Drom fragrances

Who are Drom Fragrances ? Drom are one of the biggest perfume oil suppliers in the world.


Drom fragrances


It wasn’t until I began working with Fm World in 2015, that I learnt who Drom fragrances were. Before this time it was a company name that I had never heard of.

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After all, when I was young, I simply bought a perfume just because it smelt nice, without ever knowing where any of the ingredients came from.

When I was introduced to DROM by my FM sponsor, via a social platform, I learnt that they were one of the biggest perfume oil supplies in the world and they supplied perfume oil for the worlds most famous designer perfume companies.

There are so many designer perfumes on the market today and they all use DROM as their perfume oil manufacturer.

I never knew this before. I guess like most things, we don’t know where products originate from. We simply purchase because it’s something we want.

Based in Germany, the story of DROM began during the early 1920’s and was created by the Storp family.

So where does the name originate ? In the early 1920s, Bruno Storp met the perfumer Dr Clement. The foundation of DR O Martens & Co was renamed DROM.

DROM fragrances
One of the biggest perfume producers in the world


Anyone who has ever purchased a bottle of FM perfume will know that they bear remarkable similarities to the High Street brands.

Why? Because DROM retain the rights to the creations and market to a number of other companies, including ours.

With over 200 fragrances to choose from, the company has grown bigger and bigger every year. This year, 2021, sees FM enjoying their 18th year in business.

When DROM fragrances met FM World

In 2004, FM world Poland was established by a man called Mr Artur Trawinski.

A man I had the amazing chance to meet during one of our conferences on 10th October 2005.

Not knowing what to expect when you meet a man who has created a worldwide business that started with fragrances, I was pleasantly surprised when he was just an ordinary and down to earth man, with a big dream.

He almost appeared very shy.


FM became a huge network marketing company that sees millions of distributors like myself, enjoying amazing products, helping others to earn an extra income and build a community of followers online and in person.

DROM fragrances
The owner and founder of FM cosmetics
DROM fragrances
With the owner of FM cosmetics -Artur Trawinski-2005













DROM perfume
Our mens and women’s numbered perfumes



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