Travel size perfume

Travelling abroad is loved by so many, and several years ago, it never caused a problem with travel-sized perfume. Going on holiday these days involves many restrictions when it comes to carrying your daily products, such as shampoo, body lotions, and your favourite spritz.

Travel size perfume
Skin care products for the holiday season

The horror of an airport worker confiscating your most expensive bottle of perfume, because it exceeded the limit, would leave many travellers mortified. We can all handle having an opened bottle of water discarded.

Designer perfume

When it comes to a lovely bottle of Gucci or Chanel perfume getting confiscated, that’s a different story.

We invest so much time in packing our suitcases neatly and carefully placing fragile bottles inside. We tuck them beneath several layers of clothing to ensure they don’t break.

The last thing you want is your favourite perfume bottle shattered, leaving your entire wardrobe smelling of Armani.

As delightful as the fragrance is, having it saturate your clothing isn’t ideal.

Perfume is classified as a liquid, so it falls under the same regulations as other items you might take. The same rule applies if you’re bringing a fragrance with you: 100 millilitres is the maximum allowed.

These days, we have perfume atomisers available, allowing you to transfer your favourite fragrance into a travel-friendly container and take it with you safely.

Holiday perfume

But what if, like myself, you enjoy taking more than one fragrance on your two-week holiday?

If you’re travelling for longer than a week, it’s nice to have the option to wear a different fragrance each day instead of sticking to the same one.

The good news is, that if you purchase perfume from duty-free shops, you don’t have to adhere to the 3-1-1 rule.

However, it’s worth noting that perfume bought duty-free can be more expensive, so if possible, it’s better to bring your favourite sprays from home.

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Travel size perfume
Hair care is just as important as taking your favourite fragrance on holiday



Travel size perfume

These days, there is more variety in perfume sizes available. You can purchase travel-sized perfumes in 15-millilitre bottles, which are perfect for taking with you on your travels.

This allows you to keep the perfume in its original bottle, eliminating the hassle of transferring it into an atomiser and the potential for mess.

An additional benefit of having a 15-millilitre bottle of your perfume is that it fits snugly in your handbag.

Handbag size perfume

When abroad, ladies often opt for smaller handbags when heading out for the evening, whether it’s for a meal or a stroll along the beach. Carrying a 50-millilitre bottle of perfume in your handbag for just an evening out can be quite cumbersome and unnecessary.

Travel size perfume

There are perfumes on the market that have a longer-lasting fragrance. This means that once you’ve sprayed it, you can confidently leave the perfume bottle in your hotel room.

As travellers, we often tend to carry more than we need, so purchasing a perfume that lasts around 8 hours is an ideal solution.

Travel size perfume
Ladies are known for carrying far more in their handbag than they need

Another viable option, if you prefer not to carry one or two larger bottles of perfume, is to bring along samples. This approach allows you to have a variety of scents at your disposal without the bulk and weight of full-sized bottles. Sampling your favourite fragrances can also be an exciting way to discover new scents and find the perfect one to match your mood or occasion while travelling.

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Perfume samples come in various sizes, but most contain around 1.5 millilitres each. This provides you with the flexibility to carry multiple sample bottles, allowing you to wear a different fragrance each day of your trip.

No matter how many you decide to bring, it’s crucial to pack them securely. It’s ideal to place them in a clear plastic bag, as you’ll need to display the contents at the airport security checkpoint when carrying them in your hand luggage.

This not only ensures compliance with regulations but also helps prevent any accidental spillage onto the clothing you’ve packed, preserving the freshness of your wardrobe during your travels.

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15ml travel-size perfume

Both men and women have a penchant for bringing their favourite scents with them when they embark on holiday adventures.

Gift sets that include small bottles of your cherished perfume are perfect for vacations.

If you have a liking for designer fragrances but are wary of their hefty price tags, FM offers a range of 15ml fragrances for you to explore. Take a look here to find your ideal fragrance companion for your travels.

Travel size perfume
Handy size 15ml bottles for travelling
Travel size perfume
FM’s Utique range. Classy, unique and affordable
Travel size perfume
Utique 20% perfume oil for a longer-lasting holiday scent


While travelling, the choice of fragrance can be a personal and delightful part of the journey. The considerations of perfume size, convenience, and variety are essential for both men and women.

Whether it’s opting for travel-sized bottles, convenient sample sets, or exploring affordable alternatives, there are numerous ways to ensure you carry your favourite scents with you on your holiday without the hassle.

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