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    Where to buy perfume samples

    The perfume industry is huge and continues to grow. One of the great things about buying a new fragrance is the samples that are available to try before you buy.

    We’ve all done it, purchased a perfume because it smells nice on someone else or the celebrity endorser behind the bottle is one of our favourite actors.



    Where to buy perfume samples


    We are still very much influenced on our purchases when it comes to fragrances.

    There are lots of places where they either offer free samples or samples at a small cost so that you can try a fragrance before you commit to buying the bottle.

    A wonderful idea that saves you money on buying a perfume that you potentially may never wear.

    Everyone’s skin is different so each individual fragrance will smell unique on your own skin.

    Many a time we have friends, family or perhaps even strangers that will comment on our chosen fragrance.

    They like the scent of it and may go as far as buying the bottle themselves, only to find it doesn’t smell the same on their skin.

    Another expensive bottle of celebrity perfume sits in the wardrobe or on the dressing table.

    When I was younger, I loved going into the perfume stores with my late mum to get a collection of perfume samples.

    It was a cheap way of having a fragrance every day.

    Perfume samples nowadays can be used for so many ideas.


    Wedding favours


    Where to buy perfume samples

    Are you getting married?

    Have you ever considered purchasing a selection of perfume samples to give to your guests?

    They’ll love this idea.

    Using perfume samples as wedding favours has become very popular over the last few years and doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.

    A great way to say thank you to your wedding guests for attending your special day by giving them a selection of perfume/aftershave samples at the table.

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    Decorative bags and pouches can be bought online from places such as eBay to make the samples look more elegant as a gift.


    Where to buy perfume samples


    Where to buy perfume samples

    There are some pretty drawstring pouches available in a range of colours.

    Where to buy perfume samples

    An extra gift

    Another idea for using perfume samples is to add a small gift to a birthday or Christmas present.

    Particularly if you find out what fragrance the person likes such as floral, woody, citrus, oriental etc.

    You could then choose those fragrance notes as an extra gift to pop inside their present.

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Be creative with your samples


    There are several things you can do with your perfume samples if you don’t want to wear them or give them away.
    Here’s a few ideas.
    The potpourri that’s been sitting on your kitchen windowsill and has now lost it’s scent can be easily revived with sprinkling drops of your perfume sample on top.
    Where to buy perfume samples
    Sprinkle some perfume onto your potpourri for a delicate scent in the home
    Take a sample abroad for your holidays. When the airport limits the amount of liquid we can take, a sample bottle is the perfect solution and you can take a few different scents with you too.
    Add a sample bottle to a water spray with a little water and spray your car seats gently to give them a new scent when you next get back in for a drive.
    A great idea for smelly kitchen bins is to add some drops to a couple of cotton balls and pop in the bottom of your bin before your liner goes in.
    Drawer liners keep our clothes smelling fresh so why not add a little potpourri into a small pouch bag.
    Add a few drops of your sample perfume to add a gorgeous fragrance the next time you reach for your smalls.



    If you are a user of the tumble dryer during the winter months and usually use scented sheets, why not create your own.

    Add several drops of perfume onto a damp handkerchief and pop it in the dryer. Your wet clothes will come out smelling fresh, clean, scented and dry.


    Where to buy perfume samples

    At FM WORLD, perfume samples can be purchased between 40p ( PURE and PURE ROYAL) and £1.50 (UTIQUE) per sample.
    All of our fragrances bar the Utique range, are inspired by celebrity perfumes.
    If, for example, your favourite perfume is La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme, a gorgeous floral and sweet scent, you can purchase a sample of FM 413 which has very similar notes to this celebrity perfume and won’t cost you more than £18.
    You can read our review on this fragrance here.

    A popular choice of fragrance

    Thousands of men and women currently wear FM fragrances as they are so popular, long-lasting and affordable. The perfect combination.
    We all have a different way of thinking when purchasing products. There are many that prefer to buy the designer range because of the celebrity endorser behind that product.
    Needless to say, you do pay a percentage towards the packaging, the designer bottle, the celebrity endorser and the TV advert that goes alongside it.
    FM fragrances were created to give quality perfume that lasts longer than the celebrity perfumes and are affordable for any budget.
    They also created perfume where you don’t pay for the above external factors.
    They all contain 20% or 30% pure perfume oil. This means that your fragrance will last around eight hours if you are using 20% perfume and even longer if you are buying a 30% perfume oil fragrance.

    Quality samples, quality perfumes

    Buyers want to pay for quality and at FM they do just that.
    With so many fragrances to choose from, over 200 in fact, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing one of our favourites.
    We don’t need to spend £80-£100 on designer fragrance when we can buy a more affordable bottle that has very similar notes.
    So similar in fact that they smell almost identical.

    Pure and Pure Royal range

    Having such a large selection to choose from, the PURE and PURE ROYAL range samples measure as 1.4ml sample bottles.

    Where to buy perfume samples



    The applicator is attached to the lid which is a plastic wand to apply the sample to your skin.


    The paper sample holders can be bought separately for 80 pence each if you require that extra little touch.


    Where to buy perfume samples
    Sample holder for male perfume
    Where to buy perfume samples
    Sample holder for female perfume

    Utique range

    With FM WORLD’s Utique range, there are twelve scents that have been created with a selection of delightful fragrance notes.
    Eight of those fragrances ( Black, Gold, Ruby, Bubble, Ambre Royal, Ambergris, Malachite) sit in the oriental family so you will have scents such as floral, woody, spicy, vanilla and ambergris notes.
    Three of the scents ( Muffin, Flamingo, Violet Oud) sit in the flower family so you will have fruity, oriental, citrus, woody and water notes.
    The last scent ( Sexy Cashmere) sits in the wood family group with notes of floral, fruit and oriental.
    All the perfumes in the Utique range are unisex and contain 20% perfume.
    Related post: unisex perfumes.
    They measure as 2ml samples and come with their own paper sample holder. Another elegant way to give as a gift and this collection has a spray top for easy application.


    Type: elegant, sophisticated, mysterious

    Fragrance notes:

    Head Notes: woody notes, saffron, styrax

    Heart Notes: vetiver, amber, vanilla

    Base Notes: leather, sandalwood, amberwood


    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: luxurious, exquisite

    Head Notes: red pepper, cedarwood, nutmeg

    Heart Notes: iris, saffron, vetiver

    Base Notes: Cypriot, patchouli, black musk, amber

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: mystery, spiritual

    Fragrance notes:

    Head Notes: cashmere wood, jasmine,

    Heart Notes: vanilla, amberwood, balsamic notes

    Base Notes: white oud, black musk, dry wood

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: intriguing, noble, unforgettable
    Fragrance notes:
    Head notes: lemon, rose, saffron
    Heart notes: woody notes, peony, amyris, leather notes
    Base notes: amber, oud, vanilla

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: charming, seductive like a forbidden fruit
    Fragrance notes:
    Head notes: Rosa Mosqueta, blackberry sorbet, green notes
    Heart notes: Damask Rose, jasmine, apricot

    Base notes: woody notes, crystal rose chord, musk

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: enchanting, delightful
    Fragrance Notes:
    Head: bergamot, cardamom, lime,
    Heart: lily of the valley, jasmine, mint

    Base: guaiac wood, musk, cedarwood

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: sensual, charming, with a hint of mystery
    Fragrance notes:
    Head Notes: bergamot, orange, apple, cinnamon
    Heart Notes: clove, tobacco,

    Base Notes: patchouli, tonka bean, myrrh, musk

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: sophisticated, stunning


    Fragrance Notes: Head notes: rose, suede, safflower Heart notes: frozen raspberry, wild rose, Cypriot

    Base notes: agarwood, white musk, American sweetgum


    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: uninhibited, ambiguous, triggering desires
    Fragrance notes:
    Head: plum
    Heart: iris, violet, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, patchouli

    Base: sandalwood, benzoin resin, vanilla, musk

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: deep, mysterious, absolute
    Fragrance notes:
    Head: bergamot, red peppercorn, cumin seeds, cardamom
    Heart: wild jasmine, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang

    Base: ambergris, tonka bean, labdanum, leather, oak moss, patchouli, musk

    Where to buy perfume samples


    Type: enigmatic, thrilling, like the four elements
    Fragrance notes:
    Head notes: mandarin, bergamot, wallflower, plum, aldehyde notes, blackcurrant, saffron, ivy, peach skin
    Heart notes: jasmine, violet, tuberose, iris, rose, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, orange blossom

    Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, moss, Haitian vetiver, patchouli, musk

    Where to buy perfume samples

    Other places that sell perfume samples can be found here:


    If you have any questions regarding any of our samples or would like to see the complete list of the scents that we do, please get in touch or comment below.

  • Perfumes

    Fragrance scents

    So….you’ve bought the same perfume as your bestie because you love the fragrance scents.

    You find yourself constantly noticing the whiff of a delightful fragrance when you’re on a night out with your best friend.

    Every now and then it drifts back and makes you curious.


    Different scent 
    Your friend just so happens to have the bottle in her hand bag because that’s what women do on a night out.

    We pop to the ladies toilets for a freshen up and another spritz of our perfume before we head on back to the pub or nightclub.

    You ask if you can try a little spritz too because it smells so gorgeous on your friend.

    It must surely smell the same on you.


    We are different 

    Let’s think about this.

    You buy the same blouse as your friend, it looks amazing on her.

    Seeing her wearing it has prompted you to ask when she bought it from.

    You go out and buy the same blouse.


    It looks different 

    The chances are it will look and feel very different on you because even if you are the same clothing size, your shape and height may be very different.

    No one is the same. Our bodies are different even if we wear the same size clothing.

    The exact same principles goes with fragrances.
    What suits one type of skin won’t necessarily suit another.

    Every single person has their own unique scent when it comes to skin.

    Even when the fragrance smells gorgeous on a friend, it may not suit our skin the same way.


    Fragrance scents
    Samples are a great way to try a new fragrance
    Fragrance scents
    Fm samples

    The perfect fragrance scents 

    My sister and our late mum were always wearers of Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden.


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    When our mum passed away, I took a new bottle of Sunflower when we cleared out her flat.


    Fragrance scents

    One of my keepsakes and a reminder of how our mum used to smell.

    I couldn’t face throwing a brand new bottle away either.

    It was a gorgeous fragrance on both of them and suited them both very well.

    I tried the fragrance for myself one day and experienced a completely different smell on my skin to that of my mum and sister.

    Let’s just say it smelt like garden weeds and t was instantly washed off.

    I was left feeling disappointed that my mums favourite fragrance didn’t have the same scent on my skin as it did on her and my sister.

    I kept the bottle for a few years until it ‘turned’ and felt there was little reason to keep it as I knew iI wasn’t never going to use it.

    So, if you like your friends fragrance and wonder if it would suit your skin too, always try a sample on yourself before you commit.

    Perfumes can be expensive and it’s just another bottle sitting in the wardrobe that doesn’t get used if you hastily buy without trying first.

    Make sure it suits your skin and personality  too.



    Fragrance scents




  • Samples

    Perfume samples-finding the right scent

    Perfume samples are a great way to finding the right scent.

    All too often we have a perfume bought for us that’s not to our taste and so it never gets used.

    Perhaps its too strong or too sweet. Some fragrances can be a little overpowering and we have to remember that not everyone suits the same scent.

    I used to love going out to the shops with my late mum. We would often visit places like Boots or large department stores, depending on where we were going.

    Perfume samples -finding the right scent
    Perfumes samples by FM-a great way to try before you buy


    The great thing about perfume stores is that you can be cheeky and grab several small samples and end up with a few months worth of perfume to use. Without costing a penny!

    Mum and I used to walk into the shop and there was an instant concoction of mixed scents floating in the air. This was especially prevalent with the stores that had a large perfume department.

    Every customer who walked past the cashier, or per fumier as they are known, was sprayed with the latest fragrance in a bid to make a sale.

    This worked on the odd occasion, I’ve no doubt, but we are all individual so our scent is individual too.

    Not everyone will like the scent that has been directed at them as they walked past.

    Even if you had no plan to walk into a particular shop, just smelling a whiff of fragrance as you walked past was sometimes enough to entice you in.

    Going into these kinds of shops was a great way to build up your ‘smellies’ collection without spending a fortune on designer fragrances.

    Perfume and make up are two things that are intriguing as a young girl. Many will become interested as early as 10 years old.

    I loved the little sample bottles and felt like a grown up when I applied an ‘adult’ fragrance to my skin.

    Any opportunity to smell ‘posh perfume’ and be like the grown-ups was very much appealing. The need to grow up fast seemed to be the thing when I was young back in the 70s.

    Nowadays we spend more time trying to look and feel younger !


    Finding the right scent

    It’s important for men and women to find the right scent as what will suit one person won’t necessarily suit another. We all have different scents so it’s important to choose one that is right.

    There has been many a time I’m sure where we would try a fragrance that smelt gorgeous on a friend only to find that it smelt like garden weeds on our own skin!

    Samples are a great way to try a fragrance over a few days or a week to see how it settles on the skin and if it’s one that we will wear, before making a purchase.

    We can potentially spend a lot of money buying a perfume so it’s important that we find the right one to suit our skin.

    No one wants a brand new bottle sitting in the cupboard or on the bedside unit, not being used. Keep it long enough and it will eventually expire. Money wasted.

    What’s also beneficial with perfume samples is that they will fit in your handbag or briefcase and suitable to take abroad.

    At FM, we had a choice of over 150 fragrances and all of them are available as a sample bottle.

    Has a new fragrance on the market caught your eye but you want to try it first ?

    Whilst it’s easy enough to have a spray of the sample bottle in store, this only gives you one day of getting used to the scent. By having a sample of perfume, it makes it easier to try the fragrance over a few days.

    Get in touch or comment below if you would like to try any samples.


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