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Few are unaware of the remarkable talent and influence of Harry Styles. As his Love On Tour concluded in July 2023 after two years, Styles now introduces the Pleasing range, featuring three new fragrances and three scented candles.

Styles became a star in 2010 when he became one-fifth of the pop group One Direction on the ITV show The X Factor.

Since then, he has taken the world by storm as a solo artist, embarking on a sell-out world tour, becoming an icon in the fashion industry and achieving success with his film debuts, such as Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman. These films showcase Styles’ multifaceted talent, proving that his artistry extends beyond just singing.

In 2021, Harry ventured into the beauty world, launching his brand, Pleasing, which offers a range of products, including nail polish, skincare, and cosmetics. The brand has made its mark in the vast world of fragrances. The chart-topping musician and fashion icon has stepped into the world of fragrances with his brand.

This isn’t just about the singer spreading his wings into new business avenues. It’s also about creating a product that embodies his aesthetic and ethos. Harry Styles also has his favourite scents, which he enjoys wearing and creating fragrances for his brand.

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The Watermelon Sugar High singer is no stranger to the fashion industry. His eccentric and gender-fluid fashion style, complete with sneakers and brightly coloured nail varnish during performances, perfectly compliments the showman he has become.

The Love On Tour logo is distinctive and vibrantly coloured, exuding an uplifting vibe. As soon as the hoodies and T-shirts were released, the website saw a swift sell-out.

Harry Styles follows in the footsteps of other celebrities, like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, in creating their brand of fragrances.

The debut perfumes Closeness, Rivulets, and Bright Hot will be launched on 16 November 2023 under the Pleasing brand. These fragrances were created in partnership with the renowned French fragrance house Robertet.

The release of his fragrance debut began in London, then New York, and Los Angeles, and is now available for purchase through the official website

If you’re curious about what the perfumes smell like, you’re in the right place. ‘Pleasing’ perfumes are not your run-of-the-mill scents; they’ve been carefully curated to offer a unique olfactory experience. Imagine a blend of hand-picked ingredients that evoke a sense of comfort and exploration, much like Harry’s musical journey. On a deeper level, these perfumes resonate with personal wellness and communal harmony, bringing to life a fragrance that’s not just a scent but felt.

Moreover, ‘Pleasing’ takes strides beyond just smell. It’s about embracing an entire sensory package. To achieve this multisensory experience, Styles ensures that his perfumes align with universal design principles. Each scent aims to please a broad audience while maintaining a distinct identity—a testament to Harry’s inclusive philosophy.

As we move into the next section, I’ll take you behind the fragrance notes to get to know the man himself. Harry Styles’ history is rich with growth and creativity, which feeds into the essence of ‘Pleasing.’

Behind the Scent: Harry Styles and His Evolving Legacy

Harry Styles isn’t just about catchy tunes and a charismatic stage presence; he’s a full-fledged brand, and his journey from music sensation to fragrance maven is nothing short of remarkable. His entry into the world of perfumes with ‘Pleasing’ is a testament to his ever-expanding artistic canvas, which now engages our olfactory senses with our auditory ones.

You see, this isn’t just about a musician trying something new. Celebrity culture has a significant role to play. Styles’ foray into perfumes has become a trend where icons leverage their status to venture into different industries. His mass appeal contributes to ‘Pleasing’s success by creating a pre-launch buzz that most startups could only dream of.

To appreciate the ‘Pleasing’ brand, let’s give you a snapshot of Harry’s evolution. We’re talking about the One Direction days, ascending to a solo career, dabbling in acting and entering the fragrance industry. Every step he’s taken has paved the way to ‘Pleasing,’ with his aesthetic and taste influencing the brand’s profile.

Now, what does Harry’s artistry bring to ‘Pleasing’? It shapes its unique identity. By harnessing his flair for the unconventional and his appreciation for aesthetics, he ensures that ‘Pleasing’ isn’t just a name—it’s a narrative. Each perfume is a chapter in a story that beckons audiences worldwide to partake in Styles’ vision of beauty and authenticity.


Embracing the Essence: ‘Pleasing’ and Its Global Reception

Harry Styles’ ‘Pleasing’ perfumes haven’t just made a splash; they’ve caused waves in the fragrance world. From the moment they hit the scene, these scents have garnered a dedicated following, and it’s clear why they’re a hot topic—they’re flying off the shelves. But is it the Styles effect, or is there more to these perfumes’ popularity?

Taking a peek at the numbers, ‘Pleasing’ is quickly becoming synonymous with sell-out success. Social media posts are buzzing, and the hashtag #PleasingPerfume goes viral with every restock. That’s a strong indicator of the modern perfume consumer’s buying behaviour, where trendsetting and celebrity influence weighs heavily.

What are people saying? Customer testimonials lean heavily towards adoration, often praising the uniqueness of the scents and the aesthetic appeal of the bottles. Critics, while more measured, still acknowledge the perfumes’ quality and appeal, especially lauding the thoughtful details Harry Styles is known for.

When compared to its peers, ‘Pleasing’ holds its own. Other celebrity-endorsed fragrances are often lost in the marketing buzz without substantial backing. ‘Pleasing, meanwhile, invites intrigue with its quality, earning it a spot in the perfume industry.

Now, how does this popularity tie in with social media? It’s a digital era, and Harry Styles’ perfumes have been the perfect candidate for social sharing. The packaging reveals scent descriptions and fan testimonies spread like wildfire, harnessing a community-driven amplifier unmatched in traditional advertising. This grassroots online support underscores a key trend—a good product with a genuine story can achieve incredible reach through sharing.

The pleasing range of fragrance notes

Closeness- Eau de parfum

Top notes: Cardamom, Australian pink pepper extract, clean sheets accord, EO

Middle notes: Orris butter, bamboo, carrot seed France

Base notes: Indian papyrus, cashmere woods, salted musk

Bright, Hot Eau de parfum

Top notes: plum, tobacco leaves

Middle notes: Orris butter, marine accord

Base notes: cedarwood, Tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute Madagascar, crisp, amber


Top notes: Ambrette seeds, lemon, black peter, Madagascar

Middle notes: white linin, accord, poplin blossom

Base notes: ambroxan, skin musk

For those eager to get an early sniff of the new collection, has begun including samples of each scent for fans and loyal followers to get an exclusive preview of these creations.

We are often strongly influenced by celebrities in our surroundings. When we see high-profile celebrities releasing new songs, perfumes or clothing ranges, our eagerness to be among the first to purchase these items is often undeterred by their price.

Fans of Styles from around the world, including myself, were eagerly awaiting the launch of these perfumes. There is little that escapes the eagle-eyed fans as followers of the pop singer have recently spotted Harry in London alongside James Cordon, riding Lime bikes- a far cry from their usual mode of transportation.

The As It Was singer has been enjoying some downtime with his best friend since his world tour concluded in August 2023, and photographers have not missed a moment to capture these moments. Harry has not been out of the limelight since his last show in Reggio Emilia, Italy, on 22 July 2023.

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The Daylight singer has been photographed swimming in the London pond at Hampstead Heath during the UK heatwave. He has also been seen casually strolling through the streets of London with his girlfriend, Canadian actress Taylor Russell.

Compared to many celebrities today, who are often accompanied by a fleet of bodyguards, Harry is frequently seen walking alone. It is remarkable to learn that he can go about his daily life without being bothered by anyone.

Of course, there are always paparazzi nearby and the occasional lucky fan who manages to catch a glimpse of the star as he goes about his daily life.

Being a megastar naturally attracts attention, yet the 29-year-old can calmly stroll through the streets of London city, dressed in shorts, a hoodie, a baseball cap, sunglasses, and AirPods, and be unnoticed by the public. He walks freely, blending in like any other member of the public. It sounds like the perfect life—immense success in huge arenas worldwide and the ability to lead a normal life when he is not performing.

Harry Styles’ fans have consistently shown great respect for his personal life and space, which becomes evident when pictures emerge on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The star can freely walk alone while listening to music. His favourite artists include Paul McCartney, Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac, and Paul Simon. Interestingly, there is not a bodyguard in sight.

Unraveling the Philosophy of ‘Pleasing’: More Than Just a Name

You might wonder where the name ‘Pleasing’ came from. Harry Styles didn’t just stumble upon it; it reflects the very ethos of the brand. ‘Pleasing’ is about more than just a pleasant aroma; it represents a commitment to inclusivity, with scents designed to appeal to all, regardless of gender. Thus, the name resonates with the essence of the brand—to please everyone who experiences it.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are also part of the ‘Pleasing’ DNA. From the carefully chosen ingredients to the sustainable packaging, every aspect of the product ensures a minimal footprint. It’s a refreshing approach in an industry often criticized for its waste.

Community is another cornerstone of Styles’ business philosophy. ‘Pleasing’ aims to foster a sense of belonging among its customers, creating a product and a shared experience. The brand promotes interaction with its audience through social media engagement or collaborative events.

The significance of naming in product branding and identity cannot be overstated. ‘Pleasing’ aligns perfectly with Harry Styles’ approach to life and art – it’s an invitation to find joy in the simple things and to share that joy with others. It’s a philosophy that speaks volumes with just a single word, a beacon that guides the whole enterprise.

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