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Skincare gifts for her

A skincare routine is important for everyone and not just for when we get older. By looking after our skin from an earlier age, we can prevent the ageing process from appearing too prematurely.

Skin care gifts for her

Skin care gifts for her are always a popular present and there is such a large variety to choose from to suit every kind of skin.

You can purchase ones that are already made up in baskets or gift boxes or if you feel very creative, you can create your very own.

This is a lovely touch when we do this as we can then add the perfect products for the person we are buying for.

Sometimes a gift set may contain a product or two that the recipient may never use so by making your own, you get to choose which products to add.

I am not one for fighting the ageing process as I believe that we all age in our way and it is a natural process that we all go through as the years pass.

If you think like me, I’m always grateful to see another year through in good health so another year older means we are doing well and looking after ourselves.

I do believe that we should take care of our skin and use products that help to moisturise and cleanse.

With so many ageing products available online and in stores, women have spent a fortune on the battle to look younger.

In 2021, the global skincare products market was valued at 130.50 billion USD.

With products ranging from sun lotions, anti-aging creams, facial toners, moisturizers, face serums etc, it’s of little surprise that the growth is expected to escalate 4.6% from this year (2022) to 2030.

Each year we see a new skincare product being launched that promises to do wonderful things to our skin and some of the products available can be extortionate, especially if there is a celebrity endorsing the product.

It’s not just perfumes that celebrities have a part in creating.

Over the years we have seen thousands of products that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, assist with skin firming and ones to help even out the skin tone.

The importance of a skincare routine

When we are young, the last thing we think of is looking after our skin. We are youthful and there are more important things to be doing such as going out to play with friends.
As we reach the teenage years, we may suffer from spots that are usually brought on by hormones.
Products such a Clearasil have been very popular and this one does help to reduce the inflammation and leave a softer and clearer complexion.
By taking care of our skin from an early age, we can help to delay the signs of aging but it isn’t something we worry or think about when we look in the mirror and see a clear, smooth complexion.

Prevention is better than cure

Those who wore cosmetics as teenagers may see that their skin has had its ups and downs as the pores get clogged with makeup.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to remove all traces of make-up after a night out.

No matter how tired you are and how late you fell into bed, removing your make-up before bedtime will save your skin from premature ageing, clogged pores and skin conditions.

Removing every trace of make-up from your skin will benefit over the years and your skin won’t age as quickly.

Make-up remover lotions such as micellar, gentle soaps and facial foam wash are all suitable for removing make-up effectively and they don’t take long to do.

So for a few minutes each night taking care to wash and cleanse the face thoroughly, will keep the skin subtle, moisturised and youthful.

Skincare products

Retail shops and online stores are constantly packed with skin care products throughout the year and at Christmas time we see the gorgeous gift sets on sale too.

Skin care gifts for her

Every woman loves a gift set that contains an assortment of products from hand cream to a face wash to moisturises.

It’s part of every woman’s daily skin care routine so a lovely gift set is the perfect present to give.

Cleanse, tone, moisturise

We all have our own routine when we wake up each morning and go to bed so it’s important that our routine becomes a habit like brushing our teeth.
We instantly wake up once water is splashed on our face but water alone can make the skin feel dry, especially for those who live in hard water areas.
Washing the face in a delicate facial wash such as Simple Purifying Gel Wash, it’s a delicate product that won’t take out any of the skins natural PH balance. t is 100% soap free with no harsh chemicals, no colour or perfume. This product is also PETA approved.
skin care gifts for her
For those who wear cosmetics regularly for going out to work or for an evening out, it’s important for the skin to be prepared before applying.
When the skin is dehydrated and scaly or dry, it can make applying foundation or powder difficult as it doesn’t have a smooth or even surface to sit on.
The end result can lead to heavy looking make up that sits in the creases of the skin.
Many of us are constantly looking for a flawless finish so by preparing the skin beforehand gives us every chance of creating the perfect look that we see so often on celebrities. Depending on your budget, gift sets can be bought as cheap as £13.00 – £100 online such as eBay.

Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous gift sets that are available during the run-up to Christmas.

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Ladies Letterbox pamper gift set SPA GIFT BOX self-care for women Relaxation kit

Skin care gifts for her

The treat gift box contains:

■ Juniper, Lime & Spearmint hand and body lotion

■ Grapefruit sugar scrub

■ Velvet Hair scrunchie- colour and pattern will vary depending on stock

■ Walkers biscuits

■ Facial fullers earth clay mask

■ Sensual Himalayan bath salt

■ Collagen eye mask

■ Coconut water foot pack

■ Jasmine tea light candle

Ladies Luxury Dove Gift Set Box Beauty Kit Pamper Hamper For Her

Skin care gifts for her

1x New Dove shower mousse with cotton oil 24hr softness – 200ml

1 x Dove Jasmine petals & Coconut milk body wash

1 x Dove anti-antiperspirant with added moisturisers

1 x renewing care hand wash rose oil & peony

1 x Dove Beauty bar

1 x Wickford & Co Jar candle *Sweet berries or spring bouquet

1x Luxury pink/white body puff

1x Storage case Pretty storage suitcase with handle and clasp perfect for storage

Skin Care Gift Set for Women – Peony Scent Gift Set, Birthday Gift Box

Skin care gifts for her

Self-Care Essentials: Everything you need for the ultimate self-care experience.

Keep your skin healthy and beautiful with these beneficial products. Scented Candle Included: Light our Rose Water Scented Candle and breathe in the sweet and floral aromas while you sit back and relax during your pampering experience.

Women’s Gift Set, Argan Oil, Spa Day, Hammam, Beauty, Moroccan Ghassoul

Skin care gifts for her

A wonderful set that contains:

■ Argan soap bar

■ Argan oil

■ Ghassoul clay

■ Moroccan Black Soap

■ Exfoliating body mitt.

You can also take a look at our online shop for some lovely gift ideas.

■ Shower gel

■ Deodorant

■ Facial wash

■ Day and night cream

■ Hand cream

■ Foot peel

■ Body scrubs

There are so many products to choose from and gift boxes to make up your present.

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  • Sydney

    Wow these gifts are excellent ideas! The argan oil spa day seems like something I’d treat myself with and would be really rejuvenating for skin. I also really like the aloe vera skin cleanser that maintains your skin’s pH balance. Giving a gift set with multiple things in it makes it really easy for gift-givers – sometimes when I receive one though, I find there are things in the gift box that I won’t use though and I feel bad when they go to waste, so I like to regift them forward to someone who can use them 🙂

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Sydney, 

      Thanks for reading my article. 

      Yes there are some lovely gift ideas available, especially this time of year. 

      I use the aloe vera facial cleanser morning and night. It’s great for removing make up and leave the skin feeling very refreshed without drying it out.

      I also like the idea that we can create our own gift package with products from the FM range to suit the person we are purchasing for. 

      As you say, sometimes a gift box may contain a product that we won’t use, but it’s a great idea to regift them.

  • pasindu dimanka

    these are really thoughtful presents. I think it would be nice to treat myself.every once in a while because it is so relaxing and renewing for the skin. Cleansing with aloe vera helps keep your skin’s natural. another reason why I appreciate it. It’s convenient for donors to give someone a gift set, but sometimes I receive one and realize there are items in the box that I won’t use, and I feel horrible about letting them go to waste, so this article was quite helpful. It’s a certain that I’ll be passing this along.

    • Louise Allen

      Thanks Pasindu,

      Gift sets are hugely popular, especially at Christmas time and there are lots of different skincare products to choose from. Not just for women either. I like the idea that we can make up our own box of gifts to suit the individual, without any products going to waste.

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