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    Jo Malone candles

    Jo Malone candles are just as popular as their perfumes each year, especially at Christmas, and we see a rise in sales with the brand. Candles make the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, and with Jo Malone’s selection of candles, we have a great collection to pick.

    I love receiving a candle as a gift. They make the home look and smell lovely, and with so many varieties, there is a candle to suit any occasion.

    People love candles for various reasons, and the appeal often extends beyond just their ability to provide light. Here are some common reasons why candles hold a special place in people’s hearts.

    Jo Malone candles

    Ambience: Candles create a warm and cosy ambience, instantly transforming the atmosphere of a space. The soft, flickering light can evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation. A chance to wind down from the day’s stress and relax with a flickering candle.

    Decorative: Candles come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colours, making them versatile decorative elements. They can enhance the visual appeal of any setting, whether it’s a romantic dinner, a relaxing bath, or a festive celebration. This makes them popular whatever the time of year.

    Fragrance: Scented candles add another dimension to the experience. The right fragrance can evoke memories, improve mood, and create a pleasant environment. From calming lavender to invigorating citrus, candles offer a diverse range of scents. They are the perfect accessory for such environments that require a relaxing atmosphere.

    Rituals and Celebrations: Candles play a significant role in various rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations across cultures and religions. Lighting candles symbolize hope, joy, and commemoration, adding a meaningful layer to special occasions.

    Stress Relief: Watching the gentle flame of a candle can have a calming effect, providing a moment of mindfulness and a break from the fast-paced world. Many people find the act of lighting a candle and focusing on its glow to be a simple yet effective stress relief ritual.

    Symbolism: Candles are often associated with symbolism, representing hope, purity, and enlightenment. Lighting a candle can serve as a personal or communal expression of intention, meditation, or prayer.

    Memory and Nostalgia: Candles have the power to evoke memories and create a sense of nostalgia. The scent of a particular candle or the act of lighting one may remind someone of special moments or places.

    Gifts: Candles make for thoughtful and versatile gifts. Whether it’s a birthday, a housewarming, or a holiday, candles are a popular choice for expressing care and thoughtfulness.

    If you are looking for a luxury gift, then look no further. These high-quality candles have simplistic packaging and elegant glass jars and aluminium lids that can be reused for something else around the home.

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    Fragrance choices

    These range from Pony and Blush Suede, Lime, Basil and Mandarin, Velvet Rose and Oud and English Pear and Freesia. Christmas additions feature Fresh Fig and Cassis Townhouse candles and Whiskey and Cedarwood. Malone has proved that simplicity is the key, and we don’t need fancy packaging to buy a luxury candle.

    Purchasing a luxury candle will bring a higher price tag, but we get what we pay for. If you are looking for luxury and have the money to spend, I recommend looking at some of the candles on the Jo Malone website.

    To buy the same candles at a more affordable budget, look at online sites such as Amazon and eBay.

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    Jo Malone candles

    Jo Malone 3 Piece Candle Set With Blue Velvet Christmas Gift Box

    High quality

    Jo Malone candles are known for their high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sophisticated fragrances.

    Elegance and Simplicity: Jo Malone candles feature a clean and minimalist design, often housed in glass containers with the brand’s iconic cream-coloured labels. The simplicity of the packaging contributes to an overall sense of elegance.

    High-Quality Ingredients: Jo Malone is committed to using premium ingredients for their products. The candles are typically made from a blend of natural waxes, such as soy wax or a combination of soy and other types of wax, to ensure a clean and even burn.

    Fragrance Variety: The brand offers a diverse collection of fragrances, spanning floral, citrus, fruity, woody, and spicy notes. Some popular scents include Lime Basil & Mandarin, English Pear and freesia, Peony and blush Suede, and Wood Sage and Sea Salt.

    Signature Scent Combining: Jo Malone encourages customers to experiment with fragrance layering by combining different scents. This allows individuals to create a personalized and unique fragrance profile. The idea is that you can burn two candles simultaneously to create a new, harmonious scent.

    Long-Lasting Fragrance: Jo Malone candles are known for their capability to fill a room with a subtle and long-lasting fragrance. A selection of quality ingredients and thoughtful fragrance compositions contributes to the overall olfactory experience.

    Packaging Details: The candles are often presented in the brand’s signature cream-coloured boxes with black ribbon accents, adding to the luxurious presentation. The packaging is designed to be as stylish and sophisticated as the candles.

    Variety of Sizes: Jo Malone offers candles in various sizes, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a smaller candle for a cosy corner or a larger one for a more extended burn time, other options are available.

    Seasonal and Limited Editions: Jo Malone periodically releases seasonal or limited-edition candles featuring special fragrances or unique packaging designs. These offerings allow collectors and enthusiasts to explore new scents and designs.

    I love the Townhouse candle collection because each selected candle is crafted in a textured bisque ceramic.

    Jo Malone candles

    Jo Malone London Glowing Embers Townhouse Candle

    Jo Malone is known for its elegant and minimalist packaging, and candles are no exception. Here are some key features of Jo Malone candle packaging:

    Colour Scheme: Jo Malone’s signature colour scheme for packaging is a clean and classic combination of cream and black. The candles often come in cream-coloured boxes with black accents, creating a timeless and sophisticated look that will suit any home.

    Box Design: The outer packaging of Jo Malone candles typically consists of sturdy, rectangular boxes. These boxes are decorated with the brand’s logo and feature a stylish design. The black ribbon tie around the packaging adds a touch of luxury and reinforces the brand’s attention to detail. As consumers, we are influenced by visual products so when a product is elegantly created, we are drawn to such.

    Labelling: The labels on the candles are usually minimalistic, with the fragrance name and Jo Malone logo being the focal points. The clean design contributes to a sense of understated luxury.

    Glass Container: The candles are housed in clear glass containers, allowing the soft glow of the flame to be visible during burning. The glass is often simple and unadorned in line with the brand’s overall artistic design.

    Quality Materials: Both the outer packaging and the glass containers are made from high-quality materials, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and excellence.

    Limited Editions: For special occasions, collaborations, or seasonal releases, Jo Malone occasionally introduces limited-edition packaging. These may feature unique designs, colours, or patterns that deviate from the standard cream and black colour scheme.

    Gift Packaging: Jo Malone candles are popular as gifts, and the brand offers gift packaging options, including beautifully wrapped boxes and sets. These make for an exquisite and thoughtful present.

    The packaging is designed to protect the candle and to enhance the overall experience of owning and gifting a Jo Malone product. The brand’s commitment to simplicity and sophistication is reflected in every aspect of its packaging, aligning with the luxurious nature of the Jo Malone brand.

    In addition to the noteworthy burn time of approximately 45 hours, it’s worth highlighting that Jo Malone’s candles, known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, typically boast a weight of 200 grams.

    This weight specification not only emphasizes the generous quantity of fine-quality wax infused in each candle but also contributes to the overall luxurious experience of indulging in Jo Malone’s signature fragrances.

    The carefully selected combination of an extended burn time and a substantial 200-gram composition reflects the brand’s commitment to providing customers with a prolonged and delightful olfactory journey, making these candles a sophisticated choice for those seeking both longevity and quality in their candle aroma.


    Buying Jo Malone candles is a unique experience, with a wonderful selection of fragrances to choose from. Whatever the season, the brand adheres to the customer’s request for delightful candles that have sustainability, elegance and style.

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    Jo Malone

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    Winter scented candles

    Winter-scented candles are popular during the colder months and are designed to kindle the cosy, festive, and comforting atmosphere of winter. We all love the seasons for what they bring individually, and winter will always see a huge collection of beautiful candles available in the shops to purchase as gifts or for our personal use.




    Such candles are often used to add warmth and atmosphere to homes during the holiday season and throughout winter, so let’s take a deeper look into winter-scented candles.

    Candle fragrances

    Winter candles come in a wide range of fragrances, but they often feature scents associated with the season, such as pine, cedar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cranberry, peppermint, and various citrus notes. These scents remind us of holiday decorations, family time together, and the crispness of winter air as the seasons change.

    Many winter candles are themed around holidays like Christmas or New Year’s. They may have names and labels that reflect these types of holidays and often come in festive colours such as red, green and gold and packaging to make them more appealing to the consumer.

    They are typically made from a blend of wax, such as soy wax, paraffin wax, or beeswax and infused with essential oils, fragrance oils, or a combination of both to create the desired scents.

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    Yankee Candle Scented Candle | Christmas Magic Small Jar | Burn Time: Up to 30 Hours



    Winter scented candles


    Some candles may also contain natural segments like dried herbs or spices that add a more visual appeal. These styles of candles bring a sense of the crisp outside leaves into the warmth of our homes and also make beautiful table decorations.

    There are various container options, including glass jars, tins, and ceramics. The container is not only functional but also adds to the overall decoration of the candle. Many of these can be up-cycled around the home.


    Winter scented candles


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    Winter-scented candles are available in various sizes, from small tea lights that sit neatly on the dining table to large pillar candles that look particularly elegant inside lantern lamps in a larger room.

    Whatever the occasion, there is the perfect style suitable for everyone. The burn time depends on the size and type of wax used. Smaller candles typically burn for a few hours, while larger ones can provide fragrance and warmth for many hours.

    To boost the festive feel, some winter candles are decorated with pretty elements like glitter, ribbons, or labels that feature wintry scenes, snowflakes, or holiday motifs. Pinterest shares some lovely ideas on how to decorate your candles.

    Winter-scented candles are a popular choice as gifts during the holiday season or for someone’s birthday during the latter part of the year. They make thoughtful and cosy presents for friends and family, especially when it may be hard to know what to buy someone.


    Scented Candle Set with Crystal, 19 oz 3 Wick Candle, Manifestation Candle with Large Energy Stones, Aromatherapy Meditation Candles, Birthday Christmas Spiritual Gifts for Women


    Winter scented candles



    We’ve all been there, struggling to find the perfect gift. A candle is a great go-to item that most people will appreciate.

    When using any style of candles, it’s essential to follow safety precautions. Keep them away from flammable materials, never leave them unattended, and trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each use. Consider using candle holders or trays to catch any wax drips.

    If you have pets or young children at home, make sure they are kept out of reach and not in a place where they can be knocked over or grabbed.

    Winter-scented candles are typically available in stores and online during the fall and winter months. Retailers often release new scents and designs each year to capture the essence of the season and entice the consumer.

    Whether you prefer the classic scent of evergreen or the spicy warmth of cinnamon and cloves, winter-scented candles can enhance the atmosphere of your home during the holiday season and throughout the winter months. I particularly love the shadows that lit candles create in a soft-lit room.

    Winter scented candles



    The difference between winter and summer scented candles

    Winter-scented candles and summer-scented candles differ in their fragrance profiles and the overall atmosphere they create. Their scents complement the distinct characteristics of each season.


    Winter Scented Candles

    These candles often feature fragrances associated with the colder months. Pine, cedar, fir, spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg), vanilla, cranberry, and peppermint, are often seen on the shelves and online. They bring Christmas and the festive season into the home and a warm feel to the crisp, cool air of winter.


    Summer scented candles

    These candles are designed to bring a freshness and relaxed feel that we experience during summer. They are typically lighter, more refreshing scents that bring the warmth and vibrancy of the season.

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    Common summer scents include fresh-cut grass, ocean breezes, tropical fruits (such as coconut, pineapple, and mango), floral notes (like lavender and jasmine), and citrus fragrances (lemon, lime, and citrus blossom).


    Mood and Atmosphere

    Winter candles aim to create a cosy and comforting atmosphere, perfect for the holiday season. These scents are often warm, inviting, and nostalgic, evoking the feeling of being bundled up by a fireplace with the family.

    They create a wonderful ambience for holiday gatherings, creating a sense of warmth and togetherness.

    Summer candles are intended to convey a sense of freshness, lightness, and relaxation. They are perfect for enhancing the laid-back, carefree vibe of the season.

    Whether you are relaxing in the garden or on holiday, these scents bring a tropical feel to your surroundings. They can trigger memories of beach holidays, outdoor picnics, and sunny days spent by the water.

    Visual Appeal

    Winter-scented candles often have labels, containers, or decorative elements that reflect holiday themes, like snowflakes, winter scenes, or festive colours.

    Summer-scented candles often have bright, cheerful packaging and designs inspired by beach scenes, tropical destinations, or vibrant summer colours.

    Winter scented candles


    Winter-scented candles are often used during the holiday season, and many people have them around there throughout winter to keep the cosy, warm atmosphere going. They are popular for holiday decorating and creating a warm, festive atmosphere.

    Summer-scented candles are frequently used during outdoor gatherings when we have barbecues and friends/family are joining us and are used to infuse your home and garden with the spirit of summer during the warmer months.

    Yankee candles are not only very popular during winter but also cherished for their delightful fragrances, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere that warms hearts and homes throughout the chilly season.


    Yankee Candle Scented Candle | Cinnamon Stick Large Jar Candle | Long Burning Candles: up to 150 Hours | Perfect Gifts for Women


    winter scented candles


    Winter-scented candles offer a delightful way to capture the spirit and ambience of winter. Often infused with fragrances similar to warm spices, and holiday treats, they serve as a source of comfort and nostalgia during the colder months.

    Whether used for holiday celebrations, relaxation, or simply to enhance the cosy atmosphere of our home, winter-scented candles provide a sensory journey that appeals to our sense of smell and adds warmth to our surroundings.

    Their popularity during winter stems from their ability to create a festive, cosy, and inviting environment.

    With such a variety of candles available during winter, we are spoilt for choice with such a large collection. There is something suitable for everyone and every home.

    Winter scented candles


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    Floating candles

    Floating candles are very popular and have gained widespread popularity for various reasons. They create a visually stunning display that captures our attention when they give off a calm glow.

    The reflection from the water creates a mesmerising atmosphere, similar to gazing into an open fire.

    They are a popular choice for adding a touch of elegance to any home or for table decorations at special occasions and events.



    Floating candles

    Floating candles are very versatile too, besides using them for occasions such as weddings or dinner parties.

    They can also add relaxation when taking a bath and help to calm the mind as well as a table decoration for a romantic dinner for two to create a cosy atmosphere. They are very easy to use and require minimal effort to set up.

    Your chosen candles can be placed in any water-filled container, such as a bowl or clear vase and they will create a beautiful display instantly. One of the reasons why floating candles are so popular is because of their accessibility and affordability.

    They can be found in local stores, online and in candle shops with the choice of a variety of candles available.

    Floating candles offer endless decorative possibilities. If you were to search up decorative floating candles, you will see how they can be combined with other elements such as flowers, petals, or decorative accents to create stunning centerpieces or Tablescapes. This has become a new trend where your table has a combination of tableware, centerpieces and decorations.

    This versatility allows individuals to customize the look and feel of their displays according to their personal style or the specific event theme. They look stunning whenever you attend a function such as a wedding and they set a beautiful scene for a wonderful event. They add a touch of elegance to any occasion as well as everyday moments when we just want to relax and switch off. We all strive for quality time for our health and emotional well-being.


    There is also a symbolic meaning associated with tranquility, spirituality and reflection when we use floating candles. Many people appreciate the deeper significance and the sense of calm they evoke. As a result, floating candles are used in rituals, ceremonies and cultural festivals to represent purification, renewal or remembrance.

    How do they work


    Floating candles are designed to float on the surface of water. They are typically made of materials that are lighter than water, such as wax or other floating substances.

    This buoyant nature allows the candles to effortlessly stay afloat and move with the gentle movement of the water. It’s very relaxing to watch as they bob gently on the water.

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    Hestia Set Of 3 silver Floating candles in VASES with grey faux flowers

    floating candles

    They have a wick that is embedded in the center, in the same way as traditional candles.

    The wick is typically made of cotton or another combustible material that can absorb the melted wax and act as a fuel source. When the wick is lit, the heat of the flame melts the surrounding wax, creating liquid fuel for the flame to sustain itself.

    As the floating candle burns, the heat of the flame continues to melt the wax. The liquid wax is then drawn up the wick through capillary action, where it is vaporized and consumed by the flame, creating a continuous cycle of fuel supply.

    The burning process is controlled, and the flame remains steady as long as there is sufficient wax being drawn up the wick.

    How to burn your floating candle 

    Pink Floating Candles Unscented Long Burning Time Tealights Wedding, Christmas


    floating candles


    Floating candles are designed to maintain stability while burning on the water’s surface. The base of the candle is usually wider or flat to prevent the candles from tipping over. Additionally, the water acts as a cooling agent, which helps with reducing the risk of the flame spreading or causing accidents.



    As with all candles, never leave them unattended. Keep them away from flammable materials and ensure that they are placed in containers deep enough to prevent the flame from reaching the bottom or sides of the container. Keeping this in mind will then ensure that you can enjoy the candles to their fullest. Floating candles make lovely gifts too.

    Scented and unscented

    They can be scented, but not all floating candles have a fragrance. The availability of scented floating candles depends on the specific product and brand you choose.

    Assorted Floating Flower Scented Candles by Hana Blossom


    Floating candles

    Scented floating candles are typically made by infusing the wax with fragrance oils or essential oils during the manufacturing process. When the candle is lit, the heat releases the scent, creating a pleasant aroma in the surrounding area.

    If you specifically want scented floating candles, it’s important to check the product description or packaging to ensure that they are indeed scented. Some floating candles may have a specific scent mentioned, such as lavender, vanilla, or citrus, while others may be unscented.

    Premium Floating Candles Unscented Long 7h Burn White Wedding Tea Lights 12 Pack

    floating candles


    Keep in mind that the scent of floating candles, especially when used in larger spaces or outdoors, may be more subtle compared to using other scented candle options such as candles that you would burn in a jar.

    However, they can still contribute to the overall sensory experience and add a touch of fragrance to the ambiance.

    If you prefer a stronger aroma, there are other options available that you can consider. Using scented oils, wax melts or diffusers alongside unscented floating candles can enhance the scent in the air. This allows you to customize the fragrance to your liking whilst still enjoying the visual beauty of floating candles.



    Floating candles

    Floating candles come in various sizes and shapes to suit different preferences and purposes. Common shapes include round, oval, or flower-like designs. The sizes can range from small tea light-sized candles to larger, more substantial ones that can create a more dramatic effect.

    The burn time of floating candles can vary depending on their size, composition and quality. Smaller floating candles may burn for a few hours, while larger ones can burn for several hours or even up to 10 or more hours.

    Check the packaging or description of your floating candle before your purchase to ensure you have the most suitable candle for your needs.


    The combination of their visual appeal, versatility, ease of use, affordability, and symbolism contributes to the popularity of floating candles among individuals who seek to create a captivating and serene atmosphere in their surroundings.

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  • Candles,  Wax melts

    Recycle candles into wax melts

    We are very much into recycling many household items these days and recycling candles into wax melts is a great way to re purpose leftover candle wax and reduce waste.

    We all like to do our bit for the environment so by being creative and reusing candle wax, we not only find ourselves a new hobby but we can also re produce another popular home item to enjoy.

    Candles are bought for many occasions and we often find that certain types of candles burn unevenly to leave a lot of left over wax around the sides of the container. I have had many a candle that has ‘tunneled’ and the leftover wax along with its container has been thrown away.


    You can use your creativity and re use any candle jars you have at home by reading my article: reusing candle jars.

    Wax melts have gained popularity over the years so let’s take a look at why.


    Recycle candles into wax melts

    Scented Ambiance

    Wax melts are known for their ability to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. I love to walk into my clients homes and smell a candle that’s been burning as well as others commenting on the scent in my own house.

    Wax melts release aromatic fragrances when melted, filling the space with delightful scents.

    This can enhance the mood, create a relaxing ambiance, or add a touch of luxury to any room. They’re also good for eliminating pet and food smells.


    Compared to traditional candles that are lit, wax melts are considered a safer option because they don’t have an open flame.

    They are typically used with electric or tea light wax warmers, which provide a controlled heat source for melting the wax. This eliminates the risk of fire hazards, making them a popular choice, especially for those who have pets and small children.

    I personally use the tea light options as I find the flame relaxing to watch when it’s nearby.

    Easy to Use

    Wax melts are convenient to use. They come in small, compact shapes or cubes that are easy to handle and store. Place a wax melt or two into a wax warmer, turn it on, and wait for the fragrance to fill the air.

    Alternatively, light a tea light candle and watch the wax melt. There’s no need to worry about trimming wicks or cleaning up melted wax.

    Variety of Scents

    There is a wide option of scents available online at places such as eBay as well as here at FM World. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, woody, or seasonal fragrances, there is a wax melt available to suit your taste. At FM there are also options for buying wax melts to match your favourite perfume.

    recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 18 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 413 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 472 wax melts
    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home 900 wax melts



    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home Lemongrass wax melts


    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Pure Home White Sandalwood wax melts




























    Wax melts have a longer lifespan compared to traditional candles. I was very surprised by how long they last.

    I have only used 3 or 4 cubes so far from my own pack. Each wax melt can provide hours of fragrance before it needs to be replaced.

    This makes them more cost-effective in the long run since you can enjoy the scent for an extended period without having to frequently purchase new melts.




    Recycle candles into wax melts
    FM World Pure Home wax melts



    Recycle candles into wax melts
    Tea light wax melt holder













    Another reason for their popularity is the ability to mix and match different wax melts. Many people enjoy creating their own unique scents by combining multiple melts in their wax warmers.

    This is such a great idea for those who wish to be creative and want to personalise their individual preferences.


    Decorative Appeal

    Wax melts often come in attractive designs and colours, making them visually pleasing. Some people enjoy displaying the wax melts themselves as decorative items even when they are not in use.


    Items required for recycling candles into wax melts



    Used candles or candle wax remnants

    Double boiler or a heatproof container and a saucepan

    Wax melt molds or silicone ice cube trays

    Wickless candle wicks (optional)

    Fragrance oils or essential oils (optional)

    Stirring utensil (metal spoon or wooden stick)

    Wax paper or parchment paper


    Preparing the candle wax

    Start by collecting used candles or candle wax remnants from ant existing candle or wax melt containers. Remove any metal wicks, labels, or debris from the wax.

    If you have different coloured or scented candle wax, you can combine them to create unique wax melts as we have mentioned earlier. Otherwise, you can use one type of wax for a consistent fragrance.

    Melt the wax

    Set up a double boiler (if you have one) by filling a saucepan halfway with water and placing a heatproof container on top. Alternatively, you can use a heatproof container directly on low heat. Be careful not to overheat as this could burn the wax.

    Break the candle wax into small pieces or you can use a cheese grater to shred it. This will speed up the melting time and will help to melt it evenly.

    Place the wax pieces or shreds into the top container of the double boiler or the heatproof container. Slowly heat the water or container until the wax has melted completely, making sure you stir occasionally.

    Add fragrance

    This is optional if you wish to add your desired scent and fragrance oils or essential oils can be added to your melted wax for scented wax melts. Follow the recommended usage rates provided by the oil manufacturer for the best results.

    Stir the fragrance/essential oil into the melted wax thoroughly to ensure there is an even distribution.

    Pour the melted wax

    Prepare your wax melt molds or silicone ice cube trays. Place them on a flat, heat-resistant surface. If you’re using candle wicks, place them in the center of each mold.

    Slowly pour the melted wax into the molds, filling them up to a safe level. Be careful not to overfill as this will prevent any spillages and also makes it easier to remove the wax melts at a later stage.

    If you’re not using wickless candle wicks, you can pour the melted wax directly into the molds without any additional preparation.

    Allow the wax melts to cool and solidify

    Let the wax melts sit undisturbed for several hours or until they have completely cooled and solidified. The time needed will depend on the size and thickness of your creations.

    Remove the wax melts

    Once the wax melts have hardened, gently pop them out of the molds. If they don’t come out easily, you can place the molds in the freezer for a short while to make removal easier.

    Store and use your homemade wax melts

    Place the wax melts in a container or storage bag, ensuring they are tightly sealed to retain their fragrance.

    To use the wax melts, simply place one or more in a wax melt warmer or an electric wax warmer, following the instructions provided with the device and enjoy the beautiful scents and ambiance created by YOU!

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    Another option is to purchase a starter kit that will contain all the items you need to make your own wax melts.

    Starter kits on eBay 


    Of course, making your own wax melts takes time so if you wanted to purchase ones already made, there are plenty of options there too.

    55 Wax Melt Mould Hearts Silicone Chocolate Mold Baking Jelly Ice Cube Tray DIY

    Recycle candles into wax melts



    Fragrance Oil 10ml Candle Soap Wax Melts Making Burner Diffuser Oils Vegan


    Recycle candles into wax melts

    Wax Melt Oil Burner Warmer Plug In Ceramic Lamp Night Light Electric Aroma


    Recycle candles into wax melts



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    Wax melts from


  • Candles

    Refillable candles

    We all love to save money on our products so have you ever tried refillable candles? They are a sustainable and an eco-friendly alternative to traditional candles that are designed to be reusable.

    This allows you to refill them with wax and replace the wick when needed, instead of discarding the entire candle after it burns out. This not only reduces waste but also offers cost savings in the long run.

    How refillable candles work

    Refillable candles



    Refillable candles come in various container styles, such as glass jars, ceramic pots, or metal tins. The container holds the wax and provides a safe and contained environment for the flame to burn. You can even use your own candle container from a previous candle.

    Related article: Making your own candles

    The candle container is filled with a specific type of candle wax. Common options include soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax. These waxes are often chosen for their clean-burning properties, long burn times, and sustainable sourcing.

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    The candle has a wick, which is typically made of cotton or other natural materials. The wick is the part that ignites and burns, providing the light and fragrance (if scented) of the candle. Refillable candles usually have a removable wick that can be replaced when it becomes worn out.



    Refillable candles




    To light a refillable candle, you simply ignite the wick. The wax around the wick melts and turns into a liquid pool, releasing fragrance (if you’ve chosen a scented one ) and emitting a warm glow. As the candle burns, the liquid wax is consumed, and the wick gradually gets shorter.

    When the refillable candle has burned down and the wax has solidified, it’s time to refill it. The process may vary depending on the candle design, but generally, you’ll need to remove any leftover wick and clean the container.

    Then, you can melt new wax (either in blocks or as a refill kit) and carefully pour it into the container. Place a new wick in the liquid wax and let it cool and solidify before lighting the candle again.

    Lavender – Wanky Candle | Jar Refills | Scented Soy Wax Candle | – REFILL-

    Refillable candles


    Refillable candles offer several advantages



    Sustainability: By reusing the candle container and refilling it with wax, you minimize waste and reduce the environmental impact of single-use candles.

    Cost-effective: While the initial investment may be slightly higher, refillable candles save money in the long term as you only need to purchase wax and wicks instead of entire new candles.

    Customization: Refillable candles often allow you to choose your preferred wax type, scent, and container style, giving you more options to personalize your candle for yourself or for someone else as a gift.

    As with any candle, safety precautions should be followed. Ensure the candle is placed on a heat-resistant surface, away from flammable materials, and never leave it unattended while lit.

    Overall, refillable candles provide an eco-conscious and flexible alternative to traditional candles, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of candlelight while minimizing waste.


    Sandalwood – | Jar Refills | Scented Soy Wax | For Her | Gift – REFILL-SAND

    refillable candles

    Are refillable candles better for our environment?

    Yes, refillable candles are considered better for the environment compared to traditional single-use candles. Let’s take a look at why.

    Refillable candles significantly reduce waste generation. Instead of throwing away an entire candle after it burns out, you can refill the container with new wax, replacing only the burnt-out portions.

    This eliminates the need to discard the glass jar or container each time, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills.

    Amethyst – Jar Candle Refills | Scented Soy Wax | Gift For Her – REFILL-AMETHYST

    refillable candles


    Many refillable candles are made using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. For instance, soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax are commonly used alternatives to paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum and has a higher environmental impact.

    Refill My Candles – Candle Making Kit, Container Candle Refill Kit, DIY Candle

    Refillable candles



    These natural waxes are biodegradable and sourced from renewable resources, making them more sustainable choices.

    Since refillable candles are designed for multiple uses, they require fewer resources and less energy to produce compared to single-use candles. This includes materials like glass, metal, or ceramic containers, as well as the energy used in manufacturing and transportation.

    Refillable candles can help reduce carbon emissions associated with candle production and disposal. By extending the life cycle of a candle and using refill options, you decrease the demand for new candles, which in turn reduces the energy and emissions associated with their production and transportation.


    Many refillable candle brands prioritize sustainable sourcing of their materials, such as using organic or ethically harvested ingredients. This commitment to sustainability ensures that the production of refillable candles has a lower environmental impact and supports responsible practices.

    However, it’s important to note that the overall environmental impact of a candle also depends on factors such as the specific materials used, the manufacturing processes involved, and the transportation footprint.

    Therefore, it’s advisable to choose refillable candle brands that emphasize sustainability and eco-friendly practices throughout their production and supply chains.

    Why many of us love candles

    Humans have a natural liking for candles for several reasons and the love for candles can be traced back to ancient times. Here are a few reasons why we tend to love candles.

    ■ Candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The soft, flickering light emitted by a candle has a soothing and calming effect on our minds. They can enhance the ambiance of a space, making it feel cozy, romantic, or even sacred.

    ■ They often come in various scents, such as vanilla, lavender, or citrus, which can evoke pleasant memories or create a desired atmosphere. The sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions and can have a profound impact on our mood and well-being.

    Scented candles can provide a comforting and uplifting experience. They help to calm us down, make us feel relaxed and are a wonderful asset to our homes.

    ■ We’ve used candles in religious and spiritual ceremonies for centuries. They symbolize light, purity, and spirituality. Lighting a candle can be a symbolic act that helps people focus their thoughts, intentions, or prayers, creating a sense of connection to those who are no longer with us as well as bringing a sense of peace and calm with those we love.

    ■ Candles are often associated with relaxation techniques, such as meditation and yoga. The soft glow of a candle can help us enter a calm and focused state of mind, allowing us to unwind, reduce stress, and achieve a sense of tranquility. They are also very popular for places that we can go for massages and aromatherapy.

    Candles are commonly used as decorative elements in homes, events, and celebrations. They can add warmth and beauty to any space and create a festive atmosphere during birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions like a wedding.

    They are suitable for indoor and outdoors. Many people have them in the garden for a summer’s evening as well as keeping the pesky insects away at BBQ’s.


    Try to reuse your empty jars when possible to help the environment and eliminate waste. By refilling candle vessels with fresh wax, we can extend their lifespan and maximize their usage, saving money in the long run.

    Additionally, refillable candles provide flexibility in terms of fragrance choices, enabling us to customize our scents according to personal preferences. This brings out our creative side and enables us to create a beautiful scent that no one else will have.

    With their reusable nature, refillable candles promote a more sustainable approach to candle burning, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

    By opting for refillable candles, we can enjoy the tranquil and serene atmosphere that they bring while actively saving money and the planet.

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    Candles that help you sleep

    There are various reasons why some individuals may struggle at bedtime to switch off for a restful night. Whilst many of us battle with how to fight this issue, there are candles that help you sleep.

    Here are a few common factors that can contribute to difficulty falling asleep:




    1. Stress and Anxiety: High levels of stress or anxiety can make it challenging to relax and quieten the mind, making it difficult to fall asleep.

    Worries, racing thoughts, or overthinking can keep the brain active when it needs to wind down. I can certainly associate with a mind that doesn’t switch off easily.

    2. Poor Sleep Habits: Irregular sleep schedules, inconsistent bedtime routines, excessive screen time before bed, consuming stimulating substances like caffeine or nicotine can disrupt the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

    Other factors such as engaging in mentally or physically stimulating activities close to bedtime will also have an effect.

    3. Environmental Factors: An uncomfortable sleep environment can interfere with sleep.

    Factors such as excessive noise, uncomfortable room temperature, bright lights, an uncomfortable mattress or pillow, and an uninviting bedroom can all contribute to difficulties in falling asleep.

    I have to have complete silence when I go to bed. No TV on in the background or any kind of noise that will interfere with my mind trying to switch off. Being too hot whilst trying to sleep, especially during the hotter months can be very challenging too.

    The fan is helpful but it often blows the warm air around the room, thus still causing issues.

    4. Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions can affect sleep. Examples include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, hormonal imbalances, and psychiatric disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders.

    These conditions can disrupt sleep patterns and make it difficult to initiate sleep. In today’s world, more and more people suffer with mental issues and this has a huge impact on Our sleep pattern.

    Over a long period of time, the damage is very hard to rectify.

    5. Medications and Substances: Certain medications, such as those used to treat allergies, asthma, hypertension, or psychiatric conditions, can have stimulating effects or interfere with sleep. Additionally, substances like caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol can disrupt sleep patterns.

    6. Circadian Rhythm Disorders: Disruptions to the body’s internal clock, such as jet lag, shift work, or irregular sleep-wake schedules, can interfere with the natural sleep-wake cycle, making it difficult to fall asleep at the desired time. My son works night shifts and when he has his days off, he has to stay awake though the night still to keep the pattern of sleep going.

    7. Psychological Factors: Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or chronic stress can contribute to sleep difficulties. These conditions can lead to racing thoughts, emotional distress, and hyper arousal, making it challenging to relax and initiate sleep.

    It’s important to identify the underlying causes of sleep difficulties in order to address them appropriately.

    If sleep problems persist and significantly impact daily functioning, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional or a sleep specialist for further evaluation and guidance.

    They can provide personalized recommendations and interventions to improve sleep quality.

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    Candles that help you sleep

    Candles can indeed play a role in creating a soothing and calming environment that promotes a good night’s sleep. Certain types of candles are specifically designed to aid relaxation and improve sleep quality.

    Here are some types of candles that can help you achieve a restful night:


    1. Lavender candles: I love this plant. Lavender is well-known for its relaxing properties and is often used in aromatherapy to promote sleep. Lighting lavender-scented candles can help create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety, and induce a sense of tranquility, which can contribute to a better sleep experience.

    Scented Candles In Glass Jar 2 Wicks Assorted Fragrance Home Decor GIFT NEW. Lavender


    Lavender candle



    2. Chamomile candles: Chamomile is another popular herb used for its soothing effects. Its gentle and floral scent can help relax the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep. Chamomile candles can create a cozy ambiance that enhances relaxation before bedtime.

    3. Vanilla candles: Vanilla has a comforting and sweet aroma that can create a relaxing atmosphere. The scent of vanilla candles can have a calming effect, helping to reduce restlessness and promote a deeper, more restorative sleep.

    Bear in mind that vanilla can be very sweet to the senses and not everyone will enjoy their scent. I avoid anything with a vanilla fragrance as it gives me a headache.

    Thank You Gift Candle – Scented candle with ‘THANK YOU’ wooden heart tag. Mix of vanilla, lavender and camomile

    Camomile, vanilla and lavender









    4. Sandalwood candles: Sandalwood is often used in meditation practices due to its grounding and calming properties. The warm and woody scent of sandalwood candles can help alleviate stress, quiet the mind, and promote a sense of peace, facilitating a more peaceful sleep.


    St Eval Sandalwood Scented Candle in a Tin



    5. Valerian candles: Valerian is a herb known for its sedative properties. Valerian-scented candles can help ease insomnia and promote relaxation. The soothing aroma of Valerian can aid in falling asleep faster and improving sleep quality.

    Organic Beeswax Vanilla And Valerian Scented Candles Aroma Handmade-3D Mould

    Valerian candle

    Using candles safely

    When using candles for better sleep, it’s important to ensure safety and proper usage.

    Combined, this will help your mind switch off and settle your body down to ensure your sleep is undisturbed and relaxing.

    ■ Always keep candles away from flammable materials and never leave them unattended.

    ■ Opt for candles made from natural and non-toxic materials like soy wax or beeswax.

    ■ Trim the wick before each use to prevent excessive smoke and ensure a clean burn.

    ■ Consider using candle holders or diffusers designed for safe candle usage.

    ■ Extinguish candles before going to bed to avoid any fire hazards.


    Remember that while candles can create a relaxing ambiance, they should be used as part of a comprehensive sleep routine.

    One that includes other sleep-promoting practices, such as maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, creating a comfortable sleep environment, and practicing relaxation techniques before bedtime.


    Why are candles so popular ?

    Candles have remained popular for various reasons throughout history and continue to be cherished by many people today.

    Here are some of the reasons why candles are so popular:

    Ambiance and Mood: Candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The soft, flickering light can instantly enhance the ambiance of any space, whether it’s a relaxing bath, a romantic dinner, or a cozy evening at home. Candles have the power to create a soothing and calming environment.

    Aesthetics and Decor: Candles are often used as decorative items in homes, hotels, restaurants, and other spaces. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing people to choose candles that complement their interior design or match specific themes.

    Candles can add a touch of elegance, style, and personality to any room.

    Celebration and Ceremonies: Candles are frequently used in celebrations and ceremonies worldwide.

    From birthdays and weddings to religious and spiritual rituals, candles symbolize joy, unity, and reverence. They are often associated with commemoration and can create a sense of sacredness and solemnity during significant events.

    Relaxation and Meditation: Candles are commonly used during relaxation and meditation practices.

    The soft, gentle light can help create a serene environment, promoting a sense of calmness and focus. Many people find the act of lighting a candle and watching its flame to be therapeutic and conducive to mindfulness. I know it has this effect on me.

    Aromatherapy: Scented candles have gained popularity due to the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Different fragrances, such as lavender, vanilla, or citrus, can evoke specific moods, promote relaxation, relieve stress, or energize the mind.

    Scented candles allow people to enjoy the pleasing aroma while benefiting from the ambiance they create.

    Power Outages and Emergencies: Candles serve as a reliable source of light during power outages or emergencies when electricity is unavailable. Having candles on hand provides a practical and functional solution to illuminate a space temporarily.

    Rituals and Traditions: Candles hold significant cultural, religious, and symbolic meanings in various traditions and rituals. They are used in ceremonies, prayers, and remembrance of loved ones, further adding to their popularity and timeless appeal.

    Overall, candles offer a unique combination of practicality, aesthetics, and emotional resonance, making them popular for both everyday use and special occasions.


    Incorporating candles into our sleep routine can be a beneficial and soothing practice that aids in promoting restful sleep.

    The soft, flickering light of a candle creates a calm and serene atmosphere, helping to relax the mind and body before bedtime.

    The gentle glow of a candle can also help reduce exposure to harsh artificial lighting, such as blue light from electronic devices, which can disrupt our natural sleep-wake cycle.

    Additionally, scented candles infused with calming fragrances like lavender or chamomile can further enhance the sleep-inducing effect by creating a soothing and aromatic ambiance.

    However, it is important to prioritize safety when using candles, ensuring they are placed in a secure holder and never left unattended.

    Overall, when used mindfully and safely, candles can be a delightful and effective tool to enhance the sleep experience and promote a more peaceful and rejuvenating night’s rest.

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    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    February is the month of love and traditionally we give flowers or chocolates to our loved ones. Candles for Valentine’s Day have become just as popular as we search for the perfect scent.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    We use candles for so many reasons. From making the home feel warm and cosy during the winter months, to keeping insects at bay during the summer when we have family and friends around for barbecues.









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    Aromatherapy candles can be used for relaxation in an exercise class or lit when having a massage to take us to a tranquil place as we switch off from the world.

    Earth gifts candle



    Strong, scented candles can uplift the home with a delightful fragrance that you instantly smell when you walk through the door.

    There’s something about a fresh, clean smell in the home. There is barely a day that goes by that I don’t light a candle in my home. Whether it be unscented tea lights just to give the feel of warmth during the cold evenings or lighting a scented candle to bring freshness and omit cooking smells.

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching for another year, we begin to look for gifts to buy our loved ones.

    Chocolates and flowers are often the popular go-to items to gift women and perhaps the shaving kit or technology gadgets are purchased for the men. We don’t need to spend much when purchasing Valentine’s gifts.

    We all know that special dates throughout the year will always see a hike in prices from the retailers as they know customers will be purchasing for that particular day. Flower prices double and chocolate boxes are increased.

    I love you’ should be spoken every day after all, not just on February 14th.

    Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas Day will have plenty of choice of gifts, so we need to watch how much we spend. Candles set a delicate and soft light to make an evening romantic, cosy and inviting.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    Delicate scents fill the room with a gorgeous fragrance that enchants and relaxes the mind. The perfect way to switch off.

    Just like an open fire, the flickering flames of a candle will have you mesmerised as they dance and create soft shadows on the walls and ceiling.

    If you purchase candle holders that have engraved shapes, these look particularly pretty as the light throws a silhouette in a low-lit room.

    When we have the lights down low and candles burning, our mind tells our body that it’s time to relax and switch off from the stresses and strains of the day.

    Something that all of us benefit from in such a busy world.


    One of the best ways to find the perfect scented candle to purchase is to find out what perfume or aftershave your partner enjoys wearing.

    There are lots of designer scented candles that match perfume scents so this would make the perfect choice.

    If it’s a new relationship and you have no idea what scents they like, you really can’t go wrong with romantic fragrances.

    You can purchase a delicate scent that gives the room just enough fragrance without being overpowering.

    There is of course the option of unscented candles if you do want to play it safe.


    What scents are romantic?

    Candles for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day Gift Set Love Heart Holder & 5 Red Glitter Tea Light Candles



    Exotic – These are your comforting, luxurious, warm and indulgent scents and will often consist of strong, noticeable fragrances, such as vanilla, cinnamon, saffron, or rosewood.

    Woody– When we think of these types of fragrance notes, we often think of nature and the great outdoors.

    They can be quite heavy scents as they contain notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, juniper or oak.

    Floral – Everyone loves a floral scent, even men and possibly the most popular. This scent is used for candles, perfumes, wax melts and incense sticks.

    Floral scents have a feminine and soft aroma that is sure to help the body and mind relax.

    Lavender and Rose are often the most common scents and many candles will have a touch of jasmine, yang-yang, chamomile, or geranium.

    Fruity– The sweetness we get from fruity candles can bring an invigorating and uplifting vibe as we experience gorgeous scents of strawberry, apple, cherry, apricot and peach.

    Romantic music, wine and a candle-lit meal for two sets the mood to celebrate being together, no matter how many months or years have passed.

    Candles for Valentine’s Day




    Candle scents for men and women

    A man’s romantic scent would be something spicy nutmeg or cider fragrance notes.


    This scent is very popular, especially in incense sticks and scented candles. It can mix well with other notes.

    It is a warm, sweet, sensual scent and sits in the Oriental family and is suitable for men and women. Perfect for a cold winter night.

    If you are a wearer of Obsession by Calvin Klein or Alien by Thierry Mugler, this scent is the perfect accessory.


    This delightful, earthy and sweet scent is often found in many candles and perfumes and is suitable for both men and women.

    It has a rich scent and is very distinctive. Sitting in the wood fragrance family sandalwood is very similar to patchouli, which gives a musky, sweet and spicy fragrance.

    Some of the top-selling perfumes and candles contain sandalwood as one of their scents.

    Ylang ylang

    This little beauty has so many benefits from reducing blood pressure and helping people to stay calm, as well as a favourite choice for aromatherapists. It has been a popular scent in the perfume and cosmetics world for many years.

    With Oriental and floral notes, it is the perfect choice as an aphrodisiac and for setting the tone for the perfect night in. A great choice of scent for use in aromatherapy too as its scent helps to calm the mind.

    Tonka bean

    This scent has a gorgeous and natural aroma that has a mixture of spicy, nutty, woody and sweet fragrance notes. The perfect scent for a cold, winter evening by the fire and often found within the Fougere and amber fragrances.

    A sensual scent that emits a deep aroma and is named by some cultures as the ‘love-wishing bean’ with its aphrodisiac fragrance.

    If your partner is a wearer of Tom Ford Noir Extreme or Jean-Paul Gaultier Le Male, choosing a candle with tonka bean will be a suitable choice.


    Vanilla sets the scene for a soft and romantic ambience with its sweetness that everyone loves. You will always find a vanilla-scented candle in the shops or online and the smell brings happiness and stress relief as it contains sedative properties. Most definitely one of those scents that is easily recognised too.

    Rose- There won’t be many women who don’t like floral fragrances. A scent that immediately gives us the feel of femininity, a touch of class, warmth and cosiness to the home.


    Candles for Valentines’s Day

    White 10pcs Valentine’s Day Candles Love Heart Shaped Romantic Dinner Decoration



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    Candles for Valentine's Day



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    Reusing candle jars

    Many of us have candles scattered around the home to give the feel of warmth, elegance and emit a beautiful scent in the room. If you’re a candle addict like myself, every room will have a candle sitting somewhere and by reusing candle jars we can create another solution for these items.

    The majority of us are guilty of throwing the jars away to be recycled after the candle has burned through but what can we do instead to reuse the empty jars and save our environment?


    Reusing candle jars

    Save your candle jars for uses around the home

    Candles are hugely popular and come in all varieties, shapes and sizes.

    Whilst some will be in simple containers, there are many on the market today that are just too beautiful to throw away.

    We are very much into up cycling nowadays and it is not just restricted to furniture or clothing.

    Many of us will be very mindful of throwing away items and doing damage to our environment so this is a great way to do our bit for the world.

    Recreating something else out of a candle jar will keep the home tidy and will make finding things much easier than in drawers.

    If you like purchasing luxury candles, then more often than not, these types will come in a more expensive container to reflect the price.

    It’s a shame and a waste to throw the jar away once the candle has burned and we’ve spent money so remember to save them.

    Cheaper candle containers can still be used for another item and with the popularity of candles today, it makes more sense to reuse the jars.

    Let’s take a look at some ideas for reusing candle jars around the home, workplace and school.

    Reusing candle jars



    Pen/pencil pot

    We all have countless pens lying around the house, and you can guarantee that whenever you need to find one to make a note whilst on the phone for example, there is never one to be seen.

    As long as your candle jar is deep enough to take the average size pen, you’re good to go with this wonderful idea of keeping pens in a place that is accessible.

    Pen pots are widely used in schools too and if you have tinned containers, these are perfect for sitting in the classroom. They also reduce the need for purchasing so much plastic.

    Reusing candle holders

    Plant pot

    I love this idea.

    It’s so important to have plants in the home. Certain plants can improve our indoor air quality and therefore helps us to breathe better and increase oxygen levels.

    Adding a little soil and some plant seeds will enable you to grow your own plant. Another idea would be to re-pot an existing plant into a more elegant container.

    Plants in the home bring the greenery of the outside nature, inside.


    Reusing candle jars


    Centerpiece for a table

    Whether it’s a centrepiece for Christmas time, or just to add some elegance in the middle of your dining room table when entertaining, a decorative candle jar as a centrepiece will bring your home to life.

    It adds an inviting touch to the table at dinner time. You could also purchase some floating candles and pop them inside a decorative jar.


    Reusing candle jars


    Fairy lights

    This is a wonderful idea and something I have used myself around my home.

    Small sets of LED battery operated lights can be purchased from most stores as well as online shops such as eBay.

    You can also use empty wine bottles for a similar effect. They make a wonderful centerpiece as well as giving the home a welcoming and warm environment.

    It’s amazing the effect they can create in the home on a cold and winters evening and it’s something that is so simple and cost-effective.

    Homes always feel warmer when there are candles burning or fairy lights switched on, so this is definitely one to try.


    Reusing candle jars









    Kitchen utensils

    Have small utensils such as a mini whisk, meat thermometer, pasting brush or wooden spoons easy to access when cooking and prevent the cutlery drawer from becoming too full.

    Cosmetic brushes

    My cosmetics brushes are currently sitting inside a ceramic candle holder that I have kept and washed. Similar to the pen holder, make sure your jar is deep enough to take the length of different size brushes, and they will always be to hand when you are applying make up.

    It also helps to keep them clean for longer when they are not mixed up in a cosmetics bag.

    You can also add lip liner or eyeliner pencils so they are easily accessible.


    Reusing candle jars


    Cotton buds/pads

    Have you ever bought cotton buds and found that the pot just isn’t suitable?

    They’re so packed in tight that when you do want to take one out, several buds fall out of the container at once and you end up poking the rest back into any space you can find for next time.

    Make them easy to get to by adding them to a candle container instead.

    For those that use a cosmetics remover product instead of a make up remover towel, make the cotton balls/pads accessible in their own container and ditch the plastic bag that they are sold in.


    Reusing candle jars
    These jars will look so much more elegant in the bathroom to store cotton balls and cotton buds


    Sweet/biscuit jar

    When my children were much smaller, I used to keep small sweets in a jar and they were allowed one per day each.

    If you have purchased a candle with a lid such as the Yankee candle, then these are perfect for using and they will hold a fair few small sweets. Biscuits can also be stored for easy access.

    Loose change

    Most of us use a card or our phones to pay for items these days so we do see less of the small change.

    If we do have any spare then a candle jar is perfect for keeping loose coins in one place.

    Shallow candle holders are ideal where we don’t need the depth. If you collect copper coins, use a large bottle with a wide rim and save them up.

    When the bottle is full, bag the coins and bank them.


    Reusing candle jars
    Have your loose change to hand when you need it

    Arts and crafts

    For those who have young children and perhaps have an arts and crafts cupboard, will know how good it is to have containers and pots for items such as crayons, beads, ice pop sticks, glitter and scissors.

    Candle jars with lids are ideal for the smaller items. Sewing cotton is great to store in clear jars as the vibrant colours pop through.


    Reusing candle jars

    Reusing candle jars









    My late mum had a huge collection of spare buttons that she had collected over the years and they went inside a tin.

    An avid sewer, there was always a spare button available to sew onto a cardigan, skirt or a pair of trousers when myself and my siblings were small.

    I now find myself occasionally looking through those buttons to find a suitable one for any that are missing on my items of clothing or my children’s.


    Reusing candle jars
    Buttons need storing in a large container so if you have a large candle jar then these are ideal

    Nail polish

    If, like myself, you have a drawer with every nails polish colour under the sun thrown into it then I would recommend a shallow candle jar instead.

    Nail polish is best to keep upright to prevent spillages and stored away from direct sunlight and heat.

    If you have a few favourite colours that you need to access regularly, a candle tin can be a great idea for keeping those bottles upright and tidy.


    Reusing candle jars
    A shallow tin candle container is perfect to keeping your favourite nail polish bottles upright



    More and more of us reach for the herbal teas. A great way to store herbal tea bags is in a jar instead of having the box sitting on the kitchen work surface. If you have three matching candle jars, you can add coffee in one and sugar in another to jazz the kitchen up.

    Reusing candle jars


    Tea light candle

    Reuse a candle jar with a candle. Simple but effective. Any size candle container can be used for this.

    Pop your choice of scented or unscented tea light candle inside and you have instantly created your very own tea light holder.

    Reusing candle holders
    Pop a tea light into a jar for a wonderful warm effect to the home
    Reuse candle jars
    Add sand or pebbles to your jar and pop a tea light on top











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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission.





    Bath salts

    For those who still have a bath tub in their home and enjoy a long soak at the end of a busy day, will benefit from the wonderful colours that bath salts are made with.

    A collection of different colours in clear candle jars can brighten up any bathroom and make it feel very homely and relaxing.


    Reusing candle jars
    Bath salts are still used for a relaxing soak so make them look more inviting to use by storing them in a candle jar



    Loose batteries rolling around in a drawer and not being able to find one can be a pain!

    Save your candle jar so that they can be easily accessed for when the kitchen clock battery decides to die.

    Charging leads

    With technology being all around us nowadays and everyone in the home having phones, laptops or an iPad, the leads are endless.

    They all look the same and are more often than not, tangled up.

    As a hairdresser, my kitchen not only has these types of leads but also the ones that I use for charging cordless clippers.

    Unless you have every lead positioned in a socket so that they are to hand, they can become a tangled mess if they’re sitting inside the kitchen drawer.

    Gather them up separately and wrap an elastic band around them, pop them inside a deep candle tin or jar and you have all of your leads neat and untangled.

    Preparing your used jar


    Removing the old wax

    If you have any wax residue in the base or edges of your candle holder there is a simple way to remove the excess.

    Add boiling water to the jar and leave to stand for a few minutes.

    The boiled water will help to lift the wax out in one piece. Remove any left over wax around the sides.

    Labels can be removed with hot soapy water.

    Wash the jar or container thoroughly and dry.

    Once the left over wax and any labels are removed, you can be very creative by adding your own design to the jar and make it more decorative and personalised with items such as stickers, glitter or even dry flowers.

    There are some wonderful ideas on Pinterest.

    Recycle your jar for a friend or family members birthday or a Christmas present and pop a tea light candle inside for the perfect gift.

    A great way to give something unique without spending a fortune.


    Wickbox Candle Subscription


    Make use of any used candle containers around your home. Whether they are jars or tins.

    The list is endless with what they can be used for and are a great way of helping you save money in other ways.

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    The five most expensive candles

    This year, especially, has seen a rise in purchases of candles due to the rise in our gas and electricity bills.

    Shoppers are looking for ways to heat their homes without switching on the heating and also making their homes feel cosy and scented.

    Whilst the majority of us will look for affordable candles, such as tea lights, let’s take a look at the five most expensive candles that are available on the market today for a bit more glamour.

    The five most expensive candles


    We already know that will pay more for ‘designer’ products so it’s good to shop around and visit places such as eBay for a price reduction.

    Whenever we purchase products from the named websites, we know it will cost considerably more.

    Why are designer candles expensive?

    Designers use high-quality waxes for their candles to start with so that they are better for the environment and our health. They don’t emit excess carbon like paraffin candles do.

    If we shop for plant-based waxes such as beeswax or soya then this will reflect in the amount we pay.

    By using expensive materials, we as the customers are then paying for the experience of having a candle that burns evenly, is healthier for our environment and our health and we have a candle that gives off a continuous scent.

    Designers will use top-quality fragrances in their candles so this will also reflect the price.

    They will also use high-end packaging, top-quality candle wax and an elegant jar for it to burn safely inside.

    Every part of creating some of the world’s most expensive candles will go through a very vigorous process that costs a lot of money with each element of its manufacture.

    Designers will also use pure essential oils for their fragrance instead of artificial oils so we can see why we are paying so much more than the cheaper, everyday candles.

    The jar is another costly part of the product. They are bulky and heavy and will therefore cost more to ship because of this.

    The benefit of purchasing expensive candles is that they don’t need to be lit for hours for the scent to fill the room in your home.


    The five most expensive candles

    Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

    It’s of little surprise that a candle created by Tom Ford is on the list. Fucking Fabulous not only sees a popular fragrance that was released in 2017, but also a reasonably expensive candle.

    Tom Ford is a fashion designer and filmmaker, who founded the American luxury fashion house by the same name.

    Among his creations are beautifully scented perfumes and top-quality cosmetics.

    FM 823 is inspired by Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous perfume for men

    It has a beautiful collection of fragrance notes, including clary sage, leather, vanilla, lavender, tonka bean, orris root and blond woods.

    This candle, just like its perfume, is one of his best-sellers and if you have ever had the opportunity to smell this scent, it’s easy to see why it is so popular.



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    We often find ourselves shopping in the hope of finding something different to what everyone else may have bought.

    With a very distinctive scent, the Tom Ford candle is sure to bring your home to life.The fragrance notes have just the right balance that allows the scent to be suited to any home.

    Along with its classy candle jar that glows with sophistication and a label to catch anyone’s eye, this 21oz candle will have a burn time of approximately 40 hours.

    The five most expensive candles
    A hugely popular candle by Tom Ford

    Tom Ford candle

    It has a wonderful winter feel when lit as the note of spicy leather fills the air.

    With its name alone, we expect to be in for a treat as soon as the candle is lit. Clary sage and fresh lavender are a beautiful combination that instantly empowers the room as the rest of the notes infuse together.

    FM WORLD sells a selection of perfumes inspired by Tom Ford. This particular scent can be purchased here.

    The five most expensive perfumes
    FM 83 is inspired by Tom ford’s perfume


    Jo Malone LondonPomegranate Noir Luxury Candle


    Jo Malone products are no stranger to our high streets and online shopping experience and if you were to shop direct, you would be looking at around £350.00 for the 2.1kg candle!

    That’s not a loose change between the sofa cushions! Needless to say, there are other places to purchase such a beautiful scent.

    In its elegant glass jar, the burn time of this candle is approximately 220 hours. There are indeed smaller versions available online and smaller candles that will suit most budgets. Take a look at eBay.


    The five most expensive candles



    Such candles make a wonderful gift for a wedding anniversary or birthday.

    This one fills the home with its magical scent of pomegranate, smoky Guaiac wood, raspberry and pink pepper, long after the flame has been extinguished.

    There is the bonus of a lid to keep the candle looking elegant when not in use.

    Everyone loves a classy-looking candle that looks good in the home and Jo Malone’s London Pomegranate Noir is light and fresh with a spicy kick.

    It’s easy to see why this one is a bestseller.

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    Versace- Medusa Grande Fuchsia Scented Candle

    If you have around £390 to spare and an old-style home, then this unique candle and holder will fit right into unusual home decor.

    Unlike many candles on the market, this little gem looks too elegant to light!

    Crafted from porcelain and with one of Gianni Versace’s most recognised motifs, the sculptural Medusa head, this candle hits perfection to bring a touch of Versace to the home.

    Who doesn’t dream of having such designer products in their home?

    Made with eco-soya wax and containing a floral, fresh fragrance, this candle has a burn time of approximately 40 hours and the elegant pot can be re-purposed after the candle has been used.

    The five most expensive candles


    Versace scented candle 


    Another name that screams ‘power’ and ‘expense’ is Gucci.

    Everyone has heard of this Italian luxury fashion house. The company was founded in 1921 by Gucci Gucci and has expanded over the years, creating everything from top-quality handbags to luxury perfume and extravagant clothes.

    It’s of no surprise then to learn that the Fumus Star Eye candle will set you back around £500!

    That’s a candle with a designer name tag. This candle has a very unusual look.

    The porcelain lid has a fist tightly gripped around a loop for ease with taking the lid off the candle and is part of a theme that runs across this candle collection.

    There is a very eye-catching design of a ‘Star Eye’ on the side of the candle container and a wonderful choice of colours in the graphics to make this candle catch the eye and ‘pop’.

    The five most expensive candles

    Gucci XXL Star Eye Scented Candle Italy – NEW


    The scent is a gorgeous mixture of birch, orange leaves and beeswax and has an approximate burn time of 68 hours.

    It has a cotton wick and is made in Italy.

    The porcelain jar can be reused as a container for something else around the home or perhaps for a tea light candle.

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    Tom Dixon – Fire

    If you are looking for elegance in a candle, then Tom Dixon’s Fire is just that.

    A candle set in a two-tone candle holder, with an elegant shape that would sit perfectly in any home. Even the box looks elegant.

    With Cypriol oil, amber and musk, this candle has the scent of black suede accord, vertical oil and guaiac and will set you back around £170 on the official website.

    The five most expensive candles

    Tom Dixon scented candle- Fire



    If you have the money to spend on an expensive candle, then absolutely go for it! Better quality, safer for your health, and the environment and a scent that will last much longer than your average candles.

    Looking for more affordable candles?

    Enjoy 10% off Colonial Candles 


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    Christmas candle holders

    Any home is made beautiful with the addition of candles to bring the cosy nights, so with Christmas fast approaching, we sneak a look at Christmas candle holders.

    Christmas candle holders

    For many of us, candles are lit all year round, whether it’s in the garden during BBQ season or for adding extra comfort and warmth during the winter months.

    Cosy-lit fires, candles burning and the tree lit up in all its glory, brings the magic of Christmas to life for families all over the world.

    Christmas candle holders
    Photo ©️


    During the festive season, we see lots of candles on sale, from tea lights to large pillar candles. They come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to suit all.

    The one thing that I have noticed when I’ve been shopping for candles is that some of them don’t always come with a holder.

    We know that candles such as Yankee are already contained in their glass jar and some of the smaller candles may come in a suitable jar that can be reused after.

    What about those that need to sit in a holder before they’re lit?

    Christmas candle holders


    Christmas candle holders

    As previously discussed in my article flameless candles, we also see candle pots, pillar, floating and jar candles that do come with their container.

    Choosing ones that don’t already come moulded inside their container means that we need to shop for suitable jars and trays to safely be able to light the candle.

    At Christmas, we usually see the table decorations set out with table runners and centrepiece candles to bring the festivities into the home and there are some lovely ideas online to choose from.

    Companies have become very creative and there are some unusual styles available to purchase.

    If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your home for the festive season with candles, take a look at Christmas candle ideas.

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    Tea lights are hugely popular and are possibly the most affordable.

    They come as either batter-operated (flameless) or lit candles and you can either have single holders or a larger centre piece where the holder with sit several tea lights at one time.

    They also come in a couple of different colours and scents to suit your own choice.

    Their particular styles do bring warmth and a magical feeling into the home during the festive period.

    Christmas candle holders

    Tea light candle holder 

    This set includes eight tea lights, candle holders, a table centrepiece, and a decorative glass perfect for a Christmas wedding.


    Taper candle holder

    This style brings a more retro and Gothic-like feel if you are looking for a unique candle holder. Depending on your home decor, they can give a lot of character to the room.

    They use the candle stick design and these also come in a variety of choices and colours.

    Some will be decorated in a Christmas theme and some have the days of December engraved on them so that you burn a section each day as Christmas nears. These are called advent candles and are non-drip, tapered candles that have a burn time of 12 hours.


    Christmas candle holders


    Taper candle holder

    Decorate your home or party in style with these retro iron taper candle holders. Perfect for weddings or any special occasion, these candlestick holders add a touch of vintage charm to your decor. Sold in a set of two, they are a great addition to any candle collection.


    Stainless steel lantern candle holder

    These are one of my favourites for the elegance they bring into the home and are most suited for the pillar candles.

    They come in a variety of sizes depending on where you want them in the home and give off a good amount of light due to their size.

    The very large ones are suitable for sitting in floor space perhaps by fire for that extra feel of cosiness.

    This style is also suitable to use outside on the patio during the summer months, or in the winter for the extra light on a cold evening.

    They come with a carry handle so that you can hang them from a hook off the garden fence and also makes it easier to transport them from one area to another.

    Create a festive atmosphere this Christmas with our extra large tall glass lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for placing on the floor and can hold tea light candles to illuminate any room. The lanterns are designed to add a cozy touch to your holiday decor.

    Christmas candle holders

    Extra large glass lanterns


    Pine needle candlestick table decor

    Beautifully decorated candle holders for the Christmas table are very popular and these metal pine needle candlestick holders are no exception.

    Christmas berries, leaves, wood and pine cones as a centrepiece, bring everyone to the table for their family meal on Christmas Day.

    Add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decor with this golden iron candle holder. Adorned with delicate snowflakes and pine needles, this candlestick will bring a warm and cosy atmosphere to your home during the holidays.

    Christmas candle holders


    Christmas candle holder 

    Antler pillar glass candle holder

    I love to see unusual items for sale that perhaps no one else has at home. This antler tea light pillar glass candle holder is unique and unusual and is suitable for either a pillar candle or a tea light candle.

    It does bring rustic charm into your home, especially if you have a woodland theme.

    Looking for a unique Christmas decoration gift? Check out our antler tea light holder and peeler glass candle holder, perfect for creating a cosy and festive atmosphere.

    Christmas candle holders


    Antler Tealight pillar


    Retro candle holder stand

    This type of tea light candle holder is very popular with a variety of Christmas-themed patterns from a Christmas tree to a deer or snowflakes.

    When these candles are lit, the light shines through the engraved pattern and gives a gorgeous decorative shadow on the wall and surrounding surfaces. They are very affordable too so there is the option to have several around the home.

    Add a touch of creativity to your home decor with this stylish retro Iron Candlestick Lantern. It would make a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations, providing a warm and cosy atmosphere for the holiday season.

    Christmas candle holders


    Retro candle holder

    Christmas spinning candle holder

    Another unusual candle holder is this spinning candle holder. A delicate holder with rotating snowflakes would make the perfect table decoration as it angelically spins.

    Check out Ebay’s collection of festive tea light holders! They have a tea light carousel and rotary tea light holder that spin gracefully while holding your favorite scented candles. Their Christmas gift charms are the perfect addition to any holiday decor. Add some festive charm to your home with their spinning candle holders.


    Christmas candle holders


    Christmas carousel tea light holder 


    Rustic log candle holder

    Bring the enchantment of the woods and outdoors into the home with this unique rustic-lit tea light holder.

    It contains three small tea-light glass dishes for your tea-light candles and is suitable as a table decoration or sitting on the mantelpiece.

    Festively bring the holiday spirit to your dining table with this Rustic Log candle holder that doubles as a table centrepiece. The Tea light is perfect for creating a cosy and warm ambience during the Christmas season.

    Christmas candle holders

    Rustic log candle holder 

    Nordic Christmas candle holder

    Pine trees, berries, holly and stars surround this beautiful centrepiece table decoration, which is shaped like a Christmas wreath.

    With four votive candle holders to pop a tea light inside, it sits perfectly on the dining room table sets the mood for the festivities and can be used year after year.

    Add a touch of Nordic charm to your Christmas decor with this delightful candle holder. Perfect for displaying on your dinner table, this tea light holder will create a warm and cozy atmosphere for your festive celebrations. With its intricate design and elegant finish, it is sure to be a stunning centrepiece decoration that you and your guests will love.

    Christmas candle holders

    Nordic Christmas candle holder 



    A wonderful selection of Christmas candle holders that suit any budget and any home, available to purchase from the comfort of your own home. Bring your home to life this Christmas or purchase a candle holder as a gift for someone.

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