Fancy designer perfume

Have you ever wondered why designer fragrances always come in a fancy designer perfume bottle ?

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Fancy designer perfume
A fancy bottle design that doesn’t stand up on its own


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Fancy designer perfume bottles 


Let’s start with the box.

Quite often we’ll have a posh box sitting on the shelves of department stores and perfume shops.

Huge detail goes into some of these boxes before we’ve even opened it.

Then we’re faced with the bottle inside.

Shaped like a woman’s silhouette, high heel , a mans torso, or even a star.

Some of the bottles don’t have an ideal design for you to be able to stand your perfume on your besides cabinet, especially types like Angel.

Nor do they fit inside your handbag easily for a night out.

Clumsy, bulky and unnecessary designs in my opinion that are very creative, of course, but are they really necessary ?

There’s certainly a lot of detail that goes into creating the perfect bottle.


Fancy designer perfume

It comes down to the celebrity creation behind it. Advertisers and celebrities want their product to stand out in order for the customer to notice their design. They’re not worried about who actually sees their fancy bottle once it’s sold.

We don’t invite friends or family up to our room to look at our wonderful display of fragrances either.

Perfumes should be stored in a dark place for longevity so when we have a wonderful display of different perfumes, the only people who see it is our immediate family who love with us.

Some may keep their perfume in the box, inside the wardrobe, in between uses, so they’re certainly never going to get seen.

Do we buy a fragrance for its design ?


No, of course we don’t, but it’s the first thing we see when we go shopping and gives us the first influence.

The bottle may very well look pretty on your beside unit, but if the fragrance doesn’t suit, you could potentially spend £40/50 on an EDT that you’re never going to wear.

No one likes to waste money but when we spend so much on designer perfumes.

It really does seem like money down the drain when we keep that perfume for a special occasion.

Saving the perfume for best

What are we actually paying for ? The fancy packaging or the amazing scent?

People will comment on a fragrance that you’re wearing, regardless of the bottle design and they certainly don’t ask to see the bottle.

So…the next time you need a new perfume, remember that simplicity really is key.

We have a selection of fragrances to suit all with simplicity in mind.

Get in touch if you would like to see a list of what inspired fragrances we sell.


Fancy designer perfume
Customers pay for the bottle as well as the contents when it comes to designer


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Designer perfumes 


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