Advent calendar

Perfume advent calendar

The perfume advent calendar has become a popular alternative to the chocolate advent calendar.

Every year there are companies who create advent calendars. Woolworths, Superdrug and Sainsbury’s to name a few.

The shops design would normally consist of chocolate behind each window with each number sealed with a perforated edge.

Every child at Christmas would open each window to gain the chocolate behind the foil.

Twenty four windows to open with a small chocolate inside and then behind window number 24, would be the largest chocolate.



Perfume advent calendar
The ever so popular advent calendars containing chocolate treats

Chocolate advent calendar

As a child, this was always an excitement at the beginning of December.

Growing up, we find ourselves still excited to get a chocolate advent calendar.

In our house, we have one each for our boys and one to share between myself and my husband.

As my birthday landed on an even number during December, I always opened the even numbers so that I had a chocolate to eat on my birthday.

This was how I remember Xmas back in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Modern advent calendar


Moving on to 1990/2000, although there was still chocolate advent calendars in the shops, a new trend began.

We started to see advent calendars created out of wood, coloured material and cardboard boxes to name a few.

Perfume advent calendar
A modern take on the traditional advent calendar



Inside each drawer, you had a variety of options  that you could add, depending on who the calendar was for.

Perfume advent calendar
Creative and elegant advent calendars available











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Personal care advent calendars on eBay  


There were several on the market that were handmade. Each having their own unique style.

Inside each box contained items such as sweets, spicy herbs for the kitchen, Lego toys and chocolate bars.

The ideas seemed to be endless and as each year passed, people were becoming more creative about what they put inside each pocket/drawer.

Every year the calendar would come out on display and family members took it in turn to open each numbered window.

A few years ago, we then started to see another trend based around the chocolate advent calendar.



Perfume For Women

Perfume advent calendar

The perfume advent calendar started to appear online with several fragrance companies.

Based on the same design as the chocolate calendar, each window had a perforation and treat behind each one.

Two years ago, FM saw a huge rise in sales when they introduced their own perfume advent calendar.

Perfume advent calendar
Popular for both men and women is the latest addition to Fm Cosmetics




Each window consisted of a perfume sample behind windows 1-23.



Perfume advent calendar
The ladies advent calendar










Behind window 24 was a full size bottle of perfume (50ml).

Perfume advent calendar
A full size 50ml bottle behind window 24



The red calendars represented the ladies fragrances and the blue represented the men’s fragrances.



This years design sees the ladies calendar in gold and the mens in black.

Perfume advent calendar
2021 advent calendars for men and women by FM cosmetics









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