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    Perfumes that last all day

    Men and women love fragrances, there’s no doubt about that, but how difficult it is to find perfumes that last all day ?

    Whether it’s a fragrance to wear for a wedding, a day at work or out and about sight seeing, we all look for a scent that can stand the longevity of the day.

    Very few designer and expensive perfumes and aftershaves will last for 8 hours and there is the need to re apply at some point during the day.

    Not everyone wants to carry a bottle of their favourite around with them.

    Especially if your taste in perfume has a designer bottle that is more fitting for your bedside table than in your handbag or briefcase.


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    Perfumes that last all day

    We are often drawn to a designer bottle before we try the scent. The celebrity behind a fragrance will have an influence on our purchases too.

    Another factor alongside a perfume that lasts all day is the cost. Many of us have expensive taste in fragrances but not always the budget that goes with it.


    Welcome to FM World- affordable fragrances

    Perfumes that last all day

    Buy FM PURE no.9 


    This is where FM World perfume bottles for men, women and unisex scents come into play.

    With a huge selection of scents that suit any budget and inspiration from the designer perfumes that we see on the shelf and online today, it’s of little surprise why so many people are buying their next bottle from a successful company.

    FM WORLD know just what their customers are looking for in a fragrance.

    ■ Affordability

    ■ Longevity

    ■ Gorgeous scents

    ■ Matching products


    Have you noticed that we haven’t put fancy design bottles?

    Perfumes that last all day

    Buy FM PURE ROYAL unisex 900 


    FM WORLD know that they don’t need to create a flamboyant and glitzy designer bottle in order to sell their fragrances.

    Simplicity is key, along with a scent that has beautiful notes to suit anyone, including children.

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    Why is FM perfume so popular?

    First of all, FM have created perfumes that come in simplistic bottles as we know that it’s the scent that the customer wears and not the bottle.


    Perfumes that smell expensive


    Secondly, the company has no celebrity endorsers, TV advertisers or sales reps in store as their products can only be purchased through a distributor or preferred customer. More details about that later.

    They have created perfumes that contain 20% perfume.

    When we look at designer bottles, more often than not, we purchase a bottle of eau de toilette.

    Purchasing a bottle of pure perfume with a designer label could set you back around £100-£350 ($112-$393).

    This will also depend on who the designer is.




    Many designer fragrances are diluted whereas with FM perfumes, they use pure oil.

    Using pure perfume oil

    FM can afford to use pure oil because as mentioned above they don’t use the endorses or advertise anywhere so they are not paying out for these external sources.

    A very savvy way of creating perfumes and aftershaves.


    FM bottles are numbered

    The bottles are still elegant, there is no doubt and instead of having a name on each bottle, FM use numbers for each of their perfumes.

    Customers know that if they purchase a bottle of FM perfume, they will have a scent that lasts around eight hours if they purchase a bottle from the PURE range.

    A great benefit to these perfumes is that there is a selection that come with an INTENSE range.


    Perfumes that last all day

    Did you know that FM also create pheromones ?

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    The INTENSE range simply means that the perfume oil is 30% instead of 20%.

    With a higher rate of perfume oil, you will most certainly enjoy a long-lasting perfume for men and women as the scent will last around 10 hours.

    We know that in today’s world, money is a big problem for many and shoppers see buying perfumes as a luxury, especially the high end expensive brands.

    10% OFF At HottPerfume.com Orders $50 & Up

    This is another reason why FM have created beautiful fragrances that everyone can afford.

    Having a range of sizes also makes it a better and affordable option for many. There are 100ml, 50ml and 15ml bottles.

    Women love perfumes that fit neatly in their handbag and are small enough to take on the plane for a holiday.

    With such a huge collection to choose from, it’s of little surprise that both women and men have fallen in love with the gorgeous scents of FM fragrances.

    Many have heard of the fragrance wheel and this is used when we perhaps want to try a new scent and aren’t sure what type of scent to try.

    Looking at the fragrance family helps to narrow down our choice.

    Perfumes are based around different fragrance notes and when we combine similar notes with one another, it becomes more likely that scents smell similar to other perfumes on the market.

    We have previously discussed designer perfumes and FM fragrances and their similarities here so we know that there are no copy cat perfumes within FM.

    How to save more money on your fragrances

    FM gives everyone from all over the world the opportunity to join the company for FREE!
    With many companies such as Avon, Arbonne or Scentsy, there is a registration fee.
    Something that not everyone wants to pay out, especially if it turns out that the company isn’t a fit for you.
    Perfumes that last all day



    Signing up as a preferred customer:

    Anyone can sign up over the age of 16 and the link for those who live in the UK can be clicked here.
    If you are interested in signing up and you live outside of the UK, please get in touch and I will assist you with signing up in your country.
    We have offices all over the world.
    The benefits of signing up:
    Saving up to 33% on selected products in the catalogue to use for yourself or to sell to someone else.
    Friends and family gift ideas can be purchased from your personal account and every product that you purchase will give you points.
    The more products you purchase for yourself or sell on to others, the more commission can be potentially earn.


    Signing up as a distributor:

    Working similar to a preferred customer, the added benefit of signing up as a distributor is the opportunity to be able to build a team alongside purchasing the products at a discounted price.

    You still earn your own points and commission and the points that your team earn go into your group points as well as their individual accounts.


    Are you a pyramid scheme ?



    Absolutely not. Apart from pyramid schemes being considered illegal, let me explain why all businesses are ‘pyramids’.

    Below, you will see a pyramid ‘structure’.

    Perfumes that last all day



    The majority of businesses will have this structure.


    Big businesses such as McDonalds, Boots, M&S and Wilkinson.

    Everyone starts at the bottom of a pyramid are the employees and some work their way up to the top to become a manager.

    We all have our own journey when we start a new ‘job ‘ and we all reach different levels at different times in our business.

    The same goes for Network Marketing.

    We all start at the bottom and build our own structure and that structure build their own and so on.


    Perfumes that last all day


    Everyone has the potential to earn commission and profit but unlike your 9-5 job, where you get paid regardless of how much work you do, in the FM World business, every member needs to do the work to see the results.

    We’ve always been taught to look for a ‘job’ and therefore miss the ‘opportunities’ that are out there to find.

    Get in touch if you would like the opportunity to save on your purchases or sell to friends/family or colleagues.

    So there are perfumes available that do last all day. If you need any help in choosing a scent, get in touch or add a comment below.

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  • Business

    Working from home

    Working from home has become very popular of late. People ask me how i can run two businesses AND an employed job.

    “Surely there’s not enough hours in the day?” My friends ask.

    We all have the same amount of hours. It’s how we fill them that matters.

    As I returned to the world of hairdressing after so many lockdowns, those who follow my perfume page regularly will see that i carried on providing a service with my online business when my hairdressing business was temporarily closed.



    Working from home
    With an ipad/iPhone we can work anywhere


    Working from home

    When we keep active in a business whilst working on another, we show consistency.

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    Consistently is key in order to be successful. Anyone can be successful. It’s about believing in yourself and pushing yourself towards your goals.


    Without goals, we just work to pay the bills and miss out on the potential to earn extra money to then enjoy more freedom.


  • Business

    Please don’t forget me

    Please don’t forget me once the shops begin to re open,

    When you couldn’t leave the house and the world was feeling broken,

    You’ve checked in every day to see my quirky posts
    And liked, loved and shared the ones that have made you smile the most.



    Please don’t forget me when you drive to the shops once more
    Remember when i helped you find the gift you were looking for?

    The products that you’ve bought have kept my business running
    So please don’t forget me, when you return to normal shopping.



    Please don’t forget me when you look to buy a new perfume
    Fragrances are my specialty, i can find the perfect one for you,

    I can save you money on your favourite bottle of spritz
    Our comparison is incredible, it’s why I joined this biz.




    Please don’t forget me
    Support local businesses     Earning an extra income




    Please Don’t Forget Me

    Please don’t forget me when you pay for cleaning products at the till
    My company sell these too, we can save you money on your bill,

    The pink lip gloss and vitamins that you’ve just added to your cart
    Delete those online, give my small business a piece of your heart.



    Please don’t forget me when you purchase your tea and coffee
    I have so many for you to choose from, if you like a variety,

    And when you load your car boot up with your supermarket bags
    Think of my small business and the impact that this has.



    Please don’t forget me when you return to your job in town
    This has been my full time job since the start of lockdown,

    I’ve been truly grateful for you all keeping my business moving
    And over the past three months my little biz has been improving.



    Please don’t forget me when life returns to some kind of norm
    Remember all those times that I’ve helped you through this storm,

    Support your local business and keep me in your thoughts

    Please don’t forget me, that’s all I’m asking for.

    ©️Copyright Louise Allen


    Supporting small businesses is vital and if you are a perfume lover, check out the link below for fragrances and products for our four legged friends.

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    This page contains an affiliate link. Should you click on the link and make a purchase, i may receive compensation.  





    Please don’t forget me
    Stationary available for working from home


  • Business

    Earning an extra income

    Earning an extra income. All businesses have been hit hugely with the pandemic and some small businesses have had to close permanently.

    Fast forward to over 18 months on, we have seen many businesses suffer due to temporary closures.

    Sadly those who had to close permanently, just couldn’t keep up with the demand and pressure of the pandemic.

    The pressure, lack of funding and the huge impact of Covid-19 has certainly taken its toll.

    Many people have found themselves looking online for ways to earn another income.

    So many have lost this jobs and this has inevitably led to more open working  online.

    Working on line began 7 years ago with a company called FM.

    Earning an extra income
    FM Cosmetics logo



    Long before Covid was even known or talked about and it was an opportunity to help others join the journey of network marketing.

    It has given them the opportunity to earn some extra money, alongside their current work commitments.

    A light at the end oof the tunnel and it became even more important to have a plan B.

  • Business

    Struggling to pay bills

    Struggling to pay bills can create a huge stress for millions as life simply revolves around money whichever way we look at it.

    It’s the one thing that makes the world go around.

    There will always be times when we may be struggling to pay the bills. It’s a merry -go -round in what we call ‘life’.

    Money is needed for almost everything. Without it the bills don’t get paid, we can’t buy food, buy houses, take a holiday…

    The list is endless.

    Affiliate disclosure

    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation. 


    Struggling to pay bills
    An affiliate marketing company can provide an extra income for many

    N0 bills 

    As children, we never truly appreciate the need for money. There was never a need to learn about the value of it and all that it can bring.

    Asking parents for money for sweets, new shoes, ballet classes etc was the normal thing to do, as youngsters, we never appreciated where that money came from. We just knew that for the majority of things we wanted as children, it was a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from our parents.

    Usually with the ‘we can’t afford that’ at the end.

    ”Money doesn’t grow on trees” was often a phrase that our parents used to say.

    It certainly doesn’t. We appreciate and use this phase with our own kids when they are asking for things.

    The trouble these days is that it’s not just money for sweets at the local convenience store.

    It’s to fund much bigger items such as online games, new bikes or the latest gadget that’s been shown on screen.

    Struggling to pay bills

    Fast forward to 2020 when the biggest pandemic since the swine flu back in 2009-2010, hits all of us. We are either working for ourselves or for an employer.

    Suddenly, we are not able to work because our business has been closed and put on hold or the company we work for has been forced to close temporarily.

    Sadly, some of the smaller businesses have been closed for good.

    A huge blow to so many businesses that have otherwise been hugely successful in the past and have been trading for several years.

    The lock downs have come as a huge blow for every individual. No matter who or where we were at the time, a major catastrophe caused such a big impact and at the time, we never really knew of the full extent.

    Employees that found themselves out of work or smaller businesses that had perhaps only just started out before the pandemic hit.

    There was no way of them surviving. Most businesses make a loss in the first two years of trading.

    If you happened to have set up your own small business right at the beginning of the pandemic, it would have taken a miracle to have clung on and still been trading.

    The young and old had been impacted in one way or another and we found ourselves looking for alternative sources of income.

    Christmas started to approach and we saw the end of 2020 very much alone.

    The pressures were felt even more so as we tried to give our children as good a Christmas as we have always done.

    Money was very tight and everyone had to re-evaluate how they spent their wages.



    Struggling to pay bills
    Working from home has become even more popular since 2020. Sign up today !


    Online work

    Millions of people began looking for other options as a way to keep afloat during such a crisis. The internet became everyone’s best friend ( alongside TicTock) to find other ways of supported ourselves and our family.

    It began to show that we really shouldn’t rely on just one source of income.

    Living has become so much more costly over the years and everyday expenses are continuous.

    The price of living, food and bills still needed to be paid yet everyone was in the same boat and asking themselves how this was going to be possible.

    Over the years, working online has often been criticised as not being a proper job and one that certainly couldn’t sustain a lifestyle of holidays or be enough to pay the bills and keep our heads above water.

    Pressures of every day life takes its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. This has been very evident over the past 18 months as some could not see a way out of such a dark place.

  • Business

    Fear failure fear success

    Fear failure fear success.

    A common phrase and one that many of us have felt.

    Fear failure fear success

    Everyone wants to achieve and be successful in something. It starts from an early age.


    Parents, teachers or even family that are not supportive when we are young will make us carry negative feelings and those feelings carry on through to adulthood.

    The fear of aiming to do something but too scared to in case we fail.

    Without failing at something, we never learn how to succeed.

    After all, success is produced from lots and lots of failures. It’s certainly not a bad thing though because with every failure, we learn something new.

    Each time we learn something new, it’s another step towards succeeding.

    It all comes down to a psychological way of thinking. In order to not fail and feel the negative impact of failure, we simply don’t carry out the task and stay in a comfort zone.

    There is nothing wrong with a comfort zone and it does serves its purpose.

    Sometimes it can be failures from the past but stay in whatever position an adult then finds himself in, they are reminded of that failure from years ago.

    Knowing how it made them feel and the negative impact it caused, keeps them from feeling that way again.

    It’s very easy to avoid something that we are not good at than to attempt to try at it but fear the failure.

    Some people grow up to be perfectionists. Everything has to be right. To avoid anything going wrong they simply avoid situations that they know will put them in an unnerving position.

    There could be a potentially huge opportunity in front of someone, the chance to earn lots of money, to connect with hundreds of people over the world, to meet new friends.

    Yet the voice in the head that tells us we will fail and we won’t be good enough to achieve it, gets in the way.

    How do we know if we will fail, if we never try?


    When I chat to new people, they inevitably ask how long I have been in my network marketing business.

    “7 years” is my reply.

    “Wow….that’s a long time “

    Interesting. Why is it a long time ?

    If you spoke to someone who works at a supermarket and they said that they’d been working there for 7 years, would you say “Wow, that’s a long time “ ?

    No, of course not, so why do we say it in NM ?

    Fear failure fear success

    A passion for fragrances

    People join companies but when they don’t see immediate results, they quit.
    This is usually before their first year.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not the highest earner or team builder- far from it -and the road hasn’t always been smooth but what matters to me is that I have never quit.

    Even on the days when things were tough.

    Fear failure fear success
    Tough times never last-tough people do


    Imagine this scenario. A six-month-old baby begins to teach himself to crawl and spends hours, days, months perfecting the skill.

    Many failures, many attempts, a long time with struggling with the concept, until they do eventually learn to crawl and that progress then leads on to learning to walk.

    Would a baby quit because the struggle was too hard ?

    Would a toddler say ‘This walking isn’t for me. It’s too difficult. I quit” ?

    Fear failure fear success
    Babies and young children are taught the fear of failure.



    When we look at something challenging from a different perspective, it all makes sense.

    If we quit, we only fail ourselves and none of us are born to quit. Just like a baby isn’t born to quit the challenge of crawling and walking. It’s part of learning and growing.

    We would miss the friendships that we could make with like-minded others.

    We all need a daily routine whatever we are doing. Whether its running a business, bringing up a family or supporting others in need.

    I love what I do and the flexibility it gives me but most of all, I love the opportunity I have been given to use our products, meet amazing people and earn money too.

    If you have been looking for a side hustle, love fragrances and helping others, get in touch so we can chat about what help you need in starting your own journey with FM.

    Your new success starts here..