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Rihanna’s favourite perfume

We don’t have to look very far to search for Rihanna’s favourite perfume or latest performance.

Google anything to do with the superstar and of late, the first video that pops up is her incredible performance on the Super Bowl on 12th February 2023.

Looking absolutely stunning in a pillar box red jumpsuit and heavily pregnant with her second child, we watch the hugely successful performance by the Barbadian singer.

Every social platform you visit will show the performer strutting her stuff to a mash up selection of her most successful tunes to date.

Watch Rihanna at the Super Bowl

There won’t be many artists who can get away with such a performance on the Super Bowl as Rihanna has pulled off.

Being away from the limelight for the past four years, she certainly made an amazing return to the stage during the halftime show.

As she began her performance, suspended on a high platform, Rihanna started the show with a medley of hits such as We Found Love and Rude Boy.

Rihanna’s favourite perfume

With more than 100 back up dancers, wearing white hooded jumpsuits and sunglasses, the dancers themselves were superb.

Every dancer was in unison, every move showcasing every line of the song that she was singing, and it was near impossible to not watch over and over again, just to revisit such a unique performance.

Even the deaf sign language interpreter, Justina Miles, got recognition as she danced and signed her way through the chart topping tunes and went viral on social media with her own enthusiastic performance.

Rihanna would be forgiven for not jumping about the stage as she would normally do and still managed to look elegant, sexy and sophisticated with her subtle dance moves and powerful vocals.

Her back up dancers left no room for anyone to notice that the singing sensation’s moves were more subtle.

A 13 minute fast paced dancing and top 10 hits, gave the performance a world record for the most watched Super Bowl performance in history as it reached 118.7 million views.

That’ll take some beating!

The Queen of pop’s performance actually had more viewers than the game itself.

Her performance has been recreated in many forms by young and old on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram reels and are just as entertaining to watch and admire the skill of copying such fast moves and sultry vibes from the pop legend.

The unique dance moves, created by choreographer, Parris Goebel, A New Zealand singer, director and actress was seen being rehearsed by over 14 million people on TikTok with Rihanna’s backup dancers the Royal family Dance Crew.



Rihanna’s favourite perfume

A brief insight into the singers history

Rihanna, born Robin Rihanna Fenty on February 20th 1988, is a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actress.

The pop singer is one of the bestselling female artist of all time, selling over 215 million records around the world.

Rihanna has also launched the cosmetics brand Fenty beauty, has appeared in several major acting roles and the fashion world, that saw her design clothing from lingerie, to sports wear and leather goods.

Rihanna-Reb’l Fleur

In August 2011, the superstar released her first fragrance called Reb’l Fleur to the United Kingdom.

With the very fitting tagline of ‘Bad Feels So Good‘, Rihanna creates a beautiful scent in a uniquely designed bottle.

According to online sources, her grandmother used to call her ‘Rebel Flower‘ and so she began layering fragrance notes to create a scent that spoke a thousand words and said “Rihanna was here”.

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With a beautiful selection of fragrance notes, the bottle design alone reminds me of the Eiffel Tower as it tapers inwards to form a vertical shaped bottle.


Rihanna’s favourite perfume

Top notes : plum, berries, peach

Middle notes: Hawaiian hibiscus flower, coconut water, violet, tuberose

Base notes: Vanilla, amber, musk



Very long-lasting” said one purchaser.

A beautiful exotic scent ” said another.


Rihanna’s favourite perfume

More and more celebrities are creating their own fragrances, as well as endorsing other brands.

It may come as a surprise though but there are many celebrities who don’t actually wear the perfume they endorse.

Some will go for a reasonably priced scent whilst others have more of an expensive taste.

Kilian-Love, Don’t Be Shy

Besides endorsing her own fragrance, Rihanna has another favourite scent that she loves to wear and get heads turning.

Love by Kilian with a tagline ‘Don’t Be Shy‘ seems to fit perfectly for such a carefree, creative and talented star.

If you ever wanted to smell as good as a pop star, then this is the fragrance for you.



Rihanna’s favourite perfume

LOVE by KILIAN Don’t Be Shy EXTREME 1.7 oz (50 ml) EDP Perfume


Launched in 2007, it may not be a fragrance that you have heard of before, but it certainly packs a punch when other celebrities comment on how good Rihanna smells when wearing it.

It possibly goes without saying that it is not the most affordable perfume on the market, but do you expect anything less from Rihanna’s taste in designer perfume ?

Fragrance notes 

Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, neroli and coriander

Middle notes: jasmine, orange blossom, honeysuckle, Iris, rose.

Base notes: vanilla, sugar, musk, caramel, civet, and labdanum

The French perfume is very sweet for those that love this type of fragrance and has a feminine but simplistic bottle with a gold top and is also refillable.

Something that Kilian wanted to introduce and sustain with his belief that “True luxury should last forever”.


Kilian Hennessy wanted to launch a brand that lifted the perfume industry back to how it first began in the late 19th and early 20th century.

He added his own twist and bought his own memories to life in each bottle.

Other Kilian perfumes available on eBay

The master of such scents believes that perfume isn’t only for those who wear it to be noticed or seduced, but also as a protective layer that we can wear to shield us from the outside world.

Over the years, he has created a simplistic line of fragrances that are strong, long-lasting, noticeable and speak power on their first spray.


Rihanna’s favourite perfume is a testament to her exceptional taste and keen sense of style.

As a multifaceted artist and influential figure in the fashion and beauty industry, Rihanna has effortlessly crafted a fragrance that embodies her essence.

Through her brand, Fenty Beauty, she has created a perfume that captivates the senses, evoking a sense of confidence, empowerment, and femininity.

With its unique blend of notes and its elegant packaging, Rihanna’s favourite perfume truly stands out as a representation of her artistic vision and enduring legacy.

For fragrance enthusiasts and fans alike, experiencing Rihanna’s favourite perfume is an opportunity to immerse oneself in the essence of her extraordinary journey and be inspired by her unwavering commitment to self-expression and creativity.

If you want to smell like a superstar and have heads turning like Rihanna, try a sample of the perfume before you purchase a bottle.

Rihanna‘s favourite perfume

It’s a great way to know if the scent will suit your skin without committing to a 50ml fragrance that could sit in the cupboard for years.

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  • Rebecca- Pro Edge Photo

    I LOOOOVVEEE perfume, but I swear I am the worlds worst at picking the best scents!  I love a scent that is more woodsy than fruity, but without smelling like a mens cologne.  I’ll have to go test her perfume!You have some great content!! 

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Rebecca, many thanks for reading my article. I do love woody fragrance notes too. There are so many out there that don’t smell masculine so we have a variety of choice. Unisex perfume is a good option too if you like woody notes. Rhianna’s scent is definitely worth a try!

  • Sariyah

    Hey thanks for this post!

    I myself am a massive fan of perfumes, I usually purchase them through being influenced by my favourite celebrities.

    Rihanna put up an amazing show especially since she was pregnant too, shows how such a hard worker she is. I am definitely going to check out her perfume as well as any future products.

    Thanks again and Have a great day!

    • Louise Allen

      Hello, thank you for reading my article. There are so many lovely perfume is available on the market today, we really are spoilt for choice.

      She certainly did! Impressive performance and her face power sales have gone through the roof too when she powdered her nose!

      Her perfume is a gorgeous scent so well worth trying a sample.

  • Jenni Elliott

    This is a great article and I was fascinated to read some of the background of Rihanna the person that is behind Rhianna the Superstar. You are obviously a great fan. Her Reb’l Fleur perfume certainly has an interesting mix of notes and the bottle is fabulous. Is it true, then, that some of the star perfumes are not actually worn by the star who created them? I find that fascinating. Thank you for sharing this very interesting article.

    • Louise Allen

      Hi Jenni, most definitely a fan of the superstar and her perfume is gorgeous. Sometimes we are drawn to a celebrity perfume for the design of bottle as well as the fragrance, but sometimes the pricetag doesn’t suit. Yes, it’s surprising that there are some celebrities that will endorse a perfume, but they don’t actually wear it themselves.

      I’m pleased you enjoyed reading my article.

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