Working from home

Working from home has become very popular of late. People ask me how i can run two businesses AND an employed job.

“Surely there’s not enough hours in the day?” My friends ask.

We all have the same amount of hours. It’s how we fill them that matters.

As I returned to the world of hairdressing after so many lockdowns, those who follow my perfume page regularly will see that i carried on providing a service with my online business when my hairdressing business was temporarily closed.



Working from home
With an ipad/iPhone we can work anywhere


Working from home

When we keep active in a business whilst working on another, we show consistency.

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Work from home 

Consistently is key in order to be successful. Anyone can be successful. It’s about believing in yourself and pushing yourself towards your goals.


Without goals, we just work to pay the bills and miss out on the potential to earn extra money to then enjoy more freedom.

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My online business

My online business began 7 years ago and is always open, unlike the shops that have set hours and are closed at night,

Online shopping is 24 hours, 7 days a week.

All network marketing and affiliate marketing companies  allow the freedom of working from your ipad/laptop or phone.

Whether you have small children and need to work without missing out on quality time with them as they grow up ( let’s face it, children grow up so quickly) or perhaps you’re looking for a side hustle to work alongside a full time job. We have all varieties of people working alongside us.

Working from home
Chanel no.5 clock Chanel No. 5 perfume history


If you’re looking to add a side hustle to the work you currently do, or just want to save 30% on your fragrances, make up or every day products, get in touch.

A FREE opportunity is just that. Free to join. Free to leave.

We are never too busy. We simply prioritise what’s important. When we have the opportunity to make a better life for our families, we have t0 grab it with both hands.

Being self employed is becoming much more popular and even though it comes with highs and lows, it’s a great feeling to work for yourself.



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