Perfume samples-finding the right scent

Perfume samples are a great way to finding the right scent.

All too often we have a perfume bought for us that’s not to our taste and so it never gets used.

Perhaps its too strong or too sweet. Some fragrances can be a little overpowering and we have to remember that not everyone suits the same scent.

I used to love going out to the shops with my late mum. We would often visit places like Boots or large department stores, depending on where we were going.

Perfume samples -finding the right scent
Perfumes samples by FM-a great way to try before you buy


The great thing about perfume stores is that you can be cheeky and grab several small samples and end up with a few months worth of perfume to use. Without costing a penny!

Mum and I used to walk into the shop and there was an instant concoction of mixed scents floating in the air. This was especially prevalent with the stores that had a large perfume department.

Every customer who walked past the cashier, or per fumier as they are known, was sprayed with the latest fragrance in a bid to make a sale.

This worked on the odd occasion, I’ve no doubt, but we are all individual so our scent is individual too.

Not everyone will like the scent that has been directed at them as they walked past.

Even if you had no plan to walk into a particular shop, just smelling a whiff of fragrance as you walked past was sometimes enough to entice you in.

Going into these kinds of shops was a great way to build up your ‘smellies’ collection without spending a fortune on designer fragrances.

Perfume and make up are two things that are intriguing as a young girl. Many will become interested as early as 10 years old.

I loved the little sample bottles and felt like a grown up when I applied an ‘adult’ fragrance to my skin.

Any opportunity to smell ‘posh perfume’ and be like the grown-ups was very much appealing. The need to grow up fast seemed to be the thing when I was young back in the 70s.

Nowadays we spend more time trying to look and feel younger !


Finding the right scent

It’s important for men and women to find the right scent as what will suit one person won’t necessarily suit another. We all have different scents so it’s important to choose one that is right.

There has been many a time I’m sure where we would try a fragrance that smelt gorgeous on a friend only to find that it smelt like garden weeds on our own skin!

Samples are a great way to try a fragrance over a few days or a week to see how it settles on the skin and if it’s one that we will wear, before making a purchase.

We can potentially spend a lot of money buying a perfume so it’s important that we find the right one to suit our skin.

No one wants a brand new bottle sitting in the cupboard or on the bedside unit, not being used. Keep it long enough and it will eventually expire. Money wasted.

What’s also beneficial with perfume samples is that they will fit in your handbag or briefcase and suitable to take abroad.

At FM, we had a choice of over 150 fragrances and all of them are available as a sample bottle.

Has a new fragrance on the market caught your eye but you want to try it first ?

Whilst it’s easy enough to have a spray of the sample bottle in store, this only gives you one day of getting used to the scent. By having a sample of perfume, it makes it easier to try the fragrance over a few days.

Get in touch or comment below if you would like to try any samples.


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