Struggling to pay bills

Struggling to pay bills can create a huge stress for millions.

Life simply revolves around money whichever way we look at it.

It’s the one thing that makes the world go around.

There will always be times where we may be struggling to pay the bills.

Money is needed for almost everything. Without it the bills don’t get paid, we can’t buy food, buy houses, take a holiday…

The list is endless.

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Struggling to pay bills
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N0 bills 

As children, we never truly appreciate the need for money.

Asking parents for money for sweets, new shoes, ballet classes etc was the normal thing to do, as youngsters, we never appreciated where that money came from.

”Money doesn’t grow on trees” was often a phrase that our parents used to say.

It certainly doesn’t. We appreciate and use this phase with our own kids.

Struggling to pay bills

Fast forward to 2020. We are either working for ourselves or for an employer.

Suddenly, were not able to work because our business has been closed or the company we work for has been forced to close temporarily.

Sadly, some have been closed for good. A huge blow to so many businesses that have otherwise been hugely successful in the past and have been trading for several years.

The lockdowns have come as a huge blow for every individual.

Employees that find themselves out of work or smaller businesses that had perhaps only just started out before the pandemic hit.

The young and old have been impacted in one way or another and we find ourselves looking for alternative sources of income.

Christmas started to approach and we see the end of 2020 very much alone.

The pressures were felt even more so as we tried to give our children as good a Christmas as we have always done.

Money was very tight and everyone had to re evaluate how they spent their wages.



Struggling to pay bills
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Online work

Millions of people began looking for other options as a way to keep afloat during such a crisis.

It began to show that we really shouldn’t rely on just one source of income.

Living has become so much more costly over the years and everyday expenses are continuous.

The price of living, food and bills were still needing out be paid yet everyone was in the same boat and asking themselves how this was going to be possible.

Over the years, working online has often been criticised as not being a proper job and one that certainly couldn’t sustain a lifestyle of holidays or be enough to pay the bills and keep our heads above water.

Pressures of everyday life takes its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. This has been very evident over the past 18 months as some could not see a way out of such a dark place.

Alternative ways to pay the bills 

Although i began my perfume journey long before Covid was even heard of, my business has helped those who have needed to earn some money.

Extra Money for a present, money towards decorating, paying an outstanding bill or towards a luxury holiday and most women and men are perfume/aftershave wearers.


When you work with a company who offer unique fragrances that you can purchase for yourself as well as recommending them to friends/ family or work colleagues, you could be well on your way to helping others at the same time as helping yourself and your family.

If you like perfume, always have your phone to hand and are looking to earn extra money for anything at all, it’s never too late to have a backup plan.


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