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Christmas candle holders

Any home is made beautiful with the addition of candles to bring the cosy nights in and with Christmas fast approaching, we take a look at Christmas candle holders.

Christmas candle holders

For many of us, candles are lit all year round, whether it’s in the garden during BBQ season or for adding extra comfort and warmth during the winter months.

Cosy lit fires, candles burning and the tree lit up in all its glory, brings the magic of Christmas to life for families all over the world.

Christmas candle holders
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During the festive season, we see lots of candles on sale, from tea lights to large pillar candles. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to suit all.

The one thing that I have noticed when I’ve been shopping for candles is that some of them don’t always come with their own holder.

We know that candles such as Yankee are already contained in their own glass jar and some of the smaller candles may come in a suitable jar that can be reused after.

Christmas candle holders

What about those that need to sit in a holder before they’re lit?

Christmas candle holders

As previously discussed in my article flameless candles, we also see candle pots, pillar, floating and jar candles that do come with their own container.

Choosing ones that don’t already come molded inside their own container means that we need to shop for suitable jars and trays to safely be able to light the candle.

At Christmas, we usually see the table decorations set out with table runners and centre piece candles to bring the festivities into the home and there are some lovely ideas online to choose from.

Companies have become very creative and there are some unusual styles available to purchase.

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your home for the festive season with candles, take a look at Christmas candle ideas.

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Tea lights are hugely popular and are possibly the most affordable.

They come as either batter operated (flameless) or lit candles and you can either have single holders or a larger centre piece where the holder with sit several tea lights at one time.

They also come in a couple of different colours and scents to suit your own personal choice.

Their particular styles really do bring a warmth and magical feeling into the home during the festive period.

Christmas candle holders



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Taper candle holder

This style brings a more retro and Gothic like feel if you are looking for a unique candle holder.

Depending on your home decor, they can give a lot of character to the room.

They use the candle stick design and these also come in a variety of choices and colours.

Some will be decorated in a Christmas theme and there are some that have the days of December engraved on them so that you burn a section each day as Christmas nears.

These are called advent candles and are non drip, tapered candles that have a burn time of 12 hours.

Christmas candle holders


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Stainless steel lantern candle holder

These are one of my favourites for the elegance they bring into the home and are most suited for the pillar candles.

They come in a variety of sizes depending on where you want them in the home and give off a good amount of light due to their size.

The very large ones are suitable for sitting in floor space perhaps by a fire for that extra feel of coziness.

This style is also suitable to use outside on the patio during the summer months, or in the winter for the extra light on a cold evening.

They come with a carry handle so that you could hang them from a hook off the garden fence and also makes it easier to transport them from one area to another.

Christmas candle holders


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Pine needle candlestick table decor

Beautifully decorated candle holders for the Christmas decorated table are very popular and these metal pine needle candlestick holders are no exception.

Christmas berries, leaves, wood and pine cones as a centrepiece, brings everyone to the table for their family meal on Christmas Day.

Christmas candle holders


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Antler pillar glass candle holder

I love to see unusual items for sale that perhaps no one else has at home.

This antler tea light pillar glass candle holder is unique and unusual, and is suitable for either a pillar candle or tea light candle.

It does bring rustic charm into your home, especially if you have a woodland theme.

Christmas candle holders

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Retro candle holder stand

This type of tea light candle holder is very popular with a variety of Christmas themed patterns from a Christmas tree to a deer or snowflakes.

When these candles are lit, the light shines through the engraved pattern and gives a gorgeous decorative shadow on the wall and surrounding surfaces.

They are very affordable too so there is the option to have several around the home.


Christmas candle holders

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Christmas spinning candle holder

Another unusual candle holder is this spinning candle holder.

A delicate holder with its rotating snowflakes that would make the perfect table decoration as it angelically spins.

Christmas candle holders


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Rustic log candle holder

Bring the enchantment of the woods and outdoors into the home with this unique rustic lit tea light holder.

It contains three small tea light glass dishes for your tea light candles and is suitable as a table decoration or sitting on the mantelpiece.


Christmas candle holders

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Nordic Christmas candle holder

Pine trees, berries, holly and stars surround this beautiful centre piece table decoration, shaped as a Christmas wreath.

With four votive candle holders to pop a tea light inside, it sits perfectly on the dining room table and sets the mood for the festivities and can be used year after year.

Christmas candle holders

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A wonderful selection of Christmas candle holders that suit any budget and any home, available to purchase from the comfort of your own home.

Bring your home to life this Christmas or purchase a candle holder as a gift for someone.

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  • Dale

    Wow. There is so much choice and variety with candles that I wasn’t aware of. 

    I personally really like the rustic log candle holder. These appeal to me, as well as the Antler pillars candle holders, simply for the more natural look they provide. 

    I would be interested in learning more about how these are made, and perhaps even classes or workshops that teach you how to make your own candle holders. Particularly those that are environmentally friendly. 

    Do you know of any workshops or online training that you would recommend for making candle holders?

    This would be a great idea I believe to be able to make your own as a gift for Christmas (like making any gift really) and candle holders seem like such a practical yet personal gift to help brighten up someone’s home. 

    Thank you for your post

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Dale, 

      There certainly is a huge variety nowadays and they are all suitable for any home. I like the rustic log too. It’s something different that guests would comment on as soon as they saw it too.

      I don’t know of any workshops personally, but I’m sure there will be something online. I know there are pages that teach how to make candles and the internet is full of so much useful stuff.

      I agree, I think more and more people will be looking to make their own gifts for Christmas and candles holders will be suitable  for anyone.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  • Boriana

    I love candles and candle holders. Your post comes just in time for the Holidays and for gift ideas. I personally have the stainless steel lantern type and I am really happy with it. And the “Pine needle candlestick table decor” is a perfect gift idea for some people on my list. A big family means a big list of Holiday gifts, and your post would make my life easier with more great ideas. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hello Boriana,

      I am pleased to have been able to help you with some gift ideas for your family. 

      There are so many lovely gifts available today and if you are a lover of candles as I am, the Internet is a great place for finding unique candle holders. 

      I also like the lantern type as they can be used inside and out.

  • Jannette

    I love to decorate inside and outside the home for the Christmas holidays. Inside my apartment now, I have 12 different flameless candle warmers going, and they are all Christmas-themed. I change them up for each holiday all year long; this includes even outside.Your Christmas candle holders post, will help a lot of people who are looking to buy new candle holders for Christmas. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Jannette, yes flameless candles are very popular nowadays and I cover this in my article here.

      They suit every home and are very safe to use. I think this is why they are so popular. It’s great that you change them for every holiday to suit your theme.

      Yes, it’s a perfect time of year to start looking for special gifts, and we have so many candleholders available online, and in stores, they make a wonderful gift for everyone.

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