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Celebrity Endorsed Perfumes

We see celebrity-endorsed perfumes everywhere, online and on the high street. So when did it all start? 1987 Elizabeth Taylor began the trend when she launched her perfume, Passion.

The first celebrity to begin the endorsement trend

Celebrity endorsed perfumes
Elizabeth Taylor’s signature fragrance, White Diamonds

This wasn’t her first fragrance, either. She created her signature fragrance called White Diamonds in 1991, but the success came with the release of Passion 3 years earlier, which became one of the best-selling fragrances ever. Surprisingly, Passion isn’t as expensive to purchase as you may think.

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Take a look on eBay for Passion by Elizabeth Taylor 

With such an iconic celebrity at the forefront of this trend, it wasn’t long before the likes of Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, and Beyoncé became just some celebrities who saw a market and a platform for following in her footsteps. It’s well-known that having a celebrity behind their perfume will help massively with perfume sales.

Do men and women purchase a designer fragrance because of the name behind it? Perhaps they did a few years ago, but these days, it’s not just the name behind the brand that matters. After all, there’s little point in purchasing a Beyoncé fragrance just because such a music icon is behind its creation.

We purchase perfumes for their fragrance notes and longevity, too. Women and men need to like the scent when wearing it. It’s a waste of money if the bottle sits in the wardrobe and is never worn. It’s not just perfume that celebrities have endorsements for, either.

Clothing, jewellery, and handbags all have a touch of celebrity attached. Items endorsed by famous people will sell much quicker, too. It’s a very clever marketing strategy that has been around for many years.


Celebrity endorsed products

When a celebrity endorses a product, the product can reach a larger audience and, therefore, make more sales. For example, when we see a perfume endorsed by Beyoncé, it immediately gives the buyer confidence in their purchase, as the person behind the brand is well-known. Having such an iconic celebrity also makes the product more appealing. Have you noticed how attractive the celebrities who endorse products are? It makes them more enchanting.

Buying a well-known perfume

Purchasing perfume from a celebrity positively impacts the buyer. When they wear the fragrance created by their favourite singer/celebrity, it instantly gives them confidence. The consumer also feels more important because they are wearing such a fragrance. Whenever we see a perfume being advertised on TV, it will always have a famous face in the commercial.

Would it be the same if some random person off the street posed in an elegant dress whilst holding a bottle of perfume? Of course not.

We are very much influenced by successful people around us, and selling a product on TV with a pop star or film actor is incredibly powerful for the consumer market. As buyers, we feel an instant connection to the celebrity and almost feel as famous and well-known as the idol we look up to.

A friend commenting on our latest perfume purchase and commenting how gorgeous you smell is an instant hit for confidence when you tell them which one you have bought. You will also notice that celebrity fragrances don’t have a considerable price tag—certainly not as high as purchasing designer fragrances from popular creators such as Chanel or Tom Ford.

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When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


If you find a bottle of Kylie Minogue’s latest scent (2021),  Darling, it doesn’t have a hefty price tag. It can easily be purchased on for an affordable price.

That’s a whole new level when we see other designer brands, such as Lancôme, with Julia Roberts as their endorser and ambassador. She is the face behind the iconic brand, and you will see her advertising their fragrance on TV, more often but not limited to Christmas.

‘Unlike the pop stars with their own named fragrance on the shelves, Julia Roberts is simply the one who advertises the brand, not the person who has influenced and created the fragrance notes, bottles and packaging.’Unlike the pop stars with their own ‘named’ fragrance on the shelves, Julia Roberts is simply the one who advertises the brand, not the person who has influenced and created the fragrance notes, bottles and packaging.

Keeping the money coming in

Another reason celebrities endorse products is to keep them in the limelight even when they’re not. It’s a way of creating additional revenue for the stars without having to take on the responsibility or do a great deal compared to holding a concert or attending a talk show.

Celebrity endorsed perfumes
Celebrities look for other ways of making money when the concerts are not taking place.

Money earned in the background is appealing to everyone, especially celebrities. If their other income is slow or dried up, with no album sales or films to make, it’s the perfect solution for them. They also know that their celebrity status will help massively with sales as customers buy their perfumes.

How much do celebrities earn from endorsing perfumes?

To begin with, this will depend on who the star is. If it is a well-known, hugely popular, and big influencer, they are likely to earn big money. One of the top endorsers and highest paid is Charlize Theron, who has been the face of Dior since 2004 and is one of the most famous perfume ads.

The iconic 2014 advert sees the actress dressed in gold climbing a silk scarf up to the skylight of an elegant building. She throws off her gold pearls and states that the ‘future is gold’ as she walks across the roof with city buildings surrounding her. It’s no wonder the advert and celebrity alone will have customers reaching for such a perfume as J’adore.

With fragrance notes of pear, melon, mandarin orange, bergamot, Jasmine, musk, vanilla, blackberry and cedar, to name a few, the famous fragrance has an instantly fresh summer vibe within its first spritz. The first sniff of fruit and elegance makes this perfume one of the top sellers.

According to reports, Charlize Theron signed a $3 million deal to be the face behind the Christian Dior J’adore perfume and the ads are still shown on screen today. Since becoming the face of J’adore, she has earned an estimated $55 million over the years. That’s some endorsement profit!

Holly Willoughby perfume

Holly Willoughby is the latest celebrity to join in creating her fragrance in February 2022. The popular TV presenter has a new fragrance as part of her Wylde Moon brand called (borrowed from) The Wild. With top fragrance notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrant and Geranium, heart notes of Jasmine, Mint and Rose Absolute, and base notes of Amberwood and musk, Holly’s perfume is a huge hit.

Fresh, feminine, and a little heavier than floral, the bottle is simplistic and elegant, with a tassel on its cap. Fans are a little divided about the price of £42 for a 50ml EDP bottle. Some will purchase not just because of the beautiful fragrance but also because of the well-loved and admired celebrity behind its creation.

We are all influenced by beauty, success and down-to-earth celebrities.

Celebrity endorsed perfumes
Combining the right fragrance notes complementing one another is the key to creating a beautiful perfume.

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  • Sariyah

    Hey this was a great read!

    I personally purchase perfumes more when I hear it’s made by my favourite icon or even if they just were with part of the creation. But of course it has to smell good otherwise what’s the point in getting something and wasting your money when you won’t even use it. 

    I didn’t know Elizabeth Taylor was the first to begin this trend, I am definitely going to check it out now.


    • Louise Allen

      Thank you kindly ! 

      Yes, we are influenced by celebrities and our favourite icons in many ways and I agree, we need to like the fragrance too. Having our favourite icon endorser means we are half way there. 

      Yes Elizabeth Taylor started the trend and being an icon herself, definitely paved the way for other celebs to follow.

      Many thanks for reading and if I can help with a more affordable alternate to your current designer scent, take a look at my article here.


  • Anusuya

    The beauty world of today is run by the high profile celebrity’s endorsement and beautiful creative Ads with their images.

    Although you never becomes that celebrity you wear the brand to recognize them. Everyone has their favorite. 

    I remember my grad school days commuting in bus with myriads of people and getting suffocated with different kinds of smell. I feel nauseated at times. I am not sure why it felt that way.

    I love smell of fresh jasmine flowers. While exploring for an essential oil manufacturing business in India in jasmine, it turns out that the jasmine oil is synthetically manufactured and fractionally distilled. The purer fractions are used for fragrance making.

    There are ingenuity involved in making a successful brand which your successful business. The hard working celebrities get their share piece of money helping your marketing.

    Thank you for the post. This is a good affiliate marketing business.

    • Louise Allen

      Hey, thank you for sharing your story and yes I can imagine the concoction of scents together on public transport would be very nauseating!

      Fresh jasmine is gorgeous. Very spring-like and interesting to learn about the jasmine oil being synthetically manufactured. 

      There is such a wide variation of perfume ingredients and some are insanely expensive as I have covered in my article about the worlds most expensive perfume.

      Celebrities are onto a good thing when it comes to perfumes but like you say, it also helps out with part of the marketing and with showcasing how many great perfumes there are on the market today.

      Much appreciate your feedback.


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