A passion for fragrances

A passion for fragrances

A passion for fragrances 


When I was around 7 or 8 years old, I had a passion for fragrances. I used to make my own ‘perfume’ and loved the idea of being creative.

Many of my friends were creative too and we would find ourselves picking flowers from the neighbours garden to make our creations and completely deny to the neighbour that it was actually us that had picked all of their Magnolia, Amaryllis and Chrysanthemums!

Fancy designer perfume bottles 

Having picked such beautiful flowers form the neighbours garden, we’d find a suitable bowl from my mums kitchen, pop them in the bowl and crush them up with our fingers into tiny little pieces.

It was a very messy job. Our fingers would be a mixture of green and brown and boy did the flowers stain!

A great recipe- a passion for fragrances 


Once we had our crushed petals, we’d add a little water. The colours would start to drain from the petals and we ended up a with a bowl of mush, pretty much.

The best ingredients-perfume 

The best ingredient that we could add was actual perfume. Now, where can we find a nice bottle of perfume to add to our mushed petals…


A quick sneak into my mums bedroom to ‘borrow’ her very expensive YSL Black Opium fragrance…..

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A passion for fragrances
Black Opium

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She won’t notice her favourite perfume was missing. She won’t miss a little drop for her expensive bottle.

After all, she hardly wore it anyway because it was expensive and adults only wore expensive perfume when they went out somewhere posh and worthy of wearing it. is a unique designer fragrance subscription box service. Customers get a 30-day supply of designer fragrance for only $14.95. Every month they will choose from over 750 designer fragrances and get them delivered right to their door in our signature keepsake box.

The complete creation of perfume 

Well, after mixing mums favourite perfume into the bowl with our mushed up petals and possibly a little soil from the neighbours garden too, our complete creation smelt absolutely lovely… I could have become a millionaire!!

As for the bottle of my mums perfume…. empty !! I was a very fast runner as a child ……

We no longer need to create our own fragrances these days as we have a world of perfume at our fingertips and ones that are affordable too.

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