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Johnny Depp fragrance

Whenever we see an advert for Sauvage by Christian Dior, we instantly know without even looking up at the TV screen, that it’s a Johnny Depp fragrance.

Dior and Depp teamed up back in 2015 when Sauvage was first launched. It was a huge fragrance back then and still is to this day.

Watch the advert on You tube

With a heavy-metal theme, as soon as the advert for this fragrance starts and Johnny Depp playing the guitar, the music sets the scene for a dusty and solitary drive to the dry heat and barren surroundings of the desert.

Depp’s husky voice can be heard over the scene as he tells the story of looking for something that he cannot see but can feel.

Johnny Depp fragrance

He removes a spade from the boot of his car and approaches a deserted area, under the watchful eye of a wolf standing proud on the roof of the Dodge Challenger.

He then starts to dig a hole in the sand and proceeds to remove his necklace and bracelets and drops them into the hole.

Depp has always come across as a mysterious and intriguing actor that tends to play certain parts in films where he can almost hide behind his own persona.

Being the face and a wearer of one of the most iconic Dior colognes to date, Depp reflects the fragrance perfectly when we learn of the perfume notes behind this classic men’s scent.

Fragrance notes :

Top notes: pepper, Calabrian bergamot

Middle notes : Sichuan Pepper, lavender, pink pepper, vetiver, geranium, patchouli, elemi

Base notes : Ambroxan, labdanum, cedar


Johnny Depp fragrance



A brief insight into the actors’ history

Born John Christopher Depp II, Depp first appeared on our screens in the film A Nightmare on Elm street in 1984.

One that I have to admit I have never watched as I don’t like horror films! In fact, I don’t like anything scary on screen!

The first I really knew of this unique actor was Johnny’s incredible role in the romantic fantasy film Edward Scissorhands in 1990. A film that is much more suitable for my eyes and mind.

Johnny Depp fragrance
Edward Scissorhands

He almost seems to be one of those actors that you never really get to see what he truly looks like.

He has played a few unusual characters that make his appearance look contrasting from his actual features.

Especially for films such as Edward Scissorhands and Alice In Wonderland.

Johnny Depp fragrance
Alice In Wonderland










In Edward Scissorhands, a young Depp’s face was mysteriously hidden behind pale and scarred skin and dark circles around his eyes.

The character who wanted to touch but couldn’t and despite looking scary and weird, was indeed a gentle man who fell in love.

15 years later I am then watching his performance in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in 2005.


Another film that captures Depp in a different light once again as he portrays a candy maker who guides children around a sweet factory.

In a bid to find a child who avoids all the temptations that a sweet factory brings, he indeed finds a good person who passes the test to become an heir to the factory business and ‘winning’ the golden ticket.

Having many a Golden Globe Award, academy and BAFA awards, Depp is also a keen musician.

His mother bought him a guitar at the age of 12 and he started playing in a few bands.



He clearly had talent as when he attempted to return to school two weeks after he had dropped out, the principal saw potential and told him to continue to follow his dream of becoming a musician.

Sauvage by Dior is a gorgeous and very masculine Fougere scent that instantly smells of your classic scented aftershave.

Johnny Depp fragrance
Sauvage by Dior

The type that you recognise as soon as you walk past a male that’s wearing it. The strong and bold notes reveal instant sex appeal and it’s definitely a head turner.

Even after its first spray, the initial pepper and Calabrian bergamot scent lingers and we’re left with a crisp, clean and welcoming cedar and lavender sillage.

It’s a very appealing, a touch fruity and definitely wearable scent.

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Why do we love Sauvage so much?

Dior has created a sophisticated scent in a clean, and simple styled bottle.

There’s no fancy design or cap to grab our attention to purchase on first sight.

It only takes a sniff of this wonderful scent to have men and women falling in love with the iconic fragrance.

Dior wanted a scent that matched the scene of nature, earth and have a distinctive yet popular scent.

Sauvage ‘ is a French word that means ‘wild’ or ‘unspoiled’ and refers to nature and animals.

If we use the word to describe a person, the meaning is totally different and refers to someone being ‘unsociable’ or ‘fierce’.

There’s definitely nothing fierce or unsociable about this fragrance. Quite the opposite. Not a bad price either for a designer fragrance. It’s one that won’t break the bank. There are samples available on eBay which is great to have the option of trying before an investment.



3x DIOR SAUVAGE ELIXIR Concentrated Fragrance (3x 1ml Size) Sample Vial Mens

Johnny Depp fragrance


Did you know ?

FM World sell an inspired version of the famous Sauvage by Dior.

With similar fragrance notes and considerably cheaper, our FM 473 in the PURE range is definitely one to try, especially if it’s a favourite scent that you perhaps wear every day.

Johnny Depp fragrance

Other items we sell in the same scent:


Intensive perfume – this bottle contains 30% perfume oil so you will get a longer lasting scent.

Johnny Depp fragrance

Suitable If you are wearing this fragrance to a wedding for example and you want it to last all day without having to reapply.

Pheromone fragrance- get heads definitely turning with this bottle!


Johnny Depp fragrance

30ml Sample – It’s always a good idea to try a sample before a purchase just to make sure that the scent is suitable on your skin if you’ve never worn this one before.

Johnny Depp fragrance

300ml shower gel- we’re a great lover of layering fragrances at FM and know that our customers like their favourite scent as a shower gel to start the day off smelling great.

Johnny Depp fragrance


50ml antiperspirant roll-on small enough to pop into your briefcase, bringing you comfort and freshness throughout your day.

Johnny Depp fragrance










Room fragrance sticks- every home welcomes a fragrance stick and what better way than to have your favourite notes fill the room all day.

Johnny Depp fragrance

Wardrobe fragrance- clean, crisp and fresh smelling clothes get the day off to a great start so why not try keeping your wardrobe smelling just as good as you.


Johnny Depp fragrance


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  • Kelly Smith

    I’ve always enjoyed Johnny Depp’s acting style and how he is able to really become one with his character. My favorite movie is probably “Sweeney Todd”, but I digress. The surprise is that Dior still had Depp’s fragrance after the trail debacle this last year. It shows the company still believes in Depp and knows that his fragrance can sell. I may have to have my husband try it. 🙂

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Kelly, absolutely agree, Johnny Depp is so versatile when it comes to acting that almost any type of character fits.

      Yes Dior believed in Depp when the trial became one of the biggest on our tv screens. There was even evidence that his fans were buying the scent in support of the star and so sales rocketed. I love this male scent as I feel it suits any man with its mixture of popular fragrance notes. 

  • Joseph

    Very insightful article Louise, I was thrilled to read it and also to learn a few things I didn’t know about Johnny Depp. He had certainly been in the news a lot over the last couple of years and there’s probably a good number of folks out there who feel like they got to know him a little too well.

    Those Christian Dior commercials sure do come across like MTV music videos to me but I guess that may be the point. They create an aesthetic that is appealing to those whom they market to and leave some small vestige of it with the culture in general.

    The FM 473 is something I had never heard of before, not even FM World. Would it pass for Savauge or is it just really close?

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Joseph,

      Yes the commercials do have a touch of a music video fee to them. They’re very catchy and make you look up at the TV screen when they’re playing. Very clever marketing.

      Our FM 473 has very similar notes and I have many customers who say that the scent is identical to Sauvage.

      Whilst FM create their own unique fragrances, due to the use of fragrance notes that companies use today, the perfumes do smell very close and this one is a lovely scent. 

      FM World’s bottle is 20% pure perfume oil so the fragrance will last longer than the designer scent.

      You can purchase a sample here to try if you wish.

      Thanks for your comment. 

  • Eric Seil

    I’ve always found Johnny Depp to be an interesting individual. So I could see why he teamed up with Dior in regards to promoting their product.

    I think the advertisement is effective, especially with Deep being a famous individual. Considering that he’s had a successful career, it’s good that they had an advertisement with him in it.

    With that being such a talented actor, he’d be really good in other advertisements. After watching this video, I could see why I would want him to advertise my own product or service, if I were to offer something similar.

    Overall, a great article to read. Thank you for sharing.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Eric, 

      Thanks for reading my article. Yes I have certainly found Johnny Depp an interesting character and his face always pops into mind when I hear the Dior advert being played. There’s definitely something mysterious about him and Dior have chosen well with having him at the forefront of their promotion.

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