planned to fall in the Autum, such fragrances can have deeper base notes and be more oriental and woody.







    It’s still important to choose one that isn’t too heavy with such notes.

    Winter weddings can have a similar theme when choosing the right heart and base notes.

    The skin is much cooler so there is no risk of the scent reacting with body heat and therefore a wider choice of scents are available.

    Of course, there will be many a bride who may in fact not wish to wear any kind of perfume or body fragrance.

    For those who are not perfume lovers, hair perfume is the perfect solution. The chance to still carry a scent around with you, without having it directly onto the skin.

    Many women may want to have a different scent to what they would normally wear so that it feels more special to have a new scent.

    Others will keep to their trusted favourite signature scent that everyone knows and recognizes.

    Either way, whatever a bride chooses, it has to be their own decision as to what they do or don’t wear.

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    Perfume samples

    The wonderful thing about perfume is the chance to purchase and try samples. This is especially important for the big day.

    Samples also make wonderful favours too as you will read in the same article.

    Whilst we can get away with buying clothing before trying the item on, perfume is such a personal item to purchase.

    Many places may not accept exchanges or refunds once the packaging and bottle has been opened.


    The most popular perfume for a wedding day

    There are a few perfumes that spring to mind as soon as we think about looking for a scent for a special day.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    La Vie Est Belle Lancôme


    The best perfume for a wedding day

    La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme is a hugely popular and very wearable scent for many women and it can be worn all year round.

    This makes it a perfect choice of fragrance for those who like fruity/flower scents.

    Top notes: pear, blackcurrant

    Heart notes: iris, jasmine, and orange blossom

    Base notes: vanilla, praline, tonka bean and patchouli.

    This 2018 perfume has a wonderful combination of scents that will be sure to linger for your special day with those around you.


    Buy La Vie Est Belle now on eBay


    Chanel no.5

    Chanel No.5 is a timeless classic and therefore fits perfectly as a wedding perfume.


    The best perfume for a wedding day

    Top notes: Ylang-Ylang, neroli, bergamot,aldehydes and peach

    Heart notes: Jasmine, rose, iris, Lily-of-the-valley

    Base notes: Sandalwood,vanilla, patchouli and vetiver


    Buy Chanel no.5 now on eBay


    Savage by Dior


    If the groom wishes to turn heads as well as be remembered for his fragrance then he can’t go wrong with Savage by Dior.

    The best perfume for a wedding day

    A fragrance that was launched in 2015, has a gorgeous combination of perfect notes to compliment his outfit.


    Top notes: pepper and Calabrian bergamot

    Heart notes: lavender, pink pepper, sichuan pepper, patchouli, vetiver, geranium and elemi

    Base notes: : cedar, ambroxan and labdanum.


    Buy Savage now on eBay


    This scent truly does scream masculinity on the first sniff.

    With its crisp and sharp note, it will compliment any delicate flower notes that his bride is wearing.

    Long lasting and a scent that does have an impact and is best sprayed lightly.


    Jo Malone-unisex fragrances

    Jo Malone is a very popular brand of fragrance that both man and women will have heard of or indeed tried.

    The great attribute of this brand is that Jo Malone are unisex fragrances. A wonderful balance of notes that suit either sex.


    Why choose a unisex fragrance?

    Some may say it’s the perfect solution when trying to find the right scent, not only for the bride but also one that balances well with the grooms choice of fragrance.

    A unisex scent that both bride and groom can wear on their special day would seem to be the answer for those that struggle to find ‘matching scents’.

    One that also saves money when out looking and purchasing a memorable perfume for such a special day.

    So if we choose a Jo Malone scent, a brand that has a fairly large selection, which one do we choose for the special day?

    Peony & Blush Suede- Jo Malone

    Launched in 2013, Peony & Bush Suede is a popular choice for both sexes.

    The best perfume for a wedding day

    Top notes: apple

    Heart notes: peony – floral rose and honey with a subtle green aroma

    Base notes: suede – complimenting the floral luxury and hints of sensual notes in this wonderfully simplistic bottle.


    Buy Peony & Blush Suede now on eBay


    This is a popular scent that is the epitome of charm and flirtatiousness.


    It’s just as important for men to find the right scent.

    If you both choose to wear different fragrances, be sure to choose ones that compliment one another and try samples first if you’re choosing something new.

    At FM World we have the samples at your fingertips.

    With over 150 to choose from, you can purchase and try as many as you wish before you find the perfect scent just for you.

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  • History,  Perfumes,  Queen Elizabeth

    What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear

    Our late Queen certainly had good taste in colours with her outfits, handbags and style of jewellery but what perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear ?

    Everyone has their own unique scent and favourite aroma when it comes to perfume. Many have a signature scent that reminds everyone around them of their presence.

    What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear


    Our late Sovereign never needed a particular scent to stand out or be noticed as her presence in this world was by far the greatest in the world.

    Nether the less, the Queen wanted to wear a scent for all of her duties and events that she attended so let’s take a look at what perfume our beloved Queen wore.

    According to Vogue Magazine, one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite scents was Guerlain L’Heare Bleue. A scent that was first created way back in 1912.

    Surprisingly not as expensive as we may think either.

    Around $126.00/£108.00 from their website is a pretty reasonable price some may say, especially for someone as high profile as Her Majesty.

    Other places such as eBay will have a variety of prices so it’s worth taking a look.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    Check out prices for Guerlain L’Heare Bleue on eBay



    We almost see a touch of royal with the shape of this perfume bottle which was designed by Raymond Guerlain.

    The soft top edges almost look like a scroll, used by the ancient Greeks and with a hollowed heart as its stopper, it gives a sense of royalty and romance.

    Another ‘royal’ look also shows with the blue circled label in the centre of the bottle.

    Some might say that it is a very fitting scent for our Queen to be wearing too when we learn of the fragrance notes behind this scent.


    Top notes: Aniseed, bergamot

    Heart notes : Tuberose, carnation, violet, rose and Neroli.

    Base notes : Tonka bean, iris, benzoin and vanilla.


    Take a look at the heart notes in particular with this scent. What a wonderful combination of flowers and those that very much speak volumes when it comes to royalty.

    Quite fitting also that L’Heure Bleue “marks the meeting of two soulmates destined to become one in the frisson of eternity “



    What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear



    With iris being one of the most expensive and admired fragrance ingredients, its easy to learn why this perfume really is fit for a Queen and is the key ingredient in this bottle.

    What perfume did Queen Elizabeth wear
    Iris scent definitely makes it mark in the Queens favourite perfumes


    The top notes give a distinctive smell of aniseed with a fresh scent of bergamot – a beautiful combination of floral, citrus and tangy notes.

    The base notes are rich and warm in toasted almonds, vanilla, nutty, cinnamon and spicy scents

    Three stages of perfume notes


    We know that perfume goes through three stages when it is worn on the skin and we instantly smell the top notes of any perfume.

    These will be the notes that hit us instantly as soon as we spray our scent.

    They are our first impression of a fragrance and the first to leave your skin.

    Top notes are often fresh, citrus and refreshing and once they calm down, usually around 5 minutes of being on the skin, we then smell a selection of heart notes.

    The heart notes of a scent are the main centerpiece of a perfume and the notes we smell tend to linger between 6-8 hours after it has been sprayed.

    As these notes last a longer time than the top notes, they usually have a floral and woody scent that lingers.

    Once those heart notes have settled down, we then appreciate the base notes and these are the notes that stay for the rest of the duration of the perfume.


    Alongside the heart notes, the base notes are also the scents that those around us will continuously smell. Coupons

    Base notes are the foundation of perfume and almost the lasting scent and impression.

    These notes are the ones that others will remember you by, bring back fond memories and add fullness and depth of your scent.

    Often base notes are woody, with a delicate fragrance of musk and are the longer lasting within your chosen perfume.

    If you purchase a perfume or aftershave that contains 20% perfume oil, such as FM World fragrances, you will have a lasting scent for perhaps longer than 8 hours.

    This also depends on your skin type too.

    Depending on what strength perfume you have purchased, whether it be an eau de toilette, eau de perfume or perfume can also determine how long the fragrance lasts.

    Another favourite scent for the Queen


    Another popular choice of perfume that the Queen has been known to wear and affordable too, is White Rose by Floris, created by Mr John Floris in the early 1800s.

    A scent that has also been worn by Florence Nightingale and is cruelty-free.

    This more simplistic design of bottle will set you back around $145.00/£80.00 so within many a perfume lovers budget.

    Within this bottle too, shows that the Queen does have a favourite when it comes to particular fragrance notes.


    Fragrances notes in White Rose by Floris

    Top notes : Aldehydic green and carnation

    Heart notes : Iris, rose, jasmine and violet

    Base notes : Amber, musk, and powdery notes

    • As one might expect with a name like White Rose, this fragrance is a fairly light weighted scent that doesn’t overpower and lasts for around 9 hours.


    Check out prices for White Rose by Floris on eBay 



    What perfume did Queen Elizabeth we




    It brings a sense of bouquet flowers with its soft choice of aroma. Another scent that has iris notes that are balanced out well with the amber and musk.

    It’s clear that our Queen had great taste when it came to perfume. Classy scents to match her classic dress sense.

    Have you ever tried these perfumes that the Queen has worn?

    Let me know below. I’d love to hear what your thoughts.

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  • Perfumes

    Luxury candles

    Luxury candles have always been popular and surprisingly, they are not too expensive either.

    We all like luxury now and then, whether its a holiday, a new perfume or an item of clothing. It’s the feel good factor of purchasing something.

    Retail therapy may have moved more online over the past few years but that hasn’t stopped anyone from the occasional treat.

    Everyone loves a candle. Whatever the time of year or season, they really do bring a sense of charm and coziness to any home.

    Luxury candle brands


    Many people have been using them throughout the summer months.

    They brighten up the garden during the warm evenings and help to keep the pesky insects at bay.

    Definitely a must whilst we’ve enjoyed BBQ’s and outdoor space for several months.

    I love candles. Not just for the fragrance they give but for the tranquility of watching them burn, especially on a cold, winters evening.


    Some might say that they are too nice to burn but I see little point in having a candle to collect dust so, strike a match, pop one in your lounge/dining room, wherever you wish and enjoy the atmosphere that they create.

    I’m sure there are many luxury candles sitting in someone’s home that have never been lit.


    We don’t buy candles to keep as dust collectors and every day that we wake up and breathe it’s a special day so go ahead and light that candle.

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    What are luxury candles?


    Such a word can be misleading, yet it doesn’t have to mean expensive to purchase.

    When it comes to candles, they are labelled as luxury because of the fine ingredients that have been sourced in making them.

    Many are still affordable and they generally last longer too so the money you pay goes that much further.

    Unlike luxury perfumes that can carry an eye-watering price tag if you purchase high quality designer brands, candles are simply made with better ingredients and wicks that burn longer.

    Their price doesn’t appear to reflect as much as perfumes do.

    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


    Luxury candles are usually made using top quality wax such as soy, beeswax or coconut wax.

    Paraffin wax is found in the lower end price tag and therefore the candles won’t burn for as long.

    There are many candles that are made with a combination of ingredients and luxury candles are rarely found to contain tallow.

    Tallow is a hard, fatty substance derived from animals and is used to make candles as well as soap bars.

    The best ingredient when looking for a luxury candle is to purchase ones that use soy wax.

    Yes it is more expensive but you will find that those candles made with such ingredients will burn more evenly and you won’t see as much smoke or soot as you would from cheaper brands.

    Many a time we have all purchased candles at the cheaper end of our budget and after a few hours of burning the wick, the candle burns unevenly and produces a lot of smoke and toxic fumes.

    There will be some candles that have ingredients such as coconut oil or beeswax.


    The benefits of using soy candles

    Soy candles are non-toxic so you know that as soon as you light the wick, the candle won’t release any toxins into the air.

    It is worth considering the environment that you live in as well when purchasing certain types of candles.

    If you are a pet owner, it is much more beneficial for the animal to have a healthier and cleaner option in your candle product.

    We know that soy wax candles are made of plants so they won’t release any harmful toxins into the atmosphere so your pets will be safe.

    Whilst soy wax candles are a better choice for your home, they still do have an impact on the environment.

    They contribute to deforestation. This can then have an impact on animals that live on the surrounding land, those that use trees as their habitat as well as aquatic life.

    That said, they are still one of the most popular when it comes to candle producing.


    Pros and cons of buying paraffin wax candles

    Paraffin wax does have its benefits when used in the therapeutic world ( good for increased blood flow, relaxing muscles and joints and relieving body pain).
    It also has cosmetic benefits as it acts as a moisturiser to keep the skin soft and supple.
    With the good also comes the bad. Paraffin wax contains toxins that are harmful.

    If you have ever burnt a paraffin candle, you will possibly already have noticed the soot that gets deposited onto your furniture or on the interior walls.

    Not a pleasant sight and it can be difficult to remove.

    When you burn a paraffin wax candle, it is similar to burning petroleum, the same fumes that we get from our cars as paraffin is a component of petroleum.

    Having such fumes can easily enter the lungs and become a big issue, especially in children.

    Our environment suffers too if we use paraffin wax. As it is a petroleum-based source, the environment is harmed in the same way that car fumes have an impact on our world.

    Components of paraffin make it highly flammable. Not a safe item to have in your home.

    Once lit, there really is no control about how that candle will burn.

    The benefits of beeswax

    Beeswax is eco- friendly and definitely the better option. This wax is 100% natural and is a renewable source.
    When you burn a candle made of beeswax, it doesn’t have any smoke or soot and therefore burns much cleaner.
    They are definitely a healthier option and are very safe for your lungs and for children and pets in the home.
    Luxury candles


    The pros and cons of buying coconut wax

    Coconut wax is most definitely cleaner when it comes to burning the candle and is more sustainable than soy candles. It will burn more slowly and by doing so, the fragrance in that candle will fill up your home with a beautiful scent.

    Coconut wax is eco-friendly and suitable for vegans who may prefer to not buy beeswax.

    Having a better impact on the environment, a safer burn and no toxic fumes does mean that coconut wax is more expensive compared to the other types of wax candles listed.

    It can be hard to find a candle that is made of pure coconut wax as many do have a combination of different types of wax when they are created.

    One of the reasons why many candles contain a mixture of wax is to prevent the candle from tunneling when it is burning as well as burning slower.

    Luxury candle brands





    Some may be led to believe that coconut wax candles smell of coconut. And a scented candle will be just that, unscented. It’s not until the fragrances added to that wax that you appreciate the different scents that are available.


    If you are buying a candle with a cotton wick, it is important to trim as this will help with the burn of the candle and also prevent a buildup of carbon and soot.
    You will still experience a good fragrance from the candle. You may notice that some candles have quite a long wick and people often forget to trim them before lighting.
    If they are lit without trimming they will burn faster and will have a hotter flame and produce more soot.
    Candles are often like expensive perfume. We only use them for special occasions but what if you could buy a candle that smelt the same as your perfume and at a price you can afford ?
    Take a visit to our online shop for a selection of luxury candles where their scent is inspired by some of the top names in the perfume world.
    Luxury candles
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    Have you ever wanted to make your own candles? Read this article for some great ideas.
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  • Perfumes

    Perfume that smells like flowers

    With summer well and truly here to stay for a while yet, many of us are reaching for the floral scents. Something delicate to wear and perfume that smells like flowers are suitable for the heat.

    Of course, it’s not just women who wear floral scents. Many male fragrances have a touch of feminine flowers in them.

    These scents will fall more in the Chypre family so there will be a hint of more oriental and woody aromas.

    With so many unisex fragrances available on the market today, many of these will have a balance of masculine and feminine scents in their bottle.

    There are lots of flowers that perfumes are based on too.





    Be careful how much you spray

    Floral based perfumes can often smell a little too sweet and sickly if too much is sprayed on, so less is more for the summer months.
    The heat from our body as well as the atmosphere can increase the vibrancy of a perfume so it is best to find a delicate scent or spray a smaller amount.


    If you are new to the fragrance world, it can be hard trying to find the fragrance scent that is suitable to your skin.

    Samples are a great way of trying a new scent and well worth trying on a few different ones from all the different fragrance families.

    Once you know your family type and what suits you the most, you can then narrow down what other ingredients you want in your fragrance.

    When we think of floral perfumes, we don’t just think of flowers.

    The floral family consists of so many elements so we will find scents from fruit, citrus, woody, aldehyte and water green notes.

    Flower perfumes do seem to dominate the fragrance world as they are so popular and in the majority of our bottles.

    They are also suitable for both male and female scents.



    Female scents

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Flower Bomb- Victor & Rolf

    Flower Bomb was launched in 2005 and is classed as an explosion of summer scents.
    There is no doubt that this fragrance was created with pure femininity in mind.
    Very sweet and unforgettable in its ability to linger and turn heads, Flower Bomb is still one of the best-selling perfumes of today.
    There is a mixture of flower scents that include patchouli, rose, jasmine and freesia.
    With base notes of vanilla, musk and patchouli, it’s of little surprise that this perfume has a very sweet aroma.
    This perfume will suit any age and is particularly suitable for the spring and summer months when the floral dresses are dominating the shops and the garden flowers are in full bloom.
    Perfume that smells like flowers


    Alien-Thierry Mugler

    Another scent to become hugely popular in 2005 is Alien.
    Thierry Mugler has created an acquired scent with this very feminine perfume.
    Just like its deep purple bottle design, Alien gives an instant scent of summer with its simplistic floral notes.
    There’s a strong scent of sambac jasmine as soon as the first spray hits your skin and with a heart note of cashmere wood and base note of white amber, every woman will feel sensual wearing this scent.
    With its touch of woody scent, it balances out the floral notes perfectly.
    There is even a hint of musk after the first spray has worn to its middles notes.
    Perfume that smells like perfume

    Buy now on ebay



    Good Girl Gone Bad

    The bottle alone shows class, elegance and sophistication as we experience the floral, summer scents of this 2012 perfume.

    The history behind this creation being one about Eve, Gods creation.

    She started off being pure and innocent before trying the forbidden fruit and this scent belongs to the Killian collection of fragrances based around women of today, unafraid to be sultry and bold.

    A wonderful combination of fragrance notes which include jasmine, rose, amber, cedar, orange blossom and osmanthus gives this perfume a very feminine feel.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

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    Daisy-Marc Jacobs

    The name alone speaks volumes when it comes to perfume that smell like flowers.
    With its very distinctive flowery bottle cap and soft edges, it gives a real sense of pretty Daisies, lavender fields’ and summer.

    Created in 2007, Daisy is a classic in the perfume world and has stayed at the forefront of many of its competitions for the past 15 years.

    The perfect scent for youngsters as well as the more mature, it has a proper aroma of freshness.

    It bursts with fruity scents and is a fresh fragrance that sits perfectly on the skin during summer.

    Daisy has a very distinctive fragrance and this is why so many women love it.

    What’s not to love about wild berries, musk, jasmine and vanilla?

    Some vanilla notes can be overpowering in certain perfumes but Daisy has just the right blend with the musk and white woods base notes to still be able to enjoy its pretty delicate scent.

    Perfume that smells like perfume

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    Perfect- Marc Jacobs

    Another “perfect” scent by Marc Jacobs that is a fairly new release to the perfume world when it was launched in 2020.

    A very similar style to Daisy, Perfect also shows off a wonderful and creative design in its bottle cap.

    This time with charms in the shape of dice, a star, a shoe, a peeled banana, MJ initials on gold cubes and a hair bow on its cap.

    All created by the man himself to give a very feminine, playful and elegant scent.

    This perfume really does bring out the summer in everyone as soon as the bottle is sprayed.

    A combination of fruit, almond, wood, sweet, nutty and musk notes gives this classic bottle its popularity.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

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    Unisex scents

    Rose prick- Tom Ford

    Tom Fords fragrances have become very successful and popular over the past few years and it’s easy to see why.
    Rose Prick is a unisex scent that almost looks like it belongs in the ladies section of any perfume store.
    In fact, this unisex fragrance is very much inspired by Tom Ford’s own garden of rose scents.
    To match up to its name, Rose Prick contains fragrance notes to give its name justice.
    Rose, pepper, spice and patchouli give this scent a wild and open fields’ kind of vibe.
    Even though its aroma sits in the Chypre family, there is still a scent of flowers and summer scents that fits and is balanced perfectly for both men and women.
    Perfume that smells like flowers

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    Fleur De Portofino-Tom Ford unisex

    Another of Tom Ford’s creations with perhaps a slightly more masculine looking bottle, is Fleur De Portofino.
    The name itself instantly transports us to far away places and tropical flowers.
    With its floral and fruity scent, it works well on both men and women.
    Launched in 2015, such notes of citrus, honey, bergamot, jasmine and violet leaf almost veer towards a feminine approach.
    Cleverly, they transport us to a tropical paradise where we envisage clear seas, coastal sands and wild flowers cascading around the high rocks of the coast.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

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    Male scents

    Fahrenheit- Dior

    There won’t be many who haven’t heard of this fragrance. Launched in 1988, Fahrenheit cologne is a timeless classic.
    Although it is another scent that sits in the Cypre family, it also consists of floral notes of bergamot, mandarin, patchouli, vetiver, carnation and violet leaves.
    The packaging and bottle transport us to far away places with its unique ‘sunset’ colours and is suitable to wear all year round.
    The initial smell comes across as woody and leather but after a few minutes on the skin, there is a delicate smell of fruit and violets that comes through, giving this fragrance a delicate, yet masculine feel.

    Perfume that smells like flowers

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    Light blue- Dolce & Gabanna

    Launched in 2001, Light Blue has a gorgeous fresh summer smell when it is first sprayed.

    Almost instantly the citrus and fruity notes hit your nose and it holds a masculine yet playful vibe and this is what makes it such a popular choice for men.

    A wonderful collaboration of grapefruit, bergamont, juniper, pepper, rosemary, musk, oakmoss, Sicilian mandarin to name a few of its notes.

    Light Blue reminds us of open spaces, holidays abroad and linen shirts.


    Perfume that smells like flowers

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    So there you have it. A collection of male and female perfume that smells like flowers.


    Did you know ?

    Fm World have a collection of designer inspired fragrances for men, women and unisex that have very similar perfume notes to those of the designer names.
    If you love fragrances but not their price tag, take a look here for our collection of alternative perfumes and aftershaves.

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  • Perfumes

    Aloe Vera face wash-review

    Most of us have heard of Aloe Vera and it’s wonderful healing benefits. One of the top selling products in the range is the Aloe Vera face wash by FM World.

    Aloe vera face wash


    Our skin suffers immensely from so many elements. During the hot weather we are sitting out in the sun, or having a dip in the sea, or swimming in chlorine dosed paddling pools in the back garden.

    Through the winter months we have the central heating on or open fires blazing and we feel the bitter winds and cold as we walk through the rain/snow and stormy weather.

    With so many elements, we pay the price when our skin becomes dehydrated and it can several weeks to get it back to feeling good again.

    I came across a product a few years ago from FM world called Aloe Vera Facial Foam. As part of the Aloe Vera range, the foam is one of their best-selling products so I was very keen to give it a try.

    Aloe Vera Facial Cleansing Foam

    Name: Aloe Vera Facial Foam

    Where to buy:

    Price: £12.70

    Size : 150ml

    As part of the Aloe Vera range, this 150ml bottle has been created to be very gentle on the skin, as you would expect from any Aloe Vera product.

    Yet it’s still effective in its job in cleansing and removing day to day dirt that our skin naturally picks up.

    Many women use a make up remover lotion with cotton pads to remove make up or make up remover towels which are effective and have become very popular over the past few years.

    Up until I found this product, I was doing the same thing. Trying different ways to clean my skin effectively.



    What I love about this product is the lightness and gentleness on my skin with the ability to remove all traces of make up.

    Even stubborn mascara is gently removed without the need to vigorous rubbing.

    Around the eye area is particularly sensitive and the skin is much thinner so it’s very important that whatever skin care routine you follow, you do this area very gently.

    How to apply

    The applicator nozzle on their bottle gives the right amount of foam and I find that just two pumps is plenty.

    Wet your hands and face first before using the product and then apply. Wash the face thoroughly and then rinse with warm water.

    One of the benefits from this product is that it doesn’t dry the skin or make it feel tight like many other soaps and face washes can.

    Another benefit of using this foam is that it is hypoallergenic and if you happen to get any product in your eyes, it won’t sting.

    We see so many skin types and not everyone is the same, so to have a suitable product that is great for all skin types and is very gentle, works wonders.

    The last thing we need is to wash our face in a cleaner and then have to replenish the lost moisture back into the skin with a bottle of moisturiser.

    Gentle on the skin

    Being part of the Aloe Vera family, you already know what to expect.


    Aloe vera face wash

    The wonderful properties of Aloe helps to smooth the skin, any irritations and reduces redness, whilst fighting against free radicals ( unstable atoms that can damage skin cells and thus cause ageing and illness).

    We want our skin to feel smooth, soft and still have movement so this product helps to keep the skin subtle.

    It can be used every day, twice a day as part of your morning and evening routine, without drying your skin.

    I find it suitable to use as a face wash first thing in the morning before applying make up and then before bed to remove traces of the days’ cosmetics and everyday dirt.

    It’s surprising how much we touch our face during the day without realising it and dirt from our hands is easily transferred to the face.

    As previously discussed in my article about perfume soaps, there are products that are too harsh for such a delicate area and overtime, will dry out the skin.

    I believe more people are avoiding using flannels to wash their face these days too as they can breed bacteria.

    It’s a much better option and more hygienic to use your hands to foam up a product and wash directly.

    The beauty of using foam on your face instead of soap bars is the barrier the foam creates. It helps to keep your skin from being damaged by harsh rubbing and absorption of strong scents that we typically find in many soap bars.


    My conclusion

    A definite ‘must try’ product that you will get many weeks of applications from and an affordable price.

    You can also take a look at the other great products that are in the Aloe Vera range.

    Aloe vera face wash

    ■ Hydrogel Multi Eye Patch-Fontainavie

    ■ Hair Mask

    ■ Peel-Off Facial Mask

    ■ Facial Toner

    ■ Facial Gel-Cream

    ■ Intimate Hygene Wash

    ■ Facial Cream

    ■ Enzymatic Facial Peel

    ■ Rich Revitalizing Facial Mask

    ■ Multi-functional Gel

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