Fragrance scents

We’ve all done it. We’ve noticed the lovely fragrance scents that our friend is wearing and you find yourself constantly noticing the whiff of a delightful perfume when you’re on a night out.

Now and then it drifts back and makes you curious so you ask your friend which perfume she happens to be wearing. Your friend just so happens to have the bottle in her hand bag because that’s what women do on a night out and lots of perfumes are available in smaller sizes to carry in your handbag.

Many women love to freshen up on a night out so we pop to the ladies’ bathroom for another spritz of our perfume before we head on back to the pub or nightclub.

You ask if you can try a little spritz too because it smells so gorgeous on your friend. It must surely smell the same on you but let’s think about this and take a different angle.

You buy the same blouse as your friend, it looked amazing on her when you last went our together. Seeing her wearing it has prompted you to ask when she bought it from so you go out and buy the same blouse.

The chances are it will look and feel very different on you because even if you are the same clothing size, your shape and height may be very different. No one is the same. Our bodies are different even if we wear the same size clothing.

The exact same principles goes with fragrances. What suits one type of skin won’t necessarily suit another.

Every single person has their own unique scent when it comes to skin, even when the fragrance smells gorgeous on a friend, it may not suit our skin the same way.

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Fragrance scents
Samples are a great way to try a new fragrance
Fragrance scents
Fm samples

The perfect fragrance scents 

My sister and our late mum were always wearers of Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden. 


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It’s a delightful floral perfume that comes in a simplistic bottle and at an affordable price and was very popular in the early 90’s. When our mum passed away, I took a brand new bottle of Sunflowers from her bathroom cabinet when we had the dreaded task of clearing out her home for someone knew to move into.

Our mum loved buying two of everything and unfortunately, she never got around to wearing the new bottle before she passed, so it was sitting unopened and sealed. It was added to my pile of items as a keepsake and was a reminder of how our mum used to smell.


Fragrance scents

Fragrances notes of Sunflowers 

Top notes: lemon, orange, blossom, rosewood, mandarin, peach, bergamot, melon.

Heart notes: Rose, pure jasmine, iris root, cyclamen, osmanthus.

Base notes: cedar, musk, amber, moss, sandalwood


I couldn’t face throwing a brand new bottle away either, that was just a waste. It was a gorgeous fragrance on both my mum and sister and suited them very well. Sunflowers has a distinctive floral and fruit scent so you would think that this versatility would suit many women and this fragrance family is one of my favourites.

I tried the fragrance for myself one day and experienced a completely different smell on my skin to that of my mum and sister. Let’s just say it smelt like garden weeds! I left it on for about 30 minutes as scents do change once the notes have settled but it didn’t improve so I had no option than to wash it off.

I was left feeling disappointed that my mums favourite fragrance didn’t have the same scent on my skin as it did on her and my sister. Although the collection of fragrance notes on paper look a delicate mix, there was perhaps just one or two scents that clashed when I sprayed it on my skin.

I kept the bottle for a few years until it ‘turned’ and felt there was little reason to keep it as I knew I wasn’t never going to use it and it was too late to give to my sister to use. Perfume that has ‘gone off’ is best being throw away.

This is why it is so important to try a sample of perfume or aftershave on your skin before you purchase. It’s the only way to determine if the scent that your friend wears is going to suit you too.

Perfumes, especially luxury and some celebrity brands can be expensive and it’s just another bottle sitting in the wardrobe that doesn’t get used if you hastily buy without trying first.

Some people spray a little into the air before that make a purchase and although it’s another way of trying a scent, nothing compares to trying on the skin first.

Fragrances bring out our personality and it’s important that we choose a perfume that suits both our skin and character.

Try before you buy


Trying a scent on your skin before buying is essential.

Chemistry with Your Skin: Fragrances can interact differently with each individual’s skin chemistry. The same perfume can smell different on different people due to variations in body temperature, pH levels, and natural oils. By testing the scent on your skin, you can assess how it develops and whether it complements your body’s unique chemistry.

Evolution of Notes: Fragrances consist of top, middle and base notes that unfold over time. When you apply a scent to your skin, you get to experience the full evolution of the fragrance. The initial top notes might be enticing, but you need to see how they blend with the heart and base notes to decide if you like the overall composition.

Longevity and Projection: A fragrance’s longevity (how long it lasts on your skin) and projection (how far the scent radiates) are influenced by your skin type and body heat. Testing it on your skin allows you to gauge how long the scent lingers and how it interacts with your body’s natural scent, helping you make an informed decision about its suitability for your needs.

Allergic Reactions: Some people may have allergies or sensitivities to certain fragrance ingredients. By trying a scent on your skin, you can ensure it doesn’t cause any adverse reactions, such as skin irritation or headaches.

Seasonal Considerations: Fragrances can be influenced by weather and climate. Some scents might be better suited for warmer seasons, while others shine in colder weather. Testing a fragrance on your skin in the appropriate season can give you a better idea of how it performs in specific conditions.

Personal Preference: Fragrance preferences are subjective and unique to each individual. A scent that smells fantastic on someone else may not appeal to you in the same way. Trying a fragrance on your skin allows you to determine if it aligns with your personal tastes and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Confidence in Purchase: Buying a fragrance can be an investment, especially for designer or niche perfumes. Trying a scent on your skin before purchasing gives you more confidence in your decision, reducing the likelihood of buyer’s remorse.

When trying a fragrance on your skin, remember to give it some time to develop fully. Wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour to experience the scent’s true character.

If possible, refrain from testing multiple fragrances on the same day, as the scents might mix and interfere with each other. Overall, testing a fragrance on your skin is a crucial step in finding the perfect scent that complements your unique personality and style.


Fragrance scents
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