How to give the perfect gift

Giving the perfect gift for Christmas

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    Create an advent calendar

    Christmas is undeniably the most magical time of the year, filling our hearts with joy, warmth, and a sense of togetherness. Have you ever thought about embracing the magic and creating an advent calendar? If so, this article is tailor-made for you.

    Globally celebrated, this festive season is adorned with traditions and decorations that embody the spirit of giving. As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, communities unite to enjoy the celebrations of Christmas.

    One of the most cherished elements of Christmas is the tradition of gift-giving. Thoughtful presents transform into tokens of love and appreciation on Christmas morning, bringing happiness and joy as families gather around the tree to open their gifts.

    Create an advent calendar

    From thoughtfully wrapped surprises sitting under the tree to heartfelt exchanges among friends and family, giving gifts adds a layer of warmth to holiday festivities and brings families together.

    Choosing gifts goes beyond exchanging material items; it expresses the heartfelt desire to bring joy to others and creates lasting memories.

    Let’s not overlook the sheer delight that Christmas Day brings to children worldwide as they eagerly unwrap their presents in excitement.

    For my children, Christmas is a time of pure joy—opening presents on Christmas Day, spending precious moments with family, enjoying festive films, indulging in chocolate, and relishing a well-deserved break from school and work.

    We all enjoy searching for the perfect gift, whether purchasing items online or enjoying the Christmas atmosphere as we walk from shop to shop, admiring the decorations and seasonal spirit. Those around us are in good spirits as we look for the perfect gift and soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

    Advent Calendars

    During the weeks leading up to Christmas, shops are filled with a collection of advent calendars. They range from traditional chocolate calendars to ones containing a beauty gift behind each window. Within FM WORLD, a perfume bottle behind each window ensures that we have a fragrance for every day of December and a collection to see us through the following year.

    Create an advent calendar
    FM World Advent Calendar 2023- LIMITED EDITION

    These special countdowns, starting on December 1st, offer a daily delight as individuals open a new window or compartment each day, revealing a hidden surprise beyond the simple chocolate-filled calendars.

    Modern variations may include small gifts, notes, or activities, turning the countdown into a personal journey. Of late, there have been more extravagant advent calendars in the shops, selling items such as skincare products and toiletries behind each window.

    Create an Advent Calendar

    Creating your Christmas advent calendar can be a delightful and personal way to count down the days until Christmas. We can tailor each calendar to suit the recipient. No matter what age, male or female, we can create a calendar for our loved ones to enjoy opening at the beginning of December.

    Benefits of DIY Advent Calendars

    You have the freedom to tailor the calendar to your preferences and the preferences of those you’re making it for. By choosing which colours, materials, and sizes, you can create the perfect advent calendar for your chosen one. There is no limit to making your calendar and no right or wrong way to make it.


    DIY calendars allow you to incorporate personal touches and sentimental value. Creating a calendar for an individual can add different ideas and items that the recipient will use, and it’s a great way to make a keepsake for a loved one.


    Making an advent calendar can be more cost-effective than purchasing a pre-made one, on the whole, if you use materials you already have at home. More extravagant calendars that contain toiletries or skincare products may cost you slightly more, but the products are tailored for the individual. Shop-bought advent calendars with similar items behind each window might not be used.


    It’s an opportunity to express your creativity and involve others. For instance, if you’re creating a calendar for a grandparent, the grandchildren can join in. Similarly, if the children enjoy being creative and wish to make one for Mum or Dad, it’s a lovely idea that adds a unique touch to the calendar.

    Personal Touch

    DIY calendars offer the chance to infuse personal touches and sentimental value, turning each day into something special. Consider the recipient’s interests—whether it’s a passion for perfumes, a love for collecting miniature dolls, or an appreciation for nail polish. I would love a calendar with my favourite nail polish colours. There are countless items at our disposal for creating a calendar.

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    Seven tips to help make your DIY advent calendar unique

    1. Theme:

    When selecting a theme for your calendar, consider choosing one that resonates with the person you are creating it for.

    Whether it is capturing the enchantment of a winter wonderland, embracing the classic charm of a traditional Christmas, spotlighting beloved movies, or showcasing cherished hobbies, opting for a theme that holds significance adds a distinctive and meaningful touch to the calendar-making process and a delightful keepsake.

    2. Materials:

    When deciding on the materials for your calendar, make thoughtful choices based on your creative vision. You might opt for traditional options like paper or fabrics or explore other choices like small boxes for a more visual appeal.

    3. Fillers:

    Organising a selection of small gifts or treats for each compartment ensures a delightful daily surprise. Tailor these choices to align with the recipient’s unique preferences, be it their favourite candies, charming trinkets, or heartfelt notes.

    This personal approach adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your calendar, transforming it into a daily source of joy that resonates with the individual tastes and interests of the person receiving it.

    4. Quotes or Messages:

    Consider incorporating inspirational and positive quotes, personal messages, or lighthearted jokes for each day. These thoughtful additions contribute to a positive and uplifting atmosphere and create a more personal connection between the calendar and its recipient.

    5. Handmade Ornaments:

    Consider enhancing the visual appeal by making or including small handmade ornaments. These charming ornaments can be used to decorate a miniature tree throughout the month, creating a delightful and evolving holiday display.

    Whether you make the ornaments yourself or include them as part of the daily surprises, this creative touch adds a personal and artistic element to the calendar. Children love being creative, so this would be a delightful way to express their artistry.

    6. Photos:

    Everyone loves sentimental value, so adding personal photos to your calendar offers a nostalgic journey through special moments. Whether it’s capturing past holidays, family gatherings, or moments shared with the calendar’s recipient, including personal photos transforms the calendar into a heartfelt keepsake. This thoughtful addition not only adds a personal touch but also creates a visual connection that enhances the overall emotional resonance of the calendar.

    7. Interactive Elements:

    Include elements like small puzzles or games that recipients can enjoy daily to create an interactive and engaging dimension to your calendar. Children, especially, enjoy receiving a small puzzle game inside each window. Whether it’s a daily puzzle or a fun activity, these ideas will add an entertaining aspect to the calendar.

    You can purchase materials to create your advent calendar from eBay. They have a selection of items to make the perfect advent, including drawstring bags, festive boxes, and Advent Calendar stickers.


    Crafting a personalised and thoughtful advent calendar is a journey that will infuse the holiday season with joy, warmth, and meaningful connections.

    You transform a simple calendar into a daily source of delight by carefully selecting a theme, materials, and surprises tailored to the recipient’s preferences.

    Including daily activities, quotes, and personal touches enhances the experiential aspect, creating moments that the recipient can cherish.

    By incorporating sustainability measures and enduring elements like personal photos or handmade ornaments, you contribute to a greener celebration and fashion a lasting keepsake. As your calendar unfolds, it becomes more than a countdown; it becomes a celebration of shared experiences, cherished memories, and the spirit of giving that defines the magic of the holiday season.

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    Winter scented candles

    Winter-scented candles are popular during the colder months and are designed to kindle a cosy, festive, and comforting atmosphere through winter. We all love the seasons for what they bring individually, and winter will always see a collection of beautiful candles available in the shops to purchase as gifts or for our personal use.

    Such candles are often used to add warmth and atmosphere to homes during the holidays and winter, so let’s look into winter-scented candles.

    Candle fragrances

    Winter candles come in a wide range of fragrances, and they often feature scents associated with the season, such as pine, cedar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cranberry, peppermint, and various citrus notes. These scents remind us of holiday decorations, family time together, and the crispness of winter air as the seasons change.

    Many winter candles are themed around holidays like Christmas or New Year’s. They may have names and labels that reflect these holidays and often come in festive colours such as red, green, and gold, as well as packaging to make them more appealing to the consumer.

    They are typically made from a blend of waxes, such as soy wax, paraffin wax, or beeswax, infused with essential oils, fragrance oils, or a combination of both to create the desired scents.

    Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Medium Jars 340g Winter Xmas 10 Fragrances Choice

    Some candles may also contain natural segments, such as dried herbs or spices, that add more visual appeal. These styles of candles bring a sense of the crisp outside leaves into the warmth of our homes and make beautiful table decorations.

    There are various container options, which include glass jars, tins, and ceramics. The container is not only functional but also adds to the overall decoration of the candle. Many of these can be up-cycled around the home.

    Winter scented candles

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    Winter-scented candles are available in various sizes, from small tea lights that sit neatly on the dining table to large pillar candles that look particularly elegant inside lantern lamps in a larger room.

    Whatever the occasion, there is the perfect style suitable for everyone. The burn time depends on the size and type of wax used. Smaller candles typically burn for a few hours, while larger ones can provide fragrance and warmth for many hours.

    Some winter candles are decorated with pretty elements like glitter, ribbons, or labels that feature wintry scenes, snowflakes, or holiday motifs to boost the festive feel. Pinterest shares some lovely ideas on how to decorate your candles.

    Winter-scented candles are popular gifts during the holiday season or for someone’s birthday during the latter part of the year. They make thoughtful and cosy presents for friends and family, especially when knowing what to buy someone may be complicated.

    Scented Candle Set with Crystal, 19 Oz 3 Wick Candle, Manifestation Candle

    We’ve all been there, struggling to find the perfect gift. A candle is a great go-to item that most people will appreciate.

    When using any style of candle, safety precautions are essential. Keep them away from flammable materials, never leave them unattended, and trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each use. Consider using candle holders or trays to catch any wax drips.

    If you have pets or young children at home, ensure they are kept out of reach and not in a place where they can be knocked over or grabbed.

    Winter-scented candles are typically available in stores and online during the fall and winter. Retailers often release new scents and designs each year to capture the season’s essence and entice the consumer.

    Whether you prefer the classic scent of evergreen or the spicy warmth of cinnamon and cloves, winter-scented candles can enhance the atmosphere of your home during the holiday season and throughout the winter months. I particularly love the shadows that lit candles create in a soft-lit room.

    Winter scented candles

    The difference between winter and summer scented candles

    Winter-scented candles and summer-scented candles differ in their fragrance profiles and the overall atmosphere they create. Their scents complement the distinct characteristics of each season.

    Winter Scented Candles

    These candles often feature fragrances associated with the colder months. Pine, cedar, fir, spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg), vanilla, cranberry, and peppermint are often on the shelves and online. They bring Christmas and the festive season into the home and a warm feel to winter’s crisp, cool air.

    Summer scented candles

    These candles are designed to bring a freshness and relaxed feel that we experience during summer. They are typically lighter, more refreshing scents that bring the warmth and vibrancy of the season.

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    Familiar summer scents include fresh-cut grass, ocean breezes, tropical fruits (such as coconut, pineapple, and mango), floral notes (like lavender and jasmine), and citrus fragrances (lemon, lime, and citrus blossom).

    Mood and Atmosphere

    Winter candles aim to create a cosy and comforting atmosphere, perfect for the holiday season. These scents are often warm, inviting, and nostalgic, evoking the feeling of being bundled up by a fireplace with the family.

    They create a wonderful ambience for holiday gatherings, creating a sense of warmth and togetherness.

    Summer candles convey a sense of freshness, lightness, and relaxation. They are perfect for enhancing the laid-back, carefree vibe of the season.

    Whether you are relaxing in the garden or on holiday, these scents bring a tropical feel to your surroundings. They can trigger memories of beach holidays, outdoor picnics, and sunny days spent by the water.

    Visual Appeal

    Winter-scented candles often have labels, containers, or decorative elements that reflect holiday themes, like snowflakes, winter scenes, or festive colours.

    Summer-scented candles often have bright, cheerful packaging and designs inspired by beach scenes, tropical destinations, or vibrant summer colours.

    Winter scented candles


    Winter-scented candles are often used during the holiday season, and many people have them around there throughout winter to keep the cosy, warm atmosphere going. They are famous for holiday decorating and creating a warm, festive atmosphere.

    Summer-scented candles are frequently used during outdoor gatherings, such as barbecues, when friends and family are joining us. They infuse your home and garden with the spirit of summer during the warmer months.

    Yankee candles are not only very popular during winter but also cherished for their delightful fragrances. They create a cosy and inviting atmosphere that warms hearts and homes throughout the chilly season.

    Yankee Candle Scented Candle | Cinnamon Stick Large Jar Candle | Long Burning


    Winter-scented candles offer a delightful way to capture the spirit and ambience of winter. Often infused with fragrances similar to warm spices and holiday treats, they provide comfort and nostalgia during the colder months.

    Whether used for holiday celebrations, relaxation, or to enhance the cosy atmosphere of our home, winter-scented candles provide a sensory journey that appeals to our sense of smell and adds warmth to our surroundings.

    Their popularity during winter stems from their ability to create a festive, cosy, and inviting environment.

    With various candles available during winter, we are spoilt for choice with such an extensive collection. There is something suitable for everyone and every home.

    Winter scented candles

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    Skincare Gifts For Her

    A skincare routine is essential for everyone and not just for when we get older. By looking after our skin from an earlier age, we can prevent the ageing process from appearing too prematurely.

    Skin care gifts for her

    Skincare gifts for her are always popular, and a wide variety suits every kind of skin.

    You can purchase ones already made up in baskets or gift boxes, or if you feel very creative, you can create your own.

    It is a lovely touch when we do this as we can then add the perfect products for the person we are buying for.

    Sometimes, a gift set may contain a product or two that the recipient may never use, so by making your own, you get to choose which products to add.

    I am not one for fighting the ageing process. We all age in our way, a natural process we go through as the years pass.

    If you think like me, I’m always grateful to see another year through in good health. Another year older means we are doing well and looking after ourselves. Let’s take care of our skin and use products that help moisturise and cleanse.

    With many ageing products available online and in stores, women have spent a fortune on the battle to look younger.

    In 2021, the global skincare products market was valued at 130.50 billion USD.

    With products ranging from sun lotions, anti-ageing creams, facial toners, moisturisers, and face serums, it’s of little surprise that the growth is expected to escalate by 4.6% from this year (2022) to 2030.

    A new skincare product is launched each year that promises to do beautiful things to our skin. Some products available can be excessive, primarily if a celebrity endorses them. It’s not just perfumes that celebrities have a part in creating.

    Over the years, we have seen thousands of products that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, assist with skin firming, and even out skin tone.

    The importance of a skincare routine

    When we were young, the last thing we thought I was looking after was asking. We are youthful, and there are more important things to do, such as play with friends. As we reach teenagers, we may suffer from spots that are usually brought on by hormones.

    Products such as Clearasil are still trendy, and this one helps reduce the amount of information and leaves a softer and clearer complexion. By taking care of our skin from an early age, we can help delay the signs of ageing, but it isn’t something we worry about or think about when we look in the mirror and see a clear, smooth complexion.

    Prevention is better than cure.

    Those who wore cosmetics as teenagers may see their skin has had its ups and downs as the pores get clogged with makeup. I can’t stress enough how important it is to remove all traces of makeup after a night out.

    No matter how tired you are and how late you fall into bed, removing your makeup before bedtime will save your skin from premature ageing, clogged pores, and skin conditions.

    Removing every trace of makeup from your skin will benefit it over the years and prevent it from ageing as quickly. Makeup remover lotions such as micellar, gentle soaps, and facial foam wash are suitable for effectively removing makeup and don’t take long.

    So, washing and cleansing the face thoroughly for a few minutes each night will keep the skin subtle, moisturised, and youthful.

    Skincare products

    Retail shops and online stores are constantly packed with skin care products throughout the year, and at Christmas time, we also see gorgeous gift sets on sale.

    Skin care gifts for her

    Every woman loves a gift set that contains an assortment of products, from hand cream to face wash to moisturises. It’s part of every woman’s daily skincare routine, so a lovely gift set is a perfect present.

    Cleanse, tone, moisturise.

    We all have routines when we wake up and go to bed, and our routines must become habits, like brushing our teeth. We instantly wake up once water is splashed on our face, but water alone can make the skin feel dry, especially for those who live in hardwood areas.

    Washing the face with a delicate face wash, such as Simple Purifying Gel Wash, will not remove the skin’s natural pH balance. It is 100% soap-free, with no harsh chemicals, colour, or perfume. This product is also PETA-approved.

    skin care gifts for her

    The skin must be prepared before applying for those who wear cosmetics regularly for work or an evening out. When the skin is dehydrated, applying foundation or powder can be difficult as it doesn’t have a smooth surface to sit on.

    This can lead to heavy-looking makeup that sits in the creases of the skin. Many of us constantly look for a flawless finish, so preparing the skin beforehand gives us every chance to create the perfect look we often see on celebrities. Depending on your budget, gift sets such as eBay can be bought cheaply online for £13.00-£100.

    Look at some gorgeous gift sets available during the run-up to Christmas.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Ladies Letterbox pamper gift set SPA GIFT BOX self-care for women Relaxation kit

    Skin care gifts for her

    The treat gift box contains:

    ■ Juniper, Lime & Spearmint hand and body lotion

    ■ Grapefruit sugar scrub

    ■ Velvet Hair scrunchie- colour and pattern will vary depending on stock

    ■ Walkers biscuits

    ■ Facial fullers earth clay mask

    ■ Sensual Himalayan bath salt

    ■ Collagen eye mask

    ■ Coconut water foot pack

    ■ Jasmine tea light candle

    Ladies Luxury Dove Gift Set Box Beauty Kit Pamper Hamper For Her

    Skin care gifts for her

    1x New Dove shower mousse with cotton oil 24hr softness – 200ml

    1 x Dove Jasmine petals & Coconut milk body wash

    1 x Dove anti-antiperspirant with added moisturisers

    1 x renewing care hand wash rose oil & peony

    1 x Dove Beauty bar

    1 x Wickford & Co Jar candle Sweet berries or spring bouquet

    1x Luxury pink/white body puff

    1x Storage case Pretty storage suitcase with handle and clasp perfect for storage

    Skin Care Gift Set for Women – Peony Scent Gift Set, Birthday Gift Box

    Skin care gifts for her

    Self-Care Essentials: Everything you need for the ultimate self-care experience.

    Keep your skin healthy and beautiful with these beneficial products. Scented Candle Included: Light our Rose Water Scented Candle and breathe in the sweet and floral aromas while you sit back and relax during your pampering experience.

    Women’s Gift Set, Argan Oil, Spa Day, Hammam, Beauty, Moroccan Ghassoul

    Skin care gifts for her

    An excellent set that contains:

    ■ Argan soap bar

    ■ Argan oil

    ■ Ghassoul clay

    ■ Moroccan Black Soap

    ■ Exfoliating body mitt.

    You can also look at our online shop for some lovely gift ideas.

    ■ Shower gel

    ■ Deodorant

    ■ Facial wash

    ■ Day and night cream

    ■ Hand cream

    ■ Foot peel

    ■ Body scrubs

    There are many products and gift boxes to make up your present.

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    Christmas candle holders

    Any home is made beautiful with the addition of candles to bring the cosy nights, so with Christmas fast approaching, we sneak a look at Christmas candle holders.

    Christmas candle holders

    For many of us, candles are lit all year round, whether in the garden during BBQ season or to add extra comfort and warmth during the winter months.

    Cosy-lit fires, candles burning, and the tree lit up in all its glory bring the magic of Christmas to life for families all over the world.

    Christmas candle holders
    Photo ©️

    During the festive season, many candles, from tea lights to large pillar candles, are on sale. They come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes to suit everyone.

    I’ve noticed one thing when shopping for candles: Some of them don’t always come with a holder.

    We know that candles such as Yankee are already contained in their glass jars, and some of the smaller candles may come in suitable jars that can be reused.

    What about those needing to sit in a holder before lit?

    Christmas candle holders

    Christmas candle holders

    As previously discussed in my article on flameless candles, candle pots, pillar, floating, and jar candles also come with their container.

    Choosing ones not already moulded inside their container means we must shop for suitable jars and trays to light the candle safely.

    At Christmas, we usually see the table decorations set out with table runners and centrepiece candles to bring the festivities into the home. There are some lovely ideas online to choose from.

    Companies have become very creative, and some unusual styles are available.


    If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on decorating your home for the festive season with candles, look at Christmas candle ideas.

    Affiliate Disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.

    Tea lights are hugely popular and are possibly the most affordable.

    They come as batter-operated (flameless) or lit candles, and you can have single holders or a larger centre piece where the holder will sit several tea lights at one time. They also come in several different colours and scents to suit your choice. Their particular styles bring warmth and a magical feeling into the home during the festive period.

    Christmas candle holders

    Tea light candle holder 

    This set includes eight tea lights, candle holders, a table centrepiece, and a decorative glass perfect for a Christmas wedding.

    Taper candle holder

    If you want a unique candle holder, this style brings a more retro and Gothic-like feel. Depending on your home decor, it can give a lot of character to the room. It uses the candlestick design, which comes in a variety of colours.

    Some will be decorated with a Christmas theme, and some will have the days of December engraved on them so that you burn a section each day as Christmas nears. These are called advent candles and are non-drip, tapered candles with a burn time of 12 hours.

    Christmas candle holders

    Taper candle holder

    Decorate your home or party in style with these retro iron taper candle holders. Perfect for weddings or any special occasion, these candlestick holders add a touch of vintage charm to your decor. Sold in a set of two, they are a great addition to any candle collection.



    Stainless steel lantern candle holder

    These are some of my favourites because of the elegance they bring into the home. They are best suited for pillar candles.

    They come in various sizes depending on where you want them in the home and give off a good amount of light due to their size.

    The large ones are suitable for sitting in floor space, perhaps by fire, for that extra cosiness.

    This style is also suitable for use outside on the patio during the summer or winter for extra light on a cold evening.

    They come with a carry handle, which allows you to hang them from a hook off the garden fence and makes it easier to transport them from one area to another.

    Create a festive atmosphere this Christmas with our extra-large tall glass lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for placing on the floor and can hold tea light candles to illuminate any room. They are designed to add a cosy touch to your holiday decor.

    Christmas candle holders

    Extra large glass lanterns

    Pine needle candlestick table decor

    Beautifully decorated candle holders for the Christmas table are trendy, and these metal pine needle candlestick holders are no exception.

    Christmas berries, leaves, wood, and pine cones are used as centrepieces, and they bring everyone to the table for their family meal on Christmas Day.

    Add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decor with this golden iron candle holder. Adorned with delicate snowflakes and pine needles, this candlestick will bring a warm and cosy atmosphere to your home during the holidays.

    Christmas candle holders

    Christmas candle holder 


    Antler pillar glass candle holder

    I love to see unusual items for sale that perhaps no one else has at home. This antler tea light pillar glass candle holder is unique and distinctive, suitable for either a pillar candle or a tea light candle.

    It brings rustic charm to your home, especially if you have a woodland theme.

    Are you looking for a unique Christmas decoration gift? Check out our antler tea light holder and peeler glass candle holder, perfect for creating a cosy and festive atmosphere.

    Christmas candle holders

    Antler Tealight pillar

    Retro candle holder stand.

    This tea light candle holder is very popular with various Christmas-themed patterns, such as a Christmas tree, deer, or snowflake.

    When these candles are lit, the light shines through the engraved pattern and casts a gorgeous decorative shadow on the wall and surrounding surfaces. They are very affordable, too, so there is the option to have several around the home.

    Add a touch of creativity to your home decor with this stylish retro Iron Candlestick Lantern. It would make a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations, providing a warm and cosy atmosphere for the holiday season.

    Christmas candle holders

    Retro candle holder


    Christmas spinning candle holder

    Another unusual candle holder is this spinning candle holder. A delicate holder with rotating snowflakes would make the perfect table decoration as it angelically spins.

    Check out eBay’s collection of festive tea light holders! They have a tea light carousel and rotary tea light holder that spin gracefully while holding your favourite scented candles. Their Christmas gift charms are the perfect addition to any holiday decor. Add some festive charm to your home with their spinning candle holders.

    Christmas candle holders

    Christmas carousel tea light holder 

    Rustic log candle holder

    Bring the enchantment of the woods and outdoors into the home with this unique rustic-lit tea light holder.

    It contains three small glass tealight dishes for your candles and is suitable as a table decoration or on the mantelpiece.

    Festively bring the holiday spirit to your dining table with this Rustic Log candle holder that doubles as a table centrepiece. The Tea light is perfect for creating a cosy and warm ambience during the Christmas season.

    Christmas candle holders

    Rustic log candle holder 


    Nordic Christmas candle holder

    Pine trees, berries, holly, and stars surround this beautiful centrepiece table decoration shaped like a Christmas wreath.

    With four votive candle holders to pop a tea light inside, it sits perfectly on the dining room table, sets the mood for the festivities and can be used year after year.

    This delightful candle holder adds a touch of Nordic charm to your Christmas decor. Perfect for displaying on your dinner table, this tea light holder will create a warm and cosy atmosphere for your festive celebrations. With its intricate design and elegant finish, it will surely be a stunning centrepiece decoration you and your guests will love.

    Christmas candle holders

    Nordic Christmas candle holder 


    An excellent selection of Christmas candle holders suits any budget and any home, and they are available to purchase from the comfort of your own home. Bring your home to life this Christmas, or buy a candle holder as a gift for someone.

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    Candle advent calendar

    Christmas approaches again as 2023 draws to an end, and we start looking for gifts for loved ones. A popular choice for Christmas of late is the candle advent calendar. As previously discussed in my article Perfume Advent Calendar, we already know just how popular these calendars are.

    Candle advent calendar
    The streets of London in the UK are always bustling at this time of year photo©️

    It has become a tradition to purchase one to count the days before Christmas, especially for children. There was always something magical about opening a window each morning to see which chocolate was inside. The excitement of getting nearer to the number 24 window was always more significant than the rest, and having more giant chocolate inside to enjoy.

    Candle advent calendar

    The days seem to have passed for the chocolate variety. However, they are still widely available for everyone and mainly cater more for young children with different cartoon designs to encourage a purchase.

    Nowadays, the market has made room for a unique and elegant choice with gifts hidden behind each window instead of the traditional chocolate.

    Candle advent calendar

    As much as we all love a chocolate treat from the 1st to the 24th of December, as we get older, we are keen on different things, and there are so many ideas that companies put behind their Advent windows—very inspirational, in fact.

    Behind each window are gifts that will suit anyone, regardless of age or gender, and we are spoilt for choice.


    It is ideal for the females in the family who love a selection of make-up items to add to their collection. Women and teenagers can never have too much make-up.


    These have been very popular over the past few years, and most will have a small sample behind each window and a whole bottle of perfume behind window number 24.

    Candle advent calendar
    Perfume samples from FM World Photo ©️

    FM World has customised gift boxes that can be created especially with your loved one in mind. The Gift Box contains a Pure Royal 50 ml of your choice, a Pure Royal Antiperspirant Stick of your choice, and a Pure Royal Solid Perfume Stick of your choice—a small Gift Box.

    Candle advent calendar

    Please take a look at our video here.


    Most of us get a skincare product as a Christmas gift, so having a mini selection in your calendar is a great idea. It’s also ideal to take away for travelling.

    Baby items

    Perfect for any new mums with newborns around Christmas time, these calendars contain essential items for babies. They will be essential for mum and baby and will be put to good use.


    If you have a child or children who love Lego as much as my children did when they were younger, this one is a great option. Children learn so much through Lego play, including motor skills and being creative with their building.

    Fidget toys

    Many children today of all ages are known to have fidget toys as part of their everyday lives. These toys are especially suited and created for those on the spectrum, so a calendar with a big selection behind each window is sure to light up their faces. These gadgets are colourful, calming, and keep the user focused.


    This is another perfect gift for men, as we know how complex buying can be. No more walking endlessly around the stores or searching online for a gift that could be a hit or miss to whether the men will like what’s been bought for them.


    Not many will refuse an advent calendar with small bottles of wine behind it. Although I am not a drinker myself, I know a few family members who would love this style as a gift.


    Biscuits are always a popular choice at Christmas, and many families will buy the traditional tin, so if you have any biscuit lovers that would appreciate this as a gift, then look into buying one.


    I love jam. Children, along with many adults, love jars of jam. Behind each window, a pot of different-flavoured jam sounds like a great treat.


    Another popular tradition at Christmas is the assortment of cheeses we purchase in the supermarkets before the big day. The great thing about many cheeses is that they have a reasonable shelf life.

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    As you would expect, these styles of advent calendars are more expensive than the chocolate variety, but when we see what we get when each advent window is opened, it’s worth the money.

    Candle advent calendar

    Many companies, including the Yankee company, have created a Christmas calendar for this year. Yankee candles are already popular in their own right because of the quality, burn time, and scent they produce.

    Related article: Yankee Scented Candles review

    The Yankee advent calendar contains 24 tea light candles and holder and has eight festive scents.

    We all love a festive fragrance that makes the home warm and cosy. Cinnamon, spices, nutmeg and orange all have a winter feel and set the atmosphere for Christmas time.

    Candle advent calendar

    Are you looking for a festive and aromatic Christmas gift? Check out the Starlytes Advent Christmas calendar, with 24 scented tea lights and a holder. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves the warm and cosy atmosphere of the holiday season.

    Christmas advent calendars

    Octagon Chrismas calender 

    Gift your loved ones a Yankee Candle Advent Calendar Book with Christmas votive scented candles. This gift set is perfect to set the holiday mood.

    Liberty Candle Advent Calendar – 24 Piece Candle Calendar – Christmas Gift Set

    Within each window of this design, you will receive 24 festive candles, 12 votives, 12 tea lights and a votive holder with 18 beautiful winter scents.

    A delightful gift box that would make a wonderful gift for someone or even as a treat for yourself. The box opens just like a book and won’t look out of place on the mantlepiece or coffee table.

    Candle advent calendar

    Liberty advent calendar

    One thing is sure: These have to be purchased in good time as they sell out fast, and it’s a little surprising how popular they are.

    If you want information on the customised gift sets that FM World created, comment below.

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    Photos ©️

    Another lovely idea for Christmas advent calendars is those that contain wax melts. These have become very popular over recent years.

    Luxury Soy Wax Melts Advent Calendar with 24 Fragrances, Menu Card, and Free P&P

    Candle advent Calendar
  • How to give the perfect gift

    How to give the perfect gift

    How to give the perfect gift is almost as important as what present to give, depending on who you are buying for. There’s a lot to be said about what you purchase for that person. Giving money, especially to young children, has often been deemed as the lazy option as no real thought has gone into the purchase.

    After all, children like to open presents. They like the idea of unwrapping a box or a parcel.

    How to give the perfect gift

    Even as we get older, it’s always nice to receive something that we can open. Receiving an envelope with money is almost a quick way out. As adults, sometimes giving money is the only option, especially when that person is very difficult to buy for or they have no idea what they would like.

    Teenagers sometimes prefer to have money because they can buy what they like as opposed to what Nan and Grandad think they like. Money is great to put towards something that they want.

    I’ve received money as a present for many years from certain members of the family. Especially having a birthday close to Christmas. It can be hard to find two present ideas when there is a birthday to buy for too.

    How to give the perfect gift Join an online platform to help our business grow


    The perfect gift

    As we get older, it can become more difficult to know what to buy. People’s taste changes over the years, they become more fussy and what they may have liked 10 years ago may be of little relevance now. Sure enough, the gift sets appear with body showers, soap, face scrub etc that only seem to appear at Christmas time.

    The kind of sets that many people will reach for because they simply have no idea what else to purchase. Everyone will use a body spray, body wash and a bar of soap.

    It’s almost classed as an easy option. Whichever shop you go into, whether it be a supermarket or a beauty store, there will always be a selection of gift boxes containing body scents. They are normally reasonably priced too so this is another factor that people go for when it comes to buying a gift for someone.

    Nowadays, I find myself trying to find more unique presents. It’s always good to go with the right mindset when present shopping. If you had the item given as a gift to you, would you like it?

    So many times when we go gift shopping, we’ve picked up an item that we’ve thought would be suitable and questioned if we would like it. Any doubt and it’s placed back on the shelf.

    Sometimes we’ve walked out of the shop and returned half an hour later. Our minds have been made up.

    Christmas time sees an influx of perfume sales.

    It’s almost as though people wait until Christmas to buy perfume either for themselves or someone else. Some will wait for special offers on designer fragrances and we don’t blame them for that. After all, designer perfume can be expensive, depending on which bottle you purchase and the celebrity who is behind the brand.

    When it comes to buying perfume as a gift, we do need to make sure that it is a fragrance that the person does wear. This can sometimes spoil the surprise if you have to ask the person what perfume they like. Interestingly, not many people think of buying a set of perfume samples as a gift.

    This would be a great gift for both men and women. If you had a rough idea of what type of fragrance they usually wear, you could purchase a set with similar fragrance notes without buying a large bottle of perfume that they perhaps will never wear.

    They’ll get to try all the samples and make up their mind about which one suits them best.

    Advent calendars

    A few years ago, FM Cosmetics brought out perfume advent calendars for men and women. I decided to purchase one for myself.

    Unlike traditional calendars that contain chocolate, these contain 24 fragrance sample bottles. Behind window number 25 was a 50 ml bottle of perfume.

    Each day, there was the opportunity to try a different fragrance. Some were more favourable than others so this gave me the chance to try a different fragrance to what I would normally wear.

    How to give the perfect gift

    If perfume is too difficult to buy for someone because they perhaps have an expensive taste then FM do you have around 200 fragrances for both men and women and a unisex range if you like sharing a bottle? They have similar scents to the fragrance wheel and are a more affordable option when it comes to buying a personal gift.

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    Beauty gift sets on eBay

    Something to open on Christmas Day

    Alongside buying the perfect gift, it’s also very much the thought behind it that counts. Similar to giving money as a present, a gift set can often be seen as the easy option when you can’t find anything else suitable. Almost like buying socks and pants.

    With so many small businesses online these days, we aren’t short of ideas and inspiration. There are gifts to suit any budget big or small and many gifts can be personalised too which is a lovely idea. One product that I have found to be of most use even though it’s very simple is a set of hand cream.

    How to give the perfect gift

    Shea butter hand cream on eBay 

    During the winter months, our hands do get damaged from the cold and bitter months and many will suffer with dry and chapped hands. It’s always a present that is much appreciated and one that can be used daily. Fortunately, there are lots of ideas to purchase for both men and women.

    So let’s take a look at some perfect gift ideas with scents.

    Body sprays

    How to give the perfect gift


    How to give the perfect gift
    How to give the perfect gift


    How to give the perfect gift


     Shower gel



    How to buy the perfect gift





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    Wax melts

    How to give the perfect gift



    Pillow mist

    How to buy the perfect gift

    Room fragrances

    How to give the perfect gift

    Shopping has never been easier. Pop along to my online shop for some great gift ideas this Christmas. Need any help with choosing a fragrance?

    Comment below or get in touch 

  • Christmas gifts,  How to give the perfect gift,  Perfumes

    Perfumes for Christmas

    When shopping for perfumes for Christmas, certain scents come to mind: woody, spicy, pine, cinnamon, and orange, all of which remind us of the festive season. It’s a wonderful time of year, filled with vibrant colours, crisp air, and bustling shops.

    Just walking through the woods during the winter months gives a sense of calm and happiness. Beautiful colours are visible on the leaves during autumn as they form a thick covering on the ground. Winter arrives, and we are transported to a whole new world of frost-covered leaves, icy paths underfoot, and everyone wrapped in warm winter clothing.

    Perfumes for Christmas

    Cinnamon is a very traditional fragrance note for winter perfumes

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    Perfume on eBay 

    Perfumes for Christmas

    Orange notes are a popular choice when choosing a winter fragrance

    Perfumes for Christmas
    The stunning Autumn/winter colours on the ground


    Many people all over the world would agree that Christmas is their favourite time of year, not just for the gifts but also for the quality time spent with family and the sheer joy on children’s faces as they open their presents.

    Everything about Christmas is truly wonderful.

    Perfumes for Christmas

    For those of us with December birthdays, we get to experience the magic of Christmas twice. Alongside the scented candles that fill the shops at this time of year, you’ll find rows and rows of gifts in every store. Customers are spoiled for choice when deciding what to purchase for loved ones, friends, or work colleagues.

    Walking up and down the gift aisles and seeing every shelf packed with Christmas colours and wonderful gifts is simply magical. Many women wish for a new perfume from ‘Santa,’ and even men enjoy unwrapping a new aftershave by the tree. So, what fragrances do we seek during winter?

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    Christmas gifts on eBay 

    Perfumes for Christmas

    Spicy and woody fragrances are very popular during the winter months and heavier notes are often chosen during this season. It’s almost the opposite end of the fragrance wheel when looking for and purchasing summer scents, like floral and oriental scents. Both fragrance families have their unique style and suitability. When the shops have scented candles on sale during Christmas, they are usually made up of spicy, orange and woody notes.

    Winter perfume notes

    When in search of the ideal perfume for a gift or for our personal use during the winter months, our olfactory preferences naturally gravitate toward fragrances with rich, opulent, and profound notes. These fragrances, often characterized by their heavy and warm elements, are like a comforting embrace on chilly days and long, cosy nights.

    The allure of these scents lies in their ability to cocoon us in a sense of luxury and warmth. The deep, lingering notes evoke images of crackling fires, bundled blankets, and the soft glow of candlelight. They are the olfactory equivalent of a plush, velvety scarf, enveloping us in a comforting cloud of fragrance.

    Whether it’s the velvety warmth of vanilla, the smoky depth of oud, the spicy allure of cinnamon, or the cosy embrace of amber, these are the fragrances that complement the winter season perfectly. They not only leave a lasting impression but also infuse the crisp winter air with a sense of sophistication and charm.

    In essence, when selecting a perfume for the winter months, we seek scents that mirror the season’s cosiness and opulence, making each spritz an aromatic journey through the heart of winter’s enchantment.

    Perfumes for Christmas
    Many popular fragrances contain woody notes

    Fragrances tailored for the winter season often possess a more robust and commanding presence compared to the lighter, floral scents that dominate the fragrance landscape during the spring and summer months. These wintertime perfumes are like the rich, intricate tapestries of the fragrance world, designed to envelop you in a captivating aura that perfectly complements the colder, more intimate ambience of winter.

    However, it’s essential to approach these potent fragrances with a measure of restraint. Their intensity and depth mean that they should be applied sparingly. Unlike the delicate, ephemeral nature of spring and summer scents, an excessive application of a winter perfume can easily become overwhelming, both for the wearer and those in their proximity.

    This is where the notion of “less is more” truly applies. A few well-placed spritzes of a winter fragrance can create a harmonious and inviting olfactory experience. It allows the wearer to enjoy the intricate layers of the perfume while avoiding the risk of overpowering others nearby.

    Additionally, the heavy sillage of these winter scents can linger in a room or on clothing long after the wearer has moved on. Therefore, it’s important to strike a balance, ensuring that the fragrance enhances your presence without becoming an overpowering presence itself.

    In summary, the allure of winter fragrances lies in their intensity and complexity, which beautifully complements the season. However, their potency necessitates a gentle touch in the application, ensuring that they enhance the ambience without overwhelming it, leaving behind a lingering and memorable olfactory impression.

    A light spray is often all that’s necessary when applying a new winter fragrance. It’s a prudent practice to explore fragrance samples, if available, before making a purchase.

    Fragrances can be remarkably different when experienced on a scent strip in a store compared to how they unfold on your skin. The paper test, while a useful initial evaluation, can’t fully capture the dynamic way a fragrance interacts with your body’s chemistry.

    It can be a bit disheartening to return home with a newly acquired fragrance, eagerly anticipating the same enchanting scent you experienced in the store, only to find that it doesn’t quite match your expectations. Our unique body chemistry, skin temperature, and even ambient humidity can influence how a fragrance develops, revealing hidden facets and nuances not apparent on a paper strip.

    Therefore, it’s wise to sample fragrances on your skin whenever possible to ensure that the scent aligns with your preferences and complements your natural aura. This practice can help you make more informed choices, minimising the risk of disappointment and ensuring that the fragrance you select truly resonates with you.

    A light spray is all that’s needed with a new winter fragrance, so always try samples before purchasing if available. Fragrances will smell very different on the scent paper in-store. Arriving home to try the new spray, only to find that it doesn’t smell the same as in the store, is disappointing.

    Winter perfumes for Christmas

    Affiliate Disclosure

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    1. Victor & Rolf Bonbon

    Perfumes for Christmas

    With base notes (the notes that are left once the top and middle notes have settled) Cedar, amber and sandalwood.


    2. Yves Saint Laurent -Black Opium

    Perfumes for Christmas

    Experience the true essence of Christmas with scent notes that include pear, pink pepper, coffee, vanilla, patchouli, and cashmere wood, to name just a few.

    3. La Vie Est Belle-Lancôme

    Perfumes for Christmas

    This is a perfect scent for both summer and winter, featuring base notes of praline, vanilla, tonka bean, and patchouli. Given its very sweet fragrance profile, this is a scent that should be used sparingly.


    4.Tom Ford-Noir De Noir

    Perfumes for Christmas

    This Tom Ford fragrance is a true winter scent with base -notes of oak moss, oud, patchouli and vanilla.

    5. Thierry Mugler-Alien

    Perfumes for Christmas

    One of the most popular fragrances for women with woody middle notes and a base note of white amber is Alien by Thierry Mugler. Do you have a favourite scent which isn’t listed here and would like advice on what type of scent would suit you? Feel free to get in touch or comment below.

    You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay updated with the latest news in the perfume world, read our latest blogs, and get helpful tips.

    If you’re looking for a more affordable option for Christmas perfumes, pop along to our online shop at FM World.

    Perfumes for Christmas
  • Advent calendar,  Christmas gifts,  How to give the perfect gift

    Perfume advent calendar

    The perfume advent calendar has emerged as a delightful alternative to the traditional chocolate advent calendar. Every year, various companies such as Superdrug and Sainsbury’s, among others, create these unique calendars.

    Typically, the design of these calendars features a window for each day of December, with each number sealed with a perforated edge. In the past, these advent calendars were a childhood favourite, with each day revealing a small chocolate behind the foil.

    There were twenty-four windows to open, leading up to the grand reveal behind window number 24, which held the largest chocolate, adding an extra dose of excitement to the Christmas countdown.

    Perfume advent calendars have become a popular and exciting way for fragrance enthusiasts to count down the days to a special occasion, such as Christmas. These calendars typically contain a selection of miniature perfume bottles or fragrance samples, allowing users to discover and enjoy a variety of scents throughout the holiday season. Here are some key aspects of perfume advent calendars.

    Perfume Advent Calendar

    1. Variety of Scents
    Perfume advent calendars often include a diverse range of scents, featuring popular fragrances from well-known brands as well as niche or exclusive perfumes.

    2. Miniature Bottles or Samples
    The calendars usually contain smaller-sized bottles or samples of perfumes. This format allows users to experiment with different scents without committing to a full-sized bottle.

    3. Countdown Experience
    -Each day leading up to the special occasion, a new compartment is opened to reveal a surprise perfume. This daily unveiling adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the holiday season.

    4. Brands and Exclusives
    Some calendars feature perfumes from a specific brand, providing users with a curated selection of scents from that particular house. Others may include exclusive or limited-edition fragrances created specifically for the calendar.

    5. Collector’s Items
    Perfume advent calendars can also be seen as collector’s items, especially if they include unique or rare fragrances. The packaging and presentation often add to the appeal, making them desirable for both perfume enthusiasts and collectors alike.

    6. Price Range
    The price of perfume advent calendars can vary widely, depending on the brands and the number and exclusivity of the included fragrances. Some calendars are positioned as luxurious, high-end items, while others cater to a more budget-friendly market.

    7. Availability
    These calendars are typically released in the weeks leading up to the holiday season and are available for purchase online or in select retail stores. Due to their popularity, it’s advisable to check availability and consider making a purchase well in advance.

    Perfume advent calendars provide a delightful and festive way for individuals to explore and enjoy a range of fragrances, making them a sought-after and enjoyable item during the holiday season.

    Perfume advent calendar

    Chocolate advent calendar

    As a child, the arrival of December always brought with it a sense of excitement. Even as we grew up, that excitement persisted, albeit now manifesting in the form of chocolate advent calendars.

    In our household, we have one for each of our boys and another one to share between my husband and me. But there was a special tradition tied to my birthday. Since my birthday fell on an even-numbered day in December, I always opened the even-numbered windows of the calendar so that I could savour a piece of chocolate on my special day.

    These memories evoke a sense of nostalgia, harking back to the Christmases of the 1970s and 1980s, filled with the joy and anticipation of those delightful advent calendars.


    Modern advent calendar

    Transitioning into the 1990s and 2000s, while chocolate advent calendars continued to grace the shelves of stores, a new trend began to emerge. Advent calendars started to take on a variety of creative forms, departing from the traditional chocolate-filled designs.

    Wooden, coloured material and cardboard boxes were among the innovative materials used to craft these unique advent calendars. These calendars added a new dimension of anticipation and surprise to the holiday season, as each day revealed a different treat or surprise, distinct from the familiar chocolates of yesteryears.

    Perfume advent calendar

    Inside each of these creatively designed advent calendars, the possibilities were endless. You could tailor the surprises or treats to suit the recipient, making them perfect for anyone, whether it was for a child, a friend, or a family member. The options were as diverse as the people who eagerly awaited each day’s reveal.

    Affiliate Disclosure

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    Personal care advent calendars on eBay  

    Many of these advent calendars were lovingly handmade, each boasting its unique style and charm. Inside each box, a world of surprises awaited, ranging from delectable sweets to fragrant herbs for the kitchen, tiny Lego toys to indulgent chocolate bars.

    The possibilities seemed limitless, and with each passing year, people became even more inventive in selecting what to place inside each pocket or drawer of these imaginative calendars. As a cherished tradition, the calendar would be proudly displayed each year, with family members taking turns to open each numbered window.

    But, as time went on, another trend emerged, centred around the classic chocolate advent calendar.

    Perfume For Women


    Perfume advent calendar

    The concept of a perfume advent calendar made its online debut, with several fragrance companies embracing the idea. Mirroring the design of the traditional chocolate advent calendar, each window was equipped with a perforation, concealing a fragrant treat behind it.

    In 2022, FM experienced a significant surge in sales when they introduced their perfume advent calendar, joining the trend and offering fragrance enthusiasts a unique and delightful way to count down the days to Christmas. This year (2023) FM World has stepped up and produced their latest calendar with each window containing a 15ml bottle of perfume inside windows 1-24.

    2023 calendar

    In 2023, FM World’s calendars feature 24 bottles, each containing 15ml of fragrance. The selection includes a combination of male, female, and unisex scents, offering a diverse olfactory experience throughout the holiday season. The following fragrances are included in this year’s advent calendar.

    2023 calendar

    In 2023, FM World’s calendars feature 24 bottles, each containing 15ml of fragrance. The selection includes a combination of male, female, and unisex scents, offering a diverse olfactory experience throughout the holiday season.

    If you have an online store on your website, click the link below.

    Drive more traffic to your online store using performance-based marketing.

    As Christmas draws near, we’re always on the lookout for thoughtful gift ideas. FM has the perfect gift options for your loved ones. We’d love to hear from you if you’re considering a unique gift this Christmas. Your ideas and preferences matter, and sharing them can help others find the perfect gifts too.