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  • How to give the perfect gift
    How to give the perfect gift

    How to give the perfect gift

    How to give the perfect gift is almost as important as what present to give, depending on who you are buying for.

    There’s a lot to be said about what you actually purchase for that person.

    Giving money, especially to young children, has often been deemed as the lazy option as no real thought has gone into the purchase.

    After all, children like to open presents. They like the idea of unwrapping a box or a parcel.

    How to give the perfect gift



    Even as we get older, it’s always nice to receive something that we can open. Receiving an envelope with money is almost a quick way out.

    As adults, sometimes giving money is the only option, especially when that person is very difficult to buy for or they have no idea what they would like.

    Teenagers sometimes prefer to have money because they can buy what they like as opposed to what Nan and grandad think they like. Money is great to put towards something that they actually want.

    I’ve received money as a present for many years from certain members of the family. Especially having a birthday close to Christmas. It can be hard to find two present ideas when there is a birthday to buy for too.

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    How to give the perfect gift
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    The perfect gift

    As we get older, it can become more difficult to know what to buy.

    Peoples taste changes over the years, they become more fussy and what they may have liked 10 years ago may be of little relevance now.

    Sure enough the gift sets appear with body shower, soap, face scrub etc that only seem to appear at Christmas time.

    The kind of sets that many people will reach for because they simply have no idea what else to purchase.

    Everyone will use a body spray, body wash and a bar of soap.


    It’s almost classed as an easy option. Whichever shop you go in to, whether it be a supermarket or a beauty store, there will always be a selection of gift boxes containing body scents.

    They are normally reasonably priced too so this is another factor that people go for when it comes to buying a gift for someone.

    Nowadays, I find myself trying to find more unique presents. It’s always good to go with the right mindset when present shopping. If you had the item given as a gift to you, would you like it?

    So many times when we go gift shopping, we’ve picked up an item that we’ve thought would be suitable and questioned if we would like it. Any doubt and it’s placed back on the shelf.

    Sometimes we’ve walked out of the shop and returned half an hour later. Our minds have been made up.

  • Christmas gifts

    Christmas stocking fillers

    Christmas stocking fillers are often the easiest items to purchase when it comes to gifts.

    Christmas stocking fillers
    It’s a huge tradition to hang a stocking for Santa

    They don’t have to be hugely expensive and they need to be just the right size to fit inside a snug stocking.

    Tradition has very much stayed over the years, even in the days when I was young, some 40 years ago now.

    There is something truly magical about waking up as a child on Christmas morning and seeing a bulging stocking on the end of the bed or hanging from the bedroom door handle.

    A sure sign that Santa had indeed paid a visit.

    Christmas stocking fillers
    Santa visiting every home at Christmas


    These days, children are very fortunate to receive much more than just a piece of fruit in their stocking.

    As the years passed, it wasn’t just the children who received one either.


    As adults with their own families, we find ourselves joining in with the tradition. It was just as exciting for the grown-ups to see what ‘Santa’ had bought, as it was for the children.

    Around November, there will be a fair few people that will have started to think about Christmas presents and will either scour the shops and department stores, or look online for ideas as to what to buy.

    These days there are also so many small businesses drumming up trade and many will have hand made items for sale.

    The Christmas markets were heaving with shoppers ( before Covid was even heard about ) and it was great to be able to take a stroll around the local market and pick up lots of unique gifts.

    It makes the stocking even more interesting to fill when we can find gifts that no one else has thought of.


    Hand made gifts have become very popular over the years, whether it’s online or in your local town.

    Christmas stocking fillers
    Lots of placed online sell hand- made gifts

    Christmas stocking fillers for the adults

    Where do we start when it comes to filling a stocking for the grown-ups ?

    Online stores do provide a huge range of small items that are suitable to purchase.

    Each year is a challenge to buy something different but also to purchase something that will get used or be of use.

    It’s all very well buying gifts that can be added and stuffed to the brim of a stocking but we need to make sure that those gifts aren’t going to sit in the back of the wardrobe or passed on to someone else !

    I remember many years ago, around the age of 10, buying a Christmas present for a friend.

    A selection of ‘smellies’. Let’s face it, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bar of soap or a bottle of bubble bath.

    It wasn’t until a year later that I received the very same gift back as my Christmas present !

    As a child, I felt very disheartened that my ‘gift’ had been wrapped and given by me the year before and there was no thought for buying a personal present when it was passed back.

    Purchasing Christmas stocking fillers

    So where are the best places to buy stocking fillers ?

    Well, if you’re one for enjoying strolling around the shops, soaking up the atmosphere of Christmas, then there are many stores available.

    If you’re a lover of adding items to your shopping basket virtually, then having a laptop, computer to phone at your fingertips is a pretty good place to start.




    Christmas stocking fillers
    Chanel is one of the most iconic perfumes to date

    Where do the majority of people shop ?

    Online stores such as eBay are renounced for being two of the biggest online stores in the world.



    Easily accessible, affordable and fast delivery.

    When there are companies that carry a huge name, we automatically feel safe and secure when ordering from them.

    What about other online shops?

    There are so many that go unnoticed.

    Let’s take a look at online stores and gift ideas for men and women.

    Apart from perfume and aftershave as Christmas gifts, there are lots of gift ideas to choose from.

    Something for men and women

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    When it comes to stocking fillers for men and women, there are plenty of Christmas products out there.
    We’re going to look at gifts with scents.

    Wardrobe fragrances

    It never advisable to spray your favourite fragrance onto your clothes so having a wardrobe fragrance is the ideal solution.
    Shaped so that you can hang them onto the rail, these give a wonderful scent to the wardrobe, giving your clothes a freshly washed smell.
    a similar idea are the scented bags and drawer fragrance sheets.
    A perfect size for the Christmas stocking.
    Christmas stocking fillers
    Scented wardrobe fragrances to match your favourite perfume


    We’ve covered scented candles in a previous post.

    Candles are made in all shapes and sizes and have always been very traditional when it comes to Christmas.


    Christmas stocking fillers
    Candles always make a great present in any stocking


    Ranging from tea light candles to more cylinder shaped, many come with a delicate fragrance to fill the room with Christmas spirit.

    Go for the spicy, nutmeg or mulled wine scents. These really do set the scene for winter.

    Yankee candles are perfect if you do love a winter and a Christmas fragrance.

    If you prefer a scent that matches your perfume, take a look at the candle selection in our online shop.

    Car air fresheners

    Most men love a car fragrance just as much as women.
    Gone are the days when you saw the traditional dice hanging from the rear view mirror back in the 70s.

    Cars can get just as dirty inside as our homes and unlike our homes, we can’t leave the windows open to let in air when we’re not inside it.


    Be careful though when purchasing car air fresheners. Some can be very overpowering once they are in a small, confided area and can leave you with a headache.

    I had found that lemon/citrus scents are the most common ones for being a little too strong.

    Many come in a clear packet that you tear each week to let out a small amount of fragrance at a time so try to purchase these if you do choose a powerful scent.

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    Perfumes for Christmas

    There’s a particular group of scents that come to mind when shopping for perfumes for Christmas.


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    Perfume on eBay 


    Perfumes for Christmas
    Cinnamon is a very traditional fragrance note for winter perfumes


    Woody, spicy, pine, cinnamon and orange scents will very much remind us of the festive season.

    Perfumes for Christmas
    Orange notes are a popular choice when choosing a winter fragrance


    It’s a wonderful time of year, full of colour, crisp air and busy shops.

    Just walking through woods during the winter months gives a sense of calm and happiness.

    Perfumes for Christmas
    Winter scents












    Beautiful colours are seen on the leaves during the Autumn, as they lay a thick covering on the ground.

    A truly wonderful sight.

    Perfumes for Christmas
    The stunning Autumn/winter colours on the ground

    Along comes winter and we are transformed into a whole new world of frost on the leaves, ice under foot and everyone is wrapped in winter clothing.


    Perfumes for Christmas
    Pine smells are a reminder of winter and Christmas









    Many people all over the world would say that Christmas is their favourite time of year.

    Not just for the gifts but for quality time with family and the happiness on children’s faces as they open their gifts.

    Everything about Christmas is wonderful.

    Having a birthday in December also, means that those of us do feel the magic of Christmas twice.

    Along with the scented candles that are in the shops at this time of year, there are also rows and rows of gifts in every shop.

    Customers are spoilt for choice with what to purchase for loves ones, friends or work colleagues.

    Walking up and down the gift aisles and seeing every shelf rammed full with Christmas colours and wonderful gifts is purely magical .

    Many women will write that they would like a new perfume from ‘Santa’ and even men like to open a new aftershave by the tree.

    So what fragrances do we search for during winter?


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    Christmas gifts on eBay 

    Perfumes for Christmas

    Spicy and woody fragrances are very popular during the winter months and heavier notes are often chosen during this season.
    It’s almost the opposite end of the fragrance wheel when looking for and purchasing summer scents, like floral and oriental scents.
    Both fragrance families have their own unique style and suitability.

    When the shops have scented candles on sale during Christmas, they are usually made up of spicy, orange and woody notes.


    Winter perfume notes

    So when looking for the perfect perfume for a gift or for ourselves to wear during the winter months, we are drawn to the heavy, warm and deep notes.

    Perfumes for Christmas
    Many popular fragrances contain woody notes

    Such fragrances tend to be more powerful that the light and floral scents that are work through the spring and summer months.

    With this is mind, it’s worth noting that the perfumes should be sprayed sparingly as they will be too overwhelming to wear.

    They’ll also leave a heavy perume sillage for those around.


    A light spray is all that’s needed with a new winter fragrance, so always try samples before a purchase if available.

    Fragrances will smell very different on the scent paper in store.

    Arriving home to try the new spray only to find that it doesn’t smell the same as in the store, is disappointing.

    There are so many winter fragrances to choose from and one to suit men and women.

    With the cost of perfume, especially around Christmas time, a good purchase is a must.

    Here are some of the most popular fragrances during winter.

  • Christmas gifts

    Christmas gifts for her

    Christmas seems to approach quicker every year and many will be scouring the shops and online to find ‘Christmas gifts for her’.

    Some of the men will leave Christmas shopping to the last minute.

    It’s not usually something on their top list of priorities.

    Either that or they don’t ‘see’ Christmas fast approaching like women do.

    Women are definitely the more organized out of the two.

    Christmas Eve will see many men dashing about the shops.

    None of them really knowing what it is they are looking for.

    They’re either forgotten what their partner has asked for or they’re hoping that any gift ideas will jump out at them in the store.

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    Christmas gifts for her

    This leads to more and more people shopping online in general.

    Whether it’s for gifts or everyday items, there are still some that like to browse the shops, especially at Christmas time.

    There is a wonderful atmosphere in the run up to the festive season.

    Lights, decorations, beautiful Christmas trees and a true sense of buzzing.










    Christmas gifts for her
    The beautiful and picturesque scene of London at Christmas



    Everyone gathers together and the tills are heard ringing when we walk past every shop.

    Big department stores are always popular at Christmas.

    The place where we can park the car for the day or catch a train and have every shop we’ll ever need right in front of us.

    These shops were more often than not the most expensive ones.

    It was the atmosphere around that seemed to ‘blanket’ the cost of what was going to be an expensive shop.


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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Christmas gifts on eBay 

    Gift wrapping service

    The queues were often extended right outside the door as people were seen queuing up for their ‘perfect’ gift.

    Gift wrapping was sometimes offered, depending on the purchase and what store you were in.

    This in turn, took longer to purchase items as customers are left waiting for the gift wrap service to complete.

    Christmas gifts for her
    The iconic scene in Love Actually

    The wonderful scene staring Rowen Atkinson in Love actually,showing just how to wrap presents with elegance.

    An iconic moment in a very Christmasy film.


    Time seems to be something that Christmas shoppers don’t seem to have much of when it comes to shopping for gifts.

    There’s a sense of urgently, especially for men, when they realize that time is running out as the special day approaches.

    They daren’t return to the car without buying at least one present and getting it gift wrapped in store will save them time.

  • Advent calendar

    Perfume advent calendar

    The perfume advent calendar has become a popular alternative to the chocolate advent calendar.

    Every year there are companies who create advent calendars. Woolworths, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s to name a few.

    The shops design would normally consist of chocolate behind each window with each number sealed with a perforated edge.

    Every child at Christmas would open each window to gain the chocolate behind the foil.

    Twenty four windows to open with a small chocolate inside and then behind window number 24, would be the largest chocolate.



    Perfume advent calendar
    The ever so popular advent calendars containing chocolate treats

    Chocolate advent calendar

    As a child, this was always an excitement at the beginning of December.

    Growing up, we find ourselves still excited to get a chocolate advent calendar.

    In our house, we have one each for our boys and one to share between myself and my husband.

    As my birthday landed on an even number during December, I always opened the even numbers so that I had a chocolate to eat on my birthday.

    This was how I remember Xmas back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    Modern advent calendar