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    The five most expensive candles

    This year, especially, has seen a rise in purchases of candles due to the rise in our gas and electricity bills.

    Shoppers are looking for ways to heat their homes without switching on the heating and also making their home feel cosy and scented.

    Whilst the majority of us will look for affordable candles, such as tea lights, let’s take a look at the five most expensive candles that are available on the market today for a bit more glamour.

    The five most expensive candles


    We already know that will be pay more for ‘designer’ products so it’s good to shop around and visit places such as eBay for a reduction in price.

    Whenever we purchase products from the named websites, we know it will cost considerably more.

    Why are designer candles expensive?

    Designers use high quality waxes for their candles to start with so that they are better for the environment and our health. They don’t emit excess carbon like paraffin candles do.

    If we shop for plant based waxes such as beeswax or soya then this will definitely reflect in the amount we pay.

    By using expensive materials, we as the customer are then paying for the experience of having a candle that burns evenly, is healthier for our environment and our health and we have a candle that gives off a continuous scent.

    Designers will use top quality fragrances in their candles so this will also reflect the price.

    They will also use high end packaging, top quality candle wax and an elegant jar for it to burn safely inside.

    Every part of creating some of the worlds most expensive candles will go through a very vigorous process that costs a lot of money with each element of its manufacture.

    Designers will also use pure essential oils for their fragrance instead of artificial oils so we can see why we are paying so much more than the cheaper, every day candles.

    The jar is another costly part of the product. They are bulky and heavy and will therefore cost more to ship because of this.

    The benefit of purchasing expensive candles is that they don’t need to be lit for hours in order for the scent to fill the room in your home.


    The five most expensive candles

    Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous

    It’s of little surprise that a candle created by Tom Ford is on the list. Fucking Fabulous not only sees a popular fragrance that was released in 2017, but also a reasonably expensive candle.

    Tom Ford is a fashion designer and filmmaker, who founded the American luxury fashion house by the same name.

    Among his creations are beautiful scented perfumes and top quality cosmetics.

    FM 823 is inspired by Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous perfume for men

    It has a beautiful collection of fragrance notes, including clary sage, leather, vanilla, lavender, tonka bean, orris root and blond woods.

    This candle, just like its perfume, is one of his best-sellers and if you have ever had the opportunity to smell this scent, it’s easy to see why it is so popular.



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    We often find ourselves shopping in the hope of finding something different to what everyone else may have bought.

    With a very distinctive scent, the Tom Ford candle is sure to bring your home to life.

    The fragrance notes have just the right balance that gives the opportunity for the scent to be suited in any home.

    Along with its classy candle jar that glows with sophistication and a label to catch anyone’s eye, this 21oz candle will have a burn time of approximately 40 hours.

    The five most expensive candles
    A hugely popular candle by Tom ford

    Buy now on ebay


    It has a wonderful winter feel when lit as the note of spicy leather fills the air.

    With its name alone, we expect to be in for a treat as soon as the candle is lit. Clary sage and fresh lavender are a beautiful combination that instantly empowers the room as the rest of the notes infuse together.

    FM WORLD sell a selection of perfumes inspired by Tom Ford. This particular scent can be purchased here.

    The five most expensive perfumes
    FM 83 is inspired by Tom ford’s perfume


    Jo Malone LondonPomegranate Noir Luxury Candle


    Jo Malone products are no stranger to our high streets and online shopping experience and if you were to shop direct, you would be looking at around £350.00 for the 2.1kg candle!

    That’s definitely not loose change between the sofa cushions!

    Needless to say, there are other places to purchase such a beautiful scent.

    In its elegant glass jar, the burn time of this candle is approximately 220 hours.

    There are indeed smaller versions available online and smaller candles that will suit most budgets. Take a look on ebay.


    The five most expensive candles



    Such candles make a wonderful gift for a wedding anniversary or birthday.

    This one fills the home with its magical scent of pomegranate, smoky Guaiac wood, raspberry and pink pepper, long after the flame has been extinguished.

    There is the bonus of a lid to keep the candle looking elegant when not in use.

    Everyone loves a classy looking candle that looks good in the home and Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir is light and fresh with a spicy kick.

    It’s easy to see why this one is a bestseller.


    Versace- Medusa Grande Fuchsia Scented Candle

    If you have around £390 to spare and an old style home, then this unique candle and holder will fit right in to unusual home decor.

    Unlike many candles on the market, this little gem looks too elegant to actually light!

    Crafted from porcelain and with one of Gianni Versace’s most recognised motifs, the sculptural Medusa head, this candle hits perfection to bring a touch of Versace to the home.

    Who doesn’t dream of having such designer products in their home?

    Made with eco-soya wax and containing a floral, fresh fragrance, this candle has a burn time of approximately 40 hours and the elegant pot can be re purposed after the candle has been used.

    The five most expensive candles



    Buy now on ebay



    Another name that screams ‘power’ and ‘expense’ is Gucci.

    Everyone has heard of this Italian luxury fashion house. The company was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci and has expanded over the years, creating everything from top quality handbags to luxury perfume and extravagant clothes.

    It’s of no surprise then to learn that the Fumus Star Eye candle will set you back around £295.00 on Gucci’s official site.

    That’s definitely a candle with a designer name tag.

    This candle has a very unusual look.

    The porcelain lid has a fist tightly gripped around a loop for ease with taking the lid off the candle and is part of a theme that runs across this candle collection.

    There is a very eye-catching design of a ‘Star Eye’ on the side of the candle container and a wonderful choice of colours in the graphics to make this candle catch the eye and ‘pop’.

    The five most expensive candles

    The scent is a gorgeous mixture of birch, orange leaves and beeswax and has an approximate burn time of 68 hours.

    It has a cotton wick and is made in Italy.

    The porcelain jar can be reused as a container for something else around the home or perhaps for a tea light candle.

    This one for sale on eBay is priced as ‘used’ for 30 minutes with a few marks but if you want to avoid a £300 price tag and opt for one that’s more than half price on Versace’s official website price tag, take a look here.

    Tom Dixon – Fire

    If you are looking for elegance in a candle, then Tom Dixon’s Fire is just that.

    A candle set in a two-tone candle holder, with an elegant shape that would sit perfectly in any home. Even the box looks elegant.

    With Cypriol oil, amber and musk, this candle has the scent of black suede accord, vertical oil and guaiac and will set you back around £170 on the official website.

    The five most expensive candles


    Buy now on ebay



    If you have the money to spend on an expensive candle, then absolutely go for it!

    Better quality, safer for your health, and the environment and a scent that will last much longer than your average candles.

    looking for more affordable candles?

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    The best summer fragrances for women

    Summer is finally here so if you’re looking for a fragrance, what are the best summer fragrances for women?

    The hot season, whether its’s here in the UK or abroad, requires a more subtle fragrance on the skin.


    The best summer fragrances for women


    Any scent that is too strong or heavy in fragrance notes won’t sit nicely on the skin and will most certainly be off-putting for you as well as those around you.

    Popular fragrance notes for summer

    Orange blossom
    The best summer fragrances for women


    All the above fragrance notes speak ‘summer’ and ‘delicate scents’.

    During the heat, we wear lighter clothing so it makes sense to wear a lighter fragrance.

    There are lots of options to wearing a lighter scent when it comes to perfumes and fragrances.


    Body sprays for a lighter option

    Body sprays as we have previously discussed work very well when it’s hot. They instantly cool the skin down as well with their delicate mist.

    I have reached for my FM no.20 body mist over the past few weeks when we have seen temperatures read as high as 32 degrees.

    It felt far too hot to be wearing a perfume, especially as our own brand contain 20% pure perfume oil for a longer lasting fragrance.

    EDT is a great option too as these will give off just as good a fragrance but without so much longevity.

    Some women don’t feel fully dressed without a spritz of their favourite scent so having other options is of great benefit.

    If you’re a lover of fragrances, then you will already know just how many there are to choose from.

    It can be very overwhelming, especially if you usually purchase your favourite bottle from the perfume department stores.

    An overlay of scent whilst you try on several brands can give headaches and put you off from buying any.

    We like to have the option to try before we buy, especially if we’re looking for something new and different to our usual smell.


    Samples are available to try

    You can try samples before you make a purchase at FM World. Check out our shop here.

    The perfect scents to choose are those that have base notes of the summer scents.

    You don’t want to choose one that smells like summer with its first spray and then has heavy notes as the day goes on.

    By choosing perfumes and scents that have delicate base notes allows for that scent to stay subtle and soft throughout the day without feeling overpowering for you or anyone who walks past.


    Let’s take a look at some of the popular fragrance scents that are suitable for the hotter weather.

    The best summer fragrances for women


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    1. Crystal Noir- Versace

    Versace launched this fragrance in 2004 with many saying that it was the perfect scent for strolls along the beach.

    Sitting nicely in the flower family of scents, Versace has created the perfect perfume to compliment summer with some of its delicate notes including coconut, orange blossom and musk.

    We automatically feel a summer vibe whenever we smell coconut.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Versace -Crystal Noir


    2. Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel

    It goes without saying that Chanel certainly creates some of the best fragrances that we see online and in the stores today.

    From the iconic Chanel no.5 to this little gem.

    With a mixture of exotic summer scents in this gorgeous fragrance, we find ourselves instantly transported to the beautiful sea coasts, a quaint taverna and evening strolls with a beautiful blend of summer scents.

    Already sitting in the fruit and floral fragrance family, you will get an instant whiff of fruits, vanilla, white floral and citrus notes. Have you tried FM World’s body spray no 20 that has similar fragrance notes ? Take a look here.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Coco Mademoiselle-Chanel



    Shop Our KIERIN Discovery Kit & Get a $20 Credit Towards Your Next Online Full-Sized Fragrance Purchase


    3. Daisy-Marc Jacobs


    Another popular scent that I feel it suitable for all year round and has the most delightful design of bottle is Daisy.

    This perfume was launched in 2007 and has been popular ever since.

    You really do get a feel of fruit and summer with its combination of strawberry, jasmine, vanilla, musk and ruby red grapefruit notes.

    Pop those notes into a bowl and they would make the perfect fruit salad I’m sure!

    It is a perfume that instantly gives a feminine and romantic vibe that can be worn with confidence all year round.

    The wonderful bottle design fits in perfectly with a summer holiday and is a real head turner.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    Daisy- Marc Jacobs









    4. La Vie Est Belle-Lancôme



    There won’t be many women that haven’t hard of this beautiful scent. With the ever so beautiful Julia Roberts fore fronting such a fragrance since its release in 2012.

    The TV advert reaches our screens every Christmas and certainly makes this scent and bottle memorable.

    A wonderful combination of fragrance notes that no one can resist.

    Black current, pear, orange blossom, vanilla, patchouli and tonka bean notes give this delightful perfume its huge popularity.

    Based on the concept of natural beauty and charm, with another bottle showing off a classy and elegant design bottle.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    La Vie Est belle- Lancôme



    5. Flower bomb -Victor & Rolf


    Another beautiful scent that is suitable for summer is the wonderful Flower Bomb. Launched in 2005, this distinguished bottle and scent will be found on many women’s dressing tables.

    Popular fragrance notes of jasmine, rose, musk, vanilla and patchouli, gives this scent a real feel for summer and the warmer weather.

    As soon as the top notes hit your nose, there is an instant whiff of sweetness and the vanilla scent pops through alongside the musk and rose.

    Pretty summer dresses and a glass of bubbly set the perfect mood with a touch of this spray on the skin.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    Flowerbomb-Victor & Rolf











    6. Good Girl Gone Bad- Killian

    With an instant smell of rose and amber, this popular fragrance is the perfect fit for a summer holiday. It boosts fruits and a touch of spice to give a real sense of the summer holiday season.

    Another scent to be launched in 2012, Killian has created a fruity and floral gem and as the top notes leave you, there is a wonderful scent of freshness and beach wave memories.

    A popular scent for many women with its feminine and elegant notes. Definitely one to try.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Good Girl Gone Bad- Killian


    7. Cool Water Woman-Davidoff

    If you love the smell of fresh air, a summer breeze and the saltiness of the waves crashing over your toes then Davidoff has created the perfect scent to transport you to your next destination abroad.

    This bottle oozes a freshness of lemons, citrus vibes and fruit to give a wonderful scent of nature and beauty.

    Created in 2018, it’s perhaps one of those perfumes that has gone unnoticed in the past and there may be many women who have yet to try it.

    Once the initial top notes have settled down, you are left with a familiar scent of the male version Cool Water. I was very much a fan of the male scent as it wasn’t heavy and had a masculine approach, whilst keeping its scent delicate and clean.

    The best summer fragrances for women
    Cool Water Women-Davidoff


    8. Orange Blossom-Jo Malone



    This 2003 scent is suitable for both men and women even though it sits in the floral family.

    Being a light fragrance, it is suitable for any occasion with its great balance of fragrance to suit as a gender neutral scent.

    Fragrances notes of mandarin, jasmine, rose, lily and neroli see this perfume gives an instant burst of freshly squeezed clementine oranges.

    A real sense of summer pops through and after the orange has subsided, there is a hint of lemon mixed with flowers to keep the summer feel going.

    It smells of romance and dusky nights sitting by the water watching the sun set.


    The best summer fragrances for women
    Orange Blossom-Jo Malone


    9. J’adore -Dior

    If you’re looking for a perfume that instantly smells like the fresh fruit you have bought from the supermarket, Dior’s fragrance is packed with summer fruits.

    Launched in 1999, J’adore boosts fragrance notes of melon, pear, peach, mandarin, orange, bergamot, vanilla, blackberry, plum and violet.

    Perhaps too sweet for some with such a combination of fruits in one bottle but definitely worth a try.

    French for “I love”, this perfume sees Charlize Theron advertising its beauty since its launch.


    The best summer fragrances for women


    10. So Scandal!-Jean Paul Gaultier


    This perfume has a wonderfully designed bottle with a slender pair of women’s legs showing on the perfume cap as if she has fallen in to this beautiful scent. Sexual, feminine and a touch of mystery.

    Sitting in the floral/fruity fragrance family, Jean Paul Gaultier has created a scent that is packed with white floral, tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine.

    Captivating the female world with its addictive scent and the kind of bottle that you would want on show off to your partner on your bedside cabinet.

    Launched in 2020, this sees the latest fragrance launched from our collection of summer scents to take with you on your perfect holiday.



    The best summer fragrances for women
    So Scandal-Jean Paul Gaultier


    Make up essentials from eBay.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    Looking for more affordable fragrances that still have the quality and even more longevity ?

    Take a look at our article here on affordable perfumes that smell expensive

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    Vintage perfumes for women

    There are so many perfumes on the market today and we have been using them for many years. Let’s take a look at ten of the vintage perfumes for women.

    Perfume dates back as far as 1371, when we saw the first modern alcohol-based fragrance for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary.

    There are many collectors of vintage perfumes and this is another one along with the worlds most expensive perfume to add to the collection.

    Those that collect such fragrances find it intriguing how scents have changed over the years.



    Vintage perfume for women
    Vintage perfumes are still popular today



    They will also know that some ingredients such as oakmoss, which has been used in a variety of fragrances and is a species of lichen, has been restricted in recent years.

    Some have been banned as they are not longer considered safe to use in perfumes so other fragrance notes have been sourced instead.

    If you have a collection of vintage perfumes sitting inside your wardrobe, keep hold of them.

    Perfumes dating back to 1950s such as the iconic bottle of Chanel No.5 are well worth keeping.

    Perfumes dating before 2000 and are familiar brands are still worth keeping as they too can be sold and money can be made from them.


    We all have memories created by perfume we used to wear. Some may still be wearing the same scent today especially if it’s their signature fragrance.

    Such perfumes bring special events to life, including happy and sad memories and there are lots that are still on the market today to keep those memories alive.

    Some may see vintage perfumes as something our Nan used to wear. That strong and overpowering scent that lingers for hours and in every room.

    There are many that are a delicate but unforgettable fragrance.

    Vintage perfumes for women

    1. Shalimar By Guerlain


    The oldest perfume and an oriental fragrance was created in 1925 by the perfume house Guerlain, called Shalimar.

    Named after the Garden of Shalimar and it’s history of being created by Emporor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal as a romantic gesture.

    It’s scent is still sold today and has fragrance notes of rose, tonka bean, jasmine and bergamot to name a few.

    With base notes of musk, vanilla and sandalwood, there is a beautiful mixture and combination of strong and elegant fragrance notes in this bottle.


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    2. Anais Anais L’original By Cacharel

    Launched back in 1978 and named after Anaitis, the ‘Goddess Of Love‘, this fragrance is still very popular today and was the first fragrance produced by Cacharel.

    It was very much a fragrance created to attract the teenagers with its floral and youthful scent.

    Fragrance notes of sandalwood, honeysuckle, orange blossom, lavender, lemon and bergamot certainly caught the attention of the younger generation.

    With its floral, pretty bottle, most teenagers owned a bottle of this distinctive scent.



    3. Opium By Yves Saint Laurent


    There won’t be many that won’t of heard of Opium.

    Launched back in 1977 and created by Jean Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac, this perfume has strong oriental notes and a very distinctive fragrance to it.

    With top notes of plum, cloves, pepper, jasmine, coriander, bergamot, citrus and West Indian bay, this spicy perfume should definitely be worn with minimal application.


    Added to the fact that this bottle is very distinctive too, it’s possibly one of those perfumes that will go down in history.

    Nowadays we also see Black Opium on the market too.

    With notes of pear, pink pepper, orange blossom, vanilla, patchouli, cedar and cashmere wood, it’s very much just as powerful as the original.

    If you like powerful scents that make a statement and can carry off such an iconic scent, take a look on Amazon.


    4. L’air Du Temps By Nina Ricci

    It’s not very often that we hear of Nina Ricci perfumes but it is one of the most popular of the 20th century, alongside Chanel no.5.

    Launched back in 1948, this floral/ spicy perfume with its unique glass dove cap contains stunning notes of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and amber to truly capture the sense of being ‘free‘.

    It was created in the wake of World War II by the French perfumer Francis Fabron, in collaboration with Nina Ricci and roughly translated from French to mean ‘the trend we have now/something in the air’.

    With it’s brightly coloured box and elegant bottle, we really do get a feel for summer, blue skies and open spaces.

    Available to purchase on Amazon.


    5. Youth Dew By Estée Lauder

    This fragrance was created in 1953 and actually started off as a bath oil. Women felt confident to use it every day and so it soon became a popular product to use as a fragrance.

    Back in the days during the 1905s when perfume was only ever bought as a gift from a husband or partner and not by women themselves.

    Estée Lauder created this elegant bottled fragrance and women fell in love with its spicy, amber, rich floral and woody notes.


    As men loved it’s scent too, it became one of the sexiest fragrances ever created and it still captures the hearts of many women today.

    Women will have heard and used the cosmetics that we see in store and online today, created by Estée Lauder and Youth Dew is the first fragrance created by her.

    A true classic and if you’re a lover of rose, lavender, jasmine, spices and patchouli notes, take a look on Amazon.



    6. Mitsouko By Guerlain

    Another vintage perfume by Guerlain and on first impression, this bottle looks a little masculine.


    Launched in 1919, Mitsouko captures the chypre and fruity fragrance family inside this bottle.

    A combination of beautiful notes too.

    With jasmine, rose, cinnamon, amber, peach, lilac, oak moss and bergamot, this fragrance was inspired by the story of impossible love between Mitsouko and a British officer.


    With such a combination of scents, its not your average daytime perfume with its heavy base notes of amber, oak moss and cinnamon.


    Not the cheapest fragrance on the market either but well worth trying if you get the chance, purely for such beautiful fragrance notes.

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    Available to purchase on eBay



    Vintage perfumes for women
    FRANCE – DECEMBER 13: Mitsouko perfume bottle, 1946, blown crystal, molded and cut by Guerlain (1798 to 1864). France, 20th century. Paris, Musée Baccarat (Glass Museum) (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)



    7. L’Heure Bleue By Guerlain

    Another fragrance created by Guerlain.

    This one was launched in 1912 and contains beautiful notes of coriander, bergamot, violet, cloves ylang-ylang, jasmine, orchid vanilla, Sandalwood, musk and tonka bean.

    Classed as one of Guerlains’s best classic fragrances in its distinctive bottle, it is a symbol of royalty as one of the Queen’s favourite scent according to Vogue, alongside Floris, white rose EDT.

    Check out eBay to purchase your bottle of vintage history.



    Vintage perfumes for women




    8. Apres L’Ondee By Guerlain

    With its combination of violet, orange blossom and spicy anais notes, this perfume was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1906.

    Apres L’onee (April shower) is very much a spring time fragrance after a rain shower.

    The smell of freshness that reaches our nose as the rain hits the countryside and then the sun comes out to warm the scent of the wet leaves again, is captured with this scent.

    Guerlain really does showcase many a perfume fragrance and a history of being one of the world’s greatest perfume houses.

    Available to buy on eBay



    Vintage perfumes for women
    Apres L’Ondee perfume




    9.Tabu By Dana

    Tabu was created by the French perfumer called Jean Carles and was launched in 1932 by a company also associated with the likes of Nina Ricci and Christian Dior.

    Not the most elegant of bottles for a female perfume, a simple design with an almost ‘old’ and ‘heavy’ appearance and dark bottle but its fragrance notes make up for it.

    A mixture of patchouli ( and a high dose at 10% ) combined with clove, bergamot, orange, Coriander, rose, ylang-ylang, Sandalwood, musk and amber, gives us a heavy oriental scent and one of the worlds first strongest.


     Check out eBay for their bottle.
    Vintage perfumes for women

    10. Arpege By Lanvin

    With its name derived from the musical term ‘arpeggio’, this fragrance was released in 1927 and a classic scent among some of the world’s most popular perfumes.


    Similar to Chanel N0.5, Arpege is very much a flower perfume.

    It contains peach, orange blossom, honeysuckle, iris, rose, vanilla, musk, geranium, sandalwood, patchouli and vertiver.

    It has quite a simplistic bottle with its black base and gold cap and was created by Paul Vacher and Andre Fraysse. Affordable on eBay.


    Vintage perfumes for women



    Do you own a vintage perfume ?  I’d love to hear which one you have !

    Drop your comment below or contact us for any inquires regarding finding the right scent.

    If you prefer more recent fragrances, take a look at our perfume and beauty  resources page.

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    The worlds most expensive perfume

    It’s a well-known fact that designer fragrances can be costly so what about the world’s most expensive perfume?

    The creators of such a perfume is Clive Christian. A fragrance house that has been developing the world’s finest fragrances and perfumes since 1872.

    Studying his signature bottle alone, this one was created more so for collectors than for its content and was designed for the celebration of its latest boutique in London.

    Clive Christian has clearly had a vision for exquisite and unique taste and doesn’t see perfume as just a fragrance in a bottle. It goes way deeper than that.


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


    Signature bottle

    Clive Christian developed a beautiful and stunning bottle from his signature fragrance ( no 1 Passant Guardant) and decorated it with 24 carat gold lattice -work, with over 2000 individually set white diamonds.

    With a flawless finish, two yellow diamonds set a eyes for the magnificent lion and a rare pink diamond embedded and used for the lions tongue, this signature bottle is a true work of art.


    The most expensive perfume in the world The most expensive perfume in the world


    Coming in at $175,000 per ounce, it is the second most expensive perfume in the world.

    So why does this perfume house stand out from all the rest?

    It’s clear to see that with such an exquisite bottle there will surely be an exquisite perfume. This particular bottle named number one passant guardant has become officially recognised as the worlds most expensive perfume.

    Every bottle in the collection has a distinctive crown symbol for the cap of the perfume.

    The rights to having such a unique symbol was first granted by Queen Victoria herself in 1872. Impressive stuff!

    There really isn’t anything like Clive Christian‘s creations on the market today and certainly no attempts at trying to copy his brand.

    We’re often swayed to purchase a designer bottle because of the beautiful design as well as it’s fragrance.

    We already know that fragrances adapt to the wearers skin but what makes Clive Christian’s fragrances unique is their ability to create a unique scent on every individual.

    A scent that develops gradually over a period of hours, this truly sets the standard high for the perfect fragrance.

    Each of his perfumes are designed using possibly the costliest ingredients but also the finest available.

    Unlike traditional designer fragrances that more often than not will contain 16% perfume oil, here we have the use of 20-25% perfume oil being used. This ensures that we have a longer lasting fragrance.

    Very clever too, that Clive Christian has created a collection with the letters of their name engraved on each bottle for a more distinctive appearance.

    With such unique bottles, each one adorning the crown cap, there’s definitely an element of taste and elegance with this design that leaves us in awe that such beauty has been created.

    Let’s take a look at just what each of these fragrances contain that make them stand out from any other.


    The C.L.I.V.E collection

    The most expensive perfume in the world




    L for LUXURY,

    I for INGENUITY,

    V for VIVACITY,


    So within each of these unique bottles, what kind of fragrance will we find?

    For starters, each of these perfumes will set you back £310.00 when you purchase direct.


    Creativity – C WOODY LEATHER


    Woody fragrances are a much loved scent by many and this one is no exception. Often the perfect fragrance to wear during the autumn and winter months, this fragrance oozes smokiness with its well-thought-out notes of saffron and tobacco.
    The added scent of mandarin gives this fragrance a balance of freshness whilst the skin is embraced with amber and oud.



    With a bottle that stands for luxury, we surely wouldn’t expect anything less with this fragrance.
    Luxury certainly does ooze perfection when it comes to this scent.

    The respect and admiration inside this bottle captures pure elegance with its combination of rose and jasmine.

    When a perfume also contains dry orris, you know the price tag for this ingredient alone is going to be heart – stopping and expensive.
    Orris is left for a minimum of three years before it can be used, as at first it is odorless. In order for the scent to develop, it is stored in jute bags. Natural fibre bags made from plants and is spun to create course and strong threads.
    Added notes of frankincense, musk, honey and vanilla gives this fragrance a sophisticated and classic aroma to make it the highest level of luxury.


    A combination of floral and woody fragrance notes gives this perfume unique creativity with a hint of nature and the great outdoors.

    Having top notes of mandarin from the citrus family with red fruits and spices, gives this woody fragrance a superb kick of strong wood and floral scents.

    Topped with a base of patchouli, jasmine and a touch of oud, this perfume is the perfect scent for those who love strong floral fragrances. That’s me sold!



    With amber fougre notes from the oriental family and added vetiver, which is an essential oil obtained from the root of an Indian grass, this gives the perfume its stunning quality.

    Added peppers gives a great contrast to its amber base. A refreshing and lively fragrance that dances on the skin. A smoky feel to this fragrance brings the notes to life.



    If you are a lover of sweet fragrances, this unique bottle fits the bill. With top notes of peach and fruity rum, the extraordinary scent in this bottle will capture the hearts of those who have a preference to sweet perfumes.

    Also, containing cinnamon, cloves and labdanum at the heart of this fragrance, gives it an elegant aroma with its exceptional ingredients.


    The Creating of the most expensive perfumes in the world

    Clive Christian uses the most rare and natural ingredients when it comes to creating their perfumes.

    The journey starts with pure expertise and exceptional and international training from a selection of perfumers based in Britain. All of their perfumes are created here too.

    Incredible to learn that each perfume contains between 100-300 different ingredients!

    Sourcing rare and exotic ingredients makes them as unique as they are. The finest of ingredients have to be grown in the perfect condition.

    Using so many ingredients makes Clive Christian’s perfumes even more unique and each one goes on its own journey before it can be sold. Sometimes this can take several years.



    The most expensive perfume in the world
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rafael Diaz/EPA/Shutterstock (8029381a)
    Clive Christian’s ‘No 1 Imperial Majesty’


    What’s even more incredible is that their perfumes are created with such technology that every wearer will have 8 hours of fragrance that pops through the skin throughout the day, giving the wearer a selection of different notes to enjoy.

    None of the usual re applying during your lunch break! A powerful breakthrough in the art of fragrances and every drop that is sprayed has been created with pure complexity.

    Of course there will be a certain kind of market and person who could afford such elegance in a bottle and spending such a large amount does have its limits when looking to own one.

    Like everything else, there is a place for expensive clothing, exquisite food and jaw- dropping perfume.

    One will certainly be remembered for the unique scent that’s left behind and just the same as the fragrances you currently use, it’s even more important that you follow the tips when applying your perfume to get the most out of your scent.

    Pure perfume at its finest

    Alongside creating unique and beautiful perfumes, Clive Christian has created The Absolute range which is made to order and contains 100% perfume oil ! Wow! What’s even more is that one of these bottles will set you back £3,500!!

    Clearly it would be the chosen few who would buy such a perfume but wonderful to have one made to order and containing pure oil. Definitely a bottle that would be kept for prosperity after the perfume has been used.

    The most expensive perfume in the world The most expensive perfume in the world



    Containing such a high amount of oil will give you around 12 hours of pure perfume fragrance. One spray will surely be enough of one of these stunning bottles just for its concentration alone. With over 200 of its finest ingredients too it’s no surprise that these perfumes are hugely expensive.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Take a look at eBay.co.uk for their prices on these stunning perfumes.

    I’d love to hear of the most expensive perfume that you have purchased.

    Let me know in the comments.

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  • Perfumes,  Shopping,  The cost of perfume

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more in the long run so why do people opt for this as an alternative ?

    Whenever we hear the word designer, we instantly think of expensive brands, celebrities and quality products.

    Whether it’s a clothing range, cosmetics, shoes or perfume.

    We do get what we pay for although many would agree that some designer  brands are overpriced.

    Customers can be left feeling ripped off when they see a huge price tag that perhaps doesn’t justify the item being purchased.

    We’ve all been there. A spot of retail therapy works wonders to lift the mood but at what cost ?

    Men and women love to shop, especially if they know what they are intending to buy. Whilst women are more prone to window-shopping more than men, buying something new really can lift the mood.

    Some may say buying impulsively can have the opposite effect and leave you with the panic of overspending and falling into the dept hole. Especially if one’s purchase is on the more expensive side.

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more
    No one wants to see their money wasted


    It’s important to balance the two.


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


    Personally, I’m not a big lover of shopping, aimlessly walking around the shops in the hope that something will catch my eye.

    I prefer a more purposeful visit, with the intention of knowing exactly what I am shopping for.

    My sister and late mother on the other hand would shop till they dropped!

    We all have the idea of shopping and saving at the same time, so it’s very much done with the intention of buying more for our money. That makes sense.


    Looking for cheaper options

    There will be certain products on the market that this will work in our favour.

    Clothes for instance, can be bought much cheaper and some will still last just as long and come out of the wash the same size as they went in!

    What about products such as cosmetics ?

    These too can be bought cheaper but if you are prone to sensitive skin, purchasing a more expensive brand will always be the better option to avoid skin allergies.

    When it comes to perfumes, we all know the price we pay to have a designer bottle of Chanel in our possession.

    An iconic perfume


    Chanel perfume was also the most popular and highest ranked brand for women in the UK in 2020, with an estimated 4.9million women enjoying its unique fragrance. That’s a huge amount of sales for just one designer bottle.


    Buying cheap perfume will cost more
    The iconic bottle and fragrance of Chanel. A fragrance owned by many women around the world












    So what about when shops sell copies of the designer perfumes at a fraction of the price?

    We already know that we can buy the real thing at the Duty Free and they will often be a little cheaper.

    A cheeky purchase for the up coming holiday that we all look forward to having. Almost obligatory to visit one too, before boarding the plane.

    Some wait until this time to purchase their favourite or ask their family member/friend to pick one up on their way through or on the plane because the price is a little lower.


    Copies of our favourite perfumes


    Recently, Poundland have released a selection of fragrances, all in the same packaging and bottles as the designer brands, but with a huge difference.

    The price tag.


    Buying cheap perfume will cost more
    Savings on perfume isn’t always the best option

    For as little as £1, customers can purchase a copy of their favourite bottle but at what cost ?

    We’re all bargain hunters inside. Even those who can afford the real thing more than some. Everyone loves a saving. It leaves more money and opportunity to spend the rest on something else.

    A walk into Poundland is everyone’s idea of the perfect shop.


    A shop that everyone loves for the fact that they can purchase household products, cosmetics, birthday cards and food for a bargain price.

    Carry on walking through and we now see a display of designer fragrances from such names as Chanel, Creed, Carolina Herrera and Paco Rabanne. Or are they ?

    We all know that Poundland is just that, a pound shop. A place that almost seems too good to be true when we can purchase hand wash or toothpaste for just £1.

    Some would argue that such items can be bought cheaper from the big stores such as Asda and Sainsbury’s. Indeed, they can so it’s important to be savvy when we shop.

    So what about buying your favourite perfume for £1? A fragrance such as Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million, would leave your purse short of around £83 for the real thing. Can it really be bought for £1 instead?

    Of course, we all love to save money but at what cost?

    Perfume and beauty resources

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more

    On the first initial spray we are surprised by the similarity in fragrance notes but the real key is how long will the scent last?

    Lady Million is a very popular fragrance and the third most favourite scent for women.

    Containing notes of Raspberry, Jasmine, Patchouli and Amber to name a few, this perfume scent is instantly noticed with its first spray.

    The packaging alone suggests that this isn’t the real deal. Poundland cleverly use slightly different names for their duped fragrances. This allows them to sell a product that has similar scents to the real perfumes.

    Trying to sell a fake product off as the real thing is counterfeit.

    So Lady Million is labeled as Queen in Million and although the design of bottles may be similar, companies do change their bottles so they are not identical to the real item.


    A clever marketing strategy

    We already know that purchasing a bottle for £1 won’t give us a designer brand in our shopping basket.

    Buying cheap perfume will cost more

    Many will be on a shopping budget so buying such an affordable fragrance will seem very appealing.

    What about the longevity though?

    Whilst it’s a great purchase to buy a similar bottle to one of our favourites at a fraction of the cost, is it really worth it ?

    Cheaper alternatives

    A spray of a cheaper alternative will save money for other things for sure but at what cost ?

    Imagine you have picked up a dupe bottle of Black Opium by Yves St Laurent which is named as Black Dust in Poundland.

    A great bottle and packaging and definitely inspired by the real designer perfume, it doesn’t look out of place on the shelf.

    A pleasant smell, just like Black Opium, with a sweet scent but instantly too overpowering with its sweetness.

    The depth that Black Opium carries wasn’t a match though for this alternative.

    When we use perfume, we apply in the morning, preferably on clean, moisturized skin so that we get the most out of the fragrance. 

    Purchasing a Poundland alternative will leave you using it a more of a body spray as the initial first spray was gone within minutes. No one wants to keep reapplying their scent throughout the day just to make it last.

    Speaking of making a perfume last, this bottle really won’t last very long if it’s constantly needs reapplying throughout the day.

    The chances of anyone around you noticing the whiff of scent will be very slim too unless they are standing right beside you when you spray.

    So the £1 bottle of fragrance that initially saved you a fair amount of money, will eventually cost you more. You will constantly be spending money on replacing the bottle that’s only lasted a week!

    Purchasing for the younger generation would be the only reason to buy a £1 fragrance. They don’t need overpowering scents to make an impression and will still feel like they are a part of the grown up world with a bottle of designer spritz.

    If buying a dupe bottle seems to be the only option to owning a scent that’s similar to your favourite designer perfume, there is another option.

    At FM World, we sell designer inspired fragrances.


    What does that mean? Check out my article on do you sell designer perfume ?


    Looking for gift ideas?

    pop along here at our perfume resources page for some great products!




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    The cost of perfume

    The cost of perfume is often a talking point when designer fragrances are mentioned.


    Therefore, saving money is a focus for many of us. If we can find a suitable fragrance that is a better price and suits our needs, we’re all for that.

    Working with a perfume company brings its fair share of questions.

    One of the questions that is most asked is what the difference is between designer fragrances and Fm fragrances.

    Many have been very skeptical over the years, certainly more so in the early days when FM was created.


    The cost of perfume
    Drom create perfume oil for many designers as well as FM


    How can a perfume that smells almost identical to a designer one cost so much less?Here’s a breakdown of the difference and where your money actually goes when you purchase both.

    Designer- the true cost of perfume

    Do you sell designer perfume ?

    When it comes to design perfumes, the first thing we think of is the fancy packaging.

    Some boxes are just as creative as the bottles and its good practice to keep them in the box away from direct sunlight when storing. They will last longer when stored correctly.

    One of the main features that stand out with designer perfumes is their stunning bottles.

    There are some gorgeous bottles in the stores and this alone makes the product eye-catching for the customer.

    When a product stands out, we are more likely to purchase it.

    Some most distinctive bottles are Angel by Thierry Muglar. Shaped like a star. Not the most practical bottle as it doesn’t stand up on its own. That one is definitely best to keep in its box.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.



    The cost of perfume
    Good Girl by Carolina Herrera



    The cost of perfume
    Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler



    Another one which is likely to catch the eye is Good Girl by Carolina Herrera. A very large bottle that’s shaped like a blue stiletto shoe and another one that isn’t practical for every day.

    Especially if you want to take it with you in your handbag for a night out.

    We are certainly a visual nation when it comes to designer bottles and packaging.

    Besides a small portion of money going towards the fancy packaging, what else does the customer pay for ?

    Celebrity perfumes

    Every celebrity perfume will have a celebrity endorser.



    The cost of perfume


    A celebrity endorser is someone famous who uses their status and fame to advertise a product or brand.

    They get paid thousands of pounds to advertise a product such as a fragrance, in an advert that may only last 30 seconds.

    Everything from the hair, the make up and the wardrobe to the backdrop set or destination of the advert will cost money and lots of it.


    TV advertising is another part of where our money goes.

    You’ll often see perfume adverts, especially around Christmas time when TV bosses will take advantage of viewers watching TV during the run up to Christmas.

    Customers are looking at ideas for gifts and what better way than showcase a product during peak time.

    Christmas adverts seem to start earlier each year, as early as October. The TV screen gets showered in adverts to encourage early sales.

    Diluted perfume oil

    Designers fragrance perfume oil is diluted so the expensive bottle of Chanel No 5 that you’ve purchase won’t last as long as you’re hoping.

    We all expect a scent to last for the working day at best without the need to re apply.

    This is the production line before your fragrance reaches your shopping basket.

    Manufacturers ➡️ warehouse ➡️ distribution centre ➡️retailers ➡️ customers.

    So when we see just what and who is involved in creating a designer perfume, it highlights why the cost can be expensive, especially the top end brands.

    FM perfumes- an alternate to high street brands

    As we’ve just highlighted about the packaging of designer perfumes, FM use simple packaging.

    We don’t need to put our bottle inside fancy boxes. No one see the box when you purchase a new bottle so why pay money for it ?

    We also have a simple bottle design. Customers are not paying for the bottle when it comes to FM perfumes.

    It’s the contents inside that matters the most.

    Pure oil is used when FM perfumes are created. They don’t dilute the perfume oil so your perfume will last much longer.

    Distributor ➡️ customer- it’s really a simple process and as we don’t have a ‘middle man’ we can keep the costs low for you. No advertising, no endorses, no expensive packaging.

    Keeping more money in your purse

    We know the importance of having a fragrance that lasts and is kind to your purse/wallet.

    Many of you have made the swap and are making huge savings on your fragrances.


    • No one sees the fancy box
    • No one see the fancy bottle
    • Celebrities get paid thousands to advertise
    • TV adverts cost thousands to produce
    • Your perfume oil gets diluted
    • There’s a long chain before the customer gets their product.

    So, why are designer perfumes so expensive?

    It’s crystal clear

    Perfume and beauty resources


    We have samples for over 150 fragrances that are available for you can try. 

  • Perfumes,  The cost of perfume

    Fancy designer perfume

    Have you ever wondered why designer fragrances always come in a fancy designer perfume bottle? Let’s start with the box. Quite often we’ll have a posh box sitting on the shelves of department stores and perfume shops.

    Huge detail goes into some of these boxes before we’ve even opened it and then we’re faced with the bottle inside.

    Shaped like a woman’s silhouette, high heel, a mans torso, or even a star, some of the bottles we see today don’t have an ideal design.

    Especially if you keep your perfumes on your bedside cabinet or like to take your scent with you to spray during the day. Bottles such as Angel, look lovely but this particular design needs to stay in its box as it won’t stand up on its own.

    They won’t fit inside your clutch bag easily either when you’re going out for the evening. Clumsy, bulky and unnecessary designs are very creative but are they really necessary ?

    There’s clearly  a lot of detail that goes into creating the perfect bottle and they often come in fancy or elaborate bottles for several reasons. Let’s take a deeper look.

    Fancy designer perfume

    Perfume bottles are designed to catch the eye and evoke a sense of luxury and elegance. The intricate and beautiful designs help create a visual appeal that complements the fragrance itself. Luxury brands, in particular, use fancy bottles as part of their overall branding strategy to convey a sense of exclusivity and sophistication.

    The perfume industry is highly competitive, with numerous brands and fragrances available. Fancy bottles serve as a means of standing out from the crowd and creating a unique identity for each perfume. By investing in distinctive packaging, perfume companies can make their products easily recognizable and memorable to consumers.

    Perfumes are often associated with personal experiences, memories, and emotions. The design and aesthetics of the bottle can enhance the overall experience of using the perfume and create an emotional connection with the user. A visually appealing bottle can contribute to the pleasure and anticipation of wearing the fragrance.

    Perfumes have often been a popular gift item and fancy bottles make them more attractive and desirable as presents. The packaging itself can be seen as an additional gift, adding to the overall value and charm of the product. The receiver of the perfume may feel a greater sense of appreciation when presented with a beautifully designed bottle, especially f the purchaser has taken the time to find out what type of scent the recipient enjoys.

    Some perfume enthusiasts enjoy collecting bottles and displaying them as decorative items. Fancy perfume bottles, especially those from limited editions or prestigious collections, can become sought-after collector’s items.

    The bottle design may be a significant factor in the decision to purchase a particular perfume for collectors. There are some beautiful and very creative bottles on the market today and these would make a lovely display.

    It’s important to note that while the bottle design can be appealing, the quality and composition of the fragrance itself are the most crucial aspects. The choice of perfume should be based on personal preferences and match the perfect scent for those wearing it, more than just the bottle’s appearance.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    Fancy designer perfume
    A fancy bottle design created by Thierry Mugler’s design for Angel that doesn’t stand up on its own


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Thierry Mugler Angel Refillable Eau de Parfum 100ml on ebay




    Fancy designer perfume

    Other factors come down to the celebrity creation behind it. Advertisers and celebrities want their product to stand out in order for the customer to notice their design. They’re not worried about who actually sees their fancy bottle once it’s sold.

    We don’t invite friends or family up to our room to look at our wonderful display of fragrances either yet we are often influenced by the packaging and design of the latest perfume.

    Perfumes should be stored in a dark place for longevity. When we have a wonderful display of different perfumes sitting proudly on the bedside cabinet, the only people who will see it is our immediate family who live with us.

    Some may even keep their perfume inside the original box, hidden away inside the wardrobe, in between uses, so the fancy bottle is never going to be seen.

    Do we buy a fragrance for its design ?


    No, of course we don’t, but it’s the first thing we see when we go shopping and it gives us our first influence.

    Designer bottles may look pretty on your beside unit, but if the fragrance doesn’t suit, you could potentially spend £40/50 on an EDT that you’re never going to wear. No one likes to waste money and this is a prime example of how easy it is to spend lavishly on a product that won’t be used.

    While some people may be attracted to perfume solely for its bottle design, it is not the primary reason most individuals purchase perfume. The main purpose of buying perfume is to enjoy and wear the fragrance itself. The scent, longevity, and how it interacts with an individual’s body chemistry are typically the key factors that influence perfume purchases.

    Bottle design is often a bonus or a secondary consideration. People may appreciate the visual beauty of a fancy perfume bottle and find it appealing, but it is typically not the sole determining factor in their decision to purchase a perfume. Other important factors include the brand reputation, the fragrance notes, recommendations, personal preferences, and the overall experience associated with wearing the perfume.

    Fancy designer perfume

    Perfume companies are known to invest a considerable amount of effort and resources into designing attractive bottles to enhance the overall product appeal for their buyers.

    However, the quality and structure of the fragrance itself are ultimately what determines a perfume’s value and popularity to its customer.


    Saving the perfume for best

    We’ve all done it but it’s money down the drain when we keep perfume for a special occasion.

    What are we actually paying for when we buy a perfume? The fancy packaging or the bottle’s amazing scent?

    People will comment on a fragrance that you’re wearing, regardless of the bottle design. Many men and women will recognise a scent, especially if it’s one that they wear also or are familiar with. No one asks to see the bottle either, yet we somehow spend a fortune on the overall product.

    When we learn that there are other choices out there that won’t break the bank, we start to appreciate that money can buy more than just one bottle if we know where to shop.

    So…the next time you need a new perfume, remember that simplicity really is key.

    At FM World, we have a selection of fragrances for men and women that have simplicity in mind. Simple bottle designs, simple packaging and no hefty price tag that many of the high end designer perfumes always have.

    Get in touch if you would like to see a list of what inspired fragrances we sell.


    Fancy designer perfume
    Customers pay for the bottle as well as the contents when it comes to designer


    Bright Crystal Perfume for Women by Versace on ebay


    Designer perfumes 


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  • Branding,  Business

    The power of branding

    The power of branding is everywhere around us. There’s no escaping the influences that brands create around their products and we’ve grown up surrounded my brand names for many years.

    From a very early age I can remember seeing brand names in the shops, although I never fully understanding what they meant as a child or paid much attention to how the industry worked when it came to branded names.

    Over the years we’ve been very much influenced by ‘flash’ labels  and what it means to others when they see us wearing or using brand names.

    The power of branding



    There’s many a reason why people buy brand names. Understanding the motives behind these reasons helps businesses to make product decisions.

    Creating and developing a store layout and promotion of their business is an important part of any business.

    Let’s look in depth at some of the reasons behind buying brand names.

    The power of branding 

    Good quality of a product will often mean that your product has the strength to withstand wear and tear.

    This will generally be a good investment of your money when you make a purchase.


    We have customer Satisfaction. High-quality products or services meet or exceed customer expectations, resulting in greater satisfaction. When customers are satisfied with their purchase, they are more likely to become repeat customers and recommend the product or service to others. This is beneficial to any business.

    The reputation and brand image where consistently delivering good quality products or services helps to build a strong reputation and positive brand image. A company known for its quality builds up trust, is more reliable and credible. This reputation can give a business a competitive advantage, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.

    We all love value for money and good quality products or services that provide just that means that customers are willing to pay a premium price for high-quality items because they expect them to last longer and perform better.

    Investing in quality can lead to long-term cost savings for customers, as they are less likely to encounter issues or need frequent replacements or repairs. There is also less time wasted having to replace or exchange items when they do not fit their purpose.

    Customer loyalty is key and  when customers receive good quality products or services consistently, they are more likely to develop loyalty towards the brand. Having repeat customers contribute hugely to a business’s revenue and profitability.

    Loyal customers often become brand advocates, promoting the business through word-of-mouth recommendations and positive reviews.

    All companies aim to reduce returns and minimise complaints. By offering good quality products or services, this helps to minimise any negative issues from customers.

    In competitive markets, good quality can differentiate a business from its competitors. When a company consistently delivers high-quality services and goods, it stands out and becomes a preferred choice for customers. This differentiation can help businesses attract new customers and gain a competitive edge in the market.

    In some industries, maintaining good quality is necessary to comply with regulations and standards. Industries such as healthcare, food, and pharmaceuticals have strict quality requirements to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers. Meeting these quality standards is not only a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility.

    Trusted companies who sell branded 

    We like to purchase from companies that we know and trust as there’s a sense of safely, professionalism, guarantee, reliability and feeling comfortable making a purchase. We are also more likely to return. Whether it’s a product or a service, building trust is an essential part of any business.

    We feel we won’t get let down or left with a faulty product because customer service is usually pretty high with the top named companies.

    Peace of mind when buying branded 

    When we make a large purchase from well- known companies, we are guaranteed peace of mind. If anything were to go wrong with the product, we have the fulfillment that any issues will be looked at and dealt with.

    It’s in the best interest of the company and important to their reputation to look after their customers.

    Less decision- making 

    We seem to be less hesitant when we buy from branded companies.There’s a feel of safely and we appear to not have so many doubts when we look to purchase.

    Unknown brands often lead us to search the internet for more information before we make a purchase, just to be sure we won’t be left disappointed.

    Added value 

    Perhaps it’s a myth that we seem to get more for our money when we purchase brand names. Products appear to be better quality and the brand companies know that they have an image and a reputation to adhere to.

    Customer satisfaction will always equal repeat sales and customer visits, whether they are online or in store.



    The power of branding
    Banded names have been around for many years

    An expression of who we are -branded products 


    When we think of individuality, it’s often the younger generation that springs to mind. Children grow up wanting designer brands but they have no idea about them when they are so little.

    As they grow up, social media, TV advertising and day to day chats with friends, has led to our children learning about designer products from a young age.

    They learn that they are more accepted by others when they are wearing a designer brand. Some perhaps were introduced to designer clothing and footwear as youngsters, due to parents feeling influenced or pressured to keep up with other parents and therefore the latest clothes, shoes etc were bought from high end shops.


    Loyalty with branding 

    Some shoppers may feel that there is some kind of loyalty to a company or business when they buy brand names and therefore won’t shop anywhere else. They have built up trust and perhaps fear that by shopping elsewhere, their shopping experience may lead to disappointment.


    Image and branding 

    When people have a design to fit in, school, the work place or socially, they’ll often buy band names because they believe it will assist and contribute to a greater, social acceptance, especially where fashion is concerned. The fashion world is very fast-moving and youngsters especially, feel pressure to keep up with the latest designs and styles.

    Interesting…and unknown possibly to many of us is that it can also come down to a psychological need.

    We all send out certain messages to others. For example, if we bought a £200 hand bag, knowing that we can get a cheaper one for £20, by purchasing the more expensive option gives a statement of importance.

    Others may comment and notice the brand name and we instantly feel more accepted and worthy by having a more expensive item.

    We’re built to be influenced and to be accepted and the more expensive the hand bag, we feel will gain more popularity from others. Alongside the opportunity perhaps to show off the fact that we have the money to purchase an expensive item.



    The power of branding
    A simple brand logo can change the price tag massively

    Youngsters and branded products 

    Teenagers buy expensive labelled clothing but not because they can afford them. It comes down to feeling accepted by other and fitting in.

    People want to portray a certain image, a greater social acceptance. Almost like ‘keeping up with the Jones’ ‘

    Over the years, we have become more accepting of buying non designer and branded items.

    When someone asks where we bought our jacket / tee shirt or shoes, we’re more likely to be proud of saying that we purchased it from Asda, Matalan, M&S, with the added comment “it only cost me £20/30….bargain “

    As we grow up, buying brand names becomes less of a necessity and we are happy to buy a cheaper item and save money for other things.

    Status attached to branding 

    For many brands, you are quite simply buying the name and the status that is attached. The next time you purchase a coffee from Starbucks, a pair of Nike trainers or a bottle of high end designer fragrance, think of the smaller companies who sell similar products. Many will have the same quality as the expensive brands but without the extravagant price tag.

    Being unique doesn’t have to cost a fortune


    The power of branding cannot be underestimated in today’s competitive market. As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with a multitude of products and choices, making it challenging for brands to capture our attention and loyalty.

    However, effective branding strategies have the ability to cut through the noise and create a lasting impact on consumers.

    Through consistent messaging, compelling storytelling, and a well-defined brand identity, companies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and establish a strong emotional connection with their target audience.

    Branding goes beyond just the logo and tagline; it covers every touch point that a consumer has with the brand, including product packaging, customer service, and even the company’s values and mission.

    A strong brand not only helps to attract new customers but also cultivates brand loyalty among existing ones. Consumers often seek familiarity, reliability, and trust when making purchasing decisions, and a well-established brand can provide them with that assurance.

    When a brand consistently delivers on its promises and exceeds customer expectations, it builds credibility and encourages long-term relationships.

    Besides, branding has the power to create a responsible value for a company. A well-known and respected brand can command premium prices for its products or services, making it more resilient to price fluctuations and economic declines.

    It also opens up opportunities for brand extensions and partnerships, expanding the brand’s reach and influence.

    In today’s digital age, where social media and online platforms play a significant role within building consumer awareness, branding has become even more crucial. Brands must adapt to the ever-changing landscape, engaging with consumers through authentic and meaningful interactions.

    Successful branding in the digital era requires agility, creativity, and the ability to harness the power of technology to deliver personalized and memorable experiences.

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    Name brand perfumes

    When it comes to name brand perfumes, why are they so expensive and why do we pay so much money ?

    I  remember having a nose in my mums wardrobe when I was younger and there was often a Chanel or YSL perfume sitting on the shelf or an Elizabeth Arden lipstick. My mum expensive taste so several of her cosmetic and perfume items were well-known names in the beauty industry.

    Name brand perfumes 

    Of course, when I was young I knew no different with regard to expensive brands. To me, it was just a bottle of perfume, or a lipstick.

    It wasn’t until later in life that I realised just how expensive some of her items were. As a youngster, I was completely unaware of how pricing worked.

    Once we look into it deeper, we learn how prices vary so much depending on where you purchase from and who is behind the named brands.

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    Name brand perfumes
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    Name brand perfumes refer to fragrances produced by well-known and established perfume houses or luxury brands. These brands have earned their reputation over the years by creating high-quality and unique fragrances that cater to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

    Some of the most famous and respected name brand perfume houses include Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Tom Ford, and many more. Lots of names that many of us are familiar with and possibly already own.


    Quality and Ingredients: Name brand perfumes often use premium quality ingredients and are crafted by skilled perfumers. They invest in research and development to create distinctive and long-lasting scents that set them apart from generic fragrances.

    Variety of Scents: They offer a wide variety of fragrances, ranging from floral and fruity to woody, oriental, and spicy. They have perfumes for both men and women, as well as unisex fragrances.

    Packaging and Presentation: These brands pay attention to the overall experience of using their perfumes. Their packaging is often luxurious and visually appealing, making the perfumes not just a scent but also an aesthetic experience.

    Longevity and Sillage: Name brand perfumes are known for their longevity, meaning the fragrance lasts for an extended period on the skin. Additionally, they often have a strong sillage, which is the trail of scent that lingers in the air as you move.

    Status and Prestige: Wearing a name brand perfume can be a symbol of luxury, elegance, and prestige. People often associate these fragrances with high social status and exclusivity.

    Safety and Regulations: Established perfume brands adhere to strict safety standards and regulations. This ensures that their products are safe for use and comply with industry guidelines and legal requirements.

    When choosing a name brand perfume, it’s essential to consider your personal preferences and how the scent complements your body chemistry. Perfume reacts differently on each individual, so what smells great on one person may not have the same effect on another.

    It’s also worth exploring the fragrance notes, as perfumes often have top, middle, and base notes that evolve over time. Test the perfume on your skin before making a purchase, as the scent may change slightly after interacting with your body’s natural oils.

    Finally, while name brand perfumes can be more expensive than generic options, they often justify their higher price with superior quality, exclusivity, and a unique olfactory experience.


    The price of name brand perfume 


    We all see ‘expensive’ in different ways. Some might say that a product is expensive because they can’t afford to buy it, whilst others see it as ‘not worth the price tag’. Not all perfume is expensive these days.


    So what makes brands expensive ?

    Whilst one product alone may not break the bank, having several high end items in your perfume collection will soon add up. We all know just how much money women alone can spend on these items as well as skin care and cosmetics.

    Luxury perfume and cosmetics are two of the top products that women buy. When it comes to perfume, a very small percentage is the actual cost of the scent alone. The majority of what we are paying for is the cost of the packaging, marketing and advertising of the product, along with the celebrity endorsement.

    If the perfume isn’t advertised then no one will actually know about it to purchase in the first place, so a large chunk of the money we pay as a consumer goes towards the advertising of  these brands.


    Men and women will often purchase known brands, therefore they are paying not just for the product, but the marketing, the brand name and prestige that comes with such names.

     The power of branding     


    Just like a bottle of Chanel perfume, no one sees your lipstick container or it’s brand name. It sits in your handbag until it’s used.

    At FM World we sell affordable make up as well as our large collection of fragrances and just like the designers, we never compromise on the quality either. The difference between us and the designer companies is that we don’t need to advertise on TV.

    There are millions of distributors around the world, just like myself who help both men and women choose the right scent for them and one that is affordable.

    We speak to friends/family and work colleagues about our fragrances and inform them that we can save customers money by buying an alternative bottle. We are also a cruelty-free company which is an important factor these days and with an affordable price tag, we can help others save money and still enjoy their favourite scents.




    Name brand perfumes hold a prominent position in the world of fragrance, renowned for their exceptional quality, diverse range of scents, and luxurious presentation.

    These established perfume houses have earned their reputation through a commitment to crafting unique and long-lasting fragrances that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

    Choosing a name brand perfume offers not just a scent but also an indulgent experience that reflects luxury, elegance, and prestige. The attention to detail in the ingredients, packaging, design of bottles and presentation ensures that wearing these perfumes is a symbol of refined taste and sophistication.

    When selecting a name brand perfume, remember to consider individual preferences and how the fragrance interacts with your own body chemistry. Always try the scent on your skin before making a purchase to ensure it complements your unique aroma.

    While name brand perfumes may come with a higher price tag, they justify their value through superior quality, design, packaging and advertising. Investing in a name brand perfume not only enhances your personal scent but also adds a touch of luxury to your daily routine.


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    Name brand perfumes
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    Name brand perfumes
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