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Wearing perfume for health and wellness

It’s a well-known fact that wearing our favourite fragrance can lift our mood but can wearing perfume for health and wellness be such a thing ?

We know how good we feel when we’ve woken up, getting ready for the day and we reach for our favourite scent to match our outfit or plans for the day.

Lifting the mood with perfume

Wearing perfume for health and wellness


That first spritz of your favourite brand, the one fragrance you always reach for that lifts the mood, gets you ready for the challenges of the day and reminds you of happy times.

Travelling abroad, sitting on the plane, going out for a meal to your favourite restaurant with friends can have a huge impact on our wellness and health, more than we realise.

We certainly don’t apply a scent to have the opposite effect to dampen the mood.

Fragrances today have a wonderful ability to lift our spirits, get us in the right frame of mind for what the day ahead has in store and genuinely make us feel happy, loved and content.

We all have a choice of which perfume or aftershave to wear. We are all unique and wear what suits us best.


So what about when a company create perfumes specifically infused with healing energy to bring out the best in all of us?

The perfume world has always been popular and very competitive.

Designer perfumes

Designer fragrances have taken the world by storm and over the years with the global perfume market size being valued at USD 31.4 billion in 2018 and expected to expand at a CAGR ( compound annual growth rate) of 3.9% by 2025. Incredible !

It’s a very lucrative business and we have seen many celebrities at the forefront of creating their own perfume line and signature fragrances.

With such a competitive market, it can be very difficult to stand out from the rest. New ideas are constantly being created, in order to keep the perfume industry at the top.

Over the years we have seen ‘copies ‘ of designer fragrances and cheaper versions.

We have also seen unique perfumes and aftershaves that carry similar scents to that of the designers, with their own style by FM World.

Whatever fragrance that we have purchased over the years, whether it be a signature scent or a different one every day, the pure whiff of delicate fragrance notes in our chosen bottle always lifts the mood.

When health and wellness are mentioned, we automatically think of eating healthy, carrying out regular exercise and taking supplements to give us the uplift and help we need.

Many of us don’t compare feeling happy, loved and content with using a bottle of our favourite spritz. Why would we? We simply spray and get on with the day ahead.


Perhaps when someone comments on how lovely we smell it gives us that confidence boost but generally we forget about what we’re wearing and the day passes.

Companies find it extremely difficult to come up with something unique in such a busy space in the fragrance world.

Many of the designers have previously come from the fashion world such as Chanel who created the most iconic perfume, Chanel no.5.

Vyrao- The world’s first energy-infused perfume brand

Fast forward to 2022 and we now have a new fragrance line which is unique to all the other brands that we currently have on the market.

Fragrances created by a lady called Yasmin Sewell who has gone one step further in the art of creating unique fragrances

She has created a brand that not only smell gorgeous but each perfume has healing and wellness properties.

On top of this, the fragrances have been created as unisex.


In a world where both men and women take pride in their appearance and the products they use, it’s refreshing that gender-neutral scents have become so popular.

Who would have thought that such a creation would be so successful ?

Yasmin has been in the fashion industry over the past few decades as an influential role and has come up with the idea that perfumes can be created not just for their scent but also for fusing healing and wellness benefits in a bottle too.

Her brand name Vyrao was created.


A selection of five natural fragrances that use organic plant and flower essences to bring out positive emotions and well-being.

Each bottle contains its own Herkimer diamond crystal, known to raise, clear and amplify energy.

Clever ingredients such as lemon, mandarin, vanilla, musk and waterlily give an uplifting mood, a sense of clarity and help in reducing anxiety.


The passion behind creating an energy-infused brand is a simple one


Yasmin created Vyrao because she wanted to deliver a product that channels energy.

Wearing perfume for health and wellness

Scents are a powerful thing.

When we wear our favourite perfume that we know others are going to comment on, it lifts our mood, creates wonderful memories and gives us the feel-good factor that we all desire.

Perfume scents are so powerful and creating bottles that shift our mood positively can only be a good thing.

Approaching such a creation from a different angle to what we are used to, gave Yasmin Sewell a new perspective on the perfume industry and opened up a new opportunity.

Yasmin has previously been involved in different forms of energetic healing including reiki.

Moving her skills to a different sector whilst still using her healing skills gave her the chance to create perfume with wellness at its forefront.


The scents we are already used to in our perfumes and aftershaves are led by mixing a blended combination of scents that work well and compliment one another.

Creating a brand that has well-being as its main target means that the creator is following a different strategy.

The ingredients are different for a product that requires a perfume that gives us a healing benefit as apposed to a floral, oriental or fruity base purely for a beautiful smell.


The packaging alone already gives off calm but also energetic vibes.

Bold, solid and vibrant colours are used to give a degree of calmness and solidarity. The simplistic shaped bottles are eye -catching to say the least.

Every glass bottle connects the buyer in some way

Not only do the bottles have bold colours that catch the eye but the names of the perfumes such as Witchy Woo, have a uniqueness about them as well.


We already know that a popular scent gets people’s heads turning so having one that has the benefits of wellness and feeling good, is bound to be just as popular.

Alongside creating unique fragrances, Yasmin Sewell has also combined candles and incense sticks.

Take yourself onto a new journey with a fragrance created to enhance your wellness and feel the difference with this enchanting creation that is Vyrao.


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Wearing perfumes for health and wellness
The use of bold colours is a clever way to enhance the well being in us



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Wearing perfumes for health and wellness

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  • moses456

    I completely Agree about the perfumes lift our spirits and moods and even change our feeling towards someone sometimes, it happened to 9 years ago I met a girl and she was wearing perfume that I never forgot her until this day, it was this much strong for me, but of there will be a perfume that has energetic healing as well I think this is one of the best that will happen in perfume industry, i will not only fall in love , I think It will take to another dimensions of life )

    But I have one question, what kind of healing can do?

    This another level Of perfumes type I have ever read about , it is worth trying to see what kind of magic will do.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Moses, 

      Thank you for sharing you experience with the power of fragrance. It can make or break our feelings and the scents do have the ability to create memories in all of us.

      These perfumes have been created to give energetic healing. Giving a sense of calm, removing every day stresses and giving us the ‘feel good’ factor.

      It’s a very clever way of creating perfumes that have more of a purpose than just their scent.

      Thanks for reading


  • angelce903

    I love perfumes. I collect them and I wear them. I am a huge fan of oriental fragrances in particular. But I didn’t know that dedicated fragrances for health and wellness did exist. I am every amazed at this possibility. Do you know the prices of such perfumes? I can imagine that if they are tailored for the person who will wear it, they’re not cheap. But it reminds me of the old times when elegant women had their own signature fragrances that no one else had…

    • Louise Allen

      Perfumes are a wonderful creation and I was very intrigued when I learnt that fragrances can help with our wellbeing more than we’ve ever realised. I always feel good with my perfume on and having the added benefit of these fragrances is great.

      I too love oriental scents. These scents from Vyrao will cost around £135. They don’t create for the individual, more a collection of fragrances to suit the well being of many of us, whatever our situation.

      So many people wear signature fragrances nowadays and yes it does remind us of the elegance that matched the perfume.

      Thanks for reading and if i can be of any assistance for your next perfume purchase, please feel free to get in touch.

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