Flameless candles

We all love candles as they set the mood for a cosy winter evening and add an atmosphere for a garden party during the summer months. Flameless candles are just as popular and are a great alternative to a live flickering flame.

Flameless candles

The benefits of using flameless candles


Whenever we shop online for burning candles, they range in price from affordable to top-end expensive so that a flameless candle will be accessible on the purse strings.

A range of colours

We often purchase candles to match our mood or home decor.

I have colour-coordinated, scented candles at home, which create an atmosphere and add warmth during winter.

Child friendly

We all know the importance of safety around lit candles, especially if you have pets or young children.

Flameless candles are perfect for use around the home when young ones are running around, as there is no danger from accidents such as touching a naked flame or being knocked over.


Even though naked-flamed candles last a very long time when lit ( around 30-40 burn time hours ), there is no concern about how long a flameless candle will last as it runs on LED batteries.

No melting

Unlike the traditional candles that we light, flameless candles do not melt.

They won’t melt into a distorted shape or make any mess from the wax on the surface from melting.

Flameless candles

Add lighting

During the winter months, it is widespread to use candles to give a room extra lighting so that we can switch off lamps that aren’t necessary to keep on.

This is certainly a way forward for every homeowner, especially during these times when our electric bills have skyrocketed. It is a popular choice for keeping your home warm during the winter months.

Flame mimicking

The wonderful thing about flameless candles is that they look authentic, and the flame flickers like a real wax candle.


Another great reason to purchase these types of candles is that there is no pollution when they are burning.

Flameless candles

You can check out my article, Luxury Candles, on lit candles and the best types to buy to avoid pollution from naked flame candles.

Transforms the room

Most of us buy candles to enhance our homes and transform any room.

Whether scented or not, a lit candle creates a beautiful atmosphere and transforms dark winter nights into cosy, warm evenings.

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Flameless candles 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor

During the summer, we often light a candle, especially the scented type, to keep the insects at bay when the barbecue food is being cooked.

Another great idea for using flameless candles in the garden is that if there is a slight breeze, the flame won’t blow out, creating an atmosphere for your guests.

Flameless candle

Work by LED battery

LED lights are safe to use anywhere in the home, and you won’t have to worry about blowing out the candle if you accidentally leave it lit. Flameless candles work with an LED battery and can last up to 250 hours on batteries.

Flameless candle

Different sizes

We don’t always want a large candle sitting out of place on the mantelpiece, so having the option of different sizes means we can choose the most suitable size for our home.

Scented and unscented

Not everyone wants a candle with a scent. Some may be allergic to popular scents such as vanilla or lavender. Choose an unscented candle or a delicately scented candle if you have any allergies.

Flameless candles don’t have as strong a scent as naked flame candles.

Flameless candles

Remote control

The flameless candles come with a remote control to change the colour of the flame.

Another great idea is to create a certain atmosphere in a particular room, for example, if there is a colour theme for a party or a wedding.

Real wax

Many are made with natural wax to maintain their authenticity. No one wants a plastic-looking candle that looks bad in the home.

Using essential oils

Some can be used with your favourite essential oils to bring a wonderful fragrance to the home or at an event. Some flameless candles are infused with scent for that added fragrance that’s not overpowering—just subtle, beautiful, and safe to use.

Flameless candles


Some candles have a timer facility, too, so you can set when they switch on or off. It’s a great addition, especially if you’re out and you want people to think someone is home.

It’s cheaper than putting a lamp on a timer. Some also come with different flame styles to create the perfect mood.

Ideal setting

A flameless candle is the perfect solution if you’re getting married and want a table decoration candle to set the scene and atmosphere.

No stress and worry over the candle being knocked over and something catching fire.

Choose ones with the colour change remote, and you can personalise your evening venue with a colour to match your theme.

Flameless candles

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Flameless candles with the moving flame effect were introduced in the early 2000s and have been popular ever since due to their versatility. They are available in many shops and online with a variety of choices.

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  • Parameter

    I have visited some friends and seen flameless candles, but I gave it little attention because I did not know their benefits. You got my attention with the fact that they will not melt into distorted shapes and will not pollute my environment like the traditional candle. Thank you for creating a link to where I can purchase at an affordable price with different options on eBay.

    • Louise Allen


      You’re most welcome. There are huge benefits to flameless candles and they can be just as suited to the home as the traditional types. I’ve had so many candles that have melted into a districted shape so it’s important to burn correctly when we use them.

      Thanks for reading.

  • Alice

    One of my friends really loves scented candles. She said that other than giving her bedroom and living room a refreshing aroma, candles also improves her mood. For her birthdays and Christmas, she only wants scented candles as gifts.

    This is why I got excited reading your post about flameless candles. I am not sure if she’s aware about flameless candles. If I buy a couple for her, she’ll be thrilled, especially since she has a toddler. A flameless scented candle would be a perfect Christmas present.

    Thanks for sharing.  

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Alice, 

      Candles can made a huge difference to our wellbeing as previously covered in my article here.

      Flameless candles are just as effective and ideal as your friend has a young child and they always make a great present when we are stuck with what to buy someone.

      Glad you enjoyed reading.

      If I can be of any assistance with choosing the right one for your friend , please get in touch.

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