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    The best summer fragrances for women

    Summer is finally here so if you’re looking for a fragrance, what are the best summer fragrances for women?

    The hot season, whether its’s here in the UK or abroad, requires a more subtle fragrance on the skin.


    The best summer fragrances for women


    Any scent that is too strong or heavy in fragrance notes won’t sit nicely on the skin and will most certainly be off-putting for you as well as those around you.

    Popular fragrance notes for summer

    Orange blossom
    The best summer fragrances for women


    All the above fragrance notes speak ‘summer’ and ‘delicate scents’.

    During the heat, we wear lighter clothing so it makes sense to wear a lighter fragrance.

    There are lots of options to wearing a lighter scent when it comes to perfumes and fragrances.


    Body sprays for a lighter option

    Body sprays as we have previously discussed work very well when it’s hot. They instantly cool the skin down as well with their delicate mist.

    I have reached for my FM no.20 body mist over the past few weeks when we have seen temperatures read as high as 32 degrees.

    It felt far too hot to be wearing a perfume, especially as our own brand contain 20% pure perfume oil for a longer lasting fragrance.

    EDT is a great option too as these will give off just as good a fragrance but without so much longevity.

    Some women don’t feel fully dressed without a spritz of their favourite scent so having other options is of great benefit.

    If you’re a lover of fragrances, then you will already know just how many there are to choose from.

    It can be very overwhelming, especially if you usually purchase your favourite bottle from the perfume department stores.

    An overlay of scent whilst you try on several brands can give headaches and put you off from buying any.

    We like to have the option to try before we buy, especially if we’re looking for something new and different to our usual smell.


    Samples are available to try

    You can try samples before you make a purchase at FM World. Check out our shop here.

    The perfect scents to choose are those that have base notes of the summer scents.

    You don’t want to choose one that smells like summer with its first spray and then has heavy notes as the day goes on.

    By choosing perfumes and scents that have delicate base notes allows for that scent to stay subtle and soft throughout the day without feeling overpowering for you or anyone who walks past.


    Let’s take a look at some of the popular fragrance scents that are suitable for the hotter weather.

    The best summer fragrances for women


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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    1. Crystal Noir- Versace

    Versace launched this fragrance in 2004 with many saying that it was the perfect scent for strolls along the beach.

    Sitting nicely in the flower family of scents, Versace has created the perfect perfume to compliment summer with some of its delicate notes including coconut, orange blossom and musk.

    We automatically feel a summer vibe whenever we smell coconut.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Versace -Crystal Noir


    2. Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel

    It goes without saying that Chanel certainly creates some of the best fragrances that we see online and in the stores today.

    From the iconic Chanel no.5 to this little gem.

    With a mixture of exotic summer scents in this gorgeous fragrance, we find ourselves instantly transported to the beautiful sea coasts, a quaint taverna and evening strolls with a beautiful blend of summer scents.

    Already sitting in the fruit and floral fragrance family, you will get an instant whiff of fruits, vanilla, white floral and citrus notes. Have you tried FM World’s body spray no 20 that has similar fragrance notes ? Take a look here.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel



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    3. Daisy-Marc Jacobs


    Another popular scent that I feel it suitable for all year round and has the most delightful design of bottle is Daisy.

    This perfume was launched in 2007 and has been popular ever since.

    You really do get a feel of fruit and summer with its combination of strawberry, jasmine, vanilla, musk and ruby red grapefruit notes.

    Pop those notes into a bowl and they would make the perfect fruit salad I’m sure!

    It is a perfume that instantly gives a feminine and romantic vibe that can be worn with confidence all year round.

    The wonderful bottle design fits in perfectly with a summer holiday and is a real head turner.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    Daisy- Marc Jacobs









    4. La Vie Est Belle-Lancôme



    There won’t be many women that haven’t hard of this beautiful scent. With the ever so beautiful Julia Roberts fore fronting such a fragrance since its release in 2012.

    The TV advert reaches our screens every Christmas and certainly makes this scent and bottle memorable.

    A wonderful combination of fragrance notes that no one can resist.

    Black current, pear, orange blossom, vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean notes give this delightful perfume its huge popularity.

    Based on the concept of natural beauty and charm, with another bottle showing off a classy and elegant design bottle.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    La Vie Est belle- Lancôme



    5. Flower bomb -Victor & Rolf


    Another beautiful scent that is suitable for summer is the wonderful Flower Bomb. Launched in 2005, this distinguished bottle and scent will be found on many women’s dressing tables.

    Popular fragrance notes of jasmine, rose, musk, vanilla and patchouli, gives this scent a real feel for summer and the warmer weather.

    As soon as the top notes hit your nose, there is an instant whiff of sweetness and the vanilla scent pops through alongside the musk and rose.

    Pretty summer dresses and a glass of bubbly set the perfect mood with a touch of this spray on the skin.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    Flowerbomb-Victor & Rolf











    6. Good Girl Gone Bad- Killian

    With an instant smell of rose and amber, this popular fragrance is the perfect fit for a summer holiday. It boosts fruits and a touch of spice to give a real sense of the summer holiday season.

    Another scent to be launched in 2012, Killian has created a fruity and floral gem and as the top notes leave you, there is a wonderful scent of freshness and beach wave memories.

    A popular scent for many women with its feminine and elegant notes. Definitely one to try.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Good Girl Gone Bad- Killian


    7. Cool Water Woman-Davidoff

    If you love the smell of fresh air, a summer breeze and the saltiness of the waves crashing over your toes then Davidoff has created the perfect scent to transport you to your next destination abroad.

    This bottle oozes a freshness of lemons, citrus vibes and fruit to give a wonderful scent of nature and beauty.

    Created in 2018, it’s perhaps one of those perfumes that has gone unnoticed in the past and there may be many women who have yet to try it.

    Once the initial top notes have settled down, you are left with a familiar scent of the male version Cool Water. I was very much a fan of the male scent as it wasn’t heavy and had a masculine approach, whilst keeping its scent delicate and clean.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Cool Water Women-Davidoff


    8. Orange Blossom-Jo Malone



    This 2003 scent is suitable for both men and women even though it sits in the floral family.

    Being a light fragrance, it is suitable for any occasion with its great balance of fragrance to suit as a gender neutral scent.

    Fragrances notes of mandarin, jasmine, rose, lily and neroli see this perfume gives an instant burst of freshly squeezed clementine oranges.

    A real sense of summer pops through and after the orange has subsided, there is a hint of lemon mixed with flowers to keep the summer feel going.

    It smells of romance and dusky nights sitting by the water watching the sun set.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    Orange Blossom-Jo Malone


    9. J’adore -Dior

    If you’re looking for a perfume that instantly smells like the fresh fruit you have bought from the supermarket, Dior’s fragrance is packed with summer fruits.

    Launched in 1999, J’adore boosts fragrance notes of melon, pear, peach, mandarin, orange, bergamot, vanilla, blackberry, plum and violet.

    Perhaps too sweet for some with such a combination of fruits in one bottle but definitely worth a try.

    French for “I love”, this perfume sees Charlize Theron advertising its beauty since its launch.


    The best summer fragrances for women


    10. So Scandal!-Jean Paul Gaultier


    This perfume has a wonderfully designed bottle with a slender pair of women’s legs showing on the perfume cap as if she has fallen in to this beautiful scent. Sexual, feminine and a touch of mystery.

    Sitting in the floral/fruity fragrance family, Jean Paul Gaultier has created a scent that is packed with white floral, tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine.

    Captivating the female world with its addictive scent and the kind of bottle that you would want on show off to your partner on your bedside cabinet.

    Launched in 2020, this sees the latest fragrance launched from our collection of summer scents to take with you on your perfect holiday.



    The best summer fragrances for women
    So Scandal-Jean Paul Gaultier


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    Looking for more affordable fragrances that still have the quality and even more longevity ?

    Take a look at our article here on affordable perfumes that smell expensive

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    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive

    If you’re looking for affordable perfumes that smell expensive, we have an insight into the best fragrances.

    Everyone loves a bargain and getting value for money.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive

    The perfume world continues to sour every year with such a variety of fragrances.

    Celebrity endorsed, copies of designer scents, own shop brands and perfumes that contain similar notes to that of the designers.

    At FM World, there is a huge selection of perfumes and aftershaves that suit any budget.

    There’s nothing good about wearing a perfume or aftershave that smells cheap.

    Heavy scents can linger for hours as well as very weak scents not lasting as long as we’d like.

    Many of us will reach for the designer bottles because they are known and trusted to us.

    When the fragrance has a celebrity endorser too, this makes the product more appealing even though it can be a little expensive.

    The market has and will always have designer brands being sold for cheap. These are usually fake and should be avoided.

    Read our article on why buying cheap perfume will cost you more.

    Scent matters

    We like to have the best of both worlds. A fragrance that has a pleasant and suitable scent, long-lasting and kind to the purse strings or wallet.

    Some will wait for a special occasion before purchasing the designer scents or purchase at the Duty Free for a small discount.

    What about when you want to purchase your favourite scent without having to wait for these occasions ?

    There will be many places online that sell designer scents that are fitting to people’s budgets but there are other options.

    At FM World, they have created their own unique scents for men and women.

    A large range of fragrances to suit everyone’s budget without compromising on the quality or longevity of their scents.

    How can they do this ?

    We already know that perfumes and aftershaves are made up from perfume oil, alcohol and fragrance notes but what makes a perfume so expensive ?

    In my previous article I cover why some designer perfumes have a big price tag.

    The unique way that FM World have created their own scents and kept them affordable isn’t complicated.


    Celebrities are constantly endorsing the latest fragrances and we see the advert, usually around Christmas, where that particular bottle is being advertised by a top actress, model or film star.


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


    It’s a very clever way of getting a product in front of the customer and a large audience at that.

    FM World saw an opportunity to create beautiful fragrances that both men and women can enjoy and be able to afford.

    Not just on special occasions, but regular purchasing once their favourite scent had been used and needed replacing.

    Customers are able to do this as well as having a selection of their favourite scents to choose from and having the option to wear a different one every day if they desired.

    Having no middle man, TV advertising or sales people advertising their brand means that they can keep costs to a minimum whilst still creating beautiful scents that customers are familiar with.

    The perfume world has seen such names as Tom Ford and Jo Malone scents become very popular of late along with the likes of the iconic Chanel, Paco Rabanne and Lancôme still dominating the perfume industry.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    Jo Malone is a popular scent for both men and women


    Affordable perfumes than smell expensive
    The iconic Chanel no.5








    We could potentially pay anything from £70- £120 for such high profile scents.

    Whilst there will indeed be many that will happily pay such a price for their perfume or aftershave, a lot of what we are purchasing is around the packaging, the celebrity endorser and the TV advert.


    Can we really buy our favourite scent cheaper?

    No one likes cheap perfume and aftershave.

    It often has a different smell, doesn’t last for the duration that we hope for and in some cases where a product has been ‘copied’, you’re dealing with fake packaging and fake liquids in a fake bottle.


    An affordable range at FM World


    FM fragrances for men and women don’t compromise on quality even though they do has a more affordable price tag.
    As previously covered, Fm use perfume oil from a company called DROM.
    DROM also provide perfume oil for the designer perfumes and aftershaves that we see on our shelves and online today.
    When customers ask about our fragrances, we advise that FM scents have very similar fragrance notes to that of the designer perfumes.

    We use a fragrance wheel to determine what type of fragrance notes the customer particularly likes.

    Floral, oriental, woody, citrus etc.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive


    Once we learn the type of fragrance notes that a customer likes, this will enable us to narrow down a selection of perfumes or aftershave that contain those fragrance notes that the customer likes.

    For example, if a customer likes fruity scents then we has a selection of perfume fragrances that contain fruity notes.

    When the customer try’s a sample which are available to purchase from our online store here, this will give them the chance to try the scent on the skin to see if it is a fit for them.



    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    FM have over 200 perfume and aftershave samples to choose from


    We always recommend that a fragrance should be tried on the skin and left for a couple of minutes as this will determine if that fragrance is suitable for that particular person.

    We all wear fragrances differently and what suits one person wouldn’t necessarily suit another.

    It is great that we have the option these days to try fragrances before we purchase, especially if we do steer towards the expensive perfumes.

    Many perfume stores and departments will spray the perfume on a test paper strip for you to try.

    Whilst this is okay to get an initial test of the fragrance, this won’t determine what the fragrance smells like on your skin.

    It is much better and more effective to try directly on the skin to get a proper feel and smell of your new scent before you make a purchase.


    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    Samples are a great way to try a new fragrance before you purchase

    Similar fragrance notes

    All fragrances that FM sell has very similar notes to the designer fragrances.

    If a customer has a favourite perfume scent such as Coco mademoiselle by Chanel then we can look on our perfume list to see what perfume is very similar to that designer perfume.

    We can’t sell a bottle of Coco mademoiselle to a customer because we don’t sell it. Our fragrance bottles are numbered and are in their own bottles and packaging.

    Fm haven’t copied any of the designers. Simply by using similar fragrance notes to that of the designer fragrances, gives FM perfumes a very similar and familiar scent to what we already know.

    Our range of quality fragrances

    In our range we have PURE and PURE ROYAL selection. We also has a UTIQUE range.
    All of our fragrances contain either 20% or 30% perfume oil. 30% is our INTENSE range.
    Shop here for our collection.
    Many designer fragrances are Eau De Toilette scents and therefore they won’t last as long as an Eau de parfum because their perfume oil has been diluted down.
    At FM, we can afford to use 20% pure perfume.
    The reason behind this is that we have no celebrity endorser, we don’t have anyone advertising our product on TV and we don’t have any sales assistance in the shops selling it either.

    Giving the customer what they want

    By cutting out the middleman in our manufacturing, we can provide the customer with a quality perfume or aftershave that will last around eight hours if the 20% perfume range is bought.

    By purchasing the 30% pure perfume range, will mean that your fragrance will last even longer. A great choice for a longer- lasting scent.

    Read here on the tips of how to get the best out of your fragrance.

    Celebrity fragrances- Paco Rabanne-1 Million

    I mentioned about popular celebrity fragrances that are around at the moment.

    Let’s take a look at Paco Rabanne1 million.

    Affordable perfumes that smell expensive
    The Paco Rabanne scent is pure class. Distinguished, unique and popular with both men and women


    A very popular scent for men that could set you back around £70 if you were to purchase from stores such as Superdrug.

    Although you are likely to get a 100mil bottle for this price, it is an Eau de Toilette spray so will last around 4-6 hours.

    The fragrance notes in this perfume consist of fresh grapefruit, mandarin and peppermint alongside rose absolute, cinnamon bark and mask. The base has an ultra masculine leather scent.

    FM has a very similar scent to that of Paco Rabanne1 million which falls in the oriental notes family.


    Compare the notes to FM199 PURE ROYAL ( our inspired fragrance) and you will see that they are very similar but not the same.


    Type: rich, multi-threaded Fragrance notes:

    Head: Italian mandarin, peppermint

    Heart: cinnamon, Turkish rose, cardamom

    Base: leather note

    Saving you money on the things you love

    For a 50m bottle, you will get 20% pure fragrance oil and an affordable price tag of just £27.50.

    Another great fact with some of our fragrances is that other products in the same scent can be purchased too.

    With FM 199 fragrance, we has a refreshing aftershave lotion and an aftershave balm to compliment their perfume.


    When there is a scent that has similar notes to the designer scents at an affordable price, it’s no wonder that FM World is in its 13th year celebrating such mastery in the fragrance world.

    You get to smell gorgeous, with a long-lasting scent that has similar notes to your favourite expensive brand and the best thing is that your friends won’t tell the difference.

    What’s even more wonderful is that the company allow anyone over the age of sixteen to create a FREE account. A great opportunity to save on perfumes and aftershaves by buying at cost price. Sign up here for the UK.

    Get in touch if you live in a different part of the world.

    With so many top designer brands to choose from, we have an alternative.

    Saving you money to spend on other things and the chance to make a switch to a different brand that allows the customer to buy their favourite perfume or aftershave.

    No compromise on quality. No fancy packaging or celebrity endorsers.

    Perfumes created with you in mind.

    Available from our online shop

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    Gender- neutral fragrances

    For years, we’ve bought perfumes specifically for our gender but there’s a new trend with gender- neutral fragrances.

    Walking into a department store, surfing the internet or browsing around the Duty-Free section at the airport before we head away on our holiday, has always seen both men and women steer towards their own gender of fragrances.


    After all, they are always displayed in their own gender so that we can find the female and the male fragrances easily.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Gender-neutral fragrances

    Gender-neutral fragrances became popular in the 1990s, although it may not seem as long to some.


    Over the years, we’ve seen men taking more care in their appearance by using face creams and pampering themselves more than they ever used to.

    Something that was always geared to the women and TV adverts always showed the women taking care of their skin, spraying their favourite perfume and it was all very feminine.

    Today, we see more men using skin care products, taking care of their hair and no one bats an eyelid when they see a man walking along the high street, suited and booted and wearing a pink shirt under their suit jacket.

    A colour that was less accepted years ago on the males.

    So the times have changed and the perfume industry has embraced this.

    We now see gender neutral/ unisex fragrances on the shelves, online and within perfume companies including FM World.


    Gender neutral fragrances
    A new line of unisex fragrances for 2022


    There are many women who have been wearing a ‘male’ fragrance for years as they prefer the scent and not much is said in the way of why they have chosen that particular kind.

    Having a man on the other hand, wearing a floral scent will certainly turn heads for those who recognize a ‘feminine ‘ fragrance lingering, as they walk past.

    A whole new world opens up when we have access to unisex fragrances that can be enjoyed by both men and women.

    We’ve grown up with most things around us being male or female orientated so it’s very refreshing to have products and perfumes that both men and women can enjoy.

    Comments like ” That’s a bit feminine for you” no longer seem to be spoken as we accept that times have moved on.

    Same sex couples are part of our society and nothing is ‘male’ or ‘female’ anymore. Just how it should be.

    Gender- neutral fragrances have become appealing in every sense


    Gone are the days when we have grown up and were taught that fragrance scents such as mask, fruit, floral and vanilla are very much feminine notes.

    Whilst the woody, chipre, oriental and water notes are only for the males.

    Very stereotypical.

    Why have fragrances been categorized into gender specific?

    It comes down to the beauty industry being segregated as male and female and the power of marketing.

    Men’s fragrance bottles are based on masculinity with some of the popular designs crated in the have of a man’s torso, the strong hand or the simplistic use of very square, clean shaped bottles.

    Women’s packaging on the other hand is more feminine.

    Flowers, elegant lids and an extension of their ‘girly’ colours and classy, sophisticated bottles.




    Perfumes, make up, nail polish and hair products are based around the women and the men have their own section of aftershaves, deodorant, shavers and shaving products.

    Top selling make up essentials on ebay

    It’s true that we all suit different scents on our skin and we buy and are attracted to the fragrance notes that we enjoy the most.

    Perfumes and aftershaves bring out the joyfulness, fun and happiness in all of us, especially when we have compliments on our chosen scent of the day.

    The great thing too about having so many fragrances to choose from, for both sexes, is that we can wear a different one every day unless you have a signature scent and wear this one most of the time.

    Mixing things up a bit is definitely the way forward as we can then choose a fragrance for the seasons.

    If you care about the fragrance notes in your bottle of scent, you may well already know that both male and females perfumes and aftershaves contain a mixture of what we class as male and female scents.

    The balance of both determines if the scent is more masculine or feminine.

    There are also fragrance notes that are suitable for both such as citrus, oriental and wood. Both sexes can carry off these scents well if they are balanced right with other notes.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    In the early 90s we had many men and women smelling the same with one of the most popular scent of that era, such as CK1 fragrance here on ebay

    Women have often leaned towards the more masculine scents as some of the female fragrances can be very sweet and are sometimes too sickly to wear on their skin.

    Wearing the wrong type or an overpowering fragrance can give the wearer a headache along with those around them.

    Women can carry off wearing a more masculine scent too than men can with a feminine fragrance.

    A bit like women being able to wear trousers as well as dresses and skirts yet men are not seen in ‘female’ items of clothing unless they’re wearing a kilt, dressed up as a drag queen or walking the fashion line at Avant Garde !

    Is it a power thing ?

    Men need to look and feel masculine and strong so they wear such clothing and scents.

    Some of the female scents are drawn more towards feeling pretty, girly, innocent, seductive and emotional.

    For me personally, I do love both men and women’s fragrances although I lean more towards the female notes.

    Ones that fit in with my small build, long hair and painted nails.

    Gender neutral fragrances
    There are many unisex fragrances to choose from with FM World. Take a look…

    Our influencers

    To some extent we are still very much influenced by the media when it comes to buying perfumes.

    The celebrity influences we have behind the advertising and the fancy bottles contribute to our purchase.

    Nowadays though, we do tend to take our own steps towards choosing what’s right for us in terms of fragrance suitability and indeed cost.

    There are more affordable options available and FM World have their own collection of gender-neutral fragrances with many of their scents inspired by the big names we see today.

    If you would like the opportunity to try one of our fragrances, samples are available here.

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  • Perfumes,  Signature scents

    Signature fragrances

    What are signature fragrances ?




    A signature fragrance is simply a scent that someone always wears. The scent which you instantly recognise and belongs to a certain person.

    Whilst there are many of us that do you prefer to wear a different perfume for different occasions, there will be others who will wear the same fragrance all the time. This is their signature scent.

    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


    Signature fragrances
    Visit the Hott Perfume website for huge savings on your favourite perfumes



    If you have a friend who wears the same perfume every single day, we start to recognize this and as soon as we have a hint of that particular fragrance, it reminds us of them.

    It can be nice to have one particular fragrance that you wear, especially if it’s your absolute favourite but to have a bigger perfume collection for different occasions does work best in the long run.

    A signature scent may be perfect for the daytime but not quite suitable for an evening out, depending on the fragrance notes.


    Why it’s important to wear a different scent


    It’s similar to wearing the same clothes every day, there’s no uniqueness, no individuality and everyone starts to recognize you for the same clothes that you are wearing.
    In a small village in Bedfordshire where I live, we have a few people in the village, like myself, who go out for a daily walk. They’ll be recognised instantly because they wear the same clothing for that activity, every single day.
    Like many others, I like to wear a different outfit. The same principle applies with wearing perfumes.
    Take a look at our previously discussed article about wearing different scents for different seasons.

    Winter perfumes can be far too heavy to wear during the summer because of their fragrance notes. Winter scents usually have heavier notes such as :

    • Oriental
    • Spicy
    • Woody
    • Ambergris


    Signature fragrances
    Strong, winter scents can be over-powering for a signature scent


    Summer notes are more delicate such as :

    • Floral
    • Citrus
    • Vanilla
    • Lavender
    • Fruit


    Signature fragrances
    Choosing delicate, floral scents work well



    The same fragrance

    Wearing the same fragrance every day can be quite boring for yourself as well as others. Just the same as wearing the same outfit every day.

    Similar to wearing a light, summer fragrance during the winter, it won’t be so noticeable. Wearing a winter perfume during the summer will be too heavy and strong.

    Just like wearing summer clothes in the winter and vice versa.

    We just wouldn’t do it.

    Sometimes, having just one perfume is the only way some can manage, especially with the cost of designer perfumes.



    Signature fragrances
    Everyone loves to save money on their fragrances


    Signature fragrances
    Designer fragrances can be costly if you are wanting to own more than one bottle







    Some perhaps can’t afford to have more than one bottle so if you pick the right scent, it can be worn every day, depending on its fragrance notes.

    Every occasion needs a unique scent so it is good to have a few different perfumes to fit those different occasions if you can.

    FM World have unique scents that give you the opportunity to own more than one fragrance at an affordable cost. Take a look at our online shop.

    A selection of fragrances at your fingertips.


    Signature fragrances Signature fragrances


    Sometimes we like to wear a lighter perfume for the daytime, something that’s not too overpowering if working in an office perhaps. Other occasions to wear a light signature perfume would be attending a funeral or a wedding.


    When we think about our surroundings and who we will be sitting with, this can play a part in which perfume we spray.

    Imagine sitting in the cinema, at a work conference or inside a church and you have the strongest fragrance out of everyone.

    Not only are you going to smell the scent yourself but those around you will be impacted too. It’s very off-putting and can cause the other person to cough if the scent is too strong.

    Not everyone wants to smell somebody else’s fragrance. A delicate, light, floral scent is harmless if it doesn’t over- power and disappears shortly after the first sniff. Having a scent that lingers for a few hours is not good.

    This can also happen if you spray too much. Less is more in the perfume and cosmetics world. Read our article about using perfume correctly

    Standing out from the crowd


    Another benefit of wearing a different fragrance every day, is that others will be more likely to notice the perfume scent because it’s a different one that was worn the day before.

    Everyone loves a compliment, so by wearing a different scent some days, it makes others notice you more.

    “I love your perfume, what are you wearing ?”

    This can potentially lead to a recommendation of the perfume and we all like to hear of recommendations, whether it’s a fragrance, a film at the cinema or a restaurant.


    Working in the perfume industry gives me a huge advantage to try different fragrances and when others notice a different scent, I can recommend to them which one I am wearing.


    Signature fragrances

    If you are a wearer of just one perfume fragrance, remember your signature perfume should be a delicate waft of scent.
    After all, this is the scent others will be reminded of when they smell the fragrance notes.
    If you wear one that is far too overpowering and strong, this will have a negative impact and may even lead to people avoiding you!

    The perfume industry is huge and the reason behind this is because we all love to smell gorgeous and why not!

    Some people wear just one fragrance because it is a reminder of memories. Perhaps it’s one you wore on a special occasion, like your wedding, and wearing this scent is a reminder of your special day.


    Unlike the celebrities, who are very much at the base of creating their own signature fragrances, you don’t need to create your signature scent in the same way.

    Simply find one that is suitable to wear through most of the seasons, a light, delicate scent that won’t offend others and you have the perfect perfume.


    What type of scent should you wear ?

    It’s important to match a fragrance to your personality when choosing a signature scent.
    If you’re the kind of person that spends lots of time outdoors, you may want to go for more woody, musk or spicy notes.
    Perhaps you are a lover of the summer. You may want to try floral notes such as citrus, oriental and orange.
    Or maybe you are a romantic at heart and like mysterious and flirty fragrances. Choosing heavier notes such as oriental, ambergris and citrus will definitely get heads turning.
    Signature fragrances
    Romantic perfume notes will turn heads
    Read our article on perfume sillage and find out what the perfect scent should be like.


    Above all, your signature fragrance should be flattering, not overpowering and make people remember you and think of you in the best possible way.


    Would you like help with finding a signature scent ?

    Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and help with your next fragrance choice.


    ScentBox.com is a unique designer fragrance subscription box service. Customers get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for only $14.95. Every month they will choose from over 750 designer fragrances and get them delivered right to their door in our signature keepsake box.



  • Perfumes

    How is perfume made ?

    Millions of us, both men and women and even children, love to wear a fragrance but how is perfume made?

    Whether it is for a night out, just to wear when meeting a friend for coffee or for a day in the office, perfumes are a hugely popular product and have been around for thousands of years.


    How is perfume made
    Cleopatra was a well-known perfume wearer from ancient history



    Wearing a perfume can have so many benefits from lifting our mood, complimenting an outfit or grabbing the intention of the secret admirer. It’s become part of our everyday wear and with so many on the market today, we have lots to choose from.

    We have already covered how to store perfume correctly and how to use perfume to get the most out of your scent but what about where perfume comes from?

    The history of perfume dates back to ancient times, so as far back as 3,000BC and it was the Greeks who first created perfumes in the same way as they are created today.

    The creation of perfume

    There are lots of raw materials that are required before the manufacturing process starts. Ingredients such as spices, leaves, fruits, resins and flowers are all used during the first stages of creating a perfume.




    Without the addition of flowers, it will be very difficult to create a perfume without floral essences and most perfumes are based around floral scents so these are an essential ingredient too.


    When we think of fragrances such as Chanel, they make their own perfume from their own flower fields.

    This is to make sure they have enough product to create their perfumes. Chanel is the largest fashion brand in the world and Chanel no.5 is an iconic perfume.

    Animal products can also be present in perfumes such as musk and ambergris.

    Musk is very commonly used as a base note in perfumes. Musk is secreted from animals such as the musk deer.


    How is perfume made
    The musk deer
    How is perfume made
    The sperm whale



    Incredibly, ambergris is produced in the digestive system of sperm whales which means that whale poo is used in perfumes. The smell matures and as it ages, it develops into a beautiful scent that once diluted with alcohol, is used in perfumery.

    It’s not always easy to get scents for perfumes from nature so sometimes synthetic chemicals might be used instead.

    We are a world of cruelty- free perfumes nowadays so by using synthetic chemicals this can save the lives of animals that are killed in order for their oils to can be used in the making of perfumes.

    Many perfume companies such as FM WORLD are cruelty -free.

    How the oil is extracted for making perfume


    To begin with, oil is taken from flowers and plant material so that it can be used to create fragrances.

    How is perfume made



    In order for the oil to be extracted from the plant one of the ways in which this is done is by expression. The plants are squeezed until the oil releases. A bit like squeezing juice out of an orange or a lemon.



    Other methods that are used for boiling plant parts is to steam the plants to get the oils out. This process is known as steam distillation.

    Another method is where plant parts are dissolved in benzene. They are then exposed to ethyl alcohol. This is then burned off so that the perfume oil remains and can be used.

    Curious as to why perfume is so expensive ?

    When oil from around 660 roses is taken to create a 15ml bottle of French perfume, it’s no surprise why fragrances cost a lot of money.

    Along with the celebrity endorsers, fancy packaging and sales assistance, it’s easy to see how a small bottle of perfume can end up with a hefty price tag.


    Relevant post –  The cost of perfume


    How the experts create a perfume scent


    It’s not a quick process when it comes to creating perfumes. It can take many years and lots of ingredients before the experts reach a desired scent and formula. Of course, the end result is a genuine perfume that we can wear for around 2 years and be complimented on by others.

    The experts must take time and do extensive testing and mixing to create the perfect scent.

    Once the formula is created, it is then used to blend the extracted oils. When the experts have reached their desired scent, they mix alcohol into the mixture to dilute the ingredients.

    The more alcohol that is added to the mixture, the stronger the perfume will be. If we look at cologne for example, this will contain the most alcohol.

    When you purchase an eau de toilette, this will contain less alcohol than cologne and if you purchase a perfume, this will have the least amount of alcohol and therefore will give the strongest scent.

    Perfume will contain around 40% of essential oils and a cologne will have around 10% essential oils.


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    What happens after the oil and scents have been added


    Once the oils have been extracted from the plants and blended in with alcohol, the mixture is then ready for the aging process.

    In order to do this, the perfume is set in a dark, cool room. It will then stay there for several months without being disturbed or touched.

    Whilst the perfume has been left, this will help to bind the oils and the alcohol together.

    Quite normally, the smell will be stronger after the aging process. Adjustments to the blending can take place at this time.

    When you see a bottle of perfume in a department store, it’s been through a long process to get there.

    It will have been thoroughly tested to make sure that the scent is perfect and how it should be before it is allowed to go on sale to the public.

    So the next time you purchase a bottle of your favourite perfume, remember just how long its taken to get onto the shelves and in your possession.

    How is perfume made
    Perfume stores


    Do you have a favourite scent ? Do you wear a different one every day to match your mood? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Branding,  Perfumes

    The cost of perfume

    The cost of perfume is often a talking point when designer fragrances are mentioned.


    Therefore, saving money is a focus for many of us. If we can find a suitable fragrance that is a better price and suits our needs, we’re all for that.

    Working with a perfume company brings its fair share of questions.

    One of the questions that is most asked is what the difference is between designer fragrances and Fm fragrances.

    Many have been very skeptical over the years, certainly more so in the early days when FM was created.


    The cost of perfume
    Drom create perfume oil for many designers as well as FM


    How can a perfume that smells almost identical to a designer one cost so much less?Here’s a breakdown of the difference and where your money actually goes when you purchase both.

    Designer- the true cost of perfume

    Do you sell designer perfume ?

    When it comes to design perfumes, the first thing we think of is the fancy packaging.

    Some boxes are just as creative as the bottles and its good practice to keep them in the box away from direct sunlight when storing. They will last longer when stored correctly.

    One of the main features that stand out with designer perfumes is their stunning bottles.

    There are some gorgeous bottles in the stores and this alone makes the product eye-catching for the customer.

    When a product stands out, we are more likely to purchase it.

    Some most distinctive bottles are Angel by Thierry Muglar. Shaped like a star. Not the most practical bottle as it doesn’t stand up on its own. That one is definitely best to keep in its box.

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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    The cost of perfume
    Good Girl by Carolina Herrera



    The cost of perfume
    Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler



    Another one which is likely to catch the eye is Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. A very large bottle that’s shaped like a blue stiletto shoe and another one that isn’t practical for every day.

    Especially if you want to take it with you in your handbag for a night out.

    We are certainly a visual nation when it comes to designer bottles and packaging.

    Besides a small portion of money going towards the fancy packaging, what else does the customer pay for ?

    Celebrity perfumes

    Every celebrity perfume will have a celebrity endorser.



    The cost of perfume


    A celebrity endorser is someone famous who uses their status and fame to advertise a product or brand.

    They get paid thousands of pounds to advertise a product such as a fragrance, in an advert that may only last 30 seconds.

    Everything from the hair, the make up and the wardrobe to the backdrop set or destination of the advert will cost money and lots of it.


    TV advertising is another part of where our money goes.

    You’ll often see perfume adverts, especially around Christmas time when TV bosses will take advantage of viewers watching TV during the run up to Christmas.

    Customers are looking at ideas for gifts and what better way than showcase a product during peak time.

    Christmas adverts seem to start earlier each year, as early as October. The TV screen gets showered in adverts to encourage early sales.

    Diluted perfume oil

    Designers fragrance perfume oil is diluted so the expensive bottle of Chanel No 5 that you’ve purchase won’t last as long as you’re hoping.

    We all expect a scent to last for the working day at best without the need to re apply.

    This is the production line before your fragrance reaches your shopping basket.

    Manufacturers ➡️ warehouse ➡️ distribution centre ➡️retailers ➡️ customers.

    So when we see just what and who is involved in creating a designer perfume, it highlights why the cost can be expensive, especially the top end brands.

    FM perfumes- an alternate to high street brands

    As we’ve just highlighted about the packaging of designer perfumes, FM use simple packaging.

    We don’t need to put our bottle inside fancy boxes. No one see the box when you purchase a new bottle so why pay money for it ?

    We also have a simple bottle design. Customers are not paying for the bottle when it comes to FM perfumes.

    It’s the contents inside that matters the most.

    Pure oil is used when FM perfumes are created. They don’t dilute the perfume oil so your perfume will last much longer.

    Distributor ➡️ customer- it’s really a simple process and as we don’t have a ‘middle man’ we can keep the costs low for you. No advertising, no endorses, no expensive packaging.

    Keeping more money in your purse

    We know the importance of having a fragrance that lasts and is kind to your purse/wallet.

    Many of you have made the swap and are making huge savings on your fragrances.


    • No one sees the fancy box
    • No one see the fancy bottle
    • Celebrities get paid thousands to advertise
    • TV adverts cost thousands to produce
    • Your perfume oil gets diluted
    • There’s a long chain before the customer gets their product.

    So, why are designer perfumes so expensive?

    It’s crystal clear

    Perfume and beauty resources


    We have samples for over 150 fragrances that are available for you can try. 

  • Perfumes

    Travel size perfume

    Travelling abroad is loved by so many and several years ago, it never caused a problem with travel size perfume.

    Travelling on holiday these days, sees many restrictions when it comes to taking your daily products such as shampoo, body lotions and your favourite spritz.

    Travel size perfume
    Skin care products for the holiday season

    The horror of an airport worker taking away your most expensive bottle of perfume because it was over the limit, would leave many travellers mortified.

    We can all handle the opened bottle of water being thrown away.


    Designer perfume

    When it comes to a lovely bottle of Gucci or Chanel perfume that gets confiscated, that’s a different story.

    We spend so much time packing the suitcase neatly and adding bottles that could break easily into the suitcase.

    Tucking them under several layers of clothes so that they don’t get broken.

    The last thing you want is your favourite perfume bottle broken and your entire wardrobe smelling of Armani.

    As lovely as the fragrance is, it’s not good being saturated on your clothing.

    Perfume is treated as liquid so it’s the same amount as any other items you may take.

    The same rule applies if you are taking a fragrance with you. 100 mil is your maximum.

    On the market these days we have perfume atomizes so you can decant your favourite fragrance and take it safely with you.

    Holiday perfume

    But what if, like myself, you like to take more than one fragrance on your two week holiday ?

    If you’re travelling for longer than a week, it’s nice to wear a different fragrance rather than the same one.

    If you buy any perfume from the duty-free, you don’t have to follow the 3-1-1 rule 

    Perfume you do buy from the duty-free will cost you more so it’s better to bring your favourite spray from home if you can.

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    Travel size perfume
    Hair care is just as important as taking your favourite fragrance on holiday

    Travel size perfume

    These days, there is more choice when it comes to perfume sizes.

    You can buy travel size perfumes. 15 mil perfume bottles which are perfect for taking away with you.

    This means that you can leave the perfume in the original bottle without the mess of decanting into an atomizer.




    The added benefit of having a 15 mil bottle of your perfume is that it fits snuggly in your handbag.

    Handbag size perfume


    Whenever abroad, ladies do tend to have smaller handbags for the evening out, going for a meal or a walk along the beach. But we don’t want a 50ml bottle weighing down our handbag just for an evening out.

    Travel size perfume
    Women love to take a small bag out with them during the evening



    There are perfumes on the market that will  last much longer too.

    Therefore once you have sprayed, you can quite happily leave that bottle of perfume in your hotel room.



    We do have a tendency to carry much more than we actually need so buying a perfume that lasts around 8 hours is the ideal solution.


    Travel size perfume
    Ladies are known for carrying far more in their handbag than they actually need




    Another option if you don’t want to carry one or two larger bottles, is to take samples with you.

    Up to 46% Off On Perfume Sample Packs 


    Perfume samples will vary in size but most will contain around 1.5 mil.


    This give you the option to take several sample bottles and wear a spritz of different fragrance each day.

    However many you decide to take, always ensure they are packed securely.

    Ideally in a plastic clear bag as you will need to show the contents at the airport when carrying any in your hand luggage.

    This will also prevent any accidental spillages onto the clothing that you’ve packed.

    15ml travel size perfume

    Both men and women like to take their favourite scent with them when they go on holiday.


    gift sets that contain small bottles of your favourite perfume are ideal for holidays.



    If you love designer fragrances but not their price tag, FM have a collection of 15ml fragrances to choose from.

    Take a look here

    Travel size perfume
    Handy size 15ml bottles for travelling
    Travel size perfume
    FM’s Utique range. Classy, unique and affordable
    Travel size perfume
    Utique 20% perfume oil for a longer lasting holiday scent


  • Perfumes

    A passion for fragrances

    A passion for fragrances

    A passion for fragrances 


    When I was around 7 or 8 years old, I had a passion for fragrances. I used to make my own ‘perfume’ and loved the idea of being creative.

    Many of my friends were creative too and we would find ourselves picking flowers from the neighbours garden to make our creations and completely deny to the neighbour that it was actually us that had picked all of their Magnolia, Amaryllis and Chrysanthemums!

    Fancy designer perfume bottles 

    Having picked such beautiful flowers form the neighbours garden, we’d find a suitable bowl from my mums kitchen, pop them in the bowl and crush them up with our fingers into tiny little pieces.

    It was a very messy job. Our fingers would be a mixture of green and brown and boy did the flowers stain!

    A great recipe- a passion for fragrances 


    Once we had our crushed petals, we’d add a little water. The colours would start to drain from the petals and we ended up a with a bowl of mush, pretty much.

    The best ingredients-perfume 

    The best ingredient that we could add was actual perfume. Now, where can we find a nice bottle of perfume to add to our mushed petals…


    A quick sneak into my mums bedroom to ‘borrow’ her very expensive YSL Black Opium fragrance…..

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    A passion for fragrances
    Black Opium

    John Lewis 


    She won’t notice her favourite perfume was missing. She won’t miss a little drop for her expensive bottle.

    After all, she hardly wore it anyway because it was expensive and adults only wore expensive perfume when they went out somewhere posh and worthy of wearing it.

    ScentBox.com is a unique designer fragrance subscription box service. Customers get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for only $14.95. Every month they will choose from over 750 designer fragrances and get them delivered right to their door in our signature keepsake box.

    The complete creation of perfume 

    Well, after mixing mums favourite perfume into the bowl with our mushed up petals and possibly a little soil from the neighbours garden too, our complete creation smelt absolutely lovely… I could have become a millionaire!!

    As for the bottle of my mums perfume…. empty !! I was a very fast runner as a child ……

    We no longer need to create our own fragrances these days as we have a world of perfume at our fingertips and ones that are affordable too.

    Take a look at our online shop for a better insight into the collection of perfumes we sell.

    online shop 





  • Perfumes

    Why wear perfume

    Why wear perfume ? What’s the reason that women and men wear fragrances?

    I know several friends who don’t wear a fragrance.

    Some are allergic to certain fragrances, some don’t feel the need to wear a perfume, (those are the ones that also don’t wear make-up) perhaps there’s a connection?


    Some only wear it on a special occasion such as a wedding or a night out. Whilst others will wear their fragrance regardless.


    It becomes part of their daily routine. They may choose more suitable scents if they are only wear a perfume at home.



    Why wear perfume
    Pure Royal and Pure fragrances. Simple packaging without costing a fortune

    Why wear perfume fragrance ?

    Perfume has a great way of lifting our mood and makes us feel happy. Especially when those around comment on the scent we’re wearing.

    It also makes us feel like we’re fully dressed.

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    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.  


    A bit like going out without jewellery or make up on. It almost feels like a part of an outfit is missing.

    We wouldn’t go through the day without deodorant but some do choose not to wear a fragrance for that day.

    No matter where I’m going, if it’s to work or to the shops or simply being at home pottering around the house, I always wear my perfume.

    Having the added benefit of access to affordable fragrances certainly helps as I have my own collection and I can wear a different one every day.

    Depending what outfit, outing or the mood, will have an impact on what fragrance is worn.

    By wearing a different perfume every day, it gives others around us the opportunity to comment because there’s a fragrance scent that smells different from the day before.

    Why wear perfume

  • Perfumes

    Drom fragrances

    Drom fragrances
    Drom are one of the biggest perfume oil suppliers in the world



    It wasn’t until I began working with Fm Cosmetics 7 years ago, that I learnt who Drom fragrances were.


    After all, when I was young, I simply bought a perfume just because it smelt nice, without ever knowing where any of the ingredients came from.

    When I was introduced to DROM seven years ago by my FM sponsor, I learnt that they were one of the biggest perfume oil supplies in the world and they supplied perfume oil for the worlds most famous designer perfume companies.


    I never knew this before. I guess like m0st things, we don’t know where things originate from. We just purchase because it’s something we want.

    Based in Germany, the story of DROM began during the early 1920’s and was created by the Storp family.

    So where does the name originate ? In the early 1920s, Bruno Storp met the perfumer Dr Clement. The foundation of DR O Martens & Co was renamed DROM.

    DROM fragrances
    One of the biggest perfume producers in the world


    Anyone who has ever purchased a bottle of FM perfume will know that they bear remarkable similarities to the High Street brands.

    Why? Because DROM retain the rights to the creations and market to a number of other companies, including ours.

    With over 200 fragrances to choose from, the company has grown bigger and bigger every year. This year, 2021, sees FM enjoying their 18th year in business.

    When DROM fragrances met FM

    In 2004, FM world Poland was established by a man called Mr Artur Trawinski.

    A man i had the amazing chance to meet during one of our conferences on 10th October 2005.

    Not knowing what to expect when you meet a man who has created a worldwide business that started with fragrances, i was pleasantly surprised when he was just an ordinary man, with a big dream.


    FM became a huge network marketing company that sees millions of distributors like myself, enjoying amazing products, helping others to earn an extra income and build a community of followers online and in person.

    DROM fragrances
    The owner and founder of FM cosmetics
    DROM fragrances
    With the owner of FM cosmetics -Artur Trawinski-2005













    DROM perfume
    Our mens and women’s numbered perfumes



    Pop along to our online shop and take a look at the selection of fragrances that we sell. Affordable, unique and long lasting. We have samples for all of our fragrances so you won’t have to purchase a bottle before you’ve tried a sample.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch using the form below or Contact us