Christmas gifts

Christmas stocking fillers

Christmas stocking fillers are often the easiest items to purchase when it comes to gifts.

Christmas stocking fillers
It’s a huge tradition to hang a stocking for Santa

They don’t have to be hugely expensive and they need to be just the right size to fit inside a snug stocking.

Tradition has very much stayed over the years, even in the days when I was young, some 40 years ago now.

There is something truly magical about waking up as a child on Christmas morning and seeing a bulging stocking on the end of the bed or hanging from the bedroom door handle.

A sure sign that Santa had indeed paid a visit.

Christmas stocking fillers
Santa visiting every home at Christmas


These days, children are very fortunate to receive much more than just a piece of fruit in their stocking.

As the years passed, it wasn’t just the children who received one either.


As adults with their own families, we find ourselves joining in with the tradition. It was just as exciting for the grown-ups to see what ‘Santa’ had bought, as it was for the children.

Around November, there will be a fair few people that will have started to think about Christmas presents and will either scour the shops and department stores, or look online for ideas as to what to buy.

These days there are also so many small businesses drumming up trade and many will have hand made items for sale.

The Christmas markets were heaving with shoppers ( before Covid was even heard about ) and it was great to be able to take a stroll around the local market and pick up lots of unique gifts.

It makes the stocking even more interesting to fill when we can find gifts that no one else has thought of.


Hand made gifts have become very popular over the years, whether it’s online or in your local town.

Christmas stocking fillers
Lots of placed online sell hand- made gifts

Christmas stocking fillers for the adults

Where do we start when it comes to filling a stocking for the grown-ups ?

Online stores do provide a huge range of small items that are suitable to purchase.

Each year is a challenge to buy something different but also to purchase something that will get used or be of use.

It’s all very well buying gifts that can be added and stuffed to the brim of a stocking but we need to make sure that those gifts aren’t going to sit in the back of the wardrobe or passed on to someone else !

I remember many years ago, around the age of 10, buying a Christmas present for a friend.

A selection of ‘smellies’. Let’s face it, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bar of soap or a bottle of bubble bath.

It wasn’t until a year later that I received the very same gift back as my Christmas present !

As a child, I felt very disheartened that my ‘gift’ had been wrapped and given by me the year before and there was no thought for buying a personal present when it was passed back.

Purchasing Christmas stocking fillers

So where are the best places to buy stocking fillers ?

Well, if you’re one for enjoying strolling around the shops, soaking up the atmosphere of Christmas, then there are many stores available.

If you’re a lover of adding items to your shopping basket virtually, then having a laptop, computer to phone at your fingertips is a pretty good place to start.




Christmas stocking fillers
Chanel is one of the most iconic perfumes to date

Where do the majority of people shop ?

Online stores such as eBay are renounced for being two of the biggest online stores in the world.



Easily accessible, affordable and fast delivery.

When there are companies that carry a huge name, we automatically feel safe and secure when ordering from them.

What about other online shops?

There are so many that go unnoticed.

Let’s take a look at online stores and gift ideas for men and women.

Apart from perfume and aftershave as Christmas gifts, there are lots of gift ideas to choose from.

Something for men and women

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When it comes to stocking fillers for men and women, there are plenty of Christmas products out there.
We’re going to look at gifts with scents.

Wardrobe fragrances

It never advisable to spray your favourite fragrance onto your clothes so having a wardrobe fragrance is the ideal solution.
Shaped so that you can hang them onto the rail, these give a wonderful scent to the wardrobe, giving your clothes a freshly washed smell.
a similar idea are the scented bags and drawer fragrance sheets.
A perfect size for the Christmas stocking.
Christmas stocking fillers
Scented wardrobe fragrances to match your favourite perfume


We’ve covered scented candles in a previous post.

Candles are made in all shapes and sizes and have always been very traditional when it comes to Christmas.


Christmas stocking fillers
Candles always make a great present in any stocking


Ranging from tea light candles to more cylinder shaped, many come with a delicate fragrance to fill the room with Christmas spirit.

Go for the spicy, nutmeg or mulled wine scents. These really do set the scene for winter.

Yankee candles are perfect if you do love a winter and a Christmas fragrance.

If you prefer a scent that matches your perfume, take a look at the candle selection in our online shop.

Car air fresheners

Most men love a car fragrance just as much as women.
Gone are the days when you saw the traditional dice hanging from the rear view mirror back in the 70s.

Cars can get just as dirty inside as our homes and unlike our homes, we can’t leave the windows open to let in air when we’re not inside it.


Be careful though when purchasing car air fresheners. Some can be very overpowering once they are in a small, confided area and can leave you with a headache.

I had found that lemon/citrus scents are the most common ones for being a little too strong.

Many come in a clear packet that you tear each week to let out a small amount of fragrance at a time so try to purchase these if you do choose a powerful scent.

Reed diffusers

Another great stocking filler for both men and women is the reed diffusers.

These have become very popular over the past few years and give the home a hint of fragrance that doesn’t overpower like the spray air fresheners.


Christmas stocking fillers
FM reed diffusers to match your favourite fragrances












Some come in very sophisticated bottles so they look very elegant and decorative in the home.

They do tend to last a long time, depending on where you purchase.

There are also certain scents that will help to relax the mind and body after a long day.

A safer option too if you like the scent of candles but have young children or pets.

Unlike a candle that has to be put out once you leave the house, a reed diffuser can be left to fragrance any room safely.




Body spray

Body sprays can be an ideal gift in the stocking as well as under the tree. It’s a product that everyone uses, even young children.

They’re often available in many fragrances and brands and some are also designed for sensitive skin.

Easy to carry in the handbag for the office or sports bag on the way to the gym.


Soaps have become very decorative over the years with many small businesses designing and creating their own ans selling them online.
When we once used to receive a bar of Dove in the stocking, it’s a lovely surprise when we have a hand crafted bar ( almost too pretty to use).
If you need unscented, there are lots to choose from.

Affiliate disclosure

When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

Christmas stocking fillers

Solid perfume and antiperspirant sticks

Some people aren’t so keen on a sprayed fragrance.

So the solid perfume and antiperspirant sticks are an ideal alternative and possibly longer lasting in its container compared to the amount that would be sprayed with your usual favourite perfume.

An Ideal item for a holiday too as there is no risk of any spillages in the suitcase.

Christmas stocking fillers
Body spray by FM Cosmetics to match your favourite perfume

Shower gel

As we all know, soap bars can be very messy (especially when children get hold of them !) so having another option in the form of a liquid /gel is ideal.

Easily transferable to another container if you have a shampoo/ conditioner and shower container on your bathroom wall.

Most shower gels have a  fragrance but just like bars of soap, you can purchase unscented ones too and these often come in little sets with a body scrub, which makes a nice stocking gift.

Bath Body Care – Moisturize, purify and relax your skin with Stylevana’s wide range of body care products.


So whatever stocking fillers you choose this Christmas, there are plenty of stores and gifts on eBay to choose from.



  • ashblair29

    I love this! Children are definitely more fortunate in what they can get in their Christmas stockings now a days haha, that is so true. I’m searching for ideas on what to add to my husband’s Christmas stocking this year and this is perfect. That wardrobe fragrance is so neat too. Thank you for sharing these great ideas!

  • Louisa

    I love receiving perfume as a Christmas present so giving it as a present also brings joy because you know that person is going to really get some enjoyment out of it. And your right putting some thought into a gift goes a long way no matter how much it cost. I really like the wardrobe smelly idea as well, thank you. 

    • Louise Allen

      Thanks Louisa, absolutely. These days it’s so nice to receive a gift that has some meaning behind it and something that will be enjoyed by the receiver. Our wardrobe fragrances have been very popular especially as they come in popular scents for men and women. 

  • Jannette

    When it comes to Christmas stocking fillers, there are lots to choose from and the prices could be different. I think of Christmas stocking fillers for small items under $20, but with rising prices this year the choices could be limited depending on where we shop. I like going to amazon to buy the fillers, as we get different offers than that of Walmart or Target. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Jannette,

      I agree, I always think of Christmas stocking fillers as smaller items and not expensive to purchase. I do believe that we may see a rise in prices even for the stocking fillers and there are some great places to shop for them.

      Take a look at our online shop for some scented gift ideas this Christmas.

  • Alice

    Christmas is my favorite day of the year, next to my birthday, of course, ☺

    And Christmas won’t be the same without the stockings, especially for kids. But as you said, Christmas stockings aren’t just for kids. It’s fun for adults to give each other something; not necessarily candies or sweets, right?

    I really like your recommendations for stocking fillers for men and women. I wouldn’t have come up with these myself. 

    So, I am buying stocking fillers for my entire family: car freshener for my husband, scented candle, and shower gel for my 2 sisters, and wardrobe fragrances for my mom, and mother-in-law. Oh, perhaps a scented candle for myself too, lol.

    Very helpful post, thanks.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Alice,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article. Absolutely, even at my age, I still like to have a stocking at Christmas and it is my favourite time of the year too and my birthday is very close to Christmas too.

      I love the magic that it brings and there are some great stocking fillers available. Candles make a perfect gift for anyone, especially those that we don’t know what to buy and the car fresheners shower, gels and wardrobe fragrances are perfect to pop in and stocking.

      Pleased to be able to help.

  • LineCowley

    With Christmas on the horizon, finding gifts for Christmas stockings are on the top of the list for many people. Although I never had a Christmas stocking when I grew up, our family was too poor, so we only had a gift under the tree. Kids love the surprise of what they might find in their Christmas stocking. 

    And adults also enjoy having a stocking. I love these great suggestions and those looking for stocking filler ideas, will find many great solutions.

    • Louise Allen


      Yes, everyone is frantically looking around for gifts this Christmas either in the shops or online so I thought I would create an article that helps those that may be struggling to find something to pop in their Christmas stockings. 

      Both myself and my husband and our children have always loved a Christmas stocking, and it’s been a tradition since I was a child. It’s the first peek into opening gifts, and even now that our boys are not toddlers anymore, they still come into our bedroom and show us what Santa has brought, which is lovely

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