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Harry Styles’ favourite fragrances

Aah… Harry Styles. Who has not fallen in love with the 29-year-old charismatic pop star? He has become the man of the moment of 2022/2023. With three Grammys and six BRIT Awards to be proud of during his career as a solo artist, we are curious to find out what Harry Styles’ favourite fragrances are.

A Brief insight into the pop singer’s history

Harry Styles first showed on our screens as a curly-haired 16-year-old contestant on The X Factor in 2010.

He was formed as part of the hugely successful pop group One Direction, with Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn, after the judges decided that he lacked the experience to become a solo artist.

After the huge success of one of the biggest boy bands in the world, Styles embarked on his successful career as a solo artist in 2016 and has seen the past 13 years grow into the huge success that he is today.

With sell-out concerts, film debuts and an endless stream of pop/soft rock to be proud of, Harry has become an endearing, humorous and stylish icon that young and old alike follow.

There seems to be no stopping the charming and entertaining lad from Worcestershire, England, who first began his music career as the lead singer of a band called White Eskimo during his school years, alongside working part-time at a bakery in Holmes Chapel.

After winning seven Brit awards, and releasing countless numbers of top charting music, the One Direction group went on hiatus in 2016.

Harry Styles favourite fragrances

Harry has turned into a style icon that sees him wearing the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton clothing.

Wearing nail polish, flowery/glitter blouses and shirts has always been a talking point for many journalists and interviewers.

Styles says the reason he wears unique clothing is that he feels it “looks cool “ and we have to agree.

There aren’t many male celebrities that can carry off such flamboyant outfits that somehow look better on him than on women!

Fans around the globe love him no matter what and he enjoys the freedom of being able to wear what he likes.

After all, it shouldn’t be about what other people think, right?

When it comes to style, Harry certainly stands out in a field of his own.

From the designer clothing, the most talked about trademark floppy hairstyle, cheeky charm and a great choice of designer fragrances to wear, it’s no wonder why people have fallen in love with him.

Harry Styles favourite fragrances


Harry styles favourite fragrances









Harry Styles favourite fragrances

Many celebrities have a signature fragrance and Harry is no exception.

The face of the Gucci campaign sees Styles’ signature scent Memoire D’une Odeur by Gucci released in 2019.

A gender-neutral fragrance with its simple designed bottle, it balances well to match a scent that is suitable for both men and women.

Harry already had this one as a favourite scent before becoming the face behind the fragrance campaign.

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Gucci D’Une Memoire Odeur Edp 100 ml Spray on Amazon 

Its clean, almost Ancient Greek-style pillar and mint green glass bottle show that Gucci wanted to keep this fragrance neutral yet have enough of an impact for both genders.

Something that has become very popular in the fragrance world over the past few years.

Anything goes nowadays. The more catchy and flamboyant an artist is, the more they seem to create positive attention and a sense of freedom for others to do the same.

Harry Styles was chosen to be the face of Memoire D’une Odeur due to his way of seizing the day and having a strong family support that give him freedom of expression and a carefree approach.

Whilst this fragrance may not scream out like many others in the perfume world, it certainly makes an impression.

The perfect scent to wear during any season and wears well in the heat.

A suitable daytime fragrance, Memoire D’une Odeur brings us closer to the summer weather yet also fits well as a nighttime scent for its energetic and fun appeal on a night out.

The celebrity loves this fragrance so much that he admits that he goes to bed wearing it. “I like a fragrance with some emotion behind it “-Harry Styles.

That’s love!

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Memoire D’une Odeur is available in different sizes and strengths on eBay.

Fragrance notes:

Top notes: chamomile and bitter almond

Middle notes: musk, jasmine and Indian jasmine

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla and cedar.

Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla

Another favourite fragrance of Harry’s is Tobacco Vanilla by Tom Ford.


Tobacco Vanilla | Tobacco Vanilla Eau de Parfum Spray Men and Women Perfume | Tobacco Vanilla perfume for Men and Perfume for Women Spray 100ml


A perfume that was created to leave a powerful impression, this scent is also unisex and is the most popular of the Tom Ford collection. The tobacco and wood-infused scent launched in 2007, is also part of the “As It Was” singers’ collection. It’s of little surprise that a world superstar would opt for one of the best-selling luxury fragrances to date.

It has elegance, seduction, and sophistication all in one bottle and the notes blend seamlessly into one another. Tobacco Vanille is a strong, creamy and warm scent and one to spray sparingly so that it doesn’t overpower.

It’s all about making an impression first and then catching the gorgeous scent midway for maximum effect.


This fragrance sits in the oriental family and has notes of spices and vanilla. Although it is a gender-neutral perfume, some would say that it is a little too masculine so it’s worth trying a sample before you buy.

Fragrance notes:

Top notes: tobacco leaf, spices

Middle notes: tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao

Base notes: dried fruits and woody notes.

Tobacco Vanille is more suitable for wearing during the cold, winter months as it loses its appeal with the heat and sun and is an acquired taste if you love woody and strong fragrances.

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FM World sells designer-inspired fragrances for men and women.


Harry Styles has captivated fans around the world not only with his music and style but also with his love for fragrances.

As a fashion icon and trendsetter, Styles has shown a keen interest in the art of scent and has shared some of his favourite fragrances over the years.

From classic scents like Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille to more unique and unexpected choices like Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur, Styles’ fragrance preferences reflect his distinctive taste.

Harry Styles’ favourite fragrances

Whether he’s on stage or off, it’s clear that Styles pays attention to every detail, including the fragrances he wears. With his ability to inspire and influence, it’s no wonder that his favourite fragrances have gained popularity and become sought-after scents.

As fans, including myself, continue to admire and emulate his style, Harry Styles will undoubtedly continue to make a mark on the fragrance industry, leaving his aromatic imprint on the world.

If you love to smell as good as Harry but can’t stretch to the high price tag of one of his favourites, FM has an inspired version of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille so why not try our FM906 and see for yourself?

Harry styles favourite fragrances

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A sample of our version is available to purchase here.

Harry Styles favourite fragrances

Our fragrance is from the Pure Royal collection and has similar fragrance notes.

Type: passionate, sensual

Fragrance notes:

Top: bergamot, nectarine, ginger

Middle: jasmine, clove, cinnamon leaves, rosemary, heliotrope

Base: vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood, tobacco, patchouli

Did you know?

Amazon has recently introduced a themed candle created around Harry’s hit record “Watermelon Sugar High”.

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  • Aly

    Harry Styles is such a fun personality. He’s silly, sweet, charming, and is known for his eclectic and daring sense of fashion. I’ve seen him in concert a couple of times, and it’s always such a fun experience. It’s interesting to learn of his favorite fragrances – I’m not familiar with those scents, but I think they are certainly worth looking at as some new options for my sweetie to try. Thanks for sharing!

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Aly, absolutely! 

      He has an adorable nature and myself and my husband are going to see him in concert this coming June at Wembley Stadium! I’m very excited ! 

      The Tom Ford range has become very popular of late and it’s great that they are a unisex scent too. Some of our inspired versions also come in candle scents which make a lovely gift for someone that loves the same scent in their home as they do on their skin.

  • Liam Tremblay

    Hey there, always Harry Styles clothing makes me surprised and gives me a positive vibe. If I wanna be honest It’s just suited to him. The ingredients of Tom fords Tabacco Vanilla tempted me to try it. I’m crazy about the smell of Vanilla and I think will like it. I like the idea of GUCCI MEMOIRE D’UNE ODEUR green colour for using both men and women. When you understand the idea of its shape and colour of it you will be grateful.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Liam, yes Harry’s wardrobe is definitely unique and suits him so well. Tom Ford scents have become very popular and the vanilla note is an acquired taste and I would definitely recommend if that’s one of your favourites.

      There are more unisex fragrances on the market today and it does give us more of a choice. The Gucci scent has some gorgeous fragrance notes and also has a vanilla note as a base so it will be noticed throughout the day.

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