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    Travel perfume atomiser

    We all look forward to a holiday each year and sometimes we want to take our favourite perfume or aftershave with us. A travel perfume atomiser is the perfect solution for carrying our chosen scent. We often add a spritz during the evening, or a top up during the daytime if we have a lighter scent to wear.


    Perfume has been around for thousands years and there are so many benefits to wearing your favourite scent.

    Whilst many will purchase perfumes that come in fancy designer bottles, these can be very heavy when taking out for an evening or whilst travelling.

    There is also the risk of spillage if a bottle accidentally breaks in your luggage or hand bag.


    Travel perfume atomiser


    We try aiming for travelling light these days, especially with the cost of booking and enjoying a holiday.

    Everything has to fit perfectly in the suitcase, and the last thing we need are heavy bottles of perfume adding to the weight restrictions.

    We know that there are limits to taking liquids aboard an aircraft, (no more than 100ml )

    If travelling away for a couple of weeks or even a month, our usual bottles will be too bulky for the journey.


    Some may like to take more than one perfume so that we have a different scent for different days and whilst this is a nice idea, it also means taking several bottles.

    Whilst the duty-free section at the airport is very tempting and it’s a great way of purchasing your favourite scent and save yourself some money, such bottles can be too heavy.

    Larger perfume bottles and packaging can be too bulky to fit in the hand luggage.


    At best, we all try to travel as light as possible when it comes to packing, just enough clothes for the duration of the holiday and not taking every pair of shoes in the wardrobe to match every outfit.

    Something that I used to do quite often, until my husband complained that there wasn’t enough room in the suitcase for his clothes!

    Apart from clothing, we have enough to take with us when it’s hair products, sun lotion, cosmetics etc. even more so when travelling with children.

    That’s half the house packed up! If we can reduce the bulk of the weight, it’s a great idea to have your favourite perfume decanted into an atomiser for guaranteed space-saving.

    Travel perfume atomiser 

    It’s worth investing in a travel perfume atomiser and the perfect accessory to take if you are travelling light, perhaps for a weekend away.

    There’s no risk of the glass bottle of your favourite perfume accidentally smashing during travels.

    There’s also the option of taking two or three on holiday with different fragrances in if you are going away for a few weeks.

    These items are a reasonable price to purchase too so they’re an affordable option.


    I think these are a wonderful idea when you can just take a small amount of your favourite scent without worrying about securely packaging a glass bottle in your suitcase.

    We all know how rough some airlines treat our luggage! The clothes would smell divine but a costly scent isn’t cheap to replace. Another option too is taking a few samples of your favourite scent.

    At FM WORLD, a perfume company that sell over 150 fragrances for both men and women, they’ve already thought about the need for perfume atomisers to decant your favourite scent.

    They have a selection of three different colours:

    ■ Black

    ■ Green

    ■ Ecru

    They are suitable for both men and women to use.

    Product description

    Your favourite perfume can always be with you, even if you’re travelling with a small amount of luggage. The twist-up atomiser with a glass refill keeps your favourite fragrance safe while travelling. They come in an elegant, matt aluminium 10ml container.

    The clear container also allows customs at the airport to check the liquid contained inside the atomizer. They may spray a small amount or put the bottle into a specialized machine to detect the contents inside.


    The compact atomiser fits perfectly inside your handbag or hand luggage so that it can be easily reached and applied throughout your journey. The gentle mist that is sprayed from the atomiser means that it sprays directly where you want it, without any wastage.

    Leak proof

    There is no worry about any of your favourite fragrance being distributed onto your holiday clothes or scenting every item in your hand luggage with a leak proof canister.


    When you slide the cover up, you can see exactly how much perfume you have in the container, unlike some perfume bottles that are not always clear glass.


    Unlike a bottle of perfume, these little canisters can be refilled with either the same perfume or a different fragrance.


    Mixing scents

    If you enjoy creating your own individual scent then the atomiser gives you the opposite to mix your own perfume. No one else will smell the same as you when you spritz your unique creation.

    Other benefits

    Another benefit of using a perfume atomiser is that they enable a very gentle spray and a small amount, which can be useful if you like to wear strong, perfumes or aftershave. The mist is distributed evenly without overloading the skin with fragrance.

    The atomisers have been available to buy in shops and online for some time now and are becoming more popular.

    Buy good quality

    Try to choose atomisers that have glass vials as this helps to preserve the fragrance and reduces any chemical reaction with its container that could affect the strength and quality of its perfume.

    FM WORLD atomisers are encased in aluminium, so this helps to make them more durable.

    How to refill

    The perfume atomisers from FM WORLD require a refill/dispenser syringe or nozzle to decant from one bottle to another.

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    These can be purchased from places such as eBay.

    Travel perfume atomiser
    Transfer your favourite perfume to a more suitable container for travelling or pop in your handbag for convenience.


    Other atomiser styles have a hole at its base where you can place it on top of your desired perfume nozzle after removing the spray cap and pumping the perfume directly into the canister. Some will also have an indicator on the side to show when it’s tank is full.

    Take a look at the following article for how to clean your atomiser.


    A travel perfume atomizer is an essential accessory for fragrance enthusiasts on the go. By allowing users to carry their favourite scents in a compact and spill-proof container, these atomizers offer a portable solution for maintaining a fresh and captivating fragrance throughout the day.

    Whether it’s a business trip, holiday, or simply a daily commute, a travel perfume atomizer ensures that you can indulge in your preferred scent anytime, anywhere.

    With a wide range of options available on the market, individuals can find the perfect atomizer to suit their needs and style.

    Embracing the convenience and versatility of a travel perfume atomizer enables fragrance lovers to enhance their travel experiences and express their unique personalities through the power of scent.

    So, pack your favourite fragrances in a travel perfume atomizer and embark on your next adventure with confidence and elegance.

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    What perfume do celebrities wear

    You would be led to believe celebrities wear the perfumes and aftershaves that they endorse. Whilst there are plenty that do, many have their own favourite.

    What perfume do celebrities wear?

    What perfume do celebrities wear

    It’s well-known many of today’s celebrities endorse a scent during their career but many do wear different scents to the ones they’ve helped create and promote.

    From film stars to pop stars, we’ve seen a staggering amount of fragrances sold off the shelves in store as well as online.

    What perfume do celebrities wear


    With up and coming stars hitting our screens and the celebrity circuit, we’re a little curious as to what scents these stars wear themselves.

    Interestingly they are scents that they don’t get paid for wearing either.

    Many of us will reach for a perfume or aftershave bottle before a night out or a weekend away so what do the celebrities wear when they go out in public?


    Signature  scents

    Celebrities often have a signature scent that they wear. A fragrance that reminds them of an occasion or indeed a scent to remind others of their presence. We’ve all been there.


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    Many of us or our friends have a signature scent that gets worn to every occasion and the more we get to sniff such fragrance, the more it reminds us of the person who is wearing it.

    Scents have a wonderful way of bringing back memories and special times, similar to when we listen to music.

    Let’s delve into the celebrity world of fragrances and take a look at some of the brands that our celebs are reaching for.


    What perfume do celebrities wear

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    There won’t be many who haven’t heard of Adele or heard her records and know her unique style of music.

    Famous for writing powerful lyrics and unforgettable melodies with her beautiful ballads that almost everyone can relate to, Adele has been wearing her favourite scent since her teens.

    Hypnotic poison by Dior is one of those perfumes that can be very difficult to wear due to its powerful scent and it has certainly made a statement since its release in 1998.

    Just like Adele’s power ballads having the impact to hit home and are easily remembered, this fragrance has the same effect.


    Top notes : Plum, coconut, apricot

    Heart notes : Jasmine, caraway, Brazilian rosewood, tuberose

    Base notes : Vanilla, milk almond, sandalwood

    What perfume do celebrities wear


    A mixture of sweet yet powerful fragrance notes that will instantly give an impact on its first spray and a scent that will definitely get heads turning.

    It would seem the perfect scent for such a powerhouse. Both celebrity and perfume make an unforgettable entrance.

    Harry styles

    Harry Styles burst onto our screens as a 16 year old, back in 2010 when he auditioned for the X Factor.

    Since then, he became one fifth of the boy band One Direction and has continued his success as a solo artist to this day.

    Harry has been wearing the scent Memoire D’une Odeur by Gucci since staring in several campaigns for the fragrance.

    This gender neutral scent is perhaps contrary to what we may expect Harry to wear going by his unique fashion wardrobe.



    A man that possibly has every man, and women in fact, envious that he can wear absolutely anything and still look good!

    We visualize a strong masculine scent that turns heads so his choice of fragrance is a much more delicate approach.


    What perfume do celebrities wear


    With light herbal notes, it’s not an overpowering scent and sits nicely as an all day, every day kind of fragrance.

    Top notes: Bitter Almond, chamomile

    Heart notes : Musk, jasmine, Indian jasmine

    Base notes : Sandalwood, vanilla, cedar

    Since 2017, another of Harry’s favourite fragrances is Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille.

    This intense and hugely popular fragrance for both men and women was launched back in 2007. With its dark and sultry notes, this scent fits the sophistication and sex appeal that Harry Styles shows with such ease.

    Top notes : Tobacco leaf

    Middle notes: Vanilla, tonka bean, tobacco blossom, cacao

    Base notes: dried fruits and woody notes.

    Camilla Cabello

    Since its release in 2012, La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme has been a huge hit with Julia Roberts behind the TV advert.

    Not only does she endorse the product, she is also a wearer of the famous fragrance.

    We have another popular singer that likes its sweet and floral scent as Camilla Cabello enjoys this design too and I have to say, it’s one of my all time favourites.

    A first whiff of this fragrance automatically gives us a sense of youth and summer vibes and it’s no surprise why this scent is so popular.

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    What perfume do celebrities wear


    Top notes : Blackcurrant, pear

    Heart notes : Jasmine, Iris,orange blossom

    Base notes : Vanilla, praline, tonka bean, patchouli.


    Gordon Ramsay

    When you hear that Gordon Ramsay is a wearer of Aventus by Creed, it’s of little surprise.

    This scent has a masculine, rebellious and woody structure. A scent that is straight to the point, direct and there’s no confusion that it’s part of the Creed family.

    A touch of fruit gives Aventus its softer edge and a side that we occasionally see in this high profile, straight talking celebrity.


    What perfume do celebrities wear

    Top notes : Italian bergamot, pineapple, french apples, blackcurrant

    Heart notes : Patchouli, dry birch, rose, Moroccan jasmine

    Base notes : Oakmoss, musk, ambergris, vanilla.


    Johnny Depp

    Launched in 2015, Savage by Dior has become hugely popular. With a high dose of pepper, this fragrance still shows masculinity alongside hints of lavender and cedar.
    As part of the Fougere family and one of the top selling fragrances for men, looking closely at the fragrance notes, it shows an unusual selection.
    A selection that makes up this scent and is quite fitting for a quirky celebrity as Johnny Depp to wear.
    What perfume do celebrities wear
    Top notes : Pepper, Calabrian bergamont
    Heart notes: Lavender, pink pepper, patchouli, sichaun pepper, geranium
    Base notes: Cedar, laudanum, ambroxan

    Cameron Diaz

    Pure faced Cameron Diaz is a wearer of the fragrance Happy by Clinique, founded in 1968.
    Possibly a very typical choice of perfume with its floral blend of happy, feminine and vibrant blend of fragrance notes.
    We often think of pure, fresh skin and a delicate scent whenever Cameron Diaz adorns our screens.
    With a smile and a twinkle in her eye, this scent really does fit her personality perfectly.
    What perfume do celebrities wear
    Top notes: Blood orange, apple, grapefruit, orange, bergamot, Indian mandarin
    Heart notes: Lily-of-the- valley, rose, freesia, orchid
    Base notes: Amber, musk, lily, magnolia and mimosa.

    Lady Gaga

    Wearing such a fragrance as Womanity by Thierry Mugler certainly suits the unique creativity of Lady Gaga.
    A blend of sweet and spicy fragrance notes that fall in line with the classic and iconic scent of Thierry Muglar perfumes, fits this pop star down to a tee, alongside a creative bottle design.

    With its distinctive notes, it makes this perfume very versatile and suitable for any independent women and was launched in 2011.


    What perfume do celebrities wear

    Top notes: Citrus, green notes, chutney

    Heart notes: Sea water, caviar, black fig

    Base notes: Virginia cedar, immortelle, vetiver and opoponax ( violet scented flowers)


    Katy Perry

    Another celebrity who has a keen smell for unique scents by a classic designer is Katy Perry.
    Katy wears Angel by Thierry Mugler which was first launched in 1992.
    A scent with an acquired taste I feel, as it has very sweet notes and it’s almost like wearing the scent of a bar of chocolate!
    One of those fragrances that you either love or hate.

    Too many sprays could leave you and others with a headache as this perfume has a very strong base of vanilla that does tend to linger for a while.

    Not the best design of bottle to fit on your bedside cabinet as it doesn’t stand up on its own so one to keep in the box in between sprays.

    What perfume do celebrities wear
    Top notes: Strawberry, dewberry, honey, jasmine, orchid, rose, bergamot, helonial
    Middle notes: Chocolate, coumarin, caramel
    Base notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk.


    Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt is a wearer of Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi.

    A masculine scent that is seductive, sensual and mysterious and was released in 1995.

    Once Brad started wearing this scent, it understandably became more popular. We are often influenced by high profile celebrities and what they wear when it comes to fragrances and clothes.

    With a touch of floral, wood and vanilla, this fragrance still maintains its balance as a unisex scent.

    What perfume do celebrities wear


    Top notes: Bay leaf, eucalyptus, mint, coriander, cypress, green notes, cardamom

    Heart notes : Cloves, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, fir, juniper, oregano, Thyme, caraway

    Base notes : Sage, rosemary, tomato leaf, heliotrope, oakmoss.


    Sandra Bullock


    Another celebrity that always has that youthful appearance year by year and wears Dune by Christian Dior is Sandra Bullock.

    Sandra is no stranger to our TV screens and has appeared in many box office films.

    A classic scent designed in 1991 and still popular today with its floral musk scent and is suitable for daytime or night, especially through the summer months.


    What perfume do celebrities wear

    Top notes: Mandarin, bergamot, aldehyde, palisander, peony, broom

    Heart notes: Rose, ylang-ylang, wallflower, lily, lichen, jasmine

    Base notes: patchouli. Sandalwood, amber, musk, oakmoss, benzoin, vanilla.


    So there you have it.

    Ten of our well -known celebrities that don’t wear their own endorsed perfumes but instead like to wear some of the top named designer scents of today.

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  • Gender-neutral,  Health and wellness,  Perfumes

    Wearing perfume for health and wellness

    It’s a well-known fact that wearing our favourite fragrance can lift our mood but can wearing perfume for health and wellness be such a thing ?

    We know how good we feel when we’ve woken up, getting ready for the day and we reach for our favourite scent to match our outfit or plans for the day.

    Lifting the mood with perfume

    Wearing perfume for health and wellness


    That first spritz of your favourite brand, the one fragrance you always reach for that lifts the mood, gets you ready for the challenges of the day and reminds you of happy times.

    Travelling abroad, sitting on the plane, going out for a meal to your favourite restaurant with friends can have a huge impact on our wellness and health, more than we realise.

    We certainly don’t apply a scent to have the opposite effect to dampen the mood.

    Fragrances today have a wonderful ability to lift our spirits, get us in the right frame of mind for what the day ahead has in store and genuinely make us feel happy, loved and content.

    We all have a choice of which perfume or aftershave to wear. We are all unique and wear what suits us best.


    So what about when a company create perfumes specifically infused with healing energy to bring out the best in all of us?

    The perfume world has always been popular and very competitive.

    Designer perfumes

    Designer fragrances have taken the world by storm and over the years with the global perfume market size being valued at USD 31.4 billion in 2018 and expected to expand at a CAGR ( compound annual growth rate) of 3.9% by 2025. Incredible !

    It’s a very lucrative business and we have seen many celebrities at the forefront of creating their own perfume line and signature fragrances.

    With such a competitive market, it can be very difficult to stand out from the rest. New ideas are constantly being created, in order to keep the perfume industry at the top.

    Over the years we have seen ‘copies ‘ of designer fragrances and cheaper versions.

    We have also seen unique perfumes and aftershaves that carry similar scents to that of the designers, with their own style by FM World.

    Whatever fragrance that we have purchased over the years, whether it be a signature scent or a different one every day, the pure whiff of delicate fragrance notes in our chosen bottle always lifts the mood.

    When health and wellness are mentioned, we automatically think of eating healthy, carrying out regular exercise and taking supplements to give us the uplift and help we need.

    Many of us don’t compare feeling happy, loved and content with using a bottle of our favourite spritz. Why would we? We simply spray and get on with the day ahead.


    Perhaps when someone comments on how lovely we smell it gives us that confidence boost but generally we forget about what we’re wearing and the day passes.

    Companies find it extremely difficult to come up with something unique in such a busy space in the fragrance world.

    Many of the designers have previously come from the fashion world such as Chanel who created the most iconic perfume, Chanel no.5.

    Vyrao- The world’s first energy-infused perfume brand

    Fast forward to 2022 and we now have a new fragrance line which is unique to all the other brands that we currently have on the market.

    Fragrances created by a lady called Yasmin Sewell who has gone one step further in the art of creating unique fragrances

    She has created a brand that not only smell gorgeous but each perfume has healing and wellness properties.

    On top of this, the fragrances have been created as unisex.


    In a world where both men and women take pride in their appearance and the products they use, it’s refreshing that gender-neutral scents have become so popular.

    Who would have thought that such a creation would be so successful ?

    Yasmin has been in the fashion industry over the past few decades as an influential role and has come up with the idea that perfumes can be created not just for their scent but also for fusing healing and wellness benefits in a bottle too.

    Her brand name Vyrao was created.


    A selection of five natural fragrances that use organic plant and flower essences to bring out positive emotions and well-being.

    Each bottle contains its own Herkimer diamond crystal, known to raise, clear and amplify energy.

    Clever ingredients such as lemon, mandarin, vanilla, musk and waterlily give an uplifting mood, a sense of clarity and help in reducing anxiety.


    The passion behind creating an energy-infused brand is a simple one


    Yasmin created Vyrao because she wanted to deliver a product that channels energy.

    Wearing perfume for health and wellness

    Scents are a powerful thing.

    When we wear our favourite perfume that we know others are going to comment on, it lifts our mood, creates wonderful memories and gives us the feel-good factor that we all desire.

    Perfume scents are so powerful and creating bottles that shift our mood positively can only be a good thing.

    Approaching such a creation from a different angle to what we are used to, gave Yasmin Sewell a new perspective on the perfume industry and opened up a new opportunity.

    Yasmin has previously been involved in different forms of energetic healing including reiki.

    Moving her skills to a different sector whilst still using her healing skills gave her the chance to create perfume with wellness at its forefront.


    The scents we are already used to in our perfumes and aftershaves are led by mixing a blended combination of scents that work well and compliment one another.

    Creating a brand that has well-being as its main target means that the creator is following a different strategy.

    The ingredients are different for a product that requires a perfume that gives us a healing benefit as apposed to a floral, oriental or fruity base purely for a beautiful smell.


    The packaging alone already gives off calm but also energetic vibes.

    Bold, solid and vibrant colours are used to give a degree of calmness and solidarity. The simplistic shaped bottles are eye -catching to say the least.

    Every glass bottle connects the buyer in some way

    Not only do the bottles have bold colours that catch the eye but the names of the perfumes such as Witchy Woo, have a uniqueness about them as well.


    We already know that a popular scent gets people’s heads turning so having one that has the benefits of wellness and feeling good, is bound to be just as popular.

    Alongside creating unique fragrances, Yasmin Sewell has also combined candles and incense sticks.

    Take yourself onto a new journey with a fragrance created to enhance your wellness and feel the difference with this enchanting creation that is Vyrao.


    Perfume and beauty resources 

    Wearing perfumes for health and wellness
    The use of bold colours is a clever way to enhance the well being in us



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    Wearing perfumes for health and wellness

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    The worlds most expensive perfume

    It’s a well-known fact that designer fragrances can be costly so what about the world’s most expensive perfume?

    The creators of such a perfume is Clive Christian. A fragrance house that has been developing the world’s finest fragrances and perfumes since 1872.

    Studying his signature bottle alone, this one was created more so for collectors than for its content and was designed for the celebration of its latest boutique in London.

    Clive Christian has clearly had a vision for exquisite and unique taste and doesn’t see perfume as just a fragrance in a bottle. It goes way deeper than that.


    Affiliate disclosure

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    Signature bottle

    Clive Christian developed a beautiful and stunning bottle from his signature fragrance ( no 1 Passant Guardant) and decorated it with 24 carat gold lattice -work, with over 2000 individually set white diamonds.

    With a flawless finish, two yellow diamonds set a eyes for the magnificent lion and a rare pink diamond embedded and used for the lions tongue, this signature bottle is a true work of art.


    The most expensive perfume in the world The most expensive perfume in the world


    Coming in at $175,000 per ounce, it is the second most expensive perfume in the world.

    So why does this perfume house stand out from all the rest?

    It’s clear to see that with such an exquisite bottle there will surely be an exquisite perfume. This particular bottle named number one passant guardant has become officially recognised as the worlds most expensive perfume.

    Every bottle in the collection has a distinctive crown symbol for the cap of the perfume.

    The rights to having such a unique symbol was first granted by Queen Victoria herself in 1872. Impressive stuff!

    There really isn’t anything like Clive Christian‘s creations on the market today and certainly no attempts at trying to copy his brand.

    We’re often swayed to purchase a designer bottle because of the beautiful design as well as it’s fragrance.

    We already know that fragrances adapt to the wearers skin but what makes Clive Christian’s fragrances unique is their ability to create a unique scent on every individual.

    A scent that develops gradually over a period of hours, this truly sets the standard high for the perfect fragrance.

    Each of his perfumes are designed using possibly the costliest ingredients but also the finest available.

    Unlike traditional designer fragrances that more often than not will contain 16% perfume oil, here we have the use of 20-25% perfume oil being used. This ensures that we have a longer lasting fragrance.

    Very clever too, that Clive Christian has created a collection with the letters of their name engraved on each bottle for a more distinctive appearance.

    With such unique bottles, each one adorning the crown cap, there’s definitely an element of taste and elegance with this design that leaves us in awe that such beauty has been created.

    Let’s take a look at just what each of these fragrances contain that make them stand out from any other.


    The C.L.I.V.E collection

    The most expensive perfume in the world




    L for LUXURY,

    I for INGENUITY,

    V for VIVACITY,


    So within each of these unique bottles, what kind of fragrance will we find?

    For starters, each of these perfumes will set you back £310.00 when you purchase direct.


    Creativity – C WOODY LEATHER


    Woody fragrances are a much loved scent by many and this one is no exception. Often the perfect fragrance to wear during the autumn and winter months, this fragrance oozes smokiness with its well-thought-out notes of saffron and tobacco.
    The added scent of mandarin gives this fragrance a balance of freshness whilst the skin is embraced with amber and oud.



    With a bottle that stands for luxury, we surely wouldn’t expect anything less with this fragrance.
    Luxury certainly does ooze perfection when it comes to this scent.

    The respect and admiration inside this bottle captures pure elegance with its combination of rose and jasmine.

    When a perfume also contains dry orris, you know the price tag for this ingredient alone is going to be heart – stopping and expensive.
    Orris is left for a minimum of three years before it can be used, as at first it is odorless. In order for the scent to develop, it is stored in jute bags. Natural fibre bags made from plants and is spun to create course and strong threads.
    Added notes of frankincense, musk, honey and vanilla gives this fragrance a sophisticated and classic aroma to make it the highest level of luxury.


    A combination of floral and woody fragrance notes gives this perfume unique creativity with a hint of nature and the great outdoors.

    Having top notes of mandarin from the citrus family with red fruits and spices, gives this woody fragrance a superb kick of strong wood and floral scents.

    Topped with a base of patchouli, jasmine and a touch of oud, this perfume is the perfect scent for those who love strong floral fragrances. That’s me sold!



    With amber fougre notes from the oriental family and added vetiver, which is an essential oil obtained from the root of an Indian grass, this gives the perfume its stunning quality.

    Added peppers gives a great contrast to its amber base. A refreshing and lively fragrance that dances on the skin. A smoky feel to this fragrance brings the notes to life.



    If you are a lover of sweet fragrances, this unique bottle fits the bill. With top notes of peach and fruity rum, the extraordinary scent in this bottle will capture the hearts of those who have a preference to sweet perfumes.

    Also, containing cinnamon, cloves and labdanum at the heart of this fragrance, gives it an elegant aroma with its exceptional ingredients.


    The Creating of the most expensive perfumes in the world

    Clive Christian uses the most rare and natural ingredients when it comes to creating their perfumes.

    The journey starts with pure expertise and exceptional and international training from a selection of perfumers based in Britain. All of their perfumes are created here too.

    Incredible to learn that each perfume contains between 100-300 different ingredients!

    Sourcing rare and exotic ingredients makes them as unique as they are. The finest of ingredients have to be grown in the perfect condition.

    Using so many ingredients makes Clive Christian’s perfumes even more unique and each one goes on its own journey before it can be sold. Sometimes this can take several years.



    The most expensive perfume in the world
    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rafael Diaz/EPA/Shutterstock (8029381a)
    Clive Christian’s ‘No 1 Imperial Majesty’


    What’s even more incredible is that their perfumes are created with such technology that every wearer will have 8 hours of fragrance that pops through the skin throughout the day, giving the wearer a selection of different notes to enjoy.

    None of the usual re applying during your lunch break! A powerful breakthrough in the art of fragrances and every drop that is sprayed has been created with pure complexity.

    Of course there will be a certain kind of market and person who could afford such elegance in a bottle and spending such a large amount does have its limits when looking to own one.

    Like everything else, there is a place for expensive clothing, exquisite food and jaw- dropping perfume.

    One will certainly be remembered for the unique scent that’s left behind and just the same as the fragrances you currently use, it’s even more important that you follow the tips when applying your perfume to get the most out of your scent.

    Pure perfume at its finest

    Alongside creating unique and beautiful perfumes, Clive Christian has created The Absolute range which is made to order and contains 100% perfume oil ! Wow! What’s even more is that one of these bottles will set you back £3,500!!

    Clearly it would be the chosen few who would buy such a perfume but wonderful to have one made to order and containing pure oil. Definitely a bottle that would be kept for prosperity after the perfume has been used.

    The most expensive perfume in the world The most expensive perfume in the world



    Containing such a high amount of oil will give you around 12 hours of pure perfume fragrance. One spray will surely be enough of one of these stunning bottles just for its concentration alone. With over 200 of its finest ingredients too it’s no surprise that these perfumes are hugely expensive.

    Perfume and beauty resources

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    Take a look at eBay.co.uk for their prices on these stunning perfumes.

    I’d love to hear of the most expensive perfume that you have purchased.

    Let me know in the comments.

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  • Perfumes

    Fragrances for children

    It’s not just adults who like to wear perfume. Fragrances for children are just as popular.

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    Fragrances for children
    Take a look at some affordable fragrances for children



    There is no minimum age recommendation for the younger generation to wear perfume.


    Once youngsters start to wear deodorant, around the age of 11-12, then there is no harm in boys and girls wearing a suitable fragrance.

    Just before their teens, youngsters may wear a fragrance on the odd occasion. School may prefer not to have such products used as school children are sharing a classroom and sitting together.

    Having another child wearing a perfume that others can smell, may be off-putting for others around them.

    Schools don’t allow jewellery or make up so it’s safe to say that perfumes won’t be allowed either.

    Under 10’s really don’t need to be wearing any scent.

    Younger skin can have a reaction to many products whilst it is maturing so it’s best to keep it to gentle soaps and shower gels for a clean and fresh smell.

    My niece was around the age of 14 before I introduced her to the world of perfume.

    So for those that may be thinking of purchasing a perfume for their son or daughter, where do we start ?


    Fragrances for children

    We firstly need to consider what fragrance scents they may like.

    Fragrances for children
    The fragrance wheel can help when choosing a perfume
    Fruity and flower fragrances for the girls and soft woody notes for the boys.
    Bearing this in mind, we need to be choosing a scent that is very subtle.

    Light fragrances for children

    As adults, we can get away with wearing heavier scents for an evening out but youngsters only need a hint of fragrance and nothing that smells too ‘grow up’.

    After all, children grow up so fast these days, so as parents we are always desperately trying to keep them as young as we can, for as long as we can.

    As soon as the girls are introduced to make up, perfume follows. Teenage bedrooms are then filled with designer clothes, hair products, jewellery and a mix of concoctions when it comes to deodorants and body sprays.

    Boys bedrooms are no different. Clothes scattered over the floor, countless clothes on the floor and a bedside table crammed with bottles and sprays.


    Fragrances for girls

    Girls perfume is often musk based. I remember wearing White Musk from the Body Shop as this was a delicate fragrance and subtle to wear during the daytime and evening.

    Other suitable fragrance notes are floral, fruity, citrus and orange notes.
    Anything with a delicate scent is ideal.

    Sometimes the scented body sprays are ideal for the younger generation as these are created with a hint of scent.

    One of the most popular girls scents is Daisy by Marc Jacobs


    Fragrances for children
    Daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs


    It’s fruity notes are a lovely combination, without the scent being too heavy to wear and it’s very feminine too.

    If you are looking for a more affordable fragrance, take a look at FM 827

    Fragrances for children
    Inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy


    Inspired by similar fragrance notes, this 50ml bottle will cost you around £26.50, depending on where you purchase, compared to £50-£70 online.


    Type: joyful, full of energy, sunny

    Fragrance notes: Head: peach, lemon, apple blossom, juicy pear, violet leaves

    Heart: jasmine, freesia, hibiscus, green leaves

    Base: musk, cedarwood, sandalwood

    Fragrances for children
    Fragrance notes in Daisy


    Another good choice for young girls is Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste

    This perfume ranges from £30 – £60 depending on where you purchase from.

    A delightful fragrance that oozes soft, flower notes and is the perfect scent to wear during the day. With its musk base note, this fragrance will leave a soft sillage.


    Fragrances for children
    An affordable alternate to Lacoste



    Another Fm alternative for Lacoste  and a more affordable scent is FM 146  costing around £26.50 for a 50ml bottle.

    Type: crystal clear, romantic

    Fragrance notes: Head: yuzu, pomegranate, ice chord

    Heart: lotus, magnolia, peony

    Base: ambergris, musk, mahogany

    Fragrances for children
    Pomegranate is the top note for Lacoste

    Fragrances for boys

    When it comes to a young male fragrance, the best notes to go for are fresh, water with a hint of spicy. Anything too earthy or rich will be a little overpowering for the youngsters.

    A popular young mans scent is Sauvage by Dior


    Fragrances for children


    It has a fresh, masculine scent with base note of musk that will suit the younger generation and has good sillage so there’s no need to keep reapplying.

    Long lasting and reasonably affordable, Le male is a big hit with the boys. The girls too!

    Fragrances for children
    A great alternate for the younger generation

    An affordable alternate to Le Male is FM110


    Bvlgari Aqua Marine is another popular scent.


    It has a fresh, aquatic and masculine smell which is wearable for any occasion. This one does contain a slight citrus scent so not a great choice if any youngsters have allergies to citrus fruits.

    Fragrances for children
    Bvlgari contains citrus notes that may not be suitable for those with allergies



    FM have a similar fragrance to Bvlgari Aqua pour Homme in their number 135 fragrance.



    Fragrances for children
    With similar fragrance notes to Bvlgari, fm 135 is an affordable alternate


    Type: surprising, intense

    Fragrance notes: Head notes: bitter orange, tangerine

    Heart notes: santolina, sea grass

    Base notes: ambergris, woody notes

    Perfume and beauty resources


    If you’re looking for a fragrance that is suitable for your child/children, get in touch. I’m happy to help. Contact us for any queries

  • Perfumes

    Winter perfume

    As the nights start drawing in and Christmas fast approaches, we may find ourselves looking for a winter perfume.

    Winter perfume
    The wonderful sight of London at Christmas

    There are many who wear the same fragrance all year round whether it’s a summer or a winter scent.

    Absolutely nothing wrong with this as summer or winter perfumes can be worn all year round.

    Those who embrace the change in seasons, along with a whole new wardrobe, are also on the lookout for a new winter fragrance.

    Along with the choice of different perfume on the market, the rising cost of a new bottle of spritz can easily set you back a few pounds.

    So how can we have a winter fragrance in our possession without breaking the bank ?


    Back in 2004, FM Cosmetics was created.


    Winter perfume
    Drom- the perfume oil creator



    This company have grown over the years to provide fragrances that are not only affordable but are also long-lasting and unique.


    With the use of simplistic bottles, no fancy packaging or celebrity endorsers, FM have created over 200 fragrances for men and women.

    Winter perfume
    Simplistic bottles make fm perfumes more affordable


    What makes them so unique ?

    FM uses the same fragrance oil as the designers and pick fragrance notes from the same fragrance families.

    So although their scent may be extremely alike to a designer perfume, they have their own unique scent (not copied), price tag and packaging.

  • Home scents

    Home fragrance mist

    Along with candles for the home, another product that has become popular of late is the home fragrance mist.


    Fragrance mist

    Home fragrance mist

    Air fresheners have been around for many years, and are still on the market today but more people are moving towards a more modern approach.

    When it comes to making the home smell fresh and clean, every homeowner reached for the can of air freshener, hidden in the kitchen cupboard.

    They did what they were meant to do but they would often leave a coating of spray across the furniture due to their heaviness.

    If you happen to have allergies, these sprays felt toxic when they hit the back of the throat after being sprayed.

    The trick was to spray the room frantically and then run out or close the door behind you!

    Home fragrance mist
    The well-known style of canned air freshener that every home has

    Creating a home atmosphere with a mist


    These days, there are more delicate and kinder sprays on the market.

    Ones that give off a mist as opposed to a full-blown white foam of spray that the old style air fresheners produce.

    As the years moved on, so did the design of air freshers.

    Shops and supermarkets started to sell plug-in air fresheners and automatic spray holders.


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    The plug-ins worked well.


    Febreze products have been popular for many years and come in a variety of scents.

    Although after a time you could no longer smell the fragrance until you left the house and returned some time later.

    Then came along the automatic refill containers.

    Some were programmed to automatically activate every time someone walked past which seemed a good idea unless you walked too close or past too often.

    Some had a switch that you could set to how you wanted it to spray the room. A much better idea when you can adjust the timing of the spray.

    Either way, they were a good choice although often a pricier option and required batteries to work.


    Fragrance mist


    Nowadays, we see a popularity in the fragrance mists.
    Many companies sell them and they have become a better alternative that the canned air fresheners.
    Of course, modern sprays and unique fragrances come with a cost. More expensive than the old style cans of air fresher.
    Somehow, they seemed to last longer though. Maybe we are more careful with how much we spray.
    Or perhaps the latest trend in room fragrances are more concentrated so there is no need to spray half a bottle just for one room.
    Pet owners and smokers would surely be grateful for this.

    Air freshener and room fragrance

    So what makes a fragrance mist different from an air freshener?

    Home fragrance mists are a low concentration perfume.

    They make a great alternative to give any room a delicate fragrance.

    A safe option too, for candle lovers who have to be mindful of when they light the wick.

    Having pets and small children around the home isn’t an ideal setting for your favourite candle to burn away.

    Room fragrances are a quick fix to refresh the room, perhaps after cooking or to eliminate pet smells.

    We can all clean to the best of our ability but there is something great about having a clean home that also smells divine.

    A great alternative too if you only want a hint of scent rather than a stronger fragrance from a candle.

    Candle scents in the hom

    Candle scents are stronger and linger more and you can’t carry one around with you like a small bottle of your favourite mist.

    With the handle travel sprays that you can pick up cheaply in many shops, it’s simple to decant a small amount into a spray bottle and pop in your handbag.

    As the market in perfumes has progressed, we start to see that companies sell fragrance mists in the same scent as your designer perfume.

    Not only do you smell gorgeous with your perfume spray but your home could smell of the same scent.

    Some fragrance mists on the market have extra qualities.

    Helping to calm the senses and give off a relaxing vibe.

    With a wide range of products, the choice is yours.




    Home fragrance mist
    FM’s latest product available online


    If you’re looking for a room scent to compliment your own fragrance, check out our online shop.

    FM World have a collection of home mists that compliment the home, have a long lasting scent and a soft mist. Their scents match popular fragrances in their range.

    Home fragrance scent
    A perfectly matched room fragrance mist to match your perfume










  • Perfumes

    Top ten perfumes

    What are the top ten perfumes for women?

    Well, without a doubt, the number one perfume has to be one of Chanel’s.


    Chanel no.5 was created back in the 1920s. Although she has created others since then and Coco Mademoiselle seems to have become a favourite for many.


    A unique fragrance with its fruity, oriental and woody notes.

    Top ten perfumes
    One of the most popular perfumes of today-Coco Mademoiselle


    What defies a perfume to be in the top ten ?

    Perhaps it’s the fancy designer bottle.

    There are many bottles on the market today that have a unique style to them. Some are more extravagant than others.

    Some come in very fancy bottles which look lovely when they’re sitting on your bedside table, but are not the most practical when you wish to pop it in your handbag for a night out.

    Interestingly, the men’s designer bottles are never as fancy as the ladies. Perhaps one designed with a male torso.

    Surely as well, having such a design on a perfume bottle would make it heavier?

    Women have enough things to carry in their handbag; cosmetics, hairbrush, phone, keys etc without the added weight of a fancy perfume bottle, as beautiful as they are.

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    One would think that to be in the top 10 perfumes it would be because of how many bottles they’ve sold compared to other brands over the year.
    Statistics surely must play a part.
    The more quantities of an individual product that is sold, the more popular it is.
    Then we could look at advertising. If a product is being advertised more than another product, that could enhance its popularity and therefore increase sales.
    Especially around Christmas, when there will be certain celebrities that will adorn our TV sets, branding the latest fragrance that they themselves have endorsed.
    With such a large selection of designer fragrances on the market, it would be near on impossible to advertise every single one of them, so how do they choose which ones to advertise?
  • Perfumes

    Choosing the right perfume

    Choosing the right perfume. We all wear different perfume and it is a reflection of our personality.

    As discussed in my previous post Fragrance scents , perfume will sit and have a different scent on everyone as our skin is unique.


    Some of us may use a body lotion before applying perfume, some may have a shower before applying perfume, some may have very dry skin before applying perfume.



    All of these factors will make a fragrance scent smell different on each and every one of us.

    Choosing the right perfume
    The fragrance family wheel

    Choosing the right perfume -Every perfume created will consist of ‘notes’.


    1. FLoral
    2. Fresh
    3. Oriental
    4. Woody



    Within each of these fragrance families there will be sub fragrances.

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    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.


    Perfume and beauty resources


    Fragrance FM number 21 contains floral, fruity and citrus notes. Possibly one of the most popular fragrance families when it comes to women’s perfume.


    With perfumes that contains fresh notes, theses will consist of floral, soft floral and floral Oriental notes.

    FM 33 perfume contains lemon, fruity, orange and mandarin notes. For those who still like a sweet scent with an added hint of freshness.



    Another popular fragrance is the FM 32 , which consists of oriental notes. A mixture of floral, fruity, wood, spice, ambergris and vanilla notes.

    Some fragrances that contain a lot of vanilla scent can be a little overpowering so find a fragrance that has a softer scent if you’re not a lover of very sweet perfumes.


    Sitting in the unisex category, FM 924, is a  hugely popular fragrance consisting of woody notes. There will be a hint of floral, fruity and oriental notes within these fragrances.

    A nice balance for both men and women to enjoy. Not too masculine for the  ladies to wear or too feminine for the men.


    Men and women’s perfume

    Men’s and women’s notes will differ. Men’s scents often have a musk scent to them or woody which makes their fragrance more masculine.

    Some men’s scents will have hints of flower too. Some of the Tom Ford fragrances have fruity, floral, citrus and woody notes but they still smell masculine.

    Women’s fragrances will often have a touch of floral, fruity and flower scent.There are many women that actually prefer to wear a man’s fragrance and can carry it off well.

    When we choose the right perfume concentration

    We’ve all seen in the shops or online when we have purchased a fragrance that they come with four different concentrations.



    • Parfum- the strongest fragrance and often the most expensive to purchase
    •  Eau de parfum- most designer fragrances will have this percentage of perfume in their fragrance
    • eau de toilette- this strength of fragrance will need to be applied throughout the day to keep the scent fresh

    Eau de cologne- a very delicate and light fragrance for men

  • Perfumes

    Fragrance scents

    So….you’ve bought the same perfume as your bestie because you love the fragrance scents.

    You find yourself constantly noticing the whiff of a delightful fragrance when you’re on a night out with your best friend.

    Every now and then it drifts back and makes you curious.


    Different scent 
    Your friend just so happens to have the bottle in her hand bag because that’s what women do on a night out.

    We pop to the ladies toilets for a freshen up and another spritz of our perfume before we head on back to the pub or nightclub.

    You ask if you can try a little spritz too because it smells so gorgeous on your friend.

    It must surely smell the same on you.


    We are different 

    Let’s think about this.

    You buy the same blouse as your friend, it looks amazing on her.

    Seeing her wearing it has prompted you to ask when she bought it from.

    You go out and buy the same blouse.


    It looks different 

    The chances are it will look and feel very different on you because even if you are the same clothing size, your shape and height may be very different.

    No one is the same. Our bodies are different even if we wear the same size clothing.

    The exact same principles goes with fragrances.
    What suits one type of skin won’t necessarily suit another.

    Every single person has their own unique scent when it comes to skin.

    Even when the fragrance smells gorgeous on a friend, it may not suit our skin the same way.


    Fragrance scents
    Samples are a great way to try a new fragrance
    Fragrance scents
    Fm samples

    The perfect fragrance scents 

    My sister and our late mum were always wearers of Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden.


    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    When our mum passed away, I took a new bottle of Sunflower when we cleared out her flat.


    Fragrance scents

    One of my keepsakes and a reminder of how our mum used to smell.

    I couldn’t face throwing a brand new bottle away either.

    It was a gorgeous fragrance on both of them and suited them both very well.

    I tried the fragrance for myself one day and experienced a completely different smell on my skin to that of my mum and sister.

    Let’s just say it smelt like garden weeds and t was instantly washed off.

    I was left feeling disappointed that my mums favourite fragrance didn’t have the same scent on my skin as it did on her and my sister.

    I kept the bottle for a few years until it ‘turned’ and felt there was little reason to keep it as I knew iI wasn’t never going to use it.

    So, if you like your friends fragrance and wonder if it would suit your skin too, always try a sample on yourself before you commit.

    Perfumes can be expensive and it’s just another bottle sitting in the wardrobe that doesn’t get used if you hastily buy without trying first.

    Make sure it suits your skin and personality  too.



    Fragrance scents