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FM perfume 489 review

For those who are familiar and wear FM perfumes, you will know how good they are. They are perfumes that last for the duration of the day and are affordable for all of us, which is definitely something that both men and women look for in a purchase.

One of the most popular female scents that the company sells is FM489, so let’s take a deeper look to find out why it’s one of their best-sellers.

FM perfume no.489 review
FM pure perfume 489

Similarities to designer scents

FM World perfumes were created to bring uniqueness to the perfume world and a collection of beautiful scents for both men and women.

With such a variety of choices of fragrances, there are similarities between FM perfumes and those of the designers.

FM489 is inspired by the very popular and gorgeous scent called Alien by Thierry Mugler.

Released in 1992, this scent is still hugely popular today and a bottle can set you back between £55 -£100 approximately, depending on which size you choose and where you purchase from.


FM perfume no.489 review


When we look at the fragrance notes in a bottle of Alien, we know that the designer has created a feminine and rich perfume with its bouquet of floral scents.

They are an instant hit to the senses and bring summer vibes to the skin.


Perfume notes in Alien by Thierry Mugler

Top notes: mandarin orange

Middle notes: Moroccan jasmine, white flowers

Base notes: white amber, cashmere.

If you’re a lover of very floral fragrances then this little gem will certainly whisk you off into a field of flowers and gorgeous fruit notes to make heads turn.


Why choose an alternate perfume?

FM perfume no.489 review

One of the benefits of wearing an FM perfume is that they are long-lasting and concentrated with 20% pure perfume oil.

There is no need to spray excessively or even re-apply during the day.

This also leads to your favourite bottle lasting much longer.

Perfume notes in a bottle of FM489

There are similar fragrance notes in FM’s bottle and that’s where the similarity ends.

Top notes: blackcurrant, green leaves, anise

Middle notes: orange blossom water notes’, lily-of-the-valley, green leaves, cashmere wood

Base notes: cedarwood, patchouli, tonka bean, ambergris



What to expect with this scent

Labelled as a futuristic and eccentric scent, this inspired perfume is an acquired taste for those who love the sweetness and fruity notes that instantly whisk us off to holiday destinations.

It’s one of those scents that can be a little overpowering if too much is sprayed as it is very sweet. Less is more as they say.

On a recent visit to a supermarket, I walked past a lady and within an instance I noticed her perfume scent. I was instantly hit with an overpowering concoction of heavy musk and flowers.

Working in the perfume business for the past seven years has allowed my nose to often guess what perfume notes someone is wearing and sometimes I can even name the perfume if it’s a popular scent.

Musk can be a heavy fragrance if it’s sprayed too much and this was most certainly the case.

We sometimes forget that even when we can no longer smell the fragrance on our skin, others around us can still smell it.

Our nose gets used to the scent as it settles and whilst we may be led to believe that the scent has worn off, it is still very much noticeable to others.

Spraying more or too much in the first place will not only impact your nose and could give you a headache, but it will also harm those around you.

Every woman loves to be noticed and admired by her choice of clothes, hair, makeup and fragrance but no one wants her chosen scent to linger long after she has walked past.

Fruit and freshness

There is an instant smell of freshness when this scent is sprayed and the top notes pop through, especially the blackcurrant.

After a few minutes of spraying, there is a gorgeous smell of sweetness with the orange blossom drifting through and a woody edge from the cashmere wood.

Whilst some woody perfumes can be a little heavy, the blackcurrant and orange blossom balance this fragrance perfectly.

Towards the end of the day, the patchouli and ambergris are noticeable as the scent has settled nicely into its fragrance.

Whenever we choose a scent, it’s good practice to look at the base notes. These are the notes that will be on the skin for the longest time and will be the scent that those around you will notice.

When we compare the bottles of both fragrances, the simplicity of FM bottles shows that they don’t need to have expensive bottles and packaging to sell their perfumes.

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Fm perfume 489

Price: £24.00 purchase direct from FM World

Size of bottle: 50ml

My rating: 8.5 out of 10



FM489 perfume is slightly too sweet for my skin but it is a very pleasant summer fragrance that lasts very well.

If used sparingly, it is a delightful perfume that will turn heads and have others asking what fragrance you’re wearing.


Products available in the same scent

Intense perfume- contains 30% pure oil for an even longer-lasting fragrance. Suitable for a night out when you don’t want to carry the bottle in your handbag.

FM perfume no.489 review
FM489 Intense perfume











Pheromone perfume – A fragrance that is designed to attract the opposite sex and is made of synthetic animal musk and chemicals to stimulate the nose.


FM perfume no.489 review
FM 489 pheromone perfume


Air freshener -these are suitable to hand inside the car or wardrobe or to hang inside your kitchen bin to keep it smelling fresh.

FM perfume no.489 review
FM 489 air freshener











Perfumed Body mist- perfect to take on holiday when a light spritz of scent is all that is needed on the skin during the hot weather.

FM perfume no.489 review
FM 489 perfumed body mist


Home fragrance sticks– these are an elegant way to fragrance the home with your favourite perfume fragrance and look great on the cabinet or bedside table.

FM perfume no.489 review
FM 489 home fragrance sticks










Vacuum freshener– no one likes their vacuum cleaner smelling of dust, dirt or pet hair.

These creations are perfect and will fit into any hoover that has a dust bag. They come in a twin pack and last for around 2 months per pad.


FM perfume no.489 review
FM 489 Hoover fragrance

All of these products and a sample of this scent can be found in the online shop.

FM perfume no.489 review










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  • Mazie Dixon

    Thank you for your review.  I think it was well summarised and put together perfectly.  I personally enjoy very subtle perfumes and tend to have a special likeness for anything rose.

    Overall, it is a good post but I might have been a little partial about the products as in my opinion the packaging wasn’t  so great, and as an old adage goes “looks are everything”

    Wishing you joyous and pleasant Christmas and continue to strive for continued success in whatever you do.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Mazie,

      Thanks for reading my article. Rose scents are lovely and subtle I agree. We have a large selection on of rose based perfumes in our online store if you wish to take a look. Just pop ‘rose’ in the search bar and it will bring up all of the perfumes that are rose scented.

      I hear you regarding packaging although I often tell potential customers that FM keep their packaging and bottle designs very simple to keep the cost down for their customers.

      Unlike the designer perfumes where we pay a lot more and a big chunk of our money goes in the design and packaging. 

      We wear the scent after all and not the bottle.

      Merry Christmas to you too and a wonderful new year ahead.

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