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    Wearing perfume for health and wellness

    It’s a well-known fact that wearing our favourite fragrance can lift our mood but can wearing perfume for health and wellness be such a thing ?

    We know how good we feel when we’ve woken up, getting ready for the day and we reach for our favourite scent to match our outfit or plans for the day.

    Lifting the mood with perfume

    Wearing perfume for health and wellness


    That first spritz of your favourite brand, the one fragrance you always reach for that lifts the mood, gets you ready for the challenges of the day and reminds you of happy times.

    Travelling abroad, sitting on the plane, going out for a meal to your favourite restaurant with friends can have a huge impact on our wellness and health, more than we realise.

    We certainly don’t apply a scent to have the opposite effect to dampen the mood.

    Fragrances today have a wonderful ability to lift our spirits, get us in the right frame of mind for what the day ahead has in store and genuinely make us feel happy, loved and content.

    We all have a choice of which perfume or aftershave to wear. We are all unique and wear what suits us best.


    So what about when a company create perfumes specifically infused with healing energy to bring out the best in all of us?

    The perfume world has always been popular and very competitive.

    Designer perfumes

    Designer fragrances have taken the world by storm and over the years with the global perfume market size being valued at USD 31.4 billion in 2018 and expected to expand at a CAGR ( compound annual growth rate) of 3.9% by 2025. Incredible !

    It’s a very lucrative business and we have seen many celebrities at the forefront of creating their own perfume line and signature fragrances.

    With such a competitive market, it can be very difficult to stand out from the rest. New ideas are constantly being created, in order to keep the perfume industry at the top.

    Over the years we have seen ‘copies ‘ of designer fragrances and cheaper versions.

    We have also seen unique perfumes and aftershaves that carry similar scents to that of the designers, with their own style by FM World.

    Whatever fragrance that we have purchased over the years, whether it be a signature scent or a different one every day, the pure whiff of delicate fragrance notes in our chosen bottle always lifts the mood.

    When health and wellness are mentioned, we automatically think of eating healthy, carrying out regular exercise and taking supplements to give us the uplift and help we need.

    Many of us don’t compare feeling happy, loved and content with using a bottle of our favourite spritz. Why would we? We simply spray and get on with the day ahead.


    Perhaps when someone comments on how lovely we smell it gives us that confidence boost but generally we forget about what we’re wearing and the day passes.

    Companies find it extremely difficult to come up with something unique in such a busy space in the fragrance world.

    Many of the designers have previously come from the fashion world such as Chanel who created the most iconic perfume, Chanel no.5.

    Vyrao- The world’s first energy-infused perfume brand

    Fast forward to 2022 and we now have a new fragrance line which is unique to all the other brands that we currently have on the market.

    Fragrances created by a lady called Yasmin Sewell who has gone one step further in the art of creating unique fragrances

    She has created a brand that not only smell gorgeous but each perfume has healing and wellness properties.

    On top of this, the fragrances have been created as unisex.


    In a world where both men and women take pride in their appearance and the products they use, it’s refreshing that gender-neutral scents have become so popular.

    Who would have thought that such a creation would be so successful ?

    Yasmin has been in the fashion industry over the past few decades as an influential role and has come up with the idea that perfumes can be created not just for their scent but also for fusing healing and wellness benefits in a bottle too.

    Her brand name Vyrao was created.


    A selection of five natural fragrances that use organic plant and flower essences to bring out positive emotions and well-being.

    Each bottle contains its own Herkimer diamond crystal, known to raise, clear and amplify energy.

    Clever ingredients such as lemon, mandarin, vanilla, musk and waterlily give an uplifting mood, a sense of clarity and help in reducing anxiety.


    The passion behind creating an energy-infused brand is a simple one


    Yasmin created Vyrao because she wanted to deliver a product that channels energy.

    Wearing perfume for health and wellness

    Scents are a powerful thing.

    When we wear our favourite perfume that we know others are going to comment on, it lifts our mood, creates wonderful memories and gives us the feel-good factor that we all desire.

    Perfume scents are so powerful and creating bottles that shift our mood positively can only be a good thing.

    Approaching such a creation from a different angle to what we are used to, gave Yasmin Sewell a new perspective on the perfume industry and opened up a new opportunity.

    Yasmin has previously been involved in different forms of energetic healing including reiki.

    Moving her skills to a different sector whilst still using her healing skills gave her the chance to create perfume with wellness at its forefront.


    The scents we are already used to in our perfumes and aftershaves are led by mixing a blended combination of scents that work well and compliment one another.

    Creating a brand that has well-being as its main target means that the creator is following a different strategy.

    The ingredients are different for a product that requires a perfume that gives us a healing benefit as apposed to a floral, oriental or fruity base purely for a beautiful smell.


    The packaging alone already gives off calm but also energetic vibes.

    Bold, solid and vibrant colours are used to give a degree of calmness and solidarity. The simplistic shaped bottles are eye -catching to say the least.

    Every glass bottle connects the buyer in some way

    Not only do the bottles have bold colours that catch the eye but the names of the perfumes such as Witchy Woo, have a uniqueness about them as well.


    We already know that a popular scent gets people’s heads turning so having one that has the benefits of wellness and feeling good, is bound to be just as popular.

    Alongside creating unique fragrances, Yasmin Sewell has also combined candles and incense sticks.

    Take yourself onto a new journey with a fragrance created to enhance your wellness and feel the difference with this enchanting creation that is Vyrao.


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    Wearing perfumes for health and wellness
    The use of bold colours is a clever way to enhance the well being in us



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    Wearing perfumes for health and wellness

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    Home perfume spray review

    Working with a fragrance company has huge benefits. The chance to try new products and the latest one to reach FM World is their home perfume spray.

    We all love our homes to smell fresh and clean without feeling like we have to bleach every hard surface or open all the windows just to let fresh air circulate.

    That’s all well and good when we are enjoying the warmer weather but not practical for the winter months.

    Having a clean home in every sense gives us a calm and relaxed mind.

    Home perfume mist review
    Give your home a fresh scent of perfume mist


    The smell of freshness

    With the added benefit of each room smelling like our favourite perfume without actually wasting a bottle of it, gives comfort alone.

    We’ve previously discussed vacuum fresheners to make the home smell better but what do we use when the vacuum isn’t switched on?

    There are many products on the market such as incense sticks, scented candles and reed diffusers that give a very subtle hint of fragrance over a few months or when lit but these don’t always provide an instant whiff of scent when we need it.

    Scented candles work well if you’re planning to stay at home for the duration whilst it burns but we also need an instant scent that perhaps we can spray in the room before we head off to work.


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    Wickbox Candle Subscription
    Wickbox is a luxury candle subscription box curated to match your scent preferences. Subscribers choose from a monthly medium or large surprise candle and fill out a scent profile so we can handpick their candle based on their likes and dislikes. The brands we partner with focus on quality including lead-free wicks, superior wax, and beautifully designed containers that complement the season and can be repurposed after you finish burning your candle. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of me-time. Gift subscriptions available!



    We love the idea that our home can smell gorgeous as soon as we enter through the front door.

    If you’re a pet owner and have the distinctive smell of wet fur lingering or stale smells embedded into the carpet, it’s embarrassing if a friend is following you straight into your home.

    There’s no chance to quickly light a candle or wave the reed diffuser in the air in the hope that any slight scent will reach your guests nose.

    With so many room sprays on the market, it can be difficult to find one to suit the individual.

    Some don’t like the typical canned air fresheners that can be a little intoxicating when sprayed too much.

    Products such as Febreze have been popular over the years and can be used on furniture. There are also the plug in types which work well but some need power to trigger a frequent spray and be plugged in continuously.

    These come with refills which can be more cost effective but can still be a little overpowering to some.

    Pure Royal

    When FM World introduced their Pure Royal Home Perfume range, it opened up a whole new product.

    Home perfume Spray review
    Bring your home to life with FM World’s unique home fragrances


    Not only providing a delicate mist that’s  not too heavy but it also had the added benefit of the buyer being able to choose one that had similar fragrance notes to the designer perfumes.

    Perfumes that many of us wear on a day to day basis.

    In their current 2022 range of five, they have two scents for women, 1 scent for men and two unisex scents.

    No complaining that the house smells too ‘girly’ or masculine !

    They have very cleverly chosen those scents that are already very popular as perfume that we wear.

    You can buy samples of the perfumes fragrances here.


    Available scents in the FM Home Perfume range


    Home perfume mist review
    Collection of FM World home perfume mist for men, women and unisex


    199– is inspired by the very popular fragrance 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

    Type: rich, multi-threaded

    Fragrance notes: Head: Italian mandarin, peppermint Heart: cinnamon, Turkish rose, cardamom Base: leather notes


    366– has a touch of elegance in the same way as Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent.

    Type: rebellious, urban, sexy, edgy

    Fragrance notes: Head: pink pepper, orange blossom, pear Heart: coffee, jasmine Base: vanilla, patchouli, cedarwood

    809– with a mixture of well-balanced fragrance notes, this scent is inspired by Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

    Type: sophisticated and tasteful

    Fragrance notes: Head: bergamot, ginger, water notes Heart: incense, rose, patchouli Base: musk, vanilla, vetiver


    900– a unique fragrance that has seen sales of its perfume explode with its similar perfume notes to Lost Cherry by Tom Ford

    Type: fascinating, unique, charming cherry

    Fragrance notes: Head: black cherry, cherry liqueur, bitter almonds Heart: rose, jasmine, sour cherry Base: tonka bean, sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood.


    910– A hidden gem in the perfume world but with its gorgeous combination of fragrance notes and inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540- Kurksjian, this scent is a delight to wear as a perfume and as a room spray to enhance the home.

    Type: dry, flavoured with a hint of sweetness

    Fragrance notes: Head: jasmine, saffron Heart: balsam fir, cedarwood Base: cashmere wood, ambergris, moss, brown sugar.


    The spray pump is sold separate so when a replacement is needed, just wash the existing pump and pop it into the new bottle.

    The wonderful thing about this product is that it has a very fine, delicate mist and with it being an elegant bottle, it doesn’t look out of place if it’s left sitting on the unit for easy reach.

    Even if you sniff the scent through the air as soon as you’ve sprayed, it’s still very subtle and not intoxicating like some brands.

    Their unique formula guarantees that the scent stays in the air for a long time after being sprayed.

    The most beautiful PURE ROYAL fragrances are soothing to the senses and intriguing.

    Spray as much as is required and depending on the size of the room.




    Bottle size– 250ml

    Price £28

    Rating out of 10– 9/10


    Although each bottle isn’t the cheapest to purchase, you do get a lot of sprays out of them and it can last several weeks. This will depend also on how often it’s used and how many rooms are sprayed.

    Personally, I only spray downstairs in my dining room and lounge, just as I’m leaving the home.

    The kitchen is a place of cooking  and eating and doesn’t require a perfume scent, nor do the bedrooms.

    Those rooms are perhaps more suited to a scented candle or  fragrance sticks.

    It’s used every day in my home, sometimes a few times a day.

    Once sprayed into the air just before leaving home, the scent definitely lingers in the room on your return.

    There are many product sprays on the market so it can be difficult to choose which is the best one to suit the home.

    If you’re a pet owner, care and thought needs to ensure that you don’t purchase a scent that is too strong and likely to get into the back of your pets throat.

    Some sprays can linger onto furniture once they are sprayed so it’s recommended that you spray into the air to avoid spraying over the furniture.

    Do you currently use a home perfume ?

    Have you tried the FM range?

    I’d love to hear!

    Get in touch.


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    FM perfume no.413 review

    FM perfume no.413 review

    Have you tried Fm World’s fragrances yet?

    They believe in simplicity when it comes to packaging and style of bottles and FM 413 is no exception.





    As we head into the spring and are perhaps looking for a fragrance that sits more in the oriental/fruity family, FM are not short of choice.

    No. 413 has been a very popular scent over the past few years as its fragrance notes are very similar to those of La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme.



    Fragrance notes:

    Head: blackcurrant, pear

    Heart: iris, jasmine, orange blossom

    Base: chocolate pralines, patchouli, vanilla


    This fragrance gives a sense of sweetness and flirtatious vibes and a very popular scent to own.

    What’s great about this fragrance is that it also comes in a PHEROMONE perfume, INTENSE perfume ( which contains 30% perfume oil) , a fragrance candle, reed diffuser, a wardrobe fragrance and wax melts to name a few.



    It’s wonderful to find a scent that can be extended into the home to carry the beautiful spring/summer notes through every room.

    So what makes this fragrance one of FM’s most popular ?

    Many women love the smell of fruits and deep scents such as vanilla and patchouli.

    The Lancôme perfume, which was launched in 2012 and advertised by the beautiful Julia Roberts, has very similar fragrance notes.

    When we see celebrity’s endorsing perfumes, it encourages us to try that scent to give a sense of feeling and looking just as gorgeous as our idols.

    The only missing ingredient from FM413 is Tonka Bean. If you were to try a sample of FM 413, the smell will be almost identical.

    Whilst FM create their very own fragrances, they do use the same perfume oil as the designer fragrances which are created by DROM in Germany.


    You can read the story of DROM here.


    We already know that no one sees the packaging or fancy bottle when we purchase designer scents and they can leave a huge dent in the purse/wallet, yet many are still hung up on the idea of owning expensive brands.


    FM is a cruelty -free fragrance company and one that stands out from the rest not only for being affordable but for also creating long-lasting fragrances.


    As they have no celebrity endorsers or TV adverts, they can keep the cost down and therefore fans of the fragrances can indeed buy several bottles of their favourite perfumes.

    Having tried several and having a large selection of my own perfumes over the years, I have to say that no.413 is one of my favourites.

    It’s also a favourite for one of my customers!


    FM no.413 perfume review


    It’s suitable for all seasons as it has an oriental feel for wearing during the winter but also a selection of fruity notes that pop through to give a spring/summer vibe.

    Many women who currently wear La Vie Est Belle have said that they can’t tell the difference between their own designer bottled scent and that of FM 413.

    It’s an ideal scent to wear during the daytime in the office or out for a lunch date with friends. If you fancy a stronger version for an evening there is the option of the intense version too. How many designer fragrances give us that option ?



    FM 413 is a long-lasting fragrance without a doubt and will certainly get you receiving compliments as I do, when wearing it.

    Some will compare the Federico Mahora fragrance to that of La Vie Est Belle without understanding that this fragrance isn’t supposed to be a replica for the designer scent.

    In fact, none of the Fm perfumes should be compared to the designer scents because they are their own individual brand and company.

    Read my article about why buying cheap perfume will cost more

    If you love sweet and long-lasting scents then FM no.413 is definitely worth trying. Order your sample here.

    Some wearers have even noticed this particular scent lingers on clothing the following day after being sprayed.


    Another great reason to purchase if you want your clothes smelling gorgeous without having to wash them after the first wear.

    Due to its very fruity and oriental notes, this perfume only requires a few sprays as it is instantly noticeable.

    It will last around 6-8 hours and is one of the fragrances that does linger more than others so less is definitely more with this bottle.

    I love the idea that this bottle is designed with such simplicity that it fits perfectly inside a handbag if you did want to re apply throughout the day.


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    : £13.99

    Cheapest place to buy: eBay.co.uk

    Sold by FM World at £17.40

    Size of bottle : 50ml

    Sample size (1.4ml) available for 40 pence from FM World

    My rating : 10 out of 10!!


    If you are looking for a more intense scent, try the Pure Intense bottle. The size is the same and costs around £17.50 from eBay.co.uk.


  • Perfumes

    Spring fragrances

    As the winter months fade out, we start to look forward to the warmer weather and Spring fragrances.

    Are you a seasonal wearer when it comes to perfume?


    Spring fragrances

    As we know, perfume is made up of lots of different fragrance notes and some are more suitable than others when it comes to the seasons.


    We have covered winter perfumes here so what about scents for the Spring?

    Fragrances are made up of different strengths as well as different fragrance notes.

    During the daytime when you’re meeting someone for lunch or it’s a working a day in the office, these are the times when a perfume or an eau de toilette is more suitable. They’re not too heavy or overpowering for those around you.

    We’ve all experienced the strong whiff of a fragrance as someone has walked past and left a lingering scent that stays long after that person has left the room.

    For an evening out, such as a date night, gives us the perfect excuse to wear a parfum, which has the highest concentration of oil. Therefore it will last longer and be a stronger scent as it contains more perfume oil. What better way to make a great impression!

    When the seasons transition from the cooler months through winter to the summer months, it’s a good idea to change your perfume scents to match accordingly.

    Seasonal perfumes

    Wintertime sees perfumes with heavier notes such as wood, ambergris and spices for sale in the shops and online. Whereas during the warmer months we see perfumes that have lighter, floral notes such as Lemon, Citrus and Lavender.

    As previously discussed, it works the same with the clothes that we wear for the different seasons. When we think of lighter clothes for the summer and thicker, warmer clothes for the winter, it’s the same principle when it comes to your fragrances.

    As we see a shift through to Spring weather, it’s a good idea to start wearing a lighter scent.

    We should never shy away from wearing a fragrance if that’s what we choose. After all, a perfume is an extension of our personality.

    Just bear in mind that lighter and more delicate notes will be more suitable as the weather starts to warm up.

    Heat will intensify a fragrance so it is best to wear a lighter one so that it doesn’t become overpowering but stays fresh and subtle throughout the day.

    As we have already discussed here on signature fragrances, add link if you do prefer to stick to one perfume throughout the year, try to choose a perfume with a mixture of cool and warm fragrance notes for the perfect scent.

    This will ensure that your signature fragrance is suitable for all weathers and situations.

    It can be hard to change your perfume to match the seasons, especially if you are used to wearing one particular scent.

    As the weather warms up, we are best not to spray our perfume too much or better still, find a body spray with a matching scent.

    At FM WORLD, we sell body sprays to match a selection of our female fragrances.

    This gives the ideal opportunity to either layer your fragrance or simply to use a body mist on its own which is a lovely product to use during very hot weather.

    For many, they still like to wear a fragrance of sorts so a body mist or even a body lotion works well when it’s hot.


    What we don’t want to be doing is trying to compete with the weather and our fragrance.

    The great thing about perfumes for men and women is that they do come in different strengths. Not only is it reflected when it comes to the price but also with how light or heavy the scent will be once it’s on our skin.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    It’s not just women who need to adjust their scents when it comes to the change in the seasons. Men do too.

    Even male fragrances can be overpowering and too strong for certain occasions and different seasons.


    Spring fragrances


    Whenever we think of spring, we think of flowers in the garden, butterflies and freshly cut grass.
     Spring fragrances
    The chance to get out into the garden, wear a different wardrobe of clothes and ditch the winter jackets.
    When we combine that with fragrance notes, we think of sweet, floral, citrus, rose and fruity scents.
    So what fragrances are out there that we can wear during the Spring and ones that will compliment the warmer weather ?

    Let’s take a look


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    5 popular Spring fragrances for women


    • Flower Bomb- Victor & Rolf

    A very popular fragrance with a selection of floral notes including Bergamot, Amber, Patchouli, Freesia, Rose and Jasmine.

    Spring fragrances
    Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf





    Chanel no.5- Chanel

    One of the most iconic fragrances of today with its distinctive charm and popular fragrance notes including Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Peach, Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla.
    Spring fragrances
    Chanel no 5 by Chanel
    • Alien- Thierry Mugler

    This perfume with its very distinctive bottle design has a very fruity scent with fragrance notes including Mandarin, Orange, White Amber, Moroccan Jasmine and White Flowers.


    Spring fragrances
    Alien by Thierry Mugler



    • Good Girl Gone Bad- Killan

    This fragrance was launched in 2012 and its fragrance notes include Jasmine, Amber, Cedar, Indian Tuberose and Osmanthus.


    Spring fragrances
    Good Girl Gone Bad by Killian



    • Daisy- Marc Jacobs

    We can’t mistake a distinctive bottle when it comes to Daisy. With its Daisy flower design lid, this perfume really does speak the word ‘Spring’ and offers us Woody, Musk, driftwood and Cashmere Musk to give us a real sense of Spring weather.



    Spring fragrances
    Daisy by Marc Jacobs


    5 popular Spring fragrances for men

    • Hugo- Hugo Boss
    This little gem was first created back in 1995 and with its combination of apple, citrus, floral, spicy and cinnamon notes, it is a hugely popular scent for both men and women.


    Spring fragrances
    Hugo by Hugo Boss



    • Aqua Pour Homme- Bvlgari
    Another popular fragrance with its Mandarin Orange, Seawood, Lavender, Patchouli, Amber and Petitgrain notes to name a few. An aromatic fragrance to give a refreshing and energetic scent.
    Spring fragrances
    Aqua Pour Homme by Bvlgari
    • Savage-Dior

    There’s not many men that haven’t tried this fragrance before.

    Part of the Fougere family and launched in 2015, this neat bottle consists of Amber, Citrus, Aromatic, Lavender, Musky and Woody notes.


    Spring fragrances
    Savage by Dior











    • Pour Homme- Versace

    With distinctive notes of Grapefruit, fig leaves, aquatic notes, Black Pepper and Musk, Versace has created a true feel of what a male fragrance should smell like. Crisp, masculine and fresh.

    Spring fragrances
    Pour Homme by Versace
    • Polo Blue Sport- Ralph Lauren

    The fragrance notes in this popular bottle give a sense of Spring and delicacy at the same time.

    Picture a bottle and a whiff of Mint, Green Apple, Mandarin Orange, Cider, Ginger, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli and you have yourself a desirable man’s fragrance.


    Spring fragrances
    Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren




    Spring sees its fair share of fragrances notes so just bear in mind that floral fragrances can be hit or miss.

    Some fragrances are very strong and sickly with sweet notes, especially Vanilla and therefore there are many people that will avoid them.

    It’s about finding the right balance if fruit fragrances are your thing.

    It’s always a good tip to remember that if you are spraying a floral based perfume or aftershave, to spray or splash it sparingly.

    The fragrance notes can be quite strong for yourself and those around you if you overdo it.

    Are you looking for a new fragrance for when the weather warms up?

    Did your know that we have samples available for over 150 scents and these can be purchase through our online store. 

  • Gifts,  Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day gifts

    Mothering Sunday falls on Sunday 27th March 2022 here in the UK and we have a selection of Mother’s Day gifts to suit all the mums out there.

    Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?


    Around the world, many countries will celebrate Mother’s Day. A day to show all the mothers that we appreciate all the amazing things that they do.
    A celebration of what being a mum means, the material bonds and motherhood.
    Without our mothers, we wouldn’t be here today.
    Even before a child is born, the connection that a mother has to her unborn child is unlike any other.
    We have already started building the incredible bond way before the baby has arrived into the world.
    Dating back to the 16th century, Mothering Sunday began its story as a Catholic and Protestant Christian holiday.
    People would visit their ‘mother’ church, a church where they were baptized or attended when they were growing up. This was known as Laetare Sunday.
    The fourth Sunday of Lent.
    Possibly the only day in the year when families could get together and children would stop off on their way to church to pick flowers and make a beautiful bouquet for their mothers.
    Mother’s Day gifts
    A traditional gift for mothers is a bunch of beautiful flowers
    This soon became a tradition and a way of giving gifts.
    Such an iconic day seemed to fade out through the 20th century until the 1950s.
    Businesses and wholesale trades saw a gap in the market and begun the huge lucrative trading opportunity that we see today. A way of making money from such an iconic event.

    There are places around the world such as Canada, New Zealand and Mexico that celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th May.


    So quite some time after the UK. Children would make presents to give to their mothers.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    A day to show appreciation

    Whatever date Mother’s Day is held around the world, the day symbolizes the same thing – to show mothers how much they are appreciated.
    Of course, every day should be a day to show mothers how much we appreciate them and what they do.
    Mothers’s Day gifts
    Having a special day to celebrate has very much become a tradition like many yearly events, such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Easter Sunday.

    Mother’s Day gifts

    Everyone loves to spoil their mum. After all, she is the one who has brought us into the world and along with our dads, she has given us the life skills that we need as adults.

    There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to treating mums on such a special day.

    Traditionally, flowers are purchased but let’s take a look at some other lovely gift ideas that our mums will appreciate.

    Perfumed jewellery makes a lovely gift for mum. Take a look at perfumedjewelry.com


    Perfume can be a hard gift to buy someone but when it comes to family, most of us know what type of fragrance our mum wears. If not, a quick sneak inside the wardrobe to check out what bottles she has sitting on the shelf will answer the question.

    Mother’s Day gifts
    Most women will love perfume as a gift


    Why choose to buy perfume for a gift ?

    Perfume has always been a great gift to give someone as it’s a personal item and we often wait for a bottle to be bought as a gift or a visit to the Duty Free shop rather than purchasing it for ourselves.

    Fragrances can be costly so here are some alternatives to the designer labels. Read about FM

    Wax melts

    Another great gift is a wax melt burner with perfumed cubes. These items make a lovely gift and if you’re looking for a room scent that has a long- lasting fragrance then wax melts are perfect. Safe to use, elegant and affordable.


    Mother’s Day gifts
    Our wax melts are available in 7 different scents

    Pillow mist spray

    New mothers in particular never get enough sleep. I remember the days all too well! Sometimes it can take forever to drift off even when you are feeling exhausted from lack of shut-eye.

    A gentle spray of a pillow mist can help relax the mind, switch off from the day as you breathe in the calming fragrance notes and drift off for a peaceful nights sleep.


    Scented candles

    So many households have scented candles these days as they are so popular.

    They can help you to relax at the end of a long day as well as giving a wonderful atmosphere to any room when they are lit.

    With so many candles to choose from, we are spoilt for choice.

    If your mum likes a particular scent, we have matching candles to bring any room to life.


    Room fragrance sticks

    These make a lovely gift when candles are not an option or if mum prefers a delicate room scent without the naked flame.

    Placed in any room in the house, the fragrance sticks come in three scented fragrances for women as well as three unisex scents. Perfect for any room in the house.

    They have a long-lasting fragrance too-up to 70 days and come in a very elegant design to suit any home.



    Solid perfume

    There has been huge popularity when it comes to solid perfumes and a wonderful alternative to using sprays.

    They are ideal for carrying in luggage for travelling without the worry of spillages or required liquid amounts to be accepted through customs.

    They also work well if you find that spray perfume is a bit overwhelming or your skin isn’t keen on liquid fragrances.

    Mother’s Day gifts
    Solid perfume has become a very popular choice of late


    Wardrobe fragrances

    Every wardrobe will benefit from a hanging wardrobe fragrance.
    Fresh smelling clothes that leave a hint of fragrance in the air whilst hanging up and a fresh smell as you open the door.
    With a convenient handle to hang on the clothing rail in between your clothes, these fragrances will last around 3 months before needing to be replaced.
    Take a look at our review



    Body balm

    Everyone can make use of a body lotion and a scented one is even better.

    Our skin is prone to dryness during the summer with the high temperatures as well as in the winter when the temperature drops outside and we have the heating on indoors.

    Its good practice to moisturise after a bath or shower as the hot water can dry the skin as well.

    An added benefit of having moisturized skin is that your perfume/ cologne will last much longer too. Skin preparation has so many benefits.

    Shower gel

    Every mum deserves a shower gel to make her skin feel soft, moisturized and revitalised after a long day.

    Cooking, household chores and family errands can leave the skin feeling tight and dry.




    Foot peel

    Mums spend a lot of time on their feet so what better way to treat her than with an exfoliating foot peel.

    This clever product helps to regenerate damaged epidermis, moisturizes and rebuilds the skin.

    It effectively removes calluses, contains extracts of honey, pear, passion, lemon, fruit, pineapple, grape and opuntia.

    If she uses it once a month, mum will notice beautifully soft skin and summer-ready feet for the warmer season.


    Mother’s Day gifts
    Gift your mums feet some TLC












    If you would like any advice on what to buy for your mum to make her feel special, I’d love to hear from you.


    Want to see the range of products we have to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day?

    Take a look at our online brochure designed with wonderful gifts inside to make her feel special.

    ScentBox.com is a unique designer fragrance subscription box service. Customers get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for only $14.95. Every month they will choose from over 750 designer fragrances and get them delivered right to their door in our signature keepsake box.

  • Perfumes

    Using perfume correctly

    If you’re a perfume wearer, are you using perfume correctly?

    It’s surprising how many people don’t actually know how.

    From spraying excessively, spraying in the wrong areas to rubbing a fragrance on the wrists. All of these can have a negative impact on your fragrance.

    You’ve bought yourself an expensive bottle of designer fragrance. Firstly, do you save it for best or do you wear it for work?

    It’s cost you a lot of money, let’s save it for best. What happens when we save a fragrance for a special occasion?


    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.



    Using perfume correctly
    Designer fragrances can cost a fair amount of money.

    A guide to Everyday perfume

    Saving perfume for best

    The problem with saving fragrances for best is that eventually they will go off and turn into a very musty smell that no one will want to wear or smell.

    You’ve spent a fortune on your favourite and the pretty little bottle with a hefty price tag is now sitting in the wardrobe, waiting to be used.

    Some fragrances can be very strong and overpowering so by spraying excessively can make the fragrance scent a lot heavier than it should be.

    Others around can smell it for several hours and if it’s a strong scent, you can still smell it too.

    If you can smell your own perfume for hours after, it can trigger a headache and also means that you have the wrong scent on your skin.

    No perfume should give you a headache or linger for the whole day.

    Strong perfume can be very off-putting to others around as well as expensive. So how do we find what the right amount of perfume to use is ?

    Perfume shop

    Using perfume correctly

    We’ve all heard the saying less is more and it certainly comes into its own when we talk about cosmetics and perfume.

    Heavy make up and over spraying of perfume scents is enough to put many off. Especially the opposite sex.

    I remember the days of my late Nan wearing a very heavy fragrance that a little spray really would have been enough as the perfume was a very strong one and not the cheapest, even back in her day.

    What’s also important is how and where we apply our fragrance. Certain points on the skin and body will affect scents differently.


    Using perfume correctly
    Look after your skin and your perfume will last much longer

    Top 10 Tips on using perfume correctly

    1. Applying perfume after taking a shower or a bath will help your perfume last longer

    2. Moisturising your skin will make your perfume last longer.

    You can even use a body lotion or a cream that carries the same scent as your perfume for even better enhancement.

    3. Perfume is love to sit on moisturise skin so try a little petroleum jelly on your pulse points before you spray your perfume will help with the longevity.

    4. Many people will insist on holding the bottle in front of them as if they are spraying air freshener.It’s important to choose the right points when you are applying perfume and these are the pulse points.

    These are the warm points and will help your fragrance sit for longer on the skin.

    Using perfume correctly
    If you’re a wearer of designer perfume but would like an affordable alternative, visit our shop

    Our next 4 points

    5. It’s a well-known habit that most women will rub their wrists together as soon as they’ve sprayed their perfume.

    What happens when we do this?

    This breaks the top notes and by rubbing your wrists together will make them disappear faster so it’s important just to dab your wrists together to protect the fragrance notes.

    6. Hold your perfume bottle at a distance so that large drops of the perfume won’t land on your skin. 5 to 7 inches away is good.

    7. Avoid spraying perfume onto your clothes as it will stain.

    8. When we buy designer perfumes, we feel the need to display them on our bedside cabinet for everyone to see.

    Using perfume correctly

    No one actually sees the wonderful display of perfumes apart from yourself and the people you live with.

    If your bedside cabinet happens to be near the sunlight coming through the window then your fragrance isn’t going to last as long as the heat will evaporate the scent.

    It’s important to keep them stored inside a dark cupboard, somewhere dry and away from light and kept in their original box so that the bottles don’t get damaged.

    9. As we have already covered, try to avoid wearing too much perfume.

    Your personal fragrance should attract those around you and not the other way round.

    Remember less is more.

    If you’re wearing the same fragrance every day, the chances are you will have got used to the scent and therefore won’t be so aware of how others will smell your fragrance.

    Read my previous post on sillage and try wearing a different perfume every day.

    10. Always choose a perfume with lighter family fragrance notes for a daytime wear and the heavier notes for an evening time.

    Alternate options

    Getting out of old habits can be hard.

    Somehow we seem to be programmed to buy expensive perfumes, to use them heavily and sometimes wear the wrong fragrance for our skin.

    Using perfume correctly
    Alternative fragrances by FM

    Nowadays, there are alternatives and by that we don’t mean cheap.

    I don’t like to use the word cheap because it always comes across as negative.

    I like to say less expensive and kinder to the purse/wallet.

    There are many fragrances out there that will be lighter on the purse strings, will go a lot further when you use them correctly and are still enjoyable, subtle and longer lasting to wear for any occasion.

    If you would like to try a sample of your favourite perfume, get in touch or comment below.


    Perfume and beauty resources

  • Perfumes

    Everyday perfume

    Everyday perfume is one of your fragrance sprays that you can wear to work or out shopping without feeling guilty.

    So what if there was an option to have a more affordable bottle that can be used every day? One that can be sprayed frequently without the worry of it being an expensive designer bottle ?

    Firstly, you’ll be reading this post because you have an interest in perfume. Do you wear a fragrance every day ?

    Many men and women will have their favourite one that they use as a daily spritz.

    Everyday perfume
    A daily spritz is common with many of us


    The photo of FM 900 below is currently one of my favourites.

    A bottle of Pure Royal unisex fragrance that contains 20% perfume ( more than your designer bottle which usually contains 16% as an EDT)

    This fragrance is Inspired by Tom Ford – Lost Cherry.

    What does inspired mean exactly?

    Genuine versus fake

    • Copied?
    • Fake?
    • Cheap?


    Everyday perfume
    Fm Pure Royal that you can wear without breaking the bank


    Our fragrances are none of the above.

    When we come across fake perfumes, there are several characteristics and not all will be easily noticeable.

    The most common one will see a fake perfume sold in the same style bottle as designers and packaged with the same label to make it look like a designer fragrance.

    As you can see from the picture, our Pure Royal bottle is a unique design. Not copied from anywhere.

    So what about its contents?

    Well, fake perfume has a darker tinge to it. Genuine perfume will be a very light colour.

    Take a look at my previous post Drom fragrances which covers the insight into where FM originates and how the story begun.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    FM Pure Royal fragrance on eBay



    Every day is a good day for perfume



    I remember the days when purse strings restricted me to one or two designer perfumes in my wardrobe.

    Any more than that was a luxury and the cost was a little out of my reach 30 years ago.

    It was a bonus if I had a bottle bought as a present.

    When we own an expensive bottle of perfume, we rarely spray it for everyday such as going out to work.

    Such perfumes can be costly and we can’t justify wearing a pricey fragrance to go to the office or into town to do shopping.

    A special occasion saw the perfume being used and then put back in the cupboard for the next evening out.

    Designer inspired fragrances

    When I started working with FM, the one thing above anything else was that I could make my own purchases, save money and own far more bottles of quality perfume than I ever had the chance to before.

    This alone was what sold me to the idea of working with a network marketing company.

    Imagine having access to over 150 perfumes and being able to choose which ones you liked, purchase at a great price and wear your favourite every day.

    Spraying a scent knowing that the bottle can be replaced without waiting for a holiday and a visit to the Duty Free or for someone to buy you a bottle as a gift, made working for a perfume company even more appealing.

    So we fast-forward 30 years when the wardrobe now has approximately 10 different fragrances that can be worn at leisure.

    No more waiting for that special occasion. A different scent to wear every day.


    Everyday perfume
    When we have a choice of which perfume to wear, FM provides a simple solution

    Everyday perfume


    Depending on where we are going, what we are doing or what outfit we are wearing, FM allows us to choose a fragrance to match.

    Don’t save your fragrances for best. Every day should be treated as the best day you’ll have so why not enjoy it with your favourite fragrance?

    After 2 years of owning a perfume and it being opened but not used frequently will encourage the scent to ‘turn’ and smell musty.

    Once this happens, you won’t want to wear it and those around you may make a sharp exit away from your company !


    Choosing the right scent


    There are so many wonderful daytime perfumes around and these are the best ones for spraying when going to work or out meeting a friend for lunch.

    A scent that isn’t overpowering to others around you and is a delicate fragrance that still gets others asking what you are wearing, are the best to use. Floral, oriental and citrus notes are perfect.

    Fragrances with a stronger, more powerful scent like wood, cedar and vanilla notes are best used for a night out when you want to make more of an impact.

    There will be many of you who perhaps don’t wear a fragrance during the day at all for many reasons.

    Some will feel it’s not necessary and some will see perfume as just an evening accessory.


    Before I was introduced to FM, I was the same. I used to wear White Musk from The Body Shop as this was a delicate scent, suitable for daytime and evening and didn’t break the bank.

    Over the past few years, FM have also introduced a body mist which is suitable for daytime use and is especially good for when we have hot weather and our usual perfume feels too heavy.

    There are affordable fragrances at your fingers tips wherever we shop these days, whether it is online or browsing the shops. Try to steer away from open markets where you’re more likely to purchase a fake without realising.

    We love to help others save on purchases as well as making extra money so if you have a question about perfume or are interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    You CAN afford to have more than one perfume and wear your favourite every day.

    Need a list of our fragrances ? Just ask Contact me

    FM World 


  • Perfumes,  Solid perfume

    Solid perfume

    Many of us will have used spray perfumes and aftershaves in the past but what about solid perfume ?

    Surprisingly for some perhaps that solid perfume has been around for centuries, although it never seems to be advertised as much as the liquid fragrances.

    It comes in several neat and compact forms such as a balm or a lipstick.

    Affiliate disclosure

    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Solid perfumes tend to last longer than the spray options because they are in a solid form and contain no water.

    Many of us still prefer a spray fragrance and these do seem to be the most popular. It’s like we know we have a fragrance on because it’s been sprayed.

    As we know, wearing a perfume or aftershave can certainly lift the mood, make us feel more confident and compliment an outfit. Lovers of perfumes do tend to have a collection at home and try different ones to suit their needs.

    Its nice to wear a different one every day too if, like myself, you have a few bottles stored in the wardrobe.

    Most people prefer the spray perhaps for the ease of use. A couple of spritzes and off we go for the day ahead.

    Perfume and beauty resources

    The benefits of using solid perfume


    • Using a spray fragrance directly onto the skin requires an alcohol-based product to allow for the evaporation.
    • Solid sticks can be applied directly therefore they are less likely to irritate the skin as they don’t need the alcohol to help the perfume to dry.
    • Being in a solid form also makes them a better and safer option for when travelling as there are restrictions on taking liquids onto an airplane. Add link
    • If you’ve ever come across aromatherapy perfume sticks, these are very much the same but with the added benefit of healing.
    • Great for those who suffer with headaches or struggle with trying to stay relaxed. Especially at night when many people may find themselves more awake instead of ready to switch off for sleep.
    • Unlike a bottle of your favourite perfume, there isn’t any wastage when it comes to using solid perfume sticks.


    Let’s take a look at some solid perfumes that are on the market.

    You will also see that FM cosmetics have a small selection of solid fragrance sticks, for men and women, so definitely worth a look.

    Solid perfume
    Solid perfume sticks for men and women


    Solid perfume
    Fm Cosmetics solid perfume stick


    Solid perfume on eBay

    Handmade solid perfume

    Less wastage 

    How many of us have tried to spray that last drop out of our favourite scent ? When it comes to designer fragrances that cost more money, it makes us even more determined to use the last drops before we throw the bottle away. No one likes wastage.

    A perfume stick will simply wear down to its base and then it’s ready to be thrown away for a new purchase.

    There is more general wastage each time we spray a bottle onto the wrists and neck, where half the spray goes anywhere but on the skin!

    A solid perfume will never be wasted in the same way as a direct product. What’s more, it won’t leak in your handbag if the lid falls off or the bottle gets smashed.

    Skin preparation 

    The skin also plays a part in how long a scent will last.

    Depending on what we already have on our skin besides natural oils, spray perfume can be diluted by body sweat. As solid perfumes are anhydrous, which means that they do not contain any water, this gives them the advantage of lasting much longer.

    Applying a fragrance onto the skin after a shower or on top of Vaseline will hold the scent for longer.

    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.



    Kinder for the skin

    Any product that contains alcohol will have an effect on the skin over time, so if your skin is prone to dryness and you don’t want to miss out on using a daily spritz of your favourite fragrance, a solid perfume is certainly an option and worth a try.

    Solid perfume

    Quick to use on the go

    Solid perfumes are more convenient to use when you’re out and about as they can be applied much easier and directly onto the skin without impacting those around you.
    Grabbing a bottle of perfume out of your handbag and spraying it onto your neck whilst on the train or in a busy office, won’t see much favoritism from those around you or your work colleagues!

    Bottled sprays will leave perfume sillage and this can be over-powering too, especially if you’re a lover of oriental, woody or citrus notes.

    As much as it’s great to have someone admire our scent, it’s a different ball game if they can smell it before we’ve even entered the room!

    If you like to apply a fragrance regular throughout the day, just to freshen up, then a solid perfume is a good option. Quick and more discreet to apply.

    What’s more, both men and women can use them. You’ll rarely see a man pulling out a large bottle of aftershave from his briefcase so they are more likely to use a fragrance stick. Far more masculine, would you agree?

    Did you know that you can buy unisex perfume sticks too?

    If you’re a couple travelling light, why not buy one that you can both use ?

    Applying a solid perfume

    Just like spray fragrances, the wrist is a popular place to also wear solid perfume and scent is released throughout the day.

    A gentle sweep over the top of the solid perfume with your finger is enough to apply onto your skin.

    Another great place to apply perfume is on the neck. This is usually the most common place for women to spray.

    Spray perfume evaporates more quickly so if you are looking for a longer lasting fragrance then a solid stick is a great alternative.

    The pulse points are also an ideal area to apply perfume. More uncommon areas are behind the ears, knees and the inside of the elbow.

    Always aim for the warmest parts of your body as these areas will help to retain the fragrance throughout the day.

    Solid perfume
    Utique Solid perfume by FM Cosmetics

    The Cost of solid perfumes 

    Depending on where you purchase solid perfume, they can range in price and they do tend to be more expensive than a bottle of perfume.
    When we think about how much we spray onto our skin in comparison to using a solid perfume, the cost is relevant.
    Also, a great alternative if you’re not keen on the first few seconds of spraying yourself. Those initial spritz can be quite overpowering when it’s first applied, especially if you have a strong scented taste in perfume.

    Overall, it’s great to try both to see which type you prefer and which is most suitable for you.

    Have you tried a solid perfume stick ?

    I’d love to know your thoughts.

    comment below or get in touch.



  • Perfumes

    Valentine’s Day perfumes

    Who says perfumes are just for Christmas or birthdays ? Valentine’s Day perfumes are just as popular.



    As we say goodbye to another year and 2022 is now upon us, thousands of people around the world will have bought a fragrance for their loved one at Christmas.

    What about Valentine’s Day?

    Whilst the next traditional date that we gift for seems to be a long way off, January soon passes and the sales come to an end.

    Just around the corner is the month of love.

    Valentine’s Day perfumes
    Valentine’s Day is very much a time for giving the perfect gift



    Every year the shops will see an influx of shoppers on line and in store looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. Almost as busy as the Christmas season.

    When did the Valentine’s Day tradition begin ?

    Valentine’s Day as we know is celebrated on 14th February every year. A time when roses, chocolates and flowers are giving out to the ones we love.

    A symbol of togetherness and also a day to show admiration for those who have no idea that they are loved or thought of.

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    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation.

    The story of St Valentine is an intriguing one as every tradition has a place in history, it’s interesting to read how Valentine’s Day started.
    Every year it is celebrated by many and cards and gifts are bought to show affection.
    Valentine’s Day perfumes
    Chocolate became popular to give a loved one for Valentine’s Day



    Whether you have a partner or not has no impact on purchases as many will write a card or send flowers to an admirer in the hope that they will soon become one.

    Valentine’s Day perfumes
    A card from a secret admirer will have you guessing as to whom is thinking of you








    Perfume and beauty resources

    The recipient is often left baffled as to whom has sent such a thoughtful gift or card as they find themselves going through the names of everyone they know in a bid to narrow down who it may be.

    I’m sure there are many people out there who have received a card in the past from a mystery admirer. I have and still to this day, over 25 years later, never knew who it was from!

    One of life’s little mysteries and even more so when the card was sent in April!

    Giving gifts

    Many will perhaps see the giving of presents on such a day is purely for how society expects us to behave.

    Surely we don’t need a day in the year to tell someone we love them?

    Quite rightly we don’t but it is a wonderful thing to receive gifts and to let someone know how much we care, even if we do show it daily.

    Much of Valentine’s Day as we celebrate it, is to do with social media. Every card shop, online store and flower shop will advertise this memorable day.

    Usually way ahead of time as the shops starts the clearing and huge sales of its Christmas stock.

    We share a token of love and affection to others and even though it should be shown all year round, it’s good to have a special day to ‘celebrate’ it.

    Pheromones Attract at Love-Scent.com

    The price we pay


    HottPerfume.com Discount

    It’s inevitable that the price of cards, flowers, perfumes and chocolates will go up as February 14th approaches. This has always been the case.

    Marketing strategies are very much in place way before we’ve seen the back of Christmas.

    Remember though, we don’t need to spend a fortune on ‘publicised ‘ products.

    Cards can be hand made if you are creative enough, flowers can be picked from your garden and perfumes can be purchased from more affordable companies.


    FM Cosmetics will often have their fragrances reduced during such a high peak of purchases because they believe in helping customers make savings on their purchases so that they can buy more of what their partner would like.

    It shouldn’t be a case of how much money a business can make during a publicised event but simply a chance to help others with a gift to give their loved one.


    Why we give flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day


    The tradition of giving flowers on St Valentine’s Day began during the 17th century.

    Red roses are seen as a representation of love and therefore given to someone special. Often in the same quantity as the date itself.

    Most women love to receive flowers in any form.

    A box of chocolates became a popular gift to give both men and women but not until the middle of the 19th century.

    Chocolate was seen as a product to help seduce women and show their declaration of love. Apart from having aphrodisiac qualities, who doesn’t love chocolate ?

    Valentine’s Day perfumes
    Fm have their own delicious chocolate



    We often try to look for something unique to give on a special day.

    Whilst flowers and chocolates are not personal items and will eventually perish or be consumed, giving a fragrance will last much longer and can be bought with a more personalised feel.


    In some way, Valentine’s Day, along with Christmas and Easter, will have an element of marketing to help boost sales, especially with Covid still hanging around.

    Businesses need more support than ever and rely on such events to help with profits during such difficult times.


    Whether you are a buyer for this occasion or simply prefer to say ‘I love you ‘ in words, there are plenty of affordable perfumes to choose from if you prefer to keep away from the overpriced flowers and chocolates.

    Whenever we think of romance and romantic scents, we think of fruity and citrus based notes.

    There are a selection of perfumes to suit the month of love so pop along to my online shop and save the link so you check out our offers nearer the 14th February.

    We are all about helping you save money and if you have any questions, please pop them below or get in touch.

  • mineral make up,  Perfumes

    Perfumes and cosmetics

    Perfumes and cosmetics have always gone together. Wearing a favourite fragrance makes both men and women feel good.


    Wearing cosmetics gives women the extra confidence with the bonus of complimenting an outfit.

    Of course there are always days that neither is required especially during the several lock downs during 2020 to this year when many of us were working from home.

    The only people to see were those of immediate family living in the same house or work colleagues on the other side of a computer screen during a zoom call.

    Even then there was the bonus that we could switch the camera so that we had a glamorous profile photo to show off instead of the reality.

    Wearing Pyjamas, hair tied up, no make up or perfume on for the women seemed to be a bonus. Days that we didn’t feel like we’d had to make the effort to look good.

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    No need to look your best when there was no visit to the office or seeing customers.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    2020-2021 saw many people working from home


    Men get away with far more when it comes to appearances. They wake up looking just the same as they went to bed. Perhaps the hair is slightly disheveled but overall, they don’t feel the need to ‘glam up’ for the sake of a conference call.

    The truth behind why women wear make up

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    A woman’s cosmetics bag can contain a huge selection of products for day and night wear


    Women have been wearing make up for many years and around 44 percent of American women won’t be seen leaving their home without make up on.

    So what are the two primary reasons why women wear make up ?

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    When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.


    Save on Avon cosmetics 

    Concealment/ camouflage

    Even if women don’t apply a full face of make up such as eye shadow or lip gloss, many will reach for the foundation to cover up any imperfections.

    This alone will give more confidence and ‘hide’ any insecurities that women may have about their appearance.

    Just a dab around the eyes to conceal dark shadows that many women have as they get older, will have the same effect.


    Women are constantly aiming to be prettier, more glamorous and confident.

    The media plays a huge part in this when we see models, pop stars and actors looking glam on screen. Some even feel that they have to keep up such appearances off-screen when out shopping.

    Others will disguise themselves with hats and sunglasses in order to blend in with the public.

    Some will walk out bare faced regardless of getting photographed and that shows true confidence and an attitude that they are confident in their appearance.

    I personally find this particularly powerful and a true statement to all women out there.

    We really can be confident on the outside if we have the ability to change our mindset and be confident within.


    From a young age, women are taught that in order to be successful in their relationships, career and building friendships, they need to look pretty.

    School age children often compare themselves to others and see the popular girls in class gaining more attention from the boys because they were prettier.

    Once old enough to wear make up then give these girls the confident they feel they need as they grow into women.

    Young children are often experimenting with mums make up. Wearing a lip gloss or blusher to copy what their mum is wearing.

    Attractive women are treated differently and more in favour when it comes to success in jobs and relationships, as unfair as this seems.

    Features that we notice first on men and women


    The first feature that we notice on others are the eyes. Whilst men have little choice when it comes to making their eyes stand out, women have and do take full advantage with the selection of products on offer to make their eyes ‘pop’.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    Eye shadow brings a whole new dimension to a woman’s eyes












    Another feature are the lips.


    Women tend to have darker lips naturally as well as the skin around the eyes.

    Lipstick/lip gloss is a great product for making the lips bigger and more seductive. Red lipstick is known to make women appear more attractive to men.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    Red has often been seen as the seductive colour when it comes to lipstick


    Adding a complimentary shade to the lips can make a huge difference and some women feel that just by wearing a lip colour is enough to be able to step out of the house.

    Perfumes and cosmetics
    The latest colours of lipgloss from FM 2022 that have beautiful depth, a magical wand to apply easily and a long lasting colour on the lips


    Men will notice eyes and lips first and are drawn to these features so women will often enhance those for this reason.


    Foundation is by far the top cosmetic product that women will use first. Even if no other cosmetic is worn, just by hiding any imperfections, help to even out the skin tone or cover imperfections, makes a huge difference in confidence.


    Perfumes and cosmetics
    A selection of FM cosmetics foundation suitable for all skin types


    Adding a pink based blusher will also give the appearance of younger looking skin as it gives a similar look to the natural glow that we have.

    Eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner can help maximize your natural eye colour as well as making the eyes look larger and more evenly shaped. Be careful wearing too heavy or too dark a colour as this can make the eyes look smaller and aged.



    When it comes to make up, less is most definitely more. We’ve all fallen into the trap of constantly applying a bit throughout the day to the point when we have too much.

    Good lighting at home is essential in making a huge difference.

    Nothing worse than leaving the house and catching yourself in the rear view mirror in the daylight and seeing what we thought was a subtle amount has actually been overloaded.

    Perfume resources

    Once we have  applied make up and a spritz of our favourite fragrance, we are ready to face the world.

    Have any questions regarding cosmetics or perfume ?

    Drop a comment below or get in touch.