Luxury candles and their benefits

Luxury candles have always been popular and surprisingly, they are not too expensive either. We all like luxury now and then, whether it’s a holiday, a new perfume or an item of clothing. It’s the feel-good factor of purchasing something.

Retail therapy may have moved more online over the past few years but that hasn’t stopped anyone from the occasional treat. Everyone loves a candle. Whatever the time of year or season, they do bring a sense of charm and cosiness to any home.

Luxury candle brands


Many people have been using them throughout the summer months.

They brighten up the garden during the warm evenings and help to keep the pesky insects at bay.

A must whilst we’ve enjoyed BBQs and outdoor space for several months.

I love candles. Not just for the fragrance they give but for the tranquillity of watching them burn, especially on a cold, winter’s evening.


Some might say that they are too nice to burn but I see little point in having a candle to collect dust so, strike a match, pop one in your lounge/dining room, wherever you wish and enjoy the atmosphere that they create.

I’m sure many luxury candles are sitting in someone’s home that has never been lit.


We don’t buy candles to keep as dust collectors and every day that we wake up and breathe it’s a special day so go ahead and light that candle.

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What are luxury candles?


Such a word can be misleading, yet it doesn’t have to mean expensive to purchase.

When it comes to candles, they are labelled as luxury because of the fine ingredients that have been sourced in making them.

Many are still affordable and they generally last longer too so the money you pay goes that much further.

Unlike luxury perfumes that can carry an eye-watering price tag if you purchase high-quality designer brands, candles are simply made with better ingredients and wicks that burn longer. Their price doesn’t appear to reflect as much as perfumes do.

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Luxury candles are usually made using top-quality wax such as soy, beeswax or coconut wax. Paraffin wax is found in the lower-end price tag and therefore the candles won’t burn for as long.

Many candles are made with a combination of ingredients and luxury candles are rarely found to contain tallow. Tallow is a hard, fatty substance derived from animals and is used to make candles as well as soap bars.

The best ingredient when looking for a luxury candle is to purchase one that uses soy wax. Yes, it is more expensive but you will find that those candles made with such ingredients will burn more evenly and you won’t see as much smoke or soot as you would from cheaper brands.

Many a time we have all purchased candles at the cheaper end of our budget and after a few hours of burning the wick, the candle burns unevenly and produces a lot of smoke and toxic fumes.

There will be some candles that have ingredients such as coconut oil or beeswax.



The benefits of using soy candles

Soy candles are non-toxic so you know that as soon as you light the wick, the candle won’t release any toxins into the air. It is worth considering the environment that you live in as well when purchasing certain types of candles.

If you are a pet owner, it is much more beneficial for the animal to have a healthier and cleaner option in your candle product. We know that soy wax candles are made of plants so they won’t release any harmful toxins into the atmosphere so your pets will be safe.

Whilst soy wax candles are a better choice for your home, they still do have an impact on the environment. They contribute to deforestation. This can then have an impact on animals that live on the surrounding land, those that use trees as their habitat as well as aquatic life.

That said, they are still one of the most popular when it comes to candle production.


Pros and cons of buying paraffin wax candles

Paraffin wax does have its benefits when used in the therapeutic world ( good for increased blood flow, relaxing muscles and joints and relieving body pain).
It also has cosmetic benefits as it acts as a moisturiser to keep the skin soft and supple. With the good also comes the bad. Paraffin wax contains harmful toxins.

If you have ever burnt a paraffin candle, you will possibly already have noticed the soot that gets deposited onto your furniture or on the interior walls. Not a pleasant sight and it can be difficult to remove.

When you burn a paraffin wax candle, it is similar to burning petroleum, the same fumes that we get from our cars as paraffin is a component of petroleum. Having such fumes can easily enter the lungs and become a big issue, especially in children.

Our environment suffers too if we use paraffin wax. As it is a petroleum-based source, the environment is harmed in the same way that car fumes have an impact on our world. The components of paraffin make it highly flammable. Not a safe item to have in your home.

Once lit, there is no control over how that candle will burn.

The benefits of beeswax

Beeswax is eco-friendly and the better option. This wax is 100% natural and is a renewable source. When you burn a candle made of beeswax, it doesn’t have any smoke or soot and therefore burns much cleaner.
They are a healthier option and are very safe for your lungs and for children and pets in the home.
Luxury candles


The pros and cons of buying coconut wax

Coconut wax is cleaner when it comes to burning candles and is more sustainable than soy candles. It will burn more slowly and by doing so, the fragrance in that candle will fill up your home with a beautiful scent.

Coconut wax is eco-friendly and suitable for vegans who may prefer to not buy beeswax.

Having a better impact on the environment, a safer burn and no toxic fumes does mean that coconut wax is more expensive compared to the other types of wax candles listed.

It can be hard to find a candle that is made of pure coconut wax as many do have a combination of different types of wax when they are created.

One of the reasons why many candles contain a mixture of wax is to prevent the candle from tunnelling when it is burning as well as burning slower.

Luxury candle brands


Some may be led to believe that coconut wax candles smell of coconut. And a scented candle will be just that, unscented. It’s not until the fragrances are added to that wax that you appreciate the different scents that are available.



If you are buying a candle with a cotton wick, it is important to trim it as this will help with the burn of the candle and also prevent a buildup of carbon and soot.
You will still experience a good fragrance from the candle. You may notice that some candles have quite a long wick and people often forget to trim them before lighting.
If they are lit without trimming they will burn faster and will have a hotter flame and produce more soot.
Candles are often like expensive perfume. We only use them for special occasions but what if you could buy a candle that smelt the same as your perfume and at a price you can afford?
Take a visit to our online shop for a selection of luxury candles whose scent is inspired by some of the top names in the perfume world.
Luxury candles
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  • Eric Seil

    I think having candles around the house is a great way to spark joy. Not only that, it allows me to enjoy the present moment.

    I like the idea of”luxury” candles, especially if the smell is so rich. That’s what brightens up my home on a cold, gloomy winter day. As you mentioned, it helps on summer days as well.

    Soy candles are a great option to have around the home. I never knew how it can benefit pets- Would you mind elaborating further on why it benefits pets in general?

    Luxury candles are nice to have. I even one got one for Christmas recently, and I love lighting it up at night. 

    Thank you for sharing- great article.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes luxury candles are a wonderful accessory to have around the home. I use a lot especially during the winter months when the nights get dark much earlier. We have to be careful with certain types of candles and soy candles are great to have around the home for those who have pets because they don’t release harmful toxins into the atmosphere like other types and therefore our pets benefit from not breathing in such chemicals.

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