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    Make up remover towel

    The perfect gift for any women who wear cosmetics and a great stocking filler is the make up remover towel.

    Having a skin care routine has become more prevalent these days and there are so many products to choose from for cleansing, toning and moisturising.

    We do benefit in the later years from looking after our skin and now more than ever we are constantly looking for ways to save money, help the environment and avoid as much waste as possible.


    Make up remover towel

    Micellar lotions

    Having traditionally been a user of the make up remover lotions for many years, beginning with a bottle of baby lotion and a box of tissues in my younger days, this led me eventually to the micellar lotion and cotton pads’.

    Micellar lotion is a very gentle product that helps to remove all traces of make up and they are still very much in circulation and used by many women today. So what’s changed?

    Make up remover towel
    The popular Micellar lotion by FM World


    Micellar lotions can vary in price as can the cosmetic pads’ and whilst this form of make up removal is still effective and suitable for some, there are a few who have moved over to the latest product in the form of a make up remover towel.

    We learn from the early days of experimenting with cosmetics that in order to remove make up, especially stubborn mascara or deep coloured lipstick, we need a product that will be efficient and effective in the removal of such products.

    Saving you money

    With the cost of living now crippling us at every angle, many of us are looking for ways to save money.

    This isn’t limited to the heating being used less or switching the lights off in the home if we’re no longer in that particular room.

    By using a makeup remover towel that uses only water and is reusable, makes a lot of sense to help save the pennies.

    ■ Affordable

    ■ Delicate for sensitive skin

    ■ Adds gentle exfoliation

    ■ No need for any chemicals

    ■ Machine Washable

    ■ Effective

    ■ Better for the environment

    ■ Efficient

    Remove stubborn cosmetics

    If you’re a regular wearer of cosmetics and want to cut the cost of continuously buying cotton pads’ and make up remover lotions, or make up remover wipes, then the make up remover towel is a must.

    It really is surprising how effective it is. Stubborn mascara can be very hard to shift without a little rubbing but the skin around the eyes is very delicate so rubbing to hard should be avoided.

    Waterproof mascara has great benefits, especially if you’re caught out in the rain or happen to be wearing it when you go through an emotional day and the tears fall.

    Trying to remove it at the end of the day on the other hand, can be very frustrating. Not all traces are removed and we end up using harsh soaps to remove the excess.

    For those who have sensitive skin, you will be looking for a delicate product to avoid any unnecessary dryness or skin irritation.

    The soft microfibres within the towel really do feel very soft and won’t rub or damage the skin.

    How do they work?

    The gentle fibres within the towel will allow for light exfoliation so your skin is left with the perfect base for next time.

    It’s hard to believe that a face towel that only requires water and no extra lotions can remove all traces of make up efficiently and with little effort or time.

    After each use, the towel can be washed in the machine or by hand. Try to avoid hot water or fabric softener and wash in a linen bag to avoid the cloth ‘disappearing’.

    Socks have a habit of suffering from ‘washing machine abduction’ so bag your towel so it can’t escape.

    One side of the towel will have exfoliation fibres to help remove dead skin cells which will promote a healthier glow and the other side has shorter fibres to help gently remove make up.

    The environment will thank you for using a microfiber towel instead of throwing hundreds of make up pads’ into the bin each year.

    We all like products that do what they say and are efficient and the make up remover towel will speed up your make up removal far more than the traditional way.

    Great for those who detest removing all traces of make up after a late night home and instead flop into bed and deal with the aftermath of ‘panda eyes’ and dried on mascara in the morning.

    If I had known how effective the make up towel was, I would have started using them years ago. Alongside my towel, I also use FM World’s Aloe Vera Facial Foam to cleanse and tone my face.

    The towels make a great gift for any cosmetics wearers in the family or for friends. My sister thoroughly appreciated hers last year.

    You can purchase them in most shops, supermarkets and online retailers. I purchased mine at FM World.

    They come in pink and purple.

    Make up remover towel
    FM World’s make up remover towels

    Make up remover towel









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    Make Up Remover Cloths reusable Ultra Soft Reusable Washable Face Towel 

    Make up remover towel



    If you want to save money, help the environment and find the perfect gift for someone, I would highly recommend the make up remover towel.

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  • mineral make up

    Mineral based cosmetics

    Women find themselves spending a fair amount of money on fragrances so why not spend the same on mineral based cosmetics ?


    There are many benefits to wearing mineral make up and with the damage that everyday life can play on our skin, it’s definitely the way forward.

    Mineral based cosmetics


    The weather, summer or winter, has a huge impact on the skin. Drying it out if we’re in the sun for long periods and making it feel tight and irritated through lack of moisture.


    Having the heating on during the winter months can also take out essential oils from the skin.

    Men and women are constantly spending money on skin care products to help with the damage done by the weather and our day to day surroundings.

    When I first began working with FM World, a perfume and cosmetics company, I was often asked by the women if our make up was mineral based.

    Why do we look for such in our cosmetics?

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    Mineral based highlighter on ebay

    Well, mineral make up started around the early 1970s, by a lady called Diane Richardson Ranger.

    She began creating her own body products even though she had no experience of making her own.

    She was enthusiastic nevertheless and pushed forward to eventually opening up her own body care boutique based in Northern California.

    Diane saw the potential and need for natural body care products and so she created make up that was free from perfumes, alcohol, dyes, emulsifiers and mineral oil.

    We all look for cosmetics that are kind to our skin and still give the same results as traditional cosmetics.


    Whilst the price tag will essentially be higher for mineral based cosmetics, it’s a similar scenario when we purchase perfume. We get what we pay for.

    The benefits of mineral based cosmetics

    The ingredients are safe and can be used on those with sensitive skin. Those who perhaps have troublesome skin such as acne or dermatitis are often looking for a more gentle alternative.


    Mineral based cosmetics contain Ingert ( a type of gas that does not undergo chemical reactions).

    Ingert gases are generally used to avoid unwanted chemical reactions from degrading and are bacteria free so they won’t expire.


    The effective ingredients found in mineral make up will help the skin to heal, protect and soothe.

    By using natural ingredients, this keeps the cosmetics free of irritating chemicals such as fragrances, waxes, synthetics, gluten and parabens. ( These are preservatives that are widely used in cosmetics ).

    The importance of having a glowing complexion and a natural look is important to women.

    So by using mineral make up, the ingredients will promote much healthier skin and are less likely to clog the pores.

  • mineral make up,  Perfumes

    Perfumes and cosmetics

    Perfumes and cosmetics have always gone together. Wearing a favourite fragrance makes both men and women feel good.


    Wearing cosmetics gives women the extra confidence with the bonus of complimenting an outfit.

    Of course there are always days that neither is required especially during the several lock downs during 2020 to this year when many of us were working from home.

    The only people to see were those of immediate family living in the same house or work colleagues on the other side of a computer screen during a zoom call.

    Even then there was the bonus that we could switch the camera so that we had a glamorous profile photo to show off instead of the reality.

    Wearing Pyjamas, hair tied up, no make up or perfume on for the women seemed to be a bonus. Days that we didn’t feel like we’d had to make the effort to look good.

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    No need to look your best when there was no visit to the office or seeing customers.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    2020-2021 saw many people working from home


    Men get away with far more when it comes to appearances. They wake up looking just the same as they went to bed. Perhaps the hair is slightly disheveled but overall, they don’t feel the need to ‘glam up’ for the sake of a conference call.

    The truth behind why women wear make up

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    A woman’s cosmetics bag can contain a huge selection of products for day and night wear


    Women have been wearing make up for many years and around 44 percent of American women won’t be seen leaving their home without make up on.

    So what are the two primary reasons why women wear make up ?

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    Save on Avon cosmetics 

    Concealment/ camouflage

    Even if women don’t apply a full face of make up such as eye shadow or lip gloss, many will reach for the foundation to cover up any imperfections.

    This alone will give more confidence and ‘hide’ any insecurities that women may have about their appearance.

    Just a dab around the eyes to conceal dark shadows that many women have as they get older, will have the same effect.


    Women are constantly aiming to be prettier, more glamorous and confident.

    The media plays a huge part in this when we see models, pop stars and actors looking glam on screen. Some even feel that they have to keep up such appearances off-screen when out shopping.

    Others will disguise themselves with hats and sunglasses in order to blend in with the public.

    Some will walk out bare faced regardless of getting photographed and that shows true confidence and an attitude that they are confident in their appearance.

    I personally find this particularly powerful and a true statement to all women out there.

    We really can be confident on the outside if we have the ability to change our mindset and be confident within.


    From a young age, women are taught that in order to be successful in their relationships, career and building friendships, they need to look pretty.

    School age children often compare themselves to others and see the popular girls in class gaining more attention from the boys because they were prettier.

    Once old enough to wear make up then give these girls the confident they feel they need as they grow into women.

    Young children are often experimenting with mums make up. Wearing a lip gloss or blusher to copy what their mum is wearing.

    Attractive women are treated differently and more in favour when it comes to success in jobs and relationships, as unfair as this seems.

    Features that we notice first on men and women


    The first feature that we notice on others are the eyes. Whilst men have little choice when it comes to making their eyes stand out, women have and do take full advantage with the selection of products on offer to make their eyes ‘pop’.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    Eye shadow brings a whole new dimension to a woman’s eyes












    Another feature are the lips.


    Women tend to have darker lips naturally as well as the skin around the eyes.

    Lipstick/lip gloss is a great product for making the lips bigger and more seductive. Red lipstick is known to make women appear more attractive to men.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    Red has often been seen as the seductive colour when it comes to lipstick


    Adding a complimentary shade to the lips can make a huge difference and some women feel that just by wearing a lip colour is enough to be able to step out of the house.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    The latest colours of lipgloss from FM 2022 that have beautiful depth, a magical wand to apply easily and a long lasting colour on the lips


    Men will notice eyes and lips first and are drawn to these features so women will often enhance those for this reason.


    Foundation is by far the top cosmetic product that women will use first. Even if no other cosmetic is worn, just by hiding any imperfections, help to even out the skin tone or cover imperfections, makes a huge difference in confidence.


    Perfumes and cosmetics
    A selection of FM cosmetics foundation suitable for all skin types


    Adding a pink based blusher will also give the appearance of younger looking skin as it gives a similar look to the natural glow that we have.

    Eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner can help maximize your natural eye colour as well as making the eyes look larger and more evenly shaped. Be careful wearing too heavy or too dark a colour as this can make the eyes look smaller and aged.



    When it comes to make up, less is most definitely more. We’ve all fallen into the trap of constantly applying a bit throughout the day to the point when we have too much.

    Good lighting at home is essential in making a huge difference.

    Nothing worse than leaving the house and catching yourself in the rear view mirror in the daylight and seeing what we thought was a subtle amount has actually been overloaded.

    Perfume resources

    Once we have  applied make up and a spritz of our favourite fragrance, we are ready to face the world.

    Have any questions regarding cosmetics or perfume ?

    Drop a comment below or get in touch.

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    Beauty and perfumes

    Beauty and perfumes have always gone together. Like hand and glove. Dating back to around 7000BC.

    The beauty and the perfume industry has and will always be huge all over the world.

    Since the creation of Chanel , the perfume industry has been phenomenal.

    Sales are consistent, even more so when Christmas approaches as loved ones dash around the shops and search online to purchase a bottle of their favourite perfume.


    Beauty and perfumes
    Make up has always been a popular purchase to look and feel good about ourselves
    Beauty and perfumes
    Capturing a unique fragrance can be hard but FM fragrances allow you to try over 200 with our samples


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    Beauty and Perfumes

    Perfume and make up have often been a hard gift to purchase for someone else. Everyone likes different types and scents.

    When it comes to friends/family, and what they like in fragrances and cosmetics,it is very much a personal choice.

    With such a variety of make up and fragrances, it can be a minefield trying to find the perfect gift and keep it a secret. Not so easy if we have to ask what product they like best.

    It’s great when mum/sister/friend has a perfume that they consistently wear and won’t try anything else. We buy the same again. No disappointment on either side.

    Most will head online these days for such purchases, like Ebay.

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    10% OFF your first order with


    Flawless skin 

    It’s quick, easy and often more affordable than buying from the stores.

    So what happens when someone buys a fragrance that they don’t like ? Do they  wear it anyway or leave it in the draw to eventually expire ?

    I’ve left it in my bedroom cupboard when I’ve had a perfume that doesn’t suit.



    The same could go for make up.

    It’s tempting to purchase a new eye shadow palette with the colours of the rainbow.

    If purchasing for someone who either doesn’t wear much make up or prefers more subtle colours, then it’s a waste of money. No one likes to waste money.

    Once again the ‘perfect’ gift gets put away in the drawer.

    One of the great things about such purchases these days is that with perfume, we can purchase small samples before we buy a big 50ml bottle.

    But what about when it comes to make up?

    Fortunately, there are several companies, including FM Cosmetics  where we can buy single individual pots and wear your favourite.


    Beauty and perfumes
    Single shimmer eye shadow by FM Cosmetics



    A great idea that saves us money on buying a palette that has just two or three of our favourite colours and the rest of the palette gets left untouched.


    Beauty and perfumes
    Three available colours with FM Cosmetics eye shadows


    Everyone loves to save money and companies certainly do have the customers interests at heart when they created cosmetics and perfumes.

    When make up is unique to every woman, they want to be able to give them the opportunity to use all of their cosmetic item that they have.

    Growing up with make up

    As a youngster, i had a make up bag that consisted of every eyeshadow, lipgloss and mascara and we do tend to have ur favourites that we go back to.

    If we emptied our make up bag on the table and actually picked our the items we use on a regular basis, there would be almost half of the products that were either never used.

    Some may have been a favourite but got replaced with the latest lipstick or blusher.


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    Beauty and perfumes

    Rimmel lasting lipsticks are hugely popular




    Beauty and perfumes

    Rimmel Natural Bronzer– a must-have for the summer season with a selection of colours to choose from.


    These days, we can afford to buy just what we need and with such a variety of fragrances that keep on growing every year, we really are spoilt for choice.

    It makes it harder when it comes to purchasing for a birthday/ Christmas gift, or simply treating ourselves.

    Let’s face it ladies, you do love to treat yourselves and why not!

    Skin care is one of our top priorities !

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on what brand of cosmetics you purchase or what your current perfume is. Comment below or get in touch