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Fancy designer perfume

Have you ever wondered why designer fragrances always come in a fancy designer perfume bottle? Let’s start with the box. Quite often we’ll have a posh box sitting on the shelves of department stores and perfume shops. Huge detail goes into some of these boxes before we’ve even opened it and then we’re faced with the bottle inside.

Shaped like a woman’s silhouette, a high heel, a man’s torso, or even a star, some of the bottles we see today don’t have an ideal design.

Especially if you keep your perfumes on your bedside cabinet or like to take your scent with you to spray during the day. Bottles such as Angel, look lovely but this particular design needs to stay in its box as it won’t stand up on its own.

They won’t fit inside your clutch bag easily either when you’re going out for the evening. Clumsy, bulky and unnecessary designs are very creative but are they really necessary?

There’s a lot of detail that goes into creating the perfect bottle and they often come in fancy or elaborate bottles for several reasons. Let’s take a deeper look.

Fancy designer perfume

Perfume bottles are designed to catch the eye and evoke a sense of luxury and elegance. The intricate and beautiful designs help create a visual appeal that complements the fragrance itself. Luxury brands, in particular, use fancy bottles as part of their overall branding strategy to convey a sense of exclusivity and sophistication.

The perfume industry is highly competitive, with numerous brands and fragrances available. Fancy bottles serve as a means of standing out from the crowd and creating a unique identity for each perfume. By investing in distinctive packaging, perfume companies can make their products easily recognizable and memorable to consumers.

Perfumes are often associated with personal experiences, memories, and emotions. The design and aesthetics of the bottle can enhance the overall experience of using the perfume and create an emotional connection with the user. A visually appealing bottle can contribute to the pleasure and anticipation of wearing the fragrance.

Perfumes have often been a popular gift item and fancy bottles make them more attractive and desirable as presents. The packaging itself can be seen as an additional gift, adding to the overall value and charm of the product. The receiver of the perfume may feel a greater sense of appreciation when presented with a beautifully designed bottle, especially f the purchaser has taken the time to find out what type of scent the recipient enjoys.

Some perfume enthusiasts enjoy collecting bottles and displaying them as decorative items. Fancy perfume bottles, especially those from limited editions or prestigious collections, can become sought-after collector’s items.

The bottle design may be a significant factor in the decision to purchase a particular perfume for collectors. There are some beautiful and very creative bottles on the market today and these would make a lovely display.

It’s important to note that while the bottle design can be appealing, the quality and composition of the fragrance itself are the most crucial aspects. The choice of perfume should be based on personal preferences and match the perfect scent for those wearing it, more than just the bottle’s appearance.

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Fancy designer perfume

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Fancy designer perfume

Other factors come down to the celebrity creation behind it. Advertisers and celebrities want their products to stand out for the customer to notice their designs. They’re not worried about who sees their fancy bottle once it’s sold.

We don’t invite friends or family up to our room to look at our wonderful display of fragrances. Yet, we are often influenced by the packaging and design of the latest perfume.

Perfumes should be stored in a dark place for longevity. When we have a wonderful display of different perfumes sitting proudly on the bedside cabinet, the only people who will see it are our immediate family who live with us.

Some may even keep their perfume inside the original box, hidden away inside the wardrobe, in between uses, so the fancy bottle is never going to be seen.

Do we buy a fragrance for its design?

No, of course, we don’t, but it’s the first thing we see when we go shopping, and it gives us our first influence.

Designer bottles may look pretty on your bedside unit, but if the fragrance doesn’t suit, you could potentially spend £40/50 on an EDT that you’re never going to wear. No one likes to waste money, and this is a prime example of how easy it is to spend lavishly on a product that won’t be used.

While some people may be attracted to perfume solely for its bottle design, it is not the primary reason most individuals purchase perfume. The main purpose of buying perfume is to enjoy and wear the fragrance itself. The scent, longevity, and how it interacts with an individual’s body chemistry are typically the key factors that influence perfume purchases.

Bottle design is often a bonus or a secondary consideration. People may appreciate the visual beauty of a fancy perfume bottle and find it appealing, but it is typically not the sole determining factor in their decision to purchase a perfume. Other important factors include the brand reputation, the fragrance notes, recommendations, personal preferences, and the overall experience associated with wearing the perfume.

Fancy designer perfume

Perfume companies are known to invest a considerable amount of effort and resources into designing attractive bottles to enhance the overall product appeal for their buyers. However, the quality and structure of the fragrance itself ultimately determine a perfume’s value and popularity with its customers.

Saving the perfume for the best

We’ve all done it, but it’s money down the drain when we keep perfume for a special occasion. What are we paying for when we buy perfume? The fancy packaging or the bottle’s amazing scent?

People will comment on a fragrance that you’re wearing, regardless of the bottle design. Many men and women will recognise a scent, especially if it’s one that they wear or are familiar with. No one asks to see the bottle either, yet we somehow spend a fortune on the overall product.

When we learn that there are other choices out there that won’t break the bank, we start to appreciate that money can buy more than just one bottle if we know where to shop. So…the next time you need a new perfume, remember that simplicity is key.

At FM World, we have a selection of fragrances for men and women that prioritize simplicity. Simple bottle designs, straightforward packaging, and no hefty price tag that many high-end designer perfumes always have.

Get in touch if you would like to see a list of the inspired fragrances we sell.

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Fancy designer perfume

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