A passion for fragrances

The fragrance world continues to grow, and more of us wear a scent, expressing a passion for fragrances. When I was about 8 years old, I already showed an interest in perfumes, enjoying the process of making my concoctions and relishing the idea of being creative.

Many of my friends were keen on making scents too, and we often found ourselves picking flowers from the neighbors’ garden to craft our wonderful creations.

The neighbours weren’t happy about their flowers ‘disappearing,’ and when approached by them, we would deny any knowledge of picking their flowers. Truth be told, we had a wonderful collection of roses, lavender, and jasmine—the perfect fresh flowers to make our perfume.



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Having picked such beautiful flowers from the neighbours’ cherished garden, my friends and I would find a suitable bowl from my mother’s kitchen, pop them in the bowl, and crush them up with our fingers into tiny little pieces. It was a messy job. Our fingers would be a mixture of green and brown, and boy, did the flowers stain!


A passion for fragrances

A passion for fragrances- the recipe 

Once we had our crushed petals, we’d then add a little water to achieve some liquid consistency. The idea was that by having a bowl of crushed petals with a drop of water, we would end up with a gorgeous scent in the bowl.

Instead, the colours would start to drain from the petals, and we ended up with a bowl of mush.

We left the bowl overnight in my bedroom to infuse the scent, and the next morning, we drained the petals to remove the excess liquid. This went into a plastic bottle that we had randomly found in the bathroom.


Adding the best ingredients

Our scent didn’t smell particularly strong, so we decided to add another ingredient. The best addition to our slop of brown petals was a bottle of perfume to give it a bit more authenticity. The next task was to find a lovely bottle of perfume to add to our liquid. Well, there was no better place to look than my mother’s wardrobe.

The collection was endless, to the point that she really wouldn’t miss a little fragrance from her collection, and it was one from the back, so she didn’t wear that one very often.

There we were, ‘borrowing’ a bottle of my mother’s very expensive YSL Black Opium fragrance. She wouldn’t notice her favourite perfume was missing. I was convinced she wouldn’t miss a single drop from her expensive bottle. The scent was so distinctive that I was sure I would have remembered such a fragrance wafting around the house from her wearing it.”


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A passion for fragrances

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The complete creation of perfume 

After mixing Mum’s favourite perfume into the bowl with our discoloured liquid from the petals we had drained, the complete creation smelt lovely and I was convinced I could have become a millionaire!

My mother finally noticed that her expensive bottle of YSL had indeed disappeared. As for myself- I discovered that I was a very fast runner as a child!

From that day I was banned from going anywhere near my mother’s wardrobe and the neighbours kept a watchful eye on their garden and beautiful flowers whenever I had friends over to play.


Being creative as children 

Making perfume allows children to express their creativity and individuality. They can experiment with different scents and combinations to create unique fragrances that reflect their personal preferences and imagination.

Perfume-making engages children’s senses. They get to explore various aromas, essential oils, and other ingredients, stimulating their sense of smell and enabling them to discover new scents and their properties.

Children often enjoy imitating adults or fictional characters they admire. Perfume-making allows them to engage in role-playing activities, mimicking the actions of perfumers or their favourite characters from books, movies, or TV shows. Influences are apparent from an early age.

Perfume-making involves basic principles of chemistry, such as mixing different substances to create new compounds or reactions. Children may find it intriguing to observe how various ingredients interact with each other and how different combinations result in distinct smells.




Creating perfume offers children the opportunity to make personalized gifts for their family and friends. They can design unique scents that they believe would be appreciated by their loved ones, allowing them to showcase their thoughtfulness and creativity.

Perfume making can be a fun group activity, allowing children to collaborate, share ideas, and work together to create their fragrances. This assists with social interaction, and cooperation, and can be an enjoyable way for children to bond with their peers or siblings.

Overall, making perfume when young provides children with a chance to explore their creativity, engage their senses, learn basic scientific principles, and enjoy imaginative play. It certainly did when I was young.



Perfumes today

We no longer need to pick flowers from the neighbour’s garden to create our fragrances these days, as we have a world of perfume and the finest perfumers creating beautiful scents for us to purchase. Affordable fragrances are at our fingertips with FM World.

Even though a part of me missed creating my remedy as a child, I learned that I was never going to become that millionaire, and I had better put my creations to better use. So, I became a hairdresser instead.

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