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Christmas candles

Christmas time inevitably brings beautiful Christmas candles into our stores. With such a collection, there is something to suit everyone and every home during the festive season.

From small tea light handles to the large lantern pillar candles, every home is made to feel warm and inviting with the flicker of a candle flame. Whilst many consumers will buy candles with a scented fragrance, purchasing one that gives off a scent isn’t necessary to achieve a beautiful ambience in the home.

Christmas candles
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Whatever your tastes, Christmas brings a large selection of candles to our stores and online for us to enjoy the traditions and the delight of having friends and family to share it with.

Although candles are typically more popular during Christmas and the holiday season, many people light them throughout the year.

During summer, to keep away pesky insects and flies from barbecue food, at birthday celebrations, and in many restaurants, tea light candles set the mood when customers go out to dine. Lit candles can evoke emotions and contribute to a particular atmosphere.

Candlelight Comfort: Illuminating the Emotions and Atmosphere

Cosy and Comfortable

Candles’ soft, warm glow can create a cosy and comfortable ambience. This is especially true during the winter or holiday season when the flickering light adds warmth and intimacy to the surroundings.

Relaxed and Calm

Candlelight is often associated with relaxation and tranquillity. The gentle flickering of the flame can have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and promote a sense of peace. During the winter, I always have tea-light candles lit to make my home feel relaxed and calm.


Candlelight is a classic element of romantic settings. The soft glow and the play of shadows can set a romantic mood, making candlelit dinners and intimate moments special. Many restaurants have small lit candles on each table, especially during Valentine’s Day and Christmas. It creates an atmosphere and a calming environment to enjoy eating your meal.


Like perfumes, using candles can evoke nostalgia, when they’re associated with traditions or memories. The familiar scent of a particular candle or the sight of candlelight can transport individuals back to cherished moments.

Festive and Joyful

During the holiday season, candles contribute to a festive atmosphere. The use of Christmas-themed candles and the warm glow they emit can enhance the overall joy and celebratory spirit. Each year, retailers sell more creative candles and introduce more fragrance scents.

Reflective and Contemplative

Candles are frequently employed in religious and spiritual practices for reflection and contemplation. Lighting a candle can become a mindful ritual, establishing a quiet and contemplative space for meditation or prayer. This practice is akin to aromatherapy rooms, where lit candles create a relaxing environment for activities such as massage.

Elevated Mood

The soft light and pleasant scents of candles can positively impact one’s mood. Whether it’s a well-chosen fragrance or the simple act of enjoying candlelight, both can lift spirits and contribute to a more positive state of mind.

Festivity and Celebration

Candles are commonly associated with celebrations, and their presence can contribute to a sense of festivity. Whether it’s a birthday cake, a holiday gathering, or any special occasion, candles often play a role in marking and enhancing the festive mood.

Intimate and Inviting

Candlelight can create an intimate and inviting atmosphere. It softens the surroundings, encourages conversation, and makes spaces feel more welcoming.

Symbolic Significance

For some, candles hold symbolic significance, representing hope, spirituality, or commemoration. Lighting a candle may carry personal meaning and contribute to a deeply emotional experience.

If you’ve ever walked into places such as garden centres during the Christmas period, there is a wonderful concoction of traditional winter scents that hit the nose as soon as we walk in.

Certain candle scents are trendy during the Christmas season as they evoke the festive spirit and holiday atmosphere.

Popular Christmas candle scents

Christmas candles


The warm and spicy scent of cinnamon is a classic choice for Christmas candles. It adds a cosy and inviting fragrance, reminiscent of holiday baking and mulled spices and one of my favourites.


Pine-scented candles bring the refreshing and crisp aroma of evergreen trees indoors. This scent is associated with Christmas tree traditions and the winter season and if you go on a winter walk, you will surely come across many pine acorns that have fallen onto the ground from the trees.


The all-round popular scent of peppermint is a cool and invigorating scent that is often associated with candy canes and holiday treats. Peppermint-scented candles are popular for creating a festive and uplifting atmosphere.


Vanilla is a sweet and comforting scent that is well-suited for the holiday season. It adds a touch of warmth and sweetness to the air, reminiscent of holiday desserts. Vanilla can be an acquired taste and smell, but when it is combined delicately with other fragrances and candles, we do feel the Christmas spirit with this scent.


Who can forget the gorgeous smell of gingerbread? Gingerbread-scented candles capture the delightful aroma of ginger, cinnamon, and molasses. This scent is associated with traditional holiday baking, making it a popular choice for Christmas candles.


Cranberry-scented candles offer tart and fruity fragrances, reminiscent of holiday beverages and festive recipes. It adds a touch of brightness to the seasonal atmosphere.

Apple Cider

The warm and spiced scent of apple cider is a popular choice for Christmas candles. It creates a cosy and comforting ambience, perfect for holiday gatherings.

Frankincense and Myrrh

These traditional scents are often associated with religious and spiritual practices. Frankincense and myrrh-scented candles add a touch of solemnity and depth to the holiday atmosphere.

Winter Spice

Winter spice blends often include cinnamon, clove, and other warm spices. These candles create a festive and inviting aroma that is well-suited for Christmas.

Fir Balsam

Fir balsam-scented candles capture the essence of fresh evergreen trees. This scent is reminiscent of Christmas tree lots and the outdoors during the winter season.

Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookie-scented candles provide a sweet and comforting fragrance reminiscent of holiday baking. It adds a touch of nostalgia and warmth to the air.


Pomegranate-scented candles offer a fruity and festive aroma and contribute to a lively and joyful holiday atmosphere.

These scents can be found individually or in various combinations in Christmas candle collections. Many people enjoy mixing and matching scents to create a personal and inviting fragrance for their homes during the holiday season.

Buying candles as gifts or stocking fillers

Each year, many of us struggle to buy a gift at Christmas, even when it’s a family member. Purchasing a candle shows that we have thought about the gift we are giving, and it’s one of those products that you can buy for anyone.

Christmas candles

Not all candles are just created and suited for the female generation. Many candles on the market today are just as suitable for men. These days, you can also purchase candles and have them personalised, which is a lovely idea for a special birthday, anniversary, etc.

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I purchased this gorgeous set from Amazon as a Christmas present for my eldest son and his girlfriend. They are delightful fragrances inside beautiful tins that can be reused, making them a lovely gift.

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Christmas candle ideas on Amazon

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