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    Earning an extra income

    All businesses were hit hugely when the pandemic began in 2019 and some small businesses had to close permanently because of this. Since then, many of us had starting to look at ways of making an extra income.

    Fast forward to 2023, we have seen many businesses suffer due to the temporary closures. Sadly those who had to close permanently just couldn’t keep up with the demand and pressure of the pandemic.

    The uncertainty, lack of funding and the huge impact of Covid-19 has certainly taken its toll and still has an impact for many of us. Many people found themselves looking online for ways to earn money in an attempt to fill in the gaps of the shortfall.

    So many employed people had lost their jobs and this inevitably led to more people looking at possibilities and potential of working  online.

    Working on line for myself began 8 years ago with a company called FM World.

    Some of you may already know of the perfume company as we have grown hugely over the years and the pandemic saw many more people signing up to a FREE account to save money on their everyday products and earn money by recommending them to others.


    Earning an extra income
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    Long before Covid was even known or talked about, FM World were already seeing thousands of members enjoying the benefits of helping others and inviting others to join the journey of network marketing.

    It has given them the opportunity to earn some extra money, alongside their current work commitments.

    These days, many of us have more than one source of income, especially with the current cost of living that we are all facing. Families are working longer hours, more days and having several jobs to keep themselves afloat and support their families.

    There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and it became even more important to have a plan B in place.

    Earrning an E extra income

    Working online


    At FM World, they have seen a huge growth in new people joining, especially during the toughest times over the past 3 years. There was nothing to lose by joining.

    There was more of an opportunity to save some money and enjoy some amazing products that both men and women use daily. Having too much money is never a problem and we all strive to earn as much as we can with the opportunities that are out there.

    Having more money to buy things for our children or to save for a family holiday, takes the pressure off day to day struggles that we have all faced of late.


    Alongside working with a perfume company, I also work as an affiliate marketer and you have come across this website because I write regular blogs to help you decide on anything surrounding the fragrance world, within Wealthy Affiliate.

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    Earn an income working online


    From choosing the best perfumes to suit the seasons, candles for outdoor use when the weather gets warmer and we are enjoying BBQ’s, to room fragrances that bring a cosy and welcoming feel to any home.

    We’ve all been so used to buying from the big stores for so many years that the small businesses have long been battling to get a look in.

    We are often influenced by familiarity and this keeps people shopping at places that are well-known, rather than looking for smaller businesses than some may have no experience with.

    That being said, small businesses have certainly held their own over current years as we were restricted to going out to purchase our usual products from those stores that had to temporarily close.

    More and more people are reaching out to offer support and indeed some have gone further to start a new venture with the smaller companies.

    There is certainly room for every single one of us to jump on board and offer a solution to the current situation.

    Buying from a small business

    There are several reasons why people should consider buying from a small business.

    ■ Small businesses often offer unique or niche products or services that may not be available in larger corporate chains like the big stores that we are used to shopping in.

    They tend to focus on quality and individuality and provide customers with a personalised experience. FM World have unique perfumes and colognes and the official products must be purchased through the company.

    There will be many places that sell our products such as Amazon and eBay but it is important to remember that some of these bottle may not be the real product. To avoid disappointment, it is always advised to purchase direct from distributors like myself.


    ■ Dealing with distributors from an online company such as FM, allows you to interact directly with those who are passionate about their products and services. This is definitely the case with FM. We care about our customers and those customers have the potential to join and be a part of the business too.

    ■ Supporting small businesses nurtures an environment of entrepreneurship and helps create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, just like FM. There is no limit to how far you can take your own online journey.

    ■ By using every day products and recommending them to others, you can potentially earn yourself commission and potentially earn more money and company benefits if you decide to build your own team. Supporting them along their journey and help one another means that you and they are rewarded for the hard work.

    The benefits of working with FM World

    FM World is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that offers a wide range of products in various categories such as cosmetics, household cleaning, health and wellness, and more.

    While there are potential benefits to working with FM World, it’s important to approach any MLM opportunity with caution. It has to fit in well with our needs and does take time to build a business.

    Potential benefits of working with FM World

    ■ Flexible Business Opportunity: FM World provides a flexible business model that allows individuals to work on their own terms. As an independent distributor, you have the freedom to set your own schedule, work from home, and determine the level of commitment you want to invest in the business.

    This works perfectly for those who already had other work commitments and family ties.

    ■ Potential for Additional Income: As previously discussed, working with FM World offers everyone the opportunity to earn additional income.

    As a distributor, you earn commissions on the sales you generate and potentially on the sales made by the team you recruit and train. If you are successful in building a strong network and consistently making sales, it is possible to increase your income over time.

    It is also important not to be mislead that high earnings are easily achieved.

    ■ Wide Range of Products: FM World offers a diverse range of products across different categories, including cosmetics, fragrances, cleaning products, and more. This variety can provide you with options to cater to different customer preferences and potentially tap into various market sectors.

    ■ Training and Support: MLM companies like FM, often provide training and support to their distributors. They offer resources, marketing materials, and guidance to help distributors succeed in selling products and building their network. This support is very beneficial, especially for those who are new to this kind of work and selling.


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    If you’ve been thinking on how to earn some extra money alongside your current work commitments, please get in touch.

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