Fragrances for children

It’s not just adults who like to wear perfume. Fragrances for children are just as popular. There is no specific minimum age recommendation for the younger generation to wear perfume. Typically, once youngsters begin using deodorant around the age of 11-12, there is no harm in boys and girls wearing a suitable fragrance.

However, just before their teens, youngsters may choose to wear fragrance only on occasion. Schools may prefer not to have such products used, as children share a classroom and sit closely together. Another child wearing a perfume that others can smell might be off-putting for those around them. Since schools generally don’t allow jewellery or makeup, it’s safe to assume that perfumes won’t be allowed either.

Children under 10 don’t need to be wearing any scent. Younger skin can have reactions to various products as it matures, so it’s best to stick to gentle soaps and shower gels for a clean and fresh smell.

In my experience, my niece was around the age of 14 before I introduced her to the world of perfume. So, for those thinking of purchasing perfume for their sons or daughters, where do we start?”

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Fragrances for children
Take a look at some affordable fragrances for children

Fragrances for children

The first step is to consider what fragrance scents they may prefer.

the fragrance wheel
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The fragrance wheel
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Fruity and floral fragrances are often appealing to girls, while boys may prefer scents with soft woody notes. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to choose a scent that is subtly inviting.


Light fragrances for children

As adults, we can confidently wear heavier scents for an evening out, but youngsters only need a hint of fragrance, avoiding anything that smells too ‘grown up.’ Children grow up quickly in today’s world, so as parents, we are always trying to preserve their youth for as long as we can.

Once girls are introduced to makeup, perfume often follows suit. Teenage bedrooms become filled with designer clothes, hair products, jewellery, and an array of concoctions when it comes to deodorants and body sprays.

Boys’ bedrooms mirror this trend, with clothes scattered on the floor, countless items strewn about, and bedside tables crammed with bottles and sprays.


Fragrances for girls

Girls’ perfumes often have a musk base. I fondly recall wearing White Musk from the Body Shop; its delicate and subtle fragrance made it perfect for both daytime and evening wear.

Other suitable fragrance notes for girls include floral, fruity, citrus, and orange notes. Anything with a delicate scent is ideal.

For the younger generation, scented body sprays can be perfect, as they are created with a hint of fragrance.

One of the most popular scents for girls is Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Fragrances for children
Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs

The fruity notes of Daisy create a lovely combination, offering a fragrance that isn’t too heavy to wear and carries a distinctly feminine touch.

For those seeking a more affordable option, consider exploring FM 827.

Fragrances for children
FM World 827-Inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy

With fragrance notes similar to Daisy, this 50ml bottle is priced at around £34.00, depending on the retailer. This is a significant saving compared to the £50-£70 price range you might find online.

This fragrance can be described as joyful, full of energy, and sunny.

Fragrance Notes:

  • Head: Peach, lemon, apple blossom, juicy pear, violet leaves
  • Heart: Jasmine, freesia, hibiscus, green leaves
  • Base: Musk, cedarwood, sandalwood
Fragrances for children
Fragrance notes in Daisy

Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste is another excellent choice for young girls. Priced between £30 and £60, depending on the retailer, it offers a delightful fragrance with soft, floral notes—perfect for daytime wear. With its musk base note, this fragrance leaves a gentle sillage.

Fragrances for children
FM World 146- An affordable alternative to Lacoste

Another FM alternative to Lacoste, and a more affordable option, is FM 146, priced at around £34.00 for a 50ml bottle.

Type: Crystal clear, romantic

Fragrance Notes:

  • Head: Yuzu, pomegranate, ice chord
  • Heart: Lotus, magnolia, peony
  • Base: Ambergris, musk, mahogany
Fragrances for children
Pomegranate is the top note for LacosteFragrances for boys

For a young male fragrance, the ideal notes are fresh, and watery, with a hint of spice. Anything too earthy or rich can be overpowering for youngsters. A popular choice for young men is Sauvage by Dior.

It boasts a fresh, masculine scent with a base note of musk, making it well-suited for the younger generation. With excellent sillage, there’s no need for frequent reapplication. Long-lasting and reasonably affordable, Le Male is a big hit with both boys and girls!

Fragrances for children
FM World 110- A great alternative for the younger generation

Bvlgari Aqua Marine is another popular scent, offering a fresh, aquatic, and masculine aroma suitable for any occasion. It does contain a slight citrus scent, so it might not be the best choice if any youngsters have allergies to citrus fruits.

Fragrances for children
Bvlgari contains citrus notes that may not be suitable for those with allergies

FM have a similar fragrance to Bvlgari Aqua pour Homme in their number 135 fragrance.

Fragrances for children
With similar fragrance notes to Bvlgari, FM World 135 is an affordable alternate

Type: Surprising, intense

Fragrance Notes:

  • Head: Bitter orange, tangerine
  • Heart: Santolina, seagrass
  • Base: Ambergris, Woody notes

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If you’re seeking a fragrance suitable for your child or children, feel free to get in touch. I’m happy to assist. Contact us with any queries.

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