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    Network Marketing

    Back in January 2020, I was asked by a fellow hairdresser why I am involved Network Marketing.

    Being a hairdresser would surely keep me busy enough.

    It wasn’t about keeping busy, more about having another source of income. Something else to fall back on.

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    As we get older, the job we currently do may not be suitable in later years and so lugging tools and leaning over clients baths to rinse their hair seemed slightly daunting if I was going to continue my career into my early 70s.


    “Do you do this through choice or more for the money ? Because if it’s the money, then you can just put your prices up and do less clients .”

    An interesting comment and one that I thought about carefully before I answered.

    Network marketing
    Keeping track of daily tasks is essential when running an online business


    I’ve been in hairdressing for over 32 years.

    It’s my passion, I enjoy meeting people, making them look and feel lovely, providing a service and of course it pays my bills, like any job.

    I don’t increase my prices to work less hours. My clients know I work more hours than I should but I love what I do. It’s so important to enjoy the work we do.

    We’re at work for the majorly of our lives so why not do something that you enjoy ?

    I increase my prices yearly due to product price increases, fuel increases  ( we know how much that fluctuates !)  and I keep up to date with my skills.

    Being a member of the FHA, it’s a necessity to keep skills updated and to learn what’s trending. Above all, it’s beneficial for the clients.

    This is what I charge for.

    Network Marketing

    When I first began network marketing, it became a hobby that fitted in with my hairdressing career.

    I soon saw its potential and wanted to create another business.

    To be able to provide another great service and products to my already existing client base, seemed like the perfect solution and one that I was going to look forward to working on.

    Over the years, this has progressed to another business.

    I built up a wonderful community of other friends online who regularly purchase from me and we support one another in each of our ventures.

    It’s so important to support others, whether you work in an office, a shop or within a community, so working online is no different.

    Whist we can’t compete with face to face when working online, it is still possible to get to know customers over time, even when perhaps we never get to met them.

    Network marketing
    Believe in you

    So, my response to my fellow hairdressers question as to why I work with an online company alongside hairdressing was that I do network marketing through choice and the money is only a small part of why I joined.

    We all work for the money whatever job we do but helping others in the process is a big part of working online.

    Network marketing
    A very true statement

    I fell in love with the products that the company provide and I have met some amazing friends, leaders and mentors.

    I also wanted to help others to make money and save money on their shopping.

    When I have someone new join my team, I feel happy, content and want to help them to make the best of their journey with FM.

    There are no short cuts in life, we all have our own reasons for doing what we do and the career choice we make.

    For me, helping others far outweights the money we can potentially earn.

    Perfume is such a popular product for both men and women and I loved the ides that I could save so much money on my own products as well as helping others.

    A definite win-win situation.

    The cost of perfume 

    Since perfume was first created by Chanel we have paid a fortune in designer perfumes and many still do. It’s something that we have all been used to .

    Network marketing
    Coco- a huge name in the perfume world
    Network marketing
    Life is short, do stuff that matters

    If you would like the opportunity to earn an extra income, love wearing fragrances and cosmetics I would love to hear from you.

    Please feel free to drop me an email at admin@fragranceswithlove.com

    or join my team !!

    Any questions, please get in touch

    Network marketing

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    Struggling to pay bills

    Struggling to pay bills can create a huge stress for millions as life simply revolves around money whichever way we look at it.

    It’s the one thing that makes the world go around.

    There will always be times when we may be struggling to pay the bills. It’s a merry -go -round in what we call ‘life’.

    Money is needed for almost everything. Without it the bills don’t get paid, we can’t buy food, buy houses, take a holiday…

    The list is endless.

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    This page contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive compensation. 


    Struggling to pay bills
    An affiliate marketing company can provide an extra income for many

    N0 bills 

    As children, we never truly appreciate the need for money. There was never a need to learn about the value of it and all that it can bring.

    Asking parents for money for sweets, new shoes, ballet classes etc was the normal thing to do, as youngsters, we never appreciated where that money came from. We just knew that for the majority of things we wanted as children, it was a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from our parents.

    Usually with the ‘we can’t afford that’ at the end.

    ”Money doesn’t grow on trees” was often a phrase that our parents used to say.

    It certainly doesn’t. We appreciate and use this phase with our own kids when they are asking for things.

    The trouble these days is that it’s not just money for sweets at the local convenience store.

    It’s to fund much bigger items such as online games, new bikes or the latest gadget that’s been shown on screen.

    Struggling to pay bills

    Fast forward to 2020 when the biggest pandemic since the swine flu back in 2009-2010, hits all of us. We are either working for ourselves or for an employer.

    Suddenly, we are not able to work because our business has been closed and put on hold or the company we work for has been forced to close temporarily.

    Sadly, some of the smaller businesses have been closed for good.

    A huge blow to so many businesses that have otherwise been hugely successful in the past and have been trading for several years.

    The lock downs have come as a huge blow for every individual. No matter who or where we were at the time, a major catastrophe caused such a big impact and at the time, we never really knew of the full extent.

    Employees that found themselves out of work or smaller businesses that had perhaps only just started out before the pandemic hit.

    There was no way of them surviving. Most businesses make a loss in the first two years of trading.

    If you happened to have set up your own small business right at the beginning of the pandemic, it would have taken a miracle to have clung on and still been trading.

    The young and old had been impacted in one way or another and we found ourselves looking for alternative sources of income.

    Christmas started to approach and we saw the end of 2020 very much alone.

    The pressures were felt even more so as we tried to give our children as good a Christmas as we have always done.

    Money was very tight and everyone had to re-evaluate how they spent their wages.



    Struggling to pay bills
    Working from home has become even more popular since 2020. Sign up today !


    Online work

    Millions of people began looking for other options as a way to keep afloat during such a crisis. The internet became everyone’s best friend ( alongside TicTock) to find other ways of supported ourselves and our family.

    It began to show that we really shouldn’t rely on just one source of income.

    Living has become so much more costly over the years and everyday expenses are continuous.

    The price of living, food and bills still needed to be paid yet everyone was in the same boat and asking themselves how this was going to be possible.

    Over the years, working online has often been criticised as not being a proper job and one that certainly couldn’t sustain a lifestyle of holidays or be enough to pay the bills and keep our heads above water.

    Pressures of every day life takes its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. This has been very evident over the past 18 months as some could not see a way out of such a dark place.