Pillow mist

Pillow mist spray

Pillow mist spray has become very popular of late and has been a great product in helping with restful sleep. The closest thing I ever knew of a pillow mist spray was a few drops of Olbus oil or lavender on my pillow to help me sleep.

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Pillow mist spray on eBay

Pillow mist spray
Capture the ambience of a peaceful night’s sleep with a pillow mist spray

The Olbus oil was fairly strong and was mainly used to aid a cold. I also remember using Bach Flower pure essential oils as a sleeping aid. Concentrated oil that had so many uses.

  • Stress relief
  • Tea tree for healing
  • Relaxation and calm
  • Rescue remedy for reducing worry and anxiety

Lavender has always been a good fragrance for helping with sleep and calming the mind for a more relaxed feel.

Pillow mist spray
Lavender- aromatic, antioxidant, calming, sedative and antidepressant

It’s unclear how lavender works to help with sleep but there is the suggestion that Linalool, a major component of lavender oil, produces a sedative effect.

GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter which sends chemical messages through to the nervous system and the brain. This reaction plays a major role in aiding better sleep.

Lavender, with its vibrant colour, can be found in many items on the market that can help us sleep.

  • Soap
  • Candles
  • Spray
  • Plants
  • Body lotion
  • Sleep balm
Pillow mist spray

The benefits of using a pillow spray

When you find it difficult to switch off and sleep at night, a pillow spray could be just for you. They are infused with aromatherapy ingredients such as lavender, Jasmine, Rose, white musk, lemon and geranium.

The delicate scents help with relaxation, restfulness and calmness. All of which will aid in a better night’s sleep. They are safe to use, reasonably priced and easy to apply.
We have all had those nights and mornings where we feel that it is taking hours to switch off and fall asleep or wake up in the morning feeling like we’ve only been asleep for a few hours. Especially during the winter months when it can be difficult to get up and out of bed on the dark mornings.

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Pillow mist spray

The importance of sleep

We must get enough shut-eye. Not only for our well-being but also it allows us to set time aside to switch off from a busy schedule and relax the mind.
Over time, lack of sleep can have an adverse effect. We may start to notice that we feel more burnt out, more irritable, excessively tired and genuinely feeling unmotivated for the day.
Pillow mist spray
A good night’s sleep is essential for our wellbeing
Our bodies do a lot of repairing whilst we sleep. Changes in the way we breathe, our heart rate and brain activity all take place when we rest through the night so we must get enough hours to make sure that our body rests fully.

To feel refreshed when you wake is a sign that you’ve had a restful night.

If you wake up still feeling lethargic, forgetful and dragging your feet then a lack of essential sleep may be part of the problem.

Pillow mist spray
Sleep helps fight off infection such as a cold so we must get enough rest through the night. We are all guilty of staying up late to watch a movie or enjoy an evening with friends. Whilst this is OK in the short term, over time our bodies almost cry out for us to listen and take notes to rest.
Many of us don’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep that’s needed.
Gone are the days when it was a cup of hot chocolate or cocoa to help us sleep. Although these do work to relax the body and mind.
Nowadays there are other ways to help us and they don’t involve taking medication either. When you find that your brain just doesn’t switch off before bed, then a pillow mist spray really can help.
Pillow must spray

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Often we can find ourselves in a catch-22 situation. The worry and stress caused by not being able to fall asleep quickly and easily mount up and therefore keep us awake even longer.

Why should we use a pillow mist?

One person may not notice any difference when using a pillow spray compared to someone else. Having a safe and easy-to-use product that can be sprayed onto the pillow or bed linen can help alleviate the restfulness that so many people suffer from. Life is very much fast moving these days and many of us will often go to bed with the day’s worries or things to do on our mind.
Listening to calming music has a very similar effect but unlike using a pillow mist spray, the music needs to be switched off automatically so that it’s not playing all through the night and potentially waking you back up again.

The best scents to use

So what are the best scents to use when it comes to a pillow mist spray? Chamomile, an ingredient that is often in pillow mists has been shown to alleviate anxiety.
Pillow mist spray

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Lavender is possibly the most common scent found in pillow mists. Its benefits include reducing blood pressure and helping the body to produce melatonin.
Have you used a pillow mist spray before?
Let us know what you think of them.


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