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Do you sell designer perfume

“Do you sell designer perfume   ?”

“I like Chanel no.5. Can you get me a bottle?”
No.“ Do you sell a copy of Chanel no.5 ?”

Do you sell designer fragrances? At FM, we are our own brand.
If we really did have a bottle of Chanel no. 5, it would be in the same style bottle with the same packaging. This would be classed as a copy.

You won’t find any of our fragrances in designer boxes carrying a designer name because we simply do not sell designer fragrances or copies of them.

“But wait ! Your fragrances smell the same so they must be copies “

The same designer smell

For many years, there has been a myth that our fragrances are a copy of the designers. Let’s look into that.

Fake designer perfume 

What does a copied fragrance look like?


Well, a fragrance that is copied will indeed come in the same packaging and the same bottle but the actual fragrance will be very diluted, therefore proving that the so-called designer fragrance you have purchased, is indeed fake.

If our fragrances were fake, they would be in the same bottle and packaging as the original designer fragrances.


As you will see, our fragrances have their own design, their own bottle and we don’t need to dilute our perfumes. Quite the opposite. With ours, you receive more perfume oil in each of our bottles than that of the designers.

Long lasting fragrances

Many of our fragrances do smell very similar, if not identical but that’s not because we’ve copied them.


We use the same company for our perfume oils called DROM  The company that provides perfume oil to the designer names also provide to FM.


We also use the same fragrance notes from the fragrance families.

With our fragrance families and notes, we fall into several different categories so if we were to use similar fragrance notes for one of our perfumes that the designers use for one of theirs.

There will very likely be a similarity in the scent.

 Selling designer perfume

Unlike the designers, who use celebrity endorsers, tv advertising and less perfume oil (EDT) here at FM we don’t need to dilute our product.

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French perfume 

We can use pure oil (20%) because we don’t have the overheads. We use distributors like myself which enables the company to sell unique and affordable perfumes to YOU.

What we can offer for similar scents

So if your favourite fragrance happens to be Chanel no.5, I can sell you an affordable bottle that has the same fragrance notes, and it will smell similar, if not identical.

Make the designer switch

Do you sell designer perfume
Our unique bottles of Pure Royal


If you haven’t already, try a sample of your favourite and see if you can make the switch.


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