The world’s most expensive perfume

It’s a well-known fact that designer fragrances can be costly so what about the world’s most expensive perfume? The creator of such a perfume is Clive Christian. A fragrance house that has been developing the world’s finest fragrances and perfumes since 1872.

Studying his signature bottle alone, this one was created more so for collectors than for its content and was designed for the celebration of its latest boutique in London.

Clive Christian has a vision for exquisite and unique taste and doesn’t see perfume as just a fragrance in a bottle. It goes way deeper than that.

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Signature bottle

Clive Christian developed a beautiful bottle from his signature fragrance ( no 1 Passant Guardant) and decorated it with 24-carat gold lattice-work, with over 2000 individually set white diamonds.

With a flawless finish, two yellow diamonds set an eye for the magnificent lion and a rare pink diamond embedded and used for the lion’s tongue, this signature bottle is a true work of art.

The most expensive perfume in the world
The most expensive perfume in the world

Coming in at $175,000 per ounce, it is the second most expensive perfume in the world. So why does this perfume house stand out from all the rest?

It’s clear to see that with such an exquisite bottle there will surely be an exquisite perfume. This particular bottle named number one Passant Guardant has become officially recognised as the world’s most expensive perfume.

Every bottle in the collection has a distinctive crown symbol for the cap of the perfume. The right to have such a unique symbol was first granted by Queen Victoria herself in 1872. Impressive stuff!

There isn’t anything like Clive Christian‘s creations on the market today and certainly no attempts at trying to copy his brand. We’re often swayed to purchase a designer bottle because of its beautiful design as well as its fragrance.

We already know that fragrances adapt to the wearer’s skin but what makes Clive Christian’s fragrances unique is their ability to create a unique scent on every individual. A scent that develops gradually over hours, this truly sets the standard high for the perfect fragrance.

Each of his perfumes is designed using possibly the costliest ingredients but also the finest available. Unlike traditional designer fragrances that more often than not will contain 16% perfume oil, here we have the use of 20-25% perfume oil being used. This ensures that we have a longer-lasting fragrance.

Very clever too, that Clive Christian has created a collection with the letters of their name engraved on each bottle for a more distinctive appearance.

With such unique bottles, each one adorning the crown cap, there’s an element of taste and elegance with this design that leaves us in awe that such beauty has been created.

Let’s take a look at just what each of these fragrances contains that makes them stand out from any other.

The C.L.I.V.E collection

The most expensive perfume in the world






So within each of these unique bottles, what kind of fragrance will we find? For starters, each of these perfumes will set you back £310.00 when you purchase directly.

Creativity – C WOODY LEATHER

Woody fragrances are a much-loved scent by many and this one is no exception. Often the perfect fragrance to wear during the autumn and winter months, this fragrance oozes smokiness with its well-thought-out notes of saffron and tobacco. The added scent of mandarin gives this fragrance a balance of freshness whilst the skin is embraced with amber and oud.


With a bottle that stands for luxury, we surely wouldn’t expect anything less with this fragrance. Luxury certainly does ooze perfection when it comes to this scent.

The respect and admiration inside this bottle capture pure elegance with its combination of rose and jasmine. When a perfume also contains dry orris, you know the price tag for this ingredient alone is going to be heart-stopping and expensive.

Orris is left for a minimum of three years before it can be used, as at first it is odourless. For the scent to develop, it is stored in jute bags. Natural fibre bags are made from plants and are spun to create a course and strong threads.
Added notes of frankincense, musk, honey and vanilla give this fragrance a sophisticated and classic aroma to make it the highest level of luxury.


A combination of floral and woody fragrance notes gives this perfume unique creativity with a hint of nature and the great outdoors. Having top notes of mandarin from the citrus family with red fruits and spices gives this woody fragrance a superb kick of strong wood and floral scents.

Topped with a base of patchouli, jasmine and a touch of oud, this perfume is the perfect scent for those who love strong floral fragrances. That’s me sold!


With amber fougre notes from the oriental family and added vetiver, which is an essential oil obtained from the root of Indian grass, this gives the perfume its stunning quality.

Added peppers give a great contrast to its amber base. A refreshing and lively fragrance that dances on the skin. A smoky feel to this fragrance brings the notes to life.


If you are a lover of sweet fragrances, this unique bottle fits the bill. With top notes of peach and fruity rum, the extraordinary scent in this bottle will capture the hearts of those who have a preference for sweet perfumes. Also, containing cinnamon, cloves and labdanum at the heart of this fragrance, gives it an elegant aroma with its exceptional ingredients.

The creation of the most expensive perfumes in the world

Clive Christian uses the rarest and most natural ingredients when it comes to creating their perfumes. The journey starts with pure expertise and exceptional and international training from a selection of perfumers based in Britain. All of their perfumes are created here too. Incredible to learn that each perfume contains between 100 and 300 different ingredients!

Sourcing rare and exotic ingredients makes them as unique as they are. The finest of ingredients have to be grown in the perfect condition. Using so many ingredients makes Clive Christian’s perfumes even more unique and each one goes on its journey before it can be sold. Sometimes this can take several years.

The most expensive perfume in the world
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rafael Diaz/EPA/Shutterstock (8029381a)
Clive Christian’s ‘No 1 Imperial Majesty’

What’s even more incredible is that their perfumes are created with such technology that every wearer will have 8 hours of fragrance that pops through the skin throughout the day, giving the wearer a selection of different notes to enjoy.

None of the usual re-applying during your lunch break! A powerful breakthrough in the art of fragrances and every drop that is sprayed has been created with pure complexity.

Of course, there will be a certain kind of market and person who could afford such elegance in a bottle and spending such a large amount does have its limits when looking to own one. Like everything else, there is a place for expensive clothing, exquisite food and jaw-dropping perfume.

One will certainly be remembered for the unique scent that’s left behind and just the same as the fragrances you currently use, it’s even more important that you follow the tips when applying your perfume to get the most out of your scent.

Pure perfume at its finest


Alongside creating unique and beautiful perfumes, Clive Christian has created The Absolute range which is made to order and contains 100% perfume oil! Wow! What’s even more is that one of these bottles will set you back £3,500!!

It would be the chosen few who would buy such a perfume but wonderful to have one made to order and containing pure oil. A bottle that would be kept for prosperity after the perfume has been used.

The most expensive perfume in the world
The most expensive perfume in the world

Containing such a high amount of oil will give you around 12 hours of pure perfume fragrance. One spray will surely be enough of one of these stunning bottles just for its concentration alone. With over 200 of its finest ingredients too it’s no surprise that these perfumes are hugely expensive.

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Take a look at for their prices on these stunning perfumes. I’d love to hear about the most expensive perfume that you have purchased.

Let me know in the comments.

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  • Jannette

    Wow, I taught my taste of perfume was already breaking my bank account and my husband thinks so to as I love good smelling perfume. The price of Clive Christian that has 24 carat gold lattice work is surely expensive, if I paid that much would not use and just lock the bottle away for save keeping. I know of a perfume collector and have shared on social media for them to check out your blog. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Janette,

      Certainly an eye watering price for such a beautiful bottle and definitely one to keep on show and never used !

      Perfumes can cost a fair amount in general and Clive Christian shows a true passion not just for a unique fragrance but also for incredible detail within their bottles.

      Thank you so much for sharing my blog. It’s very much appreciated.


  • Terence

    Great article! The scent of perfumes are fascinating, especially knowing how strong the smell is when grasping a whiff. The creator of the perfume that you described in the article sounds amazing, he is really passionate about mastering his craft of producing high-quality perfumes. The smell of perfumes can be mesmerizing and can make an entire room smell good. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hey Terence! Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed reading it. This one was one of my favourites to write as I was in awe of such incredible workmanship and creativity in such perfumes.

      He certainly shows how unique perfume can be and his bottles would most certainly be a signature scent if one could afford them ! 

      There are so many beautiful scents available today and they can lift our mood immensely as well as make a statement.

      Thanks for reading,


  • kiersti

    Great article you have here. I have always enjoyed perfumes and the many ranges of scents that are out there. With all the choices out there I find it interesting people pay thousands for a oz of perfume. To me it’s not worth it. However I know that these perfumes be so great and smell wonderful. I see the creator of these wonderful perfumes does a great job with the scents. Maybe one day I find someone that be interested so I can purchase such fine smells. 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Kiersti, 

      Thank you ! It’s incredible how much perfume can cost and these ones are certainly for the chosen few with no limits on a budget.

      Perfume brings out the best in us, whether it’s men or women wearing a scent. It’s also about finding a fragrance/ fragrances that suit our skin and our purse/wallet.

      That’s one of the reasons why FM World was created. The company wanted to produce unique fragrances that were not only long-lasting but also affordable for the majority of us.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your views,


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