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    Vegan Fragrances For Men

    Vegan fragrances for men: If you’re curious about the buzz surrounding vegan fragrances, I’m here to shed some light. It’s not just a niche trend—vegan scents are taking the male grooming world by storm. But how do they stack up against their traditional counterparts or even against vegan fragrances tailored for women? Let’s unpack this.

    • Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Leather, Cardamom, Violet
    • Known for its woody and spicy scent, Santal 33 is a favourite among many for its distinctive and long-lasting fragrance.

    For starters, the demand for men’s vegan fragrances is climbing steadily. You might find this surprising, but many men actively seek products that align with a cruelty-free lifestyle. The growing awareness of ethical consumption and sustainable living is fueling this trend.

    But here’s what’s interesting: the surge in popularity isn’t just about being eco-friendly or ethical. It’s also about innovation. Vegan fragrances are pioneering unique scent profiles that cater to men’s evolving tastes. They’re moving away from stereotypically ‘masculine’ aromas and embracing a broader, more diverse olfactory palette.

    In my sleuthing, I’ve found that some men choose vegan fragrances simply because they appreciate the complex, natural essences that plants provide—a far cry from synthetic fragrances. And yes, the market data supports this lean towards plant-based options, suggesting that men are just as keen on vegan fragrances as women.

    This trend is part of a bigger picture—one where personal care transcends gender norms and focuses on quality and conscience. Trust me, this isn’t just about smelling good; it’s about feeling good due to making choices that don’t harm the planet. So, with these motivations driving the market, what exactly goes into these fragrances that make them so appealing? That’s what we’ll dive into next.

    Decoding the Essence: What Goes into a Vegan Fragrance for Men?

    You might be curious about what distinguishes a vegan fragrance from the rest. Well, it’s all about the ingredients. Vegan fragrances for men are designed without any animal-derived components, which sets them apart from traditional colognes. That will include scents that rely solely on cruelty-free plant-based or synthetic elements that do not involve animal testing.

    The heart of an excellent vegan fragrance often lies in its use of essential oils and natural extracts. Think about the refreshing citrus zest from bergamot or the earthy touch of vetiver. These ingredients not only smell incredible but are also kind to the planet. The absence of animal-derived musks, which were traditionally used in many perfumes, is crucial. Instead, vegan fragrances might use synthetic musks or plant-based alternatives like Ambrette seed to replicate those deep, resonant bases we love.

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    Survive Perfume For Men Eau De Parfum Fragrance 100ml Vegan

    If you want to make a responsible choice, it’s important to note that some traditional fragrances might contain ingredients like ambergris, secreted by sperm whales, or musk from musk deer. You’re steering clear of these and making an ethical statement by choosing vegan fragrances.

    Not only are vegan fragrances a compassionate choice, but they’re also brilliant for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Synthetic fragrances can sometimes trigger reactions, but by using natural components, vegan colognes reduce the risk of skin irritation.

    After exploring the composition of vegan fragrances for men and understanding the care that goes into selecting each ingredient, it’s clear this is not just a fleeting trend. It’s a conscientious choice for health, ethics, and the environment. Next, we will delve into the world of celebrity vegan fragrances.

    Have you ever wondered if your favourite male star embraces the vegan lifestyle down to his choice of cologne? Guess what? Some of them do, and they’re helping to propel vegan fragrances into the spotlight.

    From A-List to Accessible: Celebrity Influence on Men’s Vegan Fragrances

    I will tell you a little secret: celebrities have a big say in trends, especially regarding fragrances. And guess what? Some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood are big advocates for vegan lifestyles, which naturally extend to their scent preferences. You’ll learn about male celebrities who wear vegan fragrances and actively promote them.

    This isn’t just about star power; it’s also about the ingredients that go into these fragrances. Some celebrity-branded scents take a stand by shunning animal-derived ingredients, and I’ll highlight a few. Not all celebs openly disclose their favourite vegan colognes, but by sticking to specific brands and looking at their ingredient lists, you can spot which ones align with a vegan ethos.

    A lot is happening quickly in the world of male vegan fragrances, and the allure of celebrity endorsements cannot be overstated. Whether it’s an actor spotted wearing a signature vegan cologne or a musician launching a plant-based perfume line, these endorsements can significantly sway public perception and increase sales.


    1. Harry Styles: The singer and actor launched his beauty brand, Pleasing, which includes vegan and cruelty-free skincare products and fragrances. Styles’ commitment to ethical beauty aligns with his overall aesthetic and values.


    1. Travis Barker: The Blink-182 drummer, who has been vegan for years, launched Barker Wellness, a vegan CBD skincare and wellness line. This includes various personal care products that maintain his vegan lifestyle.


    1. Jay Z: The rapper and entrepreneur is known for preferring high-quality products, including vegan fragrances. One of his favourite colognes is Millesime Imperial by Creed, renowned for its luxurious and ethical ingredients.

    CREED MILLESIME IMPERIAL Eau de Parfum 100ml


    These celebrities highlight the shift towards vegan and cruelty-free fragrances, promoting ethical consumption and luxury in personal care products.

    But don’t think vegan fragrances are just for the rich and famous. I’m here to help you understand that the market has expanded to include various prices to fit any budget. We’ll explore how the cost of vegan fragrances compares to their non-vegan counterparts, addressing the common question: ‘Are they expensive?’ Spoiler alert: You’ll be surprised at how accessible these scents can be.

    The Where and How-To: Sourcing Vegan Fragrances for the Conscious Gent

    Well, you’re now savvy about the vegan fragrance scene for men, but let’s get down to brass tacks: where do you find these cruelty-free concoctions? Don’t sweat it; I’ve got your back.

    First, the internet is your best friend here. Online shops often have a broader selection of vegan fragrances than your local store. Sites like The Detox Market or even mainstream platforms like Amazon are packed with options. Ensure you’re doing your homework to verify that the brands are vegan.

    If you’re the tactile type and prefer to get a whiff before you buy, speciality health stores and certain department stores now stock vegan colognes for men. Places like Whole Foods are branching out into grooming products, and you might be surprised at their offerings.

    It’s not all about scouring for hidden gems—some more prominent brands have sensed the vegan trend and are distinctly labelling their products as such. Look for cruelty-free certifications and vegan labels, but remember, natural doesn’t always mean vegan.

    Finding your signature scent should be a pleasure, not a chore. So choose something that resonates with you, provides the ethical peace of mind you want, and fits your budget. Vegan fragrances come at all price points, so you won’t necessarily have to break the bank.

    The expanding market for vegan fragrances for men is fabulous news for everyone—not just the animals and your skin but also for the sheer enjoyment of discovering new and exciting scents. Choosing a vegan fragrance is another stride towards sustainable living in a world where being conscious counts. With these fragrant fables for the modern man, it’s clear that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean sacrificing style or substance.

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    Men can enjoy high-quality, luxurious scents by choosing vegan fragrances without compromising their values. This shift also reflects a significant change in the beauty and personal care industry, where sustainability and ethical considerations are becoming just as important as the scent and performance of the products.

    As more celebrities and brands embrace this movement, vegan fragrances will likely continue to grow in popularity, offering a wide range of options for the discerning and ethically-minded consumer.

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    Harry Styles Pop-Ups

    Have you ever wondered what Harry Styles pop-ups are and where to find them? These pop-up shops are temporary retail spaces that sprung up spontaneously, creating a unique shopping experience centered around Harry Styles’s merchandise and brand offerings.

    They embody the essence of exclusivity. They typically pop up in major cities around the globe for a limited time, often coinciding with concerts or special events.

    When you think about Harry Styles, you probably think of his stage presence, memorable tunes, and bold fashion statements. But there’s more to this pop icon’s repertoire. Styles has channelled his flair for creativity and aesthetics into a whimsical lifestyle brand, ‘Pleasing.’

    You’ll learn about the magic behind these pop-up shops. They’re not just random events; they reflect a thought-out strategy in today’s retail world that favours immersive customer experiences.

    Fans get the chance to step into a world curated by Harry Styles himself. One that often features limited edition merchandise, themed decor, and an electrifying atmosphere charged with the anticipation of fellow enthusiasts.

    If you’re ticking off a checklist of places where Harry Styles has left his mark, you’d see cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, and many others. The buzz created by these pop-up shops stretches far beyond the store, reaching social media platforms where fans eagerly share their experiences and latest hauls. Austin-Texas is the current destination to open up a pop-up for a limited time.

    This isn’t just about buying products. It’s also about getting enveloped in the Harry Styles universe, providing fans with his merchandise and an experience that resonates with the artist’s creativity. This connection between the pop-ups and his followers bolsters the communal feel of his fanbase, bringing together people of all backgrounds united by their admiration for Styles.

    I’m here to help you understand why Harry Styles pop-ups are more than temporary stores. They’re a vital part of the modern retail narrative that uses scarcity and the power of celebrity to create unforgettable instant hubs in the community and fashion. With the brand’s notable rise in popularity, let’s transition into the next section, where we’ll dive into the phenomenon of Harry Styles’ brand, Pleasing, and its irresistible allure.

    Understanding the Phenomenon: Why Harry Styles Captivates Hearts Worldwide

    Love On Tour- Wembley Stadium on 13th June 2023

    Harry Styles has garnered widespread adoration for several reasons.

    Charismatic Personality: Harry exudes charm and charisma on and off stage, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and genuine demeanour.

    Musical Talent: As a member of the hugely successful boy band One Direction and later as a solo artist, Styles has showcased his versatile musical abilities, from pop to rock to folk, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase who love the down-to-earth pop star for his kind nature and cheeky humour.

    Fashion Icon: Styles’ bold and eclectic fashion sense has gained him admiration and attention from fashion enthusiasts worldwide. He challenges gender norms and embraces individuality through his style choices, inspiring others to do the same. Feather boas were a sell-out and worn at every concert as Harry showcased the accessory’s versatility.

    Support for LGBTQ+ Community: Styles is known for his vocal support of LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion, making him a beloved figure among LGBTQ+ fans and allies.

    Authenticity and Kindness: He is known for being down-to-earth and approachable, often engaging with fans meaningfully and using his platform to spread positivity and kindness. Something the world needs more of.

    Artistic Creativity: Styles’ artistic vision extends beyond music, as seen in his music videos, album artwork, and overall aesthetic, showcasing his creativity and attention to detail.

    Overall, Harry Styles’ combination of talent, style, advocacy, and authenticity has endeared him to a diverse and dedicated fanbase, making him one of the most beloved figures in contemporary pop culture.

    Sell-out tour at Wembley Stadium

    The Phenomenal Reach of Harry Styles’ Brand: Pleasing

    Harry Styles isn’t just a name that’s synonymous with chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts. His brand, Pleasing, is quickly etching its name in the hearts of fans and beauty enthusiasts alike. What started with a tweet has now blossomed into a full-blown phenomenon. Pleasing is rising in popularity, merging the worlds of beauty, fashion, and music into a harmonious experience. It is one of the top five searched-for British celebrity beauty brands—impressive stuff for a brand launched in 2021.

    From luxurious nail polishes to nourishing skin serums, the brand emphasizes the beauty of self-expression and the joy of little things. Each product carries Harry’s distinctive charm and commitment to authenticity.

    Affiliate Disclosure
    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay partner network..

     Pleasing taps into a demographic that’s not just limited to die-hard Harry Styles fans. With its gender-neutral aesthetic and focus on individuality, the brand has attracted a broad audience that includes beauty enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate design and sustainability. The appeal of Pleasing’s aesthetic, combined with Harry Styles’ values, fosters a loyal following that transcends typical celebrity endorsements.

    The brand’s market presence has been nothing short of impressive. Launching amidst a sea of celebrity brands, Pleasing carved out a unique niche. The brand stands out through its commitment to quality, inclusivity, and a ‘Pleasing’ ethos that resonates with its audience. It’s a masterclass in leveraging celebrity influence without overshadowing the products’ merit.

    Centered around Harry Styles’ persona, Pleasing transcends mere acknowledgement of his creative contributions; it mirrors his sway over millennial and Gen Z demographics. His association infuses the brand with an unparalleled sense of significance uncommon in celebrity-backed endeavours. Rather than solely capitalizing on his fame, Pleasing endeavours to craft a brand ethos that resonates with his values and thrives through a dedicated community of followers.

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    From Notes of Vanilla to Threads of Self-Expression

    If you’ve been following the journey of Harry Styles’ Pleasing brand, you’ll be aware that it’s more than just a label; it represents a culture of self-expression and inclusivity. The product range is as eclectic as Harry himself, featuring everything from polished nail polishes to stylish apparel.

    Price-wise, Pleasing hits the sweet spot between luxury and affordability, allowing fans from various backgrounds to partake in what feels like an intimate piece of Harry’s artistic vision. Unlike some celebrity brands that might place themselves out of reach, Pleasing invites fans to indulge without breaking the bank.


    Now, let’s talk about the Harry Effect. It’s no secret that Harry Styles’ influence is a powerful force. When he wears glitter on stage, we see glitter everywhere. His influence extends beyond his music, creating ripples through fashion trends and lifestyle choices. The magnetic allure he exudes is irresistible, turning practically any object he comes into contact with into an instant must-have for fans.

    Finally, the connection between Harry and his followers is special. Each product release feels like a personal gift from the artist to his fans.

    The loyalty and mutual admiration create a strong community around the Pleasing brand. Shoppers aren’t just buying a piece of merchandise; they’re buying into a shared ethos of joy, creativity, and pleasing aesthetics.


    Harry Styles’ Pleasing range represents a harmonious blend of his eclectic style, inclusive ethos, and commitment to self-expression. With its gender-neutral approach and emphasis on individuality, the Pleasing range offers a diverse array of beauty products and is a platform for promoting acceptance and celebration of diversity.

    Through this venture, Styles continues to inspire fans to embrace their unique identities while fostering a community built on love, inclusivity, and self-confidence. As the Pleasing range continues to evolve, it has a lasting impact on the beauty industry and reaffirms Styles’ status as a cultural icon.

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    Taylor Swift Perfume

    I’m going to let you in on a little secret: knowing the exact perfume a celebrity wears can feel like getting a glimpse into their personal life, and when it comes to stars like Taylor Swift, that curiosity skyrockets.

    You’ve probably wondered what scent complements her unique style, and guess what? I’ve got some answers that will surprise and delight you.


    Taylor Swift: A Journey from Small Town Girl to Global Icon

    Taylor Swift, born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania, is one of the most prominent singer-songwriters of her generation. Her journey to fame began at a young age when she started performing in local events and contests.

    At 14 years old, Taylor Swift and her family relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, the heart of the country music industry, to pursue her music career seriously.


    In 2006, Swift released her self-titled debut album, which garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. Her breakthrough came with the release of her second album, “Fearless,” in 2008, which won Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

    From there, Swift’s career skyrocketed, with subsequent albums such as “Speak Now,” “Red,” “1989,” “Reputation,” and “Lover” all achieving massive success both commercially and critically.


    Beyond her musical talents, Swift is also known for her songwriting prowess, often drawing from her experiences to craft relatable and emotionally resonant songs. Her ability to connect with her audience has contributed to her immense popularity.


    Across her career, Swift has evolved musically, transitioning from country to pop music while maintaining her core fan base and attracting new audiences. She has received numerous awards and accolades, including multiple Grammy Awards, and has broken several records in the music industry.


    Additionally, Swift is recognized for her advocacy work and outspokenness on various social and political issues. She has used her platform to champion causes such as LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and artists’ rights.


    It’s interesting how a personal choice like scent can reflect a larger public persona. Swift’s known for her storytelling skills, and her perfume choice is no different. The fragrance rumoured to be among her favourites is Escada’s Moon Sparkle, a fit for her sparkling stage presence.


    Top notes: strawberry, blackcurrant, red apple, citrus

    Middle notes: sweet pea, Frazier, Jasmine, rose

    Notes: raspberry, mask, sandalwood, Amber.

    It emits a fruity and floral aroma, which aligns with her vibrant and sophisticated image. Due to its limited availability in the market, this discontinued perfume is now exceptionally rare to acquire, but places such as eBay have a selection to choose from.

    But what about Taylor’s day-to-day life? She leans towards wearing different fragrances that reflect her varied moods and settings. She fancies perfumes with a light and fresh profile, emphasizing her approachability and natural charm.

    This reinforces how she interacts with the world and her adoring fans. In my opinion, it’s the nuances like this that make her relatable to millions.

    Santal Blush by Tom Ford is another of Taylor’s favourites. This bottle costs a few pounds less than Escada’s Moon Sparkle.

    Fragrance notes in Santa Blush

    Top notes: cinnamon, caraway, carrot, seed, spices, Fenugreek.

    Middle notes: yang, Yang, Jasmine, Rose

    Base notes: sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, musk, benzoin, Agarwood.


    They say to choose something that resonates with you, and Taylor Swift does just that with her perfume choices. She’s curated a set that exemplifies her incredibly personal and heartfelt identity. This isn’t just about fragrance; it’s about narrating a story, her story, through a different medium.

    This natural fusion of personal taste with public image primes us to peel back another layer of the Taylor Swift phenomenon. Let’s explore the reasons behind her multifaceted persona, which consistently enthrals global audiences.

    Another one of Taylor’s favourite fragrances is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.

    Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

    “Flowerbomb” is a popular fragrance created by the fashion house Viktor & Rolf. Launched in 2005, it quickly became a bestseller and a beloved scent worldwide. Flowerbomb is known for its lush floral composition with a hint of sweetness, making it a versatile and alluring fragrance.

     Fragrance notes in Flowerbomb

    Top notes: refreshing bergamot, green tea

    Middle notes: Jasmine, rose, orchid

    Base notes: Patchouli, vanilla.

    Swift: A Phenomenon Beyond Music

    You might know her for her chart-topping hits and record-breaking albums, but Taylor Swift embodies more than just musical talent. She’s a cultural icon whose genuine nature resonates with millions globally. So, why is she so popular?

    Firstly, Taylor’s ability to convey raw emotion through her songwriting is unmatched. She has an enviable talent for penning lyrics that feel as though they are torn from the pages of a personal diary, inviting listeners into her world. It’s this transparency that makes fans feel a kinship with her.

    Songs like ‘Style’ and ‘Blank Space’ provide a glimpse into the personal reflections that the American singer shares openly with her audience.

    Taylor Swift performs at Gillette Stadium USA.

    Moreover, Swift isn’t just a singer; she’s a storyteller. From narratives of first loves to the hardships of fame, her songs are relatable. She creates worlds that listeners can escape, complete with characters and plot twists, like fragrance notes that blend to tell a story.

    Her widespread appeal also owes to her evolution as an artist. Just as she’s not afraid to experiment with new sounds, she brings the same boldness to personal branding – including fragrances. Taylor has masterfully shaped her image, staying fresh and relevant in a fast-paced industry.

    Last but not least, Taylor Swift’s authenticity shines through her public engagements. Whether advocating for artists’ rights or sharing her struggles with the media, she stands as a beacon of sincerity in an often manufactured industry, similar to how an authentic signature scent can set someone apart in a sea of generic fragrances.

    Taylor Swift’s entrepreneurial spirit extends to her ventures into perfumery. Through her collection of distinctive fragrances, she encourages fans to experience her narratives and embrace them fully.

    Taylor Swift is 2nd in the world on Spotify with 105.6M monthly listeners.


    Taylor Swift’s Signature Scents: A Foray into Celebrity Fragrances

    We’ve spoken about Taylor Swift’s personal choice of perfume and explored why she’s captivated millions worldwide. Her authenticity doesn’t stop at her music – it extends right into her range of perfumes.

    Taylor Swift has joined the fragrant foray of celebrity perfumes, along with Harry Styles and Justin Bieber, offering fans a whiff of her style through scent.

    These signature scents are more than just products; they’re narratives bottled up, representing various chapters of Taylor’s life and career. With each fragrance, Swift invites her fans into the intimate stories that have shaped her journey, further solidifying her expertise in building a personal brand that resonates deeply with her audience.

    If you’re curious about the scents that carry Taylor Swift’s stamp of approval, guess what? They are as varied as her music albums. From the enchanting ‘Wonderstruck‘ to the evocative ‘Taylor by Taylor Swift’, each perfume tells its own story and expresses a unique facet of Swift’s personality.

    Whilst several of Taylor’s perfumes have been discontinued, you can still purchase them from eBay.

    What perfume does she like? Taylor has shared that she enjoys fragrances that remind her of happy memories, hence the thoughtful creation of perfumes that encapsulate moments from her life. Her preference leans towards sweet, floral scents with a hint of woodiness — Crafted from a symphony of scents, this enigmatic blend exudes comfort and intrigue, enticing the senses with its mysterious allure.


    Taylor Swift’s range of perfumes highlights her multifaceted character and is a testament to her knack for curating an affair that extends beyond sound to smell. Although your first attempt at finding a perfume that resonates with you might not involve creating a signature line like Swift’s, you can adjust your approach down the road, inspired by her example, and choose something that reflects your narrative.

    Taylor Swift exemplifies the art of personal storytelling in myriad ways, fostering not just captivation but also forging enduring connections with her audience.


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    FM perfume 924 review

    For those looking for a perfume to get heads turning, we have a delightful fragrance to do just that. Our FM 924 perfume review showcases the gorgeous scent from the Pure Royal perfume range. Years of working with FM WORLD, a unique perfume company founded in Poland by Artur Trawinski, have allowed me to try many of their fragrances.

    FM perfume 924 review

    Like many perfumes and aftershaves we have tried over the years, some scents are always more favourable than others.

    Both men and women are passionate about fragrances, and many of us wear them daily. Fragrances lift our mood and give us a feel-good factor. If we choose the right scent, we can receive compliments on the fragrance we are wearing.

    Everyone loves an affordable perfume or aftershave. We already know the perfume industry continues to grow as more and more celebrities endorse fragrances and introduce their line of aromas.

    Big celebrities such as Harry Styles, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift have all ventured into the fragrance world, and consumers are always eager to discover the latest popular scents.

    While many of these brands can be affordable, many designer perfumes tend to fall in the higher end of our price range.

    More often than not, when we spend between £80 to £150 on our favourite fragrance, the bottle can end up sitting in the wardrobe until a special occasion arises for us to wear it. No one wants to wear an expensive bottle of perfume to work daily.

    This is where FM WORLD perfumes fit the bill – literally.

    They have created beautiful fragrances for both men and women that are not only affordable but also long-lasting.

    Many customers claim FM fragrances last longer than designer fragrances because they contain 20% pure perfume oil, compared to the 16% and lower found in designer perfumes.

    If you have read any of my previous posts here at Fragrances With Love, you will already know that FM perfumes for men and women are not replicas of designer fragrances.

    We use the same perfume fragrance wheel as other perfume companies and purchase the perfume oil from the same company, DROM. The similarity in scent profile makes our fragrances closely resemble designer scents.

    FM 924 shares a remarkably similar aroma to Tom Ford Noir Extreme, and the similarities become evident when we examine the perfume notes in Noir Extreme.

    • Top notes: cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, mandarin orange, neroli
    • Middle notes: kulfi, rose, mastic/lentisque, orange blossom, jasmine
    • Base notes: vanilla, amber, woody notes, sandalwood

    It is interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two fragrances, especially in their top and base notes.

    Choosing a more affordable option that is easier on the wallet enables us to purchase additional bottles of the fragrances we adore.

    This beautiful scent is unisex and boasts a complementary selection of perfume notes that exude class, sophistication, and sharpness.

    This bottle is one of my favourites because its scent is strong but not overpowering, and the instant hints of cardamom and nutmeg dance on the nose.

    It can be challenging for perfumers to strike the right balance when creating a unisex fragrance.

    FM 924 can maintain a touch of femininity while balancing some masculine notes.

    What to expect from this scent

    Upon the first spray, you instantly recognize the cardamom and nutmeg, with a touch of fruitiness from the mandarin. The jasmine, floral notes, and rose come through as the fragrance settles on the skin.

    Towards the end of the day’s wear, the base notes of sandalwood and vanilla blend beautifully with their sweetness and charm. There’s also a lingering woody aroma that makes this scent perfect for both genders.

    I have received numerous compliments while wearing this scent, and it truly adds to the feel-good factor that brightens our day.

    ‘The Pure Royal bottles are simplistic yet classy, with their square lines, square caps, and engraved ‘Pure Royal’. They are convenient to carry in your handbag or clutch purse for a night out.

    FM Perfume No.924 Fragrance Notes

    Type: Casual, transparent, friendly

    Top notes: mandarin, neroli, saffron, cardamom, nutmeg

    Middle notes: Damask rose, jasmine, orange flower, floral notes, cedarwood

    Base notes: sweet wood, sandalwood, vanilla, milk

    Price: £37.00 purchased directly from FM World

    Distributor price: £27.00 to register for a FREE UK account here

    ( Comment below for signing up in other countries)

    Size of bottle: 50 ml

    My rating: 10 out of 10


    In the world of fragrances, finding that perfect scent that captivates your senses and fits comfortably within your budget can be a rewarding experience.

    FM 924, with its captivating blend of notes reminiscent of Tom Ford Noir Extreme, is a shining example of quality and affordability in the perfume world.

    FM WORLD has crafted fragrances that stand out not as mere imitations but as unique and delightful creations.

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    Perfume body mist spray

    When the weather is scorching, we often hesitate to wear our regular perfume, as its scent can be too heavy for summer. Perfume body mist spray provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy our favourite fragrances while leaving our skin fresh and delicately scented.

    FM World offers a range of fragrances and cosmetic products that include body mists. Using a body mist, especially in hot weather, offers several benefits and adds a delightful touch of scent as we embrace the warm days of summer.

    Perfume body mist spray
    FM 20 Perfume body mist spray inspired by Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb

    BUY NOW from FM World 

     The benefits of using a perfume body mist spray


    Body mists are typically water-based and contain a lower concentration of fragrance oils than perfumes or colognes. This makes them lighter, more refreshing, and an excellent choice for hot weather.

    A quick spritz of body mist can instantly cool you down and leave you feeling refreshed and energised.


    Many body mists contain moisturising ingredients such as glycerin or aloe vera. We already know how soothing aloe vera products are, so these can help keep your skin hydrated in hot and dry weather.

    It’s essential to prevent it from becoming overly dry or irritated. Our skin is exposed to the sun more than we realise, so we need to keep it hydrated like we do our bodies when we drink water.

    perfume body mist spray

    BUY NOW from FM World 


    FM World body mists are available in four distinct female scents, allowing you to select one that aligns with your preferences. These scents are inspired by well-known designer perfumes, offering a delightful fragrance experience.

    FM 18 Coco Mademoiselle – Chanel

    FM 20 Flower Bomb-Victor & Rolf

    FM372 Aventus For Her- Creed

    FM 489 Alien – Thierry Mugler

    The fragrance offers a delightful and long-lasting scent that remains fresh even in the day’s heat. Additionally, the mist feels refreshingly cool as it settles on the skin. I was pleasantly surprised when a colleague commented on my scent, even though I had applied it several hours earlier.


    Women often carry their favourite scents in their handbags, and body mists come in small, travel-friendly bottles that are incredibly convenient to carry in your bag or take on holiday.

    This allows you to enjoy your fragrance whenever you want and offers the option to reapply throughout the day, keeping you feeling fresh and clean.

    Alcohol-Free Options

    Certain body mists are alcohol-free, which can be gentler on the skin and less likely to irritate. This is especially beneficial in hot weather when your skin may already be more sensitive due to exposure to the sun.


    FM World’s body mists can be combined with other fragrance products from the same line, such as perfumes or lotions, to create an appealing and long-lasting layered scent effect.

    Using body mist in hot weather


    Apply the body mist to your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, and behind your ears, in the same way you would apply your perfume. These areas emit heat, enhancing the fragrance’s diffusion and longevity.

    It’s essential to remember that less is more, even with body mists. While they are lighter than perfumes, it’s still easy to overapply and end up with too much on your skin. You can always add more, so begin with a light spritz.

    Be mindful of the heat, as some fragrances can react with sunlight and warmth, potentially leading to changes in scent or skin irritation. It’s best to avoid spraying body mist directly onto sun-exposed areas, such as the arms.

    In hot weather, you may need to reapply a body mist more frequently to maintain its refreshing effect and fragrance throughout the day.

    FM World body mists make an excellent addition to your summer skincare and fragrance routine. They offer a quick and effortless way to stay cool, hydrated, and pleasantly scented in hot weather.

    Incorporating an FM World body mist into your daily skincare routine is simple and enjoyable.

    Perfume body mist spray
    FM 372 inspired by Aventus For Her- Creed

    Choose from the four fragrance mists you like most that best suit your occasion and preference.

    Proper skin preparation is critical; the best use of a body mist is on freshly showered or bathed, clean, and dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, consider applying a moisturiser before using the mist to help lock in the scent.

    Before use, gently shake the body mist bottle. This helps mix the fragrance and any moisturising or hydrating ingredients that may have settled at the bottom.

    Hold the body mist bottle about 6-8 inches (15-20 cm) away from your body, aiming the nozzle at the area you want to apply the mist, such as your wrists, neck, chest, or behind your ears.

    Begin with a light spritz or two, as body mists are generally more delicate than perfumes or colognes. You can always add more if you’d like a stronger scent, but it’s better to start conservatively to avoid overapplication.

    “Once applied, resist the urge to rub the mist into your skin, whether it’s your favourite perfume or a body mist. Allow it to air dry naturally, as rubbing can disrupt the fragrance molecules and affect the scent’s longevity.”

    Perfume body mist spray

    Feel free to reapply the body mist as desired throughout the day, especially in hot weather or when you want to refresh the scent. It’s convenient to carry the small bottle with you for quick touch-ups.

    If you’re using other fragrance products like perfumes, lotions, or shower gels from the same FM World line, consider layering them to enhance the longevity and depth of the scent.

    It’s important to note that the longevity of a body mist may not be as extensive as that of a perfume or eau de toilette, so reapplication may be necessary to maintain the fragrance throughout the day.

    Additionally, how you store your body mist can impact its quality. It’s best to store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.

    Incorporating FM World body mist into your daily routine can be a delightful experience. It provides fragrance and freshness to enhance your overall scent profile.

    Enjoy the light and delightful fragrance that complements your daily routine. Whether you seek a quick pick-me-up or a way to enhance your overall scent profile, FM World body mist can be a valuable addition to your skincare and fragrance collection.

    Remember to apply your chosen scent sparingly, reapply as needed throughout the day, and savour a lighter version of your favourite fragrance during warm weather.


    FM World body mist is a beautiful way to stay refreshed and pleasantly scented, especially in hot weather. These body mists offer a range of benefits, including their refreshing and hydrating properties, the choice of four delightful scents, and their convenient size, making them easy to carry in your handbag for refreshing moments throughout the day.

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    Perfume body mist spray

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    Perfume body mist spray
  • fragrances,  Scented wax melts

    Scented wax melts

    Who doesn’t love scented wax melts? When it comes to filling the home with fragrances, there are so many options to choose from.

    Candles, fragrance sticks, canned air fresheners, and incense burners—all offer a variety of choices. It all comes down to personal preference when selecting the right scent product for an individual. But what exactly are scented wax melts? Wax melts are small pieces of scented wax. Many are available on the market today, and some are even hand-made, allowing you to purchase unique ones for a special gift.


    Scented wax melts

    Working with a perfume company has introduced a range of new products to our business. The latest addition is wax melts inspired by your favourite fragrances. Enjoying a delightful scent in your home can become a regular occurrence, especially for pet owners or smokers.

    Stale smells, including those from food, often linger longer than desired in our homes. This prompts many of us to reach for air fresheners, light a candle, or place reed diffusers around our homes to emanate a delicate scent

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    Perfume and beauty resources

    What do we need to use wax melts?

    • A tea light candle
    • A wax melts burner eBay
    • Wax melts of your choice
    Scented wax melts

    Wax melts can offer a more budget-friendly alternative to candles. They often have a longer lifespan than candles, and as they melt in the burner, they release a delightful fragrance that lingers in the room.

    Wax melts absorb heat more slowly than candles, preventing the fragrance from burning or overheating, making them a safer option for the environment.

    However, like any lit fragrance, including candles or reed diffusers, wax melts should not be left unattended. Some varieties require a tea light candle to melt the wax, and the resulting liquid can be at a very high temperature, posing a risk of burning the skin or damaging surfaces.

    If you have pets or small children, exercise caution when using wax melts. Fragrance sticks may be a safer option if you tend to forget whether they are lit. Alternatively, you can opt for a plug-in wax melt for added safety.

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    Take a look at some wax melt burners on eBay 

    Scented wax melts

    There’s a comforting and cosy ambience in a home when using wax melts that release a pleasant aroma. It’s advisable to steer clear of inexpensive wax melts containing paraffin, especially for those with asthma or lung issues.

    Big companies often use paraffin wax due to its cost-effectiveness in mass production. However, burning paraffin fills the air with potentially toxic chemicals, making it a less desirable option. Additionally, there may be a noticeable strong wax smell when it’s burning.

    Opting for candles and wax melts made with natural wax is a more environmentally friendly choice. Although they may come at a higher price, they burn slower and last much longer. This makes them a worthwhile investment. If you’ve ever experienced a back massage at a health and fitness retreat, you might have noticed the popularity of wax melts—they create a serene atmosphere, enhancing relaxation.

    Benefits of using wax melts over candles

    • Wax melts are long-lasting
    • Safe to use
    • Longer burning time
    • Safer for the home and environment
    • Leave a delicate fragrance
    • Elegant and stylish in any room
    • No black soot on the walls or furniture
    • Set the mood for a relaxing evening
    • Help with mediation
    • Leaves a wonderfully smelling perfume within the home


    Infuse the interior of your home with a delightful scent. Thanks to unique fragrance compositions, spending time at home becomes even more enjoyable. Our wax melts are crafted from eco-friendly raw materials of the highest quality, benefiting not just your household members but also the environment.

    Scented wax melts

    If you’d like to see a list of the wax melt scents that FM Cosmetics sells, then please comment below or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

    Scented wax melts
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